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CHAPTER II. (Continued.)
Tlio eyes of tho two old men met;
the minister flushed slightly, while
Solomon's dry lips assumed tio shopo
generally taken when one Is about to
give n prolonged whistle; but no sound
, "Whaur did your reverence find tho
Ivirn? On the door.tano, did you
Tho minister nodded. Thereupon
Solomon walkctl over to tho chair, put
on a pair of brass-rlmmcd spectacles,
and inspected tho child much as his
master had done, hut with prolonged
and dubious shakes of the head.
"Lord preserve us a!" ho muttered.
"Solomon," cried Mr. Lorraine Im
patiently, "what's to bo dono?"
Solomon scratched his head, then
Ms face lightened with sudden Inspira
tion, as ho answered:
"Put tho thing whaur ye found hlra,
on thfe doorstane. Lea' him there
he's nano o ocrs. Maybo tho mlther
will como back and take him awa"
Tho minister's face flushed lndlg-
"On such a night as this! Solomon
Mucklebacklt, If you havo no more
Christian advice than that to offor,
you can go back to bed."
Solomon was astonished. Seldom
had ho seen his master exhibit such
authority, tempered with indignation.
Not knowing how to reply, ho effected
a diversion.
"Seo, sir" ho said, still Inspecting tho
child as if it were some curious species
of flsh, "tho cratur's wrlngln' wat!"
Such was tho fact, though It had es
caped the minister's agitated scrutiny.
Tho shawl and under-dress of tho in
fant were soaked with rain or molted
"Bless my soul!" cried Lorraine,
bending down by Solomon's side; "and
its little body Is qulto cold. Fetch
Myslo Simpson at once."
. ' Solomon shook his head.
,' "Myslo's away tho night wl her
kinsfolk at the Mcarns."
"Then there's only one thing to be
' dene," cried Mr. Lorraine, with sud
den lecislon. "wo must undress the
chili at once and put him to bed, and
In tnn mnpntnir WA pfin lnnlrln hntv
net. Tf w lenvn him llkn thin hn will
die of cold."
"Put him to bed!" echoed Solomon.
"In my room, Solomon, unless you
would like to tako,him with you."
' "Wl mo! I'm no used wl' balr
I couldna Bleep a wink!"
"Then ho shall stay with me. Look,
Solomon, how pretty ho 'is, how bright
his eyes aro! Fetch mo a blanket at
once, and warm It by tho Are."
Solomon left tho room. Tho minis
ter lifted tho burden In his arms, and
sat down by tho hearth. Then,
nervously and awkwardly, ho undid
tho shawl and put it aside; loosened
tho baby's outer garments, which wore
quite wet, and drew them gently off.
Thus engaged, tho good man was in
deed a picture to seo his soft eyes
beaming with levo and tenderness, his
faco puzzled and troubled, his little
plump hands at work with clumsy
Solomon entered whh a blanket,
warmed It for a minute at the fire, and
thon placed it softly under tho child,
which now lay mother-naked as
sweet and bright a llttlo cherub as
ever drew mother's milk.
Suddenly tho sexton uttered an ex
clamation. "Lord preservo us all. It's no a innn
chlld ava! It's a wee lassie!"
Mr. Lorraine started, trembled and
II, . almost dropped his load; then, bash
fully, and tenderly, ho wrapped tho
'warm blanket around tho infant, leav-
'IB vniy lis men viaiuiu.
J" "Lad cr lassie," ho said, "tho Lord
has lcrt it in our Keeping!"
Stooping to tho hearth-rug, Solomon
lifted from it a tiny chemise which
had fallen there, and examined it with
ludicrous horror. Suddenly his eyes
rercelvcd something which had es
caped Mr. Lorralne'B nervous gaze.
'-Tinned to tho chemlso was a piece of
paper with some writing upon it.
"Look, meenlster!" cried Solomon,
unpinning the paper and holding It up;
"there's a letter addressed to yoursol'
here. Will I read It?"
I) Then Solomon read, In his own
broad accent, which we will sot re
produce, those words, which were writ
ton In a clear though troteulotw fo
malo band:
"To Mr. Lorratne By thro time you
read this, the writer will be lying dead
and cold in Annan Water. You are a
good man and a clergyman. Keep the
child, as a gift of God, and as you use
her may God U3e you I"
That was all. Solomon stammered
through the words In horror, while Mr.
Lorraine listened in genuine astonish-
wThore, meenlster!" exclaimed Solo
mon, indignantly. "Did I no tell ye!
It's a scandal, an outrage! Keep tho
bairn, Indeed, and a woman-bairn!
Absurd notion!"
"Hush, Solomon," Interposed the
minister solemnly, "I bogln to see the
hand o God in this."
Openlrr,the bedclothes, he placed
'$JojW'f a fjozy spot, and arranged
.Ihk blahKv.a tenderly -around It:
)' "Look, Solomon! I? she not bonny?"
Solomon gave a grunt of doubtful
"flood night, Solomon," continued
the minister.
A word of protest was on the sex
ton's tonguo, but he checked It in tlmo;
then with ono last stare of nmazement,
perplexity and surprise ho left tho
"Tho warl's comln' to an en'," ho
muttered, as he ascended the Btalrs to
his room, "A woniun-lmlrn In oor
house !- a laKslo In tho minister's aln
bed! Wcel, we'd, wee4!"
Meantime, Mr. Lorraine sat by tho
bedside, looking at tho child, who had
almost Immediately fallen asleep.
Presently he reached out his arm and
took ono of her llttlo hands into his
own, and his eyes were dim and his
soul was traveling back to tho past!
Hours passed thus, and ho still sat in
a dream.
"ftfarjorlo, my bonny doo!" ho mur
mured aloud again. "Is this Indeed a
gift from God and you?"
T FIVE o'clock tho
next morning,
when Solo m on
Mucklobacklt, can
dle in hand, de
scended tho Btalrs,
be found tho min
ister sitting by tho
bedsldo fast asleep,
with hie gray head
resting on tho sldo
of tho pillow, and
his right arm outstretched over the
countcrpano abovo tho still slumber
ing child. At tho sound of Solomon's
entrance, howover, Mr. Lorralno awoke
at once, rubbed his eyes, and looked
In a dazed way around him; then his
eyes fell upon the Infant, and his
face grew bright as sunshine.
"Bless me, meenlster! Hao yo been
watching hero a' nlcht?"
"I fell to sleep," was tho reply, "and
I was dreaming, Solomon, such bonny
dreams! I thought that I was up yon
der among the angels, and that ',ono
of them came to me with a face I well
remember ah, bo bright! and put a
little bairn this bairn Into my arms;
and then, as I hold tho pretty one, a
thousand voices sang an old Scotch
Rong, tho 'Land o' tho Leal.' Dear me!
and It is nearly daybreak, I Bup
poso?" Solomon did not reply in words, but,
pulling up tho blind, showed tho outer
world still dark, but trembling to tho
first dim rays of wintry dawn, whlio
snow was thlcitly falling, and tho gar
den was covered with a Bhcct of virgin
white. Tho minister rose shivering,
for the air was bitter cold; hl3 limbs,
too, were stiff and chilly.
"What's to bo dono now?" asked
Solomon, gloomily. "I maun awa' an
feonlsh tho grave, but Myslo will bo
hero at six."
"I will watch until Mysle comes,"
nnswered Mr. Lorraine; then, bending
over tho bed, ho continued: "Seo, Solo
mon, my man, how soundly she sloops,
and how pretty she looks."
Soloman grunted and moved toward
tho door.
"Will I put on tho parrltch mysel'?"
ho demanded. "Ye maun be wanting
something nfter sic a night."
"Nothing, nothing. Go on to tho
An hour lator, when tho old woman
appeared, having let herself in by a
key at tho back door, sho wa3 at onco
apprised of tho situation. Having
learned by old habit to keep her
thoughts to herself, and being of kind
ly disposition, and the mothor of a
largo grown-up family, she at onco,
without questioning, entered upon her
duties as nurje. Tho child having
wakened, crying, sho took It up in her
arms and hushed it upon her bosom,
where it soon became still; thon, pass
ing to tho kitchen, she warmed sonio
new milk, and fed it with a spoon.
By this tlmo day had broken, and
when he had Been tho child comfort
ably cared for, the minister put on hia
cloak and walked forth to mako In
quiries. The village consisted of one strag
gling street with numerous small cot
tages, a few poverty-stricken shops,
and a one-storied tavern. Jock Stev
ens, who kept tho latter, was stand
ing on the threshold with a drowsy
stare, having Just thrown opon tho
door; and on questioning him Mr. Lor
raine gained his first and only piece
of information. A woman, strango to
tho place, had entered tho inn over
night, carrying an Infant undomcath
her shawl, and asked for a glass of
milk, which she had drunk hastily and
flitted away llko a ghost. Her face
was partially hidden, but Jock was
certain that sho was a stranger. Stay!
yes, thero was something more. Sho
had Inquired for the manso, and tho
Inn-keeper had pointed out the direc
tion of tho church and the minister's
Further inquiries up and down the
illago elicited no further Information.
Perplexed and weary, the good man
trotted back to tho manse. Hern, In
the rudely-furnished kitchen, bo found
a, bright flro ournlng, his breakfast
ready, and Mysle seated by the inglo
side with the child in her lap, in
voluble conversation with the old sexton.
Tho wretched mothor, whoever she
was, had Indeed chosen wlsjy Then
sbe had resolved, while determining
to abandon her Infant, to leavo It at
tho gcntlo minister's dcor. Days
passed, and In spite of Solomon's pro
testations, It was Mill an lumnto of
tho manso. Myslo Simpson under
stood the rearing process well, and
slnco tho child, as sho had Burinlwid.
had never kiown tho brenst, it throve
well upon "tho bottle." Tho minister
went and came lightly, as If tho bur
don of twenty years had been taken
from his shoulders; had It lndoed bean
his own offspring ho could not have
been more anxious or more tendor.
And Solomon Mucklcbacklt, despite his
assumption of sternness and Indigna
tion, was socretly sympathetic. Ho,
top, had a tender corner in hla hoart,
which tlio child's innocent beauty did
not fall to touch.
Ono morning, somo seven or eight
days nfter tho arrival of tho Infant,
whon the storms had blown thomselvcs
hoarse, nnd n dull black thaw had shc
cecded tho falling and drifting snow,
news como to tho manso that tho body
of a woman had been found lying on
tho brink of tho Annnn, Just where Its
waters meet tho wide sands of tho
Solway, and mlnglo with tho Bait
elream of tho ocean tide. Greatly agi
tated, Mr. Lorralno mounted his pony,
and at onco rode along the lonely high
way which winds through the flat
reaches of tho Moss. Arriving closo
to tho great sands, ho was directed to
a disused outbuilding or barn, belong
ing to a largo sea-facing, and standing
somo hundred yards abovo high-water
mnrk. A group of fishermen and peas
ant men and women wore cluBtorcd at
tho door; at his npproach tlio men lift
ed their hats respectfully, and tho
women courtcsled.
On making lnqurles, tho minister
learned that tho body had boon dis
covered at daybreak by Borne salmon
fishers, when nottlng tho river at tho
morning tide. They had at once given
tho alarm, and carried "It" up to tho
dilapidated barn whoro It was thon
Tho barn was without a door, and
partially roofless. Day and night the
salt spray of tho ocean was blown up
on It, Incrustlng Its black sides with a
specios of filmy salt; and from tho dark
raftora and down the broken walls
clung Bllmy weeds and mosses; and
over It a pack of sea-gulls wheeled and
Tho minister took off his hat and en
tered In baro hpaded.
Stretched upon tho earthen floor was
what seemed at first rather a shapeless
mas3 than a human form; a pleco bf
coarso tarpaulin was placed over It,
covering it from head to foot. Gently
and rovorcntly, Mr. Lorralno drew
back a corner of the tarpaulin and re
vealed to view the disfigured linea
ments of what had once been a living
face; but though tho features wore
changed and unrecognizable, and tho
eyo-aockets wero empty of their shin
Ing orbs, and tho mouth disfigured and
hidden by foulness, tho fnce was still
set In a woman's golden hair.
With tho horror deep upon him, tho
minister trembled and prayed. Then,
drawing tho covering still lower, he
caught a glimpse of tho dellcato hand
clutched as In tho agonies of death;
and sparkling on tho middle flngera
thereof was a slender ring of gold.
"God forgive mo," ho murmured to
himself; "if this Is the mother of tho
child, I did ho. a cruel wrong."
Ho stood gazing and praying for
somo tlmo, his eyes wero dim with
Bympathotlo tears; thon, after replac
ing tho covering reverently, he turn
ed away and passed through tho group
which clustered, watching him, at tho
(to be continued.)
The Mahonulnd Doll.
No doubt tho earliest manufactured
toy of all was tho doll. Little girls
play w4th dolls everywhere, and havo
always done bo. Indeed, among tho
Bcchuanans and Basutos at the present
tlmo married women carry dolls until
thoy are supplanted by real children.
There is for its possessor a curious in
dividuality about a doll, altogether un
accountable to other people. How oft
en may it bo observed that a child
will negloct tho splendid now flvo shil
ling waxen beauty, with Its gorgeous
finery, and cling faithfully to the dis
reputable, noseless wreck of rags that
has been its favorito hitherto! Some
thing causes other children, besides
Helen's babies, to dislike "buyed dol
lies," evon in tho preaenco of an article
mado of an old towel, This some
thing, whatever it is, Is doubtless a
great comfort to the small girls of
Mashonaland. It is an innocent, arm
less sort of affair, without any such dis
figurement as waist or shoulders might
cause, no knee joints to got unfastened,
and nothing at tho end of its legs to
cauBo exponso at the shoemaker's. As
regards dress, It is Inexpensive, the
wholo suit of apparel consisting of a
pleco of string throado'd through a holo
humanely bored through the head.-"
The Strand.
Norelty In Type Material.
A now Idea in typo material Is tho
combination of glass with celluloid or
hard rubber. The body of the typo la
mado of rubber or celluloid upon which
glass-topped letters aro firmly cement
ed. In order that tho face of tho typo
In tho form may not touch, the ex
tremo face is a triflo smaller than tho
body portion. Great advantages aro
claimed for this sort of type, among
them being that glass will wear, very
much, longer than metal, and the print
will theroforo bo sharper and clearer.
With tho slightly clastic, baso ad the
small sections in which the.leUere are
mado there Is but little"1 dinger of
breakage, even with very Tap Id work.
l'he (Iranil l'rni'r1nn I'lirtlolpntid In by
ThotiAuml mill Wlliusunl hy Count lr
nitiltltuilm Tin- Ijiiprn In lino Health
Nothing 31 urn Hut ()4'ittiiii
London, June SI. Cquntless thous
ands of loyal llrltlsh subjects und ills
tluguishet'. representatives of every na
tion In tho world participated hi uml
millions on million of people wit
nessed tho grand celebration of tlio
sixtieth anniversary of tho coronation
of Queen Victoria to-day. Not ti seri
ous mishap occurred throughout tho
day, and the venerablo rulor of tho
great HrltMi imtlon pnytl through
tho ordeal of tho day without tho
slightest bad effect
Tho royal procession proper was In
terwoven with tho crowd of walling
dignitaries of nil sorts. First camo
tho aids do camp to tho queen, headed
by tho Prince of Wales and tho Dukes
of Cambridge and Conntnight and tho
Karl of Woytuos. Then followed tho
lord lieutenant of Loudon, tho Duke
of Westminster, K. (1., In a lord lieu
tenant's dro., with ti glittering caval
cade of oflleers, tho headquarters staff.
To them succeeded Hold marshals.
Next camo olllcers of tho auxiliary
forces in attendance on tho Prince of
Wales, oquorrlcs, gentlemen In wait
Ing and military attaches, foreign na
val and military attaches, a brilliant
lot of men with a glittering array of
titles, uniformed In tho drosses of ull
tho courts of Europe, nnd half Its
crack regiments wearing all Its stars.
Then as a compliment from tho
ivalsor camo a deputation from tho
First Prussian dragoon guards,
"Queen of Great Britain nnd Ireland's
Own." After tho Gormnns camo tho
most brilliant group of nil tho sol
diery, tho oflleers of tho Imporlal set--vlco
troops from India, In their uni
forms, a mlxturo of tho English regu
lar array and native dress, brilliant to
a degree not to bo witnessed outsldo
of countries whero barbaric splendor
and Ingenuity in embroidery Is tho
rule. Many wore massive gold ear
rings with enormous stones, while
some wore In nddltlon gold anklets
ablaze with sapphires and emeralds.
Then tlio nrst parlor the sovereign's
escort rodo Into view tho Second
Lifeguards. As their brilliant uni
forms npponred tho whisper ran elec
trically: "Sho'n coming." Tho guards
wore soon succeeded by tho escort of
British and foreign princes. Many
faces wore known, recognized and
choored. This brilliant chcort was
composed of tho flower of Europe's
A cheer broke forth that seemed to
shake the ground, renewed again and
again, as Her Majesty's carrlago ap
proached. ThHT was drawn by tho
famous Eighth Hanoverian horses,
cream colored with long tails, white
oyes and pink noses, their manes riohlv
wovon with ribbons of royal bluo, with
new stato harness, saddle cloths of
rojrsJ hln vnlvr with rich frlnmn nt
bullion, tho leather work rod morocco
above and bluo morocco beneath, gilt
terlng everywhere, with royal arms.
Tho liveries of the postillions wero In
keeping with tho harness, and cost
8t!00 eaoh. For onco slnco tho prince
consort's death tho queen permitted
tho mourning band to bo removed
from the men's arms.
The carriage in which hor majesty
rodo was one with a light running
body, built about a quarter of a cen
tury ago, and of which her majesty is
known to bo very fond. Tho body was
dark claret, lined with vormlllion, tho
mouldings outlined with beads of
brass. Beside her majesty rodo tho
Princess of Walos; opposite her maj
esty, IL R. H. Princess Christian.
On tho left of hor majesty rodo IT.
R, n. the Duko of Cambridge, on tho
right II. R. II. tho Prlnco of Wales,
who was followod by tho Duko of
Connaught, tho general ofllecr com
At Temple Bar, tho boundary of tho
anciont city of London, tho qucon was
mot by the lord mayor and city ofil-
) clals on horseback, while tho judges
of tho courts and queen s counsels, in
full court rcgulia, and ladles formed
tho background. The "very good bye
sword," known as Quoun Elizabeth's
pearl sword, presented to the corpora
tion by tho maiden queen at tho open
ing of n royal exchange In 1570, was
carried by the lord mayor. It is tlirco
feet eleven Inches long, with a fine
Damascus blade.
On the arrival of the qucon tho lord
mayor uncovorod. Approaching tho
carriage of her majesty his lordship,
with all due obolsance, presented tho
htlt of the city's pearl sword, which
was undrawn. This was the ceremony
of dutiful submission. Tho queen
quietly touched it, thus returning It
to the lord mayor In token that his
submission was graciously accepted by
bis sovereign. Her majesty then com
manded the lord mayor and sheriffs to
proceod and the procession moved to
ward St, Paul's amid cheers that
seemed in tho nairow streets to bo
echoed and re-echoed.
Sheep are sometimes taken over a
bad road to a good pasture.
Quadruple Ohio Tragedy.
Oai.ion, Ohio, Juno S3. Louis Sick
miller was Instantly killed, and Albert
Slokmlllor, Charles Pallo and George
Stolnheldor wero fatally injurod by un
Erio fast express near Mansfield. Tho
men wore waiting for a freight, and
laid down to sleep. In their sloop thoy
rolled upon tho tracks,
Weir York TulliirV Strike traded.
NKW YoilK. Juno 23. Tho irrt
tailors' strike, which at ana tlm in.
volved about 20,000 hands, Is ended.
The last of the cnntriintnra unrri.ri.
dered to the men yestorday,
l'orntcrr unit AIIImiii In Itrnteil Tlrtntto
KirliAiiRo VmniittnirnU.
Washinoton, Juno 23. Tho wool
schedulo was taken up In tho Sounto
today, The lint contest camo in n
motion to reduce tho rate on first class
wool from 11 cents to lOccnt-ia pound.
It carried by 55 to 13.
Mr. Carter of Moutinn said that tho
vote disclosed n purpose to reditco tho
wool rates nnd served notice that n
day of reckoning would como when
tho combination would hear moro
about tho matter, lie suggested a
postponement of tho wool rate.
Mr. I'ornkor of Ohio vohomontly re
inforced Mr. Carter's remarks nnd aa
noiwieed that unless tho agreement
that he supposed had boon reached on
wool should bo respected overy sena
tor would have to act for himself.
Mr. Allison endeavored to smooth
matters and mildly resented tho sug
gestion of n combination. IIo -iutl-matvd
a willingness to postpone tho
J I spilled rates, but with rising temper
said: "Senators aro not to bo driven'
nnd the Sounto Is not a good place to
"And thnt Is why I don't drive," ro
tortcd Mr. I'oraker.
"Nor will 1," came In Mr. Allison
for the Hrst time, flushing anil show
ing grout feeling. If thero had not
boon an Insinuation of a combination
he would havo moved a postponement
of nil paragraphs open to tho question,
but with tlio Senuto "thrown into n
condition of oxcltemont" ho did not
propose to submit to threats.
"And, theroforo, it Is," proceeded
Mr. Allison, passlonatoly; "I am not
to bo driven from threats by anybody.
Wo aro told wo aro In a combination
and that tho combination will not
voto for tho bill. I am for tho bill and
expect to perfect It nnd vote for It,
and 1 do not wish to bo charged as a
member of the fluanco committee, di
rectly or Indirectly, with dealing with
this question In a covert way."
Mr. Porakor, who had romalnod on
his foot, replied to Mr. Allison: "If
anybody Is excited wo havo to look
about tho chamber to soo who tho ex
cited k!rsons are.'' He proceoded to
show that ontlroly new features had
been proposed upon tho wool suhedulo
which Senators had not had an oppor
tunity to examine.
Mr. Quay of Pennsylvania Inquired
as to what tho ngrccinont was to
which Mr. Forakcr had referred.
Tho Ohio Senator said tho agree
ment was Informal but Mr. Quay wan
informed as to it, huvlng been invited
to attend a meeting when Senators
considered whut could bo douo t award
an agreement on certain features
of tho wool schedule. Subsequently
tho result of this meeting had been
laid before tho flnanco committee.
"In fact, you wero present and a party
to tho agreomont," said Mr. Forakcr
blandly to Mr. Quay.
Tho Pennsylvania Senator sat down
and shook his head.
He U Jiilotly Working Out m Htlirme It
l'rlnlilpul FriittircR.
Washington, Juno 23. It has al
ready been mado known that Secretary
(inge Is at work upon tho plan for tho
reform of tho cm roncy without waiting
for a currency commission to bo ap
pointed. It is not so well known how
ever, thnt tho socretary has submitted
tho main features of his plans to finan
ciers In various parts of tho country
In order that they may glvo him tlio
benefit of their study and oxporlcnce.
It is qulto likely that tho plau may bo
changed somewhat when tho secretary
hears from theso friends, but bankers
who havo soen tho plan generally
speuk favorably of It, Tho basis ot
tho plan, it is said, Is tho entlro sepa
ration of tho Issuo of tho bills from
'.ho other functions of tho treasury.
The plan includes a concession to
tllvcr in that all other existing forms
if silver certificates issued shall be
egul tender up to that point. Many
itudonts of flnanco bellovo that this
ivouUl bo nccoptcd by the more mod
zrato silver men ns a fair compromise.
Tho curronoy will, of conrso, rest upon
a gold basis, and tho secretary's plan
provides that all forms of money shall
have an equal value without discrim
1'oarth or July, Th-tukiftivlnir, ChrUt
inn and Other Veatal Day No Store.
Dknvkh, Col.. June 23. For the on
lulng two years Colorado will be dis
tinguished as tho only state In tho
Union whero tho Fourth of July,
Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's,
Washington's birthday and Mcmcrlal
jay aro not legal holidays.
Tho discovery hns Just been made
that an act of tho lato Logislaturo in
regard to negotiable instruments re
pealed tho btatuto establishing the
ubovu named holidays. Tho only legal
holidays loft in Colorado aro Arbor
day, Labor day and tho Saturday half
Kxiy for Tommy Ityan.
SritAcusK, N. V June 23. Tommy
Ryan knocked out Tom Williams,
champion woltorwolght of Australia,
In tho first minute of tho second round
of their fight beforo tho Emplro Ath
letic club last night.
An Inwsn HsDRed la Kfllfy.
Wkiistkii Citt, Iowa, June 23. F.
Ih Ycomnn, who lias been much talked
of ah candidate for govornor on the
fr n hllvor Democratic ticket, was
hinged in cfllgy at his homo town of
Ei ;le Grovo this morning to tho oloc
tr. l.ght polo in front of tho Cltlj-eus'
8t..'.o bank. Officers aro trying to
tra.-o tho perpetrators of the act, and
Yeoman's frlonds are incensed about
what they consldor an effort of their
political oppononts to kill his boom
for rrovornor bv trvlntr to mnkn him
appear odious.
American Congratulation Motlvarail fcj
Rprrlnl Knvny Hold,
London, Juno 31 Prosldont Me
Klnlcy has sent tho following por
sonnl letter to Queen Victoria, which
wns delivered to her by Mr. Whltolaw
Hold, special envoy,
"Great and Gool Friend: In the
nntno nnd on behalf of the pcoplo ol
tho United States, I present their sin
cere felicitations upon the f.lxtletli an
niversary of your majesty's nccesslon
to tho crown of Great Britain. I ex
press tho sentiments of my fellow-citizens
in wishing for your people the
prolongation of a rolgn Illustrious ami
marked by advauco In science, arts
and popular woll-belng. On bohalf ol
my countrymen, 1 wish particularly to
recognlzo your frlondshlp for the
United States and your lovo of peace
exemplified upon Important occasions.
"It Is pleasing to acknowledge tho
debt of gratitude and respect duo to
your personal virtues. May your llfo
be prolonged and pence, honor and
prosperity bless tho pcoplo over whom
you havo been called to rule May
liberty flourish throughout your em
plro, under just nnd equal lawn, and
your government eontlnuo strong in
tho aiToctlons of all who live under it
"And I pray God to havo your maj
esty in His holy keeping.
"Dono at Washington, this 28th day
of May, A. D. 1897.
"Your good friend, j
"William Moralist.
MlMonrl'a Supreme Court Ajjaln Dtcldel
That the lr la Constitutional
JKi'FtnsoN Crrr. Mo.. Junn 23. In
tho case of tho state vs. E. S. Nowcll,
from tho city of 8t Louis, the supreme
court again doolded that tho , law to
provont tho sale of buttorlnn or Imlta.
tlon butter in tho stato was cpnstltu-
wuiiiu. xno ucicnunnt was arrested
and fined 950 nt tho Instigation of Da
vid 'May, agent of the stato board of
agrioulturo. The main point upon
wuicn tlio dcrendant rolled was that
the Imitation butter was mado in Knn.
sas City, Kan., and not in tho state,
aim soiu by swift Jfc Co., Instead of by
tho defendant
Tho oninton snvs: "Thn anmn rnn.
ttltutlonnl question Is mado in this
caso as was urged In tho caso of Ilock-
sirusK, mat of a question of fact only
wns submitted wus tho solo mudo in
Kansas City, Kan., or St. Louis, Mo.?
According to tho defendant's own evl
denco ho was not tho ngont of Swift A
to. The actual vendor Is not hidden
by tho transparent gloss of agency
with which defendant vainly cudeav
m to cover himself,, Tho facts are
the defendant sent money to Kansas
City, Kan., and purchased tho button
luc and then retailed It nt a profit"
Otffantlo Scheme to form a Wait India
Company Kumorod,
Washington, Juno 23. A story Is
currant that tho sugnr trust has
evolved or accepted tin ambitious sug
gestion that Cuba is subitantlaily.for
sale, and might as well becomo a
sugar plantation for a glgantio cor
poration supported by tho sympathy
and the Interest of our coun
try. In other words that we
might havo a West India Company,
as England has an Enst India
company nnd a Hudson liay company,
each of which aided vastly In tho ex
tension ot tho llrltlsh empire. It is
said that tho Spanish mlnlstor to tho
Unltod States cabled recently to Mad
rid reports ot tho disposition of our
government to decline to interfaro by
forco and also to support Cuban auton
omy and that this cablo provontod the
recall of Woylor.
DTlie Idea under the proposed plan Is
for an American syndicate to purchase
Cuba from Spain for say 8100,000,000,
issuing bonds in this amount, to be
guaranteed by tho United States gov
ernment, and tho United States to ex
ercise supervision over import und ox
oort duties.
Irlihmen Display a Mack Via- and
Record of Buffering.
Duiiun, Juno 23. At a mooting held
near College Green, in connection with
the jubilee, a black bannor was dis
played bearing the statement:
"During Victoria's reign one and a
half millions of people have starved in
this land. Throe millions havo been
ovicted, and four millions have been
compollod to emigrate."
A body of undergraduates who
marched out from the grounds oi
Trinity college, carrying a union jack,
camo in collision with the crowd and
there was considerable fighting. Only
with difllculty did tho police restore
order. The cause of tho trouble was
rivalry in singing national airs. After
the rumpus the crowd plodded the
streets and destroyed tho decorations.
Charley Hots' rather Head. '
Philadelphia, Juno 23. Christian
IL Ross is dead of hoart disease at his
homo on Washington avenue, German
town. IIo was tho father of Charley
Boss, tho famous stolen boy, and up
to his last Illness ho never gavo up the
search for his missing son, wbtose ab
duction startled Philadelphia on July
1, 1874, and beoame an unsolved mys
tery tho world over.
Six Tramps Killed.
Houston, Tox, June 23.-In ahead
end collision near Conroe, on tho In-
'rnatloual & Great Northorn railway,
i ireo white and three negro men,
t imps, were killed. Tho cnglno, mail
cur and six freight cars were demol
ished. Ono engineer and a mall clerk
und several psssengors wore slightly
hurt, none seriously.
Louis Henderson of Cincinnati leaped
from a train at Shelbyvlllo, Ind., be
fore It h .d stopped. IIo rolled under
tho wl j Is and was decapitated.- 13 is
svveei.Art wltnossed the tragedy,
,. .-aw i, h
i ;