The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 18, 1898, Page 4, Image 4

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    ri-ljfi KBD CLOUD OHlJdJU', jmiDAi. FEB. 18. 1K!)W.
Those Dreadful Sores
Thoy Continued to Spread In Splto
of Treatment but Now Thoy nro
Healed A Wonderful Work.
"For ninny years I have been n great
sufferer with vnrlcoso veins on one of my
limbs. My foot mul limb became ilrcml
fully hwoIIcii. When 1 stood up I could
fed tho blood milling clown tho veins of
thlH limb. Ono tiny I accidentally lilt my
foot ngnlnit some object and a sore broko
out which continued to Hprcntl nml wan
exceedingly painful. I concluded I
needed n blood purifier mid 1 began taking
Hood'H Hnrsnpnrllln. In n Hliort tlmo
thoHO ilrendful sores which hud emitted
mo so much suffering, began to hinl. I
kept on fnltlifully with Hood'H Hnrsapa
rllln, mid in n Hliort tlmo my limb wuh
completely healed nml tho Horesgnvomo
no more pnln. I ciinnot bo too thnnkful
for tho wonderful work HooiI'h Harmipa
rliln, hns dono for inc." Mlia. A. 12.
UtMiON, Hnrtlnnd, Vermont.
parilla Is tlio licit 111 fact tilt; Out' Trill' Itloml Purl Her.
Hood'o PIIIb euro nil II wr Ills. is cents.
ri'iu.i'iiKi) nv
One year. .
llx mouth
Entered nl the pout nttlre nt Itcil Cloud,
locoti(lclnmmnll matter.
The Hal Cloud, Neb., CHIEF,
weekly, is credited with the Inryesl
circulation neeonUd to any pnjicr in
lied Cloud or in U'dishr county or
in the Fifth Conyressionul District.
Printer's Ink, July 'Jb 1SDT.
"All quiet along thu i'otoiiuic" Sov
etnl days ago it seemed likely tlmt tho
fool letter written by Setior do Lome,
tliu Spanish minister tit Wnslihgton,
in which In; insulted tho president ami
.said Unit Cuban autonomy ami the ne
gotiations with tills government for a
reciprocity treaty, were Spanish tricks
would make an entirely ililTerent be
ginning necessary for a Washington
letter dated St. Valuntines day, but tho
blackguard minister got his resignation
accepted by his government before
this government got in its request for
his recall, and now all depends upon
what Spain will say as to how thu mat
ter will end. Congress as n whole has
been like a keg of powder, and had
tho president desired, ho could, by a
word, have furnished tho spark that
would Imvo brought about tlm explo
sion. Ho olioso the other plan, wheth
er wisely or not every man will judge
for himself, and wo have had no ex
plosion, except on the part of individ
uals whose brains and tongues work
on tho hair trigger priuciplo. What
ever elso may bo its effect, Do Lome's
loiter is expected to hasten interven
tion in Cuba by this government, re
gardless of Spauish apologies. Wheth
er that Intervention will result in war
is a question upon which dllTeront
opinions aro held by men equally com
petent to judge.
Instead of trying to make political
capital out of the attitude of the ad
ministration toward tho De Lome inci
dent, as many of liis party colleagues
are doing, Senator (Stay, of Delaware,
a prominent member of tho committee
on foreign relations, is trying to allay
fiiblic excitement by expressing such
opinions as the following. "It seems
to me that the president lias acted
with great dignity in paying no atten
tion to tlio opinion concerning him
which he found in tho letter. He
could not take cogniziuce of it with
out making liim-clt a party to the
theft, for, it must be remembered, thi
letter N a stolen "tie. As to the ttttci
mice, of the minister, which indicate
that Spain is using autonomy and re
olproeitj as pretexts, I should .say that
they nui-t be regarded in the same
light. We cannot nlYord to base any
complaints of this government on an
incident which is tho result of
Homo person's pcrlidy, bccatiso, If wo
do so, wo counteniincu the crime and
mnko ourselves a party to it. The U.
S. Is 3uclt a big and powerful body that
when it moves something lias to give
way. Naturally, therefore, we should
not move unless thoro is something at
stako something morn Important ami
serious than a personal opinion t..
pressed in a private communication
which came into publio notice by sur
ruptlous means. I am not In favor of
hj erlcal legislation or hysterical di
ploinaey. We should pursue our even until tho time conies when then
is really occasion for holding up out
dignity and honor. When that tlmo
comes, there will be no division of
opinion, mid we, who take a conserva
the view, will be found fully as patri
otic ami us courageous as those who
now ntaml tearing their shirts and
blowing tish bonis instead of trump
ets " Senator l-'uruker, also a member
ol the foreign committee, who may be
aid to represent the other extreme
slid: "Tlic incident bhould not be al
lowed to end with thu acceptance by
Spain of the minister's resignation,
We should have an apology. Tho of
fouse of Minister Du Lome was a sell-
oils one In my judgment the time
lias come for .something allirmatie,
positive and conclusive to be dom
by the United States. Christianity
morality, humanity, patriotism and
the spit it of liberty, all combine o de
maud (hat we intervene to put an end
to an itrociotts struggle. Wo must
answir for all the pillage, waste,
rapine, butchery and starvation that
may ensue from this time in Cuba."
One prominent olllce seeker Col.
Mat. Q. Kiidoisoti of Arkansas while
discussing his long wait in Washington,
unburdened his mind to a sympa
thetic listener: "If I never get olllce
I shall not die of grief. There is plenty
of thu solid comforts of life down in
'Hockensock,' and a follow is nlwaj.s
dead sure of a living. I'd like to win
a place just to show the boys that 1
didn't stay in Washington a year and
live months for nothing, but if I fall
down, all right. Happiness in this
lift doesn't all hinge on getting a fed
eral job "
I'lii- pit sent week In '.lie senate will
determine whether the treaty for the
annexation of Hawaii shall be aban
doned or pushed to a vote, it having
been determined by the committee on
foreign relations to obtain a test vote
upon some motion that will show just
how many votes the treaty can com
mand. This action on the part of the
committee is thu direct result of Sena
tor Teller's assertion in his strong
speech in favor of annexation, that
not enough votes to secure the ratifi
cation of the treaty could be had, and
that the best thing to do wuh to push
through a joint lesolution for annex
ation. There aro rumors thalSpeaker
Reed will attempt to blockade annex
ation, to which ho is opposed, should
it be attempted by means of a resolu
tion or bill, but they are probably only
How's This
We oiler One Hundred Dollars for
any case of catarrh that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. .1. Ciiknky & Co., L'rops., Toledo, O,
We, the undersigned havu known F.
J. Cheney for the last fifteen years and
believe him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions, and financially
able to carry out any obligation made
by their firm.
Wkst & Tkuax,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Wai.dinu, Kinnan & Makvis,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken intern
ally, directly on the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system.T Price,
75c per bottle. Sold by nil diuggists.
Toitimonials free.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Mullaly township was tho acerte of a
neat swindle lrtit Saturday, when a
couple of lightning rod sharks iuduced
Phillip Ott by threats and intimidation
to execute and doliver to them a prom
issory noto for $145 on a contract that
was supposed to call for $!J,75. Tho
trick is a smooth ono and is worked in
this manner. An oily tongued n'dvance
agent precedes the gang and makes tho
contract. His first representation is that
they are introducing a new lightning
rod ami want to put up one as an ad
vertisement and that if lie will consent
they will rod his house or barn and
charge him thu nominal sum of 93.75.
If thu individual bites at the bait, a
contract is signed up and the .smooth
talking agent drives on. He is follow
ed in a day or two by tho gang, com
posed of two oi three bulldozers who
trot into tin- yard with a wagouload of
goods and begin tho operation of rod.
ding tin building. When complete
settlement is demanded, the buyer is
astounded ami uartowly escapes paral
ysis to find that while they have been
giving him the rods for ii 7.", there is
a clause in the contract entirely es
caping ills attention, which sav.s that
all points at d braces are to lie consid
ered as twenty feet of eah rod. As
all jobs have from two to live prints
and each point requires three braces,
it is easy to liguru the result. In the
case of Mr. Ott, ho put four points on
the barn and it took $1-15 to satisfy the
scoundrels. Ho vainly protested at
the outrage, but thoy promptly dis
claimed any verbal contract ho might
have had with thu advance man and
held him strictly to tho biting clause of
the contract. Samuel Schippeit made
a contract witii the same parties but
came olV more fortunate. He profited
by Mr. Oil's experience and as the
gang did not gel to his place until
Monday, he fortilied himself, and when
they appeared gave them scant lime to
get into the wagon again ami get off of
the place alive. Kvery endeavor has
been madu to pi-oveut innocent pur
chaser from buying tho Ott note and
steps aie also being taken to appro-1
liuuri the outlil as criminals. So theie i
may Act beau interesting M'.iuel to the
itory. Since this allair happened, we,
learn that a party living south of Alma; ,,
has been vietimiz.d in thu same man-1 Dr-lonnWl1 DvIopsm Curo
tier. We might my something about 'i '"o ""i" Juiplhs, i -imply fm
people having been warned from time' dyspepsia or indigestion. This prepa
imiuemoiial again-it tlieje harper but ration in Uh pre-.-ripiin U one id
wherein i ihe Nit! We give it America' t in. incut il.iciai.-..
up.-llarlan County Democrat. j whllsU wvMn lm.(lil al lla.slllIIII
Go ton. o upurT "hoiiho uverv nloht' ll, "'"Pled as anthoiiiy. It s.U-
urxi week and laugh at the peculiar
t'Miakers" entertainment.
kuw aii tiling like them.
ion never
If you want to fool that $
) roauy to snap, just got
If you want to fool as
W. R C. Convention at Norfolk.
The delegates from this part of the
county were obliged to go to Superior
or Hastings on Monday in order to get
a good start with the test of the dele
gates. I went to Superior and was
hospitably etitei tallied there by friends.
TiicmIiij morning we started with the
delegation from Superior over the
Northwestern railroad. It was si new
route to me and I tit once began to no
tice the eoiiutrv. At llrsl it was corn
iehls on one side and corn Held on
the othei for miles and miles. As we
began to gtt on higher land the wheat
Holds commenced, and when wo came
in the vicinity of the Platte river corn
prevailed again. We passed one ranch
whore theie weio 5,000 cattle, and an
other where the same number of sheep
wore being picpaicd for market
Very few delegates were on our
train, but when we got to Fremont we
had to change cars and wait an hour
and we found thu depot full of them,
that had come from all directions.
Then greeting at d handshaking com
menced. I found many old friends.
Three car loads went from there, and
we had a jolly time all the way. Wo
arrived at Norfolk about 3:30. When
I entered the Pacific hotul the first per
son I encountered was Mr. Winters of
Red Cloud, which goes to show that go
where you will you will find Red Cloud
persons. Wo .soon found the ertertain
taiiuncnt committee and were sent to
our homes for the time we should stay
'there. We were sent to the homo of Dr.
ami Mrs. llngey and were warmly
welcomed and royally treated. Wo
were only half a block from the church
where the convention met, and takiug
it all together wo were suto we had the
best place in town, Hut when we
talked with the other delegates we
found that each one thought they had
the best i lace. So we came to the
conclusion that all were good pla:es
but ours was the nearest to the conven
tion. Wo found that the people of
Norfolk were very hospitable uud gen
erous. The city was beautifully deco
rated and they have some line build
ings. We did uot have an opportunity
to visit the beet sugar factory as Fri
day forenoon was tho only time wc had
to go and there were too many slow
drifts. It snowed hard thero nearly all
day Thursday and the wind blow.
Thero was quite a full delegation at
the convention. The usual business
was dono, but what pleased us tho
most of anything was that we elected
our president, Mrs. Abbic N. Adams of
Superior; and she received a large ma
jority. At the eampliro after tho in
stalliition service she made a very line
speech which was well received. She
appointed Mrs. J. I). Stine of Superior,
department secretary, who is an ef
ficient woman for that important
olllce. On our return we also had a
very lively and happy parting. Wc
had our president -mil secretary with
us. Arriving at Fremont wo were una
at tho depot by Comrade .1 F. Kendall,
formerly of Supei lor, who escorted u
to his hotel. We found prepared for
the presidential party a line l.inquet
consisting of the delicacies of the m-ii-sou.
The room and tables were deco
rated with llag and tlowiis. All felt
exceedingly grateful to mine host ami
hostess for their entertainment. Alter
the good bye at Fremont our ihle to
Rupeiior was quiet and restful, aim
ing about 11 p. m too late for me to go
I. ....... ..... I i....... I ...III. ..... ..!. ...i lil
home mi I .-.t iji'cl with m friends until
the next night and came home well
satisfied with my trip and thu conven
tion. Next j ear wo meet at York and
tho delegates from that town wero very
enthusiastic about entertaining their
W. R. C. friends. The G. A. R. made a
very important cliango in the time of
meeting. Hereafter the em-iunpnieut
and convention are to meet in May,
which will be a much better time for
all concerned.
Mils E. B. IvNioiir.
'Took n Sovoro Cold Aftor tho Big
I 110.
, After tho big lire in Cripple Creek, 1 'LrCTw'' 2,n5 wwiscd her to try
, , li ii fa.S.S. and she very
took a M-veie cold and tiled many , b00M fouml tliat slic liatl a real blood
remedies without help; tho cold only remedy at last. She says: "After tak-
bcconiing more Mittled. After iiMng ; i"K c dozen bottles of S.S.S. I am
three bottle., of Chamberlain's Cough I ler1fc1cU-v, wc"' , "'' sYlx s ,clc-ar
i .. i.. i .i ,i ii i . .".and healthy and I would not be in
Reined j, both Uiu cold and cough left , ,nv former condition for two thousand
me, and in this high altitude it takes a dollars. Instead of drying upthetiolson
I meritorious cough remedy to do any i i" "' system, like the nod
i ..,...! : v w.. ...... ....... i.. it ! arsenic, rt.S.S. drove the disease out
miu' AilvcriiM-r (fiimiio tv,.L t:i.
rado. is.-ld 'o 11 E. Guee
j M'actory titter Using one bottle your
money will be reloaded in 0. L. Cot-
Prea'diing Sunday at 10:!JO
Smject "Christ in the Midst of His
People "
Sunday School at 11:30 a.m.
Junior League at 1 p in.
Senior Leaguu at 0:30 p.m.
Evening service at 7:30 p. in. Sub
ject: "Tho Kind of Preachig for Om
Player meeting on Wednesday even
ing at 7:30
Ladies Aid Society Friday afternoon.
You nro earnestly invited to attend
these services. Strangers made wel
come. Ukv.J. M. Dakhy, Pastor.
The special evangelistic meetings
are continued with a growing interest.
The leadership of Uro. Smith over the
eh ot us makes the music n grand sue
ecs". Kvery lover of good music -mil
tin1 pure gospel will lint! a refreshment
in these services. The pastor will
speak next Lord's Day, February 'JOth,
on "The Glory of a Christian," and
"How to llccnine a Christian,", (from
the chart, by request) February !.Mt,
"If Christ Came to lted Cloud?" Kv
erybody welcome.
L. A. HosoNd, Pastor.
Sunday School utllilti.
Y. P. S. C.K. tit 0:30 p. 111.
Public Salo.
A public sale will bo held at the farm
known as the Thomas Leigh place, on
Penny creek, 1 miles .south and a miles
west of Ucd Cloud, on Tuesday, March
1st, 1898, at 10 o'clock a.m., the fol
lowing described property: Four head
of horses, ono wagon; one cart; three
sets of double work harness; two stir
ring plows; ono riding plow; two stacks
of millet hay; four dozen chickens; a
lot of good seed potatoes; two corn cul
tivators; listers and oilier farm imple
ments not herein enumerated. Ten
slioats, weight 125 to 150 pounds.
Household and kitchen furniture, farm
toris and other articles too numerous
to mention. Usual U rms of sale. Col.
C. L. Winfrey will bo auctioneer.
(Jkouuk Ukkvks.
Chamborlain's Cough Romody Al
ways Proves Eflbotual.
Thoro tiro no butter medicines on tho
market than Chamberlain's. Wo have
used tho Cough Remedy when all others
failed, and in every instance it proved
effectual. Almost daily wo hear the
virtues of Chamberlain's remedies ox
tolled by those who have used them.
This is not an empty miff, paid for at
so much a line, but is voluntarily given
in trood faith, in the hope that suffer
ing humanity may try these remedies
nnd, like the writer, bo benefitted.
From tho;Ulenviile (W. Va.) Pathfinder.
For sale by H. E. Urice.
For Salo.
Ono hundred and sixty acres of un
proved land four miles northwest of
Red Cloud, consisting of tho west half
of the northeast quarter, and the east
half of the northwest quarter of section
liftcen in township two north, raugo
eievon west. The laud is leased at
present, but subject to sale. For
terms apply to
Mus. Jamks Kiukwoop,
Fairfax, Mo.
Taxpayer's Attention.
The personal taxes levied tor the
year 1807 are now delinquent and sub
jeet to costs if not paid in a short
time. I have no desire to make cost
for anyone but I am determined to
clean the books of all personal taxes.
It you would save costs heed thin no
ice and attend to your taxes at once.
C. D. Rol'.INION,
Countj Treasurer.
Is n deep-seated blood disease which .1... ...:' ...i ...:. :.. .i. ...i.i
' "' i,lu lUMICIill III1&IUIC3 III uic wuiiu
, cnnnotcure SiStS (eam,,tccd fiurely
vegetable ) is a real blood remedy for
mood diseases and lias no equal.
Mrs. Y.T. IIuclc.ofDelaney, Ark., lind
Scrofula for twenty-five year3 and most
of the time was under the care of the
doctors who could not reliete her. A
specialist said he
could cure her, but
he filled her with
arsenic and potash
which almost ruined
her constitution. She
A 1 A4 4 ssl m tflft! I
C?V,but they did not reach:
o$E yx her trouble. Some j
i through the 'tilcin, uud I was perma-
a A -J-
I A Real Blood Remedy ;
S.S.S. never failn to cure Sciofula,
Uccnia, Rheumatism Contagious Wood
l'oihon, or any diionkr of the blood,
Do not rely upon a bimplu tonic to cure
a tlccp-bc.itcd h'aiod disease, but tako u
real Diooa remedy.
uur no oi: j
free, upon appli
cation. Swift
Specific Co.,
Atlanta, Ca.
mS3T2&&A. R. Reynold's
p-r.i ftgy-s": nr
S 25 50
X ARSflT.llTRI.V nilnRnNTPPn " r,lro nnr
f HDOVUU 1 DL I U UHIIHH 1 EiCiU te. ,.T
flemlhnoklrtrrtt. Ail. STKUMXH UKMKIIV
kTTtn il r
Lkfl dV lV1'UiBVn)JWVWl W 1 r
ntviB V H Hfl ImI B 01 ij
eity Dfav and Express liine.
Goods Delivered to any part of the city.
Charges as low as the Lowest
Cheap - Farm
Insure your farm
Farmers Mutual
OVER : $20,000,000 : INSURANCE : IN : EFFECT.
liiMirei Farm Property, Churches uud School Houses at less than ono-liiilf
the old line rato Don't bo deceived by any ono. Thero Is no better com
paby in the word. For insurance apply to
Chas. SSofrif nit,
DtsTittcT Aiient, Rkd Clouo, Neiiraska.
A. II DAVIS, AKont, Iliavale, Neb. Olllco over Mixer & McArturs store.
C. E. VAUGIIAN, Anent, Guide Rock, Nebraska.
Beware of Watch Fakirs.
Will tit vnn tiPitor nnd ehpaoor
where in tho city. Latest Ghaduatk Optician. Have tho finest and
most complete trial caso for testing eyes in tho valley. I solicit your
Watch, Clock ani Jkwelky Rei-aiuiso and Enokavino.
Watch examiner for B. & M.
13ilcliixa: Material, Jto.
I always
We Buy to
complete and up-to-date line of
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry,
and Silver Plated Ware,
at popular Prices. Our repairing, is continuing to
1 '..... ....... r .:.., !,.. Hincnn nmntr Lint vu do all
give siiiiJjuiiiLiun, niv.
work properly and give a guarantee mac means, ,
something. II we have not your patronage we ,
would be i)leased if you would give us an op- ,
.. . i .,... t-linf w hut- i' aw ic triif.
rof cnnMlpntlnn. fAWirdu nro thp Ideal Un.
ttrf, r Brn,.i,i rnuv- rnnj nnturnl rnulU. Sam.
P.. Chlrngq. WimU-fal. I'an.j or.Vwlorli jn.
- Insurance !
property in Ihe
Insurance Co.,
Who aro Hooding tho country with worthless
watches. Buy li'om your home dealer who
gives jou toll vuluo for your money and guar
antees" the goods you buy from him.
A Nicki.k Alarm Clock for 75-"rs,
with soectaclcs than can be done
Jeweler and Graduate Optician.
cool, clean and neat, and has only tho
uud orders taken there aro t'ccurately filled and
promptly delivered. That is tho condition of
titl'iiirs at
Moon Block Market
YEAR finds us with
i-"'"" " --
---....-.KmAA a a A AJfc A A A A A A A m
lO tltJIUUliai.nii. " " "v- .,. .