The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 20, 1896, Page 3, Image 3

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Dr. J.
Price), Mo., tOe. and tl.00 ex bottla. Sold varrwhar.
Dr. ft. Owen's EleGtriG Appliances.
Mr. Ilcnry Wcndt, of
Itoru, LaSallo Co., 111.,
under Oato of July 27,
ISS, writes:
"I had Ithpumn
tam all over ray sys
tem. A few applications
of Dr. Owen's Elcctrlo
Appliance!) buvo relief
and after six weeks' use
ofthein I wub entirely
Our hirjrn Illustrated catalofruo contains tnsny cndnrsomonU llko above, bosldcfi cute
BW prices of AppllanccH and much valunblo laforuiutloa for tbo mulcted. Write for It at
.earner, enclosing six cents in stamps for postage.
1 We hnvo boon ticforn tlio public many years, and our Electric Appliances have- bocomo
a recognized staudard of merit, curing thousands of cases of ItlicBmntisni.
206 TO 200 STATt
This book and The Chief one year for $ ,
SPECIAL NOTE TO OLD SUBSCRIBERS You can obtain this Handsome One DcfUrlkx,
-posture paid, by rcnunlni: now for one year. If your subscription does not expire for several
-weeks or months yet, send in your renewal and (bo date on your paper will bo set forward
suo ;tur. w
fi s&ftugp
- iV.a ZiT I m iiaT.
ample paper, sent on receipt of 13c to pay cost
P. T. L.
The American Protective Tariff League
"it a national organization advocating
Protection to American Labor and
Industry" as explained by its constitu
tion, as foliows :
'The objetof this LaRu shall ba ta protect
American labcr by a Unff on Imports, which ihall
Adequately eeouro Amsriean Industrial products
ekjainst tlie competition of s'oraif n labor.
There are no personal or private
profits in connection with the organiza
tion and it is sustained by memberships,
contributions and the distribution of its
FIRST: Correspondence ,le solicited regarding
"Membership " end " Official Ccrrespondsnts.
CECON D: We need and weloome contribution,
whether small or large, to our cause.
THIRD: We publish a large line of document
covering all phases of the Tariff question. Com
plete set wit to mailed to any addressfor CO cent.
FOURTH! 8enrt postal card request for fr
ample copy of the " American Economist.
Address Wilbur F. Wakeman. General Secretary,
t36 West 23d Street. New York.
Kansas City, Mo Stack Yards.
rafPlftt'."''- MONEY LOANED
a nun, itiiu
SuisytN. c--r.c,-;i,rf
HnV.t Reports Free.
Affords a quick relief from the accidents
and ailments common to human or animal
constant uso for half
a century.
Morrloo, Mich., In a let
ter Oct. 14, 1TO4. say n:
" I tried several
kinds of tDcdlcliio and
two doctor for my
ItheuumtlHm. but
could vet no relief. 1
b o u if li t ono or Dr.
Owen's Electric Appli
ances and experienced
i ellu f at ouco : of Ur two
weeks' tiie I wan us lim
ber us an eel aud could
work all diiy. Mow am
entirely cured.
Slzo of page, 11 by 13Ui laches.
Elaborate Cover in Gold and Colors,
Highly Enameled Paper.
"WORTH m-nn-
"Wf m asK
XIIE contents of tho art series of vlsws
above referred to consists of a selec
tion ot hixty-fouh photographic
reproductions of the Columbian Ex
position, and Is invaluable as well as
artistically bcantUul.
should takc ui TMia orrta
OutOt, conststlnc of sample of boolc and
ot wrapping, mailing and prepayment.
jM tbo Lone; Kan Cememt It Mors) STee
oamlcal Than Wood.
In the western prulrio states wood
Is perhaps tho most extensively used
material for flooring stables for stock.
It is largely used on account of its con
venience and general adaptability,
though there is a growing feeling that
it is on the whole quite satisfactory.
Tho plnnk iloor is short lived; it is
made water-tight with difficulty, and
above nil It is objectionable for horses
that are confined much to the stall.
For cattle and hogs tho same objec
tions prevail to a considerable degree.
Cement floors nre gaining in favor and
lire quite acceptlblc though rather ex
pensive. They should also be covered
with plank for horses. The cement
floors in the new station barn have
been in use over u year now and huvo
given good satisfaction. When well
bedded uhey are very satisfactory for
cattle, hogs nnd sheep. The station
floors were mudc by laying three
inches of concrete composed f five
parte of clean, sharp sand to one of
Tortland cement, well mixed and
packed well on a foundation of sand
nnd gravel, and the surface was then
finished with a three-quarter inch cov
ering of cement and sand in proportion
of four of cement to seven of sand and
troweled smootli nnd level except as
otherwise provided. These floors have
worn well even where horses wearing
Mioes have walked on it. Such a floor
is cold In winter, however, unless used
insldo of a warm building nnd beddintj
used freely. This kind of a floor muy
bo mado at n fost of ten cents u square
foot. C. P. On t'l-s, In Ktiral Life.
II Valor Practically Illnetratrd Thfmaa
St. Yhj.
"Is lonp lmlr iui unfailing' mark of
genius?" The miHwer is: i'u.notnco
rwiarlly, but it In certainly n mark of
policy. It doe not require any pro
found wisdom on tlic part of n public
performer to know tliut It in better to
be talked about for Itin tiglintnH or his
eccentricity than uot to have bis er
soniillty dlscusKcd at all, nnd if aninn
be tto unfortunate us to possesm a nor
tnal face and figure, with the nverngc
miinlier of features and Uinl, in what
quarter must he look for Individuality
ravc in his hair?
M. A I urn Lnchnumo, the young
French pianist who is this year touring
with JUvardc, and who did the aninc
lant year with Ywiye, tells, how he hp
ienctl thin KenMm to bloom out.uHoneot
the longdinired brethren. When he
first cutne to UiIh country M. Lnchnumo
wore hut hair in cvery-dny rnhion, aud
nbso cultivated a rather tentative board.
Pcoplo heard him play, exclaimed:
"How unomunilngt" went away, nnd
forgot him. Since his conversion, how
ever, the Mune pcrsonBcry: "Howhld
coiwl but the man Ih evidently a gen
ius. Bravo!" and they depart, and this
tune do not forget.
It was Ysnyo who brought this
change nlxuit. l.ut year, in thecoum:
of their frauds, the two artii.ti found
themselves In a town Homewhero in tin
west. They were sitting in a room to
gether, when Ynnyo exclalaicd: "It's
no use, I.nchnuine, I enu't htnnd tlmt
lenrd of yours uny longer; it is too
ugly, nnd it must comooltl"
"J hit, my dear man," answered the
alarmed pianist, "I havo taken Mich
pains to grow Mint beard; itbusccwtme
years of Inbor antianxiety: bcMdcH, yon
know otio must have something dis
tinctive about one."
"Yes, of course, I know that, but all
you've got to do is to let your buck hair
grow like mini;. And there r. no time
llko tho present, cither, ho you just sit
down In thutehair there mid we'll make
short work of the business."
No sooner wild than done. In a few
seconds l.nchauiue was sitting trem
bling In the chair, while the gnvit
Ysnye wielded tho razor uhutit Ills cVv
voted chin.
"In future, my dear boy, use a raor,
but never scissors, and you nre sure to
Ih'coiiiu famous." London Tinth.
Utile Whop Wliero Uniform Aro MiMlo
lorj;coiii with I old.
One sees from the sidewalk of u quiet
street east of Third avenue a l.ig bnm
uicnt. shop when1 two or three girls nr
bending over well-worn embroidery
frauu'ii. The sninpies of their work
displayed in tins windows show thnt
thi'.v nro tanking bullion embroidery
to decorate the coats or cap1- of nillV
tnry ollleers, policemen, and others
whose trades or professions require
un'fonns. There is less to be done in
the bullion embroidery trade, in thin
city than in most, old world cities, but
there is a constant and growing de
mand for the handiwork of th" bullion
embroiderers, and the trade Is one that
keeps it.s own In spite of Inbor-suung
lliiliion embroidery worked directly
upon the stuff of the cap or coat is still
Tito proper thing for the uniformed
man who would have nil his accoutre
ments right. The embroidery shops
lire usually little places, and the pro
prietor Is sometimes a woman. The
frame Is a simplo device of hatd wood,
enlarged or reduced In accordance
with tho needs of the particular pieco
of work in hand. The embroiderers
are uuinlly girls, often very young,
though the designer nre sometimes
men. Kinbroldery designing Is not a
very dilllcult business, because UttJe
originality Is demanded, since the trade
has well-established traditions, and
there ore plenty of books to guide the
designer. There nre no new designs
to be made In masonic, military or
naval emblems, and even the myriad
hhooting clubs of tho German quarter
nre not likely to require anything that
will demand great ingenuity of tho em
broidery designer.
The girls that do the ctual work of
bullion embroidery or? often native
Americans, though the trade Is mainly
controlled by foreigners, French and
German for the most part. Tho par
ticular zdiop hero indicated is managed
by n Hebrew, nnd the pretty girls vis
ible from the street ns they lean over
their work seem to have Jewish fear
turea. N. Y. Sun.
How the llrawe Girl Haffered
the Coronation.
silently, at
At tho coronation the ceremonies
lasted more than four hours, anil
throughout the queen played her part
with wonderful composure. Core, says
a writer, hnd been taken to provide a
crown suitable for her small head, but
no one had thought about reducing the
size of tho orb which she was required
to carry in her tiny hnnd.
"What am I to do with it?" she asked,
in concern.
"Carry it, your majesty," replied
Lord John Thymic.
"Am I V It is very heavy," the queen
answered In n tone of amazement.
However, it was too lato for protest,
and she obeyed the exigencies of the
A worso mistnkn hnd been made
with regard to the ruby coronation
ring. The jeweler had made It to fit
her majesty's little finger, whereas the
archbishop declared that according to
the rubric It must be put upon tho
larger finger, nnd accordingly forced
it Into thnt nosit'nii Tho oucen bore
her pninfnlly
KV i I
"g linger with the
'nine heroism
weighty orb
nnd to I e I iil'n
r.w could ln r
"ud" '
T ..',
M ( :,'. i
-v of t'
t she carried the
erwnrd the linger
'. w ater beforo the
, (T. Westminster
-d' nro better pro
i ni v other coun
i i 'i i!ohp.
$10,000 for Women
$1,000 for the One who Guesses Best.
A year iiro 77i CMatja llrcoril otfereil J.TO.OCO
In ciiih prliim to uiithom for tho heit "HtorliM of
niyntery." The ntorlee wero uncnttt'tt hectuifto II wim
ri'iiilroil that u myitory nhonlil run through tho
entire Hturymiil ImuIIhcIohoiI only In the Init rhapter,
Tlir ounril of mitliurs'
eprnklnu tritrlil to Ihr iiumlirr
wrri- otlrrsil for thr twrlrr
Hllllfll Kdwards, of Macou,
biiJIIh piibllnitloil 111 lienln III Thr Chitmio litcuni
on Miircli VM, mill eoiitlliiui III iiliout IlOilitllv limlnll.
iiii'MIm until ooitipleU'il. "SiiiihiiihI t'utlier " Uln'Miint
nil iiui'.itlou thr nrral thru f the jivr. There will ho
To tll I fiirliirr iriuolr iopiilur tntirist In Hit rrmiirkittilr elory, TIIK CMICAUO IIK('Oltl
ofTrm (111,01111 In 10 rash irltrt for lliv NHU t(Hrra wlltcli wliall rimir tlir iirnrml (o bolllR Irun
lid loniplrle aoltitloua of Ihr myalrry In tlir utory. Tho SIO.IXM are illviileil us followx:
To the reiitlor from whom VVir iirunl reeeluit the mot eoniplnlennil
eornvt ohitlnu In all Um ili'lulli of tho enllro uiyntery of tho Mory,
lit It fliull ho iIIm'IoiciI In tho lust chapter lion piilillnhi'il $1,000
For Ihr arrnnil liral miliitlnn niM)
Vor Ihr llilril lirst aoliilliin. .'100
For Ihr fnurlll liral oliilloli 'tllO
For Ihr urtt A urarral lira! eolnllolis, SI 1)0 rath .100
" 10 no ' nuo
" ' 'tO ' 'J.1 ,1011
" " " no !o i.txio
" " aon , to
14 " aim ' ft 'i.aim
In nil ss'.l irlxm, niiiiniiilltiu; In 910,000
Toll rnrtlrulnM ik In tin1 d.luIN nr
In4 tin' imirilliiii uf lln-i' prl Hill
i,iiii-ahi ii,iiiiii. i im- irnu rininiiri
1. I'm onoioliilloii run 1 1' inliriil
nuitiTlal in tin r llii' ri'iulrr Milvorllas fiir iho inter illtit t to
tin' nlUi'c nl liiililli'iillnii or wlntlii'rll Imimlit from IIioIihiiI
ni'Uiilriilrr. I tiu riiiili".! I i'im, limit. r tin- mki'IIIhI eiimll.
IIciiii, In nil Mini rcml tin' i.iiit
i 'I In- Mitiiiiiitlnii nt tin' mi it.v tnnt l' tiinili' In tin
rfiulir'i nun unl, In llii' 1'imlMi Ihiikiii.k.' uinl Hllliiilil miv
iitli'init m - llii" urllliii:." Inipt) kIIii,:iih niiiiii nr On fai'ti.
Unit en tn imiki'ti ' rninii'iti' uinl iil,-"liiifi t'nrrii I Milulliiiiif
tin- t'litlir mi lrrj n tlir ri'ii'liT m.iy Ihmi'Mi' tmllKiincr
:i. Tin' tloixi will do iiHiiritn! iiiulcr tln iiiiiitiliui ii'i-nouiiciil,.ii'ririlliii:tiitli'l,iMJiiiUiiii'iitu(tlifjiiilKi9iititiiiiiii''l
10 Cents
and get
The Record
10 Days.
I'm I'mriiiii Ilmiiinl'. Clilciii.'ii li'inllnu iiinriiliiisiliilly
In f,ii'l, wltli ii Kliiitli'oxii'ptloii, It Iiiii tlii'lunji'M lunriilin: ilr
riiiiitiim In .Mmrli'ii 1iji.i a iluy. II N u iiii'inlnT nl 'I In'
Akioi lnti'il 1'ri'Mninl "iirlnliiill tin' ni'ni from nil llii- wnrlil."
II l imli'iH'iiili'iit In mlltli"i mill nlvi'1 nil imlltli'iil iii'iie ullli
Jmllrlnl liniiirlli'll), fnr frnin Itii'tiilnl of i,illl-iiMlilp. It U
riiliiipiKliiiiilly iii'iinpniT I'ruf. .1 T llullli'lil, of tlio North.
Wf'ti rti I'lilwpniy, urltlni; to tin 1'iinmlim (III.) Imlir, fiij a :
"1 hiM'fitiii to tlie llriu iimiliiiloii ntl.T ii linn; Iil.nml
nrtrni wl I" rniiiiiiirliiiii ultli lln'l'iiiriuil, ut inniiv Slnli-i mill
ruiiiitrlo i hi I TiifI'iiii ii. ii ItmiiiHiiiuii'ii". nnr li'lnu I lie
Mi'iilil.illi Jnuriiiil n im' iho fur himii' nine likely tn llml on
Ihove iniirtiil linre.''
VICTOR F. LAWSON, PuhllsherTheCHICAGO RECORD, 1C1 rTlmllson Gt., Chlcaao, III.
TiliriiltciirlillrrlnH'iir 1ml t'lreeor Titir lire ) lerxUII l"l hMIio f.uiill lulu III Iliu iri Ii r,ir lliiM'Xpluliulluii of
tlie in. i-ti ri In "Snniiitiil I'litliern." lull nineuiU r nn'v .in:i n unit .III! iim cm-m '-nil 1 u'n tl oM'l '. t?i i
Smiill I'urliiiKOH to tie Triiiiii(irteil nt Very
I.uw Itutm.
The suggestion that the P.ritish gov
ernment, should cslablipli an agricul
tural parcels post throughout the
United Kingdom so n 1o enable the
farmers and the market gardeners to
deal directly with the consumer hn.i
not yet liecn acted upon. Hut the sug
gestion Iiuh borne fruit In uiiotherwny.
It has led to one. of tlie Kngllsh rail
ways introducing a scheme which
promises to highly benellt the agricul
tural communiticH. The railway pro
K)ses to trtuiHKirt in small jmekagci
perishable jiroduclK at greatly reduced
charges. The goods are to bo shipped
on passenger trains. A package weigh
ing "0 pounds muy be scut to London
from any station within 100 miles for
eight cents. Por every additional lle
pounds up to GO pounds an additional
charge of two cents will be ninth. ru
box of greater wnlght than WJ hiiiuiI.s
will be received ut t Ids rate. The prod
uce must be hhlpjied hi certain kinds
of boxes, which may bo ltought of th'i
railway company If desired. I'riees
vary from three to ten cents, according
to nizc. Por prepaying charges parcel
stamps which can be allixed to the
package are on stile ut the stations,
It is thought that this arrangement
will stimulate tho shipment of perish
able goods direct to Loudon and will
bring producer and consumer In direct
contact. Xot merely will the commis
sion charges lie saved in many cases,
but tiic freshness of the produce mid
the ease with which it is obttdurd
should largely stimulato consumption.
We should like to see some such scheme
introduced on American railways. As
mutters now stand many city families
purchaao fruit and vegetables from the
corner grocery which would bo ordered
direct from tho fanner were not tho
railroad charges practically prohibi
tive. N. Y. World.
Boil Required bj Itosrs.
Hoses require a deep, rich humus, but
moderately compactboll. Potroses like
a soil rather lumpy that is, a soilnot
sifted. Two parta of rich black loam
nnd ono port of rotted cow manure,
with the nddltlon of a little sharp sand,
uervea them admirably. Tho monthly
or Chinese rose nnd its hybrids, gen
erally known as monthly roses, arc
tnt ill more tender than the perpetuate.
They may lie perfectly well wintered In
a pit three or four feet deep, covered
with glass and protected from severe
frost, if a little air is given them in
winter. So, also, they may be wintered
in a well-lighted cellar.
ICronomlo Feature of Orcharding.
When considered in connection with
funning, trees give tho advantage of tho
j use of overhead space that cannot bo
otherwise utilized nt all. Small areas in
great cities that are sold for fortunes
nro used to erect structures to utmost
limits of corporate laws. Cut orchard
ttees to the ground and it will be found
(hut they occupy us much space on tho
ground as in the air. Tho overhead
space Is brought into economic use. Tho
trees can make use of space und forces
in it which otherwise will availaplanter
nothing. The ground while best if kept
in a high state ot cultivation, can lie
cropped with leguminous cropB, and
made runs for calves, shoats, jioultry,
and the orchard itself made a wind
break to a homestead. American Oar
Success would bo more certain if
neientrf were divided, and fertility,
.1 ., i -..iii.n Unr.nuwl
a:.u..f. a....i.
pi toners ca ttoria
M.IIJ.ik .M.
VllllClFen CiyTOr
the pnrpoM IrOlnir to kIva rnih prlr.n to Dioko
rivuloM of TVi (Ttleaijo llteonl who xlimilrt ho iililo
to iolve tho inyKtery, or eonio upnrnut to n correct,
Holntlon of It, In ififiiiiirr of the piihllrallon of tho
lutt ehnptcr In the pupur.
iirlxre) tine lust lieii
ruatlr. Htorlre from
of Nlft wrrr viitrrril In the riininrtltlmi.
liml etortre. Tlir lire! urltfi was 10,000,
(la, Ilia etnrr la rntltlril
"Sons and Fatllers.,,
mi Interval of weuk or
of tho IikI liiNtiilliiituil
nriliii niysU'ry mill tin' tin
iliirln which perloil the
tho fiitnlltlmi Kiiirrn.
In- imlilHml In Tilt!
li Tin: I'nii'iim Itlomii, uinl tiny Milt linio iiiniiilrlo mil
trnl uinl ilii.ilili-iiilnii, Icioiiil unj niH'iil, In nil iiuiIuti rilnt
Inn tn ilil iinliii'iiiiiti'ht.
iia iniinwrt'
In - ii rriuliT. It I. On,
Ami l.m, Imt nut li'int,
Only Women and Girls may Guess,
'III k 1 1 n miii II H nun In pre i mini inly n tiinili)
per, uinl ll il il'y InHniniinl ol :i li'uli urmle mil il Mnr I- n
li'iitiiio Inn mliil to Kpitliill) iMiiiiiiiint II In Hi, Iinini' rtii It-,
'In i'IHiIiik7ii uinl ii'lvrrlN'-llii' Ini't Hi il 'I'll K I'
IImiiiiih, ii pen, v.iiH-r ii'iillnrly I'liitiiMi' fnr uniiiitn'h ivml
I in; I he flinlii r i niiillllnii Ih iiiiiiIi Hi:iI tlio tliMiM In titlreinlinU
N t.ilil niii fnr t mUnmlUm nr uttrtitr ,?nf in htt unvirn itwl
im I: All limy ii'iul, Imt only Wl)Ml;.N iviiilUlUl.Hiiuiyi;uei.
To innltr II rimy fur nil wlio nrr mil mnv tnkllii; Ihr inpri' to lirtonir
nriiiiiliilril Willi Till': t'llll'ACt) HKCOICU anil It Hi rut SW.IHW prlc
.vfnr.i' fVltlioiil iiiiniiilttliiK llti'iiihrl," l ii full III in Kiiliiri Ipllim In
ml 'u nrr, Ihr pnlilMirr innlirii n Hpirlnl ofTir In until 'I'Mt'. It milt l In
uny HililriKi, int-pnlil, fur 10 itnv, In lniilii; Willi tin- III -I tlinplrr of
llii- Ktnry, Fdlt 10 I'l'.M'S. In ruin nr pnliir kI i hi i.
Tin.' story Ih'l'Iiik Mnreli -' anil It U ilosliiililo thnt hiiliii'i'lptluiiN nIkmiIiI Iio
rccoli nl im fur In iiiImiiioo nr Unit ilnlo ii iniKillile, Iml nil MiliiTliilimin UiIh
Kpoelnl oiler rei'i'lveil up to April I Mill In' IIIIimI, Imt iiiino nflor April I.
1 Tlie Jniiriiiilht i'l l.iii i.ipvr, piililMirtl In New Yiirk.eulliil
! Arir';ii;ifiiiiHi.Mj:
"Tliere Ii mi inner puMMiiil In Ainerleii Unit mi nearly
I iipproui'lieM Hi" true Juiiiniillillo lituil in Till: Clllt'.win
t'nruiinl vemr wlHorlitlon nt ini m pmiltilr, nt tliut
your Iinini' nni l,t enleiiil i,n tin Milwrlptlnn llt nt nine
uinl tlie piper l,e rent jnii ultliniit ile'nv anil In time fur tlie
nMiiii.i: I'lnpii'i'i nf tlie ltkiuuii'H uiti;.T tio.ouo I'lii.i:
MllltV. AiMlin
Uirl l llii" ii pull nf colili
ami Miililen ili.muri
It i'l:n lioi'lili il In H pli'iis
s.iit trnieilv tilili'li Ii 'ippil
il illiei'tli Into ll'e iiuitilW
rielni; ipili'klv iilnnrlieil It
Itii Hlli'l nt mice.
Cronm Balm
Ih iti'ionml tl-ietl In Ii" Iho III ' I'iii'imiuIi euro
tor Mii l I .iinuli. ('old III Iinini hum ll.ii lev r
lifHll IMIUlllfl. It (ipUIISIUIll I'llMliteM till! IIU,
Hill p.isi,ii;i"i, nll.iyit p:ila uinl tiiliiiliiuiiiUou,
lira I h tlie eon , protects tlie lueiuliranu from
nihil, ii'Htiiri'i tho kpiisos of tiihtn mill hinull,
I'rleo rjv. nl lirurulilt r hv innll.
ni.V .lIorilKltS, co Wiuroiistieit.Noit Uurk
HO I niTIH pilOCnucvcrrnlliiiscniliigjfour
nililrrM, vto wlllbUnCUmnlllrlnlhntl!rfncr
Ihe DR. TAFT BROS. M. Co., Rochoslor. N.V.f IfCb
Cltsnirt and lirsutines tlia hair.
1'rouiutcs a luxuriant irruwtii.
fnver Falle to llcatorn Oraj
ItAlp tn !, Vmithfnl Color.
luts rrslp ilitftBtf m Iisir l&L
onc.aliaeu.iai iimgimM
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ion to lie UUUkei vtlkUig eaij.lia. nt Uruggliu.
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wfll atop a cough In night, check a cold
In a day, and cure consumption If taken
in time. If the tittle onea have Croup or
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Kit if prvmfiiy.
Croup is a very
ratal uiscDsc.
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The srreat
"v,'tn delay.
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The disease progresses eo rapidly that
the loss of a tew hours in treatment is
often fatal, acker's Khousii Rkuk
dy will cure Croup, auiil it mhotild ml
ernya be kept in tho Aoiiho for
euiericactrti. A s cent bottle may
save your clilld's life.
Three slcesi 33c, 00c, $1. All Droi iist
jfi fr 18 Clmmbcra St, New York.
To the Editor t 1 have an absolute
remedy for Consumption. By its timely usa
thousands of hopeless cases have been already
permanently cured. So proof-positive am I
of Its power that I consider it my duty to
und two bottltt fni to those of your readers
wno naye uonsumpuon, i nroai, iwoia,iiii ui
Lung Trouble, if they will write me their
express ana postottice aaaress. -sincerely,
t. a. slocum, . c m rn ., new Trk.
I Tbe Editorial and Bosioeee atanarerasnt 4
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S. E. C(iz;i, Agt.
The caiioragn, outlasts tnem ah.
me rost, work is Peneciion.
me Densmore, me Ligm Runnina Densmore.
1019 Furnmu St, Omaha, Nob.
A.U, llnuner, Agt.. Ctui. Net).
ifany ladles have used our machines
twenty to thirty years In their family werk,
and arc still using the original machines
we furnished them a generation ago.
Many of our machines nave run mora
than twenty years without repairs, other
than needles. With proper caru they
never wear out. and seldom need rcrxiir.
We have built sewing machines for
more than forty years and have constantly
improved them. We build our machines
on honor, nnd they are recognized every
where as the most accurately fitted and
finely finished sewing machines in the
world. Our latest, the "No. 9," is the
result of our long experience. In com
petition with the leading machines of the
world, it received the Grand Prize at the
Paris Exposition of 1889, as the best;
other machines receiving only compli
mentary medals of gold, silver and bronze.
The Grand Prize was what all sought for,
and our machine was awarded it.
Send for our illustrated catalogue. W
want dealers in ail unoccupied territory,
lB5.iaTW-BH Ave. CHiaao .'
Rid Cloud, Nebrabk
Over TM)lor'a FurnUwro Store.
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Porcehiln Inlm. uinl bII kludiof gold fill nsj.
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