The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 29, 1897, Page 5, Image 5

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r. Mvitaww ft " rf
In never done, nnd It li especially wearing
mid wcnrlsomo to thoso whoso blood l
iinpuro nnd uiilll procrly to tone, hIh
tnln, nnd renow the wnstltiR o( nervo.
musilcnnd tissue. It In nioro becnuso of
this condition of the blood Hint women
nre run down,
Tlrocl, Wonk, Nervous,
Tlinn bci'AiiBo of tho work knell, livery
physlrlnn snyimo, and Hint Hid only icin-i-dy
In In building up by tnklntf a ku-mI
nervo tonic, blood purifier nnd vltnli-T
like Hood's Snrsnpiirlllfi. For tlio Iron bits
i'rciiifdr In Women nt clintiRO of boiooji.
climate or life, or remiltini; Ironi Imrd
work, nervousness, nnd linpuro blood,
tVoiiHiuulii have found relief and cure In
The On' 'I mio Woud Purifier, f 1 'r boltlo.
Prepared only l) I Mood fi ('.. Lowell, !aii.
ij 11 ivn nro Hie wily pllli to tnko
nOOCl S HlIlS with Uooil'-i.S.irssparllU.
runU'iiKii nr
Our rfr...
t Oil
Hutercd at thu pom omro at Itcd Cloud.
lecondcliusmnll matte;.
Tliu question now Is, who worn .lack
Walsh's coat t Mi In
Probably our Cubiin batalllou mid
thi' creamery will go into operation
about the name timo.
Wo undor.stund llint a now daily
paper is to bo esiabli.shed in Hustings.
What could possibly lutvu been tint in
Some people actually lejoice when
our usually balmy utnio.sphero ehatitfos
to bitter cold, that is tho loo men mid
ii'fld lea ill inker.
Col. Sapp'tf Cuban coiniiii.ssiun has
not yet, arrived, but we. iiiii'er.sland
that preparations are being made by
the junta for renewed aelivlty.
Ilufru election we were informed
t hilt Mime capitalists from Knnltieky
wero ready to buy thu old mill she In
unsu of MeKinley'd election. Whcic
are the r
Wo hiip'st to the lion. I. U. Heall
that it might bo u very good idea to
null a grand jury for tho next term of
court. There-nro several things which
need investigation.
Does. anybody know why a populist
should have any objections to diJec.
t!"n from the democracy. Senator
Allen puts his objection to thcMcIiugh
appointment on that ground.
For thu bonellt of many magistrates
who are overseers of thu poor we sug
gest that the county attorney prepaiu
mi opinion as to thu relative duties of
justices and tho hoard of eonimiv
The condition of the streets and
crosswalks at. the intersection of Web
ster -trec.t mid fourth avenue timing
thu last storm should ut be forgotten
whim warm weather comes. The gradu
ought to be changed or the crossings
How olllcial responsibility doc mod
ify the extreme Ideas of reforms. Not
long ugo Senator Allen represented
populism in its earii puiity. Now lie
norms to have become conservative,
largely, something of a diluted demo
crat, in his opinion", and strange
enough the party lias performed about
the siiiio evolution.
Elmer Col burn is visiting his parents
The infant son of George Mutter is
(laugeiotisly III.
Mrs. .lolin Kniggu was in Ked Cloud
Quarterly meeting was held at
Hekley on Jan, 17.
Mr. Thos. Kinney has been qtiitu sick
for several weeks past but Is repotted
some bettel at present.
Alva Dunham of Lawrence was visit
ing friends and relatives In this com
munity last week.
Mr. and Mrs Andy (Jul denier and
ons Mae and Chester, of Hastings
visited several days of last week at tho
homo of Mi . (i.
Thos. Kinney, Will Kinney mid
Halle) Hudson were in Ked Cloud on
iiiislnessono day hint week.
(icorgn Huntington lias been .sueu in
our midst .several limes of late. Who
can guess his mission.
Will Orr and and Almon I'aikes left
Mondaj morning for Otoe county.
They will be gone about thiee weeks.
K. It. II.
We Oiler One Hundred Dollars Ke
wind for an cum! of Calm ih thai euu
not boomed by Hall's Catarrh Curo.
K. ,). CHLNK.r A: Co., Props., Toledo,
We tlio undersigned, have known K.
J. Cheney for the last l.r years, and be
lieve him peifectly honorable in all
business transactions mid linaiieially
able to oarry out any obligations made
by their linn.
Wi:st A: 'ruilAX,Wliolpsalel)ruggists,
Toledo. O.
Wai.iiino, Kixnan AcMakvin, Whole
sale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Curo is taken inter
nally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous sui faces of thu system.
Price 7ie per bottle. Sold by all drug
gists. Testimonials free.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
A fuw Inontlis ago, Mr. Hymn Krery,
of Woodstock, Mich , was badly
alllleled with iheiimatism. His right
leg was swollen the whole length,
causing him great suflcrlng. Ho wis
acivised to try Chamberlain's Pain
Halm. The lirst bottle of it helped
him considerably mid the second bottle
ulTected a cure. The '.'." mid 50 cent for sale by II K. Grice, Druggists.
Representative (iiaudstalT cuine
home f ia in Lincoln luit Thursday
somuwbat Indisposed. His wife who
was visiting at Hastings returned also.
Henry Hounds is visiting friends at
Tobias this week.
Mrs. 1). Appley leflTuesday morning
to spend a few days with her son at
limning, this stale.
Chas. Clark bid Iiladeu adieu Mon
day morning when he left for Tenn
essee whine ho has secured employ
ment as engineer in a saw mill, His
family will soon follow.
People who are wauling to put up
ice urn pleased with the pros tut cold
Mr. and Mrs. Wright of Tecitmsus,
Oklahoma, who have been visiting
witli their uncle Henry Hounds, left
Tuesday morning for a sojourn in tho
eastern part of the slats
W. 11 HolYmaii has at last secured
a luck for his store dour that be can
unlock without boi rowing oycry fel
low's pocket knife
Joseph Pashby was not al his placu
of busine-- Mouiia
V. S Hall ha- about ,0,000 bushels of
corn cribbed and ho Is going to put up
another 100 foot ciib.
(nnd A: Co. are expecting ihoir lum
ber to eiecl a ei ib on the south side of
the track which will hold about 10,000
We note that so far the procedure (
foreclosing the government lieu on thu
UniouPacitie lailroad is uninterrupted.
From al) thai can bu learned tho in
tention is that the government shall
lie paid its debt practically in full.
Still we think it would be wise tu liavo
the attorney general report any agree
ments or understandings hu may hayo
willi the reorganizes to tho sonnto
agreeable to tho suggestion of Senator
Rev.W.M. Slaughter,
Write of the Benefits Received From Or.
Mile nettoratlvc Nervine.
itli the best f intentions mid in
friendship wc desire to suggest to our
numerous correspondents and contrib
utors something about obituary poetry.
Wo luivo had a groat deal of it of Into,
some- of It was poetry, or nearly so,
more was simply rhyme without rythmo
and not expressing any very distinct
idea except Hint the writer deiired to
sympathize with bereavement. Pootry
Is an art frequently dlllleult of acquire
ment, mid ought not to be abused.
Let us have good plain prose express
ing good plain sympathy. It reads
better and those bereft by deatli ap
preciate it more because It is free from
seeming ulVeiiion. At thusametimo
we desiie to thanl; our corrcMiondcuts
fot tin generous eoiitrlhti'' ns they
lnake. v;v I wb'it ett 1 ke to
i ,,!, mil I' I e till s it ( 1 ' ' ' ll'
DtfWIU'B Uhc & Cholera Cure.
UirtcMy cure Dysentery un J Dlarrlnva.
JksrZi?X1i i
The .eveuth room lias No. i this
Hooin three at the south ward has
the banner.
Miss Josie Karner, a former pupil,
visited last Thursday.
Mr. Dennett returned to school ngn'u
Wednesday morning.
Miss McClelhiiid lias completed the
reading of t'onaii Dolc,
Professor has iwarrmiged his ollleo
It looks vwy tileu in there.
Miss lllaueho Winfrey lias retuiiied
agaiti after a week'e HJiiess.
The ph.sies class had an e.peiiinent
in electricity Monday. Seveml were
shocked anil some should have'Jieeii
Miis Cleo Cllno entered the 11th
grade Monday morning. She is quite
a blight little girl and quite an ad
dition lo the clusf.
H. ('., the Baptist ministir,
visited in the soviinth room last Frida)
afternoon. Being qiilteu scholar him
self he takes gieal interest in school
The chemistry class has been enter
taining the soernl rooms each morn
ing by trying to blow thi! building up,
judging by the tremendous racket we
A short visit to thejcottage.jscliool
room -hows a neat and tidy home for
thu little ones. It Is a well lighted
loom mid contains many "objects of
interest for the little inmates.
Prof. Wilstiii .conducted tii devo
tional exercises Thursday iiiorninu,
making u few remarks to the ell'ec.t
that today (Thursday) is college primer
day and is obsurved almost univers
ally. Tho Hlietorie. class pupils are re
quired to write essays on "Western
Hesourens." It is a Tory good topic
and excellent manuscript may bu de
rived by a little consideration of the
We liavu in reality a school housu
cat. Thursday afternoon vit invaded
the Domain of Wisdom mid unassum
ingly took a stand where it "eyed" (it
had but one eye) the dignified seniors.
Miss McClelland extinguished it.
Monday morning Mrs. Damn's room
was frozen out by the new stove
which was put up and wouldn't work.
Thu pupils went into tho Prof's, ollico
where they remained until recess.
During the e.vurcises thu sixth ,,'and
seventh and 11 ft 1 1 rooms entertained
each oilier alternately by singing. "It
is an ill wind thatblowsjiiobody'good."
Wednesday afternoon while'all were
busily plying their wits thu door gently
opened. There was nothing jintisiiiil
about that, but someway thu 'pupils
were, impressed witli a sense that a
certain familiar presence hovered near.
Tlio atmosphere .seemed laden with the
indescribable, intense feeling and on
looking up they behold good old Pro
fessor Castor there in llosli and 'blwnd,
smiling pleasantly as hu recognised
ach old time face. They wore so sur
prised ami pleased that "they didn't
do a Hung." Hu spent the entire aft
ernoon listening to the recitations.
We are always glad to see our former
Silence reigned supreme; not a mis
demeanor was noticeable; seniors lost
in the depths of Cicero; juniors puz
zling over quadratics; suddenly unan
nounced and unattended entered Ills
Majesty. One pupil was beckoned lo
uccnmpnuy him to the chamber of
demopoly. Vaguo were tho suppos
itions as to his fate. Soon however, hu
returned; hud passed through thu
cleansing lire with iiuscorclied gar
ments, nor was the. simdl of lire upon
him He gave thu order for another
lo pass through thu ordeal In this
manniir, one .summoning another, al
most the entire class had been entei
tallied. Had you noticed that there
weie no notes passed lately?
, Sotlfcu
Morning service at 10.80 a. in. Sub
ject, "The Kssentials of a Hcligloiis
Life or How Can 1 Tell That I Am a
Sunday school 11M5 a.m.
Junior Society of C. K.-l p.m. Topic,
"If We Are Lojal lo Christ How Shall
We Show it?" led by Mrs. .J. O Hut
ler. All yuiing people me invited.
Y P S. C. K. 0-ao p.m. Topic, "Kn
deavorers Lojal to Christ; What Will
They Do?"
The" union service of the W. C. T. U
will lake the place of Hie usual even
ing service. Service in the Baptist
Church. Suhjeel, "The Devil of Our
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
at 7:110. Subject, "The Duty of the
Church; What Is It, How Will It Be
Oui chinch extends a heirty wel
come to all at any of their .services.
Ali are invited to those services.
Young men especially Invited to the.
Sunday evening sei vice.
O. K. Ticknoi:, Pastor
R. MILES' Reatorattvo Nervine Is
particularly adapted to tho restora
tion of health broken down by hard
montal work. Rev. W. M. Slaughter of New
Haven, W. Va., wrtteai "I suffered with cx
tremo nervousness, dlnlncss, dull and ner
vous headachos and sleeplessness. My heart
came to troubling mo, I waa short of breath
from tbo least exertion, and suffered much
pain In my left aldo.
Modlclno and pnysl
ciunsgavo me no re
lief. I procured Dr.
Miles' Uoatorative
Norvlne, Now Heart
Curo utid Nervo and
I.Ivor Pills, and I am
Riiro mi words of com-
momlnt Ion as to t ho results can bo too strong.
I sloop well, tho dlrztiuvs and confused f eel
InRhwudl'tnipf r i nyh ir troubles mo
in, u .,r,I' ', f ' . it '
i .Udrug-
.' iKAtlO
ti ,i. j i . ' UihiI: on
Ucu.1 1 KorvobMut nu to ull applicants.
IK. MIMM MRUIOAL CO., Mlfcuart, Ind.
Tii;H hpr-lrno-A nf rich and noer. has saved
many a life. For Throat and Lung affections
It is invaluable. It never fails to cure Cough,
Cold, Croup and Whooping-Cough. DR. BULL'S
COUGH SYRUP is the best. Price 25 cents.
Chew UNGE'SftUGS.Utf Great Uliacc Antidote.lOc. Dcalin of mail.A.CMtier & Ce., 0aHo.,Md.
Pleaching at KhiiO a.m.
Sunday school at 11:110.
.Junior League at 4 p.m.
Simior League at 0:110.
Preaching at ?:!I0 on "Seven Abomi
nablo Things."
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
at 7:X0.
Chapel Sunday school at ! p in. each
The public, is invited to ail these ser
vices. Kr.v. .1. M. Daiiiiv, Pastor.
Services Sunday morning ut II
Sunday school at 10 o'clock.
Scrvires in the evening at 7:;i0.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers,
The famous little pills.
Totter, Salt-Itheum and lCczcnia.
The intenso itching nnd sumrtiiifj inc;i
dontto theso disewsea is iiistmitly alhiycf'
by applying- Chainberlain'u Eye and
Skin Ointment. Many very lud catcs
havo been ponnnnently cured by it. It
Is equally oilicient for itching piles and
n favorito remedy for hovo nipple;
chapped hands, chllbluins, frost bites
and chronic soro oyes. 25 cts. per box.
Dr. Cndy's Condition Powderi, nro
just what a horso needs when in bad
condition. Tonic, blood nnriiler and
vermifuge. They aro not food but
medicine and tho best in uso to put a
horso in prime condition
cents per package
Notice to Tcaohors.
Notice is hereby given that I will e.
aniiiiM ull persons who may desire to
wITer themselves as candidates for
teachers tf the public schools of this
county, al Hed Cloud on the third Sat
urday f each month.
Special examinations will be held on
the Friday preeeeding the !ld Saturday
wf each month.
The standing desired for :.'d nnd 3d
grade certificate is the same n grade
below 70 per cent., average 81 per cent;
for lirst gratU certificate na grade be
low 80 per cent., average 1)0 per cent in
ail brandies required by hiw.
I) M. IlUNTKit, County Supt.
We Offer You
REriEDV Which
IN5URB5 Safety
of Life to Moth '
cr and Child.
Robs Confinement of lis Pain, Horror and Risk. (
Mvwifo used "Miniums' fiiikniv io-
I fori) birth of lirr tlrtil clillil, she did not
S. of V. Band Musicalc.
Tne following i the program for tlio
iiiiisieale and eourert to be given by
thu Hed Cloud S. of V. band at tho
opera bouse next Friday evening. Feb
ruary Oth.
Kilter I'aivr.
March, "Semper Fidelia"
S.uf V. Unml,
Ovectiirc, " Semwruuililo" . ..
S, of Y.L'Hiiil,
.SopMiio hole, '-Tlie Holy Cll"
MlanJeuulo 1111.
Violin Obllunto, MIh MnrRnrct Miner.
I'lmio AiTompaiilnciit, MUr Miiry Miner.
"MlrnlcllnIWc"i. Krllar
Jenklnt Orclieuru, ten plercB.
Piano Duct, "Selected,'
Mlateii I.lllio Hmttb, draco Fort.
Mnle (Juartet, "(lolilln's'lll Oet Vo" . Parks
Clark, CoUIiik, Jcuklim, blckerson. '
Urati Quartet
llell, Msnn, Kmlgh, Clark.
Creole Dance ...
8, ofV.IIaud
Overture, 'Toot am! Pennant," Suppe
S. of V. Hand.
Violin Duct
1), C. Jenkins, Mint MnrRarcl Miner.
Coiuert Mazurka, '"llmlla"
S. of V. Hand.
Vocal Dust, "lluiipyTlmit I'alo Mom,"...,
(I. S. Allirlwlil, Mls iwutrlx Mirer.
Mniitlollii mid ijiiitir Dint . . .
' I' I I lllli V, i,
"Slur Mpitlii:!. ii inn r'
' ( i i !
O .', ; JXXT A..
'HU tit- ,
i surterfroml'IIAJII'SiirlMINS wiHpilckly ,
rnik i
' recovery via rapid.
i rolimcd at tlm critical hour xufTcrhit: but
. little Sim bad no pains afterward ami her '
K. K. Johnston. Rufaula, Ala.
Sent by Mall or Kxnrrcs. onrccclntof
, priff, 91. uu per uuwr. uook "to juoiu
' ers" inallod t'reo.
BniDHELI) nEGDLiTOB 00., AUaaU, Oa.
! i
at licit Cloud. In the State of Noliraxka, at tin
clone of lumlneks Deconiticr.llnt, 1MV0
I.oaunand Dlncoiintit Ml.CM 91
iiYcrdrnflti. secured and uiibcciireil 18 3U
County hiii! clly warrantu 1M1 (A
iT'oi Corn io rJCxrctl&
Daring the JVIonth
of January, . .
We will exchange shoes
for corn at 1 1 cents per
bushel. Corn to be deliv
ered when goods are pur
chased. V '.MUMP
Our lnek 1 llie largi i ami uios.1 eouiplele.
All gooiK marhed in plain ligutes
Our prices the lowc-at.
"IhU i' mi ellort in yotii behalf. Kmlraee .
Cincinnati Casli Shoe Store. Q
For Oora Sax 110 do.
11)01(11 11
(l (i
Chase & Sanborn's Coffees.
kkksh vk(;ktahu-:s and Kiturrs of all kin'ds in i:ason.
Harness! Harness! Harness!
The Square Dealing, Low Priced, Best G-rade
In Red Cloud. Prices right for cash.
Tht season of tha T:ir hai Arrived whrn you will ba prevailed upon by
your consignments f
Tak !! chances hut shin direct to the old estuhllshco linn of
J. - iV. MoCutcheon - & Co.,
122 South Water St., Chicago, III.
Thy will pitR yu tap prices and quick mturns Writ them fr quotations
ICKhKKENCK FiKvr National Bank, CIiIchu. Illinois
12e - PAID - FOH - GOHN
911 .10
llanklim home furniture nnd Uxtiiren.
cliecWHsiul other Cttuli Items -...
Due from other natlatml.
mnle mul private banks
ami hankers 1 1.3,706 44
fijiecle i,2"i N)
Nleklcs ami cents i:i CO
Hills at other hanks 1,810 00
I.eRiil tender notes 1,000 00
Total rash on hand ....
Total 'J,401 M
Capital tock paid In. tlft.000 I
UndlNlilcd jirotltii 11,637 BU
Individual deposits subject
to chock L'O.RHI C?
Dcmiind cvrilllcntci ( de-
iiM,it a.fM 09
Time ceitlflcntea of dcpoilu (1,3 00 ai,8M 70
The liue.-l line ut
Hoods, Fascinators,
Ice Wools, "Woolen Squares
And prettier and cheaper than ever
Many other things suitable for Xmas Presents.
All my Dri'M (iootlN uttJreatly Hediieed Prices.
Tot nl ,
'K m1 Ni
Count-of Vi'bmr,
. M2.I91 M
8TATK III' NhllllACKl, I
I. W. A. Miorwixid. rnlikT of (he
uIkho iiauii'iI haul., do tolciuul) hwonr Unit Iho
uliovii .lad iiii'iit Ik irue In the bent ut liu LihuI
I .! 1 1 1 , Hi-'
Jo r ., "' S'i.iiim , i .ili i
1 I I l S I lllii
0 MM! vSI
you r,
:u !' Ijfftif.i ilw .til i'i.i
)ty iHiininll(ni tixptiUs lu fi. 1)1
mi .
day of ,laimm, tVt
IUKiti M llcNiTT, Xolaiy llillli ,
TAND 113
bK 1 & .ssss rasBsW' KiK VH
mwrirf;irinr r isEorirsoa l
mx ssEF&WKm
M - m v, . r " m """" k aiv - nwni
mWjSShZmlmS You w' flnd on coupon
VJKw-iMN!v0rl! lnldBch two ounce bag-
Sl II IIWMI Mil II I I LIHL.1i: III I v TU S.UU LJ1AB lIlBSIlt Mil fin
BB YSmSs'I II I'lil rurouncebaeorQlaclcweira
ffH iLTOBWBmJ I r"'l fl Durhnm. Buy a bag of tbla
T vlin''' 'll t,elebratea tobacco and road
U FT . ' viuil mucii fives n
vvW I how to genu Jm.
, '- ,.-,aMJ!! i
J. . -.- I'lS-ASLklia "Am I
lllisinsWllsWlsllsWWnsWIIsllsmiMsBMAMaa.. , I
WIT i !' '1LliitiJiIVjJ-mwiWL'Be;
.i ,,-' ...
iTiiiii sWiM'1 him i1 hi isjsji i ' i'iI i Mi 'i ' m m
f i -lf4Tffii"Fr"'"J1",Tu