The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 18, 1897, Page 7, Image 7

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rcKldrnt JlcKlntry unit Hcrri-larjr lni;o
Anxious for Hie IMmhrc of it Monnt.irjr
Comuiloalmi lllll 1'ri'o tl,rr Demo
rti Will riKht It.
Wamuxotox, Juno 10. The pre3i
Mro upon SpbuUer Reed from Ropub
llcan members of the House to Induce
hlra to name at an parly date commit
tees to enn-dder tlio bankruptcy bill,
tho Cuban belligerency rclutlon unil
o proposeil amendment for a mone
tary commission, whloh, it is gener
ally understood, will be introduced in
both Senate and Hou;,o us soon ns the
tariff bill shall bo out of the way, has
been Increased. Mr. Reed has been
strongly urged topcrmltconslderation
of the bankruptcy and the monetary
commission bills while the tariff bill
Is pending in conference on the ground
that both of theso moasunys are of
prime importance and tinder the elr
cumstnncss could not bo considered at
interfering in uny manner with tht
Vass.igo of the tariff bill itself.
There Is u persistent demand from
all portion of the country for the pas
sage of a bankruptcy bill, and It is
known that both Preiidetit McKittloy
and Secretary Ongj ore anxious that a
commission to formulate u bill for tho
reform of tho currency shall bo se
lected during tho extra session In or
der that a mental ro of that character
may bo brought before Congress wlten
It shall meet in December. There are
threats from tho free silver Democrats
-of tho Svnnto that no monetnry com
mission bill will be permitted to pass
that body. These may possibly hi of
avail, but It Is understood the presi
dent Is anxious that the effort shall bo
made and that tho responsibility for
obstruction or defeat shall bo placed
where it belong.!.
Speaker Reed, it is stated, has de
clined to glvo any assurance that he
would permit theso subjects to bo
brought beforo the House through re
ports from regularly appointed com
mittees. Republicans hesitate to antagonize
tho speaker for tear that when the as
signment of member.') to committees
shall bo made tluy may find them
selves at tho bottom of tho list o i un
desirable committee t. It Is possible
that Mr. Reed may find a way to por
mit consideration of tho measures
named without appointing committees
to consider them previous to their be
ing brought boforo tho House.
Investigation UcKiin on tlio Hnntu Fo
His; Hi'imntlon rromlneil.
Kansas Citv, Ma, Juno 10. A ucn
nation Is promised in connection with
tbo pay rolls of the Santa Fo railway
system. .
Officials of tho company have sus
pected for some timo that fictitious
names and tho nnmos of dead men
have been carried on tho pay rolls.
They recently began an Investigation
of tho timo books on tho entiro sys
tem. The investigation Is now in
progress in tho general otllces of tlio
company at Tnpeka and will not be
finished for sovoral weeks. It Is
rumored that tho company has been
robbed of thousands of dollars through
"padded" pay rolls, and whon tho In
vestigation Is ended tho discharge and
possibly tho criminal proslcution of
several minor officials is expected to
Tho investigation was brought about
by tho report of tho secret servlco de
partment of tho Santa Fe, which
claimed to have sneurod proof that one
official had robbed tho company of
several thousand dollars by drawing
tho salaries of sovoral fictitious em
ployes who3o names appeared
on tho pay rolls. The offi
olal was quietly discharged after
making gooi tho amount of
bis shortage. It was then determined
to mako tho investigation thorough
and complote, covering the whole sys
tem, bocause it was bolloved if tho
company could be robbod by ono
truito.l employo It might just as easily
bo dofrauded by many othora
Tho secret servlco department
of tho Santa Fo is worlcing on
the investigation in connection
with the auditing office. Pro
gress is necessarily slow, becauso
whero any crookedness is suspected
tbo dotoctives havo to investigate and
ascertain if tho supposed fictitious
names wcro tho names of employes
actually in tho employ of .ho com
pany. Tho padding of pay rolls is an old
and simple method, which has fre
quently been workod on corporations
for years beforo detection came.
Wichita Coaatr, Baa., lias Baon Robbail
of That Amaeot.
Tor-KttA, Kan., Juno 10. It has just
come to light that somebody has
robbed the county of Wichita out of
119,000 in school bonds. Attorney
General Boylo Is trying to find out
who got the money, and If he succeeds
there will bo a criminal prosocution.
His success la doubtful, however, as
tho transactlonoccurrcd eight years
ago and the detail surrounding It arc
not clear.
Tarrltorjr Lumbar Plant Bora.
South McAmuteh, I, T., Juno lrt.
Tho plant of tho Klchardson Lumber
company at Red Oak was destroyed by
flre yesterday. The cause of the,flro
was a spark from tho saw mill engine.
The loss to the lumber, company will
amount at tho lowest estimate to $13,
000; insurance. 113.000.
To Cbaek Tasaa LyaoblagS.
Ansm, Texas, June 16. In a
special messago to the legislature yes
terday afternoon, Governor Culberson
asked for tbo passage of a bill sub
mitted by bim to suppress mob violence.
Itcnami of Harney Hiniiln'n 8ul Icle
Drln-ii Id l)ri;crtloii.
Lo:;to.s, Juno lit. Driven to doipct
r.tiou by tlio Ion of countless inilliotn
of dollars in tliu Inst six mouth'), untl
with only about Sl.l.OO.l.OOO out of :i
fortune u.itlmalu.l a year ago at S.V'3.
OOI.OU), P.arnoy llaruato, "tho Katllc
kin j," committed suioLb by throwing
himself from tho steamship Scott while
it w.u on its way from Capo Town to
ling ntnl.
The first report of tho sulcldo of the
ronowncil speculator enmo late Inst
night from Funchal, Island of Made-la.
and simply announced that ho
hud leaped overboard and had perished
b.'foru anything could bo done to res
cue him, but tho body had been re
covered. Th s morning tho officials of tho
Union Steamship company, to whii'h
the Htj.unor Scott bulongs, confirmed
tho report of tlio suicide, and in con
t.oquetico there was a great sensation
in financial circles. His ofiico hero besieged this morning by hun
dreds of oagor inquirers, and oven
then his firm lind not received con
firmation of the news.
Thro.rmorlon street was flUoil with
cxolto.l crowds of brokers discussing
tins news of P.arnato's death. His solf-
de.struution is generally supposed to
haw been tho outcome of his recent
illness ut tho Cape, which, according
to rumor upon tlio slock exchange,
was in the nature of brain trimblo.
The African market, as the result ot
I'nrnuto's death, was depressed to-day,
Rarn.ito's Consolidated was ;V lower,
Johannesburg Investment wont down
,' .. Chartered company's securities
foil 'yj; Do Room' mines went down 5-10
rind Rand mines wcro J lower.
The I'all Mall Oawtto this after
noon, commenting upon tho doath ot
Rtriioy Darnato, says ho hnd been
t:i -nta'ly unwell for ubout three
month, and that ho hud been under
cotiatunl surveillance.
Xkw Yoiik, Juno 10. "Rarnoy h
dead," were tho thrco words flushed
last night under tho ooenn and over
tho wires from Johannesburg to Mist
Alice Holbrook, sister-in-law of liar
inv Darnato, tho Kaffir king.
The news of tho death camo from n
stater who rnnk3 In ago between Mb
liolbroo'iund Miss Darnato. She llve.i
in Capo Colony. From Madeira, whero
the ship touched, tho dcatli message
w:; cabled to South Africa, whoro
Darnato was best known.
"Mm. Darnato is in London," said
Miss Holbrook "and I Hhall go next
week to join her. Sho is tho best sis
ter that over lived, und sho needs my
bympathy "
Miss Holbrook was npparcntly un
nerved by tho terrible news, but shu
boro up bravely, and from thesa words,
bpoken almost under her breath, it
hliowcd that tho end, while unexpected,
was not to bo wondered ut Sho said:
"Ho has lost loads and loads and loada
of money lately. No wonder he com
mitted suieldo."
Miss Holbrook says that Barnato's
fortune at tho timo of bis death wai
ubout 815,030,003.
lrour People Hark by an Aeeldaut to an
Accommodation Train.
Jort.iN, Mo., Juno ID. An accommo
dation train on the Galena branch of
tho 'Fri3co railroad wns wrecked four
mllo3 oast ot Joplia at 11 o'clock yes
terday and three passengers and a
brukeman were injured. Tho roar
trucks of a box car loaded with lum
ber oroke, causing that car and thr
passenger coach to leavo tho track,
and botti rolled down a six-foot em
bankmant; E. D. Sharpnack of this placo re
ceived an ugly gash In top of head and
his left shoulder was badly bruised;
J. L. Coleman of Aurora, Mo., sus
tained a fractured rib and wound in
forehead; O. L. Ingledue of Marshall
town, Iowa, traveling for R. P. Smith
& Son, Chicago, was thrown across
tho car as It toppled over, receiving
several broken ribs, hurt -across
shoulders nnd sustained Intornal in
juries from which ho may not rocovor.
Clilncte Hiving- Way to Their Rivals In
tho California llaet Fields.
San Francisco, Juno 16. State
Labor Commissioner Fitzgerald, who
has just returned from a personal in
vestigation of the labor employed in
tho beet fields, says: "I find that be
tween 05 and OB per cent ot all the
labor used In the boot fields of Cali
fornia is Japanese nnd Chlncso, with
tho Chinese fast going to tho wall as
against tho competition of tho Japan
ese. Tho cano fluids ot Hawaii havo
over 14 per cent of white labor, while
tho best fields ot our own Cullforniu
show but 5 per at present The Jap
anese bosses in the fields told mo that
next year thoy will handle tho entiro
Industry. Thoy say, too, that they
expect to bid against tho whites in
rontiug tho land."
rnreo Children Cremated.
IlAununa, Ark., Jane 10. The house
of a negro named Dunn, fifteen miles
from here, took flro last night at 3:30
o'clock. Tho dwelling was occupied
by the negro, his wife and thrco chil
dren. Tho thrco children were ere-
Onion I'renmsn In Convention.
Drthoit, Mich., Juno 10. About 100
delegates to tho international press
men's convention and mora than that
number ot union pressmen, who are
not delegates, were present this morn
ing at tho opening smlon of tho cout
ventlon in tho city hall eo.inoll chain-
tapped bjr the l'olloe.
New Yohk. June lrt. Tho bout be
tween DickO'Urlon of Doston and Fred
Lang of Indianapolis was stopped' by
tlio pollcfe last night after tho first
round, eighteen men wore arrested
aud taken to tho police station.
i-r ru ttc a oi met) i-tr t
nuLUO c- l ncnouni.n jwu
Ill, l.nwytrs t'lnliii r.nilierrlrinpnl. If
Any, W of tlsiik frrillt Onl Drnlln
Itlun of Mniiry un tiniortnnt I'm-tor
.IuiIkh Huyn It U n "Serloun yupntlou."
The state In tho cinbcz.lptnont paso
at OmuJiu against Joseph S. Hartley,
rested Its caco Monday nftornoon und
the ease now hangs practically in tho
hands of Judge Duller, to whom Is be
ing submitted the question formerly
raised by tho defense, that Hartley
cannot bo held tiut'er the present In
formation, which charges him with tho
embezzlement of money, wiureus tlio
cvldeneo shows the embivs'.tcineiit, if
any, was of n bunk credit. Tho menu
lug of the term "money" Is tho hanging
point which is to dotcrmini- whether
or not Alio euso will ever get to the jury,
and ,$dgo Raker calls it a "very
serious" quest'on. The argument on
the question, which was raised by a
motion by the defense to dlcmiss the
ciso by Instructing the jury to return
a verdict of acquittal, was resumed
f iipsnfiy morning, having been started
lute Wednesday afternoon.
It was on tlio meaning of tho term
"money" that Attorney Mahonoy ar
gued beforo Judge Raker, his talk last
ing from 4:30 to rt p. ,n. He went Into
history, early and lato law and the ac
credited dictionaries to show tliut no
where has a bank deposit been de
scribed ns money nnd that tho term litis
not been Mtlllelcntlv strained to permit
jf that interpretation. He said that in
ill tlio transactions between Hirtley
und the bank there was no evidence to
ihow that a cent of monov passed
through tliu ex-treasurer's lnnd'i.
When Mr. Mnlioney concluded Coun
ty Attorney llnldrlgc, to get tin idea of
how deeply ho would li.ivu to go into u
counter argument, askeil Judge Raker
if lie hud Investigated tliu question
raised by tho defeuo to any extent.
Jm'gj Raiser replied: "I have ex
amino. 1 Into It sufficiently to have found
tl.nt it Is u very sjrlous question."
Tito on tiro morning Tuesdiy was
spent in the tirgumeut of tlio motion
to dismiss, anil at tlio conclusion of tho
argument of the counsel for tho state,
Judge Da It or oerrtilcd the motion
This left tlio defense nothing to do
but proceed with the ovide ucu. Stuto
Treasurer Mesorvo was tho first wit
ness called. The defense proposes by
him to show that SM.OOO of Otoe coun
ty botids und $70,001) of Saunders coun
ty bonds wcro purchased with tho
funds alleged to have been emberled.
Illtr.olt mil
Word was revived from Springfield
Wednesday morning that the Illinois
bill appropriating 815,000 for nn iwhlb
it at tlio Umahu exposition was finally
a law, Governor Tunner having signed
tlio bill. Tho signature of tliu gover
nor was attached several days ago, but
he withdrew his approval almost im
mediately on learning of a dl.scropency
of about half u million dollars in tlio
state assessment. Ho was urged by
Illinois' rcprc.oututivcH in congress
nnd Chicago business men to sign tlio
measure. Tho money is to be spent
under tho direction of a commission of
twenty, ono from euch congrovsloual
Had III I.-c MxuBled.
Tuesday ufternoou Dwight Hamilton
attempted to board a freight train go
ing ut tlio rate of twenty miles un
hour between the stations of Cairo
and St. MitcliMcl, mLssed his hold and
fell under the wheels and his right
foot was crushed und mangled. Tlio
train wus stopped and tliu unfortunate
man taken to Ravenna, where his leg
was amputated just below the knee.
Hamilton says his people live in Wy
oming and are well-to-do. Ho u
about twenty-ono years old.
A Oeclilon Doubtful.
Attorneys who are interested in tho
Inany suits involving tlio validity of
tho Omaha charter arc in Lincoln in
attendance at tliu hitting of the su
premo court. Thoy hope tho court will
hand down decisions iu some of tho
cases They propose to bo on hand if
anything of interest develops. Those
who came from Omaha have gulned
the impression that tlio court will de
cide tho Lincoln charter into, but it is
hardly probable that a decision will bo
handed down at tills sitting,
Uovernor lfnlromb Invited.
Governor Holcomb lias received a
printed invitation to speak in New
York at tho Fourth of July celebration
the ono hundred imd twenty-first anni
versary of tlio Independence of tlio
United States und tliu governor is in
vited to make un address or send his
views appropriate to tho unulversury.
Tho Lancaster county teachers' in
stitute is in full swing ut Lincoln and
tho rogistntion is lurgo.
C. J. Rash, tlio Wnyno murderer,
has been adjudged intuitu nnd takeu
to tho asylum nt Norfolk.
Masons from all parts of tho state
are In Lincoln in uttendunco ut. the
school of instruction and on tlio grand
lodge which convened Tuesday.
The barn aud sheds belonging to A.
J. Shidner nt Stromsburg wero burned
Monday, tho flro being caused by sorao
diildrcn who had bceu playing in tlio
Karl Marvin, son of tho Doutrlco
postmaster, had his pony killed under
hiin Monday night by un oleetrlo wire.
II ! was passing ou Sixth street near
ihe oiil car barn when ills pony stopped
upon tho wire. Tim pony wno Icillcfil
Instantly and as hu foil tho boy nar
rowly escaped tho wire. When tho
mlillo was removed tlio smoke cose
as if the pony had been baked.
! May cause trouble.
lllll In Hrcnrit In tlio lliinir for the
Frlrniln-4 Mny i'.nntn t,ltl;ittliin.
The tleeisii n of tho society of tho
homo for tho frieadlnssto remove from
tho building now occupied us n home,
has up a f.prlnus question
which the stuto uMckils may find
trutiblpsuttip. The hind ou which tlio
building stands was deeded to tho
state of Ni'biMska "for the use and
benefit of tin home for the friendless
aud in tlu stiteof Nihruku." Theso
tiro tlio words tise.l in the deed. As
tlio courts held that tho society
Itself Is iu fait the homo for tin friend
less, it Is believed Ihat tho propel ty
will rightfully retort to tliu belts of
Sullit N. l-'runkltn and husband when
ever tho soi lety dNeontliiuos to use it
or derive benefit from it. Lawyers
who art looking into the matter say
cllluu this must bo the case or tlio so
ciety it entitled to bo rehnbur.M'd for
tin funds of Ih own Invested In tho
property. Tin last legislature recog
nized no vested right of the society,
but on the contrary passed a bill title
lug the control of the homo from tliu
society nnd placing it in tho hands of
the governor und hoard oi' public lauds
and building., It is claimed by friends
of tin) organization that tlio society
originally invested equally us muuh as
tho bt'ito. Other Interests are ut stake.
The city of Lincoln, when John R.
Wright was mayor, put in a bid for
tho locution of tho homo, The amount
oil'orod by tin city was S'J.000. There
was no other uiil, und It was nceupioti
by tho board of public hinds and build
ings. If tho society should change its &
elsion to remove from tho building und
commence u suit to test tbi validity of
tin act of the last legislature an Inter
csWng question uotild arise for tho
courts to decide. Some believe tho
law Is Invalid because It deprives the
society of vpAid rights.
tiuwrnor Itok'onib I'trim Onvfraur Tan
ner tjNIcn tho lllll.
Tlio legislature of Illinois appropria
ted 8tr 0J0 for tho Omaha exposition.
Owing to it d'scjcrt-'iiey Iu the tux levy
In that slate there is a detlcleucy of
revenue amounting a half million of
dollars, and for this reason Governor
Tanner hesitutso tosign tin appropria
tion In. I. Governor Holcomb urges
Governor Tanner to sign tho bill, his
letter being ns follows:
"I trust you will not consider mo
obtrusive in venturing to express nu
earneat hope that you may find it com
patlblo with your sense of public duty
to approve bill providing for represen
tation by your state for t runs-. Missis
sippi exposition at Om.ilut, which I ntn
ndvis?d you have under consideration.
Our people are working with might
nnd main to malto the project a suc
cess. Nebrasku is linked as closoly to
Illinois, socially and commercially, as
to nny other state. Our state is peo
pled largely by sons and daughters of
lllinuju. and wi look to your metrop
olis u'ntl other cities as natural trade,
contort, for eommerrial intercourse,
rurticlpntiou in tho exposition would
more firmly cement those tlusaud boot
mutual benefit to both. The oxpcndlt
ttre I am sure would be quite small
when compared with the substantia1
beneiit gained,"
Wife of a Herman Farmer Flndi the Hat
tie of Mfo Ton Hnrd.
Mrs. John Alder, wife of n Gorman
living a mile and a half northeast of
Fulrliurv, committed suicide Mouduy
evening by drinking carbolic neid.
The deceased hud apparently enjoyed
tlio U'.stof health aud gave no evidence
of lifing mentally unbalanced. Tho
fntnlly, however, wus very poor, and
therf were some thirteen children,
and It is presumed she grow tired of
the unequal struggle for an existence.
N. K. McBrlde, a former resident of
Fulriniry.shot hlmsolf, while in a fit of
destpiidency over a lovo affair, at
Deskler Monday.
rrnctlralljr Admits Oullt.
George Russell of Tckumah, charged
with criminal assault, was, upon ex
amination, bound over to tlio district
court. His bond was placed at 31,000,
unl ho being unable to furnish tho
saiie was returned to tho county juil
tohwnlt trial. It iscliargod that Rtts
sel erimlnnlly usuaulted Mury Dittter
fiijld, a seven-year-old child, nt Oak
land hist Saturday evening. Ho has
made u confession in which ho practi
cally admits his guilt.
A Woman Dim pudilenljr.
fEosallo, tho good wifu of John Knf
no. of Logan township, uear West
l'cint, died very suddenly nt her home
while washing dishes, last Monday
morning, and wan Interred under Cath
olic uusplccs last Wednesday. Mrs.
Kafka was a halo and hearty woman
of sixty-niuo, and attcuded mass In
West Point tho day boforo her death.
Heart diseaso was tlio cattso of her
taking ofi.
Hniall drain Krorlliifr Itatii.
A Into special from Rhtirsuys; Rain
tins been threatening for the pust
wei'li, out uoue has fallen. Tlio
ground is rather dry and small grain
is suffering somewhat. Tho nrr.sunt
hot weather, following tho cold snap
makes dully changes in tho appearance
of tho fields. Tho frosts this spring
did no damage in these parts and fruit
win oo ratseu noro in great abundance
Weary of Living.
Fred Henrich, b German tai'.or; aged
lifty-tliroo years, was found Sunday
nftornoon 'n Rlverslilo park. Omnhit,
by Dan O'Connoll, who thought him
usleop and tried to waken him. lie
discovered that Henrioh was dead.
Coroner Rirkctt was notified ami the
remains wero taken to tho morgue.
A ratal Afrrny,
Henry Clausen-und, Chris Reed, em
ployes of tho- Willow Springs distillery
tit Omaha, got in a druukon quarrel,
aud as a result ono is fatally wounded
and the otluir is nut uypected to live.
riirnlnlioil hr Dm lint eminent Crnp and
We il lift II I re. m.
Oeat. cj 3fcu. -XniVta
D B 0 i I
OorX "Uu'v Vi ll tmz.
Lincoln, Xcti., .In nn ID, 1807.
Tlio punt week has boon nhoiit il lo-trni-H
cooler tlinti itstinl in tliu Mentern
(utilities utu! nbout '2 degree:? wanner
tliitu tiHiiul In tlio eiifterii count let; tlio.
iivcrugn for tlio state as a whole litis J
breu about normal.
Tim rninliill has boon below normal in
the northern unil eastern counties nnd
uliovii normal in tlio greater part ol tho
iMiitrul counties unil the southern eouu
tiM west of Pun ins.
Tlic punt week litis lipeu tlio bent growing
nek of tin Mention. Small grain iu parts
of UieeiiHtcni portion of tho stuto litis
k ifferod slightly lor tho luck ot rnin, but
.tierally gtnlu Is Iu ini'Mvllniit coudl
t on. ityo is beginning to ripen nnd tho
iiiirvpiit will soon begin. Winter wheat
x iii full linul and protnW.s n full crop
1 1 iliuHoiitli-rntitrnl ootintiffl. Corn litis
uiiiili) good grow tli but ItRtlll very buck
ivunl. Somn little teplaiitliig is still be
iu done. liven with tin replanting thut
'us been done the slutnl ot corn is gen
e.'ttilv poor. Tin altalfa harvest l:ns
In en 'Itliiveil n ml some diiiuiign ilonu to
the crop by tin heavy ruins. CVrrlm
and stiuwherrlrn are rlpo uud nro gen
erally mi excellent crop. Apples lire
blighting couxlilerahly and the Indica
tion now seem to bo the crop will bo be
low the average.
Itutlcr Winter wlient unil in full
ii in; huiiio r.? will be cut ihlx week; com
doing fulrly well; cherries ripitiuig.
Cum, Coin tins niiule good growth,
si uud generally poor; wlu-nt am oats
good color uud looks well; rain woukl be
Clay Oats look well; winter whunt litis
ntpriived; corn looks Juirly well hut I
lute; pntutoett good; pastures und inend-
o lllll'.
Killiuorr Stnnll grain lieaillnc; point
tnlinitlotiH of rust on wheat; com a little
plow beeuiise ot cold weather; plenty ol
Gage Wheat In lull hundj rvo begin
ning to turn; early onts begftinlng to
liead vrr.v hort; corn a poor stum).
Hamilton Good growing week, outs
good und wheat extra gooi) although
tlieru Ih some runt on wlient; stand ut
corn light.
iMfei noil Corn is growing fast ant
potatoes doing nicely; now potatoes on
the market; oatt) doing well; cherries urn
Johnson A good stand of corn has
not hfoii obtained oven by replonting;
ci rn has grown rapidly; wheut heading;
oats look good.
Lancaster Corn smalt for tho son
on; cutworms bad; rain neodod, pspec
iull.y for small grain; onts doing fairly
Nemnlia Sotnn corn being plantr-il
and some being cultivated Heroud time:
a good crop of alfalfa, boing cut; good
crop of Htrnwlierrlt's.
Nuckolln Wheat, oats nnd grnm nil
right; considerable clover und alfiilla cut
hut not secured because ot rain; corn
lindly wnshml by rnin.
Pawnee Wheat and oats enntinuo to
do wt II; replanting corn donu uud most
over once unil some twli:. stand poor.
Polk Hitiitll grain looking well; corn
not marly plowed over tlrst time; rain
is beginning to bo tioedciljiipplcH blighting
R'cnnrilftou Wheat doing well, black
sen beginning to turn. Corn bus made
rapid growth; onts look well, largo crop;
cherries being gathered.
Hnline Small grain dolnur fairly well;
irood week for corn; second cultivation
commenced by some; straw berries and
cliprrifs nro riwt.
HntinAVrs Onta vory short; wlipnt
heading quite short; ryo good crop and
harvest begun, pastures und grnWH
good; corn txrowlng slowly.
Sowurd Winter wheat aud rye look
fairly will and are filling; most corn
plnnod for tho first time; good week for
Thiiyir Good week for all kinds ot
ve.otuilon; corn commencing to grow
and small grain doing well; fruit onlv
York Small grain doing woll; corn
Improving with warm weather but Is
still very small; nearly all corn culti
vated first time.
AnWop' Corn growing slowly and
mnst of It has been cultivated tho first
tiiiip; rain n ended ,
Royil Corn backward but good atnnil;
wheat tlniiitf fulrly well hut will bo short
iinlt'sH rain comes soon; ryo short nnd
Hurl Corn hns started growing nnd
tlinenrly planted nhoiit nil worked tho
first time; pnsturos nnd hoy lands in
plhdld shapn.
Cedar Most corn looks good nnd is
growing rapidly;riiltvntlnti in progrrs.'";
meadows and pastures full of grass.
Colfux Cool, dry week; till crops nro
in fair condition.
Cumltig Smtill grain nnd beats pro
grensing well but rorn not doing so weU;
corn small and a poorstaud.
Dixon Cultivation well along for first
timo but plant small and much n thin
stand; sinu'l gruln and grasses doing
Doilge Goneral condition of small
grnin good; sninu stands of corn good:
irthor poor; urowth fain rnin niH)dJ.
DoiiuIhh Onts, ryi, nnd grnsews dolntr
"'ll; eoru vwry bnrktvurd und as o gen-
Mi tiiim tii'i'ds rain.
oil Torn growing wnll; smnil grain
I. 1 1 well; much com replanted bocnii'"
it oivnues ot cutworms uud gopuei;
p 'aloes a good stand. i
Knox Crops are looking better; smnl1
uriilu niHds rain; coin U being plowed
tl "Hint time.
.Mmli-oii AM crops are mHidlng rain
but -till nro itoliiL' f,.irl.v uel ; torn n fair; bets doing "ell,
Plrrce Small grain mnoh itnprbvrd
by rain, good coin wrek, crop lieimr well
worked unil replanted coming up but
stand poor.
Piattu I'tirly plnnt'il corn Improve'
by hot weather; other crop ineil rain.
1'iirly eheiTiiM Hpp; einii a fair Htautl,
lli'.d very eleiui.
Stiintoti Wheat nnd oats Iu e.xrollent
uoiiditioti, vvnrlii weittlier has helped
com nnd It Is growing fust but need
Thurston Small grain und urn
iiond; corn a in, or stand but i m tklng
u uotiil growtli uud is btlngculilvatui),
Washington Wheat and oatsfhont
ing fair liritilf; corn corning on slowly;
nil grain needs rain; tipples light crop in
prospect; hurries fair.
Doono Favorablu wiH-k for tho growth
of corn; gettiiiir quiti dry.
llufftiln Temperatiirn and rain'all nil
that could bo ilt'slrml; potato crop Huh
und tier mi no large; straw brrrits and
clinrrios are rlpn.
Custer Somo Holds of small urain nrn
burning badly, others am looking fairly
well; everything nis'ils rain.
Dawditn Crops looking wnll nxeopt
rorn, evurythiug growing fast; potatoes
Hall Light sliownrsnnd worm days
havn pushed corn forward; small grain
looks vory lino und a good show for
heavy ylcldn.
llowardVcry llttlo winter wheat;
spring wheat will soon show hnad; alf
alfa rt'ttdy to cut und rye tieurly ready;
potatnns splendid,
Loup I'arly sown gruln doing woll;
cutworms havo taken what tho frost
left In gardens.
Merrick Good week for corn; ouU
bending out short.
Nannt Wheat looks well; oat look
welt hut ticiid rnin; pastures uooil: oarly
planted corn looks well, lato ptauti'd
not so good.
Slierinnii Karly sown spring wlmnl
looks wull; corn miltivatlon only fuirlv
commeiimd; soino corn not up yet.
alloy All mops growing rapidly;
wheat never looked more promising;
earn improving fust; cultivation otcoru
Iu progress.
Adams Warm uud wet; small grain
piospeoti improved wonderfully; corn
growing finely, hoiiki weedy: somoalfultit
cut and dntnnginl by tho rain.
Chusc Ruliiy week; too cool for corn
hut proxpii't for biggest crop ol small
grain over raised In oounty; wheat head
ing flnrly.
Dundy Stnnll urain promlnns a fair
crop; much ol tin corn tnueii by cut
worms but mostly replanted; potatoes
tin flrst-eliiH.
Frontier When t never looked bettor;
corn uud potatoes lining well.
Furnas Small gruln greatly bnnn
fitted by mine: poor week for cuttlna: al
falfa and considerable iluuingm); grow
ing week for rorn.
Gonpr Warm weather has brought
tlio com along; conn pieces ot ryo will
do to cut In two weeks; all crops doing
Ilurlan Onts mul wheat improving;
corn growinu iilily.
Illtclieoek Small grain looking flee;
ryu hemlod mil: corn backward.
Kearney Wheat prospects aro for a
full crop; com hns made rapid growth;
showers havn benefitted small grain.
Lincoln Corn, wheat, hurley, nnd rye
much improved by rnin; wild grass do
ing well; much com replanted.
Perkins Splendid rain; crop prospects
Phelps Corn plowing well along;
small gruln looking well but not so far
nlnng as usual.
Red Willow Rain nbout nvnry day
nnd iu southwestern corner accompanied
by hull which did some damage to ryo
and gardens.
Webster Full wheat and ryo in hnad
nicely; spring wheat making rapid
growth; corn making a start to grow,
potatoes lino.
wi:stkii.s' and NoirrnwicsTKiiN skctioki
llantier Wheut has mndugood growth;
corn not growing very fast but coining
up woll; nlfulfu nnd all grass doing well.
Cherry Corn bnckward; it has been
too cool; wheat coming nicely.
KhIiIi .Good wesk for small grain;
cutworms bothering corn.
K-yn Palm Small grain good whero
grn-liopnrs hnvo not taken It; corn
grn ingslowly ; grussgood; rain needed.
K ;nbnll Good growing week; first
c op of alfalfa in stuck.
Logan Crops helped by the rains but
more, needod; corn nbout one third a
s und; not much cultivating done, corn
too small.
Itoek Smnll grain doing well; corn
growing slowly.
Thomas Everything growing rerj
Section Director, Lincoln, ?M.
The Strangest Dinner.
Fcrhaps tho most remarkablo dinner
on record was that glvon by an anti
quary named Goebol, In tho city of
Brussels. At tbo dinner were apples
that ripened moro than 1,800 yoara ago,
bread mado from wheat grown beforo
tho chlldron of Israel passed through
tbo Rod Sea, and spread with butter
that was mado when Elizabeth was
Quoon ot England. Tho repa3t was
washed down with wlno that was old
when Columbus was playing with, the
boys ot Genoa. Tho apples woro from
an, earthen jar takon from tho ruins
of Pompoll. The wheat was taken
from a chamber in ono of tho pyramids,
tho butter from a stone shelf lnvan
old well In Scotland, whero for sever
al centuries It had lain In an earthen
crock in Icy water, and the wlno was
recovered from an old vault In the city
of Corinth. There wero six guesU-at
tbo table, and each had a raouthfuH'ot
the bread and a teaspoonful of the
wlno. und was pormUted to help him
etlf bountifully to the butter, thoro be
ing several pounds ot It. Tho apple jar
held, about; two-thirds ot a gallon, .The
fruit was Bweet and as finely'favered
as it It bad been preserved but, a few
month" i
la Hwcct Hliiipllrlt.
Truth In sweat slmpl.clty expresses
'he thoughts that bind and the wprd
hat burn conviction In human under
standing, and steadily, with unfailing
ye, detects and discloses to tho brayo
t.plr'.t that stands by what It believes.
Ono has said that "truth, like light,
Mveln In straight lines" that It is a
Inc essence. Philadelphia
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