The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 26, 1895, Image 1

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PulillNlicd Weekly.
Subscription, . $l Per Annum,
Invariably In Advanre
It uottultl liimhitnro, after this dale March
18, $V2, tlio prlco will be f t.iffl.
Entered at tlm rst Ulrica In Hed Cloud, Nob.
ii"i 11111II limtterof the second class
U. &, Iff. II. It. Time Table.
CC, Local Freight, l.v ft 11. in.
in, rimsfiiKiT, ' I0:0fi " Ar 10:(X a. m
04, Fust Freight. " 1:35 p.m." l:U).m
11.', Mixed Train, l.v 12:30 a, m. Ar I'.'.OS p. in
CI, Fust Frolistit, l.v II :16 a. in. Ar 10:35 a. in
14), Mixed Tr.iln, ' I J ip. in. " 1 1 mail m
IB, l'Hiii'iiKvr, " 8:11) p. in. " 8:30 p. in
Windy roint.
Fine growing weather
Farmcra arc buBy planting tlieir
Mr. Forggy can not make his new
lister work. Bill would say darn it
if he dared to.
Mr. Rushton has sown half an acre
of sugar beets.
Mr. Slattcry has just finished plant
ing his sod corn.
Grandpa Howard was up from Burr
Oak last Sunday to visit his old homo
and friends.
The boys report having had a good
time at the danco at Mr. V. Small's
last Friday night.
Tlio boys report tlm cum suck at
,y , Mr. Roach's last Friday night about
ii allure.
Croqi t party at Mr. Sattley's next
Friday night.
Charley Carrier has got so ho can
stay out on Sunday nights awhile.
Gcau llottelling is going to work
for Mr. Cnrtwright this summer.
Mr. ltush'ou'ri new thrco seetion
harrow docs splendid work.
Mrs. Brown who has been sick is
now better.
J. Ilenuam who has boon sick is
now better.
James Burden has gono to Kansas
J. E. Yost drove over to Blue Hill
Mr. Pashby is under the care of
Dr. Kohler.
V. E. Thorn and John Hall wcro at
Hastings last;Thursday.
Wm. Burden of Campbell was scon
on our Streets Thursday.
Mr. Bent drovo over to Bluo Hill
Monday with a load of hogs.
h. Nispil of Swanton was attending
to soma business in tlio city.
Rov. Duvics is visiting friends in
tho eastern part of tlio state
Frank Burden is pounding iron at
tho blacksmith shop thoso days.
Mr. Soliottonkirk of Bluo Hill was
among friends in this city Monday.
Mrs. James Tooloy and family left
Tuesday from Hastings for Tacoma,
W. II. Hoffman was taken violently
ill on Friday about noon, but is again
ablo to bo around.
Tho A. 0. U. W. lodgo of this
placo received a oheck for $100 from
G. M. J. G. Tuit.
Mrs. Hicks' fathor from Illinois ar
rived Saturday evening and expoctB
to make Bladen his futuro homo.
Miss Minnio Coufiln returned from
Wymoro last Wednesday whoro sho
bad beca visiting her sister Mrs,
1). B. Williams of Kansas City was
in town t!.o foro part or tho week;
looking up his interest with tho bank
of Bladon.
W.R. Smith of Bluo Hill put up
ioe monumeate for Mir, L, B, Thorn
and Jamos Totley last weak in the
Plainvlew ctttettry.
L Arbor day was duly observed by the
oliool children. Nearly all brought
a tree or shrub of sonio kind and tho
afternoon was spent in planting trees
and cleaning up tho yard.
Uncle Tommy Burdon finds riding
bronoho ponies more difEoult than
driving mules in tho army, but when
ho mounted and said ho was in it he
thought so for a minute later ho was
in a mud hole.
Cure for Hetuluclic.
As n remedy for all forms of headache
Klootrlo Bitters has provod to bo tho very
bunt. It effeats n pertnnnontcuro and the
most dreaded habitual sick heaonchc
yuild to its influence. Wo nrgo nil who
nfllicted to proonro a bottle anil give this
roinody a fair trial. In cases of habitant
constipation Kleotrio Hitters onros by
giving tlio neoded tono to the bowels nud
few oaaos long resist the UBe of this med
icino. Try it onoo. Largo bottlos only
fifty cent at C. h. Cottiug's drugstore,
Everything looks fine since the rain
and everybody I eels more liko wo arc
going to raise u crop.
II. Holdrcgo and Robert Mooro at
tended tho M. W. A. lodgo in Red
Cloud last Wednesday night. They
say they Imd a fine time.
S. K. Wolcott and wifo wcro visit
ing in Burr Oak Kansas last wcok.
E. G. Carter now rides a new wheel
U. G. Knight nnd wife aro nicely
located in the first hotiso north of the
blacksmith shop on inuiti street.
Mr. Elmer Simons and wife and
Walter Gamer and Miss Emma Or
chard and Miss Cora Olmstcad wcro
visiting at S. E Wolcott's Sunday.
H. G. Sawder and Robert Mooro
aro having each ten acres of land
fenced hog tight and they aro going
to raising hogs.
MihS Eastwood of R'vcrton was
visiting Miss Floronco over Sunday.
Miss Laura Orchard spent Sunday
at home.
Clarcnco Jones has moved on his
father's farm three miles northwest ol
Geo. Hummel and Carter wont to
Red Cloud on their wheels Sunday.
Mr. Hartwcll commences to take
milk next Monday, April 20th. Ho
has hired a cheese maker from Lin
Thcro aro a good many acres of
corn boing planted this week.
Grandpa Eddy left for.Pcnnsylvania
whero ho was called by tho illness of
Mrs. Eddy who went thcro on a visit
last fall.
Mostcvoryonc is putting in from
five to forty acres of alfalfa this
James Halo's house, four miles
north of town, burned last Friday
while ho was in Red Cloud. His little
boy got hold of a mutch and that was
tho result.
Oats aro looking fine.
School closed in District 49 on tho
25th of April with Miss Zedikcr as
J, L. Springer will closo his school
next Tuesday. Ho is going to North
Branch, Kansas, to practico medicine
John is a good doctor and no doubt
will succeed.
Donald Popo wields tho oottonwood
in Diet. 85. Ho is doing woll,
John Earner has put up a cow
AcrmotDr wind mill.
Lou Robbing will start for Colo
rado Springs with William and Mann
Rush on Monday. Jimmik,
It will bo an agreeable surprise to per
sons subject to attacks of bilious colio to
learn that prompt relief may be had by
taking Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy, In many instances
the attack may be prevented by taking
thla remedy m toon aa the first aymptom
of the AiaeaM appear. 25 tad SO cent
bottlea for sale by Deyo tkGrloe druggist.
Red Cloud, Webster County,
Itncky Him.
Wo have had a fino rain.
Mr. llcaton has begun to plant
Mr. Barker was unfortunato to
have a horse fall down in a well and
break his neck.
Mr. Barr is at tho ranch fixing up
his pascuro for tho coming season.
Tho first lot hnvo como and aro held
on tho outsido range.
A land buyer was ot Mr. England's
last week from Illinois.
Mr. Smith sold sonio calves last
Mr. Fulton has been in tlicso parts
telling us what we aro worth. He
was very enterprising and found moro
for some of us than wo thought
wo had.
Tho farmers arc all smiling pnd
happy since the rain nnd nrc prepar
ing to seed their ground.
Frauk Scibcrt is now on the ranch
helping to get tho grain wasted.
Our bolter lmlos xny they could not
koup house without Chamberlain's Cough
Kemody. It is used in more than half
tho homes m Leeds. Sims Hros., Leeds,
Iowa. This shows tho esteem in which
that remedy is held where it Iiiih been
sold for joara nnd is well known
Mothers hnvo lenrned that there is noth
ing ho good for colds, croup nud whoop
ing cough, that it cures these iiilinentH
quickly nud pcrinnuoiitly, nnd that it is
pleasant nnd Hitfu for children to tnko.
Ti und (JO cent bottles for snle by Deyo
& (Irico Druggist.
I'lviuiuit Dale.
Tho farmers aro busy planting corn
nnd we had another nice rain nnd the
grass is starting.
Mr. and Mrs Haskins nnd daughter
wero tho guests of Mr. Roscnerans
last Sunday.
Isaac Briggs and family of Smith
county were the guests of Mr. Guth
rie on Sunday.
Mr. Haskins nnd Mcrt Fcarn and
quite a number of men from this side
wero to Red Cloud courting this week.
Mute Creek.
Corn planting commenced in ear
nest lest week.
Oats have never shown up hot
ter at this early a dato in tho spring.
Grass is ono month ahead of the
ordinary season.
Some of the wheat and ryo is being
plowed up for corn land as tho winter
was dry and not favorable for small
Tho Mt. Hope school closed Friday.
D. H. Fair has had a very successful
term ot eight months.
Dcooration day will bo observed at
Mt. Hopo as tho marshal has boon
elected and committees appointed
nnd will at onoo proceed to find tho
Lest grovo for tho stand.
Rev. Jamos Stono is painting nnd
ropairinghis house and making many
improvements since his term of oilico
expired. Occahional.
. .
I recommend Chamberlain's l'nin Halm
for rhoumatism, lame bnok, sprnins nnd
swellings. Thorn is no bettor liniment
mndo. I hnvo Bold over 100 bottles of it
this yenr nnd nil woro pleased who used
it. J. t . l'lersou, druggist, Month Chica
go, 111. It in for snlo by Deyo it Urice,
Farmers aro busy planting corn.
Prospects aro good for a large crop
this year.
Miss Emma Barrett was visiting at
Mr. Mountford's Sunday.
C. W, Barrott has got a now lister.
Mr. Perry, wifo and daughtor Eulah
woro visiting in Rod Cloud last week.
Thcro was a dancu at George Mo
Murrays last Friday night. There
will bo another dance at the stere va
cated by GhaB, Steffen next Saturday
Dr. Price's Ctmub Baking Pawflar
WorWePalrHltfeMtMedalaacDiptoM. ,
Neb., Friday, April
Miss Sadie Mount ford is working
in Red ('loud.
P Lcadahrnnd is kept quite busy
in his blacksmith shop.
Tho Loganitcs of Kansas wont
over to Red Ploud Saturday to play
baso ball with tho Garfivld bojs and
beat them.
The Sunday school at Mt. Hopo is
progressing nicely with Mr. Mount
ford as superintendent. Thcro wus
no preaching last Sunday. The
preacher failed to get there.
Prof. Fair expects to leave this
part of tho country beforo long. Ho
will he missed by Mt. Hope people.
J. Williams went to Smith Ccntro
Inst Saturday and como homo Sunday.
Mr. Mountford is considerable
better. Ciiint.uuo.
Spring is full of terrors to nit whom
constitution is not nble to rosist the sud
den changes of tempernturo nud other in-
snlubritUs ot tho seiiHou, To put the bj h
tuni in condition to overcome thoso evils,
uothing is so ofTeotivo as Ayer's Sarsnpn
rilln. Tnko it now.
No mora wo hear tho mellow voice,
That once came from oniou fiat,
But in its silence wo rejoico
It docs not talk thro' its hat.
Our recent rains wero welcome
Farmers aro planting corn.
Gardeners nrc plowing their onions.
Tho fruit tices arc in full bloom.
Gardeners arc flourishing and weeds
nro trying to keep pace.
From n recent count there was
found to ho sixty-fivo acres of onions
in Gardenvalo and vicinity this year.
Mr. Ed Storoy and Ross Paul of
Cowlcs will spend tho summer in Gur-
S)lvcstcr Fnsbio was in Garden
valo last Sunday. Mr. Frisbio is
teaching tho school at Innvalc.
W. V. Real has been experimenting
with a water wheel ns a means of
raising water for irrigation.
Arthur Hayes will spend tho sum
mer with Letchworth Adamsou.
A. W. Boner nnd Gcorgo Law wcro
in Red Cloud Saturday.
Walter Cox left for Orlonns, Neb.,
last Saturday, on a visit to his brother
Harvey, who is attending collego at
that placo,
G. A. Latta has sunk a dam to bo
used for sub irrigation if nocded,
Though tho farmers bcliovo we will
have a wot Bcason, thoy arc preparing
for it if it becomes necessary.
Among tho visitors in Gardenvalo
last week wcro Mr. and Mrs. A. II,
Carpenter of Red Cloud, Mrs. John
Waller and Mrs. Deakin of Cowlcs,
Mrs. Burton of Franklin and Mrs.
Hill of Red Cloud.
Hear jel Hoar ycl Tho propheoy
of tho Prophet Grossman. Yo pcoplo
of Gardenvalo listen to tho propheoy
and profit thereby. In this year thcro
shall be storms that will fall upon
this people, until the cry for rain is
no longer heard. Thero shall bo
cyclones, tornadoes, rainstorms, hail
storms, dust storms, water spouts and
floods. Listen also for the wator of
your produco shall bo high and tho
prices low. Thus Baycth the prophet
to tho pcoplo of Gardenvalo,
Hopo on, Oh Nebraska farmer,
Toil thro' tho bright sunny day,
Hopo is a beautiful charmer,
Toil may drive tho oarei away,
Lot hopo bo thy daily ration,
Toil thy labors telescopo,
Then live in anticipation,
Even if we die in hope,
Over 10,000 Iraib people settle in Eng
land every year.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castor la.
26, 1H95
Highest of all in Leavening
Mute I.lue.
Every farmer is fixing to plant or
planting corn.
Miss Creaty Toland was visiting
Miss Kinnoy last week.
Mrs. Alonzo Rinnrd is on tho sick
Mrtlo Rntcliff has been sick for
smno time but she is slowly recover
ing. Rev. Smith was at Maplo grovo one
week last Suudny.
Rev. I). 11 Dillon will preach at
Maple grovo next Sunday.
Austin Gcorgo nnd family, nnd Mr.
Rntcliff nnd family, expect to start
for Washington next Thursday. Thoy
aro going through in n covered wngon.
Miss Mary Kinney was visiting tho
academy Inst Tuesday.
Mr. and Mis. Tolnnd wcro visiting
Guide Rock last Tuesday.
John Phillips is on tho sick lint.
Claud Wilson was in our vicinity
Potor Ncliion hns hired to Mr.
Brooks for tho summer.
A. P. Johnson ol Rladen has fenced
his quarter section of land.
Miss Mildred MoCnll closed n very
successful term of school at Otto last
Tho Sergesn hoys woro grinding
feed ono day last week.
C. B. Crono has orcctod a windmill
on his hirm.
Everett Bran and family wcro vis
iting at his father's Friday.
Mrs. J. B. Wi.sccarvor was tho
guest of Mrs Kclloy near Rivorton
James Mcintosh was in our locality
on business ono day list weuk.
Ed. Pnyuu and John Wilhon each
hnvo purchased a new riding lister.
Mrs. Thomas from noarCowles was
visiting her daughter Mrs. E. Bean tho
first of tho week.
Miss Marker and Miss Wilson of
Otto wcro guests of Mrs. Wiscoarvcr
tho first of tho week.
Mr. Wcgman of lied Cloud was in
our vioinity ono day last wock taking
pictures of schools.
Asistor of Mrs. Ely SorgonBon who
has boon hero on a visit, returned to
her homo in Suporior last Wednesday.
On last Friday afternoon James
Halo's houso and contonts burned to
tho ground. Nothing was saved out
of tho fire. Dom Pedro.
Frulrle tfeiu.
Farmors aro planting corn, and and
aro getting along fino.
Rov. J. T, Milncr is much hotter
this weok.
Prospects for fruit aro as good as
evor in this part of Nebraska.
W. A. Cunningham has gono to
Ohio, His wife expects to go soon.
Mrs. W. W. Hogatc'fl health is very
poor. Her friends adviso hor to go to
Colorado to spend the summer.
A number ol Plainviow b young
pooplo attonded tho Y. P. S. C.E meet
ing'at Prairio Gem last Sunday even
Rov. Hummell has beon homo on a
furlough for a few davs but begun bis
meetings at Plainviow again Wednes
day. Thomas Paugh spent Sunday at
Henry LiekligbUr it tn the liok.
lilt with inflammatory raeumatiim
Vol. 2 No. 17
Power, Latest U. S, Gov't Report
Tho dawn of tho ooiiimnncomunt oxor
else in already hero which will present
to the public gn.o tho ripened fruit ot
tho united efforts of tho toucher, parents,
tho bcIkhjI hoard nud thomuulvcH. Thin
cIiibh comes out in tho minthur of elovon,
tht largest number jot fioni this nchool;
llvo lioyn nud niv girls. Daisy Plumb by
faithful nnil diligent Htudy Iiiih steadily
punned from ono grudo to another ill
wiijh in tho front niiilis, nnd wus blenscil
by providonco with good hoilth enabl
ing her to m mi through tho lift li room
on tho Hchcdiilo time, four yours, whero
she milks in lieriiiuL way iihii thorough
scholar. Ktninu Cook with u tireditublo
career gained tho top round, moro euro
fill und considerate and with attentivo
attention nud ulwn.wi tho best of conduct
gained the coveted place in live years.
Tlm your '91! found Muo Pope in tho
tenth grade whom she by hard work
und HticUtuitivniKS peculiar to her, with
steady nnd determined purposo Idled
her storo house of knowledge with lust
ing facts, thus completing her work in
three jenrs. (Jraee Clarbei for four und
oim half yearn treaded from her homo,
it distance of ono mile, to school nnd
toiled with her follow mutes pasting
tniiny on tlm way until she. hud gained n
place in tho nenior grudo when; she steps
out without a i egret ut tho time thus
spent. Margie Minor not being blest
with us good health us her mutes, wnn
less equipped to pass in tho nllotod
time, but comes out of tho llfth year in
it very ofllcimit nud gratifying manner to
her parents, passing with a urn do far
above tho required sum. Loih Popo, with
her (iiiuk perception und usual tnlnnta
surmounted' tho top with ense in four
jearp, without hardly n struggle Tho
bo h will bo fronted next week.
Mrs. Martin's room currioo tho bnnnor
off ugaiii.
Charley Mitchell visited bin brother
nnd tho high room Wednesday.
MisH JuffrieH, u teacher from Thujor
county was visiting us this week.
Several plajed "hookey" Tuesday nnd
wont down to the river bunting llowors.
Already tho work ot tho seniors is bo
ing lightonod, giving them moro time
for their orations.
Tho chemistry oluss hud somo very
peculiar oxporioKces this week. Ex
periments woro of an unusual sort.
Little Mary Stowurt entertained the
school Monday with her recitals, spook
ing sovoral pieces in a vory becoming
Miss Iforsh und sister wore calling on
tho fifth room ono day this week. Her
fiistor will go to school horo tho rcet of
tho torm.
Tho familiar fenturofl of Win, Kollogg
was seen in our midst this week. He
bus beon away to school two jetirs nnd
bcoiub liko n different porson,
Hull's Unir Ilenuwor is prononnoed tho
best preparation made for thickening tho
growth of tho hair nnd restoring that
which is gray to its original color.
Mrs. Anna Gage, wife of Ex
Deputy U. S, Marshal,
Columbia, Kin., sayn
'I was delivered
of TWINS in
less than SO min
utes and with
scarcely any pain
after using only
two bottles of
Bttlt4 f rM. '
-TV? r"