The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 05, 1897, Page 2, Image 2

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JT Z"7J&'rX w
- &r.?1?C
A Hnrclnct Huiiiiwiry of the iVitt fff eh
Doing In tlm Nebraska Hunan of Ilepro
pntnllvm A Htrlctly Ho
vlcir of tlio Proceedings.
Mnmlnjr .lunusry s,1,
Spcnkur (laflln's gavel foil this after
noon nt 2:30 o'clock. .Suventy-sovun
tnoinlttTH responded t roll mil.
The committee on Insurance reported
fnvornbly on house rolls Nos. S3 iind
Tlio hills were recommended for pas
sago while No. t7, ft hill amending the
mutunl insurance act was Indellnltcly
postponed, according to the commit
tee's recoinmendiitlon.
Hoiihu roll No. 80, reducing the sal
aries nt tlio Oenuvn industrial school,
was reported on favorably by tho com
mltteu on agriculture nnd tho report
was ndopted.
John Currlo's bill, houso roll No. 80,
introduced by Mr. Soderinim, praying
for thu appropriation of 8.1,1)00 to erect
an heroic uttitutt of Ahriihum Lincoln
on tho enpltol grounds, wns indellnltc
ly )OStpOIH'(l.
Mr. Iloddy of Otoe Introdtieud tho
following joint resolution:
WllKltfAH, Tlio legislature of 18.(7 b nil
uct entitled. "An net to recount the ballots
cunt for and uimliist tlio leitlslntho unirnd
mentor tho 2d iluv of Nowtnber. Iws), und
to declare tlio rosult." did provide for the
rccountltiiMif tho ballots cast for nnd intulnst
tho roiiHtttiitlonnl iiniotiilmcht tiro Idlnu for
mi Increase In tlio perdlcmof iticinhciHof
tlm IcKlNluturu fmiu (.1 to ."mild extending
tho session of tho IcKlslutmo from forty to
sixty duys, and ...
Wiir.uiSAH, Soma ilonbt lins ii1uun ex
isted as to tlio validity of mild net unci tho
adoption of wild amendment to tlio consti
tution, mid
Wiikiikah, It Is expedient Unit tho tnntlor
bo ilcilnltcly NOttlod mid dctormliiiMl; thero
fore, bo It .
Kksoi.vkii, Thnt tho honornblo attorney
Konoral be mid ho Is hereby requested to
ut onco Institute proper notion by maintain
us or otherwise todcterinlno n hether or not
wild umi'iidmeiit to tho constitution wus
uiloptcd In urcnrOnnro with tho ro Ihidhs
of tlio oruiinlo Inr of tho state: utul bo It
ltt.aoi.VKI, Thut tho secretary of stnlo bo
requested to forward to tho honoruhlo nt-tornuy-Kcncriil
a copy of this Joint rcsolu
tlon. Twenty now bills wero introduced,
among them being:
II. K. 2IS, by Mr. Sleblilns -To promoto farm
Inu In urld portions by irrigation ut public ex
it, ll 2T.3, bv Mr. ltlch To rclmburso Oconto
L. Furiihiiiu for expenditure of moneys for uso
of Peru Norinul when tho dormitory burned.
II. It. I'd, bv Mr. Felkor-To upproprluto $10,-
ODo for Incidental expenses ut 23th session.
II. Us. 2it!:il, by Mr. lllll -To regulate stock
yards, etc.
House rolls 231 to 2 IS wero rend the
second tlinu nnd referred.
II. H. 82 wus reeominunded for indefi
nite postponement. The bill provides
for exempting till money due bcnell
claries on life or accident Insurance
policies from garnishment, execution
or attachment.
II. U. 80, which provides for the In
vestment of funds arising out of busi
ness done in the statu by foreign life
or accident Insurance companies, was
discussed at great length and finally
j recommitted for amendments. The
I committee then arose, reported prog
ress, and the house adjourned.
Tuesday, January SO.
lu ho houso this morning, after
nrullmiuury work, seventeen new bills
were introduced, and n number of bills
were rend the secoud time ami referred
to committees.
Hills on third reading wero announced
nnd the first measure placed on tho
general lllu for this session was put
upon Us final passage. It was II. It.
No. 4, by Mr. Kastniun, to refund to
Ilobucca 1'orklns of Custer county SI21
paid by her as rental on school land by
an illegal npnmlscmcut of 1880. On
roll call tho bill ptissed by a vote of 87
affirmative, with none against.
II. it. 3. by Mr. Dobson, to repeal the
law of 180.' granting a bounty on sugar
and chicory, wns read a third time, and
Mr. Dobson demanded a cull of the
house upon it. The call showed ten
members absent. Tho call was then
dispensed with, and ou roll cull thu bill
was passed by a vote of 03 to 30.
AnUcny II lis Revere
nuilnic lllll Shrlilun
Campbell Holliuil Sliull
CUrk ot ltlch. Hull Smllliof II'kIm
Coin Hyatt Smith of ltlch.
Cot .lonetof Nem's Hujriler of .I'n'n
Crunk Jones o(V syne Snyilerof Bh'n
I'urtlt Harp bixti-rinaa
llobtoa Krl.lrr Mehlilni
Knurr Lrnur htraub
Kantinta Lldilelt 1 ) lr
Kmlorr I.ooinl Vnn Mors
Kclker McCarthy Welch
J'ernoir Mil.'raokvn Tt heeler
lUylortl )1arhalt Yflcbe
tlenlea Mitchell Wlnnlow
lllvena Moran WtxiUwaril
tlrell Murrlaon Wrlstit
llrlmei l'lielpa Wmwter
llroarrnoff It U li Zimmerman
llamlltuu ltubertaon Mr. speaker
AMermau Elghmy Mann
llernaril Kuuko Mllli
llUke OonlKirn Noblt
llurkett Henilernnm I'ollard
llutler llolbrixik l'rlnco
llryam Horner Kindly
C'aiebeer Jenkins llouia
Chlitemlen .loneiof Oajs Milton
Clark of L'uo'r Mitlee Walm
Crow Mii.coil Youu(
rturnam Sehrain Webb
Power UcrllDf Wlmberly
House roll 10, Mr. Soderman's bill to
reduce salaries of officials at Kearney
industrial school was recommitted for
correction, the committee amendment
striking out the matron from tho re
duction not having been printed.
Fourth assistant chief clerk 12. XV.
Phillips handed in his reslgnutlon ou
account of sickness, and the house, de
elded to abolish the ofilcu for tho bal
unco of tho term.
II. It. 20, reducing the salary of the
superintendent of the deaf and dumb
Institute was passed by a voto of 50 to
The next bill for third roauiug was
II. It. 31, a bill to regulate organiution
of mutual plate glass insuranco coin
nmnies. Passed bv a voto of 04 for to
none against.
Among the now bills introduced
II. It, 207, by Mr. Otirfln-To prohibit corpor
ations from contrlbutliiK niouoy or means to
intluonco or control doctors ami to punUU u
vtolutlon of tho luw.
II. H. 2(W. by Mr. Sheldon To district tho
state of Nohnislm Into sonutorlul nnd rupro
Rontutlva districts.
H. It. 200, by Mr. Young To prevent corrupt
practices nt elections.
II. It. 27i). by Mr. McCarthy To establish
and locuto n norinul school ut hcollu.
H. It. 274, by Mr. Mddoll To pro lilo for tho
brandliiB. niurkliuj nnd taitKliiir ot iiIIboikIs
mudoand mcrchundlNO umnufucturcd in nny
ponltentlury. prison or rcforiimtory or other
Inutll.itlnn In urhlell entllict lubor Is OllllllOVOd.
uud provldlnif punishment for vlolutlon thereof.
It. 11. 217. by Mr. Hull-To amend sccllous
8008 nnd SJOtw und to create u now hi-ctlon to bo
numbered 2071 of Cobboy's consolldiitcd htut
utes ot IRD3 uud to provide for free employ
sent office.
It. It. 2TP, by Mr. Cronfc To prnvldo for tlio
nppolntmont nnd election of clcrlm of tho dli
trlct court In counties of B.OtW or tnoro nt other
times thun ut tlm Kcnernl election for clerks of
tho district court.
II. It ), by Mr. (livens To prevent tho
spread of hotf cholera or other Infectious dis
eases of domestic ntilmuW.
II. K.'JSJ. bvMr. Vnn Horn-To establish a
Mute bo.ird of civil engineers.
WediiMdiiy, January 'J 7.
The house met today and immediate
ly after roll cull adjournment was taltcn
till tomorrow morning at 10 o'cloclc.
It Is supposed that the principal rea
son for tho action was tho desire of tho
majority to gain time to muster tho
votes necessary for the passage of the
reennvass bill with tho emergency
clause, and to caucus on thu Douglas
county contest cases.
TlnirmU)', alnnunry 28.
Kxpectation was rife today in the
house over tho prospect of n battle on
house roll fi, the rc-cuuvnss bill, but thu
day was uneventful.
Mr. I'ollard of Cass introduced a reso
lution that u committee of live be up
pointed to draft n sugar bill to eiieour
agu erection of new factories lu tho
state. Tabled ou motion of Mr. Koder
man of Phelps.
Thu secretary of tho senate nn
nouueed thu passage of the resolution
instructing Senator Thurston to vote
for tho free eoiniigo of gold and silver.
The committee on enrolled and en
grossed bills reported that housu roll f
was correctly engrossed.
A pution from Omaha clergymen was
read, asking tho legislature not to
make mi v change in thu fire utul police
commission us provided for lu the pres
ent Ouuiliu charter.
Several standing committees made
reports on bills. Tho hills relating to
passes were indellnltely postponed.
II. It. 10. reducing salaries of secre
taries of board of transportation was
placed ou general file, as was also II.
it. 27, reported by thu committee on
fish culture and game.
The claim of lloyd county for Si, 823
for costs in trying tho alleged intir
dorers of llarreit Scott, was passed on
favorably by the claims committee mid
placed ou general tile.
The committee on miscellaneous sub
jects reported favorably on Mr. tiros
venor's bill, fixing n penalty for steal
lug bicycles and unfavorably on a bill
by Mr. Clark of Lancaster, No. 50.wlth
tho saino end in view. 1 ho reports
were adopted. The same committee
favored placing housu roll No. 80, a
bill to punish chicken stealing, on
general file. The house concurred.
Ilotisu roll No. 02, to regulate tho
publishing of applications for liquor
llconses, wns placed on general tile.
House roll No. 23, relating to the
regulation of warehouses, was nlso
placed on general flic.
Mr. Felker of Douglas introduced a
resolution ordering the committee ou
asylums to make report on the ade
quacy of the state hospital to caro for
all the curable iusano of the state.
Mr. llurkett of Lancaster offered a
resolution that tho ollice of proof
render bo discontinued nnd thnt no
printed bills bo received from the
printer until correct. After some de
bate tho matter wus referred to the
committeu on employes.
Forty-eight new bills were intro
duced nfter tlio noon recess, chief
among which were:
11. It. 2S0, bv Mr. Sheldon An net for the es
tablishment, iniiliiti'iiiiiice mid nuuingcmcnt of
public libraries In school districts.
II. It. 29S. livMr. Dobson To amend section
Oof chapter 7l. subdivision 0 of tho compiled
Ktattiles. Tho bill lirovldcs that the tax of I
mill lulled under tho free lilyh school law sliull
fall ou the whole county.
It. It. V. by Mr. ltlch--To amend section 13
of "An act reKiilatlnit voluntary iisslciiinents
for tho benelllof creditors proceedings thctc
uiKler, and lo prow-nl tho fraudulent violation
of thu sume," beliii section III, chapter o. enti
tled "Assignments." compiled statutes of I (tin.
II. It. 3a, by Mr. Hlih-To provldu for u land
lord's lien.
II. It. 3.W. by Mr. Snyder To prohibit oftlcors
mid employes of any municipality, township,
county or statu to uccept free transposition
oer any railroad In the tauto during hlsturm
of office.
11. K. 330, by Mr. Wooster of Mer
rick is similar in its import to 11. It.
330 by Mr. Snyder.
Housu rolls 2i)a to 282 were rend u
second time nnd referred.
Mr. Clnrk of ltlchardsou moved thnt
the house resolve itself into committee
of tho whole. Mr. Clark of Lancaster
objected on tho ground that It takes a
two-thirds vote to suspend the rules
nnd proceed outside the regular order
of business set down in thu rules when
any member objects. The mutter pre
cipitated quite n discussion but was
Ilnally disposed of by the speaker rul
ing that thu house, could go into com
mittee of the whole ut any tlmo a ma
jority wished to do so.
The ruling prevented the house call
ing ut) 11. It. ft, which hud been report
ed from the engrossing committee and
would have been llrst on tile for third
reading and passage. The majority
hud not sixty-oight members present
nnd they could not have curried it with
the emergetiey cluuso.
In committee of thu whole house
rolls 20, to repeal thu Itusslau thistlu
law, and 80, to reduce the salary of
the superintendent of the ticncvsi in
dustrial school, wero recommended
for passage.
11. 'It. lu, to redueu tlio salaries of
tho secretaries of tho state board of
transportation to $l,f00 was recommit
ted for correction.
11. It. 27, which provides that It
shall be a misdemeanor to kill certain
kinds of gutno for u period of llvo years
was recommitted for correction.
Tho bill for the relief of lloyd county
for costs In the Scott murder trial was
recommended for passage without the
emergency clause.
On motion of Mr. Sheldon of Dawes,
the commlttco rose nnd reported prog
ress. The report ot tun commlttco oi
the whole was adopted and tho house
Krldwy, Jaiumry 30.
Chaplain Muilley was called homo by
the death of one of his flock, and iu his
absence Speaker (iauin called upon
Mr. Kighmy of, of tho three
preachers In tho house, to invoke tho
divine blessing.
Immediately after the reading of tho
journal the house, on motion of Mr.
Sheldon went into committee of the
whole, with Mr. Sodermau m the
11. It. 00, by Mr. Clark of Lancaster,
to mako chicken stealing, the know
ing purchase of stolen chickens or the
linrborlng of thu chicken thief a penal
offense, punishable bv from one to tcu
years, wus first on the file.
After bomo debate the bill was killed
by u vote to not adopt tho report of
I thu committee,
II. It. 02, by Mr. Ilich, to authorfto
publication of notices of application for
liquor licenses of any paper of general
circulation was the next bill to bo
considered, It nlso authorizes the same
power that grants a license to author
ize a transfer of the same to another
plnce or person. Mr. Chirk of Lancas
ter opposed this, and pending tho con
troversy thu committee arose nnd tho
house took a recess until 3 p. m.
At the after recess session tho house
took up bills on third reading.
Tho clerk read house roll No. f, tho
ro-canviiss bill.
Mr. Hull of Harlan stated that aftur
close scrutiny of the bill he had found
an error in thu engrosseil copy. The
word "three" in tho original copy had
been copied "live." IIu moved that
the bill bo recommitted to the commit
tee of thu whole for correction. A very
bitter nnd extended debate was hnd ou
thu motion, but after several motions
to take action thereon immediately had
been voted down, the bill was recom
mitted to the commlttco of tlio whole
for correction.
Mr. Jenkins moved to go into com
mitteu of tho whole to consider houso
roll No. r immediately. Tlio motion
did not prevail, uud on motion of Mr.
Sheldon of Dawes thu regular order of
business wits taken up.
After disposing of reports on tho
Douglas county contests the house re
ceived reports from standing commit
tees. The library committee favored houso
roll No, 171, to provide for travelling
libraries. The report was adopted and
the bill went on general Hie.
House roll No. 117, to provide for tho
issuance of state warm tits receivable
for taxes, wns reported by the major
ity of the committee on bunks and cur
rency with the recommendation that
it pass as amended. There was a mi
nority report signed by Walto and
Wlmberly of Lancaster. Tho majority
report was adopted.
Tho houso adjourned till Saturday
Tho Iteeunvnua lllll.
The fuslonlsts in thu house nre short
of the required two-thirds vote which
is necessary for the passage of the bill
to recount the voto on the constitution
ul amendment relating to supremo
Judges. Thero are two fusion mem
bers sick, uud unable to attend tho
sessions. It is now thought thnt oven
if tho house should pass tho bill that
It is reasonably certain not to get
through the senate, as it is reported
thut niuu fusion senators are opposed
to tho measure in its present form.
Tlio senate committeu ou constitution
al amendments has appointed n sub
committee to draft n bill having for
its object tho submission of the returns
to tho supreme court for a decision on
the question of tlio majority necessary
for tlio adoption of u constitutional
amendment. Two of the committee
will insist on a recount of the ballots
us at llrst proposed, and they will pre
sent u bill with thnt end in view in
cuso tho present bill Is not passed.
Judge Reese in his talk before tho
committee, gnvo it as his opinion that a
majority of all votes cast at the
election is necessary for adop
tion, lie said this rule was
laid down in the Muxttell opin
ion and nlso in the opinion of Judge
(Jant in thu Lancaster county case, re
ported in the Sixth Nebraska court re
port. Judge Itceso said he might bo
somewhat biased as ho was a member
of the constitutional convention and re
membered distinctly that discussion of
this subject showed a prevailing senti
ment in opposition to permitting a mi
nority to change tho constitution. Tho
same argument is found in Judge Max
well s opinion on wlilcn tliosu tavoring
n recount base nil their hopes.
Tho DiiiirIu County Content.
In the matter of unsunting the re
publican members of tho houso who
represent Douglas county, tho fusion
ists nro very much divided. Tho ma
jority members of thu commlttco on
privileges and elections submitted a
report which they had drawn up, fa
vorable to unseating the republicans
from tills county, and the whole uf
ternoon was spent lu discussion of tho
report. Very warm speeches wore
made, which, toward evening, becumo
decidedly spirited. The caucus ad
journed without action, divided in
opinion. It is almost certain that u
majority und a minority report will be
sent to the housu. Those of the com
mitteu who constitute the minority nre:
Sheldon of Dawes nnd Kager of Sew
ard, of tho majority members, und
House of Hull and Dyram of Hurt, of
tho ropnbllcans. The presentation of
these reports will probably precipitate
u tight and may result In the houso go
ing into tlio evidence.
Tho Roto of Jericho.
Among tho numerous pretty trad!
tions relating to flowers, may bo men
tinned tho popular legend of tho far
famed rose of Jericho, which Is re
garded with superstitious reverence In
the East from thu story of its having
blossomed at tho moment when the
Lord was born, and continued to do so
on each anniversary of this event.
Hence, the flower has been credited
with special proportion, and in some
parts of tiic continent it is popularly
designated ho "Itosoof tho Madonna,"
and Its presunco generally considered
of propitious inlluencu when children
wero born. According to another vari
ation of tho same legend, tho rose of
Jericho has been called St Mary's
rose, because, when Joseph and Mary
wero taking their flight Into Egypt,
ono of these flowers sprang up to murk
every spot whore they rested.
i:ieotrlclty llrnti Gold In ft Way.
Electricity has now, It sooms,
bonton tho record of tno gold boutor
nnd ran produce a foil of tho motal
froi t vo to ton tlmos thinner than
ordinary gold loaf. Josoph Wilson
Swan, tho well-known chemist of
olectrlo lighting famo, has prosonted
to tho Hoy ul bocioty spoolmons of this
wondorfuily thin foil mado by deposit
ing gold on copper with tho olootrlo
cutTont and then dissolving nwny tho
copper from It with porohlorldo of
Instruction to Tliuraton.
Lincoln, Neb., Jan. 20. The senate
lias adopted by a party voto u joint
resolution directing United States Sen
ator John M. Thurston to voto for any
measure favoring free and unlimited
coinage ot silver ut tiu ratio of 10 to 1,
A Condenaeil nnd Conclto Ileport of the
Work Acciiniptlnlieil During tlio 1'asl
Work llrlcf Note of the Session's
Monday, .lanimry 2.",
When tlio senate convened at 2 p. m.
several senators were absent.
Senator Murphy of (Jage oirered the
following concurrent resolution, which
was reiul tho llrst time:
U'liniKXH, The rotemic laws of this state
nre defect!! o In miuiv particulars to provldu
for a rluld collection by township and coun
ty officers whose duty It Is to collect und
enforce collection of taxes for township,
county und stale purposes; und
Wiikukas. Tho deficit nnd falluro to real
ize sunicli'iit funds to maintain tho current
cxpcnttsiit the various departments of gov
ernment Is duo to tho liMileutiacy nnd Im
perfections of tho reicmio luwsof the state:
hercforc, bo It
Itesohed, lly the senate, tho houso con
rurrlnif therein, that a committee of thrco
be unpointed bv tho ptesldent of tho senato
to net In conjunction with u lllto commllleo
ofthrcotobo appointed bv tho siieulierof
tho housu, to prepare n bill rev Isltut und
uiiif'tiillnK the prcciil rovonuo laws of this
state, or such sections thereof as they think
proper, mid i epott the samu to tho senate
und house jor their uctlon.
Senator Howell of Douglas presented
a resolution instructing tho secretary
of stato to turn over to the committee
on privileges nnd election all papers
and abstracts of evidence in tho con
test case Instituted by John Jcifcont
ngainst Senator Evnns of Douglus. The
resolution wns adopted without debute.
The following new bills were Intro
duced: S. F. 1.M, by Senator Schaal To amend sec
tion 3. urtlclo 2 of ehupter Kl ot tho compiled
ktatutesor Nebrasku of lsf relating to fees
payable to tho secretary of state.
S. V. 152, by Scnutor Talbot To amend sec
tion 'Mi of the compiled laws of IKKi of tho stuto
of Nebraska, rclutuiK to erdlcts of Juries.
S. F. IfiS. by Senator Talbot -To amend sec
tion 2M. belnu Keiicriil section BsiS of tho com
piled laws of IH." of tlio stuto of Nebraska, rc
latlni' to trials before Juries.
S. F. IM. bv Senator Howell Provldlnif for
tho foreclosure of a trust deed or mortgage of
real proiicrty by adortlscmcnt.
S. F. 1.VS, bv Senator Murphy Providing for
thodefenso of ill voire suits by county attorneys
on behalf of tho statu, w hen tho defendant fulls
or refuses to nuikii uny defense.
S. Fs. I WW. bv Senator Itansom Prohibiting
the giving of pusses or free scrvleo by urious
S. F. l."8, by Senator Itansom To preient the
blacklisting or publishing of dtschurged em
ployes, und making such an uct u felony.
Tucdy, iluuuary 30.
A letter from Senator Win. V. Allen
Was read in the senato this morning,
acknowledging tho receipt of resolu
tions passed by tho senate expressing
sympathy for Cuba. Senator Allen
stated thut he had presented tho reso
lutions to the United States senate,
Had them read nnd pioperly referred.
Senator Cuuuduy of Kearney county
introduced a concurrent resolution re
lating to the prevailing destitution in
Chlcniro. Ho culls attention to tho fact
that while 10-cent corn is rotting in
the west people iu Chicago aro starv
ing. The resolution usks the people of
Nebraska to send aid
Senator Howell of Douglas Intro
duced a resolution instructing tho gov
ernor to issue n proclamation calling
attention to tlio Xrnns-.Misstssiiinl ex
position and to extend an invitation to
tho several states to participate there
in with exhibits, etc.
Tho fact that many bills havo been
held back when tho rules require them
to bo reported back four days uftcr be
ing referred, raised a rumpus iu the
senate when Senator Mutz arose and
moved that tho secretary notify the
ennte what bills had been in the hands
of the various committees more than
four days. After a short dobate the
motion was lost.
The commltto on miscellaneous sub
jects reported n substitute for Senator
Johnson's bill, S. F. 38, imposing u tux
on bank deposits for the creating of n
safoty fund to bo used for tho payment
of losses to depositors caused by bank
failures. Tlio substitute was read, and
It will take the pluco of the original
bill. The same commlttco reported fu
vorably on Scnntor Deuring's joint re
solution, calling for the enforcement of
tlie anti-trust law against elevator
Thirteen new bills and one substi
tute were introduced, among the num
ber being:
S. F. 101. by Senator Mutz A bill for nn uct
toapportlrn the state Into judicial districts,
and for the appointment and election of oftlccrs
S.F. 16S, by Senator Dearlng To regulate the
churges for uso of telephones,
S. F. 169, by Senator Heal To provide for
the appointment mid election of clerks of tho
district court In counties of sooo or more, ut
other times than ut tho general election for
clerks ot the district court.
S. F. 170. by Senator Ileal To establish a
stute board of civil engineers.
S. F. 173, (sutMltiite for S. F. as), bv commit
tee on miscellaneous subjects A bill to nro.
Yldo for the greater security of deposits In tho
banks of thu stato. und to repeal sections lit nnd
ao, cnapiora oi inecompiicil statutes otNourus-
km oi irvo.
Adjourned at noon till Wednesday
Wednesday, .January 37.
Senator Mutz of Keya l'aha, backed
by the majority element in the senute,
aided by republican votes, took steps
today to compel standing committees
to get to work. Aftersomu dubate the
scuuto passed a resolution calling upon
chairmen of committees to report iu
Tho committee ou highways and
bridges reported favorably on senuto
file No. 71 and 52, relating to the con
struction of irrigation ditches across
roads. Senato file No. .13, relating to
tho sumo subject, wns Indefinitely post
Among the new bills Introduced wero
the following, thu most important bo
it senate file 170, introduced by Sena
tor Mcllunn, which Is tho Lincoln char
ter bill.
S. F. 171. bv Senator Murnhv Providing for
iho payment of taxes iu Installments of not less
man : per cent ot tne amount uuo nt time ot
S. F, 10, by Senator McQann Lincoln
charter bill.
S. T. 177, by Senator McOann To locate und
establish a stuto norinul school at Scottn.
S. F. 170, by Senator Heupy To prescribe tho
typo in which legul udertlsements sliull bo
S. F. 181, by Senator Mutz To provldo for
tho establishment of a public, school library lu
each county of thu state.
S. F. IK1, by Senator Schnnl To provldo for
the building, equipment nnd tho maintenance
of a union depot, und connecting switches In
ottles, Ullages und towns In this stuto where
two or moro railway lines truusuct u gencrul
rallwuy business.
S. F. IH6, by Senator nruhnm To amend sec
tion 3. chuptci II, of pait III, compiled statutes
ot 1KU5, mid to repeal tho death penalty ami ull
ucus aim puns oi ncis permuting tneruto,
S. F. 1S8, by Sonutor Howell To utile nd sec
tton 19, ehupter 1H of tho compiled statutes of
18W, aud to repeal bald original section.
S. F. IfO, bv Scnntor Howell To provide fr
the descent nnd ullenntlonot cemetery lotn.
Concurrent resolution 8, by Senator Spencer
- Kelatlvu to press dispatches reflecting on So
credtt of Nebraska,
Under tho head of bills on second
reading, senate lllu No. 173, a commit
tee substitute fora bill providing for a
tax on bank deposits iu state banks, to
bo used as a fund for the safety of de
positors, wns placed on general file.
An extended debate was had over
Senator Ransom's concurrent resolu
tion instructing United States Senator
Thurston to voto nnd work for a free
coinage law. Tho resolution was o
posed by the rejniblleun side but waf
passed by a strict party vote.
Thursday, .January 38,
The senate listened to the reading of
a petition from sugnr beet raisers this
morning. Tlio petition wns a type
written document with n blank space
for the niiniu of tho town or county
uud came fiom Adnms county.
The judiciary committee recommend
ed that sennto file No. 2.1, by Senator
Sykes, authorizing sheriffs to give
purchasers of tux stile certificates ac
tual possession of premises upon con
firmation of sale, be Indellnitely post
poned. Tho report was laid over un
der the rules.
The following bills were placed on
general file ou recommendation of the
judiciary committee: Senato file No.
17, by Senator Titlbot, relating to
niodlllcntioii of judgment: senate file
No. 11, by Senator Johnson, for tho
appointment of assistant county attor
neys In certain cases; senate Ule No.
II, by Senator ltnnom, reducing tho
number of county commissioners; sen
ute lilo No. 18, by Senator Talbot, re
lating to appeals in equity cases.
Senator Sykes of Adams asked for
leave of absence for the committeu on
soldiers' homo to visit the homes ut
(rand Island and Mil ford ou Friday
und Saturday, with a view of consider
ing the advisability of discontinuing
the home ut .Mllfonl.
Several new bills
among which were:
The request was
were introduced,
Concurrent resolution 0. bv Senator firalmm
- Helming to u ieiiiest to Nebrusku's senators
und represeiituthes lu congress to usu their ef
forts to secure n uniform national dhorco law.
S. F. Hid. by Senator Ileal Creating u state
board ot agriculture, dctlulng tlio duties, pow
ers and goeruuient, mid providing for its .sup
port. S. 1. 197. by Senator Itansom To provldo a
state boanl of Immigration, to dotlno their du
ties, provide for their salaries uud expenditures
una to uppropnuie -j.u"ju mercror.
S. F. WJ. bv Senator llraham For tho estab
lishment, maintenance uud management ot
public libraries lu school districts.
The concurrent resolution of Senator
Spencer of Lancaster, indorsing Sen
ntor W. V. Allen for his defense of
Nebraska's good name, and pledging
thu payment of the sugar bounty, came
up on a ruling from Lieutenant (lover
nor Harris, who held thut thu motion
by Scnntor Itansom of Douglas to in
definitely postpono wns In order.
Tho motion to postpone precipitated
u genurnl discussion.
Speeches were mndo ngninst tho res
olution by Senators Mutz, liondring,
Heal. Fnrrell, Lee, and Itansom. Rea
sons given were that its adoption
would virtually pledge the senate to
pay tho bounty now duo.
At 12:30 Scnntor Hansom was still
spciiking.inswerlng Seuutor Conowny's
question, which wns m form something
like this: "If it is not right to tax tho
people for a sugar bounty, how can It
uu right to tax tliem lor the benctit oi
uti exposition to be held in Omaha?"
In tho midst of Senator Hansom's
speech tho senate adjourned to 10 a. m,
Friday, .Inunary 30.
Senator Itansom resumed his remarks
on Senator Spencer's resolutions favor
ing tho payment of the sugar bounty
in the sennto this morning. While ho
was still . willing to indorse Seuutor
Allen, ho was not ready to extend his
indorsement to includo tho sugar
bounty. Ho declared that the minor
ity wns not honest In tho matter nnd
had no sincere intention of indorsing
Senator Allen except for tho purpose
of countenancing und Indorsing the
sugar bounty.
At the close of tho debate tho motion
to Indefinitely postpono tlio resolution
carried by a voto of 24 to 8. as follows:
John, on
S. F. 251relatlng to revenues, and S.
F. ni, to cut down tho salnries of tho
secreturios of tho state board of trans
portation wero Indefinitely postponed.
A resolution Indorsing Senator W.V.
Allen'sspeechliitho United States sen
ato upholding Nebraska's good name,
was passed under a suspension of the
In commlttco of tho wholo tho sennto
recommended for passage S..F 0, allow
ing district judges to name day for tho
jurors to appear.
S. F. 40, to compel street railway
companies to protect motormen and
conductors by vestlbuled cars, was dis
cussed at considerable length and rec
ommended for passage.
After the noon recess H. R. 3,ropeal-
ing the sugar bounty act, was read
the second tlinu and rofurred.
S. F. 13. bv Senator Ransom, roduc-
inir tho pay of county commissioners
in Douglas and Lanenstercountlesfrom
81,800 to 31, r()0 a year, was recommend
ed for pnssage without discussion.
S. F. 14, by Senator Itansom, reduc
ing number of county commissioners
in Douglas county from five to three,
uud providing for their election by dis
tricts in Douglas aud Lancaster coun
ties was amended to except tho latter
from tho provisions of tho bill, and
recommended for passage as amended.
Tho sennto adopted tho report of tho
committee of tho whole.
Some of the bills introduced wore:
lly Senator Heapy, to repeal the act
creating a state llvo stock commission;
by Senator Leo relating to tho prohibi
tion of the manufacture and sale of
elL'iirettes: a lolnt resolution by Sena
tor Sykes proposing to amend suctions
1 and 2 oi nrticio ir oi tnu consiuuuon
of tho stato of Nebraska so as to pro
vide for submitting constitutional
amendments at special elections and
providing thntii majority of tho votes
cast on tlio proposition Is snlllolent for
Adjourned to 10 a. m, Saturday.
A Mill Itoduelnic tho Itepreneiitoton of
ewxllieMterii Counties.
rteprc'cntatlve Sheldon of Dawea county
has Introduced a bill for a reapportionment
ot the state for Icf-lnUtlve purposes. Thu
bill Is based on tho vote of lsS6 and ro
duces the apportionment of the southeast
ern counties ot tho state taken as a whole,
though Douglas county H given three
teiiutora and twelve representatives, Hired
representatives more thin ut present, and
Lancaster county Is given an additional
rpprcientltlve-at-InrgB to be elected by
O.ige and Lancaster county electors. That
pjirt of the state west of the sixth prin
cipal meridian got llfty-three represcn
tatlvos. The number of senatorial on
iric's are reduced from thirty to twenty
eight nnd the representative districts In
creased from slxty-elht to soventy-slx.
The senatorial districts uro a3 fotkws:
First ItlchanWon und Pawnee counties,
one senator.
Second Nemaha und Johnson, one.
Third (Jage, one.
Fourth-Otoe, Cass and Sarpy, two.
Fifth Lancaster, two.
Sixth Douglas, three.
Seventh-Suunders and Dodge, one.
Klghth Washington, Hurt und Thurston,
Nlnth-Cumlns;. Wayno nnd Stanton,
Tenth-Dakota, Dixon and Cedar, one.
Kleventh-PUtte and Colfax, one.
Twelfth-Madison, Pierce and Knox,
Thirteenth Polk and York, one.
Fourteenth llutler and Seward, one.
Fifteenth-Hamilton, Merrick and Nance,
Sixteenth-Saline and JcffeMon, one.
Seventeenth Fillmore nnd Clay, one.
Dlghteenth Thayer. Nuckolls and Web
ster, one.
Nineteenth Hall, Hgvard and Sherman,
Twentieth Adams and Kearney, one.
Twenty-first Buffalo nnd Dawon, one.
Twentv-pecond Custer. Valley, Oarlleld,
Loup, Blnlnc, Thomas, Hooker, and arant,
Twenty-thlrd-Antclopc, Boone, Greeley
nml V-hwlpr. one.
Twenty-fourth-Holt. Boyd, nock,
Brown, Keya Paha nnd Cherry, one.
Twenty-fifth Lincoln, Logan, McPher
son, Arthur, Deuel. Keith. Cheyenne, Per
kins, Chaio nnd Dundy, one.
Twenty-slxth-Sherldan, Dawes, Sioux.
Box Butte. Scotts' Bluff, Banner and
Klmhill, one.
Twenty-seventh Franklin, Harlan,
Phelps and Gosper, ono.
Twenty-olghth-Furnas, Bed Willow,
Frontier, Hitchcock and Dundy, one.
The follow iiiB are the representative ills
trlcti: First Richardson, two representatives.
Second Nemaha, one.
Third Johnson, one.
Fourth Pawnee, one.
Fifth Richardson, Nemaha, Johnson and
Pawnee, one.
Sixth Otoe, two.
Seventh Cass, two.
Eighth-Cam und Sarpy, one.
Ninth Douglas, twelve.
Tenth Washington, one.
Kleventh Burt, one.
Twelfth Cuming, one.
Thlrteenth-Cunilng, Burt and Wash.
liiKton, one.
Fourteenth-Dodge, two.
Fifteenth Saunders, two.
Slxtconth Saunders and Dodge, one.
Seventeenth Lancaster, live.
Eighteenth Gage. two.
Nlntecnth Lancaster and Onge, one.
Twentieth Saline, two.
Twenty-first Jefferson, ono.
Twen'y-second Thayer, one.
Twenty-third Fillmore, one.
Twcnty-fourth-Jefferson, Thayer and
'Fillmore, one.
Twenty-fifth Seward, one.
Twenty-sixth Butler, ono.
Twenty-aovonth Butler and Seward,
Twenty-eighth York. one.
Twenty-ninth Hamilton, one.
Thirtieth Polk, one.
Thirty-first York, Hamilton and PolK,
Thlrty-iecond-Colfax. one.
Thirty-third Platte, one.
Thirty-fourth Madison, one.
Thirty-fifth Madison and Stanton, one.
Thlrty-flxth-Platte, Madison, Stunto
and Colfax, one.
Thirty-seventh Wayne, one.
Thlrty-elghth-DIxon, one.
Thlriy-nlnth-Ceilur, one.
Fortieth Dakota and Thurston, ono.
Forty-first Knox, one.
Forty-second Knox and Pierce, one.
Forty-third Antelope, ono.
Forty-rourin iioone, one.
Forty-fifth Nance and Boone, one.
Forty-.slxth-Merrlck, one.
Forty-seventh Hall, one.
Forty-elKhth-IIall and Sherman, one.
Forty-ninth Howard, one.
Fiftieth Buffalo, two.
Fifty-Unit Valley und Oreelcy, one.
Fifty-second Custer and Logan, two.
Fifty-third Holt. one.
Fifty-fourth Holt, Hoyd ana Rock, one.
Flfty-llfth-Greelcy. Valley. GarlelJ.
Wheeler, Loup, Blaine, Thomas, Hooker
and Grant, one.
FIfty-sIxth-Cherry, Brown and Keya
Paha, one. .,,,
Fifty-seventh Box Butte and Sheridan,
Flfty-elshthDawes and Sioux, one.
Klfty-nlnth Dawson, one.
Sixtieth-Lincoln, one.
Sixty-first Scotts' Bluff. Banner, Kim
ball, Cheyenne, Deuel, Arthur and Mo
Pherson, one.
Slxty-second-Clay. one.
Sixty-third Nuckolls, one.
Sixty-fourth Webster, one.
Slxty-llfth-Clay, Nuckolls and Webster,
Sixty-sixth Adams, one.
Sixty-seventh Kearnoy, one.
SIxty-elRhth Kearney and Adams, one,
SIxty-nlnth-Franklln, one.
Seventteth-IIarUn, one.
Seventy-llrst-Phelps, one.
Seventy-second Furnas, one.
Soventy'-thlrd Gosper and Frontier, one.
Sevemy-fourth-Red Willow, one.
Seveniy-nfth-Hltchcock, Hayes, Chase
and Dundy, one.
Seventy-sixth Dawson, Perkins, Lincoln
Keith, Frontier and Gosper, one.
Dr.tmr.tlo Jealousy.
Urst Thosplnn I guoss wo will
have unothur Italian actor besides
Salvlnl protty soon.
Second Thosplnn What's his name?
First Thosplnn I don't know yot.
All I know Is that I read In a paper
tho other day that n statuo of a boxer
bus boon takon up from tho QulrinaJ
hill in Homo. Texas Slftlngs.
A Younir 1'lillosoplicr.
lie is only G, nnd he has beort
quoted in print boforo. Ills humor la
natural und unconscious, aud in ad
dition ho has a faculty of reasoning
by analogy that would bo vuluublo toV
many an adult head. Ills little sister '
was visiting u neighbor girl, and his
iimnimu requested him to go und on
cort hot' homo.
"Mummn," ho replied, "whon we
woro in tho country lust utimmor Mrs.
Myers uskoil Mr. Myciy to go and
get tho cows. Mr. Myors said, You
po und get thorn yourself,'" and the
llttlo philosopher consldcrod ttio sub
ject bovond furtUor debute.
fcA.1 M-A