The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 18, 1895, Page 5, Image 5

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    ' nil,,l"ujl"W! 'AmwemhMgxsz.
' - j&iiiX'i
... X1. ,, juMSy-Vl
. . ..?J3
W want you to come in aud
'' vVZm'rtltt'vrl
bieobu iiasiju.nji: 1,300.
A.i. o , ".Wln.
. .
You aiv. intcjvsc.-'l!
School Slices,
Child's Oniiii lint Tip, 5-8, - 7o
" " " 811, 81 OU
Mlssoa' ' " " 11-12. 1 25
" Kuugaroo Calf, 1 3r,
.Boys' Buffulu L:xe, - 1 23
Womon't) Blight Dour butt put tip, 1 00
" Clove Calf, butt, - 1 25
Farmors' Plow Congreps Rhoop, 1 20
.Special Imrgninn in hand turn shoes.
Tho Littlo Ginnt Sohool Shoe leads
them all. Only lo b found nt
mA. 11 Ksllj.MS'tf'S.
II. 3. FALLiMiCKu, Prop.
Willkeo; ' - ' v
' Will f-ervo lunch at all nours.
3JKmk$ Bios, Cakes. Peanuts, Tobaccos
VtjK and Cigars.
vCnTDHtI&teR Ml Neb.
f, .J2-2-
OIM :s V.Sl.
CBh paid for eggs at tho Red Cloud
produce C.
Nels. Andrews una ilowir from Bluo
Hill Inst Butuitlny.
Ed. D. Hill and wifa of Superior were
in Red Cloud Saturday.
A. M. Collinr of Lebanon, Kansas, was
in the city this work.
J. W.S'.h r-T ' 7'luo Hill was in
Red Cloud InRt Saturday.
W..I1. Ilpttgh find wife "t Uivorton
-were in Red Cloud Una week.
J. F. Will, o ijiinolu.Vini, unio, was
in Red Cloud this week on business.
3. K. Livingnnd nf Galveston. Texas
wna in Iod ( "1 ud on hitsincf-s Monday
Hayes Banwell of Springfield, Ohio'
was in Ited Cloud he "-nt "f tho week.
A carload of flour rn ' n'l1 fepd just
.received it the Red 01c d l'rvluce Co.
Thos. Walkor of Millor, Nebraska)
waa' doing business in tho city this week-
O.K. Gittiuga nf Lincoln, cousin ot
Landlord Oatman, was in tho city this
Mrs. Truman is visiting in th coun
try this work, the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank IV on t
ObarloY Fort has becomo nn export In
photography. He took an oxcellont pic
turo of tho liornl hall during tho fair,
Mrs. Wuitor vamieiburg is lying
quite eiok 'ut thu homo ot her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Mac Fulton, on Walnut
Mrs. Ed Dowlond of Nelson Jh visiting
at tho wsidonco of W. U. Roby. She is
an old Michigan acquaintance of the
Jud Wlut , v.ho8 dwelling was burn
ed a few dnys ago, is quito delighted
ovor tho mannor In which Agnnt Smith
settled tl o nuiu, ITo roeeivod $.300, in
surance in full, this week.
Through neglect nrnthorwiio, n linen
trav cloth belonr-inz t Mrs. It. H. Fort
was lost in tho llornl hnll during tho
fair. Ai,y luloriunlliiu iogiu-dlng the
Bam vill ba tlmnkfully received.
ThoD gM' f Hm"". . O. U. W.,
will oivn r reculnr iu the Mason-
ic hall, on Tuesday ovening. Novomber
Dth. from fi o'clock until 10 p. m. All
are cordially invited. Buppor 15 cents,
' admiseidii frco,
Porter Hedgo of Lincoln, and O, P.
Hedge from!oct;a, Iowa, war ia
Red Cloud Uxa amu.i Lttonding the
funeral of their brother, Anderson
Hedge, wtaoco domiso io noted in anoth
er place in this paper.
Harry Engles, while driving his horse
along tb 3 $ .. . "'larley Our
ney'a on Wednesday, met a drove of
cattle that were boing driven north.
,, The horse became scared, broke the
thills off, brokn a cow'o Ipg, threw Harry
out of the liuf y, luiwnkiim him insen-
. senslblo and hurtinpr him snriously. The
horso ran homo, aud tuo Ournsy boya
picked tn 'outifc' mun n aud took him
homo. It v h a cloio cnll,
. v '
fafa- Ui,:A.... -.... . . ,";',
m jg mH HB aHk A LLFjL -.H
Spo this ofllco for job work.
Now good nt Mrs. McBrldo'o.
TUv. Mattox was in tho city this weok.
Dr. Dnmorell was down from Huntings
lint week.
Flour G0c par saolc nt tho Rud Cloud
Produco Co.
C. Sulmffnit wan in Lincoln this woek
on huHinofiB,
John Fulton of Riverton attended tho
fair last week.
Expnrt dentist, Dr. Hondorson, at tho
hotel October 21 to 20.
Mrs. McBrlde has just received some
choice, new gods and veilings.
J. Vance of Guide Rock was doing
business in Rud Cloud this week.
A conniderablo portion of tho '05 crop
ot corn is being marketed nt this time
J. P. Harrington of Pawnee City was
in tho city this week with a view to lo
cating permanently.
From an Oranha paper we noticed
that, the populists had nominated John
O. Yoisur for comptroller.
The Chirk for all kinds of job work.
Good goodH, lino work, and low prices
are our motto, Trv us.
Go. Buck, Franklin's popular and en'
tsrprising restuuranter, was in the city
tna latlar part of last weeK.
Billy Lindley, the enterprising re
tuurunter of Lebanon, Kansas, was in
town the latter part of la6t week.
Deputy Sheriff Conrad of Blue Hill,
candidate on the democratio tioket for
district' clerk, was in the city Tuesday.
Comparo our bran nnd shorts with
the stuff you have been buying from
the old veterans. Red Cloud Produce
Mrs. MoBride has moved her goods to
her reeideno, one block west and one
and a half blocks south ot Minor's
'Roy HutehisoD, who is at present do
ing tonsorial work for the citizens ot
Lebanon, was on our streets the first ot
tho week.
There was some petty pilfering at the
fair last week. One lady lost a table
scarf, another three eans of fruit, and
sovoral other articles were taken.
Mrs. Jno. Yeiser and child of Omaha,
who have boon visiting in Ulysses for a
rhort time, arrived in the city last Fri
day and are visiting at the residence of
Geo. U. ieisor.
Tho Ladles' Clio Club will meet with
Mrs. O. W. Kaley Saturday, October
10th, at 2:30 o'clock. Ladies interested
in literary work nre cordially invited to
become a member.
Whv don't the proper officer repair
the culverts nn the road to the bridge F
There is no exouse for auoh negligence.
Some ono will have n costly acoldsnt
there one of these daya.
Don't forget our books; we are giving
away large numbers of them. They nre
here for you; come and get them. We
give you all the news and then give you
a good book. Now is the time.
Our subscriber! must pay up; we
need the money. A dollar ia a small
amount to you, but means hundreds of
dollars to us. Como in at once; we
must insist on an early settlement.
Jas. Burden nf Bladen, the republican
candidate for clerk nf the district court,
was in Red Cloud Saturday looking af
ter his fonces. Jim will be the next
clerk, if nn; bndy asks you. Ha makes
friends wherever he goes.
The numerous young friends ot Miss
Emma Polnicky surprised that young
lady on Tuesday night, the occasion be
ing her 12th birthday., A most pleasant
timo was experienced by nil the young
folks present, and onch one wished Miss
Emma many returns of her natal day.
Lot there lie a concerted movement
towards getting the Red Cloud mills re
built up town. This is an important
matter to Red Cloud, and an effort
should bo made to have the tamo dons
at nn onrlv day. Locate tho mill up
town, opertto it by electricity, and the
good derived from it would lie multi
plied eovHriil times.
Fronk Richardson, son ot F. N. Rich
ardson, deaided that n bachelor life was
not what people said it was, and, after
plodding along forsoveral years in single
harness, he concluded to yoko up, nnd
on Wednesday wan united in holy matri
mony to Mies Ida Hanson nt this city.
Frank is nn honored member ot Hose
Company Nn. 1, and hia fellow comrades
wish himproeperlty aid many "little
hoae." T Cuimt extendi oongratula
tlene. The Northwestern Yeast Co. of Chi
cago have an agent here today distribut
ing free samples ot their celebrated
Teaat Foam. This company ia one ot
the bea.t known in the United 8tates.
They boast nf having the largest and
meanest yenst factory in the world.
Yeast Foam has more friends amomtst
the ladies in the United States than any
other one product nf our country, and
may truly b e colled the Ladies' Friend
Do not fail to try tho littlo sample.
see hpw LITTLE money will buy a good Overcoat from us.
m:vsy bit.
A. G. Willis hue boen on tho sick list
this week.
L. A. Kinney ot Chicago was in th
oity Huh weok.
J. E. Winton of Quinoy, III., was ia
Hed Cloud this week.
Lost, a pair ot gold piieutuolos.' Loavo
with Mrs. J. W. Warrsii.
W, N. Richardson and family departed
yesterday for u visit iu Omaha.
It ynu want, to ho surprised look at
Mrs. F. Newhouso's new stock.
Honry Rathjeu will noon begin har
vesting his lino orop of sugar boots.
Mrs. II. Holdrego lost a pocket-book
on tho fair grounds containing 115.00.
The treat ot tho sensoa wMl be tho
"Old Folks' Concert" to be given eoen.
MIkb Hannah Griggs of Liberty, Nob.,
is the guest ot Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ath
erton this weok.
F. G. HiiHton ot Nevada, Mo., was at
tending to some local business in the
oity on Wednesday.
Tho Boston dentist, Dr. Henderson,
expert in all dontnl work, will bo at tho
hotel October 21 to 20.
A very interesting pragram waa ren
dered at tho Christian church last Fri
day eveuing, by the Y. P. S. O. E.
Cloyd Cuminings und Harvey Perry
were fooling with each other on Satur
day last, when Porry accidently stuck
tho point ot an open knife into Cloyd's
side making a painful wound although
not serious.
Unole Todd Paul of Cowlesgot up bo
fore breakfuHt the other morning and
came to Red Cloud accompanied by
his wife, so ua to be on hand to prooure
some ot the great attractions that draw
people to the "hub," whether in search
ot ploaauro or business.
Attorney and Mrs. Ubamn enjoyed a
visit Tutsday from seme of their par
snnal friends, among whom were Mrs.
P. E. Fnirtleld and son t Guide Rock.
and Mrs. Fred Born ot Allegan, Mich,,
tho occasion bing the seventh anniver
sary ot the marriage at Mr. and Mra. O.
Uncle Dick Payne of Otto is a great
politician, and we note with pleasure
that ha waa upon our streets Tuesday.
He callod at our wigwam and, after
awapping stories for a long time, he gave
ue a few pointers and, telling us not to
tell, departed as suddenly as ha came
The old bachelors bett.r look a "loedla"
A recent cony ot the Honolulu (Ha
wail) Gazette, received at this office,
from CapU W. A. Van Dyke, eon ot
Uncle Billy Van Dyke, who is in that
country with the Salvation Army, shows
that tho government and poople gener
ally aro in earnest in their annexation
achemes. The U, S. ought to own these
Judge Longnooker, whom our peoplo
will remember, when ho returned to
Chicago took a tan-pound sugar beet
with him and transplanted it in his Chi
csgo garden. In u letter to his nephow
Ed Young, he saye that tho top grew
ten inches after transplanting: Ho says
also that he is betting on MoNeny'a
election, and so aro the people in this
neck o' tho wood, Judge.
Rose water's putrid sheet has been
trying to throw slimo on the republican
olliciala at Lincoln, composing the board
of laud commissioners. Rosewater can
not rest easy without trying to injure
soma one. The republican officials are
clean men and becnuso they will not
bow down to Pilot Dishwater, they are
abused by that ronagado republican who
is now engaged bolting tho republican
city ticket ot Omaha.
Ex-Doputy County Clerk Pond and
wife ot Red Cloud, Webster county,
were tho guests of Stephen Morgan and
wife, of Rmiben precinct, last Tuesday.
Mrs. Pond was up to Inspect tho Rcliof
Corps at this place, and Mr, Pond came
along to visit with the hove and to feel
ot the chances for republican success in
this part of tho ntato. This ofllce uu
knoiviodgpfl n pleasant call from Messrs.
Pond and Morgan. Orleans Progress.
A smart young follow stopped up to
Dr. Griu this week and asked for
uhungo tirM dollar. The Doctor, in his
most pleasant manner, said: "Givo me
jour dollar." Tho ether fellow said;
"Give me tbo change;" and in a few
minutes blood was at a premium, and it
it had not been for tbo door, tho follow
might have died (poetically epeaking)
without any cents (sonse). He alzed
Bert up and thought bis chanoea for re
covery v,ould bo doubtful, and then de
camped with hia dollar intast.
On Friday afternoon while the great
er portion of the oity people were tm tbo
fair grounds, a Are fcroke out in Wright
Thornburg'H property. The alarm waa
turnod on uud, tho firemen who remain
ed in town made the coupling with the
hoae, aided by the townspeople aid aeon
baa the tire unuer control, not, nowever.
until the fire had gutted the interior nf
the dwelling, burniug tho household
goods, clothing, eta, hot u thing boing
saved. Tho loss ineetimatod at 91200,
insurance. WOO. Mr, Thornburg und
wife wuro on Iho fair grounds when tho
pVo ttiolt Place.
FRIDAY, OCT. 18 1895.
tiii: it ni:ws.
F, P. Hadloy, paper hunger.
Curriago painting, F. P. Hadloy.
F. P. Hndley, palntor nnd decorator.
Call and boo Tuylor's carpets boforo
Congress plow shoes $1.25 nnd $1.50 at
Ciucinnatti shoe store,
Expert dontist, Dr. Hondorson, at tho
hotel Octobor 21 to 20.
D. W, Curswoll of Roseiuont was a
ploosant callor this woek.
A comploto new line of wall paper at
Tuylor'u ut bottom prices.
Are shoos advancing? Read A. II
Kaloy's ad at the head ot locals.
Jan PeUrson waa in Omaha and Coun
cil Bluffs this weok on business.
Alt. McCall has lost about twelve head
ot cattle thiB fall fro hi some causo.
Everybody can afford a new worsted
drees ut Mrs. F. Nowhouse's prices.
A comploto linn ot now goods for tho
lowest prices at Mrs. F. Ne who use's.
You can paint cheaper now than you
can in the spring. Got pricoB ut Cot-
11. 1'. Sowtor will tako orders for suits
from 923 up for tho next flttoon days
w. U. Koby will take eggs in oxchange
for Hour, fruit, feed, gruin, etc. Bring
on your eggs.
Just receivod a number of ladios'
shoes for large anklo nnd high instep.
A. H. Kaley.
The Boston dentist, Dr. Hendorson,
expert in all dental work, will bo at tho
hotel October LSI to M.
Go to Geo, Blair for all kinds of tin
repairing, rooting, and all such work.
Prices to suit the times.
Whan you want a nice smooth shave
or hair-cut, givo Goo. Fentress a callj
One door west of Miner Broa' store.
I hare the largest assortment of boots
and shoes in the city aud at such priced
as will fit all pocket books. A. H. Kaley.
Gilbert Van Dyke has been quite un
fortunato, having lost seven head of
calves from some disease aupposed'to be
Eddie Piatt, fell off of the merry-go-round
on Tuesday and received a bad
bruise on the leg, He Is able to bo
around, however.
Go to W. W. Wright's, the cheapest
headquarters in the valley for heating
cooking, and all kinda of stoves, They
have thorn in great variety.
Trie republicans have a good show of
electing the entire republioan ticket,
but that should not deter thorn from
keeping up a dllligent effort,
On and after October 1st, '05, oil is
otrictlv cash from the tank line. Set
out your cans and we will give ynu the
best nil for the raonej. John T. Jpjjskn
proprietor tank line.
The R's are giving the people nt Red
Cloud an opportunity to pass u pleasant
evening once a month and you will miss
tr. tr you ran to attend meir meeting
Friday. Oct. 25, when they will dolivor a
most excellent program.
The Nation boya say that Cap. Houoh-
in has bolted a portion of the pop tioket.
That's' nothing boya, on November 5,
there are lota of pops Who will throw up
tbo ontiro ticket and voto the good old
republican ticket, that always brings
This woek we receivod n very pleasant
letter from our old friend, John Dues,
formerly of Red Cloud. When John
lived in Red Cloud bo showed groat tal
ent nn a cornet player, and eincn that
timo he has developed into a noted band
leader as well as an author ot music
One of hia best efforts is his 'G. A. R.
March in Dixie" which drew forth no
mtiob praise that ho was awarded a flno
medal by tho old boys in bluo Tho
front pngo ia lithographed in nico style
und boars nn exnellont engraving nf tho
author. Tjir Chief bus about com
pleted arrungomonts by which it will
odor this oxcollont piece of music as u
On Sunday evening at nine o'clock,
Anderson Hedge, a respeotcd nnd woll
known citizen living noar this city,
passed from onrth to tho groat beyond.
For several months Mr. Hedge bad boen
declining, but bin death was not oxpoct
od at this time, either by his family nr
friends, and tbo report that he hnd
passed away came with considerable
surprise. He was an old soldier, having
served his country bravely, nnd with
patriotic fervor upheld tho old flag at all
time. In life ho waa an ardent sup
porter of republican principles, and al
ways cast hia ballot fearlessly. Ho came
to Nebraska from Missouri when tho
country waa comparatively now, and re
roaiaed hero up to tbo time ot dissolu
tion. Ha leaves a wife and several
children to mourn hia death, and aevorai
brothera who live in this and other
states. The family and friends have the
sympathy ot their many acquaintances
in thoir great aflliction, The funeral
sorvices occurred from his lato residence
on Wednesday, und tho remains were
duDnnlted in the Red Cloud cemetery.
Tuts Cmi.i' extendi its camlolunuu.
. . - kl: . ;-, . -AV..I, ' ' 'k 1, i,
At the Old Stand.
Tbo new firm will continue in tho same business, Gro
ceries nnd Quoensware, and in the near future will add
ono or perhaps two new departments that will be con
venient tor our customora to buy noarly everything they
may noed for genoral uso all at ono store. Wo will aim
to keep a full lino of everything that trado demanda,
and in the noar futuro you will be able to get every
thing that is kept in a flrst-claaa store, from a pound ot
sugar to the finest can of fruit, or a set of the cheapest
dishes to a set ot tho Unest china, at prices that will
suit all,
We will not quoto you any prices in
now on will givo you prices and all
woek to weok. -
Wo invito you all to como and inspect our goods and
got prices boforo paying out your caah or selling your
products. Everybody come and be suited, both in price
and quality of goods,
Hero is a bargain we will have to offer you price on:
Just rocelved u car ot flno apples, suitable for present or
winter use. They will bo closed out at the small aum of
CO cents per bushel. Now is your chance; come quick. '
Youra respectfully,
- Mra. E. A. Cather and Miss Re'.ta
Ayre roturned Wednesday evening from
an extonded sojourn in Virginia, and
other eastern points. .
The bicycle races were among the
most interesting featuro of the fair this
this year, In tho halt milu rnce on Fri
day, George Morhart captured tha iirnt
prize, wiin i' rauK uowusn giving a cioso
chase. In tho ladles' ruco Mies Gruco
Fort came off victorious, Miss Blanche
Cuminings taking socond prize. Tho
half milo handicap on Saturday furnish
ed us pretty a race as an audlenoo could
wish to guzo upon. Tho handicapping,
under tho supervision of Hugh Miner,
was M) well managed that the riders
swung into tho home stretch iu a bunch.
George Morhart, who started from tho
scratch, gained uteudily from the start
and crossed tho tago u wheel's length
ahead ot Jos. Blair, with Wullaco Wright
n closo third, Tho ladies' racoon Satur
day was won by Miss UlunohCummiogs,
Miss Qraco rort winning (second.
Strayed from tha Dr, Tulloy farm on
last Saturday svening, ono brown, mare.
Weight about oleven hundred; small
white spot in forehead; six yoatB old. A
liberal reward for her recovery or infor
mation leading thereto,
2t Oscar Emick.
Wright Thornburg will have a public
eale of 160 bead ot hogs, nt hia residence
next Saturday, Oct. 20, 1605.
Human life Is held too oheaply when
the Individual who needs s tonio for his
system seeks to cover his wants by pur
ohaslng overy new mlxtare that ia reoom
mendod to him. Remember thnt Ayer's
3rnparilln has n well-earned reputation
of fifty yeut'a staudiirfj.
this iasue, but from
the ohangea fr
Tbo racing at the fair last week
of a much hotter kind than usual.
Tho freo-for-all, beat three in five, was)
won by "Anna U" owned by O. L. Pari,
Cawker City, Kan., is three straight
heats, "Last Chance" second, owner T.
Lewis, Superior. "Daisy T," thiad,
ownor, Jno. Gilbert, city. Purse 1150.
Whit nnvAifv -Minrtlnr maa VTR
. mwi.'S iuuuiu inWDf JUiP-3 flia
won by "Black Bees' owned by G D w
Covington, Qaylord. Kan. "Florenee"
second money, owned by A. U. Collar,
Lebanon, Kan. "Louis Seal" third
owned by O D W Covington. Time 2:41.
2:45, 2:10?.f.
Gro.ii County trot, purso$75, bsst two
in thr.,0, "Winno Z," owned bv'ljd
Urown,vRo(i Cloud, first money, Zone,
ownod by J. G. Miller, Cowles, second.
"Leuthcr Head" owned by Charley lfc
Keighnu, Rod Cloud, third. "Mollle"
fourth, ownod by E. G. Muranville, Bed
Cloud. Time .'1:07 2 5. 3:07M
Tho three minute trot, purso $1D0,
best 3 in R. "Asber Gill" first, owner. J.
II. Kcsterson, Superior. Second "Char
ley Mc" owned by J. A. MoArthur, Med
Cloud, Third, "Bessie P," owned by
Jas, Moranvlile, Red Cloud. Fourth.
"Pompous" owned by J. A. Boyd, Med
Cloud. Fifth, "Joe 11" owned by Jeo.
Gilbert. Timo 3.-00?4', 3:00 2-4. 3:00 M.
One half mile running race, boat two
in three, First by "Jim Gray'' owned w7
F. M. Carson, Smith county, Kan.
Second, "Red" owned by Waa. WaSf
Red Cloud. Third, "Bill D" owBodby
O.O.Grannis, Republioan City. Neb.
Timo 52 i 5.032 5, 5315.
Tbo green half mile dash was wee fcy
Roy Outiniiu'B "Billy." There, were'
three entries.
H. P. Sowter'will take orders for saiU ,h fMiZ
'""" v- uy iui inn iii.ii uiidcu mors)
. .V.V
i V'W--
uauw i
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' id K ' . -; r -- . i i i WVI
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