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l"rom Oklahoma.
Fountain, 0. T., March 27
KniTOit Cuth!' As our many fr ends
wished to hear fioin us I illondennr
to wiito a brief account or mil journey.
On February 1 1th, with the help of
some of our neighbors, we up
and ttarted for tlio strip. The liist
night wo stnyed at Mr Mitchell's on
the ranch. The next day wo went to
Lebanon, tiro mud being so Ind we did
not got there until dark. There we
lost our little brown dog named Gyp.
When wo got to Lebanon wo found
that Mr. Fred Rico and wife wore go
ing to start for 1) count; , Oklahoma
Territory, so wc made a luisty visit to
Hollairo to seo mother before going on
our iournev, and thou stinted for tho
trip. It was very cold and rouch and
muddy for about three days. The
first night wo stayod at Mid Brooks,
the second night at Osborn City, tho
third night at Luray. Hero tho bridge
was out and wo had to ford tho river.
Ono of Mr. Rico's horses got down In
tiro rivor and wo had to take a team
over and pull him out. It was very
cold and snowing and not a very good
timo to' take a bath. Tho next town
was Bunker Hill. Hero wo seo a great
whoat country. Miles and miles of
nothing but wheat, all looking fine.
Tho soil is oithor sandy or rod. Every
where the peoplo woro very kind and
hospitable. Nothing of importance
happened on our journey only Mr.
Guthrie went to shoot, some quails and
pulled both triggers at once, but ho
cot no quails. Tho farther south tho
moro sand. Tho prico of corn and po
tatocs raising, buttor and eggs aro
cheaper. When wo got to Stafford
Mr.Ricornadoup his mind to go with
us to our claim. Tho next town was
Medicino Lodgo. Hero wo made somo
purchases of household goods and
started for Waynoka. Whon wo got to
tho claim that wo traded for wo found
only a sand lull and a bad ono at that.
No house, no well, no land broko, only
a fow furrows, and never had been.
About a mile from there it was lovol
and sandy, but good water. Well, now
I toll you wj were a forlorn looking
family. Mr. Rico and Mr. Smith went
with Milton to look over the claim and
made up thoir minds that we could not
make a living on it, so we pulled out
for D county and here we are. We
like the country very well. We find a
great many Smith county people here.
The first night we stayed at Bob Gra
ham's and tho next day we had wild
turkoy for dinner. The next day we
went to Mr. Strickland's and stayed
there a week while Mr. Guthrie went
to Kingfisher to see about the land.
Mr. Strickland's folks wero very kind
to us. Wo rind all of tho people here
very kind. Tboro aro many scattering
claims but the best are going very fast.
Wo are living in a log houso 10x12, on
Mr. Keanon's Dlace. Are going build
on our own placo next week. We are
sixty miles from a railroad.
I will close for this time but you will
hear from us again soon.
Yours respectfully,
Mus. Kate and J. M. Guthrie.
At 8 o'clock, Wednesday evening,
March 80, at tho residence of tho brldo's
parents in Paneo township, Smith Co.
Kan., Probate Judgo Owens officiating,
Miss Lottlo N. Prico to Mr. Doll J.
Brown. It was a very pretty and well
conducted wedding. Fred Brown, tho
elder brother of tho groom, and Frank
Dolke acted as groomsmon, and Miss
Byo Sperrlor and Miss Floreuco Law
son, two of our popular schoolteachers
sorved as bridesmaids. Tho ceromouy
was short, simple and Impressive. Tho
groom is tho third son of J. M. Brown
well known throughout the county,
and tho brido is tho daughter of W. II.
Prico, one of our emlnontly respected
oltizous. They have known each other
from childhood, having lived in the
' samo neighborhood and attended the
samo school arid have a largo ciielo of
frinmls. Thirty seven peoplo did am-
plojiiBtlco to tho supper which followed
tho ceremony, uul which could justly
bo styled tho "Marriatfo fenst." The
evening was ploasantly spent. Some
very gootr iiiiimu wnaeiijujcu iw unii
Maud Ingram at the oigan und County
Ck'tK Crabb leuiHi'!''!"" ine1l' Tin
wedding presents were many and use
ful At a Into hour tli guests depaited
to iciivsemhlo tho net day, at the iei
dunce of .J. M IStowu, whine an iufaii
dinner was seived by Mr. and Mi.
Brown to about seventy of their rela
tives and friends. Eulogies aie uniiee
essar y as anyone who lias ever I eee'v d
the hopitality of Mr. Urown and wifo
(who upon this occasion outdid them
selves) will reali.o what it was to have
been there. Mr. and Mrs. Brown will
lio at homo to their friends after Apr 11
4. Wo join with their host ot friends
in wishing them a happy and prosper
ous voyage o'er life's matrimonial sea.
Mus. F. L. Smith.
J. 11. Arrants is building a darn this
Every ono was glad to seo tho rain
Miss Dora Burgess is working for
Mr. Drvis'.
A, A. Davis now rides around in a
new top buggy.
Miss llattic Cline has been working
for Ed. Henry.
MissAlico Fishburn is clerking for
J. W. Beomarr of North Branch.
Mrs. Will Osborne is visiting her
parents Mr. and Mrs. Luke Dillon.
John Fagan has been hauling lum
bor to build a houso on his farm north
east of North Branch.
Miss Sadlo Arrants commenced her
school Monday morning in the Bailey
district east of Guido Rock.
Miss Emma Toland who has bcon
very sick is rapidly recovering under
tho care of Dr. C. F. Moranvilie.
Miss Lucy Toland is now at homo,
having finished a term of sevon months
school in tho Excelsior district, twelve
miles southeast of North Branch.
G. W. Turner has returned from
Missouri and taken possession of his
farm. The girls no longer wonder who
will bo tho lucky ono for Mr. Turner
has brought with him a wifo. The en
tile neighborhood wish the new mar
ried couplo prolonged success and
E. A. Torrill was here Saturday from
G.W. Baker was in Guido Rock
Charlie Frisbie is numbered on the
sick list.
Miss. Emma Berchfield is again in
our midst.
We are pleased to mention the fine
rain we had Sunday.
Miss Josie Gilham was visiting Miss
MayTrunkey lost week.
Mr. Claud Barber of Kanona, Kansas
will bo section foreman at this placo.
Mr.Chas Cockroll is somo hotter hav
ing beon confinod to his room for three
Mr. Wm. McKimraoy and family left
Friday for bis new homo in Norton,
Mrs. Teachworth who was visiting
her daughter Mrs. C. H. Frisbie, re
turned to her homo in Guide Rock Sat
urday. Dled--Mar eh 27,1808, Francis Zalrnan
infant child of Mr. and Mrs. C. Zalrnan.
Funeral was held atjtho homo Tuesday
morning at 0 o'clock and tho remains
wero taken near Blue Hill for burial.
Tho ladles society and several iuti-
mate friends of Mrs. D. F. Trunkoy
gavo herquitoa pleasant surpriso party
It beiug her fiftieth birthday on last
Wednesday. Tho neighbors began
coming in with their baskets filled
which was enjoyed by all. After din
ner several select songs wero sung by
Rov. Darby, S. Miller, T. C. Hacker,
Mr. H. Gilham, Jim Gilham, O. C. Cox
H. Sholdon, C. Rassor and D. F. Trun-
Dr. Fonnor'a Dyapopsia Curo
As tho niuno implies, is simply for
dyspepsia or indigestion. This prepa
ration is tho prescription of ono of
America's inot eminent physicians,
whoso wiitingi on medical questions
aio aounptoii as authority. If not sat
ihfaetoiy after using ono bottle jour
nitiMiv will he nifiiinled ly C L Tot-ting.
.1 I! st h id lniiiue-". .it Illue Hill on
Wed in vl i.
! Om elevnliii men -ire still kenl bn-V
receiving eor.i, wheil mil hoi;-'.
Quite a t luitli'T of in i'tyeiis 1 tvo
bi'eir on i ii -ii I; iNl with "grippe "
Dr. Truw'iriilgii, our new physician,
seems to 'je gii ig gmiei.rl .itifiiction.
Our fai mei s generally seem to an
ticipate a very busy time of it this year.
C. E. Putnam and Rev. Dcakin weio
in Red Cloud lastTucsday on business.
Somu of the pupils aro leaving our
school for the spring work on the
Lottlo Deakin boarded tho cars for
Franklin on Tuesday to attend the
Wo am all rejoicing over the lino
rain of lust Sunday. It came just at
tho right timo to help the eiops.
The new stono foundation has added
much to thu appearance as well as tho
solidity of the Congregational church
If somo of our citi.ons were not so
very busy all tho time thu Spaniards
would certainly havo to quit Cuba in a
hurry, tho patriotic feeling seems so
high tlrcse days.
OurCowles list for the Cuban relief
fund amounted in all to $51. A carload
of provisions could easily havo been
collected if tho necessary car could
havo bcon obtained. The following is
a list of those who contributed to the
Fullnr & Good 15 00
Rev. Samuel Deaklu i 00
Itov. J. (J. Buy 1 00
John (irccubalKtu 2 00
Thomiu J. Paul - S 00
O. A. HarrlH 1 00
U. Guild A Co 1 60
J. t. Storey- 1 00
Dr. I). L. Trowbrldgo 1 00
J. B. Harris . .... . 1 00
Gcort;o Cra (Tort! - 1 00
D. M. Hunter I 00
C. K. Putnam . t 00
G. A. l.atta 1 00
II. O. Krrelt 1 00
Robert AdaruBon 1 00
C. M. Brown 1 00
Mrs. C. 11. Brown .. I 00
Mln Flora Brown 1 00
A. J. Kelgwln 1 00
L. C. Wilton I 00
Dalil Foul . . 1 00
T. A. Pratber 1 00
T.T. Lacy. ..... . I 00
H. D. Pott 1 90
W. II. Steam l 00
Captain Jobn Blaine ....... ... l 00
Iiaac Bailey . ..... 1 00
Frank Bailey.- 00
Henry Keeney. ....... ........ 1 00
A. Wblt l 00
W. 8cott 1 00
Mra. K. Carrier ........ - .. ...... 1 so
Mra. C. K. Teny- 1 00
John C. Waller. l 00
w. II. Tbompiou.... ......... 1 00
A. I. Gilbert I OO
A. T. Vance..-. .. 1 00
Mark B. Rcevea . i 00
1. II. Kaley 00
O. G. Hoyt. i 00
K. H. Eeeney - . i oo
G. W. Francis - l oo
Charles Benncrr. . 85
Jcbbo Francis - 95
W. E. Dcakin 86
Annie Deakltt .... as
Charles Jackson has planted an acre
of onions.
D Another cold wavo struck us Satur
day morning.
Jim Feon has bcon working for Goo.
Baker for some tirrro.
Hormau Birchfield has lost several
hogs with cholera lately.
Farmer, aro busy getting tho ground
ready for corn planting.
A great many farmers export to
plant potatoes today, Good Friday.
Bums and tramps of overy descrip
tion on their annual pilgrimage can bo
seen along our public highways overy
A couple of tramps selling spectacles
needles, etc., stayed Friday night and
a good part of Saturday at the school
A week ago last Thursday about
twenty-live tons of hay nnd straw woro
destroyed by a prairie (ire. Fred
Birchfield was binning 01T somo stub
ble and the'liiii buea tinmniiiipeitblo
and jumped the plowing and was soon
boyoiid all eoiUrol despite tho efl'orls
of 11 goodly number of men who were
so hi 11 1 lid. OiiH 011' - 11 1 oiit')f
s-evemi eight was viveil. The losers
iiieWn (i'Hjri i, Milt's l)ni 'iihI Siiiii
ni'ih'i mi.
Si.i.K.n Jam:.
FrnnU .Sim n Is p 'tiring potatoes for
Ml Yntiiipne.
Mr tied McA 1-visiting at
William-.' the past week.
Mr.Zion was siett sleigh tilling
tho mud Monday tuoiuing.
The Woirrer Sunday School will or
ganize next Sunday at o'elock.
Mr Elmer Robinson sowed 0110 hun
dred and for ty bushel of o.its last week.
A nice lain last Sunday and lots of
sour looking faces because it rained all
day and they could not go to church.
Preaching at Womer last Monday
night was well attended, Rev. Mr. Caso
an Advent ft out the south p.ut of
Smith Co. pieaehed. .
Wo understand tho meeting on Wal
nut Creek which has been in progress
for about six weeks Iras closed witlr
only three conversions.
Tom Hairier has a now windmill up
and will scon havo his now houso com
pleted. Look out girls! Such an en
terprising young man can not bo pick
ed up every day.
Mr. Alva Collins of Walnut Creek
was married tho twenty-ninth to Miss
Pheobc Fifer of Cora, Kan; also Mr.
Dell Blown and Miss Lottie Prico wero
married on the 8O1I1. and Mr. William
Oleson nnd Myrtle Payne on tho samo
date, all of Smith Co.
Livor Complaints and NorvoubnoBB
A torp'd liver always prodttcos dull
ness, irritability, etc. You aro all
clogged up and feel despondent. Per
haps you havo treated with physicians
or tried somo otherrccommeuded med
icino without benefit. All that is no
argument against "Dr. Fenner'B Blood
and Liver Remedy and Nerve Tonic,"
which wo insist will cure nervousness
and livor complaints. If not satisfied
after using ono bottlo your money will
be refunded by C. L. Cotting.
Fine rain Sunday.
Alva Garner was visiting at Ed. Wal
ters Sunday.
L. O. Olmstcad was in Mlndon, Neb.,
a few days this week.
Prof. McCrary was shaking hands
with old friends here last week.
Rob'tKenyon has sold bis stock of
groceries to his brother Lou Kenyon.
Mr. Chas. Walter of Denver, Colo,
visited his brother Ed the foro part of
the week.
O. C. Gooding and wifo of Canon
City, Colo., visited at L. O. Olmsteads
last week.
The Klondyke Social given by tho Y.
P. S. C. E. at tho residence of Mr.
Irons was a very pleasant affair.
Mrs. E. A. Vandyke of Franklin,
Nobr., after sponding a few days with
friends and relatives departed for homo
Will Ironsand James Lastly, accom
panied by thoir best girls, attended re
vival meeting couth of the river Satur
day ovoning.
Mr. McCroy came in from Superior,
Nobr., Tuesday afternoon. Tho livery
man who brought him out, had tlio mis
fortuno to lose ono of bis horses, which
died a littlo whilo after they arrived.
April Wisdom.
Bo suro that your blood is pure,
your appetite good, your digestion
To purify your blood and build up
your health tako Hood's Sarsaparilla.
This medioino has accomplished re
markable cures of all blood diseases,
It is the Ono True Blood Purifier.
Hood's Sarsaparilla has power to
makoyouwoll by purifying and en
riching your blood, giving you an ap
petite, and nervo, anil montal and di
gestive strength,
Sweet Potatoes for Sale.
At my farm 3 miles south of Red
Cloud somo choice seed potntoos for
sale. Thirty-livo cents per bushel.
Geo. W. Hummel.
Dr. Prlcc'ft Cream Baking Powder
A Pureflrooc Cream 'it liirtM J'nwJ
A good lain Siindaj .
Sowing nuts is he older of the titty.
J llostiliticx have eomnieiieed again at
l'liMs'int Dale.
, Mr. John .l.tvis was the guest of E.
j W. Ainleison one da last week.
E.-W. Anderson mid wife weio
guests of llatxey Men ill last week
Will Aubushon was in Iunvale last
week looking after a creamery routo.
W. J. Haskins Is tlio owner of a tid
ing lister mid steeling plow combined.
Constable Mel Sherman w in Lino
ono day last week 011 olllcial business.
Tho proprietor of the Red Cloud
creamery was in Line ono day last
Some of our farmers nro making
preparations to plant potatoes 011 Good
Tho'peoplo of Liuu aro well pleased
with thu new postmaster arid Iris depu
ty, Miss McMillan.
Miss Bessie Carpenter and brother
Roy, of Rivet ton, voro the guests of
George Heatou ono day last week.
Mr. Guthrie did not find things as
represented at his new homo in Okla
homa. Ho will bo back to Nebraska
again soon.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. VanDyko attend
ed tho revival meetings on Walnut
creek ono day last week and report
good muotings.
Rev. Con Hewitt of tho U. B. church
has organized a class of about twenty
members on Walnut crock, Dist. No. 0,
with Malon Points as loader.
Mr. Milliard, a brotiior of Mrs. L. A.
Haskins and Mrs. Daniol Norris, aftor
an extended visit hue, returned to his
homo in Oklahoma last week.
Mr. Shannon closed a very successful
term of school in tho Boardsley dis
trict, in Smith county, Kansas, it being
his ninth term of school in that place.
Miss Melvina VanDyko will finish
her business course of studies at tho
collego nt San Francisco, California,
tho term ending tho 10th of May next.
Rot. Con Hewitt closed tho revival
meetings that have been hanging on
for some timo. Will commence a
series of moetings on Penny creek in
distrrct No. 8, next Sunday.
Wo will pay a salary of 110.00 per
week and expenses for man with rig
to introduce our Poultry Mixture nnd
Insect Destroyer in the countrj . Ad
dress with stamp Pkrfxotion Mra.
Co., Parsons, Kansas.
when the Creator said to woman,
"In sorrow shalt thou bring forth
children," that a curse was pro
nounced against the human race,
but the joy felt by every Mother
when she first presses to her heart
her babe, proves the contrary.
Danger and (suffering lurk in
the pathway of the Expectant
Mother, and should be avoided,
that she may reach the hour when
the hope of her heart is to be real
ized, in full vigor and strength.
so relaxes the
system and as
sists Nature,
that the nec
essary change
takes place
without Nau
sea, Headache,
Nervous or
Gloomy Forc
bodingof dan
per, and the
trying hour is robbed of its pain
and suffering, as so many happy
mothers have experienced.
Nothing but Moifcer's Frlead" does
this. Don't be deceived or
persuaded to use anything else.
"Mother's Friend" It tho j;rotestremei!ypver
Eutonthe market, nnd nil niircwitomcrairaloit
Ighly'-W. II. Kwo Co., WhlU)wrlgtit,Tux.
Of UruKrfUtH nt II 00, or sent by express on ro-
celpt of prico. Wrltofor itookiotitulnliiiMiiliuv
bio Infurtnntlon for nil Mnlliora, mailed ino.
'Hie llrndlldil ItCh'uUtor Co., Atlsnta, (In.
MMf tmJm9
v f f nfr"
To Our
Read the special
offer at the bottom
of this advertise
ment. Wo are going to glvo away
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my kind.
, ii
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r m
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N i-A
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.1 PWIf
nmw.iiL.HMW mm i i;wwnrr.WT-rr"re'.JgW-
t. -' i.BW
Stf R.