The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 02, 1895, Page 7, Image 7

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    f&fc&ffiP , ,, Tt-TrmmmimLmni B 'JSsMMssmPssI
j fife
ll &jfc3
' ml i r .1
Acts like a poultice, drawing
out fever and pain, and reinvig
orating the entire Female Sys
tem. It removes all obstructions
and creates a healthy, natural
flow of all secretions.
It is the one natural cure for
female troubles, because it ia
applied right to the diseased
parts. Don't take internal rem
edies for Female weakness, com
mon sense requires a direct ap
plication for immediate relief
and permanent cure.
"Orange Blossom" is a sure,
painless cure for falling and
dropsy of the womb, profuse,
difficult, irregular menses, leu
corrhcea, ulceration, tumors,
sick headache, constipation, sal
low complexion.
"Orange Blossom" is apastile
easily used at any time. Every
lady can treat herself with it.
Mailed to any address on re
ceipt of $i. Dr. J. A. McGill&Co.
4 Panorama Place, Chicago, 111.
For iule tejrcC. I. Colling Red
Miss Maria Parloa
is admitted to b a Isariing Ameri
can authority on coukinh; Hint
Says : 'Use
a good stock for th foawhitinn f
Soups, Saucus, and many othor
thingi. aid the best slock ia
Liebig Company's
Extract of Beef."
leef Mlii farUa's recipes
ttnt gratis by PshcIit H C
17 I'ark 1'lace. New York,
c sa hm iiiaww fn
Clcatiici and bcauUfki the hair.
l'roiiiotfj n lusurlint rrnvth.
Nver Falls to Beitoro Orty
xfcair vo iia zouiujui yoior,
wurta Kiip auniei aair it
LJm i'arker'a Oicxer Tonic, it curtitht worst Coujtn,
Weak LunKf, Dtbilltr IndlgtiUon, rain, Take in llm wctfc
A CfcUfcwUr's EmU.1i OlsasaJ Rrui
Pennyroyal pills
1 M. mW
w- jar
Original ud Onlv 0smtfie.
an, tiHiii iniHit hvi
Drnffltl for Cklfkter Knalitk
.monjffmmt In ltd 4 U4,1 tut
hta mimi ih bitift nnnnn. -
mm mtUmw. BttuMS danarrmtM Mtthitittu
toonM and imitation At DruKlstt,errad4r
In tutor for J wtteuUrt), trtUnoltU fetid
"KiUcr rr Mtair - w ( 07 rnrn
- Mail I'V'9 fiiwwiwi jvaswsj rmfrrt
Cklrknl.rtkuilul V,Maflii 4r
u )i. flVX
Tabo YLt
Sli hj ill tM4l utuuiiu.
LmLHipwi nrn nrvJjjWal
prompt answer nd an honest opinion, write to
M UrJN : C.. who bare bad nearlr Oltr Tef"'
JSeSFnSln the, pale nt boslnjw. .?omfunlai.
tlons strictly confidential. A Handbook of In.
formation concerning. Pnlrnta nd now to ob
tain tbem aent free. Also a catalogue of median,
loal and sclentlflo books sent free. .,
Patents taken through Mann ft Co. reoeije
pedal notlcolntbe Hclentlflo Atnerlcnii, and
thus are brought wldelr before the public with
out cost to the InTf ntor. This splendid japer.
Issued weeklr. elegantly Illustrated, has by far the
largest circulation of any sclentlflo wprkln the
world. S3 a rear, bsmple copies sent free.
Hnllalng Dillon, monthly. f WO rear. Hlngle
copies. liS cents. Krery number contains beau,
ttful plates, in colors, and nhotngrapba of new
houses, wltb plans, enabling builders to snow the
Uteatdnslima and secure contracts. Address
MUNN & din .NW VOHK, "401 IHlOAUWAY.
Notice to Tcacheri.
Notlca in hereby giren that 1 will
zamine all persons who may desire
to offer themselves as candidates for
teachers of the publio schools of thif
county, at Rod Cloud on tho third
Saturday of each month.
Speoial examination will be held
on the Friday proceeding the 3d Sat
urday of cnoh month.
The standing desired for 2d and
3d prado ccrtifioatoa is the same no
grado below 70 per cent., average 80
per ecnt; for first f-rntlo ccrtifioute
no grado holow 80 por cent., average
90 per cent, in all branches required
by lw.
D. M. HoNTiR.Cnunty Supt.
uni Mliurnuin, IIiinIIiiun, eto ,
Aug. tlU to SI.
The local reunion committed nt
Hastings, and people generally, arc
busy making preparations for tho
greatest gathering of old soldiers and
citizens ever assembled togethor on
Nebraska soil. It will bo a gala wck
in Hflstings, and a royal welcome
awaits every old soldier and citiz-n in
the west.
Tho veterans of tho Kansas-Nohran.
ka Association promise to excel in
numbers tho attendance of an v pro
vious gathering. Fully ,r0,000 citi
zens of KansaB will join in this grand
The Nohraska Band Union, cm brae
ing over GOO uniformed men, will hold
their annual reunion on tho same
dates. Thoro will bo music galoro.
Band contest on Saturday morning
Two cash prizes, $75 first; $50 sec
ond. Frco for all. Bands expecting
to enter must report at headquarters
Tuesday noon.
Nebraska's excellent Nntionul
Guards infantry, cavalry and artil
lery has been ordered into camp at
Hastings during the reunion of thfc
olds ooldiors.
The local committee has on', traded
with one of tho largest manufacturers
of firo works in tho United Stutes for
a special display of fire work on Mon-
dty and Friday evenings. Signal
shells, fired from mortars, and hand
some set pieces suggestivo of tho oc
casion will bo ono of the charming
features of the week'rf program.
Sham battlo Friday under com
mand of Gen. J no, M. Thayer and
Gen. G. J. Dilworth will arouso old
time activity and admiration.
There will bo Gatling gun practic;
daily by the Omaha Guard, and artil
lery duel, cavalry duel, and fancy
drill work by tho National Gurd.
Tho cit'zens of Hastings aro pro
paring accommodations for a quarter
million people
('amp Sherman will bo turned over
to Department Commander Adams at
2 p. :u. Monday, when hostilities will
commence in earnest.
Six baloon ascensions and parachute
drops by ono of the leading aeronauts
of tho country.
Prominent among tha speakers from
Kansas, will bo Ex-Senator John J.
Ingalls, Gov. Morrill, Bernard Kelly,
and D. 11. Anthonv.
Tho Nebraska Congressional dele
gation, Ex Dept. Commanders of the
G, A.- It. will also be present, and
other prominent speakers.
Special reduoed rates and oxcursion
trains from all points,
A Valuable Find.
After yoars of stody an l'.or, there has
nt last been discovered a sure and never
railing remedy, It has been tested on
tntienta, who have dispaired of over being
oared, the results have been, in every case
wonderful. Graff's RheamatiBtn Care is
uneqaaled as a positive remedy in all
cnsfH of Chronic and Aonte Inflammatory
Rheumatism, Goat, Lumbago, Saiatiea,
Neuralgia. Dysmenorrhoea aud all kind
red affections. It is also a valuable Blood
Purifier, being especially useful in Eczema
FioriasiB, Sorof ula, all Glandular Enlarge
ment and dieases of the liver and kidneys.
It is absolutely free from all narcotics.
Severe attacks are relieved in from one
to three days and n positivo cure effected
in from five to eighteen days. U. ij.Uot
ting Red Clone!, Neb. 18-4m
g w ' I
OhIIihiiivc Mi. Oil.
Annual appropriation ordlnanco for
tho municipal year commencing May 1,
180.i, and ending May 1, 181)0.
lie it ordained by tho Major and City
Council of tho city of Red Cloud, Nebraska.
Soo 1. That the following buiiih bo
appropriated to tho following purposes:
For sidewalks and streets, in
addition to the poll tax 8 210 00
For coal 1000 00
For maiutainanuo of the poor.. 200 00
For repairs of water system .... 204 00
For oilicial salaries 070 00
For incidentals, stationery, Ac. . 150 00
For paymoot of bills of preced
ing year, for which no war
rants luivo been drawn 3C0 45
For water commissioner, engin
eo:, and labor on tho mains
and water b stem 090 00
Tho bills of last year roforred to aro
thoao incurred for muintninanco of poor
and the salary of engineer.
Sec. 2. Said sums shall bo appropria
ted out of tho following funds:
Tho Biliary of water commissioner, en
gineer, mid expenditures for repairs of
system und mains, shnll bo paid out of
tho water rents and charges. Tho residue
of euid fund it any ulinll bo used for
purchase of coal.
Expenditures for streets and sidewalks
shall bo paid out of tho occupation tax,
and tho residue of euid fund shall be
used for the payment of coal bills, in
cluding drnynge and freight charges for
tho sumo.
Oilicial saluries, uiaititonnnco of poor,
payment of lust yeiu'a bills provided in
section one, and incidentals shall be
paid ont of tho general fund. Enough
warrants shall bo drawn on tho gonoral
fund to pay any residuo of coal charges
not paid out of occupation and water
rent fund.
Intorost on bonds shall bo paid out of
thoir respective bond levies.
Sec. 3. Any moneys that may bo
paid to tho treasurer from the levies of
previous years, after tho warrants of
those years have boon paid, and any
moneys or funds not otherwiae appro
priated by this ordinonce. ehnll bo ap
propriated for tho payment of outstand
ing accounts for which no war routs have
boon drawn other than thoso mentioned
in Bcution ono.
Sec. 4. Tho sovsrai funds with the
amounts appropriated aro as follows ex
cepting interest, funds and debts:
Water rente estimated 9 000 00
Appropriated for ealarioa of en
gineer and commissioner 006 00
Coal 20 00
Occupation tax realized 1000 00
Appropriated for streets and
sidewalks 240 00
For outstanding 200 85
For Coal 405 15
General Fund 85 por cont of tho
lovy 1087 30
Appropriated for oilicial salaries 670 00
Maintenance of poor 200 00
Outstanding debts Wo 45
For incidentals 156 0o
Coal 300 85
Sec. 5. This ordinance shall take
effect immediately after its final passage
and publication.
W. P. West, M. R. Bektlkt,
Clork. Mayor.
Pitcher's Cattorla.
Children Cry for
We Have 'em Yet !
Those Beatif ul
Bound books
To all who subscribe or pay up.
Insurance Agency,
fK?nfinninsunuiM Co. Freeport. Ill,
Koyal t KUianc Co.. MveriHwU "Kl"",
Home Fire Insurance Co., of Omaha. Nebr.
Phtrmlx Awurance Co. ot I-ondon, Ewr.
Te Manchester Fire AMnranco Co. ol mialana.
Urltlsh America Assurauce Co. Toronto, Can.
Mutual KeserveFuiiu Lite Assu.o! N.Y.
The Workman "ulWIng and Loan Association
of Mncoln, Nebraska.
Office over Mizer'a Store.
Red Cloud, Nimama
The Kx-Consul's American Counsel Make
Oat n SroiK Case.
Washington, July S3. Mr. Cram
mond Kennedy, who has become the
principal counsel in the case of ox
Consul Waller, now serving a sentence
in a French jail for violation of neu
trality laws between this country and
Franco, called nt tho state department
yesterday for tho purpose of present
ing certain phases of the case.
'Mr. Kennedy is disposed to lay much
stress on tho fact that at the time of
Waller's arrest, there wan no actual
Bt a to of war between France and Mad
agascar. Ho contends that Waller,
for this reason, could not have been
guilty of the charge on which he was
tried and convicted. Iu conversation
with a representative of the press he
said this phase of the case had not yet
been presented by this government,
and as soon as vLv. Olney should re
turn he would present the matter to
him in this light
The Sweetest Music
Guitar, Mandolin,
Banjo or Zither.
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WMapwins .1. ....... -
Music uww"'
For more than a hundred years the
Shakers have been studying remedial
properties of plants. They have made
many discoveries, but their greatest
achievement was made last year. It was
a cordial that contains already digested
food and is a digester ot food. It is ef
feotlte in removing distress after eating,
and creates an appetite for more food, to
o that eating becomes a pleasure. Pale,
thin people become plump and healthy
under Its nse. It arrests the watting of
oonsamption. There naver has been such
a step forward in the oure ot indigestion
as this Shaker Cordial. Your druggist
will be glad to give yon a little book des
criptive of the prodaot.
Give the babies Laxol, which is Castor
Oil made as palatable as hoaey.
X L.lbcrul CuniimlRii Offer Made
by the Omaha Dully News
The Omaha Daily News-Republic is
tho only straight republican daily
newspaper published in tho metropo
lis of Nebraska. It has been endors
ed by the leading republican clubs in
Omaha and Douglas county, and com
mended for iis loyalty to the party in
municipal county and stato campaigns.
The Dailv NewB-Renublio is no
campaign sheet. The Nows was ostab-
hrhed in March, 1894, tho Itopublic
in October of the samo jcar, and the
two were combined in the following
Ducembor. It has eight pages and is
published every day, Sunday excepted.
It contains all the telegraphio news in
the most readable form, and has a
laigo corps of correspondents in Neb
raska towns. It is edited by experi
enced newspaper men, and tlioy are
straight repnblioans to a man. Par
ties desiring reliable campaign news
should read it.
The subscription price of tho Daily
NewB-Rcpublio it $5 00 por annum,
by mail, postpaid. In order that it
mav be Disced witnin tno rcaon oi
We also give away that beautiful .world's fair
book, the charming and delightful
overv republican in Nebraska during
the ooming campaign, the following
liberal offer is mado: For ono dollar
paid in advsnoe tho Daily News-Re-publio
will be sent to any address
postpaid from now until novemoer i.
Mako all remittances payable and
address all communiohtions to
Omaha Daily Nkws-Repudlio,
Omaha, Nebraska.
When Bsfcr was sick, we Rare her CutorU.
When she was a Child, eba cried for Castorta,
When she became Mlua, she clung to Shutort.
When she bad Children, (he fate them Cactoria,
No other paper in the west gives you such grand
premiums as we do. x
Call on or addiess The Chief, Red Cloud, Neb.
7 1
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tc &.,
?!l?!y'iMtf tMniiiiJrtiapiHi
--"-' i & ' .