The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 17, 1895, Page 6, Image 6

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L -picsA VC'S'
WHY ? Because your Liver and Kidneys
are out of order. For years and years
housewives all over the country have
used with best results
Dr. J. H. McLean's
Liver 1HB Kidney Balm.
Try it, and you will agree with the thousand." who say it
is the "PIiIIRLHSS REMEDY" for curing ailments of the Liver,
Kidneys and Bladder, Female troubles, Rheumatism and Bright'
Disease. For sale everywhere at $1.00 per bottle.
Tin l(iiniilinrli Menu.
The Itniiipliorhynus, the romnlnn of
which huvi' been foiitul In t lit unrrlcs
of Holeiihofen, wiih a curious Inter
mediate Unit between birds mill rtj)tllcsv
Its tall, n singular appendage, wns
long, rcplllc-Iil:c, "ml drugged upon tho
ground, while ItH footprints wero bird-like.
Noiio n' Thut for llrr.
A coroner's Jury wns summoned In
Connellsvllle, ra., to Investigate tho
circumstances attending the death of
Mrs. Josephine llnllldny. Whllu the
coroner wuh swearing In tho Jurors up
rose tin supposed corpse and ordered
them all out of the limine.
New Typctl'iif; M:kIiIim
The I'm In Klitnro describes a new
typesetting tunehlne, Invented by a Do
minican monk named Calondnll. It
utilizes electricity and tho claim Is
ma do that It will Met up 0,000 letters
per hour.
A Vitlimlilo I'IikI.
Afl.r joars tf study au I lior, thorohnn
nt Inst ben illKcovered n hmtii and noT.r
frilling- r.mtdr, It him been tctUd u
piitirut, who of flrrr li.itiK
ttittd, (lit its ilt.i bnvo brtn, in.v.ry onus
wonderful, droll's lUii-uiiiiitiHiii Cur in
niiKiiilnl n n positive'dy in nil
oiiN.ri of Clmuilo and Aetit lull uiuimtorv
liuniati'iu, Gout, Ijumbugo, Soia'icit,
Nunrnliii, Jytmienurrliorn and all kind,
rt-d alTeotimiH. It In alto a valuable lllood
l'nrllhtr, bflngospeiiiIlytmtifnt in lloz.iuii
I'HtiriiiMlH, Scrofula, nil Ulandaliir Kutarg.
m.nt and iliciiK.'iof Ili.livHr and kiilnoyn.
It In nhsnliiMy free trout nit narcotiux.
S.v.rr fltuo ih ;tro ii licvcil in from on
to three diiyn anil a puitiv? earn ntTncttd
in from live 1.1 .. 'Iitei-n day. (J, L. (Jil
ting Hid Cloud, Nib. ' l!)-4ta
llouit'sceUeiH exclusion rates .n April
2.'M, one lnwui.t llri-t clan- standard fare
plus ir-MK) for tho routiil trip. Mini
mum rates shall bo ?7.n() to all pointH in
NelirasUn, Kansas, Colorado, South Da
kota, Vomiug nndl'luli. Tickets lim
ited to continuous passage in each di
rection, (i(ltii passage to begin on ilato
of sale, final return limit twenty ilayu
from ilato ofalo.-A. (Jo.sovnt.
reef In;; to .t2y Old 3utrni and
1 laving accepted tho farm agency for
tho Old Continental Insurance Co., in
Wobstor ami adjoining counties, am pro to furnish liberal unit reliable in
Biiranco on tliomoit favorable terms,
10-am J. II. Smith, Agont.
1 urn now ready to do all kinds of drees
making. 1'rices reasonable Throe
blocks westot Miner's store Mrs. l' P.
Had ley. t f
Don't forgot that I am propuroil to
enny passengers to all parts of the city.
Lenvo orders nt the Holland House.
Lloyd Cuaium,.
fht n Itoby wm nlcV, we gave her Caatorla.
When hho w m n-ClilM, alio crlisl for Castorta.
When riie bwaimi JUis, hho clung to Castorta.
When slit) had ChlUlrcu, she save tlicm Castorta.
Kor Rale or rent A livery uml feed
barn. Apply to I). ,1. Myers, lied Cloud,
A lloune When! AlHrln Antolnetta't
Wnnlrobn Wmi Tukrn.
On tllo upper or northern nnd of tht
Wand of Wcstport, nnnlently called
Squain, nnd situated In tho Khccpncot
Ilay on tho Maine coast, stood a large,
square, old fashioned house, built ol
heavy timbers, having ono mnsslvc
brick chltnnoy In tho center. It was
owned nnd Inhabited by n sen-fnrlnR
man by the namo of dough, who sailed
on foreign voyages.
It was In tho time of the Krencli rev
olution, when this captain wns on n
voyage to Franco, that ho was en
gaged by the agents of tho king and
Mnrlo Antoinette to bring them se
curely to America. Their wardrobe
and somo of their furniture was al
ready placed on thu ship, nnd tho king
nnd queen were driven quietly down to
tho quay, whero the phlp's small boat
was In waiting to tako them off to tho
vessel. At tho same moment secret
ngonts of tho revolution arrived Just
In titno to arrest their king and queen
Just as they had alighted from their
carriage. Their majesties wero then
removed to prison. There thoy wero
coon after guillotined.
As Foon as ho found wlint had hap
pened Captnln ('lough put to sea with
all haste, having the wardrobo and the
furniture of the king and queen on
board his ship. After n long vovngo
ho arrived at Wcntport. Mo., safely and
stored tho queen's wardrobo and fur
niture In his own house on Squtun
Island. Tradition says that visitors
to tho house used sometimes to see
these things, and pieces of tho queen's
dresses are still kept by tho Clough
descendants, who live in Kdgceomb,
Just opposite Westport.
On nccount of what I hnve nar
rated above the house came to be called
the "Marie Antoinette House." Quite a
long while after the events I have men
tioned the old house was ferried across
on scow., to tho opposite shore of IMge
comb. and placed high on the bank,
back from tho river's brink, where it
now stands, and Is still Inhabited.
Many photographs have been taken of
It by summer tourists, and tnanv havr
written Its history. Hut what I have
written was told mo by the "oldest In
habitants." who received it as I tell It
from their fathers and mothers.
After tho house WHS mnvnil in Mm
Rdgecomh shore It wns Inhabited by a
man named (lardlner tioro, who kept
n largo storo and was quite wenlthv.
One night an old lady of tho same
town, called "Old Aunt Hood." who
was given to dreaming dreams,
dreamed that tho bungs had till been
pulled out of his molasses hogsheads
and that uho saw tho molasses run out
nil over the lloor, nnd thereupon sho
told her dr:un nnd declared that
"Gard" would soon ho poor, and, In
fact, ho died soon nftcr n poor man.
Ilio gulf stream Is 110 mllofl wla
and from 400 to GOO fathoms deep.
Dr. Young estimates tho mean depth
of tho Atlantic nt about 10,000 feot.
Tho first nuthor to nttempt nn ex
planation of ocenn curronta was Kep
four Hebrew Clerks Put Up n Job
Tent HI. Strength nd Lout S3R.
The examining surgeons of tho Slxty
Ifth Iteglment, Nntlonnl Guard, found
Hamson thin week, says a HufTftlo
ipeclnl. Among the candidates ex-
imlncd was Bert Ilortram, u cartmun
Tho sen cucumber Is nothing but ibmit 32 'cnra !'' When he hud
n thin skin and a very capacious stom
ach. b'ca water Is said to contain all tho
fiolnblo substances that oxlst on tho
Tho water of tho Dead sea yields
about two gallons of salino substnuccs.
An cchlnodern that Inhnblts tho
West Indian seas has over 10,000 nrms.
Naturalists nro still In doubt as to
whother tho sponge Is n plant or an
Tho nvcrngo depth of nil oceans Is
supposed to bo between 2,000 nnd 3,000
Thoro aro springs of fresh wntor In
tho Persian gulf that furnish supplies
to vessels.
Over 7,000 vnrletlos of microscopic
scashells havo been enumerated by
Tho nallno matter hold In solution
In sea water comprises ono-thlrtloth of
Its weight.
Tho sea ncttlo Btlngs Its prey to
death by means of poison secreted In
Its tentacles.
In a cubic foot of phosphorescent sea
water thero bnvo boon found 25,600
living creatures.
Kor n long tlmo tho coral was sup
posed to bo a plant. Even Reaumur
treats It as such.
When tho gulf stream passes out of
tho C Jit 1 T of Mexico Its temperature is
about 70 degrees
A correspondents in n Leeds contem
porary notes that during u recent galo
,n deposit of salt covered his windows,
facing west, u dlstauco of some twenty-five
miles from tho nearest salt
The wings of tho owl aro lined with
n soft down that enables the bird to
fly without making tho slightest sound,
n very Important matter to a nocturnal
bird of prey.
Tho Indian wheat, which hns lately
come into prominence In Kurnpcnn
markets, Is said not to make good flour
unless mixed with a percentage of tho
hard American variety.
Paracelsus asserted that tho cntlro
nlr Is full of devils who nro too small
to bo seen. Ho declared that these
same devils nro rosponuiblo for all hu
man dlsenses. And so say our doc
tors now, only they call them microbes
Instead of devils, which may not make
much real difference after all.
Somo birds In Patagonia havo a
foolish habit of roosting low down,
close to the Ice, and In tho morning
may sometimes ho seen tho curious
sight of scores of theso unfortunates
with their tnlls fnst frozen into the lee.
Thero thoy are compelled to remain
until tho sun, by the process of melting
them out, liberates the prisoners.
uiiiiieii ior examination lie sat on n
ihalr and naked the physicians to stand
Jn his ankles. One stood on each ankle,
nd then, apparently without any effort,
tlartram raised his legs until they Btood
Ike parallel bars, nnd held the doctors
ti the nlr for two minutes. Kour He-Ji-ew
clerks In the wholesale clothing
'louse of Warner Brothers & Co. found
.his Samson a week earlier. They knew
hat he prided himself on bis Htrongth,
nd put up n Job on him. He got the
wages of two men on nccount of his
treat strength, A few days ago tlar
.rnm was delivering some heavy eases
U the clothing house and lifted the
inses on and off the drny without the
ild of skids. One of the clerks pointed
to a big ense on the lloor nnd asked
Imrtrani If he could lift It. They told
nlm It held 700 pounds of cloth. He
iffered to bet that he could, nnd agreed
o return ns soon as ho had delivered
he other packages In the wagon and
Jo the trick for them. While he wns
cone the young men emptied the case,
Jrove four long nails through the bot
tom of It Into the lloor, and went Into
he cellar and clinched the nails. Then
:hey returned the goods to the box ui'l
waited for Ilnrtrnm. He appeared at
.he appointed time, strode over to the
Jnso and took hold of It. It didn't
ludge. "Sure there's only 700 pounds In
t?" said he.
The four young men assured him that
that was all It contained, nnd then of
fered to bet him that he could not lift
t. . Hartram put up $20 against f:0
raised by the four clerks. Then be re
moved bis coat, fastened his big hands
an the ease, gave a powerful tug. and
the ease rose In the ntr with n era. lillng
of timber nnd n cloud of iltMt. Six
square feet of the floor came up with
the box. Hartram pocketed the money
Jiid after reproving the young nun for
the attempted fraud Went away. The
cnriioiiter bill of $S was paid by the
crestfallen clerks.
A now, complete nnd up to-duto Hand
book of information, covering nuiirly
1200 cities, towiiB and riortc, contained
In the ourront i-muu of the Knud-MuNaliy
Ouiilo. $:i.00 pi.r yiar, 10c. per copy llKS
AdaniB Street, Chicago.
Taku U'arnliiK.
Wo call your attention nnd convince
you of tho fuut that you got only 12 ozs
in a loaf of broad by not getting your
bread of mo. Vou will got ono pound,
10 ozb in every louf at the City Ilukory.
Hurry (iouilln'H Coll Metn III I'rlvnrii
In it llilluilpililit llntol.
Harry Ooo'ln, the well-known turf
mnn of Philadelphia, recently purchased
a thoroughbred colt In Pittsburg. The
colt arrived n few days Inter In line con
dition. Mr. finnriln wns bo pleased
with bis purchase that be proceeded to
give the animal a reception nnd ban
quet In the dining-room of the Illngham
hi ise. Several of the resident guests
of t: e hotel wero admitted to tho treat.
The colt was safely carried to the dining-room
by menus of tho elevntor, and
Mr. Ooodln took great delight In point
ing out the qunlltles of his beautiful
pony. The entertainment ended and tho
trouble begnn. .Mr. (loodln, with the aid
ef the hotel employes, n number of '
friends, nnd other advisors, tried In
vain to urge the colt to walk off tho j
Kleventh street steps leading from the
liritt.l 'Plllu Hl ...ill fllteAllllnht ....ri.ts..l '
...... .. ..( ..I. volt , ..dvii ,t,-, i rt MOLtl
to do, when ipon they tried to carry
him by nil fours, but were equally un
successful. Kmbnrrassod by the shouts
of laughter which greeted their efforts,
the colt was led through the corridor
nnd n plutrorm built leading to the
bnggnge-room. It was finally persuaded
to come down to the level of the or
dinary horse by way of an Inclined
plain, limiting the descent with nil the
dignity bellttlng u pony that had been
banqueted nnd royally en'ertnlned In
a hotel.
Mnny stories are told of tho great
frost. Ono comes from Glasgow, whr re,
says tho New Ago, an ngeil clergyman
with a cold church and very small con
gregation touched a chord In every
heart by praying, with great frankness
and spontaneity: "Oh, Lord, If wo had
studied our own comfort wo would
not havo been hero this morning."
A blacksmith wns onco summoned
to a county court. as a witness In a dln
jiuto between two of his workmen.
Tho judgo, nfter hearing tho testi
mony, asked him why ho did not nd
vlso them to Bottlo, ns tho costs had al
ready amounted to throo times tho dis
puted Bum. Ho roplled: "I told tho
fools to settlo, for, I said, tho dork
would tako tholr coats, tho lawyers
their shirts, and, If they got Into your
honor s court you d akin 'em."
Jack I havo a chanco to marry n
poor girl whom I lovo or a rich wom
an whom I do not lovo. What would
you advlBo? George Lovo Is the
Bait of life, my frlond. Without It all
clno Is naught. Lovo, puro lovo, makes
poverty wealth, pain a Joy, earth n
heaven. "Enough. I will marry tho
poor girl, whom I love." Ilravoly
Bpoken! By tho way, would you or
mind introducing mo to tho rich wom
an whom you do not lovo?" Illus
trated Hits.
Iniuraaco Agency.
Rapretants tb following companies.
S card in this papr. Farm nronerty.
levator, and all kinds of mercantile
Klaka, iniured in reliable companies at
lunnt nice.
For rates an terras writs or call and
see me. Offloe over Mixer's grocery
atore, Red Cloud, Neb.
9 t
JR. B. Fulton, llro and lightning inaur
anoe, Western White Bronze, monu
menta and cemetery goods. Office with
Trader Lumber Co.
Fecal Natlce.
Hereafter William Richardeon will
feed all teama at the rata of It centa for
bay. Barn aaat of Holland Houee.
One of the Naweit Dlahe. by it French
Mr, Jean Couet, the director of the
culinary department of the Gil Dlaa of
Paris, adapts hla recipes to all claiies.
Among those given lately are two par
ticularly available In families whose
members possess robust appetites. The
first Is cabbage a la mode Dlle. Put In
a stock pot 3& quarta of water. When
tt bolls place In It 2)4 pounds of beef
and about 1 pound of smoked beef
tongue. Add two cabbages of medium
Ire, previously blanched. Cook for
three hours. Withdraw the cabbages,
drain them, season with butter, pepper,
and salt cut In slices the meat and
tongue, and place on the cabbage and
serve. To blnnch vegetables scald them
In strongly e dted wuter. The liquid In
which the cabbage and meat are boiled
Is Immediately nvallable for soup, with
the addition of it little butter and fried
bread, or croutons. The second recipe
hi for lecl.t a I'hlrnndrlle. Blanch some
leeks, dr them, boll In water or beef
stock. Sc iv- like asparagus, with drawn
butter or .my white sauce.
Nowspnpcr Kdltor Junn, tnko that
cat away. I cannot wrlto with tho row
It Is making. Whero is It? Juan
Why, sir, you aro sitting on It.
Klrst N'lghtor What! Uvcry seat
taken? Ticket Seller R very one, but
don't bo discouraged. Thoro will bo
room enough nftcr tho first act. I was
nt tho rehearsal.
Conductor That's a Canndlnn coin
sir; I can't tako it. Passenger The
deuce you can'tl You gave It to mt
In change this morning. Conductor
Well, you 'sco, I'm moro partlculai
than you are.
Doctor If you have writer'a cramp
you will simply have to give your hand
a rest. Learn to write with the othei
one If you can. Caller It Isn't in my
hand doctor. It'a In my jaw. I dic
tate to a ahorthand man.
"How many characters are there It
your play?" asked the manager
"Characters?" aald the astonished
dramatist. "Didn't I tell you this U
an up-to-date drama? Not a slngU
person In the piece haa even a ahred oi
"They tell us," he aald dreamily
"that women are extremely auscepttblt
to flattery." "I're heard that," replle
his friend. "Well, don't you bellevi
tt. I tried this morning to tell my wlf(
abe waa so good looking aha did nr
bead a new dress."
I'Iiiiops of Niieliit Mfo In Northern
Many curious customs nre In vogue
mining the foreign population of North
ern .Michigan, especially In social mat
ters, w lien u I'Yench couple get mnr-
rled a carriage or a sleigh ride Is In
evitable, according to the season of the
year. TJie couples are not packed to
gether In one wngon or sleigh, but each
rellow and his girl have an Individual
rig. the bride and bridegroom taking
the lead and the others following like
n funeral procession; but there Is noth
ing funerenl about It, especially the pace
set. After the procession hns been rid
ing for hours a dunce ends the festivi
ties. The Polamleis have n curious wed
ding custom that Is very Ingenious us
a money getter, nnd takes the place of
wedding presents. After the wedding
feast follows a dance that sometimes
lusts twelve to fourteen hours, nnd even
longer. The elder honor Is to dance with
the bride, nnd this Is decided In a curi
ous manner. The mother of the bride
takes her place In one corner with a
plate In her lap, which she takes very
good care shall be built after the plan
of un eating house coffee cup. The gal
lant who wants to dance with the
bride, and all are In honor bound to do
so at least once, must pull out n piece
of silver nnd endeavor to chip or break
the plate by throwing their money up
on It, nnd only those who succeed In
chipping or breaking tho plate are al
lowed the coveted honor. Let those who
think It easy to break nn Ironstone
plate try ft. Pew succeed In doing It
for less than fifty cents, nnd It Is not
nn unusual thing for the bride's money
to amount up to $75 or $100, even where
tho crowd Is nppnrently as poor us a
church mouse, and It may go even high
er when the bride Is pretty nnd popu
lar. All the money goes to the bride,
nnd In a backwoods country $S0 to $75
will start u happy couple nicely In
t.oixt Huh'tltiito for Wlinlelxme.
It Is frequently nsserted that man
cannot Imitate nature, nnd In substun
tlutlon of this claim women now and
then cite tho Imitation of whulul-one as
nn Illustration, claiming Hint nothiuv
hns been made us yet which possesses
tho merits of the genuine nrttele. At
the Mudlsou Square Garden Costumi
Show un article was exhibited which
effectually puts to res any further
urgument on tho subject. Tho nrtlclu
In question Is culled Ilercullno, nnd that
Its substitution for the old-fashioned
whnlebone as u dress stay has proven
more than satisfactory Is demonstrated
by the fact that leading dressmakers
throughout the country have used It
exclusively for the past two years. Her-
'cullno's superiority over whalebone has
been found to be ehlelly In the fnct that
It never beconus dry and breaks, and always retains its shape.
" What delicious ice cream ! and
think of it made in 5 minutes in 2
the new "Wonder" freezer. S
This freezer 5
Is a Wonder , 3
In name and -p -- 3
Nature ... 2
5 All metal
C ventinp- an
mz from the
tact with q:
parts are
y danger
cream co
alvanize d
tinned pre
of poisoning
ming in con
e a
A receipt book of over 50 dif
ferent cream and ices goes with
every freezer, which is some
thing that every lady should
have. And those freezers cost
no more than poorer ones
Be sure yeyu get the "Wonder" and
take no substitute that "is just as
good" but get the best always at
A. Mokhart & Son.
IJp -.- "S2--G- :
l'S0APft !
A .
M tt
We. have a very large
v assortment of
Will Not He Ousted liy Women.
Said a prominent motnberof the Typo
graphical union recently: "The Intro
duction of type-setting machines Into
the various newspaptt olllces h-a i'orccd
it number of men Into ot'r.ur fields of
activity, though a number bnvo been
doing some artistic Job printing. Llko
all sweeping Innovations, It has brought
some suffering, but the men will adjust
themselves to the new conditions. And
us for the operators of the machines
being supplanted by the gentler sex,
there Is too much nervous strain con
nected with their manipulation to mak.
It at all likely that a man will ha v.
to rely upon his wife to procure him
a living- while he attends to tha nous
keeplnr." Tobacco.
Under date of 1573, In an ancient work
concerning- life In England In Shake
speare's youth, we read: "In these dales
th. taking In of the smoke of the Indian
hefbe called 'Tobacco' by an Instrument
formed like a little ladtll. whereby l(
passeth from the mouth Into the hed
and stomach, Is gretlle taken vp and
vsed In England against Hewmes and
some other diseases Ingendered In the
longcs and other partes, ana not with
out effect. The herbe Tobacco Is com
monly of the height of a man, with grete
long leaues; the collour of the ftnure Is
carnation, resembling that of the lera
tsion In form, the roote yellow wit
many filletUs."
We can please you as we have them
at prices from 5c to 50c per cake
Cocoa Castile 5c per cake.
Lambs' Wool, fie per cake.
Butter Milk, fie per cake.
Lana Oil, 10c per cake.
Dairy Maid, 10c per cake.
Bay Rum, 10c per cake.
Oat Meal, 10c per cake.
Pears' (unscented), 15c per cake.
Pears, (scented), 20c per cake.
Cashmere Boquet 25c per cake.
Cuticura, 25c per cake.
Woodbury's Facial Soap, oo par cake.
Deyo & Grice.
-- fM-MrW