The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 21, 1896, Page 4, Image 4

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THE liKD CLOUD OillWF, FRIDAY, AUG. 21, 1896.
Is never done, nntl It Is espcelnlly wcnrlns
nnd wcArlsomo to thono whoso Mood I
impure, mid unlit properly to tone, huh
tnln, nnd renew thn unstltig ot nerve.
tntiHclomid tissue. It Is moro beentiKo of
thin condition ot tliu blood tlmt women
nro run down,
Tlrod, Woali, Norvoiifl,
Tlinn bccniiKo o( the work Itself. Kvcry
phyidclnn cays so, nnd tlmt tliu only rem
edy Ik In building up by taking n goml
nerve tonic, blond piirlller nnd vltnller
like Ilood'sSfirsHpiirllln. For tho troubles
Peculiar to Women nt change of senson.
cllmnto or life, or resulting from hnril
work, nervousness, nnd Impiiro blood,
thousands Imvu found relief and cure In
Tlio One Truu Ulnod Purifier, ft per tmltlo.
Prepared only liy( I. Hood ttCo., Lowell, Musi.
U it it'll are tlm only pills to take
100(1 S PHIS witii HouirHuraMrlllii.
I'lililMidl Wci'UI)-.
Subscription, 1 I'cr Annum
liivnrlnlily In Adi-mii'v
Entered nt t'- Pint onioo In lted Cloud, Ni-I.
m n, ml iiuttcrof tliCKiioiiil
A. '. IIosmmi. Kdltnr.
IiABOVTait, AtKt I ival Killtnr.
For President,
For Vioe-Pirsidont,
Lieutenant (invernoi,
Secretary of Slate,
Com. PiiV,ie Lauds :iuil Buildings,
Auditor Piib'lo Accounts, O. IIKDLUN").
Attorney (icncral,
Superintendent of Instruction,
iiKNMtv it. eoumrrr.
Kegont of University,
w. ;. wiutmoki:.
Judges Supreme Court,
Presidential Klectois,
J. K. I10UTZ.
A. C. FOSTKlt.
.1. L. M.-I'IIHMLV,
For Congress Fifth IJhtiiet,
Rcpubiiuin. Convoutioii.
A ropu' lleair e uiliiiIoii i ir Weiii looiimy
l llOICll) IMlll 'I o lliL'I'l 111 mo !! ;ll Inn,... in
lied clou I. N ' ---kt iii si'iiiiirti Si'iii, iui,i.r
Will. l".l. ill II ii k n in the' inn in. i. , f lt H rill ll'h to I'T ll.J .t.lto le. ,,
II CKtldldiltl' I l I Ht) it Ill i mil (,, ,.
oli.ilcoi f delt'l! .ie i-i'il... r. pii'iiiu.m oimvi ,.
tluii In lie Wth n mi irlii. i-trlci niiii in Ilio
rt'i ililiiiui cuiii.'iiilmi fm iai clili Ii'kMiiIUo
dl-lrlct Ii it tuin nii.'ii.,.l tluii llif ili'lfuiitci
lUtlllMlllltflltlllll Iri'lllttll. s, '). "lilt. Mint ;ih
Miporvimir IIlr.f t- mmi'milc, nm. Inline for
Miperilstir In Ihe rrospeeilic dlMiu i. t nut
oiniiioiitloil tlmt mi iiruxlcslic-iillnui'il.
An Invltiillnii l iii'inli'i in nil IiiciiI uirrs
who ilvtlri' in NlnUiUe ulili Hip ri'imlillriiii i.miH
liiiittfiiil ili;l iiiirili'limic In. Uif ciuii'iiM'. iiih'I
lirlinailcH to lm lieM umlor tliu cull
Tliu nroti4 litii-lilii.iiii, ttiiriliirt'i-iilllt-il
to ttiiirt'M'iilrttlon lib liilluuh, lmcil on Hut kiitc
rnl for linn. W. K. Amlrewi. In sii. ulliiiilnK
uuuilflvKiito fori'iicli ion Miles mill tiitijitr or
tluii llicri'iif o i'iitiiinl diiu ut hirKu hiruuli
low us i in mi, uiinl.
illililn lliii-k
llciiM'r I'ri'oV
itiik rri'ok
l'un-Hiit Hill
Kim :ii'ik
Total . . . MiNitt, T. II. IUikkii.
MTrcliity. Clinlriiiiiii.
I.'i Itl'll Uiinl s
T lliilln :i
Ii (ill'lllllll
I Walnut I lock . i
Ii lllllMllo ',
S t'lillicrtoii a
I lliiriiiimy ii
Hod riunil lot unrd til
0 licit fluinl il urd t:i
To Tin: Km roit In tlieo slmrlnr
tides the public do not opci't the
minutest ilotuils, luint'o tlm Miitt'iniint,
in Kcncriil terms, in my liit i tide.
tlmt silvrr wna not tit :i prritiium in '7a
as Mime pi'opln .suppouo (that Is il per
rent.) I bitlhiTu till who tiro informed
will aurcu with nin in tliia. Hut to by
aneoilii! tuul ultoBi'tlinr fair I will tato
that th highest, bullion vulitu of u sil
ver dollar in '73 whs $1.01(1 ami the low
ost was 8(UI3i, uml tliu averiiRO for tlm
year was about $1 .001. These nro Lou
ilon limitations anil it must be boruo in
miml that .silver in Kuropoaml India
was worth about :i pr cnt niU n pr
com, n'spi!tivoly morn than in Amer
It'a owIiir to tlieir ratio lielnjj tlitut
imrn. This givos rlso to tho gt nurul
opinion that .silver was tit a !l per ciint
promiiim in this eountry in '7:1.
If I took tlm t-rmiml that Mr. Knight
and alt other gold tnlvoi'utiN do, that
money must nucossiirllj po...,. "iM.
t i-i nio value, ol' iniiimiivi:il nlui I
might ilt'nni It prolllabli' to fullmv bis
argument omi farther, but I do not.
'Mutiny mulling is a function of gin em
nn't, ItU the arhilntiy I'lPation of
the government. Nothing Is money
uxctipt that whli'li tlm siivuiiigii pnwnr
fi,o ilm-ruosi iioltlior is anything stiiutly
money uhieh e.ills for reili'iiiptlon lit
something else, tln-reforo "intiiti" ""
vtilui' and eoniineiTial val "' l nut
outer Into money, ami ns soon aswe
have a lliiaiii'ial s stein wbieh eon
foint" to thi'sn fads we will bo out of
tlm clutches of tin limey change! .'
Mr. Knight si.vs, "thiie have bien
'disasters of the ages,' much wmsn
miidii by poor money than eei by m"
ing prices " Will lie please give Us a
few instances. Mr K. ha ticvci si en
any "pour tuoiiev ," neither lu be eiei
seen a "llflv live" cent ilul'ai On the
olliiir liaiiil, we liavn an instance wbcic
tlmxlMy millions of niir gieeiibacks
which ln'i-iime inoiicy rnc m a pre
mium over gold
Fiixt I will answer Mr. Iv' lirt
ipieslion eciii'erning Mevicn by asking
why is it that tlm United States, which
is on a gold hasW bus no gold in c ire il
lation? ( Sold is hoauli'd beiiiiise all
other kinds of pinperli is ilept eciating.
Mr. K. ami all other gold tlieoiists n.
fee to tho little republic of Mesico ami
her conditions as proof of the mild
ness of their iogic. Very well. I have
before me two letteis fiom Mexico
One Is by the president of the Mexican
Ccntitil railway to a Iricntl in Kansas
City. He savs, "I would liko to call
jour attention to these facts That
l)iilni'.-s failures in Mesico are almost
unknown. We liavn no strikes, such
as are certainly disturbing comincici'
in lint United States. Such a thing as
Co.xy's army is never dreamed of.
Thcri) is work for every one who wants
it at wages to enable them to supply
all necessary wants Our banks ate
paying from 14 to 17 percent dividends
per milium. Manufacturing enter
prises whose proliis aro known are
paying from 10 to 'JO per cent ami pri
vate concerns who do uol publish the
per cent of their prolits ;ire kimuu to
be prospering."
'I'lie other letter N from Mr. Olio
lleckelmau, an Amciicau engaged in
bu.siuuss in the Cily of Mexico, to the
New York World, lie si,y,, "Tnc,
Mexico today is on a free siivi r lmK
but instead of mUer and depiction,
she ptesents to Hie world a condition
of conspicuous prosperity unprece
dented in her histoii ." I believe these
answer the iiteslions concerning Mex
ico, so far as results go.
Second Our mortgages, . locks, etc ,
that are made pavahlc in trulil can
more easily be paid in gold then (bun
now because gold will citciilatc; but
tlm just remedy will be a reconstruc
tion of the fedei-il court by men who
aro not owned soul ami body by cor
porutions, and a reversal of the decis
ion which legalizes contracts which
call for payment in gold.
Third If there should be any rush
of silver hero at all, which there will
not be, it will only have, the effect of
putting gold iu circulation (not at a
t emium ) Cold hides only in times of
panic or war, then appears again when
uol so much needed Yet its advo
cates pioclaimil t lie only honest money
all other kinds being hypocritical and
dishonest. If thcie was ever a dishon
est dollar on earlh it is the gold dollat.
There have been alrenly more pi op
ertyand moio homes destroyed by the
attempt to put this country upon a
gold lmls than wre de-strojed by the
hue relii'lliou, and (iml only knows
when the end will be.
When will tin- American people
.uise ami proclaim industrial imlepeii
b'lii'n fi mil tiie.u Britain ami place
themselves iu a position u, legislate fot
the gi eat ci'iuiinm pe. pie in.sii-ad ot
legislating for the gold ginibh is as
they have been doing
I). It. ('Aifi'i:Nn:it.
Prom California.
Santa Anna, Cal., Aug., loth, 'liii
To Tin: Cm run- I will veuturo to
write you u few lines trusting this will
not tin 1 1 the waste baskot, belieing
by i eading your valuable paper of ,) ulj
10th, that you like to hear from Cali
fornia and old friends. We hare si
good many Itcil Clomlets hern about
Santa Anna and none of them aie home
sick so far as we know, all are well
and doing well. We have a beautiful
country, a lovely inuguilii'niu climato
free from cyclones, thunder storms,
summer rains, winter snows, scet,
bli..ards, hailstorms, etc. We had it
dry hero last winter for this county
but that was laid on the .shoulder of
fiee trade anil democracy of course.
IVoplo d not mind that as we have
irrigation system and crops grow ami
look wall. Wo can raisu two crops a
var by irrigating so you see SjoiIu
Anna or Orange county is all right. In
this section or uonthern California
nuver had mii'Ii prospects for KR.
ILsh walnut crop as this year, so say
old settlers. The largegt trees are
breaking beneath their load of fruit.
People arc compelled to knock oil lots
of their fruit to save their trtes. The
apple crop Is heavy. Drying season
for apricots is about completed. Wo
have now and have hail for two months
plenty of small fruit; black berries in
abundance sell as low as two cents per
box or pound, .strawberries as low as
Iheceut.s per box and ti beauty of
blackberries ami slrnwhrries thoj
vill last until October iu ahtinilaiicv.
We lmc ripo pours, grapes, guavas,
loipiats, peui-lii , plums. i iHt.t, n
kinds of fi nil tlmt glows m this con
tinent, and we have nil kinds of (lowers.
It almost seonia a ilrnnni to valk
01 the Knife.
Mr. Lincoln Nelson, of Mnr.shfie.ld, Rio.,
writes: "For six years I have been a
sufferer from a scrofulous affection of
the glands of my neck, and nil effort;
of physicians iu Washington, I). C,
Springfield, III,, and St. Louis failed to
reduce the enlargement. After sis
mouths' constant treatment here, my
physician urged me to submit to a re
moval of the gland. At this critical mo
ment a friend recommended S.S.S.,
and laying aside a deep-rooted preju
dice ng.iiii3t all natcnt medicines, 1 be
gan its use. Ileforc I had used one bot
tle the enlargement began to disappear,
and now it is entirely gone, though I nm
not through with my bccotul bottle yet.
Had I only used your S.S.S. long ngo,
I would have escaped years of misery
and saved over is."
This experience is like that of nil who
suffer with deep-seated blood troubles.
The doctors can do no good, and even
tlieir resorts to the knife prove cither
TVuitless or fatal. S.S.S. is the only
real blood remedy; it gets nt the root of
the disease and forces it out perma
nently. S.S.S. (guaranteed purely vegetable)
A Real Blood Remedy
is a blood remedy for real blood troubles;
it cures the most obstinate cases of
Scrofula, Kc.ema, Cancer, Rheumatism,
etc., which other .so-called blood reme
dies fail to touch. S.S.S. gets at the
root of the disease and fotces it out per
manently. Valuable books will
be sent tree
to any nddress
by the Swift
Specific Co., At
lanta, Ga.
health to nil and a rousing majority for
protection that men ns McKiuley.
A ItKH Cl.OtllKIt
Iteuu' lilarrlitii ItnUiun
pslMvnl) Iihr no tijiiiil Iu diarrhea. dy
onttry nin! lull imation of i h- IiowhN, It
relieve qtilckl), nnd being pnrvly vege
table, no Inul ri suits follow, Yun usntiol
nlforil 10 bi without It ut ibis -o-.-uu of
thejeur. Hnilb)' L Cnttilifl.
The Ah Creek Curio of Kings
Daiighleis assembled August l;lth, 'IKI,
at the residence of Mr. .John Meirill,
Jewel eoiintj. Kansas. Notwithstand
ing the exceeding wariii wea'her lifty
one persons weio pirsent to assist
with work prmldcilhv the circle and
partake of the hospitality oll'oided by
Mr. and Mrs. Men ill anil Miss Maud.
We were right royally entertained.
The illMiicr was excellent, pm-featly
cooked ami enjoyed by all. The young
people gave oine line music both vocal
and instrumental tiud a sonl inspiring
selection was read from the Silver
Cioss. It is certainly ei'couraging to
witness the eoutiiiucd prospeiity of
our circle. We are pleased to see mem
bers prompt iu their attendance, many
of tlieir homes being rcnio'cly situated
but they aie alwaxs present. At tho
close of the day's services all returned
homo feeling it was good for them to
have been there.
Tit fi!
through a dour yard, il is . grand.
The air is tilled with the t chist per
fumes fiom the magnolia dow u lo the
daintiest house plant of tho green
houses of '.'. 'i-'ern s'titcs It would
almost niiil one fool in attend a
funeral lure thn' it was blUs : die iu
California mid be buried iu a bed of
such lloueis, :i people ale lice. It is
a ciisNim heio for a large turnout on
funeral occasions ami o or,) body
brings llowois. They ate brought in
all foitn-i, emblems, hnpnts, out
llowers, looso, eti'. Well I will give
some prices. Flour from ii to "SI . if
per lifty potiads, potatoes 7." cents per
KM) pounds, beef from !t to 10 oeuts per
pnund;iork dry, salt ami pickled 10
cents, eliolcesi smoked In oakfast bacon
10 cents, choicest smoked ham 12 cents,
fresh pork from 4 to to cents, eggs 1.1
cents per dozen, butter il.T per roll that
means two pounds, old linns $.1 00 to
$:t.50 per dozen, broilers from $1.50 to
S'-'.riO per dozen, cows from $75 to $80
per head, horses from $: to $."0 per
head, hogs M.00, corn 8.r coots per 100
pound1!, barley 7."i cents porsaek. Oats
are not raised here very much, grows
too rank, do not till out. Alfalfa hay
7 per ton, bailed barley hay samo
price, apples J to 1J cents per pound,
peaches, pears, apricots, nectarines,
logats and lemons 1 cent per pound.
Tho writer of this correspondent'!'
has been out on a camp ns do all Call
forniaiis at a seaside resort called Long
HohoIi. There was crowds of people
there taking their summer outing.
They bavo tiro wharfs there. There
weio as many as 'J, 000 people on
the wharf at a time. You could stand
on the .-iToml Hour of the whaif and
see people amusing themselves in
minus way-.. Knnie tihing, some
gathering clauis and mi gathering
peiinywinkles for soap, others bathing.
sum riding up and down tint beach iu
chariots drawn by goats, carls drawn
by goats some riding buiros, some
iu lino carriages drawn by line horses,
Mime diring oil' of spiing boards,
some swimming away out in tho brine
deep whilu thoo religiously inclined
wont to camp mooting. Thorn were
till kinds of Christian beliefs taught
and preached, even a place where was
held a union meeting for all Christian
believers tlmt wished to lay down all
prejudice ami unite to worship (iod.
That place of worship was called tho
tabernacle. There was groat god ac
complished at that place.
While u great number wont off on
small vessels on excursions to various
places of natiira, some want to Saint
Catliuas Island to fish for the day,
others wont to 1'ijiut Loma, others to
San I'cdro, others to thn light house oa
the point of l'alas Vortos mountains,
some to government harbor called San
redro deep water harbor, others would
sit In the sand all day long, some
would hunt shells and s on. Tho wri
ter only wished Dan (iarberwitld visit
even Lung Heaeh. It is a small city
but the permanent population is about
Hint of Hod Cloud and tho lloatiiif
population will number three times
that and "no saloons" therefore no
missionaries tiro needed. Wo lted
Clouders hero iu southern California
aro fast becoming citizeni.ed. We
can put In as many hours fishing, olam
hunting, bathing, hunting shells, tak
ing our .siiuiiuor outing, etc., as anyone.
Let mo say that all lted Clouders away
out hero aro sajing iu tho Usual low
small oleoof all Nebniskans, "Hurrah
for McKinloy and I'mtoi lion," and yon
must reinomber thai tin ic i no winter
here to freo.n any body's mouth shut
So It goes In California as well a in
lted Cloud. Polities nm i mining at
high thin. 'Wishing good oh) Nnhraskti
it prosperous year for crops, good
biio jr siTfjt 7T Wry
The caucuses will he held ns lollows,
to name delegates to thn icptihlicnti
count eon eniion September l'Jih.
Hatin Wednesday, September iilh,
at 'J , at Anderson school house.
ioliN l!i;..v
Siii.i.waiti: Friday, September Ith,
tit t p.m., at .fohiisoii school house
.1 It. Citon U.
Inavai.i: -Satiudtii, SipiiMi..-r ."illi,
ill '-! p ',i.l at I. Ui'iiimis ii.-n . ivaiei
stole Township ticket will al-o be
nominated. W F. Ui.nki.i..
Dr 1'. i. Hall teiuoied a piece of
necrosis bone from the lower jaw of a
young man by the name of Audi r-on
Theories of cute may be discussed ut
length by physicians, but the siilleiors
want quick relief; and One Minute
Cough Cure will give it to them. C. L.
Tho Bioyolo Coutust.
Tile vote up to date is a follows;
Kniiilii I'olliloky, (toil Cluild
Oriiie Hull. Hod Cloud
Mr. T. C. lliiekor ...
Ivii.skeltuii, nine Hill
. .. ... . Keil Cloud
Irene Miner. Iti'il Cloud
Mm. Nellie Klmli. lied Cloud
Myrtle Jones flulilu ICock
TIIIh Ml'Cli'ltiiliil lted Cloud
MalileTlinrni', Hladea
Itellii Aide, lted Cloud '.. . - .
.Maud KiiIkIiI. Ilinvalc
.Ifmietli' Dllley. Ifcd jftoml
Toliil Oil)
Jfivk votk coii'on. J
llrhiK or vend tlilsi oiiiioii iki iuiiinuli-d
liy IS ceniH to till ollice nml you III ret clve i
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to onsir. Miles In Hie tiunlilc.wlc loiliiKion
test lor the most popular ludy Iu Webster
X'ountj. I rnstTi mil's fur
rvi'i's.-i v ii-i'l- i -of "ns
llrlu.' or w'li I llil I iiiiiiiii in inini'iuiled
li i'io tin i 'Hie nml oii n 111 reiclio
ll'ie pupi r for . Hie e:ir riul de until I'd to
ensi jii t itilillie lfi lii've'e otuii! iou 4
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m 4
" 4
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llrliiK or send this Coupon mronipiitileil 4
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test for the most popular bid) In Webster 4
count). I cist UJ lotos for 4
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II' m;l ham ir.
Crovtn Bridge Work ur Tmli Willioul Plates
1'OltCKI.AIX 1X1.AV,
And si) Hit IftU't lii)ir(iYtneni Iu dmilal mi oh-iiuUiil.
On llem
The glowing KUBY should
Thoee who in warm July ure
Then will thoy bo oxompt and W
free "T
From love'e doubt and mixiety.
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