The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 09, 1895, Page 2, Image 2

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Mr: Entlgn K. Smith
Etna, Cal.
Like Other Women
I bare tuffered for 29 jenri with a complication
of troublei, with continuous, nlmoit unbeara
ble pain In my back. Tfca drip alio proitra
Mood's Saraa-
m.' partita
tod roc. But Hood's
Barianarllla lias cured
mt of all my troubles,
nit t cannot sneak too
highly of It. Mns. K. It. Bmith, Box 59 Ktna, Cal
Hood' PHI cure headache and IndlgcsHoi.
i:mitociai, noti:s.
Tin: democratic convention Iiiib been
called to convono nt liluo Hill, Aug. '20.
Surely tho uiitcrrilieri can nut bo Itopt
Tiik whcul horses of tho republican
pirty of Wobetor county will boo to it
that tho republican ticket will bo
olectod thin fall.
Tiikkk has boon one tiling demon
strated in this county, and that is, that
sugar boots can bo raised, no mat tor
,how dry the soasons are.
Ho.f. Jab. MuNkny is becoming mere
prominent every day as a judicial candi
date, and has received words of encour
agement from all over the district. Wo
believe that ho will bo nominated. It is
timo that able irion woro put upon tho
Tiik Chiueso barbariatm liavo been
guilty of murdering a largo numbor of
Atnoricnn and English missionaries at
Pun Chow, China. If there is anything
that tho Mongolians are goDtl for but to
murder and rapine, wo don't know it
They ought to be exterminated along
with the rodoniP.
""""" "
Tub republican central committee mot
last 8nturday in It. McNitt'a office.
There wub a largo and onthuslastio turn
out, and each member Deemed to bo en
dowed with a spirit of success. There
ia not the lonst doubt of republican suc
cess this fall. Tun Cim.r uan boo tho
hand writing on tho wall. Republican
supremacy means prosperity.
What a beautiful wpectacle! The
govornor of tho state of Nebraska con
niving with Romnvuter and two or linen
other poltroons to overthrow tln I.iuh
of tho state, and deciding their connti
tutionulitv buroro they have been sub
mitted to a court of proper jurisdiction.
This, Gov. llolcomb has dono in tho cane
of tho Omaha police commiHion. Tho
mattor )h uow in court, however, and
thoro is no doubt but what the law of
last winter will bo uphold by the eu
promo court.
It is difficult in tho rush of newspaper
and ministerial work to alwaju seloct
the best word, pbrnno or eontenco. A
newspaper declared a gentleman in
Chicago "was shot in the tunnel." Just
what purt of his uuatomy this was is
difficult to say. A public sneaker said
that it was eo warm at Daltimoro that
tho gentlemen on tho nrocrain "snoko
in their shirt sleeves." A reporter sor
iously declared that a lady "killod a rat
with two logs," having squeezed it to
doath between her Itnaos. Our lan
guage is capablo of wondortul construc
tion. Now that election is drawing noar,
and the ropublicnn convention has boon
called, Tiik Cm eh can eeo no improprie
ty In Baying that tho present county of;
tlcials ought to bo renominated for their
respective offices. Thoy have been
faithful to their duties uud, as such, tho
party owes to them a ronomination if
they desire it. J. S. Whito is a cundl
dato for ronomination for treasurer; C
13. Crone, clerk of tho district court, is u
candidate for renomination for that o
lice, L. II. Fort is desirous of being re
nominated by tho republicans for clerk
of tho county, J. W. Runchoy is a cundi
dato for renomination for shoriir, D. M.
Hunter would not object to being ronom
jnateil for tho offico of county superin
tendent. Inasmuch as they havo been
faithful to their party wo can not seo
why thoy should not bo renominated.
There aro Borun othor candidates how-
over for tho other offices, viz: S. West
for county judge and II, E. Pond of Red
wioaa nnu jus, million or illation uro
candidates for tho offico of district clork.
ii tuero aro any otuor candidates we
have not heard of thorn up to date.
My boy was taken with a disease re
eombling bloody llux. The tlrat thing I
thought of 'vas Chamberlain's Collo,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, Two
doses of it settled the mattor and onted
him sound nnd well. I hoartily recora.
mend this remedy to all poreons coffering
irom a into complaint, l will answer auy
inquiries wheu stamp U inolosed. I refer
to any oonnly olllolul as to my reliability.
Win, Roach. J. t 1'rimroy. Cnrunbell
Co., Tenn. For sale by Deyo Grice,
grogs ibm.
Dr. PrlM's Grows iUUaf Pw4r
Itc'pulilk'iin County Convention.
Notice is horoby given that, pursuant
to tho action of the Republican County
Central Ccmmittoo of Wobster county,
Nebraska, a republican county conven
tion is heroby called to meet at tho
court-houso in Rod Cloud, Nobroska, on
Monday, the 10th day of August, 18D5,
11 o'clock a. in., for tho purpose of se
lecting delegates to the stato convention,
and to the judicial convention of tho
tonth judicial district, and for tho pur
pose of placing in nomination candi
dates for oaoh of tho following offices:
County treasurer, county clerk, sheriff,
clerk of tho district court, county judgo,
county superintendent of public instruc
tion, county coroner, nnd county survey
or. Notice ie also given that in caso the
township law enacted at tho last session
of the state logislaturo is declared to b
in cITectln this county, and tho county
is apportioned under its provisions, tho
delegates from tho townships in each of
such districts will place in nomination a
candidato for tho offico of supervisor in
each of such districts. Tho various
townships nro ontitled to representation
a9 follows, allowing one doUgatefor
each ton votes and fraction thereof cast
for Eugeno Moors for Auditor of Pub
lie Accounts in 1801, nnd ono delognto at
largo from each township:
Untin, 4 delegates.
Reavor Crook, 8 delegates.
Cathorton, 0 delegates.
Elm Croek, 0 delegates.
Garllold, 7 delegutos.
Glouwood, 8 delegates.
Guldo Rock, 15 delegates.
Harmony, G delegates.
Inavale, G dolegatcs.
Lino, G delegates.
Oak Croek, 4 delegates.
Pleasant Hill, 8 delegates
Potsdam, 10 delegates.
Red Cloud, first ward, 11 dolegatcs.
Rod Cloud, second ward, 15 delegates,
lied Cloud township, 1 delegates.
Stillwater, G delegates.
Walnut Creek, 5 delegates. Total, 141.
It is recommended that no proxies be
allowed. T. C. Hackf.u,
Notice is hereby given that there will
beacauouBof tho republican voters of
Stillwater township at Johnson school
house on Friday, August lGtb, 1805, nt 3
o'clock p. m., for the purpose of choosing
six delegates to county convention at
Rod Cloud, Aug. 10, 1805, and for the
transaction of such other business as
maycomo before tho caucus.
J. R.,
Notlco is hereby given that thoro will
Ixi a caucus of tho republican voters of
Walnut creek township, at the school
hotiho in Dist. No. 3, on Saturday, tho
17th day of August, 1895, at ono o'clock
p. in., for tho purporo of choosing fivo
delegates to tho county convention to
bo held ut Red Cloud, Nob., Aug. 19th,
1895, and for tnd transaction of such
other business as mny como boforj the
caucus. Jos. Noiii.k.
Notiue is hereby given that there will
bo a caucus of tho republican voters of
Lino township, at tho Kuohn school
house, on Friday, August lGth, at four
o'clock p. in,, for the purposu of choos
ing six delegates to tho county conven
tion at Red Cloud, August 10th, 1895,
and for tho transaction of such other
business as may como beforo tho caucus.
John MuIntyrk,
Notlco is horoby given that thore will
bo a caucus of tho republican voters of
Garllold township, at tho Wagoner
school house, on Thursday, tho 15th day
of August, 1895, at eight o'clock p. m.,
for the purposo of choosing seven dele
gates to tho county convention at Red
Cloud AugUBt 10th, 1805, nnd for tho
transaction of such othor business us
may como before tho caucus. '
J. B, Stanseu,
Notico is horoby givon that thero will
be a caucus of tho republican voters of
Elm creok township, at Contor school
houBe, on Friday, August 10th, 1895, at
two o'clock p. in., for tho purpose of
choosing six dolegntes to tho county
convention ut Red Cloud AugUBt 19th,
and for tho transaction of such other
business as muy como beforo tho caucus.
F. M. Reach,
Notice is horoby givon that thore will
bo a caucuB of the republican voters of
Inavalo township at tho drugstore of G.
W. Knight In Inavale, on Saturday, tho
17th day of August, 1805, at threo
o'clock p. m., for tho purpose of choosing
b'ix delegatos to tho county couvontion
ut Red Cloud on August 10th, 1895, and
for tho transaction of such other busi
ness as may como beforo tho caucus,
O. W. Knioiit,
Tho republican doctors of Batin town
ship nro horoby notiflod that tho caucus
will bo held nt Anderson's school house,
Friday, August 10, 195, at two o'clock
p. m., to elect four delegates to tho re
publican county convention August 10,
and to transact such othr business ab
may como before the caucus.
Jah, Akdeubon,
Notice is hereby given that there will
be caucus ot the republican votera of
Rod Cloud township, at tho court houso
in Rod Cloud, on Saturday, tho 17th day
ot August, 1805, nt halt past two p. m
for the purpose of choosing ten dele
gates to tho county convention at Red
Cloud, August 10th, and for tho tran
saction of such other business as may
como beforo tho caucus,
E. B. Smith,
Notico is horoby givon that thoro will
bo a caucus ot the republican voters of
Glonwood township, at tho G. A. R. hall
in Bladon, Nob., on Saturday, tho 17th
day ot August, 1895, at threo o'clock p.
m for tho purpose of choosing eight
dolegatos to tho county convention at
Rod Cloud, August 19th, and for tho
transaction ot such othor business as
may come before tho caucus.
W. E.,
Notico is horeby given thnt thoro will
bo a caucuB of tho republican voters ot
Pleasant Hill township, ut Pleasant Hill
school house, on Friday, August lGth, at
five o'clock p. m for tho purposo of
choosing eight dolegntes to tho county
convention nt Red Cloud, on tho 10th of
August, 1805, and for tho transaction of
such othor business as may come boforo
tho caucus. C. C. Cox,
Notico is horoby givon thut thero will
bo n caucus of tho republican voters ot
Cathorton township, at the North Stnr
school house, on Thursday, tho 15th day
of August, 1805, nt two o'clock p. m.,
for tho purposo of choosing six dolo
gates to tho county convention nt Red
Cloud, August 10th, and for tho tran
saction of such other business as may
come boforo the caucus.
Wm. Mathenv,
Notice is hereby given that thore will
be a caucus of tho republican voters of
Boavor crook township, at tho Hatha
way school house, on Saturday, tho 17th
day of August, 1805, at two o'clock p.
in,, for tho purpose of choosing oight
delegates to tho county convention at
Red Cloud, August 19th, and for tho
transaction of such othor business as
may como before tho caucus.
Wm. RvKF.n,
Tho republican voters of the 1st ward
ot the city of Red Cloud, Nob., will hold
a primary olection for tho purposo of
olecting eleven delegates to the county
convention that meets on Monday, the
19th day of August, 1895; said primary
meeting will be held at tho store of W
B. Roby on 4th avonue, commencing at
4 o'clock p. m. and ending at 7 o'clock p.
m., Friday, tho ICth day of August, 1895.
W. B. Ronv,
Contral Com.
Tho republican votors of the '2d ward
of the city of Red Cloud, Nob . will hold
a primary election at tho building for
merly occupied by tho Nation, on the
cornor of avonuo and Webster
street, botweon tho hours of 4 and 7 p.
m., on tho lGth day of August, 1805, for
the purposo ot olecting fifteen delegatos
to tho republican county convention, to
bo hold in tho city of Rod Cloud, Aug.
10th, 18J5. C. B. Cronk,
State of Ohio, City of Toledo, )
Lucas County. J
Frank J. Cnedey run he 9 oath he Is
th stmor partner of the 11 rm of F. J.
Chtney &. Co., doing biisluef in the city
of Toledo, oonnty nud state Hforesnid,
and that said II rm will pay the sum of
On Hundred Dollars fur each and every
case of catarrh that canuot be oared by
the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Fiiank J. Chknkt,
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
my presenoo this Uth day of December,
A. D. 188G.
i A. W. Oleahon,
hiai. Notary I'ablio.
Hall's Catarrh Care is taken internally
and acta direotly on the blood and nsao
us surfaces of the system. Send far
testimonials, free.
F. J. Cukmet fc Co., Toledo. O.
C2T8old by druggists, 75o,
Notice to Stock Feeders, &c.
We are now ready to make contracts
for the dolivery, during tho coming fall,
ot all 1805 boot pulp not yet contracted
for, and, in viow of tho fact that at no
timo lost Benson was the supply equal to
the domand, wo would ndviso that eurly
application bo made. For tonus, etc.,
apply to Oxnauii Bert Suoak Co!,
Grand Island, Nob.
Old people suffer much from disorders
ot the kidneys or urinary organs, and nre
always gratified at tho wondortul effect
of Dr. J. 11. MoLeau's Liver aud Kidney
Notice or Special NcNtioa ! the
iloard of HprvUor.
Offico of County Clerk, Red Cloud, No
braska, August 5th, 189.1.
Notico is horoby given that a spooial
Bossion of tho board of supervisors ot
said county Is horoby callod to moot at
tho court-houso in Rod Cloud, Nobros
ka, on tho 13th day of August, 1805, at
ton o'clock a. ni. The object ot said
meeting ia for tho purpose ot dividing
the county into suitablo supervisors dis
tricts, and choosing supervisors for said
districts, as provided by sootion 2.170 ot
Wheeler's 1395 Statutes of Nebraska.
W'tnass my bund and seal ot said
county at Red Cloud, on the day and
dato last above written.
L. H. Fort.
County Clark,
Like Croimvcll or Old Heroic I.florU
to Itentoro Semblance of Order
Out of Chiton Society Burdened
with llebtn Jenlounr Wltliln nnd
Ingratitude Without Freely
Shown Interesting Story Told by
tho Oilier.
"A groat fad waB tho contribution
of monies to societies for tho preven
tion of cruelty to animalc, etc. As
for tho tramp element, the Etonomitcs
wore a God-send to them. Tho tramps
from tho Atlantio to tho Paoiflo were
educated to depend upon Economy at
all timep.
"When I took hold I found it neces
sary to shut down on almost tho whole
business. As a result I incurred tho
ill-will of all tlo churches, hospitals,
sooiotics and individuals whom ho had
helped out of troublo or difficulties.
Jt 6eom8 there was no use trying to
get those peoplo to understand that
wo wero in difficulties ourselves, that
wo could not give bountifully to
charity and pay our dobts beside.
"I may say that wo havo oven yet
not shut down altogether. Wo give
whonevcr and whatever wo can, but
not so indiscriminately as formerly.
But I must say it has been rather
hurd to know that the churolics aud
peoplo wo havo holped havo been the
harshest t us."
"Would you havo any objection to
stating whether tho Harmony Sooiety
was oyer wealthy?" -To my mind it
is doubtful if there was a timo ia tho
whole history of tho organization
when its holdings could havo been
sola for over a million dollars more
than its indebtedness."
"How was it that a man of suoh
pure charaotor as that of Mr. Uenrici
could allow matters to get into suoh
shape and still go along as ho did?"
Becauso Mr. Henrici's business taot
and knowlcdgo wero not nearly equal
to his child-liko faith and implicit
trust in tho Lord. Many a timo when
I talked to him of tho society's affairs;
whon I questioned the advisability ot
our continuing with tho volcano be
neath us ready to burst forth at any
time, ho fouad refuge in silence, or
not knowing how to act himself would
smile pleasantly, and say: 'Never
mind, John, the Lord will fix it."
"I have firm faith in the Lord whu
rules all things, but I 'could a talo
unfold' in relation to tho experience
of nt least ono humblo instrument
which tho Lord brought into uso in
fixing' it."
What part of tho work gave you
tho most concern?"
"Unqucstiooubly our bank, Tho
Economites Savings Institution wor
ried mo morn that auvthing else. It
was thu hardest work imaginable to
keep it open day by day. Why, be
lieve mo, it wus often without more
thau $2,000 in cash on its counters
when it opened up for tho business of
tho day. To secure tho ncocBiary
funds to keep it going was the hardest
work and tho greatest worry 1 had to
contend with. For nearly three years
that bank was almost entirely out of
cash. You can imagino tba gravity
of tho situation whon I tall you that
at that very timo the institution had
no less than 3,500 to 4,000 depositors
who had over a million dollars depos
ited therein, any or all of whom
might at any moment demand their
money. It may interest you to know
that at that very timo the Stato had
$1G3,000 an deposit in tho bank. T
prevent its failuro and maintain the
good name of the socioty from blemish
was my greatest aaxioty.
"Hew did you manago to keep it or
its foot?"
"By idling off proporty here and
tharo as the money was needed. My
efforts in this direction woro ably
seoonded by Mr. J. Twing Brooks,
Mr. John Kcevos, our agent at Boavor
l'alls, who was also our cashier at tho
bank; Hon. Henry Hloe, of Beaver,
and Mr. James Diokson, of this oity.
my expert accountant."
"Do you not find tho duties of your
omco too numerous tor ono man to
They aro really too mueh for a
singlo individual to handle, yet it is
almost absolutely necessary for ono
to do all, in ordor to maintain oertain
customs whioh have been in voguo
ever sinoo ttio earliest days of tho s
oiety, I find no idle timo aftor ur
financial affairs aro attonded to each
day, and on Sundays proaoh twt sor
moH8 and play the organ, to say noth
ing of visiting the siok and attending
Children Cry ftr
H "An Ounce 3
B OF Preventation H
is Worth a
Pound of Cure
We all know there is more
Truth than poetry in that.
J n many cases an ounce of Cham
berlains Colic, Cholera, and
Diarrhoea Remedy in the house
in summer would be worth
more than a pound of gold.
It's just the rembdy for cramps, chol
era morbus, colic, and similar
complaints in the heated season.
Costs 25cts but may save you
later along, in doctor bills.
Wise is Sufficient.
mi ui in immmmiimmw
to all othor duties appertaining to tho
: .1 I....1 r m.- . L -
fpiritual head of tho community."
"How do matters stand in tho com
munity at the present time?"
"Thoy wero novcr in bettor condi
tion in some .respects. The people
who wero inclined to disrupt it and
cause various troubles havo been dis
posed of. It is nuito evident that
quite a number remember lam judg-
ng from their actions joined tho so
ciety from mercenary motives alone.
Thoy havo been dropped."
"What is tho present financial con
dition of the community?"
It is in as good conditio! as ia
possible undor tho existing circum
stances. Of tho million and a half
of monoy owing five years ago, $1,100-
000 has been paid off, while the other
creditors aro, all amply secured by
good aafo mortgages."
"It would bo intercstiag to know,
Mr. Dubs, how yon havo managed to
pay $1,109,000 in so short timo, when
as you havo said tho holdings of tho
sooiety fivo years ago would not have
brought $175,000?"
"It has all bflcn asoompliihcd
through tho development of what woro
oousidarcd dead assets. For cxamplo
tho very day (two or threo waeks ago)
it was shown in court that the Little
Saw Mill Run Railroad, of whioh we
owned two-thirds atook, was worthless.
1 say that every day, I sold it for
$10&,000. That has been my courso
all along. I havo worked to make
those seemingly valueless belongings
bring in something to pay the debts.
I am still at work and expeot to ac
complish muoh more."
"I supposo tho results havo been
samowhat disappointing to you?"
"On the cantrary. I am well pleasod,
I novor oxpooled to accomplish as
much as I havo in tho last few years.
The possibility of paying off an in-
dobtodnoss of $1,500,000 never enter
, . ., .
ed into my wildest dreams whon 1
used to parado around my store in tho
lonely hours of the night, wondering
what tho morrow would bring forth,
or how I should ever bo able to meet
the demands of the moment."
Mr. Duis ia a many-aided man. i.
roador Aid a student, and a moro than
nr;n,ii,, -i: u i
?rd,nar,1y accomplished musician, ho
nas managed to keep up his studiee--during
all tho trying experionco of
the past fivo years. Ho is a very in
teresting conversationalist, illustrat
ing oftentimes some of the stronger
points with opt stories and compari
sons. 'His descriptions of life at
Economy and souio of tho peoplo
there is most entertaining. His like- .
ing for poor dead Fathor Henrioi is
openly expressed.
Mr. Duss called to mind tbc well
known black bag which Mr. Honrioi
carried with him on all visits to this
city. It waB tho prevailing impress
ion that tho old man carried tho so
ciety's millions in the old valise. It
was at least supposed to contain some
vary valuable papers, eto.
The junior trustee laughingly de
scribes tho contents of the famous bag
as being a bottlo of Economy wino,
boncBot cider or milk, togother with a
fow giugcr-snaps.
Mr. Duss has achieved a moro than
local celebrity as a composer. His
composition "Liberty Chimes March,"
played during tho O. A. K. Encamp
ment last year, provoked the greatest
anthuBiastn. Tho Commander in
Chief and staff roocntly prosontod him
with a groat diamond ond gold medal
as a tokon of their appreciation. Ho
is an especially skilful cornetist, and
is director ot tho socioty band, an or
ganization whioh traoes baok to tho
earliest Jays of tho community. Ha
is also an athloto of moro than ardi
nary Btrongth; In his youngor days,
when u Coachcr at tho Reform Sohool,
ho was won:, cy pull up trees for tho
more youthful members of tho institu
tion. Mr, D.tiR, wuo wa born in Ciaoin
nati, was brought into tho Economito
community by his mother whea a baba
of 2 years. Ho did not booomo a
member of tho eoramunity until 30
years oJ age, If, may bo of interest
ij & mr ou oi into
1 to know that his father was killod
tho Uattlo of QuHysburg, July, 1863.
Did you ever thtoL that yon oannot
have good health wiiloct pore blood?
Health comes by tlit vt of Hood's Bar
apar ilia, became it makes the blood pur.
HOOd's PUU havo won htoh nnlu few
tkoir prompt and tffloioat yet easy aottoa
3 v
1 .
-&-. tf 1 l1' AifcttB- ' nr