The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 07, 1896, Image 1

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For tiniflltoopinir uinl dnraliility nothing
boats tho Hovontoon jowoled
Dkuiikk IIami'dk.v Watch.
Call and cxnmiuo thorn. AIbo h
tiuo lino of
Jewelry, Dintiionds,
Spectacles and Cloehs.
A full lock n sue fict.-s and
RlKSsrs Willi Inli'n'liaiiK'il'I'liiiMt.itei'l.nlckH
silver it.ui I u'old fraim-i. n,cl il .itul cmcfiil hi
tentlon ii.tlil to Htiliu'lit' i'M'- Myllnu f Jnil
lianrt wiilcliiM Ih niilti" lurci;. I u lit run tlicinon
atl'iit tli tn tlirli ai tu il worsli.
HllriiiK jour xMttoli.fliicK Hint Jewelry i
p.ilr v.(MK,(jiir eiKiiUliu timl jour old cunt
and silver n ine,
Wntoh Kvamincr fm H. M. l. It.
Wo don't want to think that tho
writer of tho Amboy items last week
was in the leut-l partial or lazy about
writing but wo think that tho dm
cription of tho patty was mther Mintll
aocorJmi: to tho uifair. Several pop
ular perhons vuro piesent whoso nnnisH
wore not mentioned
A the ioo wan this tho partv at
Mr. Hoal's wis inj lyod hy boating.
Mr Kd Hithscr 1 ntaini; on .lohn
Holoomb',: plaof and keepint! liou-n
during tho mIihoiico ot Mr.s. Holoomb
who is ui Rod Cloud taking euro of
her mother-in law.
Tho Amboy cobati.ig society ih
doing a grand .uirk a.s it bringH a
lorgo crowd cvciy Friday evening and
toll thorn eoueorning tho two sides of
maDy of tho leading quctions ot the
day. Th quostion last Friday night
was onncerniug tho incomo tax. For
noxt Friday night tlm sobjcot is on
bloomors. Any ono wifhing to hear
two hours of good talk pleaso como.
James Mttohell is Buffering some, as
Job of old.
G. W. Baker is still soiling hogs.
Ho sold about fiftoon this week each
weighing not less than 15 pounds.
Mrs. 0. II. Friibia has boon on tho
aiok list but is able to bo around
Sylvcdter Frisbio did not onmo homo
last Sunday but spent tho day visit
ing with John Corbett and family
who now make their homo about Of
tocn miles southwest of Hod Cloud.
Amboy ii getting to bo quite a town
. , , ,. flj ''rm?d'-?-Li'-h.'i:!-i Jl&axiBZl V- " Sife;V "OgggagS jy-.. . v- M,.
Them People
Won't Take This S
Soap-TheyWant g
livcrybody wants SANTA Cr.AUS
Soap who knows the goodness of
it. Try it onco and on w ill refuse
where. Made only hy
itit n. Ki rAinunns uuNirAtii,
um it ha nearly as many iiowppitpi riJ
j people. It alo contaitiH the rest
dmcoofDr. Merret. Ho new hns
several paticntH intru.sted 10 h's caio
and all are impovint; except a cat oi
Sum MillcrV
Metiers Mtrrit and Calahau .ipnnt
Sunday in Blue Hill.
Hilly the pratuiing steed h is not yet
foruottiti ilit" roatl.
This wcrk Mrs. E. Cox of Republi
can City was vi-inug hr patents Mr.
and Mrs C. C Cox
Mies Jessie Cockrll will load the
V 1' S C K. ui xl Sundry evouini:.
Mr Geo Law has gmio to Kausis
to si II onions but expects to return
Singing Bclmol will bo held at tho
re-ideneo nf C. C. Cox Saturdy night
February 8. Tlioy exprt to nniko
)"oiid usu of the sinking bools.
Sittidiiy-tclioolut 10:80. Como and
see what a good ono we have but bo
sura and bo on time.
George Mann was in tlio oity Sun
day visiting friends anJ lutun rela
lives. Nkwh Hov.
Our iei)ple are growing more and more
in tlm habit of Jookinc tn I)i-yo & Orlcu
for tho latent anil dent of uvt.-rj tiling in
the ilrti linn, lliey Hell CliamberlainV
Couli Itemed), fatuons for its cares of
bad eolds, croup and whooping cough.
When ui mod of nnch n medicino give
this remedy a trial and yon will be more
tliHii pleaeet with the result.
Col. Lead has shelled out his pile
of corn i.nd is carrying it in with a
Our popular atietit hns boon on tho
hick list Geo. Huiinnelis taking Ins
Clias. Hunter i-liippod a car at hogs
to Kaunas City Tuesday,
Tliero are several about hero sick
with tho LaGrippo.
Al Garner cuno homo from Kansas,
uluru ho has hcou isiting, bringing
a fii-'iid of his homo with him
V. N. Hichaidnoii is having hi
hay bailed that is on tho bottom
Mr. Clarence Wilson ami wifo ot
Otto spent Sunday with Rf-v. Van
They had a tocial hop in tho oit
hall last Friday night. Musui bv tho
Olmsttd orchestra. All had a L'0d
Mr. Wrtnklo bought 12 Gno miloh
cows of C. Hunter last Saturday,
'VI. r. lnul flint tunu linuril of W,ll!n
liiu ,Mni. vM..v iivniu ui ,, ,,i,u
Irons, ho had started west, being
asked whole ho was goinc, said ho was
going out west to look aftor his homo
stead or (Olmsted).
Several Woodman went down to help
put somo now uicmbors through lbs
mysteries of woodcraft,
Mr. Hartwell, proprietor of tho Ina
vale ohceso factory, is taking cream
twico a week now, as he got uioro
than ho oould take at once.
Mr. Reynolds is going to mov to
town tho first nf March, II K.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Cat torla.
Ciiiiriu Knelt.
I'uiiii .Signal)
This weathei is tin; stuff.
Mr. W. T. Auld was over from Red
Cloud Sunday.
A beautiful rnin nearly Imlf an
inch fell Thur-d.iy night.
Hurt Ciow goes in work again in
Mr. Sheoly't hln ji Monday.
Mrs Com Gather mill Mrs. Matic
Vurs linvc joined tlio Indies bund.
. Mrs. X. M. Diiidini and Mrs. K K.
Burr were i:i Hod 'Jluiid Mondav.
Pay our taxes to 'Siiuiro Parker
and save ourslf a trip to tho county
I SI ill.
Chariot Hsgin sunted for Fail Hold
Moiula where Iip will enter college.
Miss Came Guilford bus been vm
iting M'veral days wiih relatives in
this plncn.
.1. V. Holiy liui ;ono in Cripple
Creek and is working at tho carpen
ter's trade
Mr. Mill-. Doyle in sffucrint; from a
noro oyo winch lio got in lighting a
prniriu fire.
Wo offer one dollars reward
for any onmt of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by HiillV catarrh cure.
1'. J, CHUNKY ifeCO., Props , Toledo. O.
We the uti(liriiiH(l have known P. J.
Chiney for the laot 15 ji-arn, and believe
him perfectly honorable In all business
transactions ami fluanciully able to carry
out any obligation made by their firm,
Went 4fc Trtiai, Wholesale Druggists, To
ledo, O.
Will d I n R, Kiiumn & Marvin, Wholesale
DrttKglAt?, Toledo, O.
Ilnll'H Catarrh Cure is taken internally
aatiti directly upon the blood and inn
coos surface of the system. Price 7.10.
per bottle. Bold by nil druggists, Testi
monials free.
Revival meetings at tho Baptist
church by Rev. Stinnett,
Holswoith Bros, i-hippcd n car of
hogs to Oojiha last Wednobday.
A P. Johnson drove to Red Cloud
Sunday to moot Mrs. J's father and
mother who aro in foeblo health and
have como to make their future homo
with their daughter.
Louis Anderson is bioaking colts
these fine da) 8.
11. Ludlow, Win, Burden and O.
Potter of Campbell wem in this oity
Charles Boom is a studcut at the
depot learning telegraphy,
1J. Leo is getting roady to do your
grinding ho has traded for a large
double geared windmill and is putting
it up.
Alva MeCord of Blue Hill was on
our ir uih Tuesday looking up some
fat hoys tor Guild & Co.
1. W. MaLaughlin would hko to
have tho pirtv who stole his lap
robo while he attended tho services ui
tho Baptist church Sunday evening,
rctun. it.
Thoso proplo who ato so fond of
burning other people's corn had better
took a little out or something ma;
urop Huddnl)
Rev. Humun'l is Mill meeting with
siieeiss in his revival nervines. Some
Hiivoii'y luiV" boon convcriod and when
tho doors nf tho ohuruh sooirty were
thrown opm fift entered their name
upon tli." nliuroh roll. An old fash
ioned love fen si was hold Sunday
Wo aro having revival meeting all
arouad us.
Writing sbool in district 90 on
Wednesday night.
Prayer meeting every Wodnosday
night at Mt. IIopo,
Mr. Mountford bought some fine
oattlu from Prank Graham last week.
J. J. Graves has hired a band for
next summer, Mr. Ingrum.
Tlioro was a horso buyer in Leba
non last wook,
Mrs. J. L Graves was visiting at
Mr Barrett's last Friday.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
A Pure (lrapc Cream of Tartar Powder.
was usiting at
Salem last week.
Mr Albert Serivner and wife visit
cd Mr. Gre's InM Thursday.
Thtrowiisa renting eiiele at Mr.!
Smit Ii- last Siturday 'eiii'g.
... . . . . ., i
l.lwaiu .u uiiilonl in, uli! a II nil,'
trip to Stleni l-i Fntl iy
Andrew Upp ol Sheiwood was on
our streets last wik
A. McCall was in this vieinitj bit)
ing cattle and enrn.
Mr. Jttir sidd mmiio enttle to A.
Mi Call last Widntsiliiy.
Mrs. Iliieliin-oii o1 Itcil (.'loud wis
visiting.!. C Hillings' lat week.
Jaiob Williams' wile is iuiii sick
again. St'Nn.owr.11
Tlirea Awaj Ells 4'iuii's.
Mr. D. Wtlej' i x-pont tiint ( i, Dlaok
Creek, N. Y., was ho lnnlly iilUietid with
rhetliuutisui that he wan mil) ulile to hull
hi o arouud with eatio, mid even then it
caused him throat pain. After ulnu
Chainberliiin's Pain lliiloi he war ho much
itnpnned tlmt he threw away his eani .
llosayn liiiimeiit did him more jiiod
than nil other mrdlcmm ntnl tteatuient
jitit together, l'or huU at Tit) cents por
bottle by DejoA: Griee.
C. H. Frisbio and wife wero in Red
Cloud Solid iy.
D. F. Truukev and family (-pent
Sunday with W. V. Heal.
G. W. Biker was in Cowlos Satur
iMlHS liesoiu Ui'Okr.ill was llenio
Susio Baker and Alf S.i'udm re
turned horn Nulsou Satuidiu.
Miss G'Ttio Brow is visiting hero
this week.
K. A. Teriill was in Red Cloud
Misses Alia
Brown visited
school Mouda).
Mrs. iiuhr ol
Baker and Gertie
tho 1'le.iMint Hill
Bi'stwiek was visit-
ing hoio nne da' 1 ii t -,);,
All und I)it Si iilini wire in
wick Wi diit'sduy
L'liiis Beal and Mis- J-Niu
rail spent Siiutiav t I. Fii-bio's.
Chris Hassoriiinl Cox attended
ukiirch at Cowles Suud 'J
Laura Fnsbio was vifiting in Red
Cloud U educed y.
SoMi'il ot mil' young people drove
over 'o R d Cloud S'tidiy ulteruoQii,
Epilepsy 20 Years,
Cured by Dr. Miles' Nervine.
A few years aRt, Mr. L. W. fiallahcr, was
an cxtcnsle, huccessful oxHrt uiatitt
facturer of lumber pmiluets. Attacked with
epilepsy, ho was oblh'i'd toi;le uplilsliiihl
ut'hs. Tlio at tneKs came upon lilia inostln
opiKirluuely. One time falllni; from nearrl
ago, at another down htalrs, and often In the
street. Onco ho felt down u shaft In tho
mill, Ills InJurUrt nearly protlnt; fatal. Mr.
Oallaher writes from Milwaukee, Pub. 10, 'U5.
"Tlioro aro nono moro uilseralito than epi
leptics, Por 20 years I suffered with epilep
tic fits, having us lilIt as (Uu In ono night. I
tried any number of physicians, paying to
ono alone, u fee of fciOOOO and hava duuo
little for years but search fur something to
help mo, and Iiuto taken all the leading
remedies, but received no benefit. A year ago
my son, Clias. S. Oallaher, druggist at 191
Reed St., Milwaukee, gavo mo Dr. Mtlea'
Ucstorntlvo Nerrino, and I tried It with
gratifying result, llavo had but two Dts
itnco I began taking It. I am botter now lu
every way than I havu been In 20 years."
Dr. Miles' KomcdlcM aro sold by druggists
on a (Kisltlvo guarantee tlmt tho ilrst bottle
will bouollt or price refunded, Hook ou tho
Heart and Nonet., free, Address,
Dr. Miles Medical Co , KIMiart, lad.
Dr. Miles' Remedies Kesloro Health.
Vp inorplilno or oiilitin In Dr, Miles' PAW
Vua. Cuiir. All I'aln, "Ono cent u Uie."
Mary Mouiufoid
Highest of all in Leavening Power
Mutv ' If I'll.
A fine rain winch dd tho Hinll
giatii guild, fell heiti recently.
Rev I, uwis preached a fine sermon
"Miuduj evening.
Mrs Jake Williams it very sick
F. G Milium and V Scrivncr sold
hoiiio cattle last Saturday.
Alf McCall sold a carload of cattle
liM week and is liujing more to feed
II. I'lauets triided a horse to James
Hillings for u cow and a hog.
The lilllo ilittiKhixr of Mr. Pred Wi liber
IIoIIhiiiI, Mass, lmil a very bad mild i.nd
eolith which he hud nut been nblo to enru
with any tiling. 1 Une him a LTi cent
botlln of ChamlierhiiuV L'oui"h ltuinedj.
sajs W. P. lloldeu, it'ereliaut and post
mnster at West Itrimlleld, and the tit xt
time I Haw hint he mild it worked liku it
charm. This reined) is Intended tspio
tally for lieute throat anil lr.lic; diiieases
snrii as colds, croup und whoopiuu eoull
and it is famous fur its cures. There Is
no dauber in i;iIiil' It to children for it
contains nothing injurlouH. Por salo by
Dejo it (trice.
L. Zulu of Ks'isas is here visiting
Iricnds and relatives.
Charly Kdeo has purchaHcd a new
btlt-'gy of Win Holmes.
Chr s Jensen has moved onto hnC
of A P Johnson's farms,
J. Wisecarter and fumil worn vie
iting at C F, Kolley's near Rivcrton
Henry Nowlinusc of Red Cloud was
in this locality on important busiuoH
Huiiso Long departed for his form
or home m Adams county this week.
Mr. Malkins and wilo wero visiting
friends and relatives near Lebanon,
Kansas hist week.
Mr. Stoughion of Campbell pul
down a new well for Mr. Marker of
Claudu ilson who lias been here
visiting for several week has returned
to Kearney county.
Miss Lena Popp who has boon staj
ing in Red Cloud for scvoral weoKs
has returned home.
On last Friay night there was a
spelling school at the Anderson school
house, Mr. Duval of Otto was chain
Himon S. Ilarlnmn, of Tunnel Ion, Went
Vit., tuts been subject to attacks of colic
about once a jtar, and would tiave to call
a doetor and then suffer about twelve
hours as much as some do when they die
lie was tnkeu reeiutly just tliomune ms at
other times, and concluded lo try Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
reiuuly,. )1chn)m: "I took one doho of
it und it nave me relit-f in llvu minute,
that is more thxri any ihuiilse has
ever done for me." Por halo by Deju
,t Orlce.
V'ho sats it eitn't rani in Nebraska?
Mrs Ilaugbt is ou the sick list,
Quito a uuiiibi r ol the lOckley hos
attinded the wolf hunt in Nuckolls
coutiti Mondav and nput tho cap
tore oi one wolf.
Miss Wriuht ol Cowles is leaching
in district fid.
Rev. Metoiilf preached a splendid
sermon Sunday.
Flora Miller is staging with Mrs.
A party ol Oimtr ioiks visiteu witn
Mr. and Mrs. Warner Wtdnesday
Messrs Mao and Charley Garner
aro the guests of their undo Mr. Thos.
Mr. and Mrs. ltyker attended
Leaguo Sunday night.
There will bo services held at tho
M, K. church Sunday at tho hours of
11a. m. and 'A p. m. and st 8 o'olock
in evening. Revs. Metcalf and Hum
mel will conduet tho sorvicos.
A real good timo was what the
oung folks had at M. M. Millers
Tuesday night.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castorla.
Latest U. S. Gov't Report
A parly ol tnutig lolks gaihoied at
I bo losidtmco i-f Misses Orr on Sttur
ln , veiling The evening was spent
in mtisiu autl games.
Good attendance at tho League
Sundav night, about 1 10 being prcs-
tit. The question for di-ousMon wan
"What is the lust method to tin per
sonal work?" .Meeting will bu led
next Sunday evening by Hiohatd
Gieeuh.iluh. Topic "Christ way of
winning souls by mercy and help.
Question lor discus-ion "What is the
best method to do mercy and litlp
work." These discussions aro vory
interesting ami heinlleial and every
one should he prepared to take part in
tin m.
In the Kekle items of last week's
Ntiion ".Mr. N xeuiuraus" cays there
are quite a number ot young men at
I'jckley who fin bo hud for tho asking
Tlico several reasons why they nro
eligible to matninonv. They aro not
pops. They do not dapeud on hounds
jtck lahbits and the staio a d society
lor a living and their hreii'hs don't
smell like the li"k aid of mom lied
glue factory in dot: tlays Many
thanks "Mi. N xeutiiraiis" for your
pn ffered interet in tho mini: men of
H-kliiy. All sealed biilsjiiiil,pjopisla
will be leceived until January 1, 1 80"?.
An lou'ii l.tuly I'rmiouiU'vd Iii-t-nralilv.
Slllleri'tl 'luelilj-l'lve Vrnrn Proa
l) spcpslii ihkI Miiniirli Trimlil
Iteiiiiirliiililr .llaiuirr In Willi Ii Kha
lli't'iiiii 1'ully Ourril.
(PiiimMieli.llllMlali AiUuuite)
Mrs. Sarah A. SUcoIh, nn estimalilo
lud lesidiug at Lnville, Jnspar Co
wiiHfiu twoutj tlvo jeuro u sulTeror frat
)spopsui, unit tier complete restoration
to lioalth is oi remarkable ttmt wo pre
eent tlio fuels in tho case for tho bonellt
of our leaders, many of whom huva
tloiibtleHSHiitfered in the hiiiiio manner
und will, thoroforo, bo intorouted In
It liming litnv nil etoinuuh troubles may
bo inouletl and cured. Mra. Skeel suya:
I used only ono packaco of Stuart'a
l))HpepHiti Tulilote, und I received Buch
great nod unexpected bonclit that I wlph
to oxpteso my Hincoro gratitude, la
fnil, it linn boon six months siuco I took
the iiu'ilit'iun, and I have not had one
parlii'lo of distress or ilitttciilly siuca.
And all thin in tho face of tlio fact that
tho bol doctors I consulted told me my
fiibo wiih incurable, at I hud sulTored for
twenty livojearrt. I want Imlf it ilnznn
paiUaim to (ItHtribiitHiiuioug ui) friemlfi
hero iliuitm imxiouH to tr this remedy.
'Jruly joins.
Mi: . JSut.ui A. Rickh.s.
Rtimrt'ii DyppopMH Talilels inako the
ciiinplfxioii cleai by keeping the blood
They inureitse ilasli by digesting lleeh
foi tiling foods.
Si nut t's 1 )) "pep-i.i Tnblots is tho only
leinudy designed tspeoiall) for tho euro
of Htoiuach troubles unit nothing else.
One distune, ono remedy, tho hiiccppb
ful pl.jbiiian uf to Jay In tlio specialisti
tho Hucoofibful meiiicino is tho uiediciua
prepaied spoehtll for tmo disease.
A wtolo piielrngo talton at ono tirao
won tt not burl you, but would simply
bo a wiiHlo of good material.
Over six thousand men und women in
tin statu of Michigan alono tiavo boea
cured of iiiiligehtnn and tljspephiu by
thousoof Stuait's Dyf-pepBlii Tablets.
Sold by nil d uggisis at no cents per
pnekage, or by mail from Stuurt Co
Mnrohtdl, Mich.
mix iti,ooi
Is kept for service at 8. Day's barn. Thia
Hull wan bred at Lincoln lu the fall of
18U2, while tits mo'hur was on exhibition
at the stnto Thl lmil took flrat
premium nt tln WVIi-ter lO'iutr fair In
fall of 18tir.. This is iiu i u bred Jsrsay
bull In Webster enatitj. His Midgut ia
l'JOO lbs, Por fnrlhur partleulari', cull at
Pout of Kim St, Mt-d Cloud,
j,&ZZJ-r'2mmaMr ,$mW!W