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Weullier Hiillcllii.
ICopTrlKtited, 1805, hjr W . T. Kostcr.l
St. Joseph, Mo , Juno 22 My
last bulletin gave forecasts of the
ttrtn waves to cross the continent
from 25th to 2!)tb. The next
will reach the Pacific coast about Juno
29th, cross tho western mountain
country by clo'e of 30th, tho groat
central valleys from July 1st to lid
and tho eastern states about tho 4th,
Average rains may bo cxpootml
tbroug tho central portions of tho
Unitod States, leaving a deficiency in
tho xtreuic nsrth and south.
Warm wavo will crass tho wost of
tho Rookies country abmt Juno 29th,
great central valleys July 1st and tho
eastern stitas July 3d. Cool wavo
will cross the west of Rookie coun
try about 2d, great central vullon 4th
aid eastern states about titli.
This oool wave will inaugurate an
xUidad cool period and what is hero
in dosignatad as the caol half of tho
Kaah month is usually divided into
about two works of oool and two weoks
of warm weather, and the diHerouco
in the average temperature of these
two periods is almost univercally of a
radiaal type. It u of groat impor
tance to know when these warm and
cool periods will occur.
Each of these twolve to filtoon
days warm periods has two storm
waves, two warm waves and two cool
waves, and each of the twclvu to fif
teen days cool period has tho Hame.
Most rain falls during tho cool per
iods, and the evaporation and drouth
ymptoniH aro experienced during tho
warm periods.
1 challenge tho world in makinu'
long range forecast! f theso warm
and cool periods, and whoever tests
the acouraoy of theso bulletins in
foreoasting theia periods will find tho
forecasts, in that respect at loiist, won
derfully correct.
The rain belt fer July appears to
extend from Denver to I'hilmielpliia,
lcaviag largo areas of drouth in the
direction of Charleston and Koy West
and from Chicago aad Davenport to
ward the nortbwost.
General forecasts for July and tern
peratuto forecasts for tho coming win
ter will be published in my noxt bul
letin. 1 beliove my calculations for
tho coming winter to be reliable, and
they are of a most important chnrao
tor. It will bo a rcmarkublo winter
as to temperature.
Phosphorescence inoraasos at low
temperatures. Very many articles
shine ef their own light after being
charged with electricity and placed
in a temperaturo ISO degrees below
zero, Among these are millk, cotton,
wool, paper, leather, liaon, tortoise
shell, soda, sponge, tho yolk of an
egg, otc. Dark bodies producu moro
light than light colored bodies.
An article in tho Metoorological
Journal says that tho initiatory move
ments of the cyclones that pass over
tho North American continent origi
nate in the Japan ourrent of tho
north Pacifie between America and
Asia. Not long ago theso orthodox
meteorologists declared that our
tonus are all organized in and oast of
tho Rookies, and therefore claimed
that our storms do not reach tho Pa
cific ooait from the west as stated in
theso bulletins.
Heat one ondof a wiro and currents
cf eleotrioity will flow through the
other part of the wire, and this may
be tested as followa: Plaoo a magnet
ic needle above the cool part ef the
wire, the cool end being inserted in
the earth, and the needlo will placo
itsolf at right angles to tho wire,
proving the presence of cleotrio cur
rents, These curreiti aro inrmed
oly as the wiro heats or cools, and not
when tho heating is stationary. This
illustiatcs a basic principle in study
ing tho magnetic influenoo of plonots
on our weather,
The World's Fair Tests
' showed bo baking powder
i so pure or so great la leaf
,9plagpowera$the Royah
As much as possible, all work, moro
cspooially monUl work, should be
avoidod ia damp, foggy, threatening
weather. Nine-tenths of tho serious
errors in judgment occur in buoIi
weather. Tho weather described oc
curs as the low barometer comes in.
The mind is nrich. olcirur under a
high baromotor and tho bust thoughts
flow, tho graudest deeds are accom
plished in clearing weather when the
clouds have rolled away. If more
attontion wcro given this subject mast
of tho sorions crrurn would bo avoid
ed. Merchants uny notice that their
greatest aalcs aro mndo under a high
barometer, physicians have noted that
they aro oalled to visit tho sick moro
frequently while a low covers the
country, and tho harvest of under
takers fellows a lov barometer.
It is vory difficult to reason our
selvos into an acceptance of the wave
theory of light and tho vibration the
ory of souad. Ordinary common
sense would lead id to mso that these
vibrations are results of ligtit
and sound, aad not the ciusc. Yet
the scientific world Iihh completely
surrendered to tho wave theory. Wo
may next expect tho pioof that it is
tho mill that runs tho water and that
we havo boen mistaken in supposme
that tho water runs the mill. We
must change our views as to the wind
mill and say that the mill operates
tho wind, and not that the mill is
operated by the wind. If tho ropor
of an explosion should jar and break
tho window panes in our houses, we
must say that the window panes
caused the vibrations and tho eound.
In faot, if any sound goes out through
tho atmosphere wc must say that tho
atmospheric waves cause tho sound,
while our smothered innor consoicaco
telle np plainly that it iH tho sound
that causes the atmospheric waves.
Light, beiig a forco, does not, then,
causo the waves in the ether, but the
waves causo the light. All tbia non
sensical dose has been prescribed for
us by scientific doctors, and of course
we will swallow it.
Prof. Dewar stands at the head of
the scientific societies of Europe. He
say that oxygen is highly phosphor
eseont. That means that under cer
tain conditions oxygen will give off a
steady light similar to that of tho
glow-worm. Tho ga is charged with
eleotrioity and then paused into a
vacuum tube, where it giyos off a
comet-like phosphorcsont light. This
is another suggestion as to tho origin
and nature of light. The proportion
of oxygen increases nearer the earth's
surfaoo and bo docs tho intoniity of
light. As wo ascend in tho atmos
phere, light and tho proportion of
oxygon to other gases dcorcaso ia
nearly tho samo ratio. Along with
theso facts wo may perooivo that tho
forco which radiatos from the sun in
straight lines comes in contact with
Oxygon of our atmosphere, and this
combined action ignites tho oarbon
gases, producing light. This subject
is not yet fully understood, but inves
tigators are pushing their work, and
it will yet bo demonstrated that light
originates in our atmosphcro and docs
not como irom the sun. Forco oomes
from the son, and that forco makoe
light by burning tho gases within our
A (Icrnmn i'iiMini:tr Lours Ilia chllil
In n rVrtillur Way.
From the Chicago lntcr-Ocean.
A few weeks ago, on nn cast-bound
Pennsylvania train, of which I hnil
chnrge, were n fussy German couple
with seven children. They all got on
at Chicago, and were destined to n
email town on the lino In Indiana. The
family occupied three seats In tho fore
part of ono of tho first-class coaches.
Tho children rnnged from It to 17 years
of age, and wcro n noisy lot of kids.
In addition to tho clilllren tho party
had about 300 pounds of hand baggage,
consisting of valises, boxes and bird
cages. When wo reached tho station
whero thoy wcro to got off I was ut tho
head of tho train and saw the braketnnti
help them otT. After tho train Blurted
I commenced to go through tho cars.
When 1 camo to the coach whoro tho
German family had boen holding forth
I found n llttlo boy ntiout G years old
crying as If his heart would break.
When 1 nsked him tho causo of his trou
bio he Bald his papa and mamma had
got off tho train and left him. I Im
mediately pulled tho bell cord and
stopped tho train. Wo hnd not run
more thnn half n mllo from tho station
where tho (fcrmnns hnd left tho train,
nntl I started ono of my brnkumen back
to tho Htatlon with tho child. Ho had
got Just nround a bend In tho track
when tho old German was Been ronilng
tip tho track nt n furious gallop, waving
his hands frantically In tho nlr. When
ho met tho braketnim with tho boy bo
declared that the conductor was trying
to steal his child, and would not con
fess that In getting off tho train ho hnd
lost n kid hy falling to count heads,
and hnd not missed It until after tho
train, had left tho station.
Anil tho
Published Weekly.
Miliserlittloit, . gi er Annum
nvarlntilr In Advntire
It not pit Id In nihaiH'P, idler this ditto March
IS, N. tliu prion w 111 tin II, VS.
Kntered at Hie I 'out Offlra In lied Cloud, Noli.
it mull liutlcrot the second class
,...$(1 (M
.1 on
'J oo
I'rot, cards, I Inch or less per jcar.,..,
lx mouths
Three months
IV t Inch one ,(i no
Per Inch six months 3 no
IVrliich three months a m
."pedal notices per lino or line space, llrt
putilhalliiuo cents,
Transient specials, piuahlo Invarlalily In ad
vance, tr Hue lo cents.
All rr.iiilhi! notices in the- nature of advertise,
menu or puiK r. cent 1 per lino.
u-cal liotleei nt leual tiitct, lr: torn sitiaro
( en linen of Nonpareil or lev,) llrst piilitlrntlnu
fi.oOi for each mihscmicut publication. er
sinmre.M cents.
No "prefened position" contracts made.
All tnutler to itmne pulillo.'itlon mint lie re
ceived nt t lilt oiiico not later than Wednesday .
Adwrtlicincnts cannot tut ordered out tor
tlio current wick later than Thursday.
Don't forgot that 1 inn prnpurod te
carry pnswngerH to nil parte of the city.
Lonvo order at tha Holland House.
Li.otii Chaiiim..
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Highest Award.
Mistaken lilrntlllcntlnii
Nut Ht All I'lunswnt.
"My dear, dear old boy!" began tho
rmisive young man as ho entered a
Woodward avenuo ear and slapped a
middle-aged man on tho back, "but I
was Just thinking of you a moment
ngo! How do you do, anyway?"
"I am well, sir!" frigidly replied tho
man ns he turned full nround.
"Ah! Heg pardon for my mlstako. I
was certain It wns my dear old friend,
Col. II."
"I said I was well," repeated tho man
who had been slapped.
"Ye3, 1 know, and I heg you to excuso
mo. It's the first tlmo I over mndo
mich n mistake. Tho resemblance Is
"Did you wish to speak to mo, sir?"
demanded tho other In tones about 43
degrees below zero.
"I slapped you on tho back by mis
take. I am sorry for It. You look llko
tho twin brother of my old friend Col.
IJ., and I mistook you for him. Sorry
very Borry, and 1 hopo you'll overlook
"Aro you addressing mo, sir," came
In cold and lllnty tones across the car.
"Yes, sir. When I camo In I took you
for my old friend Col. U and It was not
until I had slapped you on tho back
that I found out my mlstako. It wad
very rudo of mo, and I beg your pardon
and I hopo you will overlook It."
"What do you wish mo to overlook?"
Tho young man got up to go all over
that speech again, but 11 plumber who
was about to got off took him by tho
nnn nnd walked him out and dropped
him on the asphalt and said:
"Young man, you must havo drank
ono too many cocktails. That's old
Col. B. himself you have been talking
to all this time!" Detroit Freo Press.
United .Stales Itotrniie Cutter In Patrol
Count of rlnrlilik
Washington, .Tune IS. The announce,
ment that the United HlntcH Hteamer
Itulelgh would lie ordered In the KI01UI11
roiiHt for the purpoxo of co-operating
with revenue cutlers to prevent tlllbun
tflilng expeditions destined for Cuba
fioni our Hhore.s wiih nMlclnlly continued
yesterday by the promulgation of utilcm
directing the erulser mentioned to pro
ceed to Key Went nt the earliest prac
ticable moment. The midden activity
In the direction of preventing flllbiiHter
lng Is Intended moro for tho purpose of
demonstrating to Spain a desire on the
pnrt of this government to obtain a
careful observance of Its neutrality laws
rather than with any expectancy of
making captures. Hy ttx action the nd
ministration hopes to convince Kpnln
the United Ktiite.s Is thoroughly In earn
est In Its desire to carry out the prin
ciples laid down by the Alabama Claims
(1IIMSTIAN Church-Services HiindKvnt1i)
' inn anil 7:50 pin: Hiiiuhc school at Unnou
Y I H CI V. lit C:3() p 111 unit Y 1' H 0 li Juniors at
4 p ntj
CONOItKCATIONA!. Church-Services at in:
on 11 in, and 7 ::x pin: Suudav school at 1 1 :3l
a in, V 1 H 0 K ut g-:m p m and Y V S 0 K Jun
lurs at 4 i in
ilelirls nil tliu Ocean.
It Is a singular and somewhat humil
iating fact that tho most conspicious
nnd Indelible record which man Is milk
ing in tho strata now forming on tho
sea lloor is written in tho bits of conl
nnd ash which aro cast from our steam
Btcamshlps ns they pursue their way
over tho ocean. Tho quantity of this
debris Is very great, nnd, tinllko tho
wrecks, It Is very evenly scattered
nlong tho paths followed by our great
steamships. It is likely that already,
in tho tracks of our transatlantic com
merce, not a squnro rod would fail to
glvo a trace of this waste from our coal
burning engines. Ah this material Is
not attacked by tho mnrlno nnlmnls,
nnd is very llttlo affected by tho other
agents of decay, it will doubtless bo
very perfectly preserved In tho strata
which aro to bear tho records of our
MKI'lHinivr Church-Class Meetlnif at 10 ill
J" in. ServlceHiit lll:30H. in. and 7:30 p. 111.
.Siiuday-x'iiiHil nt 11 ana. 111. Junior KcaciMi a.
I 1 1. 111, Kpuoitli U-nuncut (1:30 p. in. I'rajui
Meeting eerv Wed'iesday nltfit. Parsonage
llrst dor north of tint church.
liM'IKCOl'Al. Church-Services every two
- wee
eks, hy appointment.
T.UTIIKUAN Churth-l'.very third Sunday
' woriilnir at 10 o'clock.
lArilOUOChurch Services hy appointment.
BAPTIST Church No rcmilar services, Sun
day school (rvKulur) at noon. II Y 1' U tit
("IIIAI'I'.I uiidavsclu)lai3p in every Sim-
A IIU W Uach alternate. Tuesday ovciiIiik.
f inii i inafTL
WHY ? Uec.uiso your Liver and Kidneys
aro out of order. For years ami years
housewives all over the country have
used with best results
Dr. J. H. McLean's
Liver 2!B Kidney Balm.
Try it, and you will aree with the thousands wiio say it
is the "PliERLHSS RK.UliDY " for curing ailments of the Liver,
Kidneys and Bladder, Female troubles, Rheumatism and Bright'"
Disease. For sale everywhere at Si.oo per bottle.
Or anything portnining to rumps or VindiniIln
Jas.Pktkuson, - - Rkd Cloud.
Orders Ordromptly Oiled.
'Sour pntroniiKo soliolted
....... ......... ............
l.llllu Money
Of tho WorlU
Tor a Trlfl o.
TTT 1 1 m 1
I Wfflf 1
n twenty piio jnuriiHl, Ih tho leiulinc R.pulilicnn family paper of tho Unite?
Stnten. It in a NATIONAL FAMILY l'Al'KK, nnd Kiven nil tho Ronorul dowboI
tho United Stilton. It lmvuh tliu avuuts ut forolifn IiiihIh In 11 nuthhell. Itn "AO-
UICULTUItAL"d(ipurltnonthuBtio ouporior In thn country. ItH "MARKET
KB PORTS" nro reeonnizud iiuthnrity. tiepiirutn dopiirtniontH for "THE FAMI
Itn "HOME nnd SOCIETY" eolunins cmnnmnd thn ndiulrution of wIvob and
diiUKhtorn. Itu Ronoral politicnl iiuwb, cditoriuls und diBcuFHionn are comprohoe
Bivu, briliiunt and axhiiustivo.
A SPECIAL CONTRACT cnuhlcH ua to olTor thin uplendid jouraul- and TUB
(Tho regular ucscrlption for tho two papers ia 12.00.)
CITAddreRB all ordora to THE CHIEF, Red Cloud, NobriiRka.
Wrllo your iiiuno uml utlUremt in u pontul curd, acud It to Goo.
W. IIcnI, Itooui SI, Tribune liuilriliitf, Kow York, mid anrnpl
mulled to you.
1 Ol' ll-lli'U Cloiiil Inline No.-, AtlHW,
' meets every Hlti'rniite Tuesday eu'iilw? in A
( U W liull. All aro Invltvil to utteml.
)KN Ailliem IxmIku .No lftO; I O O F every Hun
1AI.ANTIIK ImIki-NoW, KnlKlits ut l'jthms
Tluirmlay evenliu;.
ni'DCInud ltli No WW. Modern Woodmen
or Ainerlen, alterimte WeillieHil
r Sole; Saturday June Isi, ol J. 0. Buller's
special sals ol Nets.
Baraains in Lap Dusters.
mi sen you a wen Holier lor 20 cents.
Wo will olTer nt null
lio Hiile. to tho highest
Iiiddor for cuuh 1
whip tfis, 1 duHter UOu
1 bIhoI l4altorl!5,ull for
An leuthor line advanced 75
per cunt wo still have a fow
Hotw of singlo harnoBB at
AIb a grand bnngain in
douhlo harneBB.
1 curry comb -1
1 bitt
All for
i Prices one Day Only, l. 0. Bull er, Red Gloud.
Ihv iivenlnu
A Valuable Find.
After yoars of itadj an Ibor, there has
at laat boen dlaeoTtred a aare and n?er
failing remedy, It has been teated on
patient!, who havedfapaired of over being
oared, the results hare been, in every oaae
wonderful, Groff's RheamatiBin Care ia
nneqaaled aa a ponitlve remedy in all
oaaea of Ohronio and Aonte Inflammatory
Rheumatism, Goat, Lumbago, Soiatioa,
Nenralgia, Dyamenorrhoea and all kind
red aff eotiona. It ia also a valuable Blood
Purifier, beinjr especially useful In Eczema
Psoriasia, Borofala, all Glandular Enlarge
ment and dieaaea of the liver and kidneya.
It is absolutely f roe from all narootios.
Several attaoks are relioved in from ono
to three days and a positive onre effeated
in from five to eighteen daya, U, L. Cot
ting Itod Cloud, Neb. lil-liu
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria.
FllrtliiR with u Win Flcure.
At ono of tho BUburban Htatlons
nlong tho lino of tho Reading railroad
an enterprising aonp manufacturer has
erected a factory and warehouse Fac
ing tho railroad ia a largo bulk window
of the main salesroom. In this window
one day a few weeks ngo there, appeared
to tho rldors on tho early morning
trains a very pretty girl, who appeared
to have paused In tho midst of her la
bor of washing the window to flirt with
the travelers. Nearly every malo rider
who saw her proceeded to flirt with her,
and the male riders on all tho trains
that passed during tho day did tho
same. In fact, Bho has been flirted with
ever since, although most of tho reg
ular riders havo long slnco learned
that tho beautiful young girl in tho
window Is but a waxen figure.
VAI,l.i:V UxlRi) Nn r., fraternal Order nt Pro
tectors, llrst and third Monday of each
C1IIAUIIY lAiduu Nu S3 A f and A Jl oach
' I'rlilHVoveiiliiir mi nr tiefnrntlin full moon.
men Cloud Chapter Nu 19. HA M alternate
llmrsday evHidnu'.
CYRKNK Oiiniiittiidury No 14 alternate Tmrs
(Hv I'vcnlnir.
(1IIAUITY Clmpter Kastorn Htar No47 meets
llrst V rlilay eH'iiliiK attor full mown. Mrs.
ItrewLT W. M.
AltflKU) I'nstNnBnUA U Monday even
lilt: on or before tint f ull'moon.
Altflf.l.I) W It U No 14 meets alternate Sat
unlay itftermxin.
MAltY .SKI'. ItH McllKNltYTentNotlDauttht
nrsof Vetenms Monday evenlnu.
lull liiMirnnce.
Furniflhod by J. II, nnd E. 11. Smith.
Call and investigate tho easy terms.
Call Saturdays nt CniF.r oiiico.
j, ii. smith, Agent.
Feed Notice.
Horoafter William Richardson will
foed all toams at the rate of 10 cents for
liny, iiarn east of Holland House.
- f ""'
U. A. III. II, II. Tlmo Tuble.
M. Iiral Freluht. I.v n a. in.
in, lMstenwr. " V'M " Arl0:0na,m
64,fastfrelht. " 1:35 p.m." l:W)p.m
ue, Mixed Train, I.v 12:30 a, in. Ar 12:05 p. m
fi.1, fast f relnlit, I.v ir.U a. m. Ar 10:3ft a. m
141, Mixed Train, " 12:(vp.m. " ll::a.m
IB, ras"Mier, " 8:40 p. in, u SUJOp, m
HH KAI.KY famp No !, H of V Tuesday i
SIlKltMAN Circle No 3, ladles nt the OAK
llrst ami third riaturday evening.
Horrid Men Hpollcil tho Hhow.
For Bomo weoks a number of young
married ladies havo been rehearsing
for a minstrel show, to como off at t,ho
opera house, Guthrie, O. T for tho ben
efit of the Episcopal church. Soma
wags put up n lot of regulation femalo
minstrels and "Black Crook" litho
graphs about tho town and when the
ladles Baw thorn thero was flriit a tear
ing of hair, then a tearing down ol
lithographs, and then n search for the
perpetrntora of tho hoax. Tho ladles
nro so irwid they can hardly speak, but
their husbands and tho wholo town art
enjoying a good laugh. Ex, .
RKI) Gl.OUIX'ouneil No 18 IyalMjstlc Un
ion ol America llrst and third f rlday eve-idnir
Rkd (jloui), - Nkduaaka
Will attend sahM nt reatonablo (inures. Hatli-fictloiitiaruiiteed.
mum whihi i list (ins.
licet UoukIi byrup. TuMus Uuul. Dm I
In tlii.n. wilil bT ilrogelau
fihorlirs dnle.
Hy virtue of an execution directed to me from
the district court of Weiister oounty.Nehraika.
una ludcmciit obtained by the coiiHldeiatlon of
district court of WVIcter county, Nebraska, on
the loth day of .Inly, 1894. In favor nrTheinai
ltynn ai (dalutllf, and nK'ilnitTlin fnruivra Si
Merchants lluiikliiRl'ompanva defendant, for
tho sum) of one thousand mid elithty two dollar
and cents, und roots taxed at flo dol
lars and seventy cents (J5.T0) nnd nccruInK
costs, I have levied upon the fellouliiR rrl
estate taken as the property of said ilrjrndant
to satisfy said JudKiiiewt to.wlt: Lot tuent lone
(21) In block thirty one(Jl) in the original town
now city of lied tlloud, Webster county, Ne
braska. And will offer tint samo for sale to tho liluhest
bidder, forcakli In land, on tho r.'tlidiiv ol.nine
A, I)., 1HDJ, In front or tho east door of iho
court house nt Ited Cloud, WeWcr Comity, Ne
braska, tl'kt beliur tho tiulldliiK wherein the
last term of cum t was held, at tho hour of one
o'clock p., tu. V said day, when and where due
attondsneo will uoclru by tho undersigned,
Datud Uvi Cloud, Nebraskn.May hHi, u'J&.
,1. V, Kuncukv. Uhurltf.
Jajies McNbnv, Atty. for I'mlntiit.
h'Iw above sain was continued, far want of
L.ddcrs, until tho loth day of July, ISS3.
I Dated lUh iLiy of July. HO.-..
1 .i,v. ituKciiKV, sacrlir,
Jamks McNbxy, I'luiutm'f Atty.
STj40' i12-
"The" Watch-
For timekeeping and durability nothing
beats the eovontoon jewelod
Deubeb- Hami'dkn Watch.
and examine thom. Also bis lino ot
Jewelry, Diamonds,
Spectacles, Clocks,
Plated and solid silverware, sonveulr spoons,
pearl handled knlcs and forks, curving sett,
calling card cases, boa bon boxes and other
noreltles A lino Hue ot spectacles and ay
Kinases with ItiterchaiiKablHloiises, steel, nickel
silver aud.vold frames, .social and careful at
tention paid to lltilu the uo. My line of 2nd
haud watches Is (iittol.UKe, Iwlllntn themoS
at less than Iheir actual uotlti,
HT-liiwioourttrfich, elck atl Jewelry re
pair work, oureiiRraiUK and your old gold
and silver to me,
HiiBioeopatttlc Ptiyelclaa,
Rctl Cloud, Neliraski.
nnico opposite first National Dank.
U. H.ExainlnlUR Surgeon.
ChtoulQ diseases treated or mail;
J -