The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 11, 1898, Page 4, Image 4

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Face, Hnnds end Arms Covered With
Ssrofulous Humors How a Curo
Wns Effected.
"When live yea r-t old my littla boy hail
ecrofuln on his (nee, linmM and nrniH. It
wns wornt on hln chin, nit hough tlicHoroa
on his checks mid ImniN were very bad.
It appeared In I ho form of red pimples
which would fester, break open nnd run
mid then scab over. After disappearing
they would break out ngiiiii. They enured
Intense Itching mid the llttlo Hiiffercr lind
to bo watched continually to keep him
from scratching tlio Hores. Wo beenmo
greatly alarmed nt his condition. My
wlfc'fl mother had had ncrofula nnd tlio
only medlclno which had helpd her was
Hood's Harsnpnrllln. Wodecldud to glvo
It to our boy nnd wo noted mi Improve
ment In Ills en so very hooii. After giving
him four bottles of Ifood'H Snrsnparllln
the humor had nil been driven out of his
blood and It has never hIiicu returned."
William Hautz, -11(1 Houth Williams at.,
South Ilend. Indiana.
Vou can buy Hood 'h Harsnpnrllln of nil
(IrugclstH. Ho Hiiro to get only HooiI'h.
1.1 1J- I1MI,. ninil.UiT llhiriwytnt.iku,
IIUUU a I inn '.y i(ninr.iiu. .'i tciiit
I'lmi.ipiuni nv
W. U. MuMIl.LAN.
Olio yenr ..
Jlx month
Entered nl tlio jhiH nlticunt KimI Cloml, Neb.HH
iccontlclnmirmll mnttrr.
The lied Cloml, Xcli., CIUE1
weekly, in credited with the lurycU
circulation accorded to any paper in
Ikd Cloud or in HI: Mir county or
in the Fifth Conyrctmional District.
Printer's Ink, July 'JS, IS!)7.
Has tlio predicted industrial war be
tween America and Kuropo buRan?
Quito a number of well infoniiwl per
sons aro disposed to ict,"ml tlio partial
knitting out of American fruit and tlio
threatened shutting out of American
horses by (Jornmny as tlio Hist blow in
that war. Tho administration, how
ever, docs hot tnku that view of it. It
is rather inclined to treat tlio mattur
lightly pending an investigation which
is being iniulu. Congress is disposed
to treat it inoro seriously, tho souato
having adopted a resolution calling
upon tlio department of state for infor
mation. Tho totul value of all tlio
American fruit sent to (iRi'innny has
not in a singlo year oxeceded ono mil
lion dollars, but tho outlook for in
creasing it very largely was considered
very promising before the Oormnn
government began to hamper it. Tin
trade in American horses in Germany
although comparatively uow, has al
ready grown to largo proportions, and
Is rapidly growing. This government
is slow to boliovo that Germany is ac
tuated by a spirit of retaliation, but
should it bo convinced by its investi
gation, it will speedily show that re-
retaliation is a two handed game.
There is said to bo a iliiTuronco of
opinion between President McKinloy
nnd Speaker Heed as to tho advisabili
ty of tho house passing a financial bill
at this session. Mr. Heed thinks that
tho voting down of tho Toller resolu
tion by tho house was sullieieut to put
the party on record against silver, and
that it would bo wiser to liavo tlio
house finish up tho regular business of
tho .icsiior aud;adjouru as soon as pos
sible, than to liavo tho llnancial debate
that would bo nucussiry to put through
a financial bill along tlio lino recom
mended by tho president's message;
while Mr. Molvinley thinks that it
would bo better for his party to fur
ther emphasize its position by having
the house pass a llnancial bill. Al
th ugh some pei'Miiis arc predictii g
that this tlillcrciii'o of J opinion will
lead to trouble, tho chances are that ii
will not. Mr. Heed's position is on
doised by tin strongest men of hi-,
party in tho house and the chances
aro that ho will liavo his way, and that
tlio president will not insist upon hav
ing a bill passed.
It is now known that Jerry Simpson'.-,
speech about tho Condon label in Hcp
resentatlvo Dlngloy's hat, which that
goutloman said was put there by tho
American maker to catch tho dude.
who woro willing to pay extra for anj .
tliitg labeled Iiju.lon, was prompted
by Hopresoutativo Hepburn, of Iowa,
who never loses an opportunity for a
joko. Ho accidentally saw tlio label
iu the hat and told Jerry toginml
look at it, knowing that ho would be
uuro and make a speech about it. Jit.
did, and uo'w some of tho lopublieaii
numbers aro expressing fear that the
Loudon label iu Mr. Diugloy's hut will
bo heard from oftunur than his uxpb
uatioti, osposially in tho rural poiiioi s
of thoir districts.
Iiutcad of being oU'undcd at tlio Hu
morous jokes that are told about the
ntitocratiu manner iu which he runs
tho house, Speaker Hoed is constantly
adding to ilirtn. His latest was you n
olf in a street ear on Hopresoutativo
Hicks, who was absent when the house
voted on tho Toller resolution. Mr.
Uoed was iu the cur when Mr.
rf,.. ...-. v. .- .
Hicks eaiiie iu, As soon as he saw him
the speaker said; "Hicks, come lien ,"
and when Mr. Hicks s'ood before him
ho continued, using tho tone of an
irate school master, "Hicks, you didn't
rouio to school last Monday afternoon,
Have 3011 brought an excuse from
your mother?" Tho joko was so ap
parent that everybody iu the car, in
cluding a number ol congrcssmei ,
joined in tlio .shout of laughter that
followed, and Mr. Hicks forgot to an
swer the question.
'I'he house committee on labor has
favorably reported a bill amending the
eight hour law iu suoh a way that It
can bo enforced (for various reasons,
piincipally lack of jurisdiction, the
Inw has only been enforced in spots,
and do where very rigitllj) to tho house
and will try to get the bill voted upon.
Commissioner Kvans, of tho pension
but can, lias the courage of his convic
tions as shown by his attack on the
present system of medical examination
of applicants for pensions and of pen
sioners, of which ho said: "Tlio ex
amining boat ds aro expensive, inef
lieieiit, and swayed by political and
local Inlluenees. There ought to be
only one corps of examining physicians
am! surgeons that would travel from
one state to another at advertised
times to examine old soldiers, then
they would not bo swayed by local
likes and dislikes, as they aro now,
nor by the "ongressineii, as the local
boanh aro now." As an exainplu of
tho kind of woik done by these boaids
Mr. Kvans cited tlio ease of an old sol
dier that ho personally took to Phila
delphia nnd had examined by four
boards, no onu of thorn knowing that
ho was to go before tho other. Thoy
each rated him ditTercutly, tho ratings
running from nothing up to $!M per
month. Asked whether there would
bo a light if he tried to get tho present
system abolished, Mr. Kvans replied:
"Well, I guess there would. Congress
as a whole would sit down on the idea
so (iiick it would make my head swim
and only congress could bring this
change about "
- - -
How's This.
Wo oiler Ono Hundred Dollars for
any case of catarrh that cannot bo
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CiiKNiir & Co., Props., Toledo, O.
Wo, the undersigned have known F.
J. Cheney for tho last fifteen years and
boliovo him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions, and linnncially
able to carry out any obligation made
by their lirm.
West & Tuuax,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Waldino, Rinnan & Makvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Curo is taken intern
ally, directly on tho blood and
mucous surfaces of tlio systom.frPricc,
70c per bottle. Sold by all druggists.
Toitinionials free.
Hall's Family Pills aro tho best.
Resolution of Thinks.
Euitou Chikk It is the unanimous
wish of tho ladles who compose tho
Aid Society that tho following reso
lution bo published.
Wiiehkas, in our lato entertainment
wo were so ably and satisfactorily as
sisted by tho gentleman's quartet, Mrs.
Heal, as pianist and Mr. Albright as
manager, therefore bo it,
Hesolved, that wu tender to each of
these, ami all others who so kindly as
sisted us, out hearty and sincere
thanks, accompanied with an "old
maids" blessing.
Mrs It. II. Husr,
Slits. J. M. Da uii v,
Mus. K. J. Duckkk.
Took a Sovoro Cold Aftor tho Big
After the big lire in Cripple Crook, I
took a severe cold and tried many
remedies without help; tlio cold only
becoming more settled. After using
three bottles of Chaiiibcii.iin'.s Cough
Ucmedy, both the cold and cough left
me, and in this high altitude it takes a
meritorious cough remedy to do any
good. (J. W. Hkniikuson, Kditor
Daily Adveitiser, Cripple Creek, Colo
rado. Sold by 11 K. (irice.
School Report.
Hepott of Inavalo school, Dist No. 0,
for month ending February 1, 1808.
Number enrolled, 'JD,
Average attendance, !i5.
Number cases of tardiness, -lb.
Following are tlio names of the pu
pils who were neither absent nor tardy
dining tho month; Kdith Hroomliold
Lizzie Henkol, Daisy and Halph Hunt
er, and Stella and Lizzie Deisley.
W.M. Hkfi'i:i,hovi:u, Teacher.
School Report.
Heportof school in Dist. DO, Webster
county, for month ending February 8th,
Number enrolled, 18.
Average attendance, 15.
Those not absent during tlio month
were Julia Walstcad, Klla Skjelver,
Christian Skjelver, John Holt, Oscar
Hanks and Dora Skjther.
Kmii.v Hoiiinson, Teacher.
ur. D'outiora uyapopam Curo ; boon all over the oM c.uiitiy and
As tlio iiaiiio iniiliis, is simply for1 a good deal of this coini ry but
dyspepsia or indigestion. This prcpa- having a door steal, run iu the heart of
ulioii i tho piuauiiptiuii of one of tho big wild mountains, ,(,., jh
America' mo-a eminent physicians, canyon i-i an old log eabin i must con
whose writings on iiicdicu. tuostions fess I never hud before. At nine
aio accepted as authority. It not 8t.ll.1,ini,t Ull w ,(1 , , ........
isiactory alter using one bottle your
money wilt bo refunded, by C. L. Cot-
... . - -.-.-,
I'M hi RED CLOUD CHli&lf,
From an Old Red Cloudite.
Missoula, Mont , Fob. (), 1307
Kditoii Ciiikf As I receive a paper
containing all the news f'oni Hed
Cloud every week from you, I don't
think it would be more than light to
lot you know how I am getting along,
and hoping to bo excused for not writ
ing to you bcfoie. My wife and I loll
Hed Cloud November 1th and arrived
hero November 7th. Wont from Has
tings to Auroia and there (aught the
flyer 11 II p. 111 Tho next morning we
got to the Black Hills and stopped at
Newcastle for llftecn minutes. New
cattle is a very line town and lias lots
of beautiful scenery Here I met lots
of my tail road friends and also Mr.
Hirdsall, who used to bo a conductor
and is now trainmaster. We went
through Sheridan and Fort Custer and
arrived at Hillings at I) p. m. This is
also a very nice new city, hots of lino
brick blocks, el.ctric lights, etc. Wo
waited hero about two hours for the
Northern Pacilic llyer. At last she
came but we had a hard time getting a
seat, as all were crowded full of pas
sengers. However, wo made tho host
of it and got to Helena tho next morn
ing about eigiit o'clock. Wont from
there through a big tunnel and up and
down and between tho big mountains
arriving at Missoula at lUiUO p. 111. Of
course all tho big and little children
were there to meet us. Now I have to
stop as it is impossible for mo to write
about how happy everybody was. It
was just as it always is iu such cases,
overybo'Jy wants to talk and it seems
that everybody talks at once. Wc were
pretty well tired out by tho trip, and it
took us about a week to rest up and
talk. After nWout a week overybods
seemed to !iav emptied themselves of
talking so wo began to visit. We took
a livery team and went out, or up thir
teen miles in tlio mountains. Part of
tho road was cut iu tho side of tho
mountain and not over eight feet wide.
To tho left side runs tho Hitter Hoot
river and tho railroad track. About
every half milo or so is a turnout
place for teams to meet and pass, but
of course tho ronil is so crooked on tho
mountains that you cannot sco more
than a fow rods ahead. Hefore leaving
a turnout place you stop and listen a
while to Hud out if jou can hear any
body coming from tho opposite direc
tion. If not start up on a fast trot but
remember to keep your eyts on tho
road as it may rot bo pleasant to roll ti
few hundred feet down tho hill into
tho rlvor below. Everybody in the
wngon keeps howling like Indians on
the warpath until you striko tho next
siding, and so on until you get to the
journey's end. If it happens that you
meet a wagon between turnouts tlio
ono that lias tho shortest distance to
the siding lias to back up as it is im
possible to pass any other way. We
had good luck as ws only met ono u am
and ho was ahead of time and already
iu tho side track. He said lie heard us
howling all right. At last wo lauded
in a canon between big mountains
covered with snow, and all heavily
timbered. Hero wo found a nice new
frame house, tenor twelve log,houM',
f-tnbles, .sheds, f Ino orchards, big cel
lars iu the sides of the mountain full of
fiuit and potaloe.-, as grow here
in abundance. Of coin so we had a
good lime here. A nice table was set
of wild game and fruit of ail kinds.
We did not have to go far to lind line
scdiery. Standing in the doorway we
Ii id it all around us, close to us, all
mountains and timber. After resting
up wo went back to Missoula al a late
As it is customary to go hunting
when in the mountains, so all young
people do, so why should not I also try
it. So my soii-in law, Valentino, and I
made up our minds to take a trip up
in tho heart of tho mountains on a
hunt. Wo staited in the afternoon
w ith a couple of good Winchester rilles
ar.d auiiiuilion enough to clean out all
the wild game iu the mountains funn a
jack rabbit to a grizzly bear. Wc
walked about eleven miles ur Potty
and Deer oanwins. It began to u-t
dark, and we stopped at a wood chop
pers cabin over night. Tlio owner of
the cabin was not at home, so we made
ourselves at home as everything to
m.ike a tired hunter feel good was
I hole. Wo started in to conk coll'co
and potatoes, but on investigating the
cabin laidcr I found a nice fresh deer
ham and we went for it in a nice way
! ami .soon had a lno supper. I have
- - nm
coUl as l,, Im",1,j Wu" "ll1 lllul ful1 '
t cracks, and it was too cold tu got up
- - - "
Jb'KlDAY, FEB. 11.
mid ktep lite going in the old stove,
.o I lay and lUt tied to the wind
whistling through tho ttees all around
and above the cabin. About live
o'clock wo got up ami made a quick
breakfast, and started again on our
limit It had been snowing dining the
night and we uow had it about three
or four feet deep to walk in. We went
over several mountains and canyons,
but in wo did not see any deer or bear
wo got enough of hunting and started
for the nearest railroad station, caught
the lirst train, and iu 11 few hours tin
hunters were home again behind the
warm stovo talking about tlio fun they
had hunting in the mountains. 1 know
1 had a pain iu my legs for u couple of
days. Not being fully satisfied with
my hunting trip 1 thought of trying it
again. Lots of engineers had been out
hunting and returned witli two or
three Jeers after being out a couple of
days, but they told 1110 there was too
much snow in tlio mountains, so 1
think that was tho reason we didn't
get any. One lino night 1 look the
train for Hope, Idaho, 17'J miles not 111
est of here, but again 1 had bad luck.
It rallied for thrci days mi 1 could not
get out of tho house. The fourth day
was the M1I1 day of Jani.ary, and also
tho last day of the game season. It isn
line after that day of $."it) or live years
in j.iil to hunt. I went, out iu
oriioou but eaiiie bu:k in a few hours
witli not a dry .stitch of clothes on me,
and empty-handed. So that endid my
hunting for this year. Tho next duy
being a lino one a conductor and I
took a trip out on the nice big lake.
Ho hired a steamer for a few dollars
and wo crossed tho lako.JJWo saw lots
of ducks but wo didn't'Swiint any.
Hope is a nice little village. It.lays
very romantic like, witli mountains
around it, and also a lake. All houses
an built on the side of tlio Jniountain,
and tho streets aro cut iu the mountain
side, ono over another like shelves.
A big island iu the lake is used as a
summer resort. Of Missoula I can say
it is a lino city of about scvonthotis
and Inhabitants, j. Mountains all
around, river running through the
town and finely built, mostly with
brick blocks. About four miles from
town is Fort Missoula, with about live
hundred colored soldiers. There is
lots of business 011 tlio railroad here.
Passenger trains aro al.vays full of
Klondike gold hunters. Wo are hav
ing lino weather just at proseut. Just
like spring witli not much snow, but I
think I like Nebraska best, especially
Hed Cloud of course. It is nice to sco
tlio mountains, but that is about all
ou can sco, mountains, timber and
rocks. Give mo a nice cornfield and
prairio whoro you can .ook around for
miles. This is too much shut up. Also
everything is very dear, butter 30c,
eggs 40c, a four room houso rents for
from $12 to $15 por month, and so on.
I liavo got almost enough of Montana
and wo aro thinking of starting back
soon. Would already bo back but tho
children would not let us go. Hegards
to you nnd all Hed Cloud friends I
Yours respectfully,
John F. Pktkhson.
Chamborlain'a Cough Romody Al
ways Proves Effectual.
Them aro no bettor medicines on tho
market than Chamberlain's. We liavo
used the Cough Remedy when all others
failed, and in every instance it proved
elleotual. Almost daily wo hear the
virtues of Chamberlain's remedies ex
tolled by those who have Used them.
This N not an empty tiulT, paid for at
so much a Hue, but is voluniaiily given
in good faith, in the hope that sillier
ing humanity maj try these remedies
and, In.e tho writer, bo bonelitted.
From the.(Jlonville(W. Vu ) Pathfinder.
For alo bv U.K. Grice.
Much Knife !
The use of the surgeon's knife is be
coming so general, resulting fatally
in such a large number of cases, as to
occasion general alarm.
Mr. William Walpolc.of Walshtown,
South Dakota, writes; "About
three years ago, there came under
my left eye a little blotch about the
size of a small pea.
It grew rapidly,and
shooting pains ran
In every direction.
I became alarmed
and consulted a
good doctor, who
pronounced it can
cer, and said that it
must be cut out.
This I would not
consent to, having
little faith in the
indiscriminate use of the knife. Read
ing of the many cures made by S. S.
S., I determined to give that medicine
a trial, and after I had taken it a few
days, the cancer became irritated and
began to discharge. This after awhile
ceased, leaving a small scab, which
finally dropped off, and only a healthy (
little scar remained to mark the place
where thedestroyer had held full sway.
A Real Blood Remedy.
Cancer is in the blood and it is folly
toexpect an operation tocureit. S.S.B.
(guaranteed purely vegetable) is a real
remedy tor every
disease ott lie blood.
Books mailed free;
address bwift Spc
clfic Co., Atlanta,
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