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Commissioners Proceedings.
district No. 2 In Pleasant Hill pieclnct
Teacher's Institute
AioptiHir nf tho l:ui:i" City Times,
' 1- . '
Tins bout l of roiinlv coiumN-doncis the -111111 of 0110 hundred dollars fori lutciot ninnllVsti'd in tin- teacher-.' onuijj Jhc bulwarks uf popular 111m ity,
on ! county Institute is rapidly increasing, interviewed Hon. William Iciiiiltiffo
met nt 10 o'clock Tuesday imi ii1iifrntl i purpose of grading down tho hills
thoic being " luornin adjourned to the (initio Hoi'k roml between tho 1 Today there is no icgular piograui us
tuui't tit 1 p.m. southwest corner of section ill anil tin1
Board mot pursuant, to adjournment1 southeast corner of section DC, all in
with all inoiiiliers present and the fol- j township 'i, north tango 10 in l'leii'Mit
lowing business was transacted:
G. W. Dow, treasurer of school dis
trict No. 2 in Red Uloud City, appeared
bnfoto tho hoaid and reptcseutod that
on Juno 0, 1807, the board allowed said
school district a warrant on tho high
school fund for $403 00 and asks tho
hoard to take up -said warrant and
issue in lion of same n scries of war
rants of smaller denomination so that
when nunc.) is in tliu hands of tho
county miasm er that ho can pay o IT
and cancel a warrant of smaller de
nomination ill an tliu 0110 they are now
The clerk and treasurer was au
thorized to cancel said warrant and
Issue eight warrants for $."0 each and
one watraut for $08 In lieu of said war
rant of $1C3
Hoard proceeded to open the bids
for the building of a poor house.
S. 1 Decker was appointed road
overseer of road uistrict No. 2 in
Pleasant Hill precinct.
Palmer & Brown having the lowest
bid were awarded tho contract for
building poor house on th" poor farm
nt $10.r)0, providing they put up a good
and suflloient bond for tho building of
the same.
Boaid apjourned to meet Wednes
day afternoon at 1 o'clock.
Hoard met pursuant to adjournment.
Tho road putition of Hans T. Skjelver
and others for a road commencing at
the northesat quarter of section 81, and
northwest quarter of section 32, town
3 range 12, in Cnthorton township, and
running south uo half mllu on thoseo
tlon line bel . .uit suction 111 and 32
(on section line as arranged by W. E.
TI1011 . i'i the J ear ltJ'.IO) as denied by
the Li tuit togethei with all claims for
damages filed on account thereof for
tho ri'iiMHi that It appealed to the
boaid that thete is already an estab
lished ro.ul on tlioscetion liueinvolved.
Olllelal bond of J. F. Decker, road
oversew- district No. 2 was approved.
Tho following is the repot t of D. M
Hunter, county superintendent, for
the second quarter, of the condition of
the teacher's institu to fund up to June
30th, 1807: Receipts: To balance on
huml,i33!j.Hi;27 examination fees io
oolveil during quarter, $27; 1 endorse
ment, $1.00; 3 renewals. $3,00, 18 insti
tutu $13.00; 87 books mental arithmetic
at 2T3c, $9.25; 2 books, mental arith
metic at '2m, flOe; 8 Exeells school
room songs, $2 00; totti), $8!)l.r)0. Kx
poiullturcs: Hy 000 institute eirciihus,
$5.00; CO school songs, $12 00; 60 books,
mental arithmetics, $13.14; 2 pjistolllco
monoy orders, 20e; freight ou school
sougs, 00c; freight on tnniital arith
metics, $1.20; 155 Columbian institute
note books, $15.00; 1 postollico money
order, 10c; express on institute note
books, $1.10; total, $40.00; balance on
hand, $341.00.
L. II. Fort niado roport of fees re
ceived for quarter ending Juno 30th
and expenditures of same: Fees re
colveil lu April, $110 55; Aluv, $101.80;
June, $387.05; balance dun olerk, $74 05
total, $071.05. Expenditures: Balance
duo cleric on salary Apiil 1, 1807,
$112.05; clerk's salary second quarter,
$375.00; deputy salary sceoid quarter,
$17D,oxttaholp, $12.00; total, $074.05;
balance due clerk Julvl, 1807, $71.05.
Petition of Muthias Moslnger and
otliors asking tho boaid to appropriate,
anatnour.tsunielimtto bulhi a liridgo
elghleon feet long nnl sixteen feet
wide, set 011 )lliug tun feet long to bo
built acio-.s the week on section lino
running east and west between sections
twenty and twoniy-ninr, In township
1, range 0, in Wob-iitr eoiiiuy. ro
iltlon was granted;
The board appiojulated out of the
county road fund the sum of $15. for
the purpose of grading down the hill
between sections font teen ami twcnij
threo, in town two, range eleven, in
. Red Cloud precinct.
The board appropriated out of road
Hill precinct.
The boaid appiopriatcd out of the
county load fund the amount of $100
for grading between section 3 and 4,
town 1, range 0 in Guide Hock pie
cinct and clerk ordered tc draw war
rant in favor of W. 11. Hyker for said
amount of $100 and Mr. Hyker to dis
burse tho same to the laborers per
founing said work.
The board appropriated out of the
county road fund the amount of $100
foi grading the road from the railroad
1 track south to the bridge across tho
Republican liver.
Hoaid adjourned to meet Thursday
morning July 15th ot 8 o'clock.
There Is more catarrh in this section
of the country Hum nil other diseases
put together and until tho last few
years was supposed to be incurable.
For a great many years doctors pro
nounced It a local disease, and pie
Hcribed local remedies, and by con
stantly filling to cure with local tieitt
tnent, pronounced it incurable. Science
lias pi oven catarih to be a constitu
tional disease, and thetefore requires
constitutional treatment. Hall's Ca
tarih Cine, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney iV Co., Toledo, Ohio, is tho
only constitutional cure or the mnrket.
It, is1 taken 'Internally in dAsoa- froVi 10
drops to a leaspoonful. It acts directly
on the blood and mucous surfaces of
tho system. They offer one bundled
dollats for any case it fails to cure.
Send for circulars and testimonials.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall Family Pills are the best.
People Must Fabricate.
Theio would seem to bo a mistake in
tlie number of acres of alfalfa in Webs
ter county as returned by tho assesors.
In the table published by tho Chief the
number of acres is given as fourteen.
There are a dozen farmers in Guide
Rock precinct alono who have more
than that many acres in alfalfa. Wo
know of one farmer who Is credited
with OB acres, and in one neighborhood
south of the river there are over 200
acies. The number of bicycles return
ed for the county is 48 yet thero are
doubtless more than that many in
Red Cloud alone. It looks as though
that abstract of assessment needed
some revisement. Guide Rock Signal,
1 1 m
"Last summer one of our grand
child) en was sick wlthaseveie bowel
tumble," says Mrs. E. (i. Gregory, of
Frederickson, Mo. "Our doctor's
remedy had failed, then wo tried
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy, winch gave very
speedy relief. For sale by II. E.
Grlce, Druggist.
Quarterly Meeting.
The fourth quai terly meeting of the
Red Cloud circuit will bo held at the
New Virginia school house, on Sunday
July 25th. Rev. James M. Darby of
tho First M. E. Chut eh of Red Cloud
those wUhlug are to take the detailed
examination work tcquisiu for a coun
ty ceitilicate.
The enrollment up to date is 1011
teiichcis which atteudanoo has been of
the very be-t average.
Dr. Howlm in his lecture on didac
tical work, lias filled the teacher's witli
practical and common sense talks. He
argues that the lutcrnicdialo ends of
Intellectual training aie for the acqui
sition of knowledge, for guidance,
giowth and enjoyment. Tho develop
ment of power is to acquire, express,
and use knowledge. Knowledge com
prehends results In growth; hence the
necessity of thoroughly prepared
teachers to diiect the pupils to the un
derstanding of knowledge, lie also
says Hint self government I the ideal
government, for a child who coinpte
bonds knowledge experience a degree
of pleasiue from which he iiinj be con
trolled, A teacher competent to bring
about Mich a condition is an ideal
teacher. The best educated ale not
alwajstho best teacher.-.; bet uch all
one has resources and is mole likely to
awaken intoict. If he is fortunate in
being hoi 11 a teacher, this fact, toget
her with Ins knowledge make him a
power. Government in the abstract
must be too last resort, ine mini
governed .school is tho most apt to be
the woial governed.
taught by Mrs. Tucker of Lincoln, has
rapidly insreased as subjects are more
thin oughly in vest iated.
Tliu book used as a text in readtiu
and literal lire is the work of Nebraska's
foremost educator, Mr. W. 11. Skin
ner of Nebraska City. Following the
line of thought presented 111 that book
the teachers In attendance are taught
to see and appreciate the elements of
good literature. They are learning to
cultivate the tasto of their pupils and
to show them what the best thought of
the world offers them. The exercises
in drawing are simple and piaetical,
and such as can be used by any timelier
in her own school. Special attention
is given to the correlation of subjects,
and the interdependence of tliu differ
ent studies taught. In all her teaching
true piinciples of pedagogy are illus
trated making the method ot each les
son true because founded 011 11 true
principle. Each teacher then may
have different individual metlu ds with
tlie same underlying principle.
Those attending tho class of Mrs.
Case express themselves as being ex
ceedingly pleased and benelllted with
her instruction. In her Algebra class
the beginners have already obtained
sulllcieut knowledge of that branch to
successfully handle It this winter in
their school. A marked improvement
Is manifested in tliu mental arithmetic
class. Mrs. Case has the peculiar
faculty of keeping everyone tiwnkoimd
making him feel us If she were address-
! ing her remarks directly to him.
Mr. Pope's worlds progressing nice
ly and for a b.eginuer ho Is doing very
satislactory work. Heceitaliily shows
that Jie has had Intellectual trai'iiug
mid thoiough picparjitiott in each
branch taught.
I'wo lectin cs for the public and
Hryapjit Ottawa and found hini'pn
paiiiigrnr 'i bath and attiied in a silk
nigtiCl-shlrt with euibroideiy down the
Atjlfst we were inclined to believe
he wjjs tiding to .tcal a bie oil the
will preach at 11 a.m., and at 3 i mf
For Hi 'j convenience of the otllcial J teachers are to be given next week
members the quarterly conference will ' All addiess by Mrs. E T. Tucker at the
bo held at my tesilouce In licit Uotul Congregational Church Monday even
on Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock, jllK) ,mtitled, "A Glimpse of American
Rev. W. H. Alexander presiding. A( jjtcintuie," also r. J. W Rowing will
general Invitation is given to these ser- Kivu liis popular lecture on the "Phil
vices. 'oophyof the Electric Light and the
RKV. A. (.. HI.ACKWKI.L, I'.istor. X-ra.H," next Thursday evening.
t A committee on tesoliitioiis was un
to repoit at the
(nftttttitf 'Pli.. imtiwij if
without suffering agony, until a bo uf mt cominUtl!0 (UX. t)0 mim.i
Do Witt's Witch Hazel b.ilvo cuteil my . ,,,. ,. ..,.,.,, n.i... i....i 1
"Jl -wv... - v '1 M Ullll lllllt
Hall and Win, Heille
. . ."" .!"""" ... . I A committee on
John Grillln, of anesvllle, ()., says: ' jnU(1 Thursday
"I never lived a day for thlity jrenw ' 1W0 f tu ,n8lJt
OeWltt's Colic & Cholera Cure.
QatckljrMfM DyaMtMy m4 OUmtIiom.
.1 .. ... .. ..!! I ...1 II. "Jl
lilies." cor piles nun rcciui uouimuui., ., tr
cuts, btuises, spiains. eczema and nil ' ,... p,,,,,,,,?.,..,, ii,n..'.,iw.i11
skin troubles Do Witt'. Witch Haze) , '""'"J" w"'" ' "cat iiigCiicle
Salvo is unequalled. O L. Cutting, .n'"1 County Teachers' Association, nre
- jtlio Misses Mamie Heale, Laura Lainl,
Mr. C. L. Hasbiouck, a diugglst at; Carrie Hummel and Messrs. S K
Mention, Mich., siijs nil ' the good Logan and Jno, Scott.
testimonials that have been published
by tho uiaiiufactiuers of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diairlioea Remedy
could be duplicated in that town. For
sale by II. E. Gi ice, Druggist.
pen pin. Hut Hie tout co from whence
thenjjioit ciiincs is too wimble to al
low any such suggestion. The fact
staniU.out in great big letters that Mr.
HryniJ"'Wn going to take a bath. Mr.
HryauMias been accused of being a
demoL'hit, he has been charged with
beluga populist; but hew we Hud him
hclrsyjug symptom of icpublieaiiisin.
We all know how one falc step leads
to another, how easy it is when a man
starts down hill for him to yiuui with
cousta .ilj increasing speed The tak
ing of 1 Oath may seem to some people
a very slight depaituie from the Chi
cago pmtfoun, but we wain them that
it is lifcfly to bo followed by other ad
vance towaid republicanism. Mr.
Bryan had just spoken at, Cntthage,
Mlssotiii, and received $1,00(1 for tell
ing the people they wele serfs and
slaves, he was about to tepeat tlicdum
at Ottawa and put $500 mmo in Ids in
side picki'l, he felt the uduince of
prospeiitj, lie was a living witness to
the sueiuss of McKiulelsiii, and lie
gavotway to the feelings which come
trout1 confidence and prospuity, pie
pared to take a h and doubtless in
his heart was coiisldeilug whether o
enough to mako him vote the republi
can ticket.
And tin 11 mink the remainder of the
dNchisuie, "attinnl in a sili; night
hlrt wltlieiiibioulery down the front "
Think of that, Tom Watson and Pcllcr
and Mis. Lease! Do you wear silk
night sliii ts? Do you havoembrohlery
down tho front? Here we have a rep
resentative of "the toiling masses," a
leader who up to tills lime is without n
pi each, who was never known to work
or miss a chance to make a speech, al
layed in the garments of a plutociiit,
clad in the habiliments of Lomhaid
stieet, forgetful that night, shlits in 0
emblems of the British money power,
and that "embroidery down the front"
is only a step from tho gold staiidard.
Once more our hopes have been
blasted. Wo placed our trust In Mr.
Simpson and he walked off witli golf
stockings. Wu pinned our faith to Mr.
Leedy and ho took his abode 111 mil
load excursions. We would have
wagered our pile on Ml Lewelliug
and ho ell with a dull sickc niug thud.
But Mr. Bryan was left to us. We
kept his angelic face befow our sou)
.mil believed that though Kansisie
formers had weakened, Biyan would
never falter. The truth is crushing us
and as it percolates thiough the minds
of tho plain people we can hear ihem
say, "no crown of thorns, no cross of
gold, no silk night shirt with embioid
cry down tho front." Sic semper
tyiaiinis. Hutchinson News.
The sttength which comes to us
from eating nourishing food is better
than stimulation, because It Is new
Tho health which belongs ton stiong
body, well notiiiohed by proper food
(properly digested, is the only health
thntis lasting.
The difference between Shaker Di
gestive Cordial and other medicines Is
simply Hint It helps nature to make
strength It does not profess to euro
sickness, except ad that sickness is a
result of weakness caused by food not
properly digested.
Shaker Digest! vu Cm dial will relieve
Hie pangs of indigestion, ami make
thin, sick, weak people as well as if
their stomachs had never been out of
If Ih a gentle aid to the digestion of
nature's strength maker, fond.
At druggists. Trial bottle 10 cent"
Li "lie Dal Is has n'cu on the
list fm 1 we k.
Dan (iwwell has ti pair uf twin gills
at his place one week old
The Dr. Dikes of Lebanon were
pi'tieiciir oil the creek tills week.
Thciyoon this creek Is all cut, 110'
wheat to cut and the oats is nearly ripe.
This ci cok was repicsenled at Red
Cloud 011 July Hid to help eetebiate
the Fourth.
Nearly all of the bildgns and cul
vei.nof ilns pun were washed out by
the 1 1st high water,
David Rilr, who vas 1 ntly mar
ried up near Lim-loii, Neb., and whern
he has been leaching for two years
past, was d nvn homo last week with
his wife
Rev, (ioldswoith delivered a very
ahloMMiuon at Mt. Hope lust Sunday
evcnii.g llepreae ics there every two
week, although lie will not ho there in
two weeks again on account of his
quni terly meeting
Pitel.ecdrrbi.inil eaiiie near getting
drowned dm lug tli big tide. Ho
w mint in waist deep loicscue a calf
that had ll i.tted down against the wile
tence and while the calf and several
head of h"gs were drowned he was
washed off down to a huge post and
hung 10 it until the boys got a long
ri'pe 10 him and pulled him out
You iiniv hunt Hie world over and
yon will not llud another medicine
and Dtaitlioea Remedy for bower com
plait i. It is pleasant, "life and re
lint I For ale by II E. Grlce, Drug-
Tliu h irvest is most liiiished.
Anthony (J icon called here Sunday.
Mrs. Llllle Frisbie Is the nossessor of
a new III ke.
Mr. Benin of Red Cloud was hero
0110 day last week.
A nephew of Mrs, Miller from Indi
ana is visiting here,
G.W. Biker was visiting Li Belle
Garden last Sunday.
Mis. Fnse of Red Cloud is visiting
hnr parents this week.
Mists Alta Baker is home after a
week's visit in Red Cloud.
Miss MeCord of Red Cloud Is staying
with Mrs. Laura Fiisbie.
Mr, mid Mis. Parker of Red Cloud
weio visiting hero Sunday.
J. W. ami A. It. Saladen and families
were visiting in Red Cloud Sunday.
Mr. Iluiehons and family of Cowlcs
were guests of Win. McKimiiiey Sun
day. Miss Blanche Cox of Bladen was
visiting C. O. Cox and family last
While out driving Sunday evening
Chi is. Rasser had his watch and chain
takm fiom him.
HoaaoiiH Why Chamberlain's Collo,
Choloraand Diarrhooa Horn-
cdy is tho best.
1. Becniiso itnffoids almost instant
relief in case of pain in tliu stomach,
collo and cholera morbus,
2 Because it Is tho only remedy
that never falls in the most severe
cases of dysentery and diarrhoea.
3. Because it is tho only remedy
that will cure ehronlo diarrhoea. ,
1 Because it Is the only remedy
that wilj prevent bilious collo,
5 Because it is tho only remedy
that will prevent epidemical dysentery,
1). Because it is the only remedy
that can always be depended upon in
cases of cholera infantum.
7, Because it is the most prompt
and most reliable medicine in use for
bowel complaint.
8. Becatisn It produces no bad results.
Plenty of rain.
Harvesting Is the order of the day,
Cultivating coin will soon .bo with
the oast.
Benjamin Vandyke bought tliu en
tile crop of Richard Keagle.
Rlchatd Keaglo ami wife arrived
at San Fraiiclco July I lib, all right,
Mrs, Ida Kout. from (iuliln Hock
was visiting Iter parents last Sunday.
Horn to Mr. and Mrs Catpentor, a
son, also to Win. Gulbroth and wife, a
Mies M'llvinn Vandyke Is taking a
business course at college at Sail Fran
cisco, California.
Elder Austin of Yoik, Nebr., was in
Line one day last week looking after
his church Interests.
The road oveiseer has been quite
busy repaiiliig tlie roads since the
heavy rains of last week.
Rev. Iliiman llasuins of Guide
Rock will preach at Walnut Creek
school house in district No. 3, Aug., 1st
nl 11 o'clock a. 111 , also at Penny creek
at 8 p.m. All are invited.
... .
It heals everything except a brokott
heart, may be s-ild of DoWllt's WMteh
Ha.el Salve. Piles and rectal diseases,
cuts burns, bruises, inter, eczema and
all skin troubles may bn cuied by It
quickly unit permanently, C. L. Cut
ting. BATIN.
Clnis, Hansen has purchased a new
set of harness,
R)oiiud fall wheat is about all cut
lu this co Humility.
L. M. Crablll anil family were In
this vicinity Tuesday.
Miss Dora Marker is attending tho
teachers' Institute at Red Cloud.
The Sunday school rally at district
14 last Sunday was well attended.
Mrs. Eli Sorgensou has returned
from u visit with her sister at Superior.
Blanch Winfrey f Red Cloud was
the guest of Eva Mali. ins the fore part
of Hie week.
Mr Biilcy and' wife from Red Cloud
was lu this locality Thursday looking
after his farm,
Elmer Overman from Waukegan,
Illinois, was a visitor at Rev. J, Bonn's
nun day last week.
Miss Emily Robinson of RlVetton
was calling 011 the board of school ill
reclois the first of this week.
A Sickening Disclosure.
Thorp was an itcip of news In the pa
pers last week which will (ill tho hearts
of the gi eat plain people with despair.
I 0 Bvc.'iuso It is nleasantanil safe to
There is a time, for everything; inui ' take,
the time to attend to a cold is when it I 10. Because it has saved tho HviTs of
starts. Don't wait until you have eon- more people than any other remedy in
sumption Uut prevent It by using One tliowoild. ,,...,
Minute Cough Cure, the great remedy ' ' 25 nj 60- " tor sale by II. fc.
for coughs, colds, croup, bronchitis, unco' ut"m'
and all throat and lung troubles. O. Dr. Priee's Cresai Bakiag PowOr
L. Cutting. J a VmttntGTMM Tartar Pwra.
n "They don't make much fuss about,"
Wo are speaking of DoWitt-'s Little
Early Risers, tho famous little pills for
constipation, biliousness, anil all
stomach p.nd liver troubles. They
never gripe. C. L. Cutting.
Monoy to Loan.
In any amount at 0 per cent for &
yen 1 s on western town ami farm
property, II. C Wilcox & Co., Bank
kers and Brokers, 253 Btoadwny, New
York City.
makes the young ftel old. and the old 'fed
thai life Is not worth the living;. It's a dan
gertlgnalof Kidney Disease the unerring
evidence of weak, inactive and sore Kidneys.
Any person cured of Kidney weakness will
tell you that when the back ceased to ache,
all troubles ended. Neither liniments, nor
plasters, nor electricity can cure it. The
seat of the trouble Is not in the skin, flesh or
muscles. 'It's In tho Kldnets.
It can he
I have boon so greatly benelitted
within 11 short time by the use of
Holms SpiiragtiH Kidney Pills, that I
feel conllilent that their continual use
will permanently cute 1110 ot my eei
ious kidney diseases.
P. A. Shuutz, Norfolk, Nob.
Sparaps Kidney Pills.
norms remedy co., PsopBntou, cvum
Ur. 1 1 otba Pll la Kov 8to In KEI) CLOUD, MBS,
by C. L.OOTT1NO, filiif-sttt.
1 '
1 ' -
'"'i3' V,
A4frimt :u
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