The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 27, 1897, Page 5, Image 5

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I K&LvSi
Absolutely Pure.
Celebrated for Its great lcavenltiRfstretigth and
healthfulncKK. Aiturcn the food against alum
and all forms of adulteration common to tho
lie mine, fair one. the lover nfRlied,
Her glance his blood did freeze,
"I lovo no man," tbc muldcn cried
"Whose pants bag at the knees."
When Kroymark & Co., tit j on out
Your troubles then willceafe,
A new pair of panta will win licr heart.
Come In lr If you please.
Successors to C. Wiiweii.
A.J Tomllnson was here this week.
Jos. Garber 1ms gone to Iowa on a
Dick Tinker
of MeCook was hero
this week.
J. II. Wegtnnnn is home after a visit
in Blue Hilt.
Dr. Damercll or Hastings was here
the first of the week.
For Salk Pure three-year-old cider
vinegar. Miw. Ukadmkook.
For a mower or rake I can Rive yon
bottom prices. Jas. Pktkkson.
T The apple wagon is getting to be a
very common'tliiiiK on our streets.
A uuniber of our citizens went to
Ul vet ton today tosec Campbell Bros,
Miss KmtHii Cook left Friday morn
ing for Iowa wliorc she will engage in
Tho Misses Rose and Lottie Uoats re
turned Wednesday night from a visit
in (5:tgc county.
Have you scon those road wagons.
They are dandies audi the prices are
right. .James Potorson.a
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhaia Remedy alwaye prompt re
lief. For sale by H. E. Grice, Druggist.
A little child of Ed. Pulsipher which
lied ia Hastings Saturday was brought
hero Sunday and buried in the Catholic
The First National Bank building is
being remodeled and shelved prepara
tory to receiving tho grocery stock to
be put in by the new firm.
The small daughter of Win. Hayes
had the misfortune to have a foot
smashed by a horse stepping on it.
Amputation of tho wounded member
was necessary.
I. B. Colvin of Guido Itock was hero
Monday. Tho gentleman, as will bo
seen in another column of this paper,
is an announced for sheriff on the re
publican ticket.
Work on the B. & M. depot nt this
placo has not been commenced yet, the
B.& M. carpenters boing busy building
coal sheds at Holdrcgo, from which
placo they will come to this city.
Rev. James Mark Darby pastor of
tho M. E, Church in Red Cloud, will
preach in tho Hummel school liouso on
next Sunday nftornoon, Aug., 29th, nt
8 o'clock followed by communion ser
vices. Kkv. A. G. Bi.ackwixl, Pastor.
The many friends in this city of Jcf
forsou Mattox wero surprised and
pained to hero of his death which oc
curred on last Saturday morning. Very
few know of his sickness and as Undo
Jeff was very popular with everybody
the announcement of his death camo
as a shock to them. Tho funeral ser
vices wero held at tho residenco on
Sunday morning at 10 o'clock and
wore conducted by Rev. Hummel. Tho
remains wero laid to rest in the Rod
Cloud cometitry. Ho loaves a wifo and
-.sovoral children.
Highest Honors World's Fair,
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
A Pure drape Cream of Tnrtnr Powder.
around Towy.
Hussoiig whs in Blue Hill this
TupCiukk is prepared to do youi
job printlug.
The Ernst Wclsch building is rapidly
uearing completion.
Go to C. M. Calme's tho old rollablo
family baktry at the old stand.
Everett Dyer stopped off horc n fow
hours between trains to visit with
A fine bouncing baby boy appeared
at the home of Rob Kcuyon at Inavalo
Wednesday morning.
If you want a wheel plow I havo
some bargains it will pay you to look
after. Jas. Petkkson.
Alfred Hadcll is in Chicago this week
looking after the purchase of goods for
the Nobraska Mercantilo Co.
A. G. Stoncbrcaktr and wifo after a
short visit in the city, loft Tacsday
morning for their homo at Shell Rock,
Ernst Wclsch returned Monday
morning from a trip to Cripple Creek,
where ho has been lookiug after min
ing interests.
The Union Firelusuranco Company
is the best mutual. Combine risks; in
installments 3 per cent. J. II. Smith,
Special Agent.
The W. C. T. U. masa meeting will
be hold in tho Baptist church next
Sunday ovening, Aug. 39th. Address
by Rev. Hussong.
O. C. Tool returned homo Thursday
from Iudianoln, whero bo had been
called several days ago by tho sad an
nouncement of the death of his mother.
Tho many friends of Col. Wiggins
aro glad to see him up and around
after a hard siege of typhoid fever.
Ho praises very highly F. E. McKcoby,
tho doctor in attendance.
CitoiCK GitAfEs by tho pound, by the
basket, by tho ton. Largest vlnoyard
in Nebraska. Write for prices or come
right along with your wagon. G. W.
Hacan, Guide Rock, Neb.
J. II. Smith writes combined insur
ance for a term of live years at 0 per
cent. On schools houses, churches and
farm property on tho installment plan.
Drop him a card at Red Cloud, Neb.
Randolph McNltt, T. C Hacker,
Robert Potter, D. F. Trunkoy, Chas.
Robinson, Al. Galusha, M. W. Dicker
sou auu Dr. T. R. Hall attended tho re
publican state convention nt Lincoln
Rev. J. M. Darby, wifo and daughter,
returned last Monday from Doweese
whero ho had been in attendance nt the
camp meeting. He reports a large
crowd in attendanco and a general
good timo by all.
A fine baby daughter arrived at the
homo of Hugh Miner yesterday. From
the fact that the little newcomer
weighed twelve pounds we might say
that even the babies grow larger in
these times of prosperity.
Negotiations with eastern parties will
soon bo begun by some parties of this
city for tho securing of a large manu
facturing institution for this city. The
institution if secured will cost a big
sum of dollars for erection nnd equip
ment and will employ a largo number
of mon.
Cash for poultry at tho Now York
poultry car, on track near the B. & M.
depot, Red Cloud, on Thursday after
noon, August 01st. Cash at tho car,
Correct weights guaranteed. The fol
lowing prices will bo paid: lions 51c,
Springs OJc, old roosters $1.30 per do.
en, ducks ll.oO per do.on, turkeys Co
per pound, geeso $3.00 per dozen.
Tho editor of a local paper is tho
most thoroughly criticised individual
of a community. To escape criticism
ho would havo to bo a mombor of all
churches and none; a prohibitionist
nnd a drunknrd at tho same timo; a
married man and single one nt once;
a philantrophist and mixer atoncoja
saint and a sinner, a genius and a fool;
a hypocrite, a backbiter, a liar, a ras
cal and tho opposite of each. Ex,
A measure capable of holding No
braska's wheat crop would be soven
times as high as tho Now York city
hall, or to be exact, 754 feet, and 300
feet in diameter. Tho capacity of a
ton ton freight car is 840 bushels of
wheat. To move this it would requiro
117,047 cars, loaded to their utmost.
Tho average train of loaded cars con
sists of 25. It would requiro 4,700 full
trains to transport tbo crop. The
avorago box car is thirty feet long, Put
those 4,700 trains in lino, nnd they
would extend a distance of 608 miles.
We understand that a boarder in ono
of the restaurants here is a phenomen
on when it comes to eating. An on
looker says that ho will place a dish in
front of himself put his face down to
about two inches'nnd then with tho aid
oi a Kiiuo snovoi every vesugo oi wnat
the dish contains into his mouth with-
out taking a breath. Our informant,
says that ho ordered about two meals
and drank four cups of iced ten whiloho
was there, lie don't know how much
more be ate bneuusii bo turned sink at
tho stomach at the sight and bad to
Tom Hatfield and family havo gouo
to Iowa.
C. W. Knloy was nominated for stnto
regent yesterday.
Miss Gortrudo Kaloy is homo after n
visit at Cawkor City.
The best buggies for the money over
brought to town at Peterson's.
Tho W. C. T. U. will meet during
September with Mrs. F. S. Sherwood.
Miss Mary Detour of Hastings was
visiting in tho eity soveral days this
MissTrix Mixer returned tho first of
tho wook from a visit to Smith Centre,
Now that you are looking after
waeons soo tho Newton and other
makes at Peterson's.
Donnis LindRoy who lias been in
Crlpplo Creek for sonio timo past re
turned homo this week.
Mrs. Gross nnd dntightor who havo
boon visiting in tho city have returned
to their homo in Dakota
For a good shave, hair cut or other
tonsorial work, call on Geo. Fentress
south of tho Caimcs bakery.
Miss E. A. Hadcll has removed her
millinery stock to tho A. Cook building
on the cast sldo of Webster street.
Mrs. Fred Palmer and children of
Grand Island aro visiting in tbo city
guest of her sister Mrs. Ed. McFarland.
C. L. Cotting, solo agent, will refund
your money if not satisfied after using
ono bottle of Dr. Fennors famous medi
cine If you want to bo second choico for
dolegnto to tho stnto convention, nil
you need is to have railroad transpor
tation. Incase of receiving no rain boforj
show day it would bo a good idea to
get out tbo sprinkler nnd muddy up
tho streets n bit.
Next Thursday, Ringling day,
promises to sco ono of tho largest
crowds ever assembled in this city,
providing tho weather is fair.
George Clapp, brother of our towns
man Low stopped off a short timo hero
Tuesday night wlnlo on his way homo
to Bloomington after attending a ro
union in Iowa.
Mrs. M. Lester of Iuavalo, accom
panied by Mrs. Frank Smolsor of this
city wero pleasant callers this week
and Mrs. Lestor mado us happy with n
dollar on subscription.
L. H. Rust says if you want Burbank
and Abundanco plums thrco to six feet
high, or anything clso in tho nursery
lino at reasonable prices, for fall or
spring, let him know what you want.
List of letters remaining uncalled for
at tho postofllco at Red Cloud, Neb
raska, for the week ending Aug 26th,
Ford, L. S. (2)
These letters will bo sent to tho dead
letter office Sept., 10th, if not called for
before. Frank W. Cowdkn, P. M.
Geo. McCrary, who has latoly re
turned from a vacation tn Iowa, was
here this week. It looks as if George
was making n play for tho nomination
for county superintendent. Ho will
most likely be turned down for tho
reason that ho has lived hero long
enough to gain a rosidonce and tho
other follow has not.
Don't use bill heads or statements in
which you havo to write your own
name. Get them printed in an up-to-
date stylo. There is nothing which
will make your customers think you
are of tho disposition to bo penurious
so much as this. If you aro stingy in
ono wny what reason is there to be
lieve that you wont bo in other wnys.
Get your printing done right at tho
Ciiikk office.
Poor Blood
is starved blood. It shows itself
in pale cheeks, white lips, weak
digestion, no appetite, exhaus
tion, lack of nerve force, soft
muscles, and, chief of all, weal:
muscles. Your doctor calls it
Anaemia. He will tell you that
the weakening weather of sum
mer often brings it on.
of Cod-liver Oil with Hypo
phosphites, will make poor blood
rich. It is a food for over-ta A
: -,j ( Jiti,
nd weak "gstion, so prepared
that it can easily be taken in
summer when Cod-liver Oil or
even ordinary foods might repel.
for alo at joe. ao4 by all drugifUU.
School ....
Wo have tho larg
est lino of
School Books.
C. L. Cotting,
RiuglingJKro.s. advertising car No. 8
was hero Thursday.
Dr. T. S. Hall and son of Cowlos
wero iu tho city Wednesday.
Miss Tilla McClelland of Blooming
ton was hero tho first of tho week.
Jas. Burden and wife left Tuesday
on a visit to St. Joo and Kaiibas City.
Bernard MeNony loft Sunday on n
trip to Colorado Springs returning Fri
day. A now Mono and gravel walk is
boing put in at tho north ward school
Saturday tho 23th Is pop convention
day and many aro the candidates who
will go homo with a sore spot.
Mrs. A. C. Hosinor nnd daughter
Ethel, and Miss Bonnie Eiuigh will re
turn this evening from a visit at Craig,
"Economy Bonosot Cordial" mado Uy
tho famous old Harmony society,
greatest of all appetizers. For salo by
C. L. Cotting.
Mis Stella Duckcr is visiting iu Min
den this week, prior to her departure
for Falls City, whero sho will teach
next year. Mindon Gazette
The Lincoln Cemetery Association
advertises this strange notice: "The
owners or occupants of lots in the
cemetery must clean thorn up."
Stewart's (Kan.) Bazoo.
The young frionds to tho number of
about forty gathered at tho homo of J.
8. Gilbam on Wednesday and gavo his
son harry a very pleasant surprise
Tho gathering was in honor of tho
young man's thirteenth birthday.
A rain is badly needed in this section
to settio tho dust and help the late
corn which with a little moro dry
weather will be considerably damaged.
Somo fears aro also entertained that a
good rain now would keep lato corn
growing until so lato it would bo
nippod by early frost.
Tho following aro the names of the
populist delegation in tho first and
second wnrds of this city: First ward
Noah Perry, H. Rutlcdgo, R. P.
Hutchison, S. W. Foe, Bernard Mc
Neny, P. Sutton, AI. Aultz. Second
ward B. F. Mizor, Anti-Prosperty, F.
E. Gnblo, J. H. Wegmann, S. Bayles,
John Polnicky, S. Day, Lcn Aultz.
Somo Beatrice morchants have been
done up by an advertising fakir who
had a schemo. Tho fakir stayed in
town a fow days, working tho business
men, and then rented a bicyclo of Hoff-
stot, and left town in a blazo of glory.
Ho paid a dollar for tho bicycle, and
shipped it back hero from Valley, and
Mr. Hoffstot had to whack up a dollar
and a half express charges. Morchants
will probably learn wisdom from ex
poricuco in tho courso of timo. When
they havo advertising to do, they will
givo tho marble heart to oily tongttcd
strangers, nnd patronizo tho local
nowspapors which aro trying to help
them and tho town ull tho year round.
Beatrice Express.
Nebraska Mercantile Co.
The firm of G. A. Duckor & Co.,
which for tho past ton or twelve years
have done a flourishing businesi in tho
dry goods line in this eity, has, so far
as tho Illinois part of tho firm, Mr. G.
A, Ducker of Joliot, Illinois, ceased to
exist and in its stead a corporation has
bcod formed to carry on tho business
which will be known as the Nobraska
Mercantile Co. Tho new firm will bo
composed of Alfred Hadell, who for
everal years has been the resident
manager and a tnetubor of tho firm of
Geo, A. Ducker & Co,, Jay Olnoy who
has been In the general merchandise
business at Bloomington, in Franklin
county nnd Bertha E. Spoako also of
Franklin county.
No comments nood to bo mado as to
tho ability of Mr. Hadell, as his long
residence in this city hns demonstrated
that ho is a thorough business man and
we understand that tho othor gont Io
nian member of tho corporation is up-to-dalo
in business methods.
DcWItt's Witch Hazel Salve
Cure Piles, Scald, Uuroi.
ill th& K Innriilcr m
VtS -.----- s.-r-. wa--v
Are Closed for
the Winter.
Large deposits of
Itten's & Boys' Suits,
are found there every day and people
save Gold Dollars by buying their
"Winter supply of
Freymark Co.
Successors to C. Wiener.
Red Cloud's Reliable Clothing House.
We are
New Goods
Every Day!
The Largest Stock
Ever Brought
to the Valley.
The Gates of the
Golden Eagle
Clothing Store
are Never Closed.
will give
You some
Nbxt week!
..r 'i '4j
icsi r