The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 22, 1897, Page 3, Image 3

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V r -
Itn't ho .1 wonder,
lsn t hou pet
-Vnywe'io pot ii brother.
Vihotiemhiuloiie otl
Look lit his fnt eheeks. Klrls!
Mioltnt his i rent cyei,
W ile u niti ti.j open,
blnrliu with surprise.
IVhnt ii pretty mouth, too:
W lint ii tluffv t
Isn t ho u htMUtv.
Thouthhc's rather red
Would't he look ctmrmlnj
lnuelict lnvtl
lilei In relies latuhlng
Only think ot that'
Won't wi loo nnd pit hlmt
soon he II try to ulli;
lhih.a little lifter.
He'll beKlti to walk.
Won't ho bo n pleasure.
Won't hu bnujnvr
Hern wtre we. sitters three-
Isow we'ie. pot ii Imv
-Astloy It lliiljwln
The Great Hesper.
HY 1'ltANK ItAltltl'.TT.
"I think wo timy as well got olT it,
fn thtit case. "
"Will, jus. It ain't tnoro rtskv
httindln' on it than standln1 undor it";
but us wo'vo got to go under it, and
down tho hole. v,-o may as woll pit."
Ho lod tho way along tho trem
bling rock a doon yardfl may bo tho
rushing water sounding upon tho loft
of us, and then strotched out his loft
urra to stop us. Ho advanced ctin
tiously, and holding out tho torch at
arm's-length, tho light, foil upon tho
yollow water as it pourod down into
tho black gulf upon which our stand-Jng-plueo
abutted. Tho llamo of tho
torch wus drawn down by the current
of air us if it had been at 'ho blast
holo of a furnace. liaising his volco
to ovprcomo tho noiso of tho water,
Draco called nut
"Wo'vo got to go down thoro!"
"You aro not afraid, l,ola?"I asked.
Sho shook her head, und gavo mv
imnd another littlo squoozo.
Hraco led us olT tho rock, kooplng
tho wutor atill on our left, und thoro
was some moro downward clnmbor
ing lor u f.ow minutes. Then wc
cuine to a stand, and ho showed mo a
lateral opening about four foot in
Wo goes through thoro," ho said,
then ho produced a Mask, poured out
a dram, and handed it to mo. I of
fered it to Lolu. Another shako of
tho hoad, and uuothor littlo equcoc
I emptied thooup.and Hraco helped
"Thoro ain't no need to got ottr
frolvos in a muck over this job. We'll
put our rubbers on," he said, "tho
wot drips through."
I took out tho overcoats from tho
bundle of rugs, und wo put thorn on.
Then I strnppod tho roll of rugs on
my shoulders again.
Hraco touched my shouldor and
pointod upward to a couplo of faint
ly pink nebulous patches in tho mist.
What is it?" I askod.
"Tho sun kctehin' tho top of tho
peaks," ho replied.
Ho took u couplo of torches from
tho bundlo ho carriod, and bogati to
light thorn at the end of tho ono ho
had lust used.
Won't you wait a littlo it will
be light in half an hour?" I -aid.
Not down thoro," ho replied; "It's
pitch dark at noon in that almighty
nolo. Now," ho added, whon tho
torchoH wcro woll lit, "tako ono of
theso, kick tho snow well oft your
feet, koop ono oyo on mo and t'other
on tho rocks, und leave tho rest to
With this lust injunction ho
stooped down, and passod through
tho oponing. Wo followed, but sin
gly, for wo needed both hands to
mako tho perilous descent.
Tho first thing I notlcod In passing
undor tho grout block that bridged
the awful chasm was the compara
tive slloncc. Wo could no longer
hoar tho rushing of tho stream on
tho other sido, only tho dull roar of
tho water us it struck tho bottom of
tho canyon somo thousands of foot
Hrnco's volco was startllngly dis
tinct whon ho spoko.
"You tell mo tho thing is on tho
other sido of tho ropes, my gel?" ho
Sho answorod yos, and wo wont
slowly forward and downward along
tho narrow and jagged lodgo, our
facoB toward tho glittering quarts,
hooking interstices and projections
for hold to our hands.
Wo wore getting away from tho
fall, but ut a cortatn point tho path
roturned toward it in a zig-zag
along a lower projection. At an
anglo which offered a littlo wldor
standing spaco, wo stopped.
This hero holo was fust showed
ine by tho Kid's mother," said Hraco;
"it hud sorvod hor fathor for a
caohotto in tho ourly days of this
country's glory.
"A caohetto," ho oxplalnod, is a
placo whoro you koop things snug.
A'raoBt ovory minor, boforo tho
vigilance commlttco noraonatcd mo
judgo, bad a cachette. This wus
mine, and many a ouueo I'vo brought
down horo; fur you soo, barrio ao
ctdouts, It's won'orful safo. You
will allow that no ono could Und hU
way down horo in tho dark" (I shud
dorod ut the thought of any ono at
tempting suoh a fearful vonturo),
and from horo right up to tho holo
is a fair straight line, so that no
light could eonio down without it
bo In' boon; but that ain't tho only
safeguard, as you fchall soo. Conio !
on, uir.V
Wo mndo our way foot by foot
along tho narrow lodgo foe some
distance. Whon Hraco. again halted,
tho light of his torch rovoulod
the yellow .stream falling sllontly
through space, a fow feet boforo him.
'J hut silent fall impressed mo with
tho i-rnc of tho awful dopth of tho
gulf b r. ii
The u.lo ended abruptly whoro
Brace stood; u roceas Id tho wall al
lowed amplo standing room for us
"The grensor novor got no furdor
down thnn this; but It woron't fur
ciuough for mo," said Hraco. "I had
my Idea of gettln' right down to tho
bottom of this holo, whoro theso
waters must havo carried tons o'
"Hut tho lodge ends horo."
"It do; but," ho added, lifting his
torch, "It goes on again over there."
Tho light fell on a jutting projec
tion of quart?, upon the opposito sido
of tho chasm, distant at least twenty
"Hut you can not leap thnt."
"Correct, end I ain't goin1 to try.'
Ho laid hlmsolf upon his face, and
stretchod his arm down tho chasm;
whon ho arose ho had a cord in his
hand. L'ulling this In ho drew up
two colls of stout ropo. As ho drow
thorn In, I saw that their other onds
woro attachod to rocks upon tho op
posite ledge, ono abovo the other,
with about four feet butweon.
"Wo must hitch 'em tight glvo
us a hand, sir," ho said.
I holped him to mako tho ropes
taut, and fasten the!,' looso onds up
on tho projecting crags that ho hud
long omployod for that purpose.
'Thoro sir," ho said, taking his
torch from Lola, un.l holding it over
tho black gulf, "thoro's as pretty a
bridgo and hand-rail as tho heart of
man conld reasonably dosirc."
For all that. I held my breath as I
saw him stop out on tho lower rope,
and mako his way holding by tho
uppor ono, ucross that bluck abyss.
Mv turn camo and with tho blood
humming In my cars, I stopped
out upon tho ropo. It swung to and
fro In tho mlddlo, and I
was sclzod with that irresistible
suegostion of self-destruction which
affects the imagination of most pco
plo in looking down from an extraor
dinary hoight.
Lola bogan to cross boforo I was
woll off, and whon wo stood all threo
in safoty on tho lodgo, a forvont
Thank God!" roso front my heart.
"Wal, wo'vo got to git buck ug'in,"
obsorved Hrnco, as If my thankful
noss wcro a littlo prematura; "hows
ovor, 'taint bad to think of provl
ilenco when you're in danger; now,
my gel. it's for you to load on."
"You can stay horo; you'ro too
heavy for whoio I'm going," said
sho. taking the torch from his hand.
With a swiftness that terrified mo,
sho wont down tho side of tho preci
pice, lindiug foothold whoro wo,
looking down from tho projection,
could see none.
"They don't know danger kids
don't," sala Hraco, In a low tone.
"End," ho added, looking into tho
depths about him uneasily, "I
wouldn't mind fooling tho samo mv
solf. First tlmo I ovor folt skoory,
down this holo, and I'm durned 11 it
shan't bo tho Inst I'm gottln' too
old loonj'y risky work."
I could not tako my oyes from tho
light below, as it passod in jerks
from point to point. At last it
stoppod, and after a mlnutos pauso,
to my great rellof, it bogan to ro
turn. Quicker and qtttckor tho light
danced along until 1 folt sick and
giddy with fear for tho girl's safety;
and then, with ono last bound, sho
stood upon our shelf of rock, holding
tho Great Hespor in hor hand.
"Am I goodr" sho asked oarnostly,
nestling up to my sido.
It's tho very same," said Hrnco,
taking tho stono in his hand.
"Do you tako caro of it," said I,
"for I Und enough to do to tako caro
of mysolf. "
Wall, I rockon It won't bo long
aforo wo'ro on tho host sido o' this
hole," ho ropllod, putting tho stono
in his pocket
Ho was certainly HI at caso and
loss confident than usual, for ho took
his torch, and oxamlnod tho fasten
ings of tho ropes, nnd then from an
adjacent carlty ho brought out an
other coil of cord, in which cross
plocosof stout hickory woro knotted
at intervals of a foot Ho unfastonod
it und luid It looso upon tho rock
with tho looped ond froo.
"Tho ropes bus boon yours cx
posod to .tho dump, und thoy uro
bound to go ono day. Hot thoy
should happon to go this day, this
horo knotted ropo may como in par
tlo'lar handy. You know how to use
it, my gol. Horo's for a start."
With tho torch in his hand ho bo
gan tho roturn along tho rope.
Ho got to tho mlddlo whon he
"What's that?" ho asked sharply,
holding tho uppor ropo with ono
hand, whtlo ho ruined tho torch with
tho other, and peered out Into tho
It was earful to 'soo htm standing
thoro with tho torch ovor tho awful
chasm, tho ono luminous objoot In
tho blaoknoss.
"Did you hear anything, pardnorP"
"Scorned to mo I hoord a rlllo
cocked. Durnod old fool!" ho mut
torod in solf-roproaeh, us ho con
tinued his course
Without accldont, or othor inci
dent, ho ronchod tho lodgo, and with
a grunt of content seated hlmsolf on
a bauldor, lotting tho torch drop by
his side. Thoro was a pool of water
thoro; with a hiss tho licht wont out.
Tho noxt Instant thoro was a Hush
In the' darkness beyond, followod by
the sharp crack of a rifle shot
Wo could seo nothing, but from
tho lodgo opposito caraou groan, and
Draco called faintly
"I'm hit, pardnor; look out for
Tho shot had boon flrod after tho
light was oxtlnguishod. leaving him
in obscurity. The fuculty that hud
enabled tho assassin to descend that
torrlblo ledgo ia tho dark hud on
ablod him to mark down poor Hraco,
when ho was no longor vlslblo to our
This reflection struck mo ns, torch
in hand, I sprung upon tho ropo
bridgo to cross to my fallen partner.
"Hack, pardnor, back." groaned
Hraco; "ho's got tho Hespor, und
ho'll havo your llfo back!"
I raised my torch, and looking
toward tho lodgo, I saw a man kneel
ing ovor Hraco.
Ho raised his arm to silence llrncs
and tho light fell on tho bright blado
of tho knife in his hund. I shouted.
Turning, ho saw mo midway across
tho chasm, nnd sprung to his foot.
Then I recognized him. ' t was Van
It was ho, but conic; ellovo my
sonsos? His eyes wore the samo.
At that dlstanco his sightless oyos
should havo boon Indlsting"' .bio
from his cadaverous face, iow
thoy shone out black and 1-..i1'oub.
Yot In that Instant, ns ho looked to
ward mo, thoy soomed to fade away
In tho light of my torch. And this
was no decoptlon of my sight.
With a sawigo cry of rago ho hold
up his arms to shield his oyes from
tho light, and grasping his knife, ho
mndo his way quickly toward tho
rock to which tho ropo on which I
stood was attachod.
In a moment tho wholo mystory
was rovoulod. Ho was a Nyetalops,
and his oyos, blind in tho light, woro
gifted with tho extraordinary powor
of soolng In tho dark a powor by
which was explained nil that had
hitherto boon lnscrutablo in tho rob
bery of tho Grout Hesper and tho at
tendants oven at Monkon Abbey.
With a perception thnt ho Intended
to cut tho ropo which sustained ino,
I hastened to reach tho ledgo on
which ho stood. Hut my progress
was nocossarlly slow, for tho lowor
cord, stretchod with thowolght upon
It, formed a deep bond, and my damp
boots slipped upon Its wot surface.
Which would ho out first? f it
woro tho uppor ono. I must trust to
catching tho lowor as I foil. With
this vlow, I kept mysolf as per
pendicular as cireumstancoH per
mitted; at tho samo tlmo grnsplng
tho uppor ono with all my forco, in
caso ho cut tho lowor ono.
I was within a yard of tho rock
whon I folt tho ropo undor my foot,
jerk as Van Hoock cut througn tho
first strands; the next Instant it wont
nil together, and I was loft swinging
by my hands to tho uppor ropo ovor
the ehusm.
The Itiillliius of tho CiitHiikm HenUutr
lit n Crlino for Money.
Hrigands still appear to maintain
a froo hand in tho Caucasus. Tho
othor day twonty-four of thorn armed
to tho tooth, issued from a villago
about 5 o'clock in tho afternoon. A
packhorso, laden with cartridges and
othor munition, brought up tho rent,
lioforo roaching Zaturoff, ono of tho
industrial vlllagos within tho Hakhu
naphtha roglon. tho party mot four
peasants, whom thoy Interrogated as
to tho dwelling of tho richest man in
tho sottloment
Tho first peasant rofusod to suy
and was immediately cut down. A
socond, also declining, was stabbed.
Tho othor two lod tho brigands to
tho house of u bonovolont and
wealthy compatriot, Hadshl-Hussoln.
in tho villago of Kobl. Iladshi
Hussoin hosltated to state whoro his
money was kept, but u duggor
driven through tho muselos of his
right arm und loft thoro induced him
to load tho robbors to his safo.
Horo thoy found 10,000 rubles in
gold and pnpor monoy and 10,001)
rubles' worth of valuables. Hadshl
Hussoin wns afterward cut down und
decupltatod. Tho housokoopor woro
gold ear-rings, tho glint of which
attracted tho uttontion of tho
murderers. In a moment hor ear
was silt from tho sido of hor hoad.
Sho sprang to tho door, but was
stabbod. Hor crlos had, howovor,
alarmed tho vlllagors, who opnnod
a fuslllado on tho robbers. Tho
latter made a dnsporato sortie, re
gained tholr horsos and mado good
tholr rotreat, leaving four of tholr
number dead. All offorts havo so
far failod to unoarth this band from
tholr fnstnossos.
UttllzhiT the Moth.
Fow persons suspect that tho com
mon moth may bo utilized as a doc
oratlvo artist, but ho may bo, if only
ono bo watchful, patient, ond ac
quainted with tho oroaturo'a habits.
Tho larva of tho moth has a habit ol
spinning abovo itsolf a sort of sac
front tho material upon which It
foods. As tho worm gtows it en
larges this sack by tho proco-m of
splitting It and tnsortlng now ma
terial. Now, if a moth-worm that
has onelosod itsolf in rod flannel bo
afterward transferred, sac and all. to
whlto llannol tho growing Insoot will
silt its rod llannol covering and on
largo it with a portion of tho whlto
flannel. If, then, tho worm ond tho
sno bo transferred to blno llunnol,
tho crcaturo will In course of tlmo
onlargo tho sack with bluo flannol,
and thm olotho itsolf patriotically in
rod, whlto und blue. Entomologist
Southwlok of tho park department,
says that It is no groat troublo to
put a moth-worm through this per
formance. N. Y. Sun.
William Mud Pretence or Hlnil.
William tho Fourth of England
soomed in a momentary dilemma one
day whon, at tho tablo with several
officers, ho ordered tho wultor to
"Tuko away that murlno there,"
pointing to an empty bottlo. "Your
majosty," inquired a colonel of ma
rines, "do you compare an ompty
bottlo to n membor of our branch of
thosorvlco?" "Yes," replied tho mon
arch ub If o sudden thought had
struck him, "I meun It has dono its
duty onco and It is roudy do It
again." Argonaut
Summary of the 1W Week Itllli Intro
duced, With Number, Author nml Text
Committers- 1'lrnty f Mutter to Work
On Other New.
in tiii: uoi'si:.
Tuesday, .liuiunry 19.
After roll call in the house this morn
ing Colour Alexander Hogcland was
grunted permission to discuss the cur
few law ns applied to the reform of
neglected children. In the course of
his remarks he Intimated that a bill
would be introduced for a state curfew
luw, and his remarks were In the tin
ture of explaining to the members the
benefits to lie derived theiefroni,
Twenty-sk new bills were Intro
duced at the motnlng session. Follow
ing are among the Important ones:
II. It. No. 40, b) Mr. Sn.uVr-To prohibit Is
nninre of fire iniuvportutlon,
11. It. No 4 I, bv Mr Cronk To enable Irrlju
tlpn districts thnt hiiUMiooutstunfllnj Inilebt
tdiieijs tortl. continue iirKuiitratlnn.
,Jl'.'J!.,No ' ,,v lr ''ow T appropriate
I00,txw for pn) mrnt of subtle of uiembcn. uml
If. It. No .11. bv Mr. CUrh of I.ane.nter To
lotcrmlno the adoption or rejection of consti
tutional iimeniltiients by quo wurruhto pro
ceefllnps before the supreme court.
H. II. No. M by Mr. rlnrltof Lufieusterfor
snr assessor In ettles of 2 WX) or o cr.
II. It. No. Ml b Mr.curkot l.iimaster-To
punish blejcle sicillng by penitentiary sen
tence. II. II. No. r7 by Mr. llllllnss To amend Itus
tlun thistle int.
II II. No. A) Joint resolution proildlntr that
a mnlorln of those otinj.' for nnd UKlnttn
constitutional amendment be rnouirh to rarrv.
.'' H.',c- J,N 'Mr Well-To authoruc printing
or applications for saloon licenses In anv Hewn
paper of iiencral circulation.
H. It. No. 4, by Mr. IVnikr To empower
Eubllc ofllclals to apprehend and proildefor
omelcss thlldrcn.
The thirty-eight bills Introduced on
Monday were read u second time.
When house roll number live was
reached, Mr. Hull of Hnrlan moved It
bo reud u third time, engrossed nnd
made ready for passage. Sodermtin of
Phelps and others objected to hasto In
such an important matter, and tho bill
was referred to committee on privileges
uml elections.
A chance in tho rules was mnde re
quiring that all present must vote.
During debate on Douglas, county
eontestb a motion to adjourn carried.
AVeilnrmlny, .liiuuiirj III.
Immediately nfter tho preliminaries
in the house this morning Mr. Clark of
Lancaster was recognized, lie took up
proceedings whoro the hinso had left
off the previous evening Jenkins' mo
tion to indefinitely postpone the Doug
las county contest cases being under
Mr. Clark of Ulchtirdson moved to re
fer to committee on privileges and elec
tions. Tho discussion on the motion brought
forth quite a warm debate, und a fusl
lade of points of order and parliamen
tary rules, until Mr. Hull of Harlan
moved the previous question and Mr.
Clark of Lancaster demnnded a roll
coll. The previous question was or
dered and contest referred.
A motion by Mr. Hull of Hnrlan that
no employe be allowed overtime except
on order of speaker, brought Mr. Jenk
ins up to roraark thnt lie could not un
derstand why any employe should be
allowed for overtime.
Speaker (Jaflln responded that em
ployes were often required to work ex
tra hours. At times during last session
engrossing clerks were required to
work twenty-threo hours without ces
sation. Mr. Jenkins replied that tho explan
ation was satisfactory and tho motion
Mr. Smith of Douglas moved that
.1,000 copies of tho governor's message
be printed, thnt each member be sup
plied with ten and that the rest be left
with tho secretary of state for distri
bution. Pollard moved a substitute that a
committee bo appointed to net with a
committor, nlrcady appointed by the
senate to ascertain the cost and report
how many should be printed.
The amendment was rejected by a
viva voce voto and tho motion by Smith
prevailed on roll call by 74 to 11).
Mr. Hull of Harlan oilercd a motion
to appoint a committee to see if any
additional employes were needed, and
to report if any changes .were advisable.
Mr. Clark of Lancaster introduced a
resolution to have authors of bills ap
pear before committee before the com
mlttco reports samo for action. Adopt
ed. A senate resolution, instructing the
attorney-general to investigate the de
lay in tho decision of the maximum
rate case, wns concurred In by the
House Itolls numbered 05 to 08 wero
II. It. 83. by Mr. Hull of Harlan is to
appropriate 810,000 to experiment with
Rainmaker Wright's theory of produc
ing precipitation by cannonading.
If. R. 00, by Mr. Soderman of Phelps
is to provide for n statue of Abraham
Lincoln on capltol grounds.
II. It. No. 03, by Mr. Smith of Doug
las, asks for an appropriation of 8350,
000, and provides for the governor ap
pointing twelve directors to represent
the state.
House Rolls 38 to 04 wero read a sec
ond tlmo. II. R. No. .13, appropriating
990,000 for pay of members was ordered
engrossed for third reading,
Thtirvilay, January 14
The clerk had been reading the jour
nal for half an hour, further reading
was dispensed with on motion of Mr.
Memorials were read from the peo
ple of Urund Island and Hall county,
asking that tho legislature provide for
the payment of the bounty on beet
sugar manufactured during the past
two yearn so that the producers of the
beets may receive the full 8.1 per ton,
instead of the 84 per ton paid them.
Referred to committee on finance ways
awl means.
A resolution was introduced by Mr.
Hillings directing the secretary of state
to furnish each member five 2-cent
tamps and five 1-cent stamps per day.
The resolution met with some oppo
sition but was finally adopted.
Mr. Taylor of Fillmore offered a reso
lutlon directing that members be sup
plied with three dally newHpaptrb.
Laid on table.'
Among the new bills introduced were
the following;
II. R. Of, ky Mr. Clark of Laucaater-To pun-
uboaukea taieeiaod to pur.Ub peravas re- I
reiving or buying Htolen chickens, nnd to pun
Ish all person hnrborlng or concealing chicken
II. It. 102, bv Mr Kolker Tolnrorporutntlio
order of the r.nstern Htur, and right to lit
quire, hold and dispose of any and all property,
sno and be surd In any court of Instil e,
, II II. lift, by Mr. Sheldon, uxtlng a light
In the wuers or tlm stato to, bv petition,
tefer any law enacted or proposed bv
the legislature to a popular vole and to
leject the same In the ballot, cstlngthe rlcht
In the loteisof the state to propose las and
enact them Into full force and effect bv district
otet of tho people qualllled to tote for state
oftlclaU. topic.rilbc the manner of such legln
lallon and provide punishment for offenders.
1C It. No. 100. b Mr Mieldonror ajolnt
resolution to amend section I, article a. of tho
constitution I proilillug that Irglslullie
authorll lie tested In tho (Uiillllcd electors
and for the notlftuitlnu of House Itnll No lift.
II K. No. 107. bv Mi Wlebc ul llnll-To re
peal the net creating the Mllford home.
II. H. No 117, liv Mr Siidetmanof Phelps
loproildo for the tempoiatv Issuance of non
Interest bearing warrants, when there uro no
IiiihU In the troRsmy,
Hills from 38 to Ct were read a second
One by Mr. Hull of Hnrlnn provides
for no exhibit at the Tennessee cen
tennial. House roll 10.1 provides for tho adop
tion of the Initiative and referendum.
The house has 03 oinnloyos.
Friday, January in.
The house convened Friday morning
nt 10 o'clock. Two attempts wero
mnde to dispense with the rending of
the journal, tho last being successful,
The following bills were read the
first time:
II.' It. No. 124. by Rhehlon of Dawwt
To amend chapter 80, compiled tutuu
of 1R9C, relating; 'to school lands an1
funds, to prevent the further gale of
school lands. ,
II. n. No. 123, by Ilurkett of Lanca-ler-To
amend nedtron 2728 of the com
piled nuntutps of 1895 of Nebraska, re
latmg to decedents.
H. It. No. 126. by WhwSer of Furnas
To amend Beotlon 1, chapt- 7, taws
erf 1895, and to amend Motions 8936, 3968,
8973, 3975, 3976. 3D87, 4058, 4060. 4064 and
4066 and to repeal said sections as origi
nally constituted, and Ho repeal sections
4067, 4059, 4061 and 4062 of chapter 46,
entitled "publlo finance," matures of Ne
bnmk 1891, and to a,M orlglnnl
section1 1, chapter 67, taws of 1895. Tho
Mil elves more extended powers to
boards of equalisation.
H. . No. 127, by Julius Smith To
authorize fhe tltate of Nebraska to erect,
maintain and manage a beet swear fac
tory and appropriate ILT.0,000 therefor.
II. K. No. 128, by QoorKe U. Jones
An act providing tor the payment of
taxes tn Instalmen'is of not tlun
25 pnr cent of ihe Untount due alt time
of payment.
II. II. No. 129, toy Casebeer of QftKe
A Joint resolution proposing o nmend
nra'lon 1, article 15. of the constitution
of rho fflutx; of Nebraska, relating? to
II. R. No. 130. by Klster An net to
amend seotlon 3972 of 'the compiled
K-ututis .t Nebraska of 189C, and to r
peal said original section dclhilng a lRal
H. It. No. 131, by Ilyram An act to
punish hog wealing; and to punish per
uens TecolvinK ov stolen hogs
and to punish all persons harboring ot
conoeiUlnic hojt thteves.
O. A. Severe, chairman of the com
mute on engroased and enrolled bills,
reported that house roll No. 63, the bill
appropriating $90,000 far the ct
legislators and envp'.oyes, wns properly
engrossed. It "being understood :hat the
bills wero printed, the rules were ru
pended In order 'to permit of a tnlrl
reading and final passage. 1ttve bllla
were ndt printed, however, and a rec-
tnl 2 o'clock was taken.
The nouse met Again at 2 o'clock.
IVInted coptes of nous roll (No. M
were distributed und the speaker an
nounced that the bill would properly
oimo up for tihlrd reading. The chit!
clerk read the bCI for trie third time and
on roll call lit was declared can-led, the
vote being 96 to 1. Hull of Harlan voted
II. R. No. 132, by Rtoh To amend
sectlona 109, 119. 122, 123. 126, 127, 129, 134,
17D and 181, of n not entitled "An act
to provide a flystem or revenue," ap
proved March 1, 1879, to repeal Hatd
original section and to repoal section 12C
of staid act. The bill provides for the
ootloctton of taxes by making It n
preA'ter risk Ito allow r.hem to ac
cumulate. H. R. No. 133, ty 'Rich An act de
fining crualty to children, priftcrlbmg
punlahment for, 'and for guardianship ol
chfWren In oertai'.n cases.
H. It. No. 134, toy Rich An act pro
viding for the sale upon execution of
stock and corporations, and Interests tn
companies not Incorporated and desig
nating i, he manner of levying thereupon
undwr exeomtlons and writs of attach
ment. II. R. No. 135, toy Rich To amend
ecctlcn 2690, chapter 23, of the compiled
statute of Nebraska for the year 1896,
to provide that the widower of a de
ceased Ir.'tetiate shall be entitled to re
ceive the sanve sVrare of the ivslduo of
said Intestate's personal estate as a child
of fhe Intestate would 'be entitled to,
and to -peal fai!d section as now ex
isting. II. R. No. 136, by R'efh To aui hori
and empower coun'ty clerks tn grant to
cxeoutorw, admlnVitratora and guardlant
a license 'to mortgage teal estate for cer
tain purposed, to appoint guardians ad
litem for minors and If necessary au
thorising and empowering county courts
lo appoint a special administrator to
carry out 'the provUlon of this aot; and
to repeal sections 2845 and 2810, chapter
23, entitled "dccjdenU," of the compiled
Statutes of Nebraska for the year 1S95.
H. R. No. 137, by Rich To atnend
section 2546, chapter 23, entitled "dece
dents." of the compiled statutes of Ne
braska for the year 1895, to provide that
a widower or any deceased person shall I
be entitled to the same distributive I
shore in IJhe Cvttnte of Ids deceased wife
that said wife Is entitled to 1n his es
tate according to eald ;tlon, and to re
peal said vectlon as now existing.
H. R. No. 138, toy Rich To amend
seed on 37 of chapter 19 at the compiled
statutes of Nebraska of 1896, entitled
"oouTtd," and to repeal said section 37
as heretofore existing relative to the
venue law.
H . R. No. 13fl, by Rtoh To amend
pectton 682 cf the code of olvU procedure
and to repeal the original section.
H. R. No. 140, by Rich To provide
for one adoption of minor children, and
lo repeat sections 1H, 797, 798, 799, 800
and 801 of chapter 2, title 25 of the code
of olvll procedure.
II, R. No. 141, by McCarthy To
amend setotlon 497 of the code of civil
procedure of Mte state of Nebraska and
to repeal sadd section as trow existing
relative to redemption of and from
levy or aale.
II. R. No. 142, toy Hull-To regulate
rhe manufacture and sale of vlnegara,
to prevent deception and fraud therein,
and to provide penalties for viola t tons
H. R, No. 143, toy Catebe r Ta amend
aootlon t of chapter 68f the anotated
vka-tutes of the stalt- of Nebraska and
to repeal said original section relating
state Floating contracts. , .,,
II. It. No. 144, toy Iturkett-'An not
relating ro disinterring, tnutllatln, dea
seetltw, exposing, revolving, concealing
or otherwise Intermeddling with, dead)
'human txxttcs, aiding and vwk.'JlnK In
the doing of the amo, declaring the
same to toe unlawful and a crime, de
fining the orlttve thereof, and provldlnj;
for ltd punWliment, and ropeAlrog sefl
tkns 244 and 245 of elrapter 2.1 of the
criminal code of the rt'ote of Nctorankn.
II. R. No. 145, by SoJeiman To nmtnd
section 19, entitled "safary," and sec
tion 20, entitled "deputies," of ChupteT 7
of the compiled statutes of the state of
Nebraska for the year 1896 and to repeal
eald original sed lim tovldlng reduced
pay for county nttomrys.
II. II. No. 146, by Kspp To authorlwj
counties, precincts, townships, towns,
cities, villages and school districts to
compromise their Indebtedness of what
ever nature and Issue bonds therefor and
Isaue now lionda In case debt com
promised toe a 'bonded debt. And repeat
ing sections 32, 33, 84, 36 and 86 of chap
ter 9 compiled statutes of Nebraska,
The ctwrk then took up totlts on sec
ond reading and house rolls 99 to 124 In
clusive were read a second tlmo and re
ferred to appropriate committee.
A communication from die board of
trade of Da'.las, Tex., wms rul, asking
the legislature ix send s memorial to th
senato of the United Mates requesting
the speedy piuwnge of the Torrey bank
rupt 1IH which had toeon passed by the
house. The coinmunlcviton waii referred
ro the committee on mivcelhineoua busl
Hat unlay, .Innunry 10,
The house convened this morning at
10 o'clock. The Trnns-Mlsslh.sippl ex
position bill dlsctisslou took up consid
erable time. The following bills were
read for the first time, nfter which tho
house adjourned to U p. in. Monday:
II. R. No. 147, toy Felkor To omeno
section 328, 331 and 332 of tl Ic 10, ohaptx
1, compiled ni'atutos of Nebraska foi
1896, entitled "evidence." allowing per
sona before regarded as Incompetent
witnesses to testify !m oases of fraud,
H. R. No. 148, by Felker To amend
eotlon 681, of the code of civil proced
ure, and to repeal said original section
relaiave to final orders made In special
II. R. No. 349, by Loom Is To amend
aeottan 535 of the criminal code and
make the county liable for costs n casts
of misdemeanor.
II. R. No, 160, by Hull To regulate
the manufacture and sale of elder, to
prevent adulteration, deception and
fraud therein, and 4o provide ptnalUea
for violations thereof.
II. It. No. 151, by Iyoomls To amend
pectilon 21 of chapter 34, entitled "guard
ians and wards," of the complied
Htututes of 1895 and to reneal maM im.
tlon as now existing relative to removal
of guardians.
II. It. No. 152, by loomlfl To defUlo
llhe '.lability of railroad companies for
damages sustained toy employes, by rea
son of the negligence of other employee,
making every railroad In the state lia
ble for damages by reason of negllgenco
without contributory tiegl'Isence on ttw
part of the injured party.
II. R. No. 163, toy Iomls To provldo
for the dcsUructlon of noxious weeds and
for fhe eollrotlon of expenses Incurred
thereby, to fix penalties for the violation
of this net and to repeal sections 413,
414, 415, 416, 417, 418, 41, 420, 421, 422, 4E3,
424, 42(1, 420, 427 and 428, oomplttd
statutes of Notoraska of 1895. The MU
provided for tho destruotton of thistles,
sunflowers, snap dragon, burdock and
cockle burrs.
II. R. No. 154, by Wooster Defining
that gold and sliver shall be legal tender
In tho payment of debt. -v
H. R. No. 155, by Grimes A Joint
reaoluWon proposing an amendment to
seot'lon 1, of artlclu 7. of 'the constitution
of the stato of Nebraska, relating to
woman suffrage.
II. It. No. 166, by Hamilton To
amend section 20 of chapter 7, of tho
compiled statutes of Nebraska of 1895,
and to repeal isvld original section as
now existing relative K. assistants to
county attorneys.
H. R. No. 167, by Hamilton To
amend section 6, of chapter 28, of ttoe
compiled slututfs of Nebraska ot 1895,
relative to sheriff's fees.
II. R. No. 168, toy Hamilton To
amend section 3, of chapter 28, of rhe
compiled statutes of Nebraska of 1895,
re.atJ.vo to fees of tho clerk of the dls
irlat court
H. R. No. 169, by Mcdee To amend
section 61 cf chapter 18 of the compiled
itatutes of Nebraska of 1896, and so ve
peal aald seotlon as now existing relative
to town boards,
H. R. No. 160, toy Severe To amend
lectfon 189 of chapter 19 of the criminal
ode, entitled "offenses ngalnst election
fawe," and Lo repeal satd section.
II. R. No. 161, by Eastman An net
to aeslst and develop 'Ac Iowa, Lake
Superior & Oulf railroad In tho state Ot
H. It. No. 162. toy Croak To collect l
d.reSt 'tax on dogs, for the purpose of
:reatlng a fund for the payment of he
bounty on wolves, coyotes and wildcats,
inq me suppression or fne dog nuisance.
fl. R. No. 163, toy Dobson To amend
leotlon 119 of chapter 77 of the compiled
statutes of Nebraska of tho year 1895,
and provide that land sold for taxes
may be redeem In three years.
H. R. No. 1CI, by Weloh-An act to
prevent l.he desecration of the American
II. R. No. 165. by Van Horn An not
entitled "An aot to amend section 4 of
chapter 89 of the compiled statutes of
tNennasKa of 189.i, entitled "swamp
lands" and to repeal ?a!d original sec
tion. II. R. No. 166. by McCracken-To
amend section 847. tn le 27, of the com
plied statutes Of Nebraska of 1R35, code
t civil procedure, rclaMve to degree of
H. R. No. 167, toy OrandHtaff To
amend section 3, chapter 79, subdivision
0, of compiled statutes of Nebraska,
1395. naming the legal holidays when
school teachers ehall not toj jeuulred to
II. R. No. 1C8, by Horner To provide
for Imprwlng and main alnlng public
Rills up to house ror. 147 were read a
second time, 'after which the house ad
journed tin Monday at 2 o'clock p. m.
names la KlogPiher, Okls.
Kinopisiikr, Okla., Jan. 15. Fire
started last night in A. Morawltz's
meat market on tho main business
street and soon swept away ten build
ings and their contents. Tho town
has practicully no water supply and
tho volunteer tircmon wore nlmost
helpless. Incendiarism Is charged.
The totul losses arc about 920,000,
CongrcMinaii Surd for Divorce.
Wahiuno'jon, Jan. 15. Representa
tive David P. Wilbur of New York
was sued yesterday for alimony
nnd tho support of his child by Mrs.
Myrn C. Wilbur. Shu ulleges that he
abandoned her a year ago und that the
lucomo of her property U now bsing
collected by her husband. Sho de
mands the cus tod v ' ha child.