The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 18, 1897, Page 8, Image 8

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Declares ler flealth Benefitted
by htoe'sGelery Compound.
Tho iintliiisinsm nml thn curiosity
provokml by Mmo. Snrstli Iluriilinult
hfis nuvor bcon niuallod in tlio history
o( tho bliKo. Ono talks vitgiiuly of
Renins, tonipiMiimunt, quick intolli
Ronct1, mfwin,ncivouH mobility, gritou,
Hinllo, voice, dmriii, pout ry Mine.
Surnli llcrnlirtrilt litis them till.
nurnhnnlt la today an enthusiast in
hop profo.Miion as thouch hop carper
wem boforo hop. Sim works as assi
duously duping pohimr.sals as though
oaoli pcrfornmnco wore Iiup "llrst
No ono is move conscientious in all
mutters pertaining to hep lite work.
Shu knows the incalculable value ot
health, strength and high spirits as
thoroughly as situ comprehends, the
tonus of hop contracts, and no olio
knows bettor than she how essential to
her artistic success is a vigorous ner
vous ftystem.
Mmu. Bernhardt writes the following
"1 beg leave to state that, according
to your instructions, I have used
Palno's celery compound, and I urn
convinced that it Is thu most powerful
nervo stronglhoner that can ho found.
It is with the greatest pleasure that I
send you my sincere testimonial."
Truly yours, Sarah Bernhardt."
Good health is within reach of every
ono, nat only tho wealthy and famous,
but tho poop as well, who will rely on
Faine's celery compound.
Ill health and disease are not natural.
Ono should not compromise with them.
No one should give in to neuralgia,
rheumatism or heart trouble when
Palne's celopy compound is vouched fop
to drive them entirely out of thu sys
Business improvements continue to
make themselves apparent, both in new
industries and in the reduction of the
number of failures. Those for last WCl.(
were smaller than in any week siiu-u
the early part of 1895,
Don't thin your blood witii missufrns
op poison it witii blne-intiss, but. aid
nature by using DoWltt's Little Early
Hisers, the famous little pills for con
stipation, biliousness and tomaeh and
liver troubles, They are pniely vege
table. C. L. Cutting.
. Shortens labor, lessens pain,
uiniiMiiiivv uucr w inn oi
both mother ana child and leaveg her In condi
tion moro favorable to speedy recovery,
"btronger after than before contluemrDt"
ays a prominent midwife. Is tho best remedy
Known and worth tho price for that ulono.
Endorsed wd recommended by mldwivea and
all ladles who have used It
Bowaro of substitutes and Imitations.
Makes Child-Birth Easy.
Sent by Kxpress or mall on receipt of price, iter bottle. Hook "TO MOTllEHS'
mailed free, contalnhiR voluntary teiitlmonlals.
efUlfv VJVtUt 11 ill'S MllQ
liat t.ouji 5j-tl. Tan OuoX Ut I
In t'.iue. Nld Lr an toft
tem. It has douc so in thousands of
caiefully observed cases.
Tho norvous debility, sleeplessness
and kidney disorder Hint seem so
threatening and disheartening loso
their hopeless, desperate character
when ono twees I'aiim's celery com
pound to drive them out of the system.
Many a woman worn out by exciting,
anxious work, will liud her strength
brought back in a wonderful manner
and hoi overtaxed nerves rcmilntcd
and nourished by tlio use of Palne's
celery compound. I'nino's celery com
pound braces and invigorate the re
laxed nervous system and eradicates
harmful humors from tho blood. It
makes tho appetite hearty and tlio dl
gestion thorough; it permanently cures
indigestion, a sluggish action of tho
liver, and drives out rheumatism,
neuralgia and blood Impurities. Kvery
ti ace of norvous exhaustion op kidney
op liver weakness Is removed by Palne's
celery compound.
There lire no moro striking examples
of thn great practical value of Paino's
celery compound than is heaid from
tho lips of women who have been made
well by Its vitalizing action.
It. increases tun volume of the blood
iu thu ai lories and makes it more
capable of feeding the body. It creates
a hearty appetite and urges upon tho
tired nerves and brain the nourishing
elements they lack, but are slow to ex
tract from tho blood when it Is in a
sluggish, unhealthy condition.
Tlio blood becomes ruddy and pure;
Its circulation is hastened, and every
function of tho body tlio brain
among the first feels the fresh Im
pulse of returning health from the uso
of Palne's colery compound,
No Invention ever introduct-d has
boon given as mnuv names as ihnt
which produces motion pictorially. The
original name of tho apparatus, before
photography was applied to it, was tho
zoetrowe. In tho improved form it has
been exhibited duriugtholasttwoycars
us tho klueioscope, cinematograph, old
oloscope, projmoBcopo, graphosope,
motograph, klueraatograph, auimatn-
scope, vitascopo, ciiiematascopo,tvorl
scope.lvl vooseopo, hlocraph. raoosoono.
magniscope, and atloast a dozen others.
Ju plmtogrnphlo circles all arc classed
as projecting uppuiatus,
DoalnosH Cannot Bo Cured.
By local application, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of tho oaf.
There is only one way to cure deafness
and that U by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an inflamed con
dition of the mucous lining of the
Eustachian tube. When this tube gets
iullniiied you hnvo a rumblingsouiidor
imperfect hearing, and when It is en
tirely closed deafness is the result, and
unless the inllaniiuation can be taken
out and tliis tube testored to its nor
mal condition, heaping will be destroy,
oil forever; nliiti cases out of ten are
called by eatauli, which Is nothing
but an Inllamod condition of the
mucoiiti surfaces,
Wit will L'lVeoiiii liiiiiilri'il ,l,,li...J ...,
. any case of (Icafiuusfnatisod by cat at rh)
that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure. Send for circiilais, free,
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, ().
Sold by druggists, 7oo.
Hall Family Pills are the best,
Arc Raining f.ivor rapidly, g.
Ilnslnpss incn nml travel- Mjm I
Icrs carry them In vcU 111
rckti, In.llon onrrjr them
In mrfv lionckroter ltpp tlicm In mndlelno
eloicti, frlcuil recommend tliem to frlciuli, zv.
Fourth of July Program
Following is the program ! the
Fourth of July celebration to In- held
in Bed Cloud.
One hundred and Iweuty-oiie guns
at sunrise.
At 10 o'clock projwioii forms tit
Firnuiaii'rt hull and mninli to Kim street
thonce 4imth to Fonrtli Rvcmfe, ilienco
wost io.Swaidstri, thence inith to
Second avenue, thence east to tVobstwr
sttoet, thence north to sixth avenue.
thence v(Hi to court hotito grove Pro
cession forms in the following older.
Mayor and city council iu mi tinges.
Hod Cloud S. of V- band.
Speaker anil escorts.
Bed Cloud liiu department and visit-
iug departments, iu charge of chief of
Bed Cloud Fire department..!. V.
Civic .soeillcs.
Biuyclo brigrado.
Business men's display.
Beprcseiitatlon of- .states by young
ladies, in charge of Prof. I,. S. Wilson.
Caliihiimphiiio. under command of
Captain (f. W. Newhoiisc.
Citi.cns in carriages.
Uncle bam iu costume,
Arriving at the court house there
will bo music by the S. of V. band.
Meeting called to order by Batidolpli
McNitt master of ceremonies.
Player by Bev.Jas.M. Darby.
Song by glee club
Oration by Elinor U. Overcman,
Waukegati, ills.
Music by S. of V. band.
The afternoon will bo devoted almost
eiitliely to sports. Program as follows:
Muslo by S. of V. band at 2 o'clock.
Bowery dance.
Bicvoln racws,
I lose race open to any company.
Coupling contest,
(irand watertight. First prize $10:
second prize $.'.
rat man's race must welch fwt
bundled pounds and be ij."i years old.
r list 8iJ.r0; second $1.G().
Boys race, to be not less than one
hundred yards. First mizn :t.rji.
second $1 50.
Catching greased pIl' catcher irets
Climbing greased nole-W. 50 on ton
of pole.
Arrangoiueiits have boon mndn to
give it public exhibition of tho lire do-
partiiient at work on a lire, stud some
time in the afternoon an empty build
ing will bo set tiro and an alarm turned
in. The time of this event will bo
rfecrct even to members of the tiro de
To tho largest delegation from anv
civic society will bo presented mi id.
gant llftcen foot United States Hag.
j. ii ret? Hundred and sovcntv-llve dol.
hits worth of tire works which hnvo
been purchased will be disnlnvrd m H
o'clocK p.m., from a stand near the
tlroman hall. This is tho trreatest it in.
play of llro works ever givon In this
country. Wo desire to impress ttpon
your minds tho fact that this will he thn
great est Fourth of July celebration In
tne republican valley this year and
you cannot afford to miss it.l The
oration will bo the best over delivered
iu the valloy on an occasion f this
kind. All sports will be of tlrs class
character. Tho exhibition nl in
display of lire wtwks will surpast) any-
tiiiug ever used in this valloy.i Wo
want you all to eomo and have thrlbokt
time you over had anywhere.
- I
Health Means a perfect condition
of tho whole system. Pure blorlt is
essential to perfect health. HtUl's
Sarsaparilla makes pure blood mil
mils gives health and happiness. '
Hood's Pills are tho favorite faifllly
cntiiHi'liu and liver medicine. Prrco
Nearly all of tho SiSSmituorn men tvh
are supporting tho proteotlve-tariff' bill
oronativesofthat section of tho couijtry.
This will be interesting Information to
some of the frco-trade organs which
havo recently been ehnro-itm n,m i.n
Southern votes cast for tlio bill weio of
tne "carpet bag" vnriety.
Don't neglect a cough because tho
weather is pleasant-, before the next
storm rolls around it may develop Into
a serious illill.iiitv i,,.,....i 1..
Omi. -...-....., iiujlfllll IUIIIIU.
ne Mnutp Cough Cnio is easy to take
n i y"!.,,u w,,ni llB names Imp es.
c. l. Cot ting,
Monoy to Loan.
In any amount at ft pur cent for 5
years on western town and farm
property.-!! 0 Wilcox & Co Bank!
kers and Biokers, s.VI Broadway, New
For Sttlo.
Ono liundred and sixty acres of un
improved land, four mll.w .! i.,vnJf
of Red Cloud, Nebr. Terms cash. Ap-
piy to, mks. Jamks, Kiiikwooo, Fair
fax, Missouri.
Or. Prkc'i Cra Bklaj PeWar
A Part Qnm Creaa M TarUr Pmrfcr.
Try the New 28 Hour Train to New Vork.
The popular Nickei Plate road Is
meeting with recognition on all hinds
and taking effect Sunday, May :)0:h,
they will inaugurate anew Main ser
vice between Chicago and the east.
Solid through tiaius with elegantly
tiippf-il p'liace sleeping can tw I
leavo Chicago dally at 10s33 a.m., .'105
p.m. and 10.1.1 Uniformed
colored porters will bu in charge of all
Jhiniigh trains, and the traveling pub
lic will bo enabled to avail thomsciiM
01 a trip itiar ulll 1m ttimmiui
- . "if i 111 inn mi iirL'fllllO
JrnHt time and low rates will be ono of
I III. Illnlll Fa. . tin. .n .I.... tl... VI.. I. -.1 111....
ro,,d ;:;;, r z ; rT
road can offer to their tmtron. Km
full information iu regard t,, tmin sup.
vice, etc. call on op addi.s, j. Y.
Calnhnii, (Jen'l Agent, 111 Adams St ,
Chicago, or II. Thorne, tt. P. fc T A .
Ill Adams St., Chicago, III.
'Not only piles or thu very wort kind
citfi bo cured by DoWitt's Witch ifiiz.-l
Salve, but eczoma', scall, burns,
bruises, bolls, ulcers ami all other skin
troubles can bo instantly relieved b
l lie same remedy. C. Ii. Cotting.
California Comfortnblv.
Kvery Thursday afternoon, a tourist
sleeping car for Salt Lake City, San
Francisco and Los Angeles leaves
Omaha and Lincoln via tlio Buillnglon
Bottte. It Is carpeted, upholstered In
rattan, has spring scats and backs and
is provided with curtains bedding,
towels, soap, An experienced ex
ctirslon conductor and a uniformed
Pullman portor accompany it through
to tlio Pacific, ennsi. Wl,!l' ...,l.i.,.,. ,.
1 ---.-... ti laaivj Mt,itut;i jltl
expensively liuishcd not so line to look
iii, as uiu paiace siceper, 11 is just us
good to ride iu. Second class tickets
are accepted for passage and tlio price
of a berth, wide enough and blgenough
fa nvi, is uiiij !f,i, ror louiiier giving
full ii.ii'll.'iiliivj imiII ni ..,.,....,o. 11....
lington ticket office, or write to J.
trancis, G. P. A., Burlington Boute,
Omaha, Neb.
Tbiiiiiiilk Accidknt. It is 11 terrible
accident to be burned or scalded, but
the pain and agony and frightful (lis
ligurements can bo quickly overcome
without leaving a scar by using De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve. C. L. Cot-
W. B. Johnson. Newark. ().. savs:
"One Minute Cough Cure savi'd niv
only child from dying by croup"
It had saved thousands of others suffer
ing f 1 0111 croup, pneumonia, bronchitis
and other serious tlmmt nml in,r
tumbles. U. L. Cotting
The New a8 Hour Train to New York.
Thirty Hours to Boston.
Tlio Nickln Plato road is now in a
position to offer their patrons unsur
passed Unvoting facilities. Three
through trains daily iu each ditection
between Chicago and the east. Tho
now schedule to become effective Sun
day, May 30th. Dining car service un
excelled. Bnto lower than vln iitlu.r
lines. Tlie short line to the east. Yon
will save money and time by patroniz
ing tins road. Call on or ml dress .1. Y.
Calahan, Uon'I Agent. Ill Adams St..
Chicago, III. II. Thorno, G. P. & T. A.
HI Adams St., Chicago, III.
Hundreds of thousands ha'c been in-
dUCCtl to trv 'Jhnmhrlfil,i n..l.
Bemedy by reading what it has dono
for others, nnrl hnvlimiu.tnil i.n .....:...
for themsolyos are to-day its warmest
iiiuiius. ror saio by it. K. (irire,
Druggist. '
Notice to Applicant, to Have School
juana Appraisod.
Notice is lierobv given thnt nil nm-.
ties wishing to have school lands ap
praised by the board of county com
mis.sioners for the purpose of purchas
ing sum lands, must do so nt om-o.
Said applications must bo tiled in tho
county clerk's oWee on or beforo the
21st day of Juno, 1807, in order to give
tlio board time to appraiso said lands.
1. H. Fout,
County Clerk. '
Bed Glnud, Nob., Juno 1, 1807.
Remarkably Low Rates K Colorado and
will bo offered by tho Burlington Konte.
June 'JO and 30 and .InK- 1 0 n,l
Opentonll homo8eekor, health siekei
tourist. Cull tit B. & AI. tlonot Hint r..l
full information. J. Kn.iu.iu
.,11 , . ., , ' r ; "
Illll illffirmnf inn .1 L' t.. H.....1 I
PassV Agent, Omaha, Neb.
Half Rates to Hot Sprints, S.D.
Juno 25, via the Burlington louto.
Tickets good .10 days.
No better place to spend tho summer
than Hot Springs. No quicker way to
get there than the Burlington. No
lower rales than those of Juue 25
Call at It, & M. depot and get full
Kvrrvl'oily Piijn Ro.
carets Camlv r.itbiirt'r. the mot wen
tlfiil medli'ul illki-ovcrvnf tlio npc. pens
(i,t ami iiifiiflliinar to tho tustc, ma pcntly
(.ml ioitlvi ly mi Mdnn.vt. liver and IkiwcIh,
hi.iiikIiiu tlui entire svatrm, dlw.el cniiK
cuiMheiiiinoiio, le-er, Imhiuir.l const Ii ri'lou
nml b iIoiii,prs. J'lr.iw liny mill trv 11 linx
of O. tl. CJ. to-ilnv; ,11, W,MlieiitR. holituutl
Kiiaratiteud to euro by ull ilniuulsts.
To Cure t:ontlmtloii Vorov.r.
ir ., V."'."!?018 Oiinily Cuthartli. 10o oraie,
H U L. IX full to ir.', UriiBKlsta rofnml money.
nt..TV. V""" -'"HhUoii Icirevir.
H ri n o'Wft':i';,,' c'"u,.v 'Uliurtic :uv. 1 r n
If a a O. fall to cure. itruiwUts n-fuuu wiw y
With Every Change of Weather Comes Chance for
3t. Jacobs
Niagara Falls.
With It- lienlity and grandeur 1 eveals
the touiifi e.tcli j ear some new
1110113. Theiels no pi ice in America
wheie tll.'siiiiilli.l toiitit cnuM spend
his time iiiin pruii'-ib.y Hi m . this
woil.l f.ui-,1 uiiuiMoi, The Niesid
Plite road M'ii : si( tr if -. 1 1 '
feloeplng c . seivltH, and iinexeelh'd
dining f ,.n-ir- between Chicago
New Vo',rnni Boston Is the recognized
hlgfiwaj to ilii resort. With tho new
Infill kutt'ina iflifihfi t,iJ....wi ..iv..i t....
t ' ' " " ivi uovuill'n nilt't'UVr
1 Sunday, May 0th, a stopover of ten
I . .... ' '
,,aj" w"' ht,.v" ""'
se.-iwil Huns tickets to patrons who do
Mm n vNit ithe fulls. Trains leave
"'Mi nfT' dnliy at 10 110 a. 111 . Jj:n.-, p. m.
and 10 15 p in.
Mr.J.Y Cilliluin. (Seneial Agein,
111 Ad-tun Si. Chiiag.), I!i , will be
jileism fut ni-h .1 ; ii, ruination In
regiul In Mupuvei, '.'
Physicians Recommend
"Springfield, O., May 14. 1894.
M. M. Fknnkr, M. D., Fredonia, N. Y.
Dear Sir: As you can well imagine, the
worry and arduous duties of a hotel man
ager during busy season of the World's
Fair were sufficient to break down a man
of more natural strength than myself.
Towards the close of the Fair season
I found myscll languid, dull, bilious
and nervous, not taking the interest of
a healthy man in my business.
Our house physician recommended
your Blood and Liver Remedy and Nerve
Tonic as the best remedy his life-long
experience iu prnrticc had discovered,
for my restoration and it accomplished
the work completely. To-day I am a
well man thanlcs to your great remedy."
Through Service
Fifty Cents
SltEiliFWN RAl.K.
..v. v .a ii.iv'j hiivii mat it 1111 nun uj vjuut
nf nil finlAr if aula litunml ti Mm i.HIiui ,f Irtj
Notice 1b hereby given Hint under atnl by virtue
llunleii. Clerk of tho Dlotrlct Court or the Tomb
JuillcIslDlBlrlct, within nd for Wcbslcr county.
Nebmnka, upon nilmrce In mi nrtlon ciiillnK
therein, wherein Kdwnctl K. llroniilnK Ib
plaintiff and gntnt Chnrles S. UrowM.i I'iirhe
.1. llrowii, lUinfltnn Loan A Trust Comnjr. W.
Opinlpb. A .1 l'ttfll4.i W ll,lftl. u u
1 jftpi
Wo':"'I " W. K. It. Mlll'i. ate defend'anti. I
nan oner roTKaieatpuii cvwidiietii tho ligu
Au ki.iA. f....,. i!. . .,u.. ...i"T,
est bidder (crcah In baud, at tho east dour of
ine court iione, at ited Cloud, in nuid Web
iter county, Nebraska, (that bclim tliobulldliiR
wbereln thp Iat term of ald cnnrl wh hoMen)
on the aitb day of July A. 11 1WT. ut one
o'clock ;p. in. of mid day, the following de
hcrlbed property, to wit:
The ruHt half of the east half of noeilon (8)
and ihoeast half of the aortb nurt quarter, aud
the north half of tho southwct quarter, uinl the
north half of the southeast quarter, and the
snutlnTC't inntrter of thu aoiillicatt nnarler. sec
Ilnn llfn (?.
) all In towiiKhlp No. four M) north of
. in AU. nt .1... ..,. ii . ... t,..!....--
raiiKB Ine (9) went of tho Ath I". M. In WcbMer
county, :uMrK8k!i. vontatnlnK 440urf.
(Ihen umler my hand tills lTlli day of
luiie. A. D 97.
J. W. ItUNnirr. Sheriff.
Oxhoiin, ,t O' n MrNiTT.
l'liiiutirrK AttomcjH,
o. M. Chaffin, Attorney.
Itlley BroolN, defendant. lll tuko notice that
on tho 1Mb day of Jiiiw, HH7, draco (I, Ilrooks.
plaiiilltr. filed her petition In the district court
of Webster county, Nebraska, aKalni.t nald de
fendant, the object and prayer of which atolo
Kocure a dlvo-eo from said defendant, and tho
resturntUui of plalutltrs uialdeii lmine.
Hl.J defciiilaut Is required to answer said
petttluii on or before rtie 'Jrtth day of July, tie,
(ilUlKCl, lllllllllvf.
lly .1. Jl . Ciuffim, her aHonwy
18. IHwr.)
IM u en 1. 1 Your Unwed With CiiHciin-la.
ioVl' i,,,All,"rJi',;,1,n, "-IPotloii foroNor.
Iv',J. Iff o V fitll.ilrnrcU'N refund money.
In the district court of WcbMer county, Neb
The Mate of Ncbrak(i. to Ai?tie Woodnldo
amliiur and one of tlu belr-ol Mnr S.Wood
side, ill- i-HM d. ili'fctidnilt
Von are In leb) ii"liliul Unit )uu h.t o bun
mil. li.tfiihcr with Mar) WiMidfldr Jiuics
i. Vo"i-l'i'' her hulmid: - mcr WooiNHe,
I 'hh WiMiil-i'lf. hi rl WmhIIiU' ii inlli'ir,
I'li-t Wndiil. a in I n (i r, heir r Muty A
it imnUiiU1 dPieaed.arn noii'M' i --iiinli
1' 1. N j' aiin i' ti i hi i I '
Web-ter ''iii h-n-.i i n i e
fore the stli i "i i '- .. i
(lie reiitnib in i , ui i i , i I i un i 1
ilal'itlfl ii ii ' - i i
lllMlllllll HPt . i ,
ilo-ir.g .it i . i c
defctidiinlf Mt Mii"i h .1 up 1
Woodsiilf hr i-imii lull. I . ,hh i i
mtiit ( ompanj i qvi .t . i iiiiifi"'
iKi, ii'iw i ii"i i 1m, nun it (i.tfti
tile fnllowli.ii 0t r t.i I rl t ii ,-tf . 1
III M'd i ninny -fS n -ir ami ill- tatrnt .
rusk in nil 1 Ik ii k It i f i f 'ii- kiiiiiIi i
qtlirii r ul -riilm i i,u bn - an '!' i
tOMimhlp i.i.inlmr lime . ninli niiiife i i
hr nine (Hi, uiti ti mbi s m p u im
fnrni.ln tlmtmrtli hi h ,u t tlic-in ,
trlnilpal imrl'li n
Mild ixiiUnii fnrltr -r' t a the tigl "
titles an, liiUrett of snbl defc danisit'id ni
of thetii In and to said ilc iinr-1 nuuxi i , l
leiliiliied aid ettlc' and that i.l lands i
Hppral'i'il andinlil. HM-ordii-K to Inn. uiidllii
ibe ('freed nrlsltiK froln Kinhsili be uppll I,
l.r-' In pajnieiilol the ra-laol raid ncilon anil
I ih nlu: km otid. In ni nn lit of tho lull
nin 'iint 'In" lilnliitlll on the In t-liiiticrs -e
rurul b mm morliiiiKB wiih all Intcrnt
tberuotu linn fnuii nml nfler t-niulrtnaifoti of
it lisiiUMheilefoiiilatitM" rnld aelbii ninl nil
of them and nil pcrvimclnlinlni; or to ela m.
by, under or them, or hi y of tlem.
l.cfort-er mured mid foreclosed - f and ft mi
nil rlicbt. lltlo, Inlo'cM. lien culm nut imp r
or redemption of, In mid to r.ild desrc itii!
lands, iindetur) part thereof.
I teM)uiiAiiierad pit'lloii. nsntonr iM.
he Miiii'inciito nlid nllciinllnt thcrHii rmi
tiilncd iilllbe takiti ni true nmlndorce will
bu r iiduted b) said court as theieln praitd.
llncs my hand, and die seal of said cot M
by ineiilllxed, till- lllli day of Maj. lMi;.
,l':''1r.. . . lAMKlIllllllllN.
llerkof tliuDlMitit onrl of Webster ion ,i.
Ncbrisku. "
1'ut .ii'iirn A- Aikxam4.ii. Concordia, Kmimv,
Atlonirjfor iilalntlll. '
..f.,',r.,L"Jbll"'"-',1 '" "Kb CLOUi Cmrr, May
1 HII ri, I
Male of Nebraska. Webster Contilv. r,
ill dal iri.f'itVl' l ro,,n ""'" oft "f ,,l Tcl,,r '"
Nebraska Loan ATnisI Co.
A Ti tut Co. I
I'talntlir, j
(.conic I,, (iiiuirord. j.
.lohn Hoc,
itiniiiurii. is wne. nml
'I he nbovo iinined dclcmliint.s (iiinrnn i.
............. .,,,,.-- . wuimurii. n s wire, ami
V" . .'J " "Z!!.W H'Wl L"0'"":!' '"'.t the abo'ii
(illlllfnrd and
(itilllford. his wife, and
... .i. '....'" """ '.'"'' '" mi' mioetiannd
court Is petition iicalnst them mid the other
ilcfcndmits iiamcd nbuto; Unit the nblcitai.i
l.mcrof said petition ot the v lain llf are to
loreeloH-a luortciiKu I'farli.K dale tho 1st day
of .Imi nary, inn extciiled by the above mil e,l
defcidaiil, (leorsc I,. Otilllford. to one Kanlo
II. Abed on the followlnK dercrlbcd real
i-Miiio Miiinii. Iii the f Webster In tho
tir(i4ofthe mirth east quarter (',), nml tho
Mint h cant qii,ijtcr(t4, of the north w i " imr
,"',;"','M,llo li-'"l CM). Iu townrh p'c, ,o
(I) north pf r nie ten (in) estof thcslxtl l-.v,
nTT. ': ,' , lfn.r' h'swlf0- "' '''!' notllled thai
thei.miduirhiniHiii, mi-lequin-d to apKar
nnd answer said petition of iilalntltr. on or be-
"'it- nuniiHy, inevhin un) nr. Mine IWrt orsiibl
petition of iilaln.lS' m ,?c talciYiw tnle. an.
iccrec n if bo rendered against them, the "aid
defe idaiita and the other defendants name
herein. decrrcliiK that the r,,,i mortKaac bo
foreclosed; that all the nbovo de
nrrlbed real estate shall bo aiiiiralM-d
advertised and r-'otil nt public i mioilo i
by ll.esherlirof said Webster i y.R kc
and raise the rum of !i.-Jii due to pi, , K
raid mor tuace, with Interest o "al
sum at (ho rate of ten per cent fr m the" lh
day or April. 1WT and thoiosts , f ibli 'i ,u nn.I
such sale: and rnld decree will fiiriber i.rovl do
that ,pii. the sail defendants, ,u,,l l'o I r "
fendaiits named herein, mid each of 5 oil. shall
ho forever barred and for.closed of nil" ,lty of
redemption and oilier Interwii Iu and o said
real cslnteand evory part thereof.
11.. n N.!"!,KA 0AN TiifsT Co., Plalntin.
ByOn. K. WoiiK. Its attorney. '
-. .. ..iiih imuii .imy -tt 1 f.
In Iho IHstrlct Court of the Tenth Judicial
va. 1
Orp. W. Ilouchlii, Kllza )
lloiichlu. mid Anna
Thompson, 1
Iiceiulants. j
AiiuiiThoinpkoii defendant above iinine.i ulll
take notice that she in Joined as defend iiui, V
action pondltiK In the above entiled court bi
Kim by Walter II. Collins llenjam , Col? 1 anil
Ithiida l.anli therein on the 1ii dav of M.v
1807 at-alust herself and the other abov named
'.of?W?C,H lUr. ul,Jeit whereof la to on ?t ho
Htle to the northwest qnarlc- of ihe 1 ortiiV, It
quarter and the northeast quarter of thSninh
west quarter of section twciity-Hli. towmih In
ono riniKuien.westof the sixth prltirlim nu"
ridlan Webster county. Nebraska Vi. ..iii
Plalntiirh free and clear if alll cumbrai ceam
for recover) of rent fortlieusv theieof.
.i.,,efe.V.' ""'' required to misvver or plead in
the petition pfjInlntllTs on or baforo Vhe I
dayofJuyiHOtor lh- s,1P wHI rw t"u-ii h
Wii.Tcu II, Collin.,
,. .. HlllllU L.VhTX.
Uanii.ii ni .MuNitt. I'ImIiiUiU' AiHirner.
R. MoNitt, Attorney.
1,,'J ni? .'''W ,SHa.5l. .! TonthJudlclal
S.l.uvTer tVatan,"' '""" " "my mnlM.
Victoria Watson.
,. u . Defendant, I
'I till ahnvA iiatiiml .inf.iH.i.
11.;; ... ..T".'" ""."""" win lake not cu
lant will uke hihIco
hiit.f,r. ui ;.VV. ","'. '".W "uu weoeaeniou
,5.K Imi " and 'p-SKS o r a'TeiTorTl."
vorce from tho bonds ormatrimony " "
l)cfndaiitU required to answer 6r ulea.t 10
said petition on or beforo the ith ,JJ 'nr .tuil
or Mine will be taken to be trne and decree
uisnnipn i..A -..-,...,
- -- - " .- . iiiurngy,
Notice 1h hereby tslven that under mid hi vir.
,?iUV...1,V.r,l,c. ;.?? k ! t."o District Conn of
iictlon iicndlne therein i hi ?. "' "P
(tllS?l.r,'llu-Bi Ml',1 .'" "e C. l,al,d;
liii tr. t.V i" . . ",,B ,uo """ iib whercluthe
jaft d..y,he folbw.'dcscrlbeTo
.h'an.r'V '',R,lf " it? 4Hl AWIr and
SMZMKimmFS! 5?
county; Nebraska "' "' mn r' 1"t
A.. itw. ny lU K,h (U ofJur.
U....T. T. rortn,, IMallitVff-s' ZZ'&Z0'
SHKltFIff! sai v
... r.vr""".v'-"i " .""kui unuer umi 1,1 i,.
Vlk.ln.l Iu lni.itK ..I...... .1. .
mi? ui mi uruer 01 sale ISSlieil from iho Am'.,.,
Jimiva llurdeu clerk of the Ills r el c,,,?,??',.0'
Tenth .Itidlclnl liutriit 1! ,i,.1 ..'.V". '.he
ater county Nubrajka. iinuu 8l ij:.. ,, "r "?"K
pendliiK iliereln. whcrViiV v. !i.l.f."; .'"J1 iRC
IWS).. ""HIT ahdar-aloVrT x?
nimis, 1 liiu liners nib wife Wii iu... ,! '
kins. a. St, Watklt., his ! wiVi' ,K,,rWi,",
inline unknown. Koehler u wir,VViriVr' '""
iiiikuuvvn. and John lloe "a nW, u, ', lmmo
defeiidanta. I shall oiler or .lein,i,,?,,uw,,
due. to UiohlKhest hld.ler o, ca?l ' ri,a;
at the east door of tho .,,, n. "' "?'ui
hoUlJn) on ,.;bB " L W.M co.ut
at otio olockp,in.ofkal, In.-'f." A; IK7,
deicrlbed property, tuwit. ,ny "" '""WliH
A.D.lWrf. '"' " nth day of Juno
Qo. v. wo, ruwfur AtS",!'8herMr'
J -o""
,. 1, Am,
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