The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 10, 1896, Page 8, Image 8

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!... J. A. -iJ--f
The sign of this borrowing is thinness ; the result, nerve-
waste. -You T.'-ed fat to keep the blood iu health,
want to live with no reserve force live from hand to mouth.
Scott's Emulsion of Cod-liver Oil is more than a medicine.
It is a food. The Hypophosphitcs make it a nerve food, too.
It comes as near perfection as good things ever come in this
Bi uiri yen eel Scett'i Kmulihtt luktnjcu tvaiit It and nut a ckr.ifi tuhttitule.
SCOtt & Bowtie, New York. All Druggists. 50c. and Si.
xxLhwmmiM 1 bvL
.Wr M : m:AWrimM!tMmdKWu,
mB&)& cure tl
Mrs. A. J. Stearns, of West Stockholm, Bt. Lawrence Co., N. V.. under (Into of July 31, 1KB,
CrtVHt ' Words full mo to express iny Kralltudo to Dr. A. Owen for tho lictit lit 1 have find from
lifllnulilsl'.lcctrla Appliances, lleloro tiflnir llio appliance 1 whs en nculi I could scarcely
ttandiiloi-o hud leen conthind to my tied slnro last Outnhcr. After tho third day's uso or tho
kmilluiieu 1 could walk soverul steps; ouu week later 1 walked iiroimd tho Iioiiro. mid In les
thtinoun mouth 1 witHuliioio rl.lomit. and now I can w.ilkn mllo ormoro without fueling
tlrod. May (lod bless Mini spare you to your many I fiends fur years to cotuo."
Mr. Axel .T. i:kliltitlf, of Wulsbunr. Kim . under il.ito of July aitli, lS'.tt. says: " Having
t.icd tho lir.Oiveu deulilc Appliance Tor .ii'voiisihhh for tho pun few mouths, must
say they are ahead of any ticatmcnt. I inn cured of tho wurst form f Nervous Disease."
Mr. A. Nlhok, of M!ridle(1li1. 1 own, wrltlntr hi on .linio UT, JK)j, sayi: "This Is to certify
that I Imvo derived morr bctiflll lrom mini: tlm (lueu Klcrtrlo Appliances lor nspvero ciimi
lit kidney eiitiiphdnt and nervous nrojtruttutuhau lrom hundreds!' dollars spcuU'urdocliir's
Mil)) mid Iii'.nllclllO."
Our Iii-SH Sllustrntcil CntnJoctto contains many ondoroomcntu IIUo above, te.ldifl
rnHtor iipplliuicos, mid mueli vuluublu information lor tho ullllutod. Scud u cents In Htutuim
When writing parties about their testimonials cnrlpso a Rrlf-nddrrssed stamped envelnpo
t3 ltftuto ti reply. Wo lirtvo been hoWro tho public nuiny yeuru, and our tilcolrical Appliance
Lavo become a ivcounl.ed standard or merit.
90B to 211 state Street, Chicago.
Now Is jciur t Into l ct a "A lllankul or Koltu at cosl.
Put no Salt on this Tale !
But give your attention to this article, for it will save you
just itr.t:r.ivt:i in iwut or
Ladies' Dongola Kid Button Shoes,
Solo leatlior utiuntcrfl, Innor and outor tiolof, unil wo flow thorn up freo of chnrgo it
thoy rip in nny peatn. HI LiiiIiph Aluinitium Thiinliles wortli iiou u-piuco.
Will j;ivo otto with ovory ouo of them LutliuH' Shoos ut tho ox-
troinoly low priun of
&1.S9 &&r pair.
Yours for Hoots and Shoes,
Chicago Lumber Yard
Lumber, Lime, Coal and Cement.
Building Matkkial, Etc.
Is the only positive Remedy known to the Medical Profession for
Acute and Chronic Rheumatism, Gout, Lumbago, Sciatica, Neuralgia,
Ovarian Neuralgia, Dismenorrhosa, Psoriasis, Scrofula, Liver and
Kidney Diseases. A Positive Cure effected in from 6 to 18 days.
Insurance : Rgenou I
&. a mm Agent,
o o o o o o o o o (Sucuestior to Vtat. Scftaff'nit.)
KcpriffiiiitH tho following couip;tmi.V:
linrtuun ItiHiirnuco Oo Krt'i'porl, III
iv)vtil liiHiininco C'o.LlvHrpool Km:.
PJitvni.x A ih-ma hub Co, Lonilon, KnRlnnil
Drltifih AitmriuN Apsuruiico Co, Toronto, Cnnmlii
, ' Iilntiiiil IJcfiorvfi I,,iiml Llfo AfiKicliition. Now Vnrlt
' 1'iovi.lo'it SuvingH Utvi AtiBiirntiiio Soclotv, Now Vork
n. ,. r, , 'iVCuitiirilUnoSoiimijhlpCmnp'in;Now VorU nml Jloston
IJinawOpura Hqubo UJoclr, ovor Miser it McArtliuro etoro
Jrom , health.
If you have borrowed from
health to satisfy the demands
of business, if your blood is
not getting that constant
supply of fat from your food
it should have, you must
pay back from somewhere,
and the somewhere will be
from the fat stored up in
the body.
OUT OF 100
Robes, Whips, &c,
Henry Diederich.
'itrtilticl llxprcmtly for Tito
Kvtl Cloud Cliicr.
(CoprlKhtt-d, 18!XJ, by W. T. Foator.)
Hr. Jonki'H, Mo., Jim. 10. My Inst
hullulin gnvo foreoaflts ot tho titorm
wuvo lo uroHB tho continent from Jan.
lltlito 18th, am! tho next will
reach the Pacific coast ahotit January
18, croBH tho west of RocItioH country by
closo of lilth, great contral valloya 'JOtli ,
eastern otatus li-'U.
- Tliiflvil! briaj;. scrore woathor,. net
oouipatiiuJ by a largo amount of rain
or snow, and followed by ono of tho
coldrHt cold waves of tho winter.
Tlio warm wavo will crobs tin west
of Rookicn country about 18th, urcat
central valleys 20th, and eastern
HlatcH 22d. Cold wayo will oross tho
west of ltuekit'H country about 21st,
grout central valloyB 2Hd, and eastern
Htatcs 25th.
K. C. Mathews, of Worcester, Mas
Hachuett, in reply to quorics, writes:
"Thirtyflvo yean ago in Hillsborough,
Now Hampshire, I used my black
finitlt shop sweepings on a lot of
wuruoui and run-down grass land. 1
did not use it on uuuumit of tho iron
it, contained, but lor tliu other proper
tic and to get rid of it. I found
that it iu iido tho grass grw bctur
than L expected.
"In North Dana, Massachusetts, I
usad tho same material for fourteen
years, most I j on garden vegetables,
and tho results convinced mo that it
was a wonderful fertilizer, tho bust in
tho world.
"My neighbors always said that nil
matter bow I planted, everything
woula grow abundantly. None of us
knew why this material caused tho
incroased growth of vegetables. Soil
cannot bo injured by it'aud tho vege
table are always of a dark, thrifty
'I havo used it on dry, saudy soil,
on heavy loam, in wet and dry seas
ons, and its effects aro always the
same. I ustd it on corn, potatoes,
tomatoes, uoumber.i, and on all gar
den vegetables, but not so much on
field products, because- I had not
enough to go that far. 1 used it on
nd in tho soil, hoed around the
plants and cultivated in nil tho usual
modes, always with success whoro tho
iron dust war, used.
Its vifects aro not lost in the first
year on light soils, as is tho caso with
common fertilizers 1 did not u.-io it
on tho small soils ovcrv voir, and
there is no danger of using too lintoli.
1 have dumped a bushel in ono place,
planted cucumbers and hjiiiiMios in it,
hoed it a little and gathered a big
"ILivn ukmI it all times of tho
year. 1 or convenience, in winter I
dump it around my fruit trees, and
for ton years havo used it around ap
ple, pear, cherry and plum trees.
"Une of in neighbors, a machinist,
put iron turnings around a plum tree
that did not bear; it has been loaded
ever sincu and is a fine tree. Anoth
er neighbor put iron around apple
trees ami says that it completely des
tromi tree borers."
Dr. J. A. livingston. Woortham,
northeastern Texas, sas: "In a
argo portion of tho blaok loam soil
of this statu tho cotton plant dies out
u patciics oi nan an acre, more or
Icps, causing a very considerable loss.
Tho petch, potr, apple, potato, etc .
aro similarly affected.
"1 applied a solution of iron to tho
to a part of tho cotton plants aiouud
ono of dead patches and thoy
revived wlulo tliu others died Tho
plants treated with thw iron solution
duvelopid threo weeks in tidvanoo of
other parts of tho countiy not so
"I cut through tho bark and strip
ed off of several cotton plunts, and
tlioso around which tho iron solution
was applied healed and tho bark t;row
over tho wouuds, while those plants to
whioh tho iron solution was not ap
plied did not heal."
Tho iron fertilizer is no of tho
most important discoveries of tho
age, and its grat valuo has boon in
thcrit KlDNEi: LIVER ss Wl
Pain in tho Haeli
Joints or lil, wtllmcnt lu urlno like brlclclust
frequent calls or retention, rlieuunittsm.
Kidney Complaint
DIabetw, ilroisy, scanty or hlh colored uriua
Urinary Troubles
Stlnglnjc Ecnsatlons when voldinir, distress nrcs
Euro In tho ruirti, m-otliral Irritation, BtrJcturc.
l3iaondci'cc& JLiver
tllnat or dark elrekM under tlm m-w ,
cmted.cntBtlpation, yellowish eyeball!.
,wjrncciNt, .incentNJind $1.00 Mso.
-InTtLilt' Oui-la to Ilwilli" rrcc-CoiuultaUon five,
lilt. KHJIKlt & CO., 1JI.NUIIAUT0X, S. V.
dependently rtiuoovored by u large
nuniDcroi porsons. it Is tho coming
fcrtilizct and ii dstined to supsrjedo
all othors.
Tho cheapen, process of using this
fertilizer is to hang old iron in yonr
fruit trots whore the rust can drop on
tho ground below, or pul tho old iron
in a pool of water and after the iron
rusts use tho water to irrigate tin
Hut whon tho valuo of tha iron
fortilizor is bttor unduntood, l,irg
establishments will furnish it iu largt
(Uiiitities and at low rates,
I hp that many porsons will ex
periment with the iron fertiliz -r in
coining cropi and r-'pirt the rulls
to me, so that I nan give tlicm to tliu
public through these bullotins.
Old poonla suffer much from dUordors
of tho kldueyo or urinary organ, anil
are always gratifltil nt tliu womlurf ul ef
fect of Dr. J. II. McLean's Liver ami
Kidney Iinlui.
When Daby was nick, wo gavo her Costoria.
When eIio was a Clilld, sho cried for Castorta.
When filio bccnmij MIjw, slio clung to Castorta.
When tlio bad CMldrcu, blio gvo them Castorta,
Sensitive temperatures aro those of
which tho human souxes constitute
tin thermometer or measure If wo
havo a tcmnnraturo of KJO decrees in
tho shade and tlm air is luiusuallv
dry, no inotnvenieneo will bo exper
ienced, but if the air is full of mois
ture, such a temperature will be al
most suffocating and unbearable The
thcrmotuetor tfimmonljr used would
show no ahange, but tho human sys-
ttm would exptnenco a very great
chance Thcro is a thermometer
called tht wot bulb that indicates the
sensitive change iu temperatures r
tho changes that are felt or exper
ienced through the human or animal
seuscs. The motallio or mercurial
tbermouictor indicates the effects of
temperatures on on metallic bodies,
while tho wet bulb thermomotors in
dicate tho effects on aniiiml and vege
table life The weather bureau of
tho United States uses tliu metallic
or mercurial therniomrtor, the ono
that docs not indicate tho effects of
temperature changes on animal and
vegetable hff, on flesh and blood and
vegotation. Why V Tho only reply
to this tjucry is an echo, why? W
aro often surprised to noto thu figures
that give tho average temperatures of
a month just passed because they do
not coincide with our experiences
with tho weather, and tho reason is
found in the kind of thcrmoiuo'or
used. The weather bureau has ro
ccutly added a column to their daily
maps iu which is given the ticnsiblc
temperatures, but these arc not sent
out to tho press, and consequently
tho newspaper reports of tempera
tures do not agree with what wu ex
perience. No reason can ho given
why this habit or custom should not
bo changed. Tlio sonsiblc tempera
tures should he reported in tho daily
papers, Histoid of tho metallic tem
peratures. In in j weather bulletin
forecasts sensible temperatures arc
used, and this is one reason yhy they
aro f-o popular with tho people, while
they often do not ogrco with the mot
allio temperatures rocorded by the
weal hr bureau. Not ono person in
a hundred uses a haromolor. Their
ewn senses constitute the baroni"ter
for ninoty-nino out of every ono hun
dred, and in this respect the human
icnscs are moro reliable than the mer
curial batometr.
If wo could trace dyspepsia to Its
source, it woxld lend back to our kitchens.
In fact, the secrnt of good health is good
cooking. If woll cooked, foods aro par
tially digested; if poorly cooked, they
are less digestible than in their raw state.
If j ou nru a victim of faulty cooking;
that is, if yon suffer from dyspepsia, the
rational ouro must bo looked for in an
artitloially digestod food, and n food
which wilt at tho same timo nid tho di
gestion of other foods, tiuch a prepara
tion virtually rests tho tirad digestive
organs, thereby restoring them to their
natural strength, Tho Digestive Cordi
nal, as prepared by the Shakers of Mount
Lebanon, Is jnst such a preparation, and
a singlo 10 cent bottle will convinoo you
of its value. If yonr druggist doesn't
koep it, ho will bo glad to get it through
his wholesale house.
LAXOL is tho best mediolno for child
ren. Doctors recommend it in placo of
Castor Oil.
In our Inst issue wo mentioned tho
death of Mr. 13. Ilifo, who dopartcd this
life on Friday morning, January .1, 189G,
after a painful illness. Mr. Hlfo was
born in Franklin county, Pennsylvania,
Novombor 1G, 1833, uud was consequent
ly a littlo ovor 02 years of ago.. At tho
ago ot 21 ho moved to Illinois, whoro ho
roBided until 11 years ago, whon ho
moved to Nobraskn, Bottling in Gago
county. Ho catno to Red Cloud throo
yours ago with his fumily. Ho was mar
ried to his now stricken companion .'17
yoars ago, and elovon childron woro born
to them, nino of whom survive h'm. two
having precodod him to tho othor land.
He was convorted Ilii yoars ago and re
mained n faithful christian llio balance
of his llfo. Ho was n hard-working man
and, owing to that fact, his health bo
came impnirod, und tho end camo us a
remilt of overexertion. Ho was well
lilted by his neighbors and friends, and
liu will bo missed in his church work.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castorla.
LlfiKI til ?! M
for Infants
uaremann ilrc-i, (Kerry's
most remodioff-fortJ Udinrure i-ouii3Seu of olilum-or mor.rrldo f -
Do Yon Know thnt opium and morphine arc stujief jIdr tmreotlc poison I
Po Yon Know that la mo-1 countries drugclsts aro cot rrrinltted to sell narcotics
without labeling them poisons f f
Do Yon Know tlint you ouM not innlt any medlcluo to bo given your chttTf.
unless you or your physician knot; of hnt It Is eoinposiil ? 1 1 f J'
Do Yon Know Umt Castcria Is a purely vegetaLio preparation, and that a list of V
IU Ingredients Is published with owry bottlo I
Do Yon Know that Costctfa Is tho prescription of the famous Dr. Bamuot ntchcr. )
That It hoa U-cn In uso for nearly thirty years, and that moro Castorla Irf" now sold than
of all other remedies for children lomblncd f
Do Yon Know that tho Patent OfTlco Department of tho United States, and of
other countries, havo Issued cxcluslvo right to Dr. ritcher and his assigns to uso tho word
" Gaitoria" and Its formula, rivl that to Imitate them Is a swto prison offense J
Po Yon Know that ono Jtho reasons for granting this government protection wat
bocauso Costoria had been proven to bo nbsolutoly harmless?
Po Yon Know that 35 avcrago doses of Castorla aro furnished for 35
cents, or ono cent o ''oso f
Po Yon Know that whon rosscssed of this perfect preparation, your children may
bo kept well, and that you may vo unbroken rest t . ,
Wellthoo things nri worth knowlrc. They aro fact.
Tho fac-slmlle
tgnatnro of
Children Cry for
and l the rrstilt el culdi
It eeii bo run l In a nli'.Ki.
ant leineilv wlileli Is -ippil-yd
illiicllv Int., tlio unstillH
n.-nig ipiii'Klv niivirlif d it
let icllrr nt n.nee.
Ely's Cream Balm
iHiiekiumUd eil to lir thu iimBt tlioroueli rure
for .Misil (it.trilt f oh) in ,..,U ii, jijiv .-ov ,
of all teini-dlt-s It opvns anil ele.uiscM tlio n.i
siii nii;:i.s h'I'jn pain mid Inilitiiiiumioii,
lieals tlie sores, pi trets the tniiiilir.ii front
e;il'l, rstres t w ,im- f 'imt,. Mn kIl,cl
I'rlr.. But- nt Dtiu l'-in ti l "'
VJA lli()l'lli:it'i iiUir . .,, t, yi.wl-
Isexpe leatmr it an ib.i ton
nUi C- and f irasiluni
niisiiniiitlti's wl
li,vnrl:ililv iliTtvi.
Iii'iit'lltfinm llsusc
.is It cili kly.-ili.iti's
'liuu,iu:h, lenili'rs
asolslllll- lliltlll'r In
li'Stnring w.isti'il
I issues. Tlieielsa
larire per iciiMkc
if tllOHU Wild sup
pine their eass tn
tin ii -sn m 1 1 1 lo ri
til, i,- fit., i!,tr.
'etliig tiotii a eli'unli: eoM or li--i v ateil
ei.uuli.ift ii ii' iiv.ili-d byeiitnrrli I! th lulu
I'dU'S am pliMS-i'it to us-, rrt-i nf ("nam
Italia, Aiie per tuitlli , I'lncoU V.', ,it
Uruuxlsts liiiMaiHttlrso( J.Mi wl I ilu.ivt.-r tin
rccoli t or tun mat,
MI.Y Nl:i)HiniS.r,nVairoii Pt.. New Vork.
, - - ...... ..... .'..I, r,-
Hair? rai raph
Clonn.n and bciutino Uie hi!r. i
l'mmutej a luxurltnt f-niuth. I
Never Falls to UrsturR Urayl
llalr to Its youthful Color. I
uuiei caip inirin k nair ituiu.
flir,iiiHIJi)ai Drjcglm "
Theoulr iurot'iimturLi,nit. Mii allealn. Kninrrirom
lurtto Uio JuUilJita walkloc cnw.tku. at Drutxuu.
ho i nniri niipcn,ievcrfai"',w,i,usJ0iir
nililrrrs, wo Mill UUntUnmlltrl.iltMitlli-rnrL
"Hvii tliiiruiiali kiiuuleiluu I the natuul laws
ttlili'li turn rn 0u iipeiatloiis ot (Unislliui ami
milrliinii, ;,i,il ii a cmcful niiiillciiloiHif the
lint- luoimitli-s ot v , II tclreleil t'oeun. Sir. Kpps
li.isiiri)ilcil Inr our lut'iiklast nml supper
iiili'lii'ali'h llavured lieveiafn uhlcli m:iy s.uc
us many heavy doctor hills. It Is i tlm Jmllc
Ions uso o Ntieh Hitlcles ot diet that' a eulistlttl
lion may he unuluiilly hullt up until strotiL
eiioiiali to ieht oery ti'iiili'iiev fj illsi-ase.
Uuinlrt'ils of sulitlu tnalailles aie lloatmg
around us le.uty to atlaek ulierrtor thure Is a
weak Mat Wo may escape iniiny a fatal
shall hv keeping oui'selves well fmiilled with
pure liliiud and a properly nniirlshi'd iraiiin,"
(.'Ivll Venice (iiietle. Mailu simply ultli hull
lliu water or milk. Sohl onlj Iu hall pound
tins, hy uioei'iH, Libelled thus:
JA.iii'.s hpi's Aro., Mil., ni opathlc
t'lu'inlsts. I.onilfiii Hii'ilaml
PChlrlirtrr IHumoml llrsntf.
W ttA. ifnainiiinim 'nir utnulnr.
! .k.7" n ft - ! . . . . . .
hrucKtst far CXickttttrt Fwjtuh '.,i-,
witmii HrtmA lu Itfd .D1 ilvil mikltu
Itrairt, atlM wliU bluo tlt'twn, TuUu
11(1 nth PP. fit fttMtt ttitnaemuM,,.
tlotnmuHmitiaiun$. AlUmtrf '(oren.Mc.
Ubj.llLoc.llrulu.. .illiil2..T.?
Uui'ltul KVIOVl.
Corrected weeldy hy lied Cloud 1'ioduee Co,
Whwit 10 45
Corn now 15
Corn old 10
Oats now 18
ltyo 05
narloy 35
I'''" 7H
Horh 3 00
Biitcher'o stock 2 002 SO
Hutter ir
Et'Bs 15
Potatoes 40
ISnrinKohickonB peril) 5
Old bona por lb 4
Hay per ton .1003 RO
Tit HmH foouoa tr
with act Df IcUrniJ j
i lr.CHiut itch. tllv
inauiciaa. nrt hv .
f l'it twvyWB9 on ta tvc,
in-TT'-j w
-r tm iiuvu
t drtrritt or still l
ipsa a, rt.i:tviiij tn, r. ik, jm jfuitm to; u.
M SSVivt
V Iv
X , A.,
jKf JLtV
iiV "- JI
,ar, v, mta nl htallh1 V'
ii,Tiutii,r ,!. ii. .. n.
LI t. .CURtS WHtSt AIL tlt,E fAllS. Jsp
K; UOJt (kMich bjrup. Tntej I Jood. Ueei1
BeJ In tlmn. 80M liy itruifL-lt. li's
and Children.
You Know ut io. -1
Cordial, many willed Soothljjr Bvrups. and
on rivciT
Pitcher's Castorla.
Iiilllcalluii or Summons.
In tho District Court of Wobstor counV
.,.. . . ty Nobraskn.
i!iiiznuoiu liaii,
Mnrtha II. Hull,
Albert W.Shumuto
Above named iletuminnts, Martha II.
Hull and Frank R Hull, will take no
tico that on tho 27th day of Doeeinbor,
IS!)."), tho nbovtviiiinivl plnin'iir Hied her
potition iu tho d htrli-t mint uf Wubster
county, Xobruhkn, tiv;i.itiut b.tid defend
ants, tho object und praer of which is
to foreclose a coitain mortgage executed
by tho defendant, Mai thu 11. Hull nndv
l-'rank V. Hull (liusbiind ii-ul wtfu) to-
tho Nebraska and Kansas Farm Loan
Company upon tho weft half of tho
northwest tji.nrlcrof section titimhrred
twenty (20j. in township nuuibcrcd ono
(1), nuith in tango numbered ton (101,
w-t'st of tho tlth I'. M Webster county,
Nobraskn; to fcectno the pa.iuent of
cortnin promiB?orj notes untot! Dctobor
ono Ior817.n0, 1I110 tho 1st duy of Octo
her, 1S02; ouo for .-;17fj0, duo April 1st,
1S!).'J; anil um for S17 Ro, tluo tho 1st day w
of Outnbei iSjI) '1 hm 1 hero ia now duo W
on said notes and mortfjn,'i tho sum of
t.w.uu, wiiu iiiti'i'"(it ut tt,t, into or ten
percent pei annum fn.tu II o lmh day
of October, iS. Vnti tun further noti
fied that said uotcn nml iih)ii,;uko wero,
on tho Kith ilii or Nnwmliur, lafaS, for
a valuable consideration, aligned to
Charlotte VYiMiuuih, who, on tho 28th
day of Octol i-r. IbOJ.uwiKiifd said notes
and tnort.ivn to William G Hall, and
William ti. Dull assigned ins interest iu
and to said notcvand mortice, to Klizn.
both Hall, who ia ami lias ever since
boon tlio lejral owner of said notes and
ntortpipo. I!ut' tiir iiiih for u decree
that defend, nt-, i,i rnpiired to pay tho
Biimo or that prrmfwo may be sold to
satisfy tlio tun , tint f.uml to beduo this
You aro rtiiuhctl to miuwur said poti
tion on or bi f' rn tho 10th day of Febru
ary, 1890, or said petition will bo taken
as true and judgment rendered accord,
Dated December 27tli, 18!tr.
Et.i.AiiF.rii Hall,
Hy Itobt. T. Potter, Her Atty.
hlierlir Mi!t.
Notice Is In iihv tjlvc 11 that under and hy vlr
tuoof an order ol sale isHed fiom the olllee
of 0. It. Cronr, rrtk of the ilibtrlet court ot
the tenth Juilleal d'slilct. wlihluatid for Web
ster county, NehrasKa, upon u ih(ico man ac
tion penUlmr Iheieln, wherein JuiiHisThomsen,
plalntlir, and 11 inlnst A. M Walters, Una
)V alters, SI. Knmv. L'liarle r. llatcs. Marie
Uialse l.'Jlenreux. Ileilty l.'lleiireaxnnd Kph
rata l.'lleuieti.x, deieiulHtits. shall oiler for
Mllo at iiuhllc eiiilm', to thu hlwheit hldder for
cash lu hand ut the exst dnor uf the court
house ut Ited Cloud, In said Webster county,
Nebraska, (that beliiR the bullillui; wlierefn
tho last term or iald court was lioldeii) mi the
Cth day of rVlmiaiy, A. 1). isuo. ut one o'clock
P. in. ot Mild day. the foilowliic desrrihed
property, limit Thu northeast quarter of
seelion six (). low 11M1I11 four (4 J. ratiKO twnlvo
(ill), west of theuiii I'. M.,a Webster county,
Nebraska. r.
(liven litidcr my liiind this ad day of Jta'Uiif,
'' ' , -I. W. Uunciikv. Sherltr, '
11. V. Thomas, l'lmi tin's Attorney.
Moon Hlock, - I!ED (JLOUD, NBH.
OolleotionR promptly attended to, and
correspondence (solicited.
Niitlcu to 'Iciiciicrs.
N0U00 is hereby given that 1 will
examine all perrons who may desiro
to offor themselves as candidates for
tcaohors oftlio public sohools of this
oouuty, at Ited Cloud on tho third
Saturday of rich month.
Spooial examinations will ho hold
on tho Friday proceeding the 3d Sat
urday of each month.
Tho standie,' UuMred for 2d and
3d grado oertilluati s is tho sarno no
loin, isas; ono for the emu of soQQMi,
duo tho first chi of October. ISO.'lj !fio
for tho sum or ?l7.r)0, duo October 1st,
1891; onoforSlTfifj. tluu Annl 1st. 18'Jl:
grado below 70 per cent., average 80
per cent; for first grado certificate
no grado below 80 por cent., avcrago
90 per cent, iu all braticbos roquircd
by law.
D. M, UuNmi.dounty Supt.
. .zsssamasssi
BXltopi9-rv!e; frfijas e -. rjj