The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 03, 1895, Page 5, Image 5

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Just Like
Dan&tno eou
five Collar
fX7ncN wo sell you one ot
our new Overcoats or
Suits. Wo save you from
ona-tlilnl to oiiu-liulf In the
price and give you tloublo
value it) quality.
got, nro nut nil that In necesenry in pur
chasing Hoots uml Shoes.
Many of you hnvo tried tho nbovo plan
and It lias not nlwas given ou tho sat
isfaction yon desired. You may havo
spent uioro than tho difference that
it would have cost for a hotter iiuulity of
goods at a littlo higher price in repairs
inado not once hut ninny times unti. ou
threw them aside in dif-gust. Don't
allow oiirsolf to ho fooled AIjTj THE
TIME. Wo take pleasure in dealing in
SAT1SFAC HON us well n.i in HOOTS
and SHOES, and tho complaints wo
have nro few and fat between, and are
iiifltantly made satisfactory to jou when
made. Will jou not try us this oir
and savo a portion of your shoo bill by
dealing with us t Wo await your do
ciHion. Hi..Kr.u.r.r. .fc K.vt.r.v.
oniKH xsn i:mks.
pit EI) E. McKEEUY, M. 1).
IMijMelan ami hiiryeon,
City and country calls promptly ans
wered. Moon Hi.ooi;, Hf.d Ct.oun.
To wear
to wear
11. . & 2X.
them Is
tho best
Ready-Tailored Clothing
Come and look at
Our Straight Front Sacks
Our Round Cornered Sacks
Our Cutaway Frocks
Our Nobby Overcoats
Our Troucrs in
Stripes and Mixtures
The driest gondii ever oilcred at
Such Little
M nil ' ' 'w
Our Boys'
and Children's
never before
to all,
itmr.r Mi:vri.
Here's to tho onion,
O, bless me, 'tit well;
Hut gracious, how hlrong
Is tho horrible t-mell.
V. E. Cioblo is in tho city this week.
C. W. Kaley was in Hardy tho first of
tho week.
N'nto Piatt was in Lebanon a fow days
this week.
T. W. Auld was in Omnha this week
on business.
Willis P. Fulton baa moved with bis
family to lied Cloud.
Al tJulushu returned Saturday from u
business trip to Lincoln.
Tho Indies of the M. E. church will
givo a strawberry social bluntly,
ltandolpb McNitt returned Sunday
from a trip to Lincoln uml Omaha
Mrs. Handy ot Grand Inland mid Mrs.
Ed Cox were gucets of 0. C. Core last
Hear "The Chariot Knee" from Hen
llur at tho Cougrigulioniil church
Thursday, May 10.
Miss Veda Shepherd of llhomington,
Neb., was tho guest of Miss Tilla Mc
Clelland over Sunday.
I5v. Spelnuin was physically indis
posed Sabbath and did not hold sorvicefl
in his church in tho evening.
Editor Warren was homo from Lin
coln this week, but returned again for a
sojourn of three or four weeks for his
List week our item in reference to our
friend, A. .1. Means, a typographical er
ror crept in and made us say "A. J.
Th W. C. T. U. will meet with Mrs.
E. J. Overing during the month of May,
on Tuesday afternoon of each week at
.'! o,clock.
Only twenty cents to hear one cf tha
bait elocutionists in tho wtst at tho
Congregational church Thursday even
ing, May Oth,
"Tho council introduced an ordinance
to stop bio cling on tho walks, did they?
I'd rather rido a railroad bridge, any
time," sa)s tho bicyclist.
C. II. Smith of Guide Hock lias pur
chased Lanney Smith's stock and prop
erty and will como back to Red Cloud.
Lannoy will go to California.
Mrs. S. It. MoUrido, tho pioneer mil
liner of Hed Cloud, has rison Pluc nix
liko out of tho ashes and reoponod her
millinery storo in tho Moon block.
Don't forgot that Tim Cuiur give freo
a Dream City, Coin's Financial School,
or a lino cloth bound book with every
ronowal or paid up subscription.
Dr. F. E. McKeoby was in Nobnukn
City tho lirst of tho week, to attond an
other mooting of tho bourd of trustees
of tho Institute for tho Blind at that
Sco tho omotionnl attitudes in Greek
costumo at tho Congregntional church
Thursday ovening, Mny !). This work
alono in said to bo worth tho prico of
Tho Hanks houso at Rivorton is ono
of tho most pleasant hotels in tho coun
try, and tho leading hotel in Hivorton.
ton. Iianks is a jovial fellow and runs a
tlrst-class houso.
Dr. F. E. McKeoby hns boon appoint
ed by tho U. A M. H. H. Co. as surgoon
at this point. Fred is nn nspiringyoun
man and is climbing tho 1 ml dor of famo
rapidly. Wo wish him an ubundunca
of prosperity.
Talk about heirlooms! Andy Horg,
whou ho was in Norway a fow yours ago,
picked up an old Danish cent that was
milled in 15SS. Tho cent was found un
der hia futhor'n blacksmith shop, and
had boon buried thoro for how many
years no ono knows. He has u tlno col
lection of anciont money, embracing
piocos of 1588, 1771, 1801.!. Tho 1588
piece had probably laid buried in the
ground for 1100 years. Ho also hns n
book that was printed and still hours
tho mark ot tho printer in 1010, ut
Copenhagen, and written in Norwegian.
Tho book is '.'85 years old and fairly well
preserved. The art of binding und
printing is in oxcollont shape, and done
as well us bucIi work is ut tho present
Too Snladen 1ms moved to the country,
Ed Pulsipher is In Hastings this we
N. W. Kingslimd was in Hastings I...
Papor Hanging by Hadley A- Hobineou.
See them.
Call on W. 11. Koby for corn at the
same old price.
T. L. Trowbridge of llluo Hill was in
tho city this week,
Mrs. George K. llrown Is visiting In
Lincoln this week.
.John Feiguson of Guide Hock was in
tho city this week.
W. II. Hob) .1 Son aw agents for tho
Champion machines.
Miss Cora Garber was visiting at home
tho lirst of tho week.
Mrs. C. II. Crone is visiting in tliu
Capitol city this woek.
Jothatn Martin, a llluo Hill capitalist
was in the city this week.
lames S. White, wife and son Walter
weio in lllue Hill this week.
A good house and lots in Red Cloud
to trade for land. C. W. Kulov.
All kinds of ground feed cheaper than
nn. boil, at Hed Cloud Produce CoV.
Mrs. Geo. lingers is visiting her sister,
Mis. L. II. Foil, in the city this week.
Mrs. Charles Chapman f Lincoln is
visiting .lames McNony and fundi" this
S C. Dilley, the jovial mannger of the
H. .V M. eating house, was in Omaha last
lleautiful spring is surely hero for tin
itinetant musician is making his reg
ular trips to our city.
Percy .Mellride leturned from Hast
ings lust Friday, where ho has been em
ployed in a jowelry storo.
Maor lleniley appointed C. S. Men
tion street commissioner, and 11. E.
Pond water commissioner.
Photographs for $'2 per dozen at Ten
mint's gallery, for two wenks only com
uiencing Saturday, May I.
Harry Hallenbeck, formerly of l!ed
Cloud, but now of Sciindia, Kansas, is
visiting friends in tho city this week.
A carlnad of nice clean oatsfor seed or
feed just received and for sale at toots
por bushel by Hed Cloud Produco Co.
Tho Daughters of Veterans gave a
very pleasant bat-ket social at tho Wil
liams store bui ding on Tuesdny night.
Peter Nelson went to Welllleot, this
state, Sunday night, whero ho has re
ceived a position as foreman on tho section.
Miss Lottie Height departed Wednes
day for a visit with her sister, MiH
Addie. who is teaching school in He
bron. Coin's Financial School is an excel
lent treaty on free silver. Wo give it
free to any of our nibscribers who pay
for Tim: Cmir.
Mrs. Henry L. Davidson of Lincoln,
forinerlv Mips Mouto Tullejs of this
place, accouipiinii'd her father from Lin
coin last Friday.
Al. Albright, Joe and Bert Illair re
ceived now whoels from the fuctory this
week. Tho boys aio preparing for a
grand time this season.
A buggy -n girl a hugging bee a
team 'passes by a scampering tho
river bridge trembles. Alas, poor Yor-
ick! Mo thinks I see them yet.
Mrs. F. V. T lor, who Iuib been visit
ing in Kansas City for three weeks, re
turned homo Monday accompanied by
her littlo nioco, Miss Alice Duncan.
Ralph Pope, who rccoivod tho appoint
ment as cadet to tho naval acadomy at
Annapolis, Mil., dopartod for that place
Wednesday to bo examinftd. Ralph is a
bright moral young man, and him the
best wishes of his many frionds in this
We'vo got it in for a wholo lot of fel
lows that hired two Dagos to como down
in our olllco und enliven tho monotony
by giving ub several lino selections on
the bug pipe. Somo day we'll got even
by spending half an hour with each of
the fellows and 6inging to them, We'vo
got a great voice for singing.
The young peoples societies of tho
city will hold a union mooting at tho M.
E. church Sunday evening, May r., at
7 o'clock p. in. Tho topic for tho ovun
ing is. "Lossons from Gothsomino."
Bring your bihleB and your friend. An
interesting meeting is debired. Como
nropurod to take bohio purt. George
Morhart, loador.
Yesterday, Jomefl Swoaringon was ur
rested, on a statu warrant sworn out by
Frunk Rolfo, for dischurging firearms
within tho city limits. Whon tho report
wns investigated, it was found that tho
bullot had killod Rolfo'o dog. On being
urruignod beforo Justi:o West, Jim was
lined $1.00 and costs. Thoro lira a fow
dogs in town that a dose ot load would
II x just about right.
Geo. Uarkor, who loft Red Cloud
about two ours ago und locutid in
Erie, Pennsylvania, has decided to ro
turn to tho city within tho noxt fow
wcoku, Tiik CainK is pleased to note
that Georgo Bays ho cannot llnd n hotter
place to live in than Red Cloud. His
fnthor-in-luw, Mr. W. H . Smith, a cap
italist of Erio, bus ulso decided to locato
in tho city and will return soon. This
acquisition to our population will bo
much appreciated by our citUoiiB.
Wall paper lit Talor's.
Tho nicest liuo of curtains ut Tay
lor's. C. C. Baker returned from Oklahoma
Call and Fee Til lor's carpels before
No. 1 upland hay. nice and bright, just
received at Red Cloud Produco Co's.
Mr. II. II, Ilersh and family nro now
nicely located in the Mitchell piopert.
Dr. I. W. Tulle s has been appointed
on tho county board of insanity by J udgo
Samuel Johnson has been granted a
pension b L'nclo Sam. It will not come
A carload of ehoico corn for seed or
feed just received, at Tmc per bushel.
Hed Cloud Produco Co.
W. B. Roby has two cais of choice
corn for feed or seed for Ml cents per
bushel by the wagon loud.
Wo regret that wo were unable to pub
lisli n program of tho school exhibition
in district It), but it will will appear
net week
Taho our wagon work to Stapleton
Ho forges all irons for huggicsotit of the
best Norway iron, uses no malleable iron
in repairing buggies.
Ed Moody of Stillwater township was
brought before tho commissioner of in
sanit on Wednesday ami adjudged in
sane. He will bo sent to Lincoln as
soon as possible.
Thousands of fruit and forest trees at
tho North Branch nurser, one mile
south east of North Branch, Kansas, 15
miles south east of Red Cloud, Neb.
Tho Dillon Nursery Co.
Past Grand Master E. J. O'Noll will
lecture to the Odd Follows and their
friends May 'JUlh, at the opera house.
Mr. O'Noil is one of tho tlnest lecturers
in the Held, so make your arrungements
Tho entertainment at tho M. E.
church Wednesday night wiib a veiy
pleasing alfair. Miss Luse is u very
good elocutionist und wus deserving ot
a better house than that which greotid
her on tho occasion:
Ben Adhem lodge. No. HIS, I. O. (). F
hnvo purchased the brick building
whero it now holds its meetings, and
will make itself a permanent bonis. The
lodge is prospering llnely and wo are
pleased to note the fact.
Mr. Lew Soderburg the popular rail
road mail from Cheyenne, Wo, came
down Friday morning to view his farm
und piospecte. Ho paid Tho Grei.t
Family Weekly a very pleasant visit.
Lew is prospering in tho west.
An application to have the tho saloon
license cut down to the statutory limit,
?r.00, was made to tho council at its first
session last Wednesday night. The
matter was laid over for one week.
Tho saloon men say that they aro not
making enough money to pay tho li
cense, The council will take up the
matter next Wednesday ovening.
Saturday evening u crowd of young
folkB attended tho exorcises ot MifB
Zedikcr nt her school in district -1. Sho
was assisted by her sister Miss Lota
Zedikcr, toucher of elocution ut Flunk
lin. They nil report having it gcod
time und that tho intcrtiiiniuont chal
lenged competition. Miss Zcdikor ex
pects to resuuio her uttenduueo at the
university this year.
Rer. .Tomes Ferguson, nn octogowuian
father of Mrs. Sattley living on tho
Wm. Gatos farm south f tho river was
horn in 1817 in Virginia. Ho moved to
Illinois in 1830. lie know President
Lincoln personally und Peter Cart
wright. Ho ha voted for thirteen
prcsidontfl of tho United States und for
every lopublicnn from Fromont down to
the present time. He is still a linn bo
liovor is republicanism. Helms extreme
health for a mini ot his years und seems
to bo ub vigorous as many n uiuti of 10
years. Ho is u strong Methodist und u
thorough christian gentleman.
Tli:it wo sell llour elioapoi' than any
mUut liotiso in town. Host Palt'iit
.Snow Kliiko llour .s.rct8 irm' siu-lc.
OlliiM' brands In pi'uioi'tlon.
Solid pack Tomatoes 4 cans 21) cents.
Good Corn 4 cans for 25 cents.
All package Coffee 20c lb.
"Wo hnvo the best bulk coIIoch in town at prions
that will please yon nil.
W'v have tilt; Icm diiril Pear.
W liiuc I lie. bett ririuil Apple
VJ'e have Hie lieil lrlel Peaelim,
We have Hie tiet dried Neelarhie,
IV e have Hie lel dried Prune",
We have I lie Ik'I dried IMiiiiin,
We have l lie lieol Korgliuni, :i5e per ual.
We hav e I he het S rap Sloe per gal.
We haie Hie hel Pall Jelly,
We have the het Pall Syrup,
We have Hie lel dried Aprleot.
We have I lie het dried ItaMiit.
All the above will lie sold at prices Jess than any
one in the city.
AVhon you conic to town got my prices before mak
ing yotr purchases.
on hand at nil times fresh from
home Hardens.
will be kept on hand from now until tho
close of the season.
. f. Mizer,
WI Z Scer.
Serves the cleanest and best meal
in the city.
Summer is here, do not heat up
your house when you can buy 2
32 pound loaves of bread for $1. 3
5 Cakes 40c. Doughnuts, cook- 3
5 ies and burs 3 doz for 25c. 3
J; Delivered at your door every zS
S; morning. 2
The TJeutrico Duily Express of April
llth suys: "Tho entertainment at the
Christian church lust niuht wus a de
cided success. Miss I'rutsmau was
surely master of tho situation in every
respect. All enjoyed her descriptions
and hor powor of impersonation was a
feature of tho ovening Unit wn.i pleusing
to nil. It was decidedly the host elocu
tionary entertainment pven in the city
for somo timo. It was suporior, siis
one of tlio Chuutuuiuu directors to
those so highly enjoyed at th Cliutuu
quii hint summer." Miss I'rut'.inun will
ho at tho Congregational church Thurs
day ovening, Muy 11.
Verily, tho wuy of tho now bicyclist is
hard. Everything should clear tho road
as, whon u person mounts u wheel for
tho first timo and tries to cut tho grapo
vine, something's got to drop. That was
tho way with Harry Stroup tho other
day whon he collided with tho Gurdnor
House und expeoted it to drop, but it
didn't; Hurry did, though, and protty
hard, too. Hut tho best joke wai whon
our shoriir undertook to follow tho buck
lino, which ho did, too, und ho found tho
buck ut tho end of tho line, too; but ho
wasn't going to stop for anything liko
that. Ho kept right on going, und went
all over that hack and himself, too.
Suy, but what n picnic. I'how !
A. O. II. W. Attention.
You aro ropiestcd to meet in our ball
, . v mi iit.fij-i .. '
on aumiay, iiay urn, in -:.iu p. in. mr
tho purposo of observing A. O. U. W.
Sunday, Services will bo hold in the
Congregational church couducted by
Uro. E. h. Ely.
til A. CJalusiia, ltocordor.
On last Saturday tho streots of Red
Cloud woro blockaded witli teams, and
they woro hitchod to tho walks along
Webster stroot so thick that there wus
hardly room to turn around. This vory
bad habit cuusad u littlo excitcmont on
said duy und ciimu vory near milking u
clean sweep in front of this olllco. l'lio
oil wiigou canio gliding down tho stroet
and hovo to right in tho midst ot these
teams. This same oil wagon had u largo
white umbrella attached to its top-mast,
which spread several feet ot ennvas, und
ono gay horo soemod to havo soma ob
jections to standing ho close to that ob
ject, and, in tring to stoer clear, crowd
ed auothor team, and that teiim crowded
another team, and then pooplo beguujto
crowd und holler. Taking it ull togeth
er, thoy had u high old timo. Finally,
when ubout fourtoon hundred pooplo
hud grubbed ubout Hint muny teams, und
the oxcitomont hud subsided Eoinowhut,
Hill Lanu's lumber wugon wus found to
have hoed overturned, ono buggy had
both shafts broken off, tho sidewalk
was badly shaken und tho street win
terribly trampled upon, otherwise, no
daavigo wus done.
Tho eye. Its diseases and treatment.
E. S. Evans, M. I)., eye, cur und throat
specialist, Lii'urii Hlock, Columbus, O.
Iiutus Miksch, agent, Ked Cloud, Neh.
- -Third
On Saturday (waning, Mny llth, 1893,
tho S. of V. bund will celebrate its third
unniversury by giving u grand freo con
cort in the court houso purk. An ex
cellent progrum will bo rendered, und ro
frasliinents, in tho sliupe of ico cream,
cuko, etc., will bo prepared. Tho musi
cal purt is entirely free nnd ever body is
invited to uttoud. Tho proceeds will bo
UHd to erect u band stand for concert
wrk. Refreshments l.rc.
Highest Honors World's Fair
A puie Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Fnw
oni Ammonia, Alum or any other sduUeur.
i' frtaMf- w