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Have Our Merchants Degenerated?.
This Is a question which it seeniB to
could ho answered by the woru
Several yea ago this city
drew trade from a radius of foi ty or
fifty miles and the linn nanio of some
of the merchants were a by-word forty
miles down in Kansas as well as In
Nebraska. It is not that way today
and it is getting worse instead of bet
tor. What is the reason for this? We
have a number of the same merchants;
they carry Just as good stocks of
goodk; sell just as low and of course
lower in accordance with the times
than they did then. The fact of tho
case is this. The merchants have de
generated and have fallen into back
oast ways; they have got to be moss
backs. Thoy wait for trade to come to
J w
their doors and do not seek for it as
limy did in timet) past. Five or .six
years ago most men in business who
pretended tube merchants adveitised;
the columns of the home papers weio
tilled with announcements and prices.
People read these announcements and
were drawn to Red Cloud to do their
trading. Then it was hard for the pa
pers to find room for all the advertis
ing the. merchants wanted to place in
their columns but uow a newspaper
itigu has to get on his knees to even
get a little bit. The merebnuta have
declined in business push and are
penny wise and pound foolish. Leaving
out tho fact that trade is gained by ad
vertining there is nothing which speaks
so well away from home for thrift of a
city than the advertising that is seen
la the local paper.- You' way b away
troin home and some friend will re
ceive paper and if it is well filled
with advertisements of the home mer
chants you will hear him remaik that
the town must be a It ve one for the rea
son that the pnpers are well patronized.
If Ih ovine hicMng in this respect he
will say that the towu don't amount to
much. I'oudi'r over thi and if you
aonoi plartt a ttn dollar advertise
ment in i tie papei put in a one dollar
Tlieio is more oiuairh in this .section
of Hit! country than all other diseases
put together ami until the last few
yearn was supposed to In1 iuctiinbl.
For a great many jears doctors pio
uouucctl it a local disease, ami pre
scribed local remedies, and by con
stantly falling to erne with local treat
ment, pronounced it incurable. Science
has proven catairh to be a constitu
tional disease, and thoieforu requires
constitutional treatment. Hall's Cu
lm ih Cute, manufactured by F. J.
Chwiey At Co., Toledo, Ohio, is tho
only constitutional euro or. the market.
It is taken internally In doses from 10
drops to a teaspvonful. It acts directly
n the blood and mucous surfaces of
tho system. They offer one hundred
dollats for any case it fails to euro.
Soud 'for circulars ami testimonials.
A fcI(hCSR
J' J, CHKNKY is CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall Family Pills are tho best.
New Sidewalks.
A topic of conversation for a long
timti hart been about the deplorable
condition of our sidewalks and lately
we understand propel ty owaora have
had notice served upon them to either
Hx up their walks, build .now ones, or
tho city will build them and as.soss tho
same up to the owners. Wo bollovo in
nowsldewalksjustthoHamoas wo da
lit anything which will bean impiove-
ment to the city, but don't believe in
repairing tho old ones with store box
wood, nor, In tact, do we believe in
buidlng walks with wood at an. some juake a special effort to advertise tho
new sections of sidewalk were built w10urcon ut this county. All articles
before the late rains and were washed .M 0lbUtoll my l)H delivered to
out iu good shape by the deluge ' 0itm,rO. W. Kaloy, I). ,J. Myers, I). R.
water. If a wooden sidewalk is put In Spi,noK0 ,. ay B Cnm real estate
this month by next spring it will 'oiofflco
delapidated by people breaKing win ( . .
boards aud carrying thorn off for kind-1 Last summer one of our giand
ling. This. has beeu done id the st 'diildien Was slok with a seveie bowel
and will bo done in the future. We tioub!e,"sajs Mrs. K. U. Gregory, of
have boy hero, who aw called by Frodericksou, Mo. Our dootoi's
names resembling those borno by some ' comedy had failed, then wo tried
of the best men we have in tho .city, Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
who have beeu observed todellberatoly Dhivrhoea Remedy, which gave very
Btand aad stamp ou sidewalks until jpoedy relief. For ale Ky H, K.
boards are broken. Our new mayor is Giice, Druggist.
a great and mighty man pel haps and
there have probably been othcis who
could bo classed as nearly as great and
mighty, and still the sidewalks have
been broken and delapidated by these
young vandals. We believe that the
only way out of this dilemma is to
figure out some kind af walk, either
brick, stone or cement something
that will uot burn. We do not believe
that a brick pavement will cost con
siderably more than tho wood walk
taking into consideration its lasting
qualities. Whether brick suitablo for
this purposo can be obtained in this
city we do not know. Of course we
believe in using home product if it be
up to the right standard, otherwise we
believe an outside product should be
used. Tho city council should make
an otdiiiauce lequiring the building of
bi ick sidewalks at least iu front of the
business houses as the old ones need
rebuilding. Wyinore and soveral other
cities uear tho sie of lied Cloud have
considerable stretches of aood brick
paving and this city should uot be be
hind her sister cities,
- .
HoaaonB Why Chamberlain's Colic,'
Cholera and Diarrhoea Hem
edy is the beet.
1. Because itaffotds almost instant
relief iu case of pain in tho stomach,
colic and cholera morbus.
2. Because it is the only rmcdy
that never fails in the most severe
cases of dysentery aad diarrhoea.
3. Because it is the only remedy
that will cure chronic diarrhoea.
i. Ueoauso it is tlie,o.nly.remedy
that will prevent bilious collo. ' f "
5. Because it is the ouly remedy
that will prevent epidemical dynentcry.
G. Beoause it is the only remedy
that can always be depended upon in
cases of cholera Infantum.
7. Because it is the most prompt
and most reliable medicine in use for
bowel complaint.
8. Because it produces no bad re
0. Because it is pleasant and safe to
10. Because it has saved the lives of
more people than uny other lcmcdy iu
The 25 and 50c sizes for al by II. K.
Urice, J)i uggist.
Will Exhibit Grain.
We expect to make exhibits at sev
eral county fairs iu Illinois this fall of
the farm products of Webster county
and to this end the B. &, M. U. U. com
pany have agreed to transport free of
chat ge a carload to such places as we
may select. To do this-will require the
co-operation of the fanners of this
county. We will want soveral sheaves
of the best of each kind of gr.tlii laiscd
by a number of farmers, nlsw bumlles
of all of tho best grasses. Tim grain
and glass should be pulled up by tho
rooth or cut close to tho ground so as
to get Ike fall length and ho cured In
the shade, and if hung up should ho
hung with tho heads down and thor
oughly cured. The bundles should be
about eighteen inches in diameter.
We want especially bundles of tluco
cuttings of alfalfa from same field ami
later on wo want tho finest grain, well
cleaned, one-half bushel of each kind,
with yield, etc Wo want all these
from as many farmers as possible and
each article will be marked with tho
name and postofilco address of tho
party who raised it. Bo not bo afraid
of getting too much, wo waut a largo
sample of every kind of grnin and
grass that grow here. Also all kinds of
fruit nnil veirutnlilitii. P.uoi't'lliliior
1 8um,,, 0 ct lt exncly l0 ,.ia,lt timo
IlU(, wo et T,,,9 ,s thu ,()
County Institute. '
The teachers of Webster county as
sembled at Dip high school Monday In
their sixteenth auuaal session and tho
institute is now running in full blast.
Roll call was the order Monday after
noon and it wan really surprising to
see so many teaolicr present respond
ing so quickly to the superintendent's
call. We believe that the teacher who
attends the institute during this hot
weather ought to receive live dollars
extra per month.
Monday evening the first social was
given and from the ilpples of laughter
and tho bright happy oxpicssions
plainly visible upon every countenance
it would not be dilllcult for any one to
see that tho school inarms and mastcis
were having a huge time.
Tuesday evening Lieut-Governor
Harris gave a lecture in tho Christian
church to a goodly number and placed
tho teacher's profession second to no
calling on earth. The lectin o wa
pregnant with Interest and offetcd
much matter for after consideration
Thursday morning the regular woi k
began and everyone Bottled down to
work. Tho teachers thin vcaf exhibit
an u n mil id amount of vim and deter
mination. They tire taking the matter
up in a systematic manner and are to
be commended for their dlligonco and
their evident desire of becoming more
proficient iu their lino.
Wo heartily condemn such vilifying
and alroge.taer'uareasonable articles as
appeared in the Nation this week and
openly assert that anyone guilty of
publishing-such an outlandish tirade
against the faltbfuloverworkcd teach
ers ia a menace to good society and
oagbt to be ignored by all intelligent
people. Twas ever thus. A pop
would loudly lament his fortune if his
neighbor should find a gold mine and
leave him in Hie cold. This misguided
person thinks ho is called upon to ad-
minister a vigoroiib "kick" oven if done
at the exponso of the most elevating
portion of our community.
From tho work done this first week
there Is no doubt but what the teachers
will i eceivu excellent benefit from this
Uie best of summer normals held in
this county for many years.
Good Reading for July.
With the exception of the noted
world's fair number of The Cosmopo
litan, which i cached a price of five
dollars a copy after tho last edition
had been exhausted, no stiouger num
ber, of this magazine has ever been
issued than that for .Inly, 1897. Thu
report of Julian llawlhuriin, tho
special commissioner sent by The Cos
mopolitan to India to investigate tho
horrois of the plastic ami famine, is
of an ox'.raoidluary character, aud
will open the eyes of the world to con
ditions whioh we sonrcely suspected.
The same number (contains what is
probably the greatest poom of this
quatter of tho nineteenth century.
This new rendciingof OmarKhayyam's
Bubaiyat, which departs entirely from
Fltzgei aid's, occupies four pages.
Amolie Rives reappear as a story-tol-ler
for the first time since her mar
ilago wiwVPiiiice Troubetkoy. One
of the cleverest stories yot from the
pon of Robert W. Chambers Is given.
The remarkable story of the war of the
Maritaus, by Wells, which Is attract
ing tho attention both of the scientific
aud iiou.8ckiii:iio good-story loving
publio, is continued, and there is a
fourth story by a 'Bookot, elaborately
illustrated by tho humor of Peter New
ell. The educational discussion this
time by Professor Peck, of Columbia
the story of "Tho Kvory-Day Llfo of a
sister of Charity," elaborately Illus
trated; "Tho Genesis of a Comic
Opera," given by Reginald de Koven;
PresidonttJilham, of tho Johns Hop
kins University, on "Tho Baukruptey
ofSclenso," and an intcrosting.storv
by the Oieok 'who oonoeived and
brought into existence "The Streets of
Cairo at the World's Fair" these are
soroo of itt contents of this tea-cent
Money to Loan,
Iu any amount at 5 per cont for fl
years on western town aud farm
prdporly, H. C, Wausox Co., Hank
kersaiul Biokeiv, 53 lh midway. New
Yrk Oily. '
Joe Brubaker leturned home last
Thursday accompanied by his sister
Mrs. Rail of Valley county this state.
The "big four" took aspeclalfor Red
Cloud Wednesday to attend the (ieei.
lee-Nau wedding.
The heaviest rain for fifteen yeai
visited this creek the 20th.
Everybody is getting ready for tho
largest hat vest ever done in Webster
Every man and boy on the nook re
set posts and tixr.d who fences Sunday
and run stock buck iu their pasures,
all caused by the big rain Siitutday.
MissMaud Dngget of Red Cloud is
visiting Hesslu Wilder this week.
Four inches of rain fell last I-!day
Highland Satin day foioiioou.
Lightning kllloii a cow for Mr.
lhoiupson ami struck thiee horses lie-
lqiigiug to Chailey Buibaker, hut only
stunned them.
BudNoiris had two cows killed by
Mr. ;Monshang has two hired men
now, ihw extra good mops giving work
for throe men on X'M ncms of land.
Mrs. Charley Jackson Is vety HI
aud also two of her children with some
kind of hend tumble,
There is a time for everything! and
the liwe to attend to a cold is wheu it
sturtt. Don't wait until vou have con
sumption but urevent it bv uainr One
Miauta Cough Cure, the great comedy.
for coughs, colds, croup, bronchitis,
aud all throat and lung troubles. C.
L. Cotting.
Hai vesting is at a staudstill on ac
count of the wet, weather.'
Woi st 'flood iu this section ever
known. Seven I bridges nut and the
load iu bad condition.
Jessie Cockrell is visiting near Blue
Mi. Besse of Red Cloud was hoi a
The Sunday school rally conducted
by Dr. Flail of Cowlos was wall a-t-t end
ed fiom different schools.
Miss Daisy Frisbio is attending tho
institute this week.
Dot Saladen sold a load of hogs this
week to the Am boy Milling Co.
John Kmich and family was visiting
T. H.irns Sunday.
John Saladen ami wife wetein Red
Cloud Sunday.
Several bundled feet of the R As M.
track wiw washed out SaturdHy be
tween here aud Guide Rovk,
What tho Shakers of Mount Lebauoa
know moio about than anybody else, is
the use of herbs and how to hehsalthy.
They havo studied tho powerof food.
They nearly all live to a ripe old agi.
Tho Shaker Digestive Cordial is pre
pared'hy the Hhakcrh from herbs and
pluntw with a special toniu powr over
the stomach, It helps the stomach di
gest its food, and digested food is the
Strong muscles, strong body, strong
brain, all come from properly digested
A sick .stomach can he cured and di
gestion made nisy by Shaker Digestive
Cot dial,
It cures the tmuseu, loss of appotite,
pain iu the stomach, headache, giddi
ness, weakness and all other symptoms
of indigestion, certainly aad perma
nently.. Sold by druggists. Tiial botUo 10
Plenty of rain aud weeds.
Tho young people will celebrate at
Red CJoud.
Misa Fannie Wallace Is teaching
vocal music, She has one claw at tho
noith school, house and one at the
stone chuich.
The Children's Day exercises at the
Highland school house a complete suc
cess. There will be quarterly meetiag at
the stone church fjturday and Sunday.
Kldor Baker is expected, to be yreeiil.
Abstract of Assessment
In Webster county, Nebraska for the jear One Thousand Eight Hundied and
Horses of all ages ,.',
Cattle of all ages ..,',
Mules and asses of all ages.,..,
Sheep of nil RCS ,
lings of all ages
Steam engines, including boilers
Fire ami huiglar proof safes
Billiiird, pigeon hole, bngatcll or other
Cni Hugos ami wagons
Watches and clocks
Sewing and knitting machines
Melodeons and organs ,,..
Merchnndlse on bund .,,,.
Materlul and inauiif ictiircd nrticles,
Manufacturer's tools, implements and machinery,
(other than boilers and engines) , ....
Agticiilliiral tools, Implements and miiehlneiy ...
Cold and sller plate and plated ware.,
Diamonds and Jewelry '.
Moneys of hank, banker, broker or stock jobber..,
Credits of bank, banker, broker or stock
Moneys oiuer man in uaiiK, nnnKeruroKcrnr siock
Credits other than of bank, banker, biokor or stock
Bonds, stocks, and stato, county, city,
or school district warrants ami municipal se
curities of anv kind whatever
Pioporty of companies and corporations other than
property hereinafter enumerated
Proper! v of saloons and eating houses
Honsohold or office furniture and nronertv
Investments In real estate ami Improvements
'theronm..... ..v.. ........ '.."..WTV '.'..
Amount of railroad proeerty ; ."?'..;
All other property mjaired to be listed
Total value of personal property
Number of aores of Improved laud ,
Number of acres of unimproved land
Total numbor of acres of all Lands. . .
Number of improved village or city lots.. . .
Number of niiimyroved village or city lots
Total number of lots
Total valuk ok Aixruet'KUTr
Number of acres in cultivation in
Number of acres in cultivation in
Number of (teres in cultivation in
Number of acres in cultivation in
Number of acres in cultivation in
Nnmb'orof asres in cultivation in
Numbor of acres in cultivation in
Number of acres In cultivation in
Number of acres iu cultivation In
Number of net cs in ciiltiuatiou iu
Number of fruit Wees
Number of forest trees
Number ot grape vines
To tho Auditor of PnbHc Accounts:
I hereby certify that the
sessment books made and filed in my
State of Nebraska, the values given being the valuation assessed by said
assessors, and equalized and corrected by tho county hoard of equalization. '
Witness my official signature and the Real of said county this 20th day of
June, A. D. 1877.
1 , Clerk of Webster County, Nebraska.
Notice to Builders.
Notice is hereby givon that the boaid
of aounty commissioners of Webster
county, Nebraska, will rcceivo bids for
the building of a Poor House on the
Poor Farm ia ScetUnf,Town 2, Range
11, ia Webster county, Nebraska, ac
cording to plans and specifications on
file in the county clerk's office. Said
bids to bo filed iu the office of tho
County Clerk ou or before the 10th day
of July, 1807, said bid to bo accom
panied by a good and sufficient bond,
Tho board reserves the right to reject
any and all bids.
Dated at Red Cload, Nebraska, June
22d, 187.
L. H. Foht, County Clerk.
Bkkwtn, Neb., Jane 2, IW7. I suf
fered for many years wltji sick head
ache and nervousness. After taking a
few bottles of Hood's Barsaparilla. I
was completely cured and I recommend
it to every one. Anaie Thomas.
Hood's PIIIh euro all liver ills. 25c.
UcWrt'Gllc Cholera Curt.
i . l. t irfnrHinminninnuMRnRW
" h "'! if.-tf nA .-J....... ,
-r -, . -w--.w - v ,,...,-., -.t ." -f CW "U
, ,.
4521)3 00
01033 00
4004 00
14(1 00
5 97
8 IV.
6 55
25 08
4 45
8 03
3 08
J 30
2 01
10 07
4 W
2030S 00
544 00
270 00
50 00
!)857 00
2728 0
!108!l Of
mao oo
2037 00
11711 00
54523 00
14 00
734 00
11253 00
17 00
110 00
210 00
SIC 00
010 00
Jobber. . .
7108 00
village, or
1402 00
10840 00
245 00
12428 00
, 987fi8.00
55110 00
678445 00
214155 01
702000 00
2 40
73 07
5 88
148308 00
10172 00
t 107510 00
31 82
11525250 00
corn ; 127,024
oala a 18,270
barloy 380
meadow v... 10,705
alfalfa , 14
sorghum ',.,,'....... 10!)
iiilljet ; 200 ,
potatoes '. 70
rye 754
XI 4 717
above is a correct abstract of tho as
oflloo by assessors for Webster county,
makes the youag fd old, aad the old feel
Out life Is not werth the Iving. It's a dan
ger signal of Kidasy Disease the untrriag
evkkacc of weak inactive and tore Kidneys.
Any person cured of Kidney wcalrn i will
UH you that when the back ceased to ache,
all troubles coded. Neither liniments, nor
plasters, aor clectricky can cure it. The
seat of the trouble Is not fai tae skin,Isbor.
moacit. Ifs III MM nUMfl.
It can he
1 am glad to say that Dr. Hobbs
Hanrngu Kidney Pills havo had a sat
isfactoiy effect in my case: They have
done all that 1 could expect and what
you claim they do. Thoy cured mo of
a teuiblo backache which I had, for
several months aud after I had' used
two boxes I was well.
Auoubt Stktakkt,
Cedar Kapids, Neb.
IBM BBJiniT OO., Pissswiaas, Qasuswe- --t(.ii
Dr. Uokbs Pill. Por Beta Iu KKP
iy u. ihwrapu, uniMws.
4t 4
'-rf.? I
D.MIR.. w? m
J&&1&1& Z -r
'vttjil.Uitotl rfr- Jfr'il
Pffr"'ry rW
im-TTt ..,,..1 .
m mmmmmimn il, mm
Mrf.,m ii
' "' &? '-Mm