The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 15, 1895, Page 5, Image 5

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liAre better values than others are offering at the same price, and if you will take the trouble to d
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A.O. IIOHMFlt, Kdltor.
IAIiovTait. Asst I.ocal IMItor.
m. E. NOTES.
Well wasn't thut b groat sermon
BiBhop Ilott D. D. last Sabbath.
We heard many say the sermon uhich
, (delighted ua till bo much was too short.
.All good prenohing is.
A groat audionce hoard Rev. W. 1),
Alexander preach ono of his mood 6or-
mons lnat Sunday evening.
Prof. Wilson gavo a vory interesting
talk to tho Enworth League last Sun
day evening.
, Rev. Ulaoknell worshiped with us
last Sunday.
Tho quarterly conference Joontlrmed
the action of tho estimating committoo
in making tho pastors salary 85.10.
Mrs. Wilson was elected a stewardess
and E. Rife a trusteo.
Tho sugar beots around this section,
owing to tho second growth, which was
brought about by the September rains,
are not testing up to uverago. It seems
that the drowth of August stopped the
growth and that they wore about ma
tured, when the rains como und sot them
to growing iignin, causing a serious set
back that will cause, it is feared, consid
erable loss to the growers.
lumbago, pain in Jolntt or tuck, brick dust la
'wine, frequent calls. Irritation, Inflammation,
gravel, ulceration or catarrh of tho bladder.
Disordered Liver
Blllousnew, headache, Indigestion or gout.
IWADIIMIOOT invigorates, cures kidney,
diflcultlcs, Wright's disease, urinary trouble.
Impure Blood
Scrofula, -laluria, general w cakness ordeblllty.
rersuMfHKootuuildiiup quickly a run dowa
eosstltution mid makes tho weak strong.
At BruggUta 50 cents and $ 1.00 81m
' "termlM Gnldo to Health'' Crte- OonralUUos tm.
Mattered and cared by the Dr.
Owea Electric TrtMf-ottr latest
lareation Ouaranteeel most Seles
ttae, PowerfW, DralIe, tt
SrtBBle and Effective method. A
sails, eontinuoua current of Galvanic
Webtricity Is applied dlrecUjr totbe
art of the Rupture causing icln
Ilea and treBtBCBlBg of those parte,
Nodetentloa from business
tkoie -who an Bvptured, it -will pay to
iavMtirate our moac of treatment.
iSST Satin thebellef that onr
leiBlT Electrte Ttbm lHU cure
Vr cue of Rupture that if at all
arable. We warraBt that the Blec
trkity can Be felt laitantly oa ppUca
tk. Call at onr office. No charge lor
nSMititinn Onr "TreUl
tBtre la tree.
Wi have been before the Pnblic many
t i'
' yearau and our Electrical appuucM u
tocoio a recognized standard of merit.
nMteKert&bliahineat of ita kiadto
A. - .. HP kllMFP'W
the world
Write for our large illatrated catalogw;
v'X Badtreatiae. upon Rupture.
,., ., - 9tt to JW7 lUtoKeenitc AOaBI It,
. Iook us over, we will astonish you with the good quality of our coats,
both as to Cloth, Lining and Make-up.
A oood shave ut Hutchison Jb Hiatt's
bnrbor shop.
Tho most stylish huts in tho city at
Mrs. McBrido's.
Low M. lieu), who has been on tho
sick list, is up again.
For a lino hair tonio cull on Hutchin
son & Iliatt. tho barbers.
Mrs, Geo. Guilford and daughter
Carrie, uro visiting in Iowa.
Go to Geo. Blair for tinning nnd all
kinds of job work in his lino.
Mr. 'Poland and wifo of North Branch,
Kansas, wore in the city this wook.
II. W. Gulllford, who has boon sick
for some weeks, is recovering slowly.
Just received a number of ladies
shoos for largo anklo and high instep.
A. II. Kuley.
Rov. Chapin, formorly pastor of the
M. E. church in this city, was in Red
Cloud this week.
Wo noto with pleasure that Cashier
Finch is regaining bis health, after a
prolonged illness.
Wo aro pleased to note that Mrs. D. J.
Myers is convalescing, after a serious
contact with typhoid fever.
Mrs. Jane Yenger and Miss Clara
East, who have been visiting at J. T.
Hur wood's, have returned home to Iowa.
II. B. Kineel, who is teaching school
pear Bluo Hill, was in Red Cloud last
Saturday, accompanied by a friend, Mr.
Mrs. Laura Studebaker, who baa been
visiting at the residence of M. Finken
binder, returned to ber Illinois homo on
Charley Wolf, of Garfield township,
was married on the 10th to Mies Stella
Wilson, at the residence of Noah Wag
oner, who officiated.
Oood advioe: Never leave home on a
joorney without a bottle of Chamberlain'
oolio, oholera and diarrhoea remedy. For
sale by Dtyo & Grioe.
Mrs. McBride has moved her stock of
millinery to her residence where she will
be glad to see all of her old customers
and many new ones.
Arthur Parsons, of Jewell county,
Kansas, was Married Nov. 7th, 1805, to
Miss Iva King, of Webster county, Rev.
Noab Wagoner officiating. The cere,
mony took place at the bride's resi
dence. Tho little daughter of Mr. J. H. Weg
man and wife passed away this week
after a short illness. The parents and
friends have tho sympathy of the com
munity in their bereavement Inter
ment took place at Blue Hill.
Mrs. Arch Sattley and daughter of
Springtiold, Illinois, and Mrs. R. Holben
and son of Lincoln, Nebraska, were
guests of their sister Mrs. O. E. Sattley
and their father Mr, James Feiguson of
Jewell county, Kansas, the past week
and returned to their respective homes
Wednesday, Nov. G.
Allio Albright 1b a noted bioycliet.
Tho other day he came tearing down
the atreot with a cord of wood in one
band and a bushel of potatoes in the
other, when his wheel became obstrep
erous and ran away with him, and the
last we saw of him, he was going over
ditches, sidewalks, apple trees, and other
high places. He made several exonaee,
but' our reporter wouldn't take them,
as he saw it all.
The pilgrimage to Denver to tea
Schlatter, the great healer, continues
with unabated fury. Adam Morhart
came home this week and reports great
orowds every day, trying every way to
see the man and be healed. Hesaya
that people stay up all night, so aa to be
there on time in the morning to eee
Schlatter. One morning he arose at
four o'clock and went over to Schlatter's
residence, and there were three hundred
ahead ot him, even at that hour. Sev
eral In thia city have been treated and
think he has helped them. He left Den
ver on the 10th, and will go to Chicago.
Whether he can do all that ia said of
him or not, one thing ia certain, he has
been a drawing card for Denver and Jots
of people have, faith in himi
Carriago paintiug, F. P. Hadloy.
F. P. Had ley, painter and decorator.
Now pattorn hats at Mrs. McBrido's
11. C. Richmond was in Hastings this
Call and sco Taylor's carpets before
A. Morhart roturnod from Donver
J. A. Traphagan was down from Hast
ings Tuesday,
W. J. Graham of Creto was in tho
city this week,
E. R. Hitchcock of Sterling was on
our stroots Saturday.
A. Lauterbaoh, ot Colby, Kansas, is
in tho city this woek.
James Burdon, tho district clerk olect,
wus in tho city thia wook.
. jj. bears of Ashland was on our
streets ono day this week.
Mrs. L M. Vance is able to be up
again after a serious illness.
J. A. Lockhnrt and sons were in Red
Cloud this week on business.
J. S. Houglund and N. Klein of North
Piatt wero in town yesterday.
Editor Geo, Warren's brother return
ed to Lincoln Saturday evening.
Uncle Billy VanDyke now sporU a
fish pole from the Hawaiian Islands.
C. W. Kaloy returned last Saturday
from an extended sojourn in Linooln.
Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Fogle, 8r., departed
last Saturday for a visit in Winston,
Albright it Sherwood are erecting a
new frame building on tho site of the
old one.
Mrs. D. J. Judson left this week for
Inavale and Bro. Judson is looking like
astray duck.
Chas. and Elmor Willis, of Arapahoe,
brothers of A. G. Willis, wore in the
oity this weok,
Nate Piatt bad the misfortuno to step
on a pitchfork the othor day, which en
tered to the bone.
The young friends of Clarence Win
ters gave him a pleasant surprise party
Thursday evening.
Ed Ballew, the alTablo revenue collect
or ot MoCook, was eating bologna with
the boys this week.
S. J, Reevea and A. M. Reevea of Riv
erton, Iowa, were in Rod Cloud the lat
ter part ot last week.
Mrs. Jas. Kidd, of La Grange, Mo.,
formerly Miss Cora Kaley ot thia city,
is visitlDg here this week.
The rain ot this week was a good one,
wetting the soil in good shape and giving
the winter wheat a good start.
Mrs. Martin and children, who have
been visiting in this city, have returned
to their homo in Stockham, this state.
Jno. Wernor, whose home is eleven
miles north of this city, returned yes
terday from a sojourn in Silverton, Col,
Mrs. Ella Olmstead returned to her
home in Bortrand last Monday, aftor a
few weeks' visit with her mother in this
Mrs. Hiram Spry, ot' Bloom City,
Wis., arrived in the oity Wednesday
evening on a visit to her son, J. M.
We omitted, in our great glee over the
results ot the election, lastFridsy to say
that J W. Warren was fleeted assessor
by 136 majority.
The best way te avoid soalp diseases,
hair falluur oat and prematare baldness,
Is to us the best preventive kaowa for
that parpose Hall's Hair Reaewer.
Ben MoFarland, who has been having
a serlcua tilt with typhoid, is rapidly on
the mend and will soon be able to est
the pace for the boys in their spurts
oyer the country.
On account ot the illness ot some of
the parties who are on the program, the
band concert, which was to have bees
riven on tho 10th. has been Dostnoned
one week, and will be rendered on the
20th. Watoh for the program next
Dr. Price's Crease ftaklag Powier
World's Fair tUfte Meeslaed PIslsis.
Are bettor wearers, better litters, and
bettor styles than any other children s
shoes. They mako no second grade,
henco no substituting poor shoes for
good ones. Romembor tho name "Tho
Little Giant School Shoos." Remember
the only place you can buy them.
Latest novelties in Women's Bright
Dongola Button and Vici Kid, white
Tho greatest thing for school marms
and school girls is our Kangaroo Calf
button with patent tip, light weight,
soft, pliablo, warm and do not scuff,
Great wearers.
D. F. Scott has returned to Iowa,
Mrs. McKoighan is homo from a visit
in Hastings. ,
For paper hanging and painting
When you have a drees to make
Mrs. F. P. Hadley.
Congress plow shoes $1.25 and $1.50 at
Cincinnatti shoe store,
Corn busking is beginning to take the
place of othot farm work.
A complete new line of wall paper at
Taylor's at bottom pricos.
Are shoes advancing? Read A. H
Kaley'a ad at the head of locals;
Tho Rev. Bishop Hott preached in the
M. E. church last Sunday morning.
It is quite a comfort these days to bear
the whistlo at the round house blow.
Rev. Alexander of Hastings preached
Sunday evening in the M. E. church.
S. E. Cozad is in Lincoln for a few
days, looking after the general Linooln
You can paint cheaper bow than you
can in the spring. Get prices at Cot-
Five wagon loads of corn came in Sat
urday from the Bouthwest part of the
county. '
A very interesting quilting party took
place at Mrs. Strohm'a on Thursday
Mrs. Sherman and daughter of Elgin,
III., are here visiting with Mrs. R. M.
Martin, Sr.
A very interesting program will be
given at the Crepon social Friday even
ing, Nov. 22.
Mrs. Thos. Penman has returned
home from a week's visit with her par
ents in Cowles.
Lost A cashmere shawl between the
M. E. cburoh and Fireman's Hall.
Finder please leave at this office.
When you want a nice smooth shave
or hair-cut, give Geo. Fontreas a call
One door west of Miner Bros' store.
"O range blossom" is safe and harmless
as a Flax Seed 1 onltioe, Any lady can
use It herself. Bold by O. L. Cotting.
, I have the largest assortment ot boots
and shoes In the city and at such prioes
as will fit all pocketbooks. A. H. Kaley,
During the electing on the Cth there
were oast eleven ties for various offices,
from judge ot election up to justice ot
t hepeace,
Come one, oome all, to the Masonic
ball to attend the dime Crepon, social, to
be given by the ladies of the Eastern
Star, Nov. 22.
Go to W. W. Wright's, th? cheapest
headquarters in the valley for heating
cooking, and all kinds ot stoves. They
have them in great variety.
Another big reductlen on my hoods,
fasoinators and ice wool shawls. I posi
tively will not bs undersold on thia line
ot goods. Mrs, F. Newhouse.
Mrs. E. L. Hummel and daughter
Gladya accompanied by her niece Mies
Ida Hummel departed for Glenwood,
Iowa, Tuesday morning on number 10.
I now have a first qlaas shop and am
better prepared than ever to do first
class carriage work at prices that will
town, F. P.
discount any one else in
ware. . . .
We hav i the finest line ot Queensware and Glassware ever
placed bofore the public, for their inspection, west ot the
Missouri river. In dinner ware we have Boquet, Gem,
Unique Gold Line and Dresden, all the finest fllled-ln dec
orations, and you can select anything you want from the
above. You need not take the entire dinner est to get any
of the abovo goods; take any piece you like. In pencil dec
orations we have a tine line and can get the above anything
you want.
Wo have a fine line of hand-painted ware, such aa French
China Servic Porcelain and fancy glassware of every des
cription. Anyone making a purchase ot One Dollar's worth
ot the above goods, we will make them present of a nice
glass dish.
All we have to say in regard to Lamps if, to be aure and
call here and look our immense stock ever before making a
urchase, and we will convince
nocking them all out on prices.
ot every description on hand at all times, and will be sold
at the very lowest cash price. Bring in your Butter, Efga,
Potatoes, Corn, Cabbage, and everything you have te sell;
they all go for the above goods.
Yours respectfully,
The Rt. Rev. Anson R, Graves, Bishop
ot the Platte, will hold aervicea in the
Episcopal church, near the court-house,
on Friday, Nov. 7th, morning and even
ing. You are cordially invited.
Every farmer in the state who thinka
wheat is too cheap can get the benefit of
the advance that is sure to come. How
to do it free; write L. P. Good Sc Co., 63
Commerce Bl'dg, Chicago, Ills.
Late pensions procured by Attorney
J. Porter Jr.: Wm. Redinger, vicinity
of Lawrence, Neb., and Mrs. Caroline
Warner, late of Roaemont, now of Leba
non, Kan. Both are made happy.
1890 will be leap year, and we hope
that the girls will have secured courage
enough by that time to ask the old
baoh's to marry. It would be a great
blessing. We are getting tired of look
ing at them, Eh?
Senator Alva' Sellers, Gen. Stewart
Albright, Colonel FlaVe Grioe, Deaoon
Homer Sherwood, and several other Red
Cloud notables have agreed never te
shave again until they get married. Ob
my, won't (heir whiskers get long.
Married at the residence of the brides
parents, Monday, Nov, 11, Mr, W. D.
Davis and Miss Roaaaa Willmot. Mr.
Davis la a resident of Smith county,
Kansaa and Miss Willsaot is ot Red
Cloud. Wm. VanDyke said the mystic
words that made the two hearts one.
I They have the well wishes ot the entire
I o jmmunuy.
you at once that we are
The demand for Aysr's Hsir Tiger
aob widely-separated regions as
America, Spain, Australia, aad India BB)
kept paee with the home eoasussptisB
whloh goes to show that these peepM
know a good thing when tbsy try it
There will be a meeting of the Mem
bers of the Webster County Agrloulto
ral society at the office ot the secretary
on Saturday, Nov, 10, 1895 for the pur
pose ot the election of oOcers fer the
ensuing year, Also to make soma
changes in the by-laws and such other
business as may come' before it. A fall
attendance ia .desired. R. L. Alyesk
H Jffcte HogksYf-.WfM PMi
A put Crape Crtam ofTrtwrw'sW.t,
earn Ammonia, ahm or any eater
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