The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 11, 1896, Page 2, Image 2

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THE RW CLOUD (JU1EE, JflllUAX,, 189(5.
- i
Palmer 1'iircul li Accept l)i'Mllc HI lri-lnl-1liii
I'lniriirm lr litres fur III"
Onlil Sliuiilitnl mid .giilnl free Mlwr
Tlte Chicago Contention lli-noiliitcd,
Inihas'APoI is. lnil., Sept. 3 United
States Senator John M. I'aliiicr of Il
linois wus nominated for the presi
dency hy the national orgold standard
Democratic convention on tlic first
ballot tills afternoon, despite Ids o-
pen ted and positive refusal to ullow
his nnnio to bo presented. The vote
atood: l'almur, ".vr; Bragg, 124'f.
For vlco president, (iencrul llucluicr
was nominated by acclamation. Tho
convention closed its work nniid tho
wildcat enthusiasm.
Declare fur the Uold M-snihint ami
ArhIusI Tree Colnago of Silver.
Indiana roi.iB, lnd. Sept. :i. Tho
platform agreed upon by the resolu
tions committee after an all night
session of tho subcommittee and an
11 morning debate by tliu full com
mittee la an follows:
"Tbl covoiition bas na-emtlrd In uphold the
ftrlnelplea upon which dcp"tid tln honor mul
welfare of tlio Atn-r.rrm people in ordci that
Democrats throughout tlm union may iniltn
tbtlr patriotic nfTnrU to nvert ilisaatcr tram
their country nnd ruin from their put)
I "The Dcruocrntia iwity is pledged tn equal
ad exact Jmtico to all mr-ii ot uvcrj creed mul
condition: to tr,o lurco t froedom of th hull
vldnal conslitt-nt with good enrninm nt to
the preiervatlon of the federal Koieritmnut In
Itacenatltull'innl v.-or nml 1 1 tlm aiiirt of
theetntaa in all tholr Just rights, to economy
a the pnbllo oxpcii Mures, to Ihomninleuaiico
of the public faith nml sound money , mi I it is
oppose I to pnteninliHii mil nllcliiti leulalri
llon. rnirAoo roNviXTiov.
"The declaration of the I Id him convent ion
attack intlif lilual freedom tlio iIkM of iv,iti.
cootrnct, tlio In Ir-pnitdenen of tlm julli-l'ity.
and Ilia authority of the I'r'-ldcnt to eofou-p
I Mitral lawi. They ml? o-nlo .1 H-cUe.v ntlompl
t Increase t'ir. prlcoof silver by legislation o
thad.busement of our inouetai) slnndnid nod
tbranlen uullmito 1 lsuoi of pnper money by
the government Ibry nliindon fur Ifepnh'ic
an alliiu the Pcmocrntlc eauo of lurid irform
l court tlio fnvnr of piotn tioiMi to
iM &Ms&
C TV 'a J sXfrHrJ'JZ
r- iuiii" ji . limine
"The p-xperloneenf minMnd Ins s'inwn tha,
liy rjrison of their ii.iliifil fpinlltlei, ko il Is
tlio iise.',-irr mn-isy of tin hitaii nffaiisot
euinmeici a -d liiialttpsi. uh In dmr lann
irtilcnllv ailnplpd to minor trnnvtntlon, mid
tho moil Innnllol d 110 of bolh loirettirr can bo
liiiirpi( mil by tlm mlofitlon of tlm fottmr ni
n s'nnilanl of inmirtaiy ni'iiiiiroi nml tho
insinlonaiicniif ilicr at n pnitr with uolil lif
ll limited coltmuii under atich aifmsmr Is of
Ihvt 'llins Is tlm Urct polbln rii'iiyirieiit
of IkiIIi met lis if ilrioil willi tlm villus tuilvcr
r.ulr nrrcptiid lliioiulmut tlio world, whirli
coiHtltiitp Ilia only pr.i-tlc I cuircnjy ni
urlritf thj mixt itabln Ktundird mul oip"
clnlly tlm lx't nml n.i'rst monnr for nil
U'liocnrn n liri'llhood by Inbor or tho pmliico
of ImOifimlry 'I hoy eumot suirnr w.ii-n pill
in tin brat monnr known to insn but n Hi tin)
tiecullfir and most dfuuapsi victim of n t j
lis.nil and llnctiintiiw ciirronrv, wlilrli offnra
coulinimd prolltt Inthn inonay clmneor nt their
co.t, Itnliilnir then Iriilln, lintnomtrnlpd by
lotiKimblh incnnviMiln'n snd loi, tlm Demo
cratic irty In tlio ititormti ot tho mnss'S nnd
of pqiini jii.tli'i to nil, p-ncti."idly onlnblished
by tlio Icrfhlntioti of Kit mil is :l tlm K'dd
itslidarlot moietir iiinnsiirrni"nl nmllikn.
! pntlrcW dlforced tlm (joTcnimoiit from
bunUiiK nnd runn icy iu-s To lliis lunit
tnblltliud Demo'rntis policy vtn ndhsro .mil in
lUI upon tlm rniliilotinurn of (lis inl I rtnnd
mil nml of th 1 vniili thomwitli of otnry dollnr
lisnotl tiy tho itoiormmvit, nml ii urn llriuly
optoiil to tlm ftm nml iinllmitnl lolnnnoof
Mlirr nnd to tlio compulio y inticli'iS) ot alitor
fTiuir.M-v nnroiiM.
"Hut we ilptintiiirn 11N0 tlm further innlnlcn
n net of tho prewnt co.llv imtcliwork of nu
tionnl I'. 1 11"' ciuniiiy iiacoiMtiitit aourco of in
Jury nml peril Wo mvitt tho nn-csnt of .nrli
InlelllKi'tit currency nifneni. in "III ronllun tba
r itninmiMit to itn Incltlmstn functions com M'pnrn'i'il fiom tlm Imiilnrf tuisirio'S
nod nlTonl to nil fra'lliiii' of our country 11 tiul
fotm nfit nml elnhtlo b.iuk curroiicy iiudor
Kovcriiioeiit riipnrtiiion. iiimsiiii'iI in luliimu
by tlm nocd.iit bnalii'-st.
I'llt'.SlDK.Nf CI.KVi:i AMI.
"'Hip pMrint am, tldellly nnd conriKt Tilth
which Premlent CIptuI.iiiI bib fullllled lilt
stent public trust, tho IiIkIi riimvctcr of lilt
ndinlnllttalon. iti wimlom nnd omrjy In tlio
initlnteiiniico of clril or lor anil tlicenftirro
tnont of I tin lr, Its eiiil ro.-jnl for tha
nshts of eryclss nnd nory eoction, ii firm
nud illmilflxd coiidiict of foriiRD nfl.iirs nn 1 Its
tiinty perais oncH lu upholdlim the credit nnd
honor of thn nation uto ftihy lecoirnltpd by
llin Democrntln party nml will aeciint him a
placo In htatoty boaiilo tho father of tho to
publla "Wo !' cominend th ndiniulit-.stlon for
tlm Kient proiiien tiiniln in the r'forin of tlm
public aeiTicn and wn Indoran iti offortt to nx
tnuil thn merit "tatem tlll further Wn de.
tnuiid 110 bn'kwittd stop ha tnksu but
thut tha telorm iio auppurtod ami ndr.tucod
until tm uuilsmocrittlc piilt )tcm ot oi
tHilntmunt ilisll lis nr ulicate.l.
"Wniliimind strict economy in tha appropri
Htiniis Mod lu tho ailinluiitiuttMn of thu cot
crument. Wn favor nrbitratiou for the iittlcmant of
iiilernatlouiil dliu-i.
"Wo f.or 11 llbcritl policy of pnuaitiia to do
aetvinir toUllt-ts and taltora of tho Uuitud
inr. 5i'riirMi: ruttiir.
' tha Suprt'iiip court of tho Uuiteit Ststea
V.11. wixdv I'.lnlillslieil tir the fr.sinpr of our
roastiltiliou Ha 01m of tha three, co otiliiinlit
limnetic of ihnKove'iiiuetit. It imtepemteiicn
nml nutliorit) to inloiprnt the l.iw of tin Innd
Itliimt bur or fnor mu.t be in.siiit.ilimd.
Weeomlemn nil olfotta In ihtfnmo tlm
or Impair th' confidence .111 1 reaped which it
hiiMle-ertciill) IihiI. 'the Dmnoviiilic pirty ovsr
bin mitliitnim-d nml over will mnintain
thn aupromicv of l.iw, tlm liidopen.
deuce of Ita imliciul iidmlsitmlioii. tha
iiivlulnbillty of contni't nud thn obliK.v
tlnns of nil kooiI citimtin to rihiit every llloc.-i.
trust. 1 oiiiblnsllou nnd ntlpiiit nnlinl tlm
ut ritflili of properlj nut tli.1 Rood onler ot
lo.'lelr. lu uhuti nrobotinit up U111 p.'.ico nud
h.ipplu si of our :opii,
'lldintinu theM pruiciplet (oho cMMitinl to
Urn ui'll hi'lncof tin lopublic, woaiibmit thciii
to 1 lie coniilirlioii of tlm Ainerlciii p'oplo."
'I'lie platform was adopted without
dissent amid prolonged cheers.
Of I 01 IMANA,
!l If
it i 10
tlielr fjacnl heresy. In view of. tlicae nnd
oilier urnvo ilrparturra fitiin Democrnlio
principle, wj cinnut mpimrt tlm r.m
dlditn of that convention nor bo boiiiid br
lUactn Tlio Democinlio pnvty lias survived
many defeats, butcoul I noi urvivc n viclor.i
won in tehalf of tho tloctriue mid rolic pio
clalmed In Ita natno nt t hicngo 'I'be condi
llont huwKvor. wldib msku pottlbls audi lit-
irrancci for a natioiisl contention mo tho
ctlrrrt raiult of claai Iciii'lnlloii liy the Itppub
tlonn pnrty, ltitlll proclaim ns It has for
)aar tho owr and duty of KOiernment to
lalae and mntntalQ price, br Inw, and it pro.
poarauo romedy for ciiatlnn ovil m'npt op
iireailvo nud unjutt loiation, 'I ha National
)etnoraor here convvn'd thorcfot tonewa ita
declat.itloo of a filth in Democratic priuci.
plot, capiclally ai applicable to lliv riuiditloiia
af llio timos
T1I1TI0K inn TsRivr.
Taxation, LirifT, oirUo or direct, la rlslit
folly I npoied only for public pnrpntea nud not
forprlvati ijaln Ita amount is luitly mens.
urJ by publioexpniidltuies, which aliould bn
tlmlterl by acrupuloil-economy. 'I lie autn da
rived by th treasury from tin UT and eiciro
levies It affecled b tha itnle of trade en I of
toniumptlim Thv amnnnt required by the
Ireaaaryla datermiu-d by thn appropriatinnv
roa-la by The demand of the RepuU
(taan party for an Inrreaae In the tnrltttax bat
lUpnitexIn tha deftrlonry ot revenue which
baa ttacauae In the stagnation of trade nud
lednred eomnmptlon. due to tin loia
pfeonfldanc that bnt fulloned the Topoliat
threat of free coinage and depreciation of onr
mossy and Ibe Republican poetic of eitrnva
ffantapproprlalio'jf beyond thence la ot cood
"Wa arralin and eoudemn the ropnliatic
rentontluntof Chimin and 8L IajuIi for their
lo-opepition with tlia Hepubllran party, In-
araulnc theie coiidltioni, whUU nro pieaueii
In juillflcatlon of a heavy increna 10 the bur.
deni of the people nnd a further rei.irt to pro
taotlou. We, therefore deaounca prutectbin
ani ItJially, freacolnnBOof silver, at arberoev
for tas pnoual profit of a few at tho eipruto
of tha many, andoppatn the twi pirtlc which
atnnd for thenoaeliomoa athoitilo lolhe people
lif tba republic, whose food nnd tlnltor, com
fort and property aro atUckrd by higher tinea
and dapreclateil money. In fine, wo reaffirm
tha historic Democratic doctrine ot tarltf for
"We demand that henceforth modem and
llbual poll ilea toward American (hipping
take tho pl.ico ot our iniltmien or inn
I, nil
reatrirtaitatatutos or t 10 el.'htnruth oenturr,
I.Im I. ... I. A It .... I.I .n
w.iti.. nrt . u,Fnitui,t7. .ui i.iiiiiitnm .
power but the Unite 1 Mites, and which, to tho '
cation's liumlliittlon, hao driven Amencaii
capital t thn i;m of a ioi Hags and alien I jv received
crews, 11.1TO inane mo nmrs nnu oiripvs an "linn licoriTn
alm(Mir llnklirmn Ainlt'em In fnrnlyn rnnntrfn. . .. .' .. . "
Cud lino ulmuit rxtlnEuJshd tho rncu of,
Ainericnri aoauion Wo oppoto tin protensn
thiit iliirrluiliiating dutloi will promotoMil
ping nnd tlmt achoiiui is nn invitation to com
morciil wiitfarj upjn tlm t'nlted H'.ntct vp
American In tho light of our urn it rornmnniUl
treatici, ofterin t noijaln wlutaver to Amcrlcur
snipping, wbile cnatly lunonlnr. uca.
frelghti onoar agricultural and uianufjctcttd
llrei kluiiil:e Mlia tlm Cniivcntion
(lut of tlio Itliiss Mrrlln;., lnd, Sept. 5. A
thunder storm with heavy rain passed
uver tli-. oily this morninp;, but did
not dampen the ardor of the dele
gates. Tho topic uppermost In tho
minds of visitors and delegates was
tho nominee. It was conceded that
Illicit ner's nomination for Vice Presi
dent was a certainty nnd the .specula
lion concerned tlio selection of the
candidate of those who did not belle vo
tlrneral I tragi; was the strongest man
who could he named. Thu iiuwh of
I'tesidenl Cleveland s telegram to tho
idiaitmatt of the New York delegation
declining to permit tho tiso of his
mime was accepted by the convention
us Una), Tho fact that Senator Pal
mer had declined for personal reasons
to allow his name to be used was not
generally Known when ho appeared
on the Ntage anil was eiiceren.
l'enuanent Chairman CafTrey ap
peared on the stage at exactly ll
11'clocU, the hour to which tho con
vention udjouriipd. When licnerat
ltiicldier of KcntuuWy entered, the
delegates arose and gau him three
Itv this time every seat In tho hall
wits occupied and the galleries were
crowded, fully 4,000 people being
present. There was iiiurit pent-up
entlniMasm, which found its escape
valve in noisy demonstration at every
opportunity presented.
At tl-"S permanent Chairman Caff
ery called the convention to order and
there being no prayer, Informed the
convention that tho coinmtlttce on
tesolutlons was not rvady to roport
nnd begged its patient indulgence for
a few moments.
Then eatno the Ureculnriilgeilenjon-
titration, which ended In a speech bv
htm in which he denounced lite Chica
go platform and scored Mr. llryan,
Mr. (irlfliin, chairman of tha New
YorU delegation, attempted to read a
resolution on tho coinage question,
but it was referred to tha committee
under tho rules without debate.
Mr. OchsofTcnnencothen mounted
a elialr and offered a resolution ex
pressing the deep loss tho national
Democracy felt at tho death of Massa
chusetts' brilliant ex-governor, Will
iam KttMrll. In closing ho referred
to the spirit of i.ectionalism which
had brooded over the Chicago conven
tion, which had no place in a national
Democratic convention. 1 he resolu
tion was adopted by a rising rote,
and Dr. Kvcretl of Massachusetts at
the request of the Hay stato delega
tion, took tho stage and responded
feelingly in behalf of Massachusetts,
to this tribute to her distinguished
Mr. Savage of Kentucky rear! tho
following telegram, which was warm-
lohn Dcwltt Warner of Nenv York,
a former member of Congress and a
leader in tha liounil Money league,
declared thai, although New Yoric
Democrul.s wnro htrong partisans they
did not bellnvti that party loyalty ic
rpiitcd a man to bo 11 weather-cock to
llnil out whern lie, was going; that
although some New York Democrats
believed It to be their duty to vote for
MttKinley they wens not in tlm de'i.'
gallon to this convention, nor in the
masses which the delegation repre
sented. Now York Democrats weio
equally opposed to thn legitimate ro
pu lillcanlsif found in thn Republican
camp and I o bastard republicanism
drawn traui thu Democracy.
I'. W. Lehman, a portly, smooth
faced Missourian, told the convention
that Missouri stood or equal oppor
tunities for ull and Hpcuhil privilege!
to none
fudge Moran of Illinois then movwl
that tho convention Invito w. I),
llyuiim of Indiana to address tho
convention as hu had done more than
tiny other to niiiliu it 11 success '1 he
motion was adopted with n. whirl and
Mr. Ilynum's appearand! on thn plat
foi m was luccived will: prolonf-iF
Tho Vice rrralileotUl Xonitiice.'s Letter
to .Sir. llryan Matin I'tiblle.
CtiiL'Atio, Sept, 3. Chairman Jones
of the Democratic national committee
has mado public a letter to William
J. llryan from Arthur Suwall, appar
ently dated July 2r, at which time
the Populist convention was In ses
sion. Tho letter, which is exciting a
great deal of comment, reads us fol
lows: "Hath, Mo., July-'.', lfiOtl. My dear
Mr. llryan: lu view ot tho action of
thu St, Louis convention to-day, I
cannot refrain from giving you my
thoughts on the situation.
"My advices are that you have been
nominated as a candidate for Presi
dent und Mr. Watson for Vico Presi
dent. I also learn through tho press
dispatches that yon are somewhat un
decided whether you ought to accept
or decline. Now, I desire to say to
you, with the utmost frankness ami
good feeling that you must not allow
any personal consideration for me to
influence you in your action.
"1 desire you will do just what you
believe best for the success of the
head of our ticket. The principles wo
are fighting for aic so paramount to
any personal considerations that the
latter should not liavu any weight or
inlluuncu whatever with your action.
"I cannot for a moment allow my
self to be a factor lu any action ou
your part that would in tho slightckt
degtcu ha.uid tin electoral vote for
With kind regards to Mrs. llryan,
believe tue, y our sincere friend,
"AKintit Skwai.I."
The Democratic managers at head
quarters insist tiial tin; letter had no
I further higmlicancc than that Mr.
It 1 y ti 11 would consent to receive a
foiiual iiolilicaliou from the Populist
party In the near future, and tlio pub
lication was to foiest.tll falso rumors
as to the altitude. of Mr. Sewall toward
such a ceremony,
.iccoiupanylng tho letter Is the fol
lowing oflicial statement: "Several
days ago Chairman Jones wrote
a letter to Mr. .So wall stating
to him that. many Democrats
throughout the country, and
especially ' throughout tlio West,
were objecting to fusion with tlio
Populists on electoral tickets, for the
it-asnn that thev did not wish to be 1
disloyal to Mr. hewall. In reply to
Chairman Joucs.Mr. Sewall forwarded
the foregoing copy of a letter written
to Mr. llryan."
Upon being as to tho
tiiuo when .Scwall'.s resignation
would go Into etToct. Chairman Jones
said: "Tho talk about the retirement
of our candidate for Vice President
is too ebsurd to be seriously dis
cussed, Mr. Scwoll's loiter, written
diiecllv after Mr. I ( cyan's nomination
by tho St. Louis convention, is a
splendid illustration of his loy
alty to his associate 011 tlio Demo
cratic national ticket. He sees no em
barrassment whatever in Mr. Ilryau'.s
nomination for president by auothcr
party and upon another ticket, but be
lieves it 10 bo an important step to
ward certain victory foi silver'a cause.
It. is :t complete answer to
efforts of the gold Democrats tool eato
tho impression that Mr Sicwull will
retite oiiilci any circumstances, to say
that tin: Democratic party and its na
tional organization ate just as loyal
to Mr. Sewall as lie himself is to Mr.
llryan aud tho great cause of tlw
common neople.
CLAKKKOX SELECTED.! NO irish harmony.
All the (Hlur (niulld.ttfs Withdrew tie
fore n llnllnl ttiis Taken Mul
len or .sllniii'-totii Kli-ited Senior Mie
I'niiiiitiinilrr-Jn-t'li o
Nebraska, fusion KITrrletl
Omaha, Neb,. Sept. :i. After nearly
an all night session tho state eoutrul
committees of the Democratic aud
Populist parties, without apparent
friction, practically agreed upon tho
details of a plan for f uslou on electoral
iiud state tickets. This includes tho
iudorsotuout by the Democrats of tho
state tlckot, nominated by tho Popu
lists at Hastings August S, and accept
auco by the Populists of a Domocrntlo
candldato for attorney general to till
tho vacancy left on tho .Hastings
ticket, aud the selection of four Pop
ulist electors, who will be nominated
by the Democrats.
Irish Delegates Wlilo Apart.
Dtmi.i.v, Sept. 3. It cannot bo said
that the Irish national ronvention up
to tho present time has been a success.
The end which it was hoped to ob
tain was the uniting1 ot all tho war
ring factions in the Irish parliamen
tary party and out of it, but when the
delegates assembled this morning
they were as far from decldlug upon
any plan for Attaining unity us they
were when the calling of the conven
tion was first decided upon.
Vravlcs, Chairman
Kentucky Delegation' (livo us an un
equivocal Democratic platform and an
old llmu Democratic ticket and all
will bo well. William Llndsey."
Savage said that there was nn moro
chunco of llryan carrying Kentucky
than of tho Lord Indorsing the anarch
istic teachings of the Chicago convention.
Topullat Nominee Indorsed
Hoi.ton, Kan., Sept. 4 Tho Demo
crats of tho First Congressional dis
trict met horo yesterday for tho pur
pose ot nominating candidates for
congressman aud district judge. Uov.
II. R llallou of Seneca, was nomi
nated for Congrats, and Judge L. A.
Myors for district judge, lloth tlieso
men wore tho regular nominees ot tho
Populist party for the oaino olllce.
St. Pai'i, Minn., Sept. 5. When
nominations were declared in order lit
tho Grand Army encampment this
morning, D. It. llallou of Providence,
II, I., Major Thnddeiis S. Clarkson of
Omaha, I!. II. Ilobson of Kentucky,
John C. Linchan of New Hampshire
and Iteur Admiral Mcadc were named
Seconds for tho nomination of
Clarkson came quickly from all over
thu hall, but 0110 of the lirst men up
was Admiral Meado who withdrew
his own name. It at once became
rvidenl Unit Major Clarkson would
win and all thu other names weru
withdrawn aud he wus chosen by
acclamation, lio was called to tho
alr.gc and acliuotvledgcil thu honor
conferred ou him.
(icheral ,1 II. Mullen of Minnesota
was elected scuior vice commander-in-chief,
having been designated for
that honor by the department of
Minnesota, the custom being to give
that position to thu state holding thu
Major Cliitkson was born at (lettys
burg, Pa., In IS 10 and was cdttcatud
three miles from the batllelleld of An
tlctam. Ho enlisted April 10, iStil
within two hours after the uppuar
anco of President Lincoln' call for
Ift.OOO men for three months In Com
pany A, First Illinois artillery. Ho
went to Cairo and served under Gen
eral liuint there; rc-eulistcd July 10,
18KI; was promoted December 1, 1801,
to be adjutant of thoThirtecnth Illin
ois cavalry and ser'cd witli that regi
ment nnd on the stuff of General John
W. Davidson, participating in tho
battles with that command on tho
march to Helena and Little Hock. Ha
wan assiguud to command it during
the Arkansas campaign. In August,
1803, hu assisted in raising tlio Third
Arkansas cavalry of Union white
men, was promoted to inalor, and com
manded tho regiment until nearly tho
closo of the war, participating' in
nearly all of tho battles In Arkansas
under General Steele. In November,
lil'i, he was married to Mary llcocher
Matterson, and to-dav has live
children. In March, lri'JG, ho
went to Nebraska, settling in Omaha,
with his brother, the Isito ltishop
ClarKson. and has lived in tho statu
for thirty years, lio wns postmaster
of Omaha tinder President Harrison's
last administration, lie was on tlio
executive committee ot tho National
Council of Administration, G. A. P..,
for three consecutive; years, was elected
department commander of Nebraska
by acclamation at the encampment In
February, lol0. Ho has also been
commander ot tho Loyal Legion of
For junior vlco commander-ln-chiuf,
M10 names of Albert K. Sholes of
Georgia and Charles W. Buckley of
Alabama were presented and the bal
lot resulted: lluckley, .llti; Sholes, 3D.
Illinois had u candidate for chap-lalu-ln-chlef
in tlie Uev C. F. lliinner
of Chicago, but the Uev. Mark I). Tay
lor of Massachusetts received moro
votes and wan declared elected.
The council of administration as
nominated by the v.irious states and
approved by tho encampment Is ns
follows: Alabama, M. D. Wlckcrsham
ot Mobile; Arizona, J. W. Harrington
of Yuma; Arkansas, J. II. Hutchinson
of Dewilt; California and Arizona, T.
K. Statelcr of San Francisco; Colorado
and Wyoming, 11. L. Carr of Long
mount; Connecticut, J. M. Wilsey of
Hartford; Delaware, J. W. Worrall of
Pleasant Hill; Florida. T. S. Wllmarth
of Jacksonville; Georgia, Ira M.
Mallory of Fitzgerald; Idaho, W. II.
Iiarton of Moscow; Illinois Thomas W.
Bcott of Fairfield; Indiati Territory,
William II. Armstrong of Muskogee;
Iowa, Leoman L Newell of Decorah;
Kansas, W. II. Smith of Maryville;
Kentucky. C. W. Krdman of Louis
ville; Louisiana and Mississippi, A.
C. Antolne of Now Orleans; Maine, II.
It. Sargent of Portland: Maryland, M.
A. lirian ot Baltimore; Massachusetts,
William S. Loomlsof llolyoke; Michi
gan, It. D. Dix of Harriett Springs;
Miunesota. Albert Sterrltt of St.
Louis; Montana, Charles Spraguo of
llotnan: Nebraska, A. Tralnor of
Omaha; New Hampshire, 1). W. Proc
tor ot Wilton; Now Jersey, J. J. Kent
of Trenton; New Mexico, II. Cramp
ton of Santa Fo; Now York, Charles
A. Shaw of Brooklyn; North Dakota,
a 0. Mnglll of Fargo; Ohio, Ji R.
Monfort of Cincinnati; Oklahoma,
W. U. Baker of Goss: Oregon,
H. H. Allen of Portland; tho
rotomac, William II. Chambers of
Washington; Rhoda Island, Nelson
Vlall of Howards', South Dakota, Wil
liam II. Orayof Deadwood; Tennessee,
George W. Patten of Chattanooga;
Texas, J. W. Ayers of Dall-ie; Utah,
F3. W. Tatalock of Salt Lake; Ver
mont, E. W. Molutyro of Danbury;
Virginia and North Carolina, A. .let
ters ot Norfolk, Va. : Washington and
Alaska, Thomas M Young of Seattle;
West Virginia, . K. Mallory of Park
raburg; Wiscousin, O. W. Carlson of
Too Daughters of Veterans hold
business sessions and elected officers
as follows: President, Miss Alice In
Dram nf Clilcacn: senior vice presi
dent, Miss Julia Coft of Cleveland;
Junior vico president, Miss Anna
timlth ot St. Louis; chaplain, Miss
Stephens of Allegheny. Pa.; treasurer.
Mls Ida J. Allen of Worcester, Mnss.;
inspector, Miss Cora Pike of Massa
chusetts; installing officer, Miss Klla
Adair of Oak Park. III.; trustees. Mrs.
Bllen M. Walkor, Miss Gladys Foster
of Hiawatha. Kau.; Miss I.II0 Kim
ball of Massachusetts, Mrs. It. L.
Monroo of Massachusetts and Mrs.
May F.dgerton of Chicago. 'invention Closcil,
llr.-Iy us Hitter in i:r.
Drni.itf, Sept. .1. In tho Irish con
vention yesterday afternoon a home
rule resolution was passed and nn
other resolution declaring tho neces
sity of maintaining the Irish parlia
mentary party absolutely Independent
of Lugllsh political parties was then
tiunulmottsly adopted.
Michael Duvitt moved a resolution
in favor of granting amnesty to nil
political prisoners, and strongly de
nounced the system of semi-starvation
meted out to them. The resolution
was passed.
Mr. Dillon stated, in regard to tho
Paris fund, that tho total paid over
wasl'JlS, 171 lis lid, of which sum i'l I.
I 000 was deposited in hank in order to
I meet prior claims still unadjusted.
1 Out of tho balance, i'SJ.OSl 7s -Id wua
! distributed to tenants unit A,"'!"! wero
j devoted to olllce expenses. Tho bal
ance wns in bank, and not a farthing
had been paid to any Irish member of
Parliament or devoted to any political
Timothy Hcitly. in nn interview re
garding tho Irish convention, said:
"1 .1111 most surprised at the way In
which the D'llonitcs have ignored
Thomas Sexton. I would havo
thought that tue convention would at
least have tried to induce Mr. Sexton
to tcturii to the party. As to the
breach of the majority rule, it is per
fectly absurd for the convention to
try to fasten it upon inc. Tlio only
persons who ever broke tho rule of
thu majority nro John Dillon nnd
Thomas Sexton. I challenge the DU
tonitcs to prove, a single instance,
against mvsclf or my friends."
Mr. Mealy explained ut length that
the party rledge which ho tlrow in
lsS5 fully covered nil cases ot breach
of discipline. Ilo wns quite ready, ho
said, to obey the ruling of tlio whole
party, but ho never pledged himself
to submit his judgment to John Dil
lon, Michael Davitt, William O'Brien
or even all three. "But," ho contin
ues, "If the party exceeds its province
by touchidg matters outside tho par
liamentary sphere, I will disregard it if
1 think lit. I confess thut I never
dreamt that a person of Dillon's cali
ber, jealousy and spleen would havo
the interpretation of the pledge. Hut
I will let him do his utmost. That is
my answer to l.r.n aud his convention."
Sandwich Island People rinse New Caaie
to beak Annexntlou.
Sratti.i:, Wash.. Sept. S. II. G.
Whitney, ex-postmaster general of
the Hawaiian JAlands, who has just
arrived from Honolulu, reports a
strong revival of the annexation feel
ing 011 the Islands and says that it is
greatly inteindlled through the belief
that should Hawaii bo tiunexcd to thn
United States the threatened
Japanese trouble would bo entirely
wiped out by the abrogation of
all existing treaties. By what is
known us the Gibson treaty, entered
into with Japan about thirteen years
ago, tho Japanese may pour lulo tho
islands in unlimited n'umbcis. They
now number 25,000 and are cominr- at
tho alarming rate of 3,000 a year. He
thinks it is ouly a question of a few
years when the Japanese will out
number tho natives and naturalised
population, and in that case would
cause serious trouble. 1 hey are
already demanding tho right of fran
chise, which, by treaty. Is conferred
upon them as soon us they cat) road
and writo the English language
,1. It. Wiitl.lns Innd mi.) Mortgage ojti.
puny Involved.
Toim.ka, Kan., Sept. Vrnitod Slavs
District Judge ('. G. Foster this fore
noon, upon tho upiv'cution of tho
Girard Life Insurance- Annuity nnd
Trust company of Philadelphia placed
tho J. II. Watklns Land and Mortgago
company of Lawrence- in the hands of
M. Stimmerlloltl and J. II. Walkins of
Lawrence and John F. Switzcr of To
peka as receivers. Tlio liabilities are
SI.AOO.OuO, consisting chiefly of de
benture mortgages on Kansas, Ne
braska, Iowa aud Texas farms
Thu particular claim upon which
suit was Instituted was for SH.uni)
debenture bonds, upon which the in
terest has been dufattltcd since HO-.
Sam Bishop of Lawrence, attorney for
the company, "-ays the assets will very
nearly cover thu liabilities.
This company has- been
for Its existence for eight or ten
years. Iti 1 bS It was put into n re
ceivership, bnt live years later il was
turned over to its owners again, with
Mr. Watklns as president. But finan
cial conditions were not favorable,
and now It will probably bo wound
up. Its debentures are mostly held in
thu Last and lu Lurupc.
.Siiprnne t'oiirt P.ivi-s the Wuy for Whole
hiiIi- Aiitiiillineiit,
GfTintii:, Okla., Sept ". Tlio terri
torial supreme oourtyestorday handed
down II fly decisions, among them be
ing ono In tlio famous Beach dlvorco
case. Charles F. Beach, a wealthy
text-book writer of New York city, a
year ago obtained an Oklahoma di
vorce from his wife. Annie Bench,
alleging cruelty. He has sinco mar
ried and is traveling in Kuropo with
his bride. The divorced wife, who
wus from Philadelphia and very high
ly connected, carried tlio divorce case
to the supremo court. That body re
versed thu lower court, annulled the
divorce and dismissed the case, leav
ing Mr. Beach lauded high and dry as
n bigamist.
The ground for reversal on error
was that Beaclt was uever a rcsldcn'
in good faith of the territory or of
tlio county in which tho tlivorce was
granted, having lived nt Perry three
months simply ns a transient guest,
and going to Norman, where tho dl
vorco was granted, but tho day before
the implication was granted. The
bame holding by the court will annul
three-fourths of the divorces ever
grauted in the territory.
Tho court also decided that the
herds of cattlo in the Indian reserva
tion could not be IunciI, except for
general, territorial, and court ex
penses. This is a -cat victory for tho
owners of the great cattle herds, who
thus save many thousands of dollars.
Tramp Strung- Va at Ittilnelnml for
uniting a Utile, llrb
Knixr.i.AND, Mo., Sept. G. Last
night nt 10 o'clock nn angry mob of
masked men assembled in front of tho
Uhlnelnnd hotel, prepared to lynch
Thomas Larkin, tramp giving his
residence, as Now York, who brutnlly
assaulted little Alia Gammon '. 1 years
of ngc. Ailmittnuco was refused by
the guards The mob broke down tho
door and brought out Larkin. He
begged and prayed for them to spare
him, but this only made them more
enraged, and they took him to a treo
near town and swung him up, where
thuy left hlin for the coroner to hold
un inquest
Thn Dociinii nt In u I'uiket In TV a lbs
liigton Her I.ual Wishes.
Wasiiinoiov, Sept. J. The will of
Miss Kate Field was found yesterday
in a packet which she left with Mr.
Dcvine, proprietor of tho Shoreham
hotel, just before she left for Hono
lulu, where she died, Tho packet was
opened in the presence of Judge Mc
Gill, the recorder of wills.
Miss Field named II If. Kohlsaat ol
Chicago and J. San ford Beatty of
Washington as executors of her e
tate. She made Mr. lleatty the princi
pal bonegciary. She specified that in
caso she should diu uway from tho
United Slates her body 'should be
brought to this country and cremated.
Tho document will bo immediately
placed on record in Washington.
After Miss Field fi death her papers
wero token possession of by the
United States consul general nt Hono
lulu nnd that oflicial was recently au
thorized by tlio state department tc
make a search of the papers for the
will, aud, if it was found, to provide
the administrator of the estate with
a copy. Tho finding of the will in
Washington will make this search tin
Tha I'litiillilnte
Ueaperato Attempt to Annihilate Ne
braska l'amlly The Children Ilcail.
CiiAimo.v, Neb., Sept 5. Some un
known person yesterday morning
filled a sprinkling can with kerosene
and saturated tho bedroom floor and
beds upon which wero sleeping As
sistant Postmaster W. A. Danley,
wlfo and two children, nnd then set
llro to the room. The dense smoko
smothorcd tho tiro shortly after it
started, but when tho firemen suc
ceeded in removing tho occupants both
i-hlldroi. wero dead aud the parents
unconscious. No motive fortho crimt
can bo ssigncd.
Sliorva Vltnllty
.Sleets Chairman .lours.
CmrAOo, Sept. a. Mr. Bryan took a
train at South Bend, lnd., for this
city at f:4t this morning, tlioroby
proving ugnin his great vitality, he
having received callers until after 1-'
o'clock last night. On board tho
train wero ox-Congressman Shlvely,
the Democratic nominee for governor
of Indiana, and Senator Blackburn of
Kentucky. Thcro were no demon
strations whatever along the lino and
only a few hundred people gathered
nt the depot at Chicago to meet Mr.
nud Mrs. Bryan.
Mrs. Bryan will leavo Chicago to
night for Lincoln in order to attend
to tho starting of her children to
Mr. Bryan did not know thin morn
ing what the program of tho day was.
but said he would confer with Chair
man Jones nnd others of the national
Allison's Iowa, Opening
Dks Moines, Iowa, Sepi 3. The Re
publican State campaign was opened
hero this afternoon with a speech by
Senator Allison, thn audience lilting u
larce lent erected for the niirnosn ot
holdiuc betweeu &,000 und tl.tou peo- live years from September l
PleV - '
Thill's New r reatilcnt,
Valparaiso, Sept ft. After an ex
cited session tho Chilian Congress, by
a vote of CJ to tiO, decided yesterday
that tho relatives of Frederlco F'rra
urU had a right to vote, The Ueylsts
protested against tills action, as it
allowed Krra:uriz'.s relatives tho right
to voto in their own cause, but tu
splto of this Hrrazurlz wus proclaimed
president ot tho republic of Chili
by tho same vote U'J to 110.
Thero is great oxcitomcut in Val-p-aralso
aud Santiago, but so far
order has been preserved. Tho term
for which i;rra.ttrl. wns eiecieu is tor
Adilrraara Xff.OOO People at South llenil
II 1 1 Crowds at Other I'laees.
Sotmt IIf.nd, lnd., Sept. ft. In a
solid mass on nn open squaro, the
"government lot," 2.1,000 peoplo con
gregated last night to hear William
J, Bryan speak on tho money ques
tion. Mr. Bryan reached South Bend
last eveuing and was received by a
tremendous gathering at the railway
station. Mr. llryan spoko to S,0o0
peoplo ut Klkhart, nnd to largo
crowds ut Sturgis aud Adrian, Mich.,
and other points en route from To
ledo. Francis Will Support It
Washington, D. C, Sept. ft. Twc
members of President Cleveland's cab
inet, Secretary Carlisle and Secretary
Francis, last night expressed them
selves in strong complimentary terms
on the nominations of Messrs. Palmer
nnd Bucktier by the Indianapolis con
vention, und n third member of tho
cabinet, Secretary Lamont, while de
clining to bo Interviewed, incidentally
remarked as to the personality of tho
nominees that they nre good Demo
crats. These tire the only members
of the cabinet In Washington at present
Tha Democratic Vice I'resldenllat No mi
nes Declares Himself Positively.
New Yoiik, Sept 6. Tho Commer
cial Advertiser this evening prints the
following dispatch:
"Bath, Me., Sept .Editor Cons
merclal Advertiser: Any statement!
or inferences tlsat I propose -to with
draw from the Dcmoerallc national
ticket are without foumUtlod. I
never had tho remotott intention oj
doing so. AtiTUun Sk.vtall.
narilsley'a Tardon Recommended.
lUuntsnunn, Pa., Kopt. 6. The
board of pardons to-day formally
recommended to Governor Hastings
that a pardon be granted to ex-City
Treasurer John JIardnley, who was
sontenccd in 1891 for a term of fifteen
years in prisou for embezzling publio
funds of Philadelphia.
Civil llarrlaga Hill I'aaaeil.
Liua, Peru, Sept. ft, The Senato
has passed tho mnrrlago bilf,
which legalizes civil wcddlngi.
when tho contracting parties have not.
iiitnerio ticen married under the Cath
olic rollglous ritual. . . r.
I 1 J