The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 16, 1896, Page 5, Image 5

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    TiiJii KtoJ- VUJVl) OUUBiF, if HID AY. OCT.
10, 1896 5
Absolutely Pure.
i M Mm Ol l.llllir i .Ihltik I..-H R. li u
i ..r
n in k'MM'iiliii; MlrciiKlli iM'tn' li,trtta
tioit mint ni tomt Htpcir'
Km ai. Hhi.imi l'(iiiKit o, New Vnrk
John S Murh iiihI wif
(if (illlde
Knek were hero Thuisduy
Miss Jessie C'utlii'i' ictutiied Thurs
day inorninp; from si visit to Denver.
AI. Stot'ti of C'liiciigo w:i heiu this
week looking after prope-i Ijr interests
A laif,'o delegation f Inn vale folks
were heiu Thursday to hear Major
Mrs. Antlimvs left the first of thu
week for her old homo in Winchester,
A. C. llosmor was in Lincoln this
week attending. H mcrting of the (J rand
Lodgo Knights of Pythias.
1). V, McFurlund, formerly road
inas'er here, now located at Holyoke,
Colorado, was heir this week.
Always in Benson, Iiopkin's Steamed
Hominy (Hulled Corn). Klegnnt lunch
in milk. Quart can 10 cents.
Fred Gund and J, W. Sampson drove
down from Blue. Hill Wednesday night
returning home again on Thursday
Henry Clark and Hen McCune went
to Lincoln this week as delegates to a
meeting of the Society of Christian
Sheriff Ituuchoy, accompanied by
Frank Snielscr, on last Tuesday morn
ing took (icorge Drake to thu peniten
tiary at Lincoln.
1). M. Able left Friday morning on a
visit to Cedar ltapids and I'ostville,
Iowa. He will vNit the home of his
p-uents tinting his dip.
ltalph Foe met with a had accident
while playing erack-t he-whip, at -ehoul
on Thur-ilay morning lie had his
tight arm broken at the wri-t.
Smith Caldwell ot Nuckolls county,
candidate for state senator of this dis
trict wiii heie today. He is a pleasant
gentleman and will be a winner in No
vember A hacking cough is not only annoying
to otlici -, but is dangeiuus to tint per
mpii who ha? it. One MinuteCotighCiire
will (piickly put an end to it. C. L.
DuWittS Witch Hazel Salve is an
antiseptic, soothing and healing ap
plication for burns, scalds, cuts,
bruises, etc , and cures piles like magic.
It instantly stops pain. C. L. Cutting.
C. H. Crone, J. A. Tulleys ami A. (J.
Willis were down to Superior last Sat
urday as delegates to the senatorial
convention. Smith Caldwell of Nuck
olls county was named as candid ate
for state senator.
Tetter, ccema and all similar skin
troubles are cured by the use of De
Witt's Witch Hael Salve. It soothes at
once, and restores the tissues to their
natural condition, and never fails to
euro piles. C. L. Cutting.
A. S. Churchill spoke at the comt
house on Tuesday night last to a well
filled house. His remarks were to the
point and he brought out many strotij'
I'caious to show thai the leptiblicau
sound money policy was all right.
CIiioiiic constipation is a painful,
lixii;ic able and life shortening ililli-
nltj It derail es the nxsteni, causes
ii k liead-w-hc, bad breath, anil poison-,
th- blond It ctn be readily overcome
by PeWitt'H Little F.arly Hirers. These
little pills are great icgulators C. L
Fanner Dave Kaley was in town the
other day and remarked that this is
the time of year when old fashioned
people carefully saved tho seeds of
good melons, dry them on a window
sill, and then vj-ap them up in paper
und Imv them awu.y on lop of the
' o d ' .ii t a .
A .v- ' (I
Highest Itoiiurs Worid'&fV".
kVu -.
" ...
A pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder. Fre
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
40 Ycju the SUofcri,
WW BtWl 03 &'M. ,7H
V W. Cowdeti was In Hastings Tues
day to take in HutTalo Hill's wild west
.Miss Sarah J. Ferry letuined this
week fiom an cxIhikIimI trip in the
(Jet xour picture taken at the .Moon
block gallei, cabinets only 11.00 pir
Well this Is cheap enough is what
they all say when they come to
Alls. Lewis Kendal, who has been
isiting Jacob Nustein, has returned
to St .Joseph.
Wiener is selling undershirts and
drawers, mens sizes, at lft cents or two
gattuent.s fur 55 cents.
(ten A picker f Juliet, Illinois,
who litis been here the past week le
turned home Friday.
A huge delegation fiom this place
took in the barbacttc and icpuhlicau
rallj at Orleans today.
When you want a nice smooth shave
or hair cut, give Geo. Fenticss a call.
Otift door south of the Hon Hakeiy.
John V. l'irwell of Chicago gaea
good business talk to an audlcnco al
the opera house on Friday attmnuoti
The costumes of th members of the
Ladies MeKinley Quartet black, with
a collar aud cutis of yellow is wry
C. L. Cutting, sole agent, will lefuiid
your money if not satisfied after using
one bottle of Dr. Fennel's famous
Why look all over town for a pair of
gloves when you can find anything in
the glove Hue at Wieners aud at such
low prices.
John Kunchey received a new Wa
vorly bicycle as a present from tho
manufacturers for tho arreit and con
viction of thu fellow who stolo the
bicycle several weeks ago.
Speed and safety aie tho watchwords
of the agH. One .Minute Cough Cine
acts speedily, safely and never fails.
Asthma, bronchitis, coughs and colds
uro cured by it. C. L. Colling.
.Many lives of usefulness have been
cut short by neglect to break up :m
ordinary cold. Pneumonia, bronchitis,
and even consumption can be uvcitcd
by the pinmpt Use of One Minute
Cough Cine. C. L. Cutting.
Hun. W. S. Sutnmeis spMke tit the
opei a Iiiiu-c mi i epublicau topics lasl
Friday light. A heavy nun which
commenced eaily in the evening pre
willed a large attendance, bill thorc
who weie there were well paid for
coining out
They are so little you hardly know
you arc taking them. They cause no
giipiug, yet they act quickly ami most
ihoi oughly. Such are the famous little
pills known as DeWitl's Little Early
Riser., Small in si.e great in results.
C. L. Cutting.
A. S. Churchill, repubficau candi
date for attorney-general, gave a re
markably good talk at the court house
on Tuesday night. He punctured some
remarks made by Gov. Holcomb, who
is trying to pose us the one who is sav
ing money for tho state at the capital.
A pain in the chest is nature's warn
ing that pneumonia is threatened.
Dampen a picco of tlaunel with
Chamberlain's Pain Halm and bind
over the seat of pain, and another on
the back between the .shoulders, and
prompt relief will follow. Sold by 11.
P.. Grice, druggist.
There will be services in the M. K,
church next Sunday as follsws: Preach
ing at 10. HO a. in.; Sunday School at
li:i() a m. conducted by J. A. Hauni,
superintendent Junior League at '.) p.
111. Senioi I "ague at M.ttOp.iu.. preach
ing by the pastorin theeveiiing at 7 .10.
Seats fi'e and strangers made we
coiim . -Jaw.s M. Jjahih, Paotoi.
Tl.e little-ies nf tho nature of Jack
Wa' H iv, n wliei, he took down
the ll'ig which as hung n ' -s the
street in front f tin Ilrj .11 l. adipur
tors on Thursday while Mai i Waim r
was heie. The old army vuterans will
remember this slight to n brother com
rade. As .lack's head swells with im
portance his good qualities if he ever
had any shilnk.
List of letters remaining uncalled for
at tho postolllcu at lied ( ,., Neb
raska, for the An ,n! ,. 'tloliM
ltfth, lb'.iU.
An hti'ii, A'oliic
f'otci I il G S
1 t'll'lllglln SIlOW
i-. 1 lua n. Mat
Al e..t, li.e
Sin. ..1, J ,N
1. iiiliall, Win .Me..t,IUe
A C-ukel, A.O. Si.....), J ,n
W. igiii, .j. w
Thee lettrc Mb t.-ii ... Ho-ucd
letter olllce. Oct...I0tli. il 1.01 . ' . t ...r
before- FltANi; V. l.'owiii',:., p. M
Those who believe chronic ds..ith.."
to be incuiahlu should read wii.aMr
i1 1.. lll'ltil.ll.l. Itt ( i.l.Ll .S .1 111. 1.1 ll,ll
..I any on 11. i Mi.ijic.,, vi. 1 nuu!
'nt'ii 11 MifTeri i-fiiiiu cliioiin .!,
. wr nluto tuo waiin.d liux in 'I 11 I '
kinds ot inedieiiiwc for it. At last 1
found n reiueily tiu.t eirected .1 urn I
till ttlil t 11 iu niliilllmii1 !... I .
Ciioleiu and DiairlKi.a Ueme.u. ' IVi!
medicine can always hedepeidcd up m
for colic, choleiu morbus, dysentiry
Mid (Uari'lhi'i, It j,s pieanaiil to Ui.e
and novrr fnlls to i-fTeet ucnic v.',.riil I
fiO cent hIzch lor ale by II. K. linen,
druggUt. I
Cure .sick licutadio, l.ul p
t.MU In tliu nioiitli, coated 3 ll a
tongni-. kis In Hie 'toni.icli, III S
ilhttiM iuiJ ImllKt'Ktloti. Ho 0
luil P4kn, tint Imp tonic elTecl I renin
rii nulj fills to luko wltli IIikhIi Siri.iiarllU.
Fied Plumb ot Hivertou spent Sun
da in the city.
Dr. F. H McKeeby was ill Oiiuiliti
the lit st of the week.
Cabinet photos at the .Moon block
gallery for one dollar a doen.
Airs. Jiie)ii and Airs. Janiicson of
Orleans were heiu .Monday.
Airs. Lulu Pease of Hastings is hero
visiting with her parents.
Airs. F.d Hrown left Saturday for her
future home at .Macomb, Illinois.
Fliui cabinet sie photos $1 00 per
du.cii al the Alooti block gallciy.
Mrs. V. Al. Pel kins of Deitwr is hie
the guest f C. W. Kaley and wife
lliis Delia Alecks of Alaukuto, Kan
sas, arrived in the city Satin day
Win. Wolfe after a short isitathis
old home in Lincoln returned hut
Saturday evening.
Harry Gohle ( Hastings camo down
from that place to visit with tho folks
Monday morning.
Five cents woi (h f gum at Cuttings
gives you a chance to get that beauti
ful hrasn onyx top stand.
Mrs. James AlcNeuy aud daughter
Lenoru ralurucd Saturday night from
an extended visit in thu east.
C. F. Kvaiis wishes to infoitu the
public that he is ready to move housis,
safs, pianos, etc., al any time.
Mrs. J. M. Sellars and Mrs. 1).
Myers returned Alonday from a visit
with Mrs. Oscar Yarger at Orleans.
We publish iu another column a sor
rowful message from Geo. Drake who
was this week taken to thu penitentiary.
August Latiterbach, accompanied by
his wife, of Colby, Kansas, is here
looking after property interests.
Airs. Frank Parker of San Francisco,
California, arrived hero Sunday on a
visit to her patents Air. and Airs. T. C.
Thu impurities in tho blood which
eau so scrofulous eruptions aic
thoroughly eradicated Iry llood'sSaisa
parilla. The ladies of the Al. P.. church of
Cowles will give a dime social at Mrs.
Good's on Tuesday owning Oct., JOth.
The public is invited.
Chanccy Winner left Tuesday for
Westlield, New Jeisoy, where he has
taken a position iu the Khcostat niatiu
fautory of electric supplies.
Airs. Chas. Howe of Laramie, Wyom
ing, arrived in the city, thu last of the
week to spend the winter with her
daughter Mrs. S. F. Spokcslicld.
Heggs' blood I'uritlorand HI00U Maker
cures all blood dUorilern, All eruptions
of the skin can be removed by thu use of
this wonderful medicine. It bus uo
equal, und is purely vegetable. C. L.
Cottlng keeps it, as well as all other tlrst
clues goodH.
A good republican meeting was held
in the Hyker school house north of
Guide Hock on Alonday with G. It.
Chancy as speakur. Thu meeting was
enthusiastic and shows that things are
coming our way. A double quartet of
ladles furnished the music
Many political speakers, clergymen,
singers aud others who use the voice
excessively, rely upon One Minute
Cough Cure to prevent huskincss and
laryngitis. Its value as a preventive is
only equalled by its power to alTord in
stantaneous rein f . C. L Colling.
Win. Hensc leceivod a large order
this week to supply In cad and buns
for the leptiblicau tally and bin becuo
which takes place today at Orleans.
The order was fni live bundled loaves
ot lui ad and tbice thousand hunt, and
tin -liipnicnt made two dray loads
Only One
You and vv c may differ as to
j tot-ufc standards ana out 01
j, i,i ir very differences good may
k 1 1 . Ktt we won't differ p.
I i- l' z men is, of one standard 3
I ! -.,.. -.....-
i j ci-.-'-ion of cod liver cil. 3
I j LZ'J'i x"5 EMULT'ON lias JJ
iV.w' ftnd !i"li i(s v?y for Ife
1 !
: ':'' i5 yt 'n lfir w 'd (if
medicine until to-day it is al
most .is n " h the standard ia
. all cues of lunp trouble, and
'-,'w-7 cor.c'i' n of ,w?.ntlnf
j .!vilicr in cliild or adult as
1 aulnitie is in m.ihrml fevers.
Differ on the money qucs-
tion if you will, but vhen ft
. 5 cor'- lo A question of health,
j perhaps of life and death, get
tlic standard.
Your drukl ulU Scott's CinuUoiu
Two siwjt 50 ct. and $1.00
SCOTT A eOWNn, New Vwk.
Tho Sons of Veterans band tooiiis to
play better than ever idnco tho discon
tented ones have gone out on a strikoi
Drummers ate taking ordeis from
country mei chants with instructions
not to ship until MeKinlej is elected
Itichinond of the Nation seems to he
posted in legaid to .Mark llanna's
ban el. He evidently hasn't got ae
quitintrd with Mark or hr wouldn't
need to wear llcrnaid AlcNcny's coat
state occasions,
D. J. Myers uiote to a farmer up
near titration asking what a certain
piece of land in that vicinity was worth
and received the reply that with the
election of Ali Kinley the land would he
worth $1,000 or l,fiOO, but with llijaii
iu the White House it wouldn't be
worth a d -n. This iu the teeniid
reply ln has iceeived from up wet' iu
legaid to inqiiiiics as to pin e of laud
aud each lettei impattcd about the
same iufnrmxtinii. This shows that
the fanners up there haw been think
lug and aie in line for MeKinley iu
Al. Stern of Cliicgno, who was here
this week, has decided, in ease a tenant
can be found, to put up a brick stoio
building on his lot south of Henry
Cook's drug store. The proposed
building will be seventy or eighty feet
long and one story high, and so con
structed that iu case it iv desired to run
it up one story more it can be done.
This is a good corner and would make
a tlrst class location for uiesl any busi
ness, and especially a good place for a
dry geods store, owing to the fact that
display windows could be placed Iu
both thu front and side of thu building.
Is it uusinkss do you think for
strangers to eomo to a town for one
season aud sell you goods cheaper than
the merchant who is established there?
Stop and think the matter over and
you will come to the conclusion that it
is like tho fellows who sell gold bricks
at half price. Don't you think it
is better for you to patroniu the
fellow who builds up your town? All
things' being equal, why rush to the
new coiner brfoie you have convinced
yourself that you can do as well, and
in nine eases out of ti'.n you will Mud
your staying fellow will give you the
best bargains Stop and think if this
ain't plausible
According to celebrated anatomist
there aie upnaids of 0,000, 000 little
glauus in the human stomach Tho-c
glands pom out the digestive juices
which dissolve or digest the food. In
digestion is want of juice, weakness of
glands, nued of help to restoie the
health of these organs. The best and
mutt nnlurnl help is that given by
Shaker Digestive Cordial Natural,
because it supplies tho matciials need
ed by the glands to prepaid thu diges
tive juices, liccniiso it strengthens
aud invigorates the glands and the
stomach, until they are able to do their
work alone. Shaker Digestive Cordial
cures indigestion certainly and per
manently. It docs so by natutal
moans, and therein lies the secret of
its wonderful and unvaried success.
At druggists, price 10 cents to $1,00
per bottle.
Hy far the best political demonstra
tion was the republican meeting with
Major Wm. Warner of Kansas City as
speaker. As Major Warner is an old
veteran and ex-cominander-in-chief of
tho G. A It. the comrades here turned
out to pay their respects to the distin
guished brother veteran. A request
had been made in the morning that
the merchants decorate their places of
business aud those of all political faith
complied ai! the old veleiaus aie
much pleased over this lenogniiion.
After dinner tho Ladies' MeKinley
club and old veterans headed by Hie
Sous of Veterans baud, matched to the
hotel, ami after seveial good selections
by the b mil escorted Mr Wai tier to the
opei a Iioum' wliete he abh entertained
11 largi and atteuine atiilieuee fm sev
eial Ik. ins One of the pleasant feat
tires of the afternoon was the tinging
furnished by uqttartctlofold coiuiadcs
composed of II. K Pond, Samuel West,
O. C Hell and II. A. Howard.
When any part of the body isn't
doing the work that nature intended it
to do, It puts the whole system out of
Mine-out of harmony. Sickness in
one put of the body is likely to run
Into all pans 1
1. 11 tt mil lie 1
1. 'i i I. 'he '
'lug one l.i h !.
hupl'i lis til III, I lit
full In perform '
Constipation in
1 in-
. I. When ehild-
e 1. 'lit on end, .lie.
1 li .1 ii b, Up 1 1
. . is exactly wl '
11 v. lien the Ii.ik
1 toper ftinelioi.
- 'rouble all alone
ver nut of older, I-
bad for Hie kliluey- bad for tin
Htnumch It holds iu thu body poKim
ous matter, and liHcatise it cannot pi
1 any placii ebe, it jeU into the blood
The blood cm iich it all over the Ky.teiu,
That tnaki-8 luKinlinrii, laHsitude,
bad bieiitb and foul taste iu the mouth,
tiUxtlic Htomaeh with rhh, and catnei
wind belching, stopn digestion lu tin-
.hloiuacli, catiseH Hour Htotnaeh, heart-
burn and lieailaeho. You can KTold nil
Mich trouble, for Dr. Piuicu'n I'luwmnt
IVIIela t'UUK coiiilipation und iti at
tendant, evil.
1 Send 51 ceutN iu one-cent itampi to
' Dr. H V. Pit-ice, l .fTHlo, N. Y., for his
j "Medical Adviser." It ia a baok ol
lOOt) psgei, profusely Illustrate.
The Money Question won't bother you
much if you do yctr Fail buying here. It's a very
simple matter. Wc give you the best qualities of
Qothing and Furnishing Goods made in this country.
You give us a little less than you'd have to pay any
body else and there you are.
Our H. S. & M. tailor-made clothing is fully
All Wool $15 Overcoats
That we sell at $10.00.
We hae cheaper unities which we uro
other hoiiso iu the valley Wo have
tho kids t'omoiiiid look ut our
storj prevent you lookiui;ut ouin
Js;tf.l"li!sriocl 1S5 roor ntid i
xi 5rjLJVY13I.
IBinef Bros. CIiOHKS
Friday, October 16th, (
Saturday, October 17th. S-
- Monday, October 19th.
-J Tuesday, October 20th.
Our Line of Cloaks is now complete. During this sale
you will find the best bargains in cloaks ever
offered in the city. A special sale.
20 per cent Discount 011 Our Eiilire Line of Cloaks !
E cry-thing marked in plain Flutes.
LI. riuslin ,C per yd,
A iiuil lt! nrlii il M 11 -I in at
.'ic pi 1 3 aid
Cotton Halts at .(c.
(iood values in ISatts at 8c,
10c, 151c and iru.
io yards Calico for 35c.
A. C. A. Ticking 12c
. Cotltii (.V- :nc r-r Hus-ls-
inj: nittj. 1 jsc.
o Iii -.ell you 10 o-
Special Discount
nf l.'i percent on our entire
linn block for this m1o.
Tim .( jjouiIh inns' le- dd
iS lbs. Suiir for ?i.oo,
5 lbs. Lion or Arbuckles Coffee, $1.00.
5 Cans Sardines, 25c.
1 pound Siar Coffee, jSc,
7 bars of Kaundry Soap, 25c.
Choice Tea Siftings at 9c.
Hie pay 15e for Eggs.
SSOlllllfcS ot HS.
also oll'eriiiK ut lyss prices thuu anj
some fur your bitf boys und also foi
Hectors Don't lid tiny Cock und llul
befoie you buy.
The Clothier,
Uuncliuinu'b Shirting inc.
Special-, iu Shirt Ine; at "-Ic,
ii -,8c iml lOc
S)cciul.s in Ucd Plannels i.jc.
Har.'iius at 50c, 5ou and
One pattern only to
Rncli Lady.
Cottonndcs at f' ?! ' ,
Itoys' Leather Sro-kiii;;?,
You ciiiii-u uuifoh tiiuiii.
Ol'l H.ld -.--I U.
Mi'iiV Working t! nv.
Moii'm Miii-. ;'
Men 1 Overalls, 45.
i-lwn'fl lneke.ln, iTo,
!i'ys' OveiMl!, 80o.
- We uiantyoarprockiee.
J If
1 ,'
7f '1
jaX.'mgr)&t? rj-ngyi-: rgr jpNWwy iwyjg-iyM- "
jsr Jar"$ v JTJSSiafc "
WniiwrajBr ,