The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 01, 1898, Image 1

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Table Linen.
Since They Utrjcii Loyally to the Ticket.
Where Arc They Now?
Tlit1 iiinlii ion foi tlio mayoralty lion-
or.s caiiju iIhho who Imvo that desire
to scok queer political bedfellows.
--j About ii year ago tin1 present Inctlin.
jjpfJ 1 bent of tlio mayor's olllco was running
j)j& on thi! republican ticket iiiiiIIiIh friends
$3'i I were endeavoring by all means to kcop
20cJfor Bleached Damask worth 25c.
35c to $1.75 Linen Damask in bleached and half bleached
i2tlc for Red Damask warth 18c.
20c to 75c for Red Damask.
JSITYou will find Sterling Quality in every article offered.
All Linen Barber Towels, 60c per dozen. Marsailles Pattern Towels, 25c per pair.
All Linen Towels, good size, 25c each.
20x44 all linen hemstitched towels, an elegant article, for 40c.
A few odds and ends left in NAPKINS. We are closing them out this jg;
week. You will find excellent values here. Si
During the past year our sales in our Linen Department have been the
largest we have known for years. The reason-is the excellent values. Prices
that astonish our competitors. They can't see where we get the goods.
That's the secret.
Shirt Waists.
Our first invoice of Shirt Waists has arrived. Collars
and Cuffs to match
35c and Upward.
Another handsome line to arrive in a few days.
tlio party members in line, using as nn
argument that it full campaign was
coming nnel it would novcr do to lot
it bo known that tlio city election bad
gono for any othor party as it would
have 11 depressing effect. Loyalty to
tun republican party was the cry
ntiuit worked. I his paper was
loudly criticised for
the head of the ticket on perioral
grounds. Whero is this vaunted can
didate and his crowd today who called
for a showing of patriotism and fealty
to tlio ticket? Ho Is running for may
or at tlio head of a ticket without imnio
or party it is not republican, not pop
ulist, no; citizens, not domocrut it
simply has a good tail to bolster up
tho head. Tlio south ward candidate
for alderman has withdrawn
this county oim '.Ml or D7 years ago be
ing one of jM ar ic.M, plonceii. and one
lt till. II Hltlllill Vl'llli Iwillli il tit lillllll till
old stockade.
Tho Inst sad riles of btuial were held
at the Catholic chinch Siliinlny morn
ing, Rev Father McKeiiuti olllciating,
aflci which inlet incut was made in tho
Catholic cemetery, the pull bearers be
ing old pioneers who like himself had
undergo no the pi iviilious of early sot-tiers.
"Now Put Up or Shut Up."
A representative of one of our
contemporaries having made bold to
go to business men of this city and an
nounce that the paper ho represents
has 11 lamer circulation than The
its opposition of Chief, with tho solo intention of en
deavoring to injiiro tno misincss 01
this paper by so doing, wo have placed
$50.00 in tho hands of our follow towns
man, I). J. Myers, saying that Tiik
Cmkk has tho largest city circulation
and the largest circulation of any pa
per in Webater countj . Wo will give
tho representative 0110 wook from tho
date of tills issue of this paper to cover
the above amount and make good his
from tho statement, or In not doing so wo will
ticket; tho north ward candidate for1
tho sanio position still stays on; anoth
er candidate will not probably qualify
if elected as ho has repeatedly refused
to tako ofllco; another candidate is also
on tho othor ticket. This ticket was
born at 11 "citizen's" convention made
so as to got tho populist and othor par
ty vote. Not one upon it but what are
republicans. This paper is not in city
politics this your, hasn't lost any and
don't want any, but we do like to poke
a little fun at the patriotic follows who
damned us last year and by thoir ac
tions this yoar have vindicated tho
stand takon by this paper.
Curtam Lectures are not appreciated by
either sex. When we lecture on Cur
tains it is always well attended. Cus
tomers get their money's worth.
47c per pair for 30x80 White lace enrtains.
75c per pair for 36x108 white lace curtains.
90c per pair and upward to $3 for lace curtains.
Olxenile and Tapeatir Curtalnfi.
We carry the handsomest line in the city.
$2.25 per pair for Tapestry in Green or Red or. Brown Background.
$3.50 to $4.50 similar colors, better quality.
$3.50 to $4.50 buys a pair of chenile curtains, special values.
Corsets !
Another invoice of those incompar
able C-C and C-B Corsets.
For ladies Preferring a Corset Waist
to Corset we recommend thejackson
Nothing better. We have them in
winter and Summer,
bnys the Most Perfect
Ex-Ex Short Corset.
Latest shape. Wearers of these goods
insured the most perfect fit and solid
SookPnSe. Leather Stockings, 25c.
1 7 lbs Granulated Sugar for $1.00.
8 lbs. Fancy Navy Beans, 25c.
10 lbs. best Uat Meal, 25c
Miner's No. i Patent Flour, $1.20.
Miner's No. 2 Patent Flour, $1.10.
Barrel Salt, $1.35.
9 bars Santa Claus soap, equal to White Russian or Lonox, 25c.
The Pioneer Generali Merchandise Firm
of Red Cloud, Miner Bros.
Today twenty years ago was prob
ably not much observed as April-fool-day
in this city on account of the fact
that tho inhabitant were fow in num
ber and had something else to think of
besides fooling their friends, but this
day of all others brings back pleasant
memories to tho pioneer general mer
chandise firm of Miner Bros., for it
was on this day twenty years ago that
they made their first advent in busi
ness in what was then the little village
of Red Cloud. At that time no railroad
was built but the Kbd Cloud Chief
Was largely takon up with a discussion
in regard to a proposition from tho B.
A M. to vole bonds for that company.
On account of there being no railroad
nearer than Hastings the goods pur
chased by Miner Bros, were hauled in
wagons to this placo. They ocoupied
at their commencement of business a
frame store building on tho site of
whore their large brick building In to
day, and can look back with prido to
thoir bumblo beginning and the success
which thoy have made from that time
to the present. Very fow if any of
those who were ( ngaged in business at
that time remain, and the fow that aro
horo are not engaged in nctivu business.
Their business has grown to such pro
portions that tho brick building built
Inter is inadequate for its needs, and a
largo brick addition is at tho presont
timo in cotirso of construction. The
Chief hopes that thoy may have many
batiDV returns of All-fool's-day, and
that thoir business and tho dimensions
of their building will constantly increase.
Death Of W. E. Jackson.
W. E. Jackson an old and respected
citizen of this city passed quietly away
from this earth on last Friday, March
l 25th. at his late rcsidonco In tho south-
$j west part of town, aged 71 yoars and
3 days old.
Ho was born in tho state of Ohio on
March 23, 1827. Ho sorted in tho Mex-
ienn war from Its beginning to 11 ona
and was married shortly utter to miss
Julia A. Minor, hlstor of our follow
townsman J. L. Miner. Ho went with
expect him to forever after hold his
tonqno and admit that ho has mado a
misstatement of the facts in the caso.
Tine Chief is not In tho habit of try
ing to underrate its contemporaries,
nor does it nllow Us representatives to
do so and wo do not wish othois to
sneak around nnd do this thing.
m m
Real Estate Transfers ,
Real bstato transfers for the week
ending March 30, 1806, furnsihed by
tho Fort Abstract Co., L. 11. Fort, Man
ager, Rod Cloud, Nob.
BlUabeth T. Norrli and huiband to
Margaret 8. Warthen, lot 7, block S,
Sweciv'n add to Iiluo Hill, w d I 17 SO
Chan. Novak to Nobraika Ileal folate &
Live Stock Ann., nw 6 4 II, w d ., 750 00
John A. Wadded and wife to Frank Jan-
aen. neU 0 4 0, wd &80 00
Eugenia D, llcan and wife to Win, Harris
lots 1. S, 3, block U, Bmlth A Moore'i
add to Kcd Cloud, wd 890 00
Stato of Nebraika to Adam U. Bpracher,
noX 3C 3 10. deed 11S0 00
Irving W. Crary to Geo. W. Bbuck, lot 10
block 12, Guide Rock, Nebraiia, w d... 975 00
Hugh W. Quhlford to Geo. L. QnllKord,
lota 14-10-18 20 block 2, Itlchardion'a
add tolled Cloud, wd 80100
If arcua McConkey to Charles M cConkty
wK swX 0-MO, w d 800 00
Cordelia R. Clark and huiband to Breett
Terrell, nwJ4 5 8 10, w d 1675 00
Total W487 B0
Shomld B Stopped at Obm.
Perhaps it would be a good thing if
the authorities would put a stop to the
shooting of fire arms in the city limits,
and especially so by boys, before some
ono is killed or wounded or some seri
ous damage is done. Almost any day
boys can be seen running around our
streets shooting at sparrows, pigeons,
and even stray dogs and cats, and
who do not care which way they shoot,
and if a house or barn or anything else
is in range it generally gets the bullet
intended for something else. There is
plonty of room and plenty of birds out
Bide the city limits to practice target
shooting and that is tho proper place
for thorn. Tho city ordinance provides
a heavy tine for tho dischargo of fire
arms within the city limits and per
haps it would be a good idea to make
an oxamplo of seme ono to learn other
offenders n lesson.
Another lot
this week.
Bead the speoial
offer at the bottom
of this advertise
We are going to glvo away
books to our subscribers, both
old and, now. Tho books aro at
tractively bound in binder's best
silk finished cloth, stamped from
new and original designs in ink
and gonuine gold, and aro stand
ard and popular books by the
"vorld's best author's. Iu mater
ial and quality, as well as in se
lection of titles, these books are
superior to any other cloth edi
tion ever issued. Printed in
large clear type and on good
Eaper. These books are written
y SHch authors as
Btrtha M. Clay,
Mrs. Alexander,
The Duchess,
WilHc Collins.
Charles Dickens,
H. Rider Haggard,
Alex. Dumas,
Hugh Conway,
A. Conan Doyle,
Bulwer Lytton,
George Eliot,
and numerous others famous au
thors of repute.
Dismissed the Case.
Omaha World-Hcruld of last
..fa f.miiiv to iiiiviiwhiirciho rcdiilcd for'snlo. Thlrty-llva cents nor liushol
- t . i
e VgxtfHLr.'iirr', . ". -. I V., I- . 1?n.- .. A . .- - . ,,!,., h n..v.u ... NoIjuihU unci
Saturday says: "The caso of J. A.
boyd of Red Cloud, wherein the de
fendant was charged with dotatning
mail addressod to another, camo up in
tlio Federal court Friday morning on a
motion to quash tho indictment. Whilo
refusing to sustain the motion, Judgo
Munger disparaged the naturo of tho
case in that no proof of the defendants
bad intent was shown. Assistant At
torney Rush says tho charges will not
warrant prosecution, and tho case will
bo dismissed. It is said to bo all a
piece of splto work or. tho part of tho
complainant, who is a rival business
man in Red Cloud."
Sweet Potatoes for Sale.
At my farm 2 miles south of Ited
Cloud flomo choice seud potatoes for
(Jko. W. Hiimmki,.
Or. Price's Cream Baking Powder
A Cure llruoe Cream it Tartri Powder
Ono of those elegant books
will be given with every year of
back subscription you pay. If
you pay ono your back subscrip
tion (91.00) you got ono book; if
two years (12.00) you got two
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get three books, etc.
In addition to the above wo
will make an extra offer for sub
scribers who pay ONE FULL
consisting of Ono Bread Knife,
corrugated, 10-inch blade; One
Cake Knifo, corrugated, 8-inch
blade; Ono Pastry Knifo, 3-inch
blado. Blades mado of tho host
razor steol, highly polished and
nickel plated; will out hot breaa
or cako without eriuibln?, and
is far superior to tho ordinary
knife for outting pastry goods of
iny kind.
I i
i i. rv
JUri&tb-L J - iX-