The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 31, 1896, Image 1

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As One
to Another:
"Every Monday morning for two years I've used'
SANTA CLAUS SOAP always makes the
clothes pure and white without hard rubbing
colors in
ix: free
3V7r-- . -v !..
."wv,:i 'Kctro flKf
.,AS0,oCr,,. I
::5:i?i5lH 1.1.J
A .1 Stnnrrw nf Wost Slnoldmllll. St. IjlwrnriL'O Co.. N. V.. Ulliler ilato of Jul
Mrs. A. J. Stearns, of West Stockholm, St.
.ys: " Wnuls Hill IUU to express my Kniuiune
' W'ni ils t nil mo to express my Knitltude
using bis r.lcctrlo Appliances, lleloro usnur
.....', ..... ....... ............ ... -.-
(laiiiri'i imd been eeniuioii to in) ueiisineuiiisi uoioiht uiriiieiiiiniuuy misuui iiiu
applliinio I coiilil want Niverui strps; onowenn i.iu-i i w.iikcii iiiihiiiu iiu- immhui m ma
twin ono month 1 w.isnhmto rUliMiiit.iiuil now I cm wiilka mile or more without feellmr
tired. May (Joil bless mi J spin o j on to you r many I rlewls lur j ears to come.
Mr. Axel .1. KkbLnlc of W'.iMiunr, Kan . iiihUt iliiu of Julv aith, ISM. snys: " llavlnir
used the Dr.Otten P.leetrle Apll.inee Tor Vervoii-m-K fur the lew months, must
lay they aro aheiul ot any ticitinuiit. I am cnreil of th'j worst lorm ol Nervous ulseabO."
Mr. A. Nlhok, of Mlilillcllclil, Iowa, writlmr in on .liinnST, 16'.i"i,mi)s: "This is to certify
that I liavo ilerlvcil nioiolioautlt lrom usiiih tho Owen r.lcctrlo Appliances for usevcro cnwi
or kidney eonipluhit unit nervous prestation than Hum hunilreili,oi dollars spent lor doctor s
tills and muliclnc."
OiirliUrire II lnsl rated t'litaloKiie contains many endorsements like ubove, besides
cost or appliances, ami much valuable information Sor tho mulcted, bend 0 cents in stamps
(or It at once.
When writing p irt Irs about their testimonials cnelosn a self-addressjjl stampeil cnyolopo
ta insure u reply. Wo luivo leon lieloro tho public many years, and our Llectrlcal Applluncti
baro liecomo u recotrnU( d standard of merit.
For timokooping and dnrability nothing
boutB tho Bovonteou jowolod
Dkiiiikk IIami'Dkn Watoii.
Call and oxamino thorn. AIbo a
lino lino ol
Jewelry, Diamonds,
Snootmues aim uiockb.
A full Mock of snoj'Ucles and eje
Klasses wllh InterehaiiKablo leiifi's. ti-el, lc"
Silver anil i-'ohl fr.iiiics, hl'fclal inul eareful it
tentloir paid to llttlui: the eje. My t,lfn.''
hand watches Is iiulte l.uue. I will rim them oil
at less nun their. iftnal woith. ,,...,.
CBliruiK ) our wateh, clock and Jewelrj ie.
Mlrwirk,onrom;niviiiK and jour old kiu
ami sliver to me, .,... .. .
Til OS. lK.fllA.
Watch rixnmlnor for 11. & M. I?. H.
Tliorouglilri!l .lersuy Hull.
1 have n lino bull and ho can bo found
tit O. It. Winfrey'u burn, rear Moon blU.
3-tf L. A, Auuz,
Hi 1( f" .T J"liO.V lKtW7fl.r
have my washing done by nine o clock. This
soap has never harmed the most delicate
my summer dresses, so it must
from all acids. I do wish you
scud down to the Grocer
get a cake to try on your
next washing-day. You will
find n perfect Laundry Soap.
Sold everywhere. Made only ly
N. K. Fairbank
1 Cnmnonv
Jr W CM.
S. XWHiIit- iimUHTmiTfn --,--. 1w.. . . V I it I 1
s wm
mil. Ill
Lawrence - Co., N. V., under ilato of July 31, 1695,
to I)r A. Owen for tint benefit I liavu hail from
10 nr rt. linen mrum urnuiit i imvu nun iruiii
inn appll nice l wus no uciik i cohiii ecircny
...... - ...I. !.... .. I.. ,.,,
rll. J. S. KNIGH,
Red Cloud, - - NEnrtASK
Over Tayior'n FurulluroMorc.
Kxtracts teeth without pain.
Crown and tirlilRo work a specialty. , ,
Porcelain Inlay, and all kinds of uold nil iirs.
Makes uold and rubber plates and combination
All work Kimnnteed to be first-class.
lit'gal ollce.
In the Justice Court, Samuel II. Shirley,
imlilllraillpy&L'o.i 1
John A. Haas. )
John A. Haas will take notice tht on tho
20111 iluy of December, 1SK), Niinuel ll.Shliley,
a Justice of tho peace In Oak Cicek precinct,
Webster cnillltj, Nebraska, Issued Ml order of
attaihment tor the mini of $'J7.90. In an action
iiemllmr before hhn, wherein Uuld lliailleyis
plalutlll ami John A Unas luiiefeiiilaiit, that
property i nslstliiKot one halt Interest In one
J. 1 ('use ThreshliiK Muchliio and Woodbury
Power, bus bten attiuhed miilei said order.
Ssid cause was continued to Ihu 1Mb day of
1'piiruary, ISlHi, at two o'clock p. m.
DiitidJ.itiuiir8tli,l8mi. ,
DAvnillicAni.kV jcCo.
Hy!T. II. Cole. Attorney lor I'l.ilutlff.
1& rMMiMlrr'a I'nllli IllimuDll ItramR
Kv Orlglnulnnilitiir """"" ,.
-....! J..... fin lf.l kril t.AJ UfUllid
llri ll will, llu ruiitnn 1H..U
.,. Ctlljfltli.
lioinu.iJ iTiiiiaik.iu AilnujHu.orMJ lr.
In ilunii hi itlkul" Hlliuoutl ul
"llriur ruilli."l !" tTrtlurn
,1 Ui buuu. I'liUudw. iV
CMJ Ij u Lw.1.1 UiiiUMUc
Moon Hmhjk, - KBD CLOUD, NEB.
CollootionB promptly attended to, and
correspondence solicited,
Trv -xifl
1T1 P3j
e l&
"- ri'
ltov. it ml wife were pleasmt
visitors at their .son'.- noar Iuavitli
lliv Black well preached nt iliu
Uatuey sehoolhouso Sundiy evening
to a crowded house, lie will preach
thnro nain in four week.
List Situi day as 11 wagon load of
men were going to the wolf hunt ono
of tho guns was accidentally discharg
ed and oauio near lulling Mr. Harris
Tho spelling school at the Tcnnant
sehoolhouso last Thursday night was
well attended. Mr. Dizon was tho
champion speller.
Tho wolf hunt in Catherlon last
Saturday was a failure. They arc go
ing to try it uinin February 8.
Tho dime social Monday evening at
0. II. Wilson's for Bcv. Blackwoll
was 11 grand succecs, as mure wero
about lifty present. All lind 11 good
time. Stunskh
Itvwaru of Oliitiiirnl lor 'al
arrli that Contain Mercury.
As mercury will surely destroy the sense
of smell and complotoly derutiKu the
whole system when entering it through
the mucous surfaces. Such articles nhould
neer be used except n prtHuripttons
from reputable iihytieinin, as tlu'ilumuu
they will do is tun fold to the good you
can possibly derive from them. Hull's
catarrh euro manufactured by K.J. Chen
ey & Co., Toledo, O , contain no murciirv
and is taken internally, noting directly
upon the blood mid miicuiis snrfaues of
tlio sjstem. In buying Hall's catarrh
cure be sure you get the genuine. It i
taken Internally, and made u Toledo,
Ohio, by F. J. (Jhiney & Co., testimonials
C5y8old by druggists, price 750. por
l'.iy jour tuxes ironsurcr A. 1.
Johnson has tho books.
J. K. Vnst is yetting in his ice
hauling it from tho Blue:
John Anuorson shipped a oar of
fat cattle to tho Omaha market Tues
day. Clerk of tho Court Burden aud his
wifo spsnt Sunday with his parents
in this city.
Mrs. S. S. Wells of Hcartwcll Is
visiting friends in this vicinity.
L. II. Thome waJ at the county
scat Monday,
Mrs. Louis CuUer has gono to Ku
rcka Springs, Arkansas.
I. Frisby of Amboy was transacting
business in this city last Wednesday,
Mrs. lliokn and Mrs, S. J. Wheeler
drove to Rluo Hill Friday.
John Wratton and Honry Clatty
drove to tho county scat Saturday.
Do Drow from near CowIcb bought
1200 bushels of corn from Geo. Hytrin.
Eight or ten members of tho A. 0.
U. W. lodge of Campbell oatue down
Monday evening to assist tho Bladen
lodge to rido four candidates on their
"billy goat" in tho mystic ways of a
Ilcv. Hummel is mooting with great
success with his meetings at tho G.
A. 11. hall. Tho houso is orowdod
every night, peoplo coming from a
distance of 10 to 12 miles. About
00 or GO conversions have taken plaoo
and it is to bo hoped that many more
will como out on tho Lord's side be
foro tho mcotings oloso.
L. C. Wilson returned lrom his
vacation tho first of tho weok.
Low Fuller and wife ot Lawronco
woro the gnosts of Olias. Fuller over
Quito a numbor of Cowles young
people wero skating at Amboy Satur
day. Sovoral broak-downs aro roport
cd. Two of tho young mon woro seen
coming into town Sunday with a bug
gy in a dilapidated condition,
M. M. Nelson, who is studying for
tho ministry at Fairllold, prcaohod at
thu Congregational church Sunday
night. lie dolivored a very fine scr-
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
A Pure drape Cream vl Tartar Powder.
moil mid is to lie rongnliilatod upon
his Improvement
There Has a trip vear pari , at 'he
residence ol ('Ins, Levi on To s lnj
A number of oui young m n 'i re in
V i ' o 1 b t i lie Am oy and I'le-mnt Hill
The d'nii' soci il nt "h" --ti'i n 'n of
K. A. Giotl was will attended and till
had a good time.
There was a social dance at Mr.
Godwin's on Willow creek lust Friday
Leap year is at hand a:.d one of the
Gnidenvule bos has had a pioposal
already. You old hatehc want to
have courage there m be nhnnsc for
you et.
An eastern initio buer was in town
last wpel. and putohascd n uiulo team
of V A Good also one of J L Adam
son. The j riee was vrry low.
The last p'milistie eomhat in Welf
strrcoiintv took place iJiuiii two miles
north ol' Cowlis out day hst week.
From tin look of the pini'1 we think
thoy should have iiibtiiaied their
John Brown the proprietor of our
tavern is happy. Ilu has had two
boirders during the last week.
Wo will soon have a Woodman I dgo
in Cowles. Aahon.
W. T. Weaver mid J. L Graves
were in Lebanon on business Friday.
James Gill s took two hogs to
Lebanon last week that weighed over
liOO pounds.
jOpitucfdiii evening of.last week
a few friends and neighbors gathered
at .Mr Barrett's and spent tho evening
with music.
Spelling fdiool in district 00 last
Friday night.
Alex J ud) of Burr Oak was in this
part bii)ing cattlo last week.
Tlnio was a surprise party at A.
Prill's last Tin duj evening. All re
port a good time.
Thus. Ilamer of Bluo Hill was here
on business last week.
There was an oyster supper at C.
Arbuckles lat Friday evening.
II I cyclo lor .Sale.
Will sell cheap, u high crude bieyclo
in good repair. ritANK w. uowdkn.
Headache Destroys Health
Resulting In poor memory, Irritability, ner
vousness and Intellectual exhaustion. It
Induces other forms ot disease, such as epi
lepsy, heart dlscaso, apoplexy, Insanlty.otc
Dr. Miles' Nervine Cures.
r Mrs. Chas. A. Myers, 201 Hanna St., Fort
Wayne, 1ml., writes Oct. 7, 1891: "I suffered
terribly with sevens headaches, dlulncss,
baclcacho and nervousness, gradually grow
ing worbo until my life was despaired of,
and try what wo would, I found no roller
until I commenced using I)r. Miles' Nervine.
I havo taken Uvo bottles aud bcllovo I am a
well woman, and I havo taken great com
fort In rocoramondlnff all of my friends to
uso Nervine. You may publish this lcttor
If you wish, and I liopu it may no tlio means
of saving souio other blck mother's life, as It
did mine."
On sale by all drupglsts. Hook on Heart
and Nerves sent KIIKK. Dr. Miles Medical
Co., r.lkhart, I111I.
Dr. Miles' Kcmcdics Kcsloro HcalUi.
Dr. MIU'n'Ni'iivi! Pi.Anrriisetiro ItllKUMA.
TItM, WAK HACKS. AKlruKh'lstb,outy25,
IJi utiHb a
.Imt "st J l uTUT
Highest of all in Leavening Power
The literary entertainment given
by the Hpworth Ijcaguers Thursday
ovening was a grand success.
Tho pie social which was given at
tho homo nf Mr. mid Mrs. A. II,
Spracher Friday evening wad a very
enjoyable affair there were -l!l present.
A large crowd nt Hpworth Lcimuo
Sunday night. After League services
one of our young Kpwnrth Lenguers
Mr. Harmon Mottcr who is now study
m for the ministry, delivered an ex
eellent sermons uu "a'oncinent "
Thu L'nuucrs justly fei I proud of
Bro. Iliiiiiini ui.d wish him all posri-
hlo SUCecS.S.
Mi. Van Valcti catno up from Ju-1-spn
on his bicycle Sunday and attend
cd services at the church,
George Matin attended literary on
teitnininotit at the chinch Thursday
Tom and Joo Killough and Friiz
Newman havo returned home.
There will be a parly at tho hoaie
of Miss Lulu Albin Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Warner Visited Mrs.
D. II. ltobinson and family Sunday.
Mrs- Beech is tho. guest of her
ncico Mrs. 'L. D. Wells. -
'Win. Crozicr and wife visited with
friend at Lcroy, Neb., this week.
Kpuorth League mooting will bo
conducted by Miss Bocs'io Spracher
next Sunday ovening. Topic "Christ's
Way of Winning Souls."
Miss Atixier of Cowles attended
services at tho church Sunday ovon-
Uon't worry. Pon't rnn in debt
Don't trlllo with your health, Don't
try experiments with medicines. Don't
waste time and rouuoy on worthless com
pounds. Don't bo pvrsnaded to tulte a
snbstltute for Ayer's Brrsnparilla. It is
the best of blood.pnrluers,j
Perhaps tho most rcmnrkaklo so
cioty evont of tho season happenod on
last Tuesday evening at tho residence
of Mr. Charles Lewis' of this place.
It boinc the occasion of that gentle
man's 4(Uh birthday. It was well at
tended by the society peoplo ol Am
boy, Wo giTC below a list of tho
names of thoso present but owing to a
lack of spaco will not discribc thoii
Mamio Bcal Alta Baker
Susia "Baker Daisy Frisbio
Delia Auxicr Bessie Godwin
Viola Bonar Jessio Coekrall
Ania Smclscr Gertie Brown
Mrs. Laura Frisbio
Rulo Hurd Louis Beal
Itob't Mitchell Chris ltasser
Alfred Saladen Clare Cox
KrneBt Terrill Frcddio Hurd
Various cames wero freely indulged
in and whpn at a late hour the guests
disbanded it was with a heartfelt wish
tiiat such events would happen oftencr.
Mr. Bulo Hurd has a fine matoh
team, a shining harnoss and buggy.
This is leap jcar, girls, now is your
chance. M.1K0 hay whtlo tho sun
Mr. Hoit of Gardenvalo has traded
his mules for a team, mowing macu 0
and plow and will farm "on Willow
crock the coming season.
Mr. Alf Snladin and Miss Susie
Baker go to Nelson this week on busi
nets for G. W. Bakor.
Ask Geo. Law why ho wasn't at tlio
leap j ear party.
Mr. Louis Beal of Gardenvale has
at considerable expense and labor
a skating rink for tho accommo-
dation of tho young ladios 01 uowics
and Amboy. Everybody como and
havo a skato.
Latest U.S. Gov't Report
San FitANcisco, Cal., Jan., IJIC,
K11IT011 Ciiibi'; HuuloHcd will
please find $1.(10 fur another yeard
subscription as Til K CllIIM K a ucl
comu visitor 1 see by eastein papcru
that you folks in Nc!riiska aro havilifjj
cold weather. It is like niimmcr horu
tho nir In tho morning is very evhiler
ating but through the day it got1
I (juitu win 111, The orange and lemon
treas arc lull ol ripe lruit mid mw
day wo picked ripe totiiiitors and had
new potatoes for dinner. Too next
Jay after Christmas wu went to n.
pictiio nt Golden Gte tmrk It boiui;
C'htldreu'H l)a hi tho pmk all amuse
ineiiis null lunch lien to them. Tlio
piiiors slated tl nt ih"ie worn ITiOOO
ehddren theru and while I m out
I could hardly reiilyo it Wjs Chritl-
nuis tuna iar then wero pciuuiui
llowars and treas on all sides). 1 wiflli
til my Nebraska limnds could jus!,
hteji over and sco what iichang' Iijiu
cold mid snow to fruit mid Howcr',
Wheat and harlev looks fine Culi
lornia does not havo as uinnv mjnU
lacturing fstablishmciiis , stcrn
states of ils size, it, like all slatsd,
hss its drawbacks but 1 like it ery
much, rroni wnere 1 am cuvuig a
imi soo tho stoam boats land iml se
the fctry cross tho bay lrom On-land,
Yours respectfully,
ix a I' i:w woitus.
NiiiroroiH froi.-i ilc 8y lit'urii
of a llaruiluNN, l.amliiK Ourr.
There aro plenty of pilo cute? which
give relief and sometimes euro 11 mild
case of piles, but there is only ano
which can bo deponded upon with
certainty to oure obstinate, longstand
ing oases and that is tho l'r.imid
Pilo Cure.
Endorsements and testimonials are
received daily from men and women
whoso integrity and reliability aro
abovo question and in this connection
a letter received from the Bcv. .Ian.
H. Westbrook of Bownc, Mioh., may
bo of interest to pilo sufferers who
havo saught in vain for a cure. Ho
I hayo used tho Pyramid Pilo (.'tiro
and 1 know that it is all that is claim
ed for it. 1 havo been troubled with
piles moro or loss for about eighteen
years and I had tried other rcmedioB,
but tho piles grow worso until about
ten months ago I uaed tho Pyramid
Pilo Cure It gave almost in3tant re
lief and I have been frao from piles
ovor since Bcv. Jas. II. Wesbrook,
Mr. Frank Smith, tho well known
and popular druggist of Ypsilaatl,
Mich., in speaking of tho Pyramid
Pilo Cura says: "A year ago 1 lold
C. C. Potter, 119 Hamilton St.
Yysilanti. Miah., a box of the Pyramid,
Pilo Curs. Ho mado tho following
statcmont to mo today: "Iha7o been
troubled far twenty years with itching
piles. Havo tried nearly evorjtking
that promised relief, but got very
little help uutil ono year ago 1 colled
on my drtitrgtst, frame mniui. auu
got a box of tha Pjramid Pile Curo.
The ano box uecd according to direc
tions was, in my case, a perfect curo
as a your spent without any aymptoms
cf the troublo has convinced inc."
Although a compariuivcly now rcm-
0 1. ... : 0....I. ilinf nil
Cdy, US popularity m "i - 7"
drumiifts now sell it; if your druggist
hasn't it in stock, ho will get it for
you if you ask him at 50 cents and
$1 par package.
A pamphlet describing tho causo
and euro of piles sent free by address
ing tho Pyramid Co., Albion, Mich.
When Cabr was -cV. wo gavo her C-storfa.
TOca o wu a CU1U, ho cried for Castorfa.
When o becamo Miss, bho clun2 to Cstasa.
Wlica-lio had ChUOrcu.bUo gaotUcmCat-oda.
) Ho
Chi- '
I has
1 r t-"- i asissat . .
UHIIIMrt 3-- -- - -
to uf. " " auillran "":" .l" county. faii , .1"
I Cl lSattt M.uatiaia-i...
f y " '- H
x asn'!''-j 'iitui,,,;
-S m ' -" "ll M-in: t v,...,. ;
"'" '" OH imitiHii j r.t-
"Uf UCClilPil
"I fiincrn - -vo.
LLrV :?J .liVrtl