The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 01, 1895, Page 8, Image 8

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    --"-it L yt"--VyHwyiSri?
I f
Palpitation of hc Heart
Shortness of Breath, Swelling
ol Legs nnu Feet.
'For nboub four ye&ra I was troub
jlcd with p;illtnttu:i of ttio heart.
Mioriucss oi rtrcutu nnu swelling or
tho letrfl and feet. At times I wonld
J f ulnt. I waa trcttocl by tho best phy-
lief. 1 then tried various Springs
without beiiollt. Finally, I tried
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure
, also his Nerve ami Liver Tills. After
licyinning to ftifoj Vicmlfclt better! I
continued taking them and I am now
In hotter health than for many years.
Klnco my recovery I havo gained iirty
pounds in weight. I bono this state
ment may be of valuo to sotuo poor
E. n. 80TT0N, Ways 8tatlon, da.
Dr. Miles Itourt Onro h sold on a positive
f-aarantoo that tho tint buttlo, will tiunoUt.
AlldruKslstoVIt Itatll, 0 bottlc'i for M, or
Jt will iKjBcnt. pro-ialtl, on rvcvlpt of price
fcjrthoUr.Mlit. Medical Co., Klkhmrt, InU.
fltopsufrorlruj! Try Dr. Mllrs' Pain t'llli
Dr. Mlloe' Pain I'lflicuro Nuuratgla.
Tho BrantlM of tits Allrghanlsi.
Tho AUcfiliniiionnrofcrtiloto the very
etnnmitH, -and not tho least of thoir glo
jrios nrotholr magnificent forests of oak,
hickory, 'chestnut, mnplo, plno mid oth
car nohlortroert, in tho Hprlng when thoy
nro budding forth, in the stuntner whon
thoy nro in tho fall bloom of maturity
.and whon tho laurol is in blossom, .and
'in tho fall, whon tho brilliant tints of
red nnd gold and grcou nud purple over
whelm ono with hoiiso of Mother Na
ture's iwithetio genius in always har
monizing such n profuflion of colors.
After all, it is tho thoroughly satis
factory nport to bo had with tho gnnio
.fholtorotl in thoso mountains that anost
rodoars (thorn, to tho man who has nny
ttnsto vliatovor for that sort of tiling.
'Tho conditions aro perfect. Tho gamo
(tangos from qnnil, or, no tho Virginians
call it, partridge, to deer nud boar, nnd
especially this is ouo of tho last strong
'holds of 'thnt noblo gamo bird, the wild
turkoy. Alngnzlno of Travel.
XboTfonproft-iMlonal rrollln IIeal.
"I don know how many times I havo
toon people I don't moan nrtisttt, but
nil sorts of people, iuolnding children
draw prolllo heads. It Is common ouongu
.for anybody to draw thorn on a slato,
scrap of paper, anywhere," snld Mr.
Hilltops "but rdou'trenuitnborovcrto
Aavo ficen any of thorn draw a right
handed prolllo I moan ono facing to
iho right. I snpposo thoro is sonio very
hnplo reason for this, but I am ac
quainted only with tho fuct." Now
York Baa.
A IIhiI IlreBlc. ,
"l"ou brought all thatbeautlfulchina
tmck'with y:u?" oxclaimed tho callor.'
"Didn't yon broak anything?" '
"Nothing but tho customs laws," ro
piled tho yomig lady, who had just re
turned from Europe. Washington Star.
Jt Iflrwl'oli.ti For Tinware.
When tho kitchen tango is cleaned
eat, thoro will bo found in tho fluo un
der the ovou noouHiderablo quantity .of
gray dust. Ikiiu not ashes oiaotly, not
ijrtt eoct, bat a Aiuoko deposit as soar
Ifikin to lampblack as n coal flro is ablo
to produco soft-, light, impalpable
finer than the flBMt flour. Not many
Among vthoso who throw this into tho
sh blmoro probably awaro that this ds
tho bost thlug in the world for polishing
tinware, far sarpasalng all tho preparod
powdont .and pasta sold for thnt pur
Ioso. Apply it to tho (in with n damp
cloth, and a few strokes will produco
noh a luster as is onuewwaroor as too
engraver puts upon ibis zlno plates by
'tho uso of .charcoal. Exobangc,
Tatomph of Dal Spelling.
Mr. R.E. Dart lot t, Chelmsford, writes:
"I can boat the achievement of Charles
". Edward, who, by spelling box 'botsk,1
tanado moroanistakos than tho letters nd-
limit of. I havo iu my possession a letter
i addrcesod many years ago to my father,
Jin which 13 mlstakos are nindn in n. ',,.
word of Aro letters. Tho word '.
was meant to bo. nsnere: tho Hnnlllno
i-isyowzitch. Thoro nro ithus flvosius
f omission and eight of .commission;
total, 13." London Nowi.
Unconscious Citndw-,
"Somowomou can't .bolievo a word
iholr husbands say," she Tomarked.
"Well," confided tho o.Uioc"I'm not
-inito so badly oflf m that. My husband
jtalks in his sloop occasionall.r." Wash
tnston Star.
Kor Ront . A good hoiuo wiih burn
-U. W. Knley
Klnrkvt Report.
(CorrecteU Weekly.)
neat ,. ...9
O.Uh f
J tOpHf t w
Htoclc hogs g oo!t
latcows '2
rntnlcnH i 03;
CliiuUetiH lb
1 crku)'u ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, lb
Atlantic Liner Elbe Lost With
Nearly All on Board.
About Twenty Survivors Landed at
Lowestoft by a Fishing Smack.
Nclirmku Mun Aiiiiiiik Iho Sni-ilvoM Itr.
Kiin to Sink Immnlliitely Aflrr tli Col
lltlim anil Went Dihtii In Titenty Mln
ulrn HurlMm 'r Nearljr I'rotan
Whin Picked irp.
London. Fob. 1. The North Gor
man Lloyd steamer Kllx Captain Von
DoRiot, from Bremen for New York, via
Bouthampton, bus been sunk In collision
with the British steamer Crathle,
bound from Rotterdam for Aberdeen.
The disastrous collision occurred before
daylight Wednesday morning at a point
Rome !S0 miles from the Hook of Hol
land. Tho first intimation of the disas
ter camo from Lowestoft, Suffolk, ono
of tho chief English fishing ports. Tho
-first dispatches stated thoro had .beon
350 persons on the Elbe and thnt only 10
had boon saved, the rescued having boon
landed at Lowestoft by fishing smacks.
Later dispatches confirmed the report
of the loss of tho steamer and it was
learned the Crathle, tho steamer that
sunk tho Elbe, had put into Mam Luis,
Holland, iu a damaged condition. Sho
reported sho hud been iu collision with
nn unknown ocean steamer.
Majority of PtutMinueri (Im-inann.
When tho nows of tho disaster bo
came generally known in tho clubs and
places of publio resort, the excltomont
was intense Cable dispatches were at
onco forwnrdod to the principal Euro
pean cities. The dispatches from Ger
many showod that the nows causod the
greatest excitement and sorrow, almost
all of tho ofllccrs uud crow of tho lost
steamer and a majority of tho possong
ers lieing Germans. It was at first
hoped tho roorts of the disaster had
been exaggerated and thnt mast, if not
all of tho passengers and crow had es
caped either by moans of tho ship's
boats or by Iwlng picked up by passing
vessels. But, as time wore on, it wns
appnrunt that tho first reports of tho
sinking of the steamer hud minimized
the horrors of tho dinnstor. Many dis
patches wont forwarded to Muas Luis to
tho commander of the Crathle, asking
him if he hud rescned any of tho Elbe's
passengers. However, no answers
have beon rocei veil to theso dispatches
and the belief in general that tho
Crnthlo, after tho accident, had rather
sought her own safety than to rescuo
tho people on the doomed Elbe.
IlfKan to Sink Immediately.
From tho details now at hand it is
lenrned tho Elbo was proceeding along
at her usual rate of Mieed and koonim:
tho ordinary lookouts. It was dark, but
there was no gale. Suddenly tho for
ward lookout on the Elbe reported to
tho officer on dock that tho lights of
steamer was oloso aboard over tho port
bow. Before the course of tho Elbo
could bo changed so ns to sheer off from
tho approaching steamer, tlio latter
struck her just about the engine room,
going through her plates as though thoy
wore pasteboard and sticking her none
almost completely throngh the hull of
thoEUtfl. Foratimf) tho Crathle hold
tho Elbo on her now, but then hur en
gines were rovtirsml uud sho backed out
of tho np.irturo sho had mntlo. As she
did so tho water rushed into the Elbo in
a torrent nnd slut began immediately to
settle. Tho ollleer iu chargo;of tho ship
at onco saw she was doomed and gave
hurried orders to clear awny tho life
bouts for launching. Threo of the boats
were cleared and lowered, but ono of
them shortly after it got clear of the
steamer capsized aud it is thought all
tho occupants wore drowned. The first
boats contained tho third officer, chief
engineer, purser and about 20 -of tho
passongers. Those are the persons who
were picked up by tho ibmlng smack
and takon to Lowestoft.
Saloon IMfenr AU Drowned.
The shock of tha collision was com
paratively slight, but this is explained
by the fact that it was a direct cutting
blow. Nearly all the passeugors were
asleep at tho time, but many of them
wero awakouod by the shock. They
could hoar the rush of the rapid inflow
ing water nud with orlos of terror
sought to make their way to .the upper
decks. The steamer being .louded at
the stern, watar naturally rushed aft
and this allowed many of the passongers
forward to raach the deck. In rthe caso
of tho saloon passeugors, however, the
Tosult was fatal. As they rushofi from
their state roams into the saloon they
wore mot by t&o torrent, against which
it was impossible for them to make
headway Thftywere caught up aud
swept aft toward tho cockpit, whore
they wero probslly drowned before tho
WIM ltiuUct For the llimt.
Altogether nboat 50 of the paspongern
roadbed tho dock, where the wildest
confusion existed Wild rushes were
made for tho Iwats, 2mt tho terrible ex
citement prevailing impeded tho efforts
of those who were tryiug to clear away.
Many heartrending scones wero wit
nessed between pareuts and children
during the few moment preceding the
sinkiug of iho vessel. There is somo
disagreement among th survivors us to
the number of bouts that vero launched.
One survivor, Carl A. HuH'uinu, declares
only two boats wero launched. Ono of
these was swamped instantly and only
ouo of its occupants, a girl named Anna
Buocker, who wits bound for South
iimpfou, was rescued. Sho olung to a
piece of wieckiige, which she gr;ispod
so tightly that it was only with difll
culty that sho was dr.ujged luto the sec
ond boat. Sho was just ruturiinirC n
the deathbad of hor fathor and inotlu
Meauwuile tho cry was ralsod o:i I
doomed vessel for tho womon and clii
ron to go over to tho other stdo of t
steamer, away from tho port sido
which was the great gaping holo can'
by tho CruMirio. Tho half faint
women nnd terror stricken children liu
ried to tho starboard, but thoy !
scarcely reauhod tho boats when t
huge vessel lifted her how high In tl
air ami then slowly and silently
stern forrmost, beneath tho waves, 1 1
Ing with her her human freight.
Sin vIviiim Were Nearly I rnren.
Barely 20 minutes claps d hot we
the collision and tho biuking of t i
steamer. A heavy sea was running int I
tho wind was bitterly cold. Tho sm ill
boftt containing thu survivors
about until 11 o'clock In tho morning.
Several vessels were sighted in tho
meantime, but thoy mndo no replies to
signals thnt were set for thorn. The sur'
xlvors wero nearly frozon, having hardly
nhy clothing and thoir sufferings wore
intense. Eventually the flshim: smack
Wildflowur saw tho signals and bore
down on tho lxat. In a short time tho
survivors wero taken aboard hor where
overy thing posslblu was done for thoir
I.l.t of Hurvlnm,
Following is a list of tho survivors:
C.iut. Hoffman.
John Vkvkiia.
Ansa Kokckkii.
A N'ku.iFKLL, nhtef englneor.
Stolmikiio, third officer.
Wkstbh, purser.
IlKim Dkfakiik, a Uromcrrmvpn pilot.
UmiKitT OiiKHVUAM, an Eiigllsh pilot,
and ten of tho crow.
Thoy arrived at Lowestoft at 6:80
o'clock Wednesday evening.
MImIiik I'ltMenKern.
The following is a list of first and sec
ond class passeugors who are supposed
to havo Iwen drowned:
KitlTZ Aitkl of Munich.
Huoo, Chemnitz.
A. JlAUMANN', Berlin.
LouiSK 110HSKFF.KI., London.
Fiiau AsmtKW BittsiiACH, Amsterdam.
FitAir M. C. Con'Xokh, South Dakota.
IlRNIiV N. CASTI.K, Honolulu.
Doiiatiiy Castlk, Honolulu.
Du. .1. C. Dettiucii, America.
DoMiNito FitiuiKii, (hiutumala.
Anton Fisciikii, Washington, D. C.
J. F. Ukiimciikii. Winona, Minn.
Tiii:oi)oi:k Geis-cxiikiimkii, Now York.
EitNicsT Hkkiii'V, New York.
Anna Hoffman ax Hi:niiy Hoffman,
Grand Island, Neb.
Mas. Hkuminr Sanhbus, Falmouth,
John II. Vinokk, St. Charles, Mo.
CHAHI.F.S Wix, Now York.
Mils. KMI'FKLL, Ilradenhurg.
Louts Tiikwitt, Vienna.
Waltiikii Hciinki.l, Dueren.
Kiinkst llKUKN, New York.
Mits. Ltns Kkiink, New York.
Mits. Soimiik ltiioni:s, Wushington.
EiroKNK KitoiiKs, Washington.
Anou'ii IsLAUn, New York. Masrhuiui, Louisiana.
KuiitKlkinsciimidt, Helena, Mont.
Mas. Lockiiaut, Now York.
Ono report has it that there wero
nbout 400 -Mtmons on tho Ellw, 240 of
whom were passengers, 100 ofllcers and
crew and a number of cattlemon who
wore returning to the United States.
Honry N. Castlo of Honolulu, who Is
among the list of first cabin passengers,
was ono of tho committeo on annexa
tion sent to this country by the people
of Hawaii iu 1802 to obtain an audience
with President Cloveland with a view
of annexing the islands to tho United
United Mute Again I'laeetl In the Favored
Nation Column.
Washington. Feb. 1. Tho state de
partment has boon informed by United
States Minister Talntor at Madrid that
tho Spanish senate has passed a modus
vivendi placing tho United Statos again
in tho most favored nation column as
to duties on imports into Cuba aud Porto
Rico. The bill yet remains to be signod
by tho queon," but it is believed that two
days will sufllco for completion of all
formalities, aud that the United States
will ibo given tho advantage of tho old
rates Immediately. This restores tho
customs rates under which tho United
S.tate. has onjoyod alarge trade in flour,
brendstuffs. lard and other products with
Cuba and Porto Rico.
Wakiunoton, Jan. 31. Tho Amorican
grain growers aud mill owners have
received another severe blow from an
European country, in this case Sweden,
a country which is iu no wiso affected
by our sugar differential duty. Tho
United States consul at Gothenburg,
Mr. Boyesen, In a report to tho state de
partment, shows that by n royal ordl
nauco tho import duties on grains have
boon greatly increased, in cases more
than 100 per cont.
Family of Four Cremated.
Uismakck, S. D., Fob. 1. Poter
Olson, wife and threo children, living
noar Sterling, lost their lives by fire last
night. Olson was manager of tho farm
of Judgo Dwyer at Dayton, O.
Chicago drill n and I'rotUlon.
OHlfMOO, Jim. UJ KiicuurnKud by the hope
ot u Mjioinly relief of the primont Htrulnnd tluim
olal romlltl'm, board of trortn njHteulutorN to
day oliMt'.l their heavy liquidations aud all tho
Brain markets oluncd hlt-her. May wheut
gained 'o, May oorn JJe, and May oats Jic.
l'rorUIonx finished with but llttln clmuifd.
WHKAT-Jannary, S0'i$"OHi; May, :aGi
63n: July. 51!i?.
(OKK Jaiuury, 4l'oi May, Uu; July,
tTJUIJio bid.
OATrt-Jannarr.aojrebruary, STJ'iu; May,
!! June, 21e.
POKK-January, CJ.771;; May, 10.0.''$.
LAItD-Mny, I.V(t."ibld.
lUUS-Janunry, ttt'
South (hualtii l.lvw Stoeh,
KotiTii Omaha, .Ian. . OAWlsK-Heeeipt,
UUOhwul; l.U) to l.VM lbs., l.iV 1.75; ItUOto
lOlbs.,J0'(vl.i); Wt to U0J llw., .IU-i:i.7.i;
rlmli'o u)rs, fi-.v:j.l"i; .nininou i-owa, Jl.iVg
JOU; (Kxl fmnlert, J.7l)''fU.-.'0: eiirauion feedors,
I.' MWl.W. Market l'i low er.
HtHlS-ltwIpts, U,t)iJU Inwl; Unlit, W.'iVTtaiW ;
miked, 130((a.tnj heavy, WtlXi-tl.iSJ. MurUet
'J) lower.
tHKKI'-eeelpt, '00 head: inuttons,42SOJ
aW; ImiuIm, t ) ' Market stiady,
Happenlnirs at Ifmnn nnd Abroad Ite
dticed I'roin CoIuiiiik to I.lucs livery
thine but I'lieta eliminated Tor Our
Headers' Convenience.
I'rlday, .tan. 2,J.
Tho Osceola county farmers' Instltuto Is
bell ik held at Slhlcy, la.
Thomas CUrchan, a farmer, was killed
by a falling tree at .ftiuksonvllie, Ills.
A new artesian well near Ciiamberluln,
S. I)., throws a 11-Inch stream of water !M
Inches nliove Its top.
Gold has been found In a creek at Mary
villi', lu. Tho Inhabitants aro much ex
cited over the discovery.
Judgo Hustisl of Duhitipie, In., divided
a Chicago bucket shop was not u iilldeon
shleratloii for a ,fi0t) mortgage.
Frank Ilurgcss, n laborer of Hamuion
ton, N. J., Iwcomes heir to a fortune of
millions by the death of an undo lu Aus
tralia. The government of Newfoundland will
send a delegation to Canada to negotiate
terms for confederation. Destitution Is on
the Increase.
Tho Italian onglneers who wero pent to
Africa to Impilru as to tho feasibility of a
railway from Mussownh to Kassala hare
returned and reported strongly In favor of
the scheme.
I). Catternl was killed at Durango, la.,
by his horso running away. Ills wife was
Injured, probably fatally.
W. D. .Siencer was sentenced to five
years In the -wnltentiury at Devil's Lake,
N. D., for killing Archie Melntyro.
Resolutions favoring reciprocity, sub
sidized shipping aud government control
of tho Nicaragua cunal, wero adopted by
thu national convention of manufacturers.
During services at a church near Ingalls,
O. T., thu wife of Itev. Mr. Johnson horse
whipped Hov. Mr. Tally, aud was In turn
beaten by his wife.
Tho Hov. John E. Massey of Richmond,
Va., has sued tho Hov. Sam Small for $Ti0,
OUO damages on tho basis of an alleged
IIIkjI Iu Tho Pilot, edited by Small.
W. U. Grlscom, a stock dealer of Han
dolph county, Intl., left a ool;otbook con
taining J1.0U0 on a Panhandle train. It
was found and returned to him by Dr. W.
J. Young of Fort Wayne.
By command of the czar the Women's
Institute of Medicine In St. Petersburg Is
to be reopened. Former students who
havo obtained their degreo will Iw allowed
to practice as doctors, a privilege hitherto
refused them.
The Burlington fast mall has just made
record time Ix-tweon Burlington and Ot
tumwa. Tho 7(1 miles was mudo lu 80
minutes, Including three stops. Tho dis
tance is all up grade and tho trtdn was
made up of five heavy cars.
Hatnrday, Jan. 30.
Tho American Baptist Missionary union
conference began at Kalamazoo, Mich., to
last two days.
J. K. Hannegan has boon appointed Ren
oral passenger agent of thu Indiana, Illin
ois anil Iowa.
Illinois agriculture loard accepts pluns
for now stute fair buildings, which are es
timated to cost t-M8,OU0.
Fishermen nro combining at Muskegon,
Mich., to fight the state law prohibiting
spearing on Inland waters.
Over 100 graduates of tho Iowa State uni
versity held a banquet at Algona and or
ganized mi nltimul association.
Illinois Statu Bar association, in session
in Springlleld, suggested many nuw laws
and discussed tho railway strike.
Investigation shows that tho Knights of
Pythias lu Wisconsin aro making great
gains in membership anil prn-Hirty.
More wreckage from tho steamer Chi
corn was found at South Haven, Mich.
Officials admit that tho vessel Is lost.
Labor Commissioner Morse of Michigan
states that farm laborers in tho state aro
poorly paid and oppo-io Immigration.
Coal minors of St. Clair county, Illinois,
decided not to go on a strike, owing to u
lack of funds to maintain tho struggle.
Senate committeo has decided to report
adversely on tho proposition to allow
Keeker Island to bo used ns a cable station.
Imhcrund Crawford, liquorscllors, wero
fined f'100 at Washington, In., and Kleiner
was left In Jail. Mrs. Ira Uussell was sen
tenced to tho Anamosa penitentiary for
six mouths.
Postmaster Watson and Murray Bent
loy, a merchant of Rhodes, Mich,, aro
under arrest for defrauding tho govern
ment. Mayor Hutchlns of Rockford, Ills., has
boon invested with power to inako re
movals at will by an appellate court de
cision, Charles Martin of Elgin, Ills., has sued
the Plnkortou agouoy of Chicago for
false Imprisonment lu connection with
tho failure of tho St. Charles Evaporated
Cream compnuy.
Goorgo Hunter, superintendent of tho
watch factory at Elgin, Ills., was ac
quitted of the charge of employing women
more than eight hours a day. The law
was held to I hi unconstitutional.
Monday, Jan. 98.
Matthias Jutto died In jail at Indianapo
lis from taking rat poison.
Ono man was killed and flvo others In
jured in a trolley car collision at Wllkcs
barre, Pa.
Commander-in-Chief Lawlor and staff
expect to attend overy state encampment
hold this year.
Alexander Poloandor's legs wero crushed
by falling rock at mi Albla, la., coal mine
anil ho will probably die.
An elevator owned by tho Omaha Eleva
tor com'Niny burned at Barnuston, Nob.
Loss, f.S,000; fully Insured.
Samuel Burns, a Burlington railroad
engineer, was run over by his engine and
killed at Paclllc Junction, la.
Speaker Ferry and Senator Woodruff
have resigned from tho Wyoming legisla
ture iH'catiso their constituents upolntcd
a committeo to lobby for a state college.
Four Warren county, Illinois, prlsonors
escaped through tho roof of thocounty jail,
but two wero recaptured.
John L. Martin, Vn invert, O., pension
agent, has lavn held to tho grand jury for
alleged obtaining of false pension affi
davits. John Baldos was killed at tho Wilming
ton aud Springlleld coal mine, Springlleld,
Ills., and two other miners Injured by a
falling cage.
It is estimated that mom than 200 per
sons lu Dnbmpie, la., aro subject to tho In
romn tax, and blanks have Imh'ii received
there for tho suspected.
Receivers of tho Lombard Investment
company, St. Ixnils, ivart that of f.11,000,
(K)luilchtLMlncs.sf3,0O0,(Hl has been paid
since Nov. 1,
Charles Smith hits beuu sentenced to
I eight years penitentiary Iraprlsonmont for
i murderous assault on tho Boone, la., Jail
er's daughter whlto trying to e-cspe.
Ira Newell, a Juror lu tho Hayward
trial, was ousted when It was discovered
ho was opposed to capital punishment.
Gabriel Thomas was run over and killed
In the Burlington yards at Hannibal, Mo.
Peter P. Powell, boot and shoo dealer at
Sprlngfled, failed. Asucts, r.-.'.OOO; liabili
ties f 18,000.
Six Kronsnra now known to have been
killed by thu explosion at Muudota, Ills.
Two others are missing.
Daniel J. Kennedy, assistant postmaster
nt Stillwater, Minn., was urivited for
robbing tho mails, but escaped fr mi tho
Alliert Hotting swallowed nn l't."li
sword while practicing for an onto i
incut at Muskegon, Mich, lie will ptoba
bly die.
Tuesday, Jan. 3f.
Lewis Liter, founder of Lltershurg, Ills.,
Is dead.
Tho Dally Sun suspended publication nt
Ottumwa, la.
Tho steamboat J. F. Joy sank with a
cargo of staves at Helena, Ark.
'1 hero was a blinding snow In Texas
and snow and sleet storm lu Louisiana.
Georgo W. Smith, editor of a Loulsvlllo
A. P. A. pnper, was arrested on a chargo
of criminal lllxil.
A letter from tho Mafia demanding (2,000
has been received by a wealthy Italian resi
dent of New Orleans.
The recent fall of snow has caused re
newed activity In the logging camps In
Michigan and Wisconsin.
Tho mother of Wheelman Frank Lenz,
who was lost In Persia, Is trying to collect
a $10,000 Insurance policy.
Tho Guatemala colony' In New York Is
said to 1m preparing to furnish their coun
try Its sinews of war with Mexico.
Six constables arrested Charles Bucks
and Will McLehull, charged with the Cot
ton Belt hold-up nt McNeill, Ark.
Flro at Pittsburg destroyed tho Wllklns
burg Presbyterian church, valued at $25,
000. Ono of tho firemen was fatally frozen.
The Missouri reform school at Boon
vlllo was Inspected by a legislative com
mitteo aud found to be doing a good work.
Bishop Cosgrovo of Davenport officiated
at the dedication of the now St. Paul's
Roman Catholic church at Burlington, la.
J. W. HolTmnn, Jr., of Aurora, Ills., has
begun suit to establish his title to most of
the laud on which Hebron, Intl., Is situ
ated. Clans Sprockels, tho Hawaiian-American
all-round sugar king, has branched
out as nntlmouo'iotlst, and Is lighting thu
Paclllo railway.
At a meeting of strikers and their sym
pathizers lu Brooklyn Honry Goorgo and
Congressman Simpson advocated munici
pal operation of street car lines.
For preaching n sermon In favor of cre
mation Pastor Muller of Rostock, Ger
many, has Ikx'ii suspended from nil eccles
iastical functions. He has also been olted
for trial by tho German Evangelical
Wedneaday Jan. 30.
Tho steoragu rate of transatlantic steam
ers has been cut from (15 to (10.
David Hampton was executed for mur
der lu tho electric chair at Slug Slug
Nino coasters wero seriously Injured In
a collision between a bobsled and a cable
car in St. Louis.
The supremo court has decided to hear
arguments on tho income tnx cases in
Tho agricultural department has Issued
a bulletin to farmers Informing them how
to feed stock.
Mrs. G. C. Heard of Sednlln, Mo., sister-in-law
of Congressman John T. Heard of
Missouri, Is death
Tho first Croatian church In tho country
was dedicated In Pittsburg by Bishop
A man named Dorsoy slid over a 400
foot precipice at Pittsburg, fell 200 feet on
to a nnrrow lodge of rock and was rescued.
Thu Colombian government has Issued
a decree authorizing tho erection of a
statue of tho late M. Do Lesseps at Pa
nama. "Morris O'Connor, county surveyor, was
arrested at Albla, la., on a chargo of sell
ing whisky unlawfully.
Six sloops capsized near Galveston, Tex.,
and threo persons wero drowned, tho re
sult of a terrible storm.
Ernest B. Studur of Peoria, Ills., eloped
with Amanda Hobcrror, and his fathor
hreatens to sh ot him on sight.
Flvo men wero scalded by tho bursting
of tho valve of a steam pipe In a mine at
Hougkton, Mich. Two will dlo.
Henry Meyers was awarded (15,000'dam
ages against the Illinois Central railroad
at Dixon, Ills., for Injuries received In a
Tho executive committee of tho Central
Trafllu association ordered a reduction In
Chicago-New York grain rates to 25 conts
a hundred.
Receivers huvo beon appointed for the
Buoyriw Steam Shovel and Dredge com
pany of South Milwaukee. Liabilities aro
(250,005, and assets (101,841.
A substitute for tho Rollly Paclflo rail
road bill, which provides for munagonunt
by a government commission when de
fault Is made, was offered in the house.
Joseph Conrotl was sentenced at Le
banon, Intl., to 11 years In the peniten
tiary for shooting John Martz at Zlons
vlllo Nov. l!l.
Thursday, Jan. 31.
A Harrison telephone oxchango, to rival
the Bull, is to bo established lu Dubui-uo,
. John Flngorstlno, a peddler, was killed
by John Usury In a quarrel nearShclburn,
Tho now coal shaft at Mascoutah, Ills.,
was damaged to thu extent of (5,000 by
Leroy Bush, 10, nnd his brother Wllllo,
9, wero fatally burned by gasoline at
Logansport, Ind.
A plan was started at St. Paul, Minn,, to
consolidate tho colleges of MoAlostor and
Albert Lou,
A wholesale grocery house with a capi
tal of (200,000 is to begin business Feb. 15
at Mason City, la.
Four colored mon havo lieon transferred
to tho city hospital tit St. Louis afflicted
with smulliox.
Omaha has leen flooded with Ixigus sil
ver dollars so finely counterfeited as to de
ceive oven tho bank tellers.
Tho Law and Ordor Loaguo Is to be re
vived at St. Joseph, Mo for a special oru
sado against tho liquor dealers.
John Bovlns, 05, was taken to tho ponl
teutiary at Anamosa, la,, on a two years'
sentence for tho murder uf Patrick O'Dou
null. An appeal for aid is Mng sent out from
Cranberry Ceator, Wis,, a station nn 'tho
Northwestern rood for tho relief of fami
lies of ownois of cranberry marshes which
were destroyed by forest Urus last fall.
mi,,.. tsaIIa rt Tlnafnn. TkfftvdVl
g writes: 1 havo always suffered froms
3 hereditary acroiuia. ior wuicu i iru-un
i various remedies, and many reliable)
((Jliy.SltlUIlD, UU.UVHH .v..wM.w. ....u.M
p am now wcu. i
jam vory grateful
g3(to you, as I feci
51 that it saved mo
lUUb II. Oti.m niu m
rm n llfn nf Itnfnlrl Bffnp.v Rhfl ahnlllt
taito pleasure In spcaklm only words p:
of pralBO for tho wonderful medicine.
.iiau iu njuouiiucuuiii it iu uii.
Troatlo on Blood
BiiaHmn i ii -coses
ii'dllod froe.
mm ) mmmmmmwmw
Regular graduate
authorized by a
state, and conced
ed to be the lead
ing and moat euo
oeaaful Specialist
Nervous Debility
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Lost Vitality .
Ptrttctly and Permanently Restored. '
Cured tor Lite Without Mercury.
Urinary Diseases
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is Dr. n. J. Whlttler invar
iably successful? Because bo
makes no promises that ho
cannot fulfill. Avoid cheap
cure-alls and unskilled physicians, an consist)
Dr. Whlttler fa person or by letter (giving
symptoms) and reecho tho candid opinion of a
physician of long nxpnrlcnce, unquestioned
skill nnd sterling Integrity.
MEDICINES from our own laboratory fur
nished at small cost and shipped anywhoro
sccuro from observation.
TREATMENT never aent O. O. D.
Ofilco hours 0 to 4 and 7 to 8. Sunday 10 to 12V,
IBIirlA iTo Health and EmorR-enclea.
Jt U I U t3 t 'or O cts. stamps to prepay.
Call or address In strict confidence
10 Weat Nlntn street, Kanaaa City, MO.
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l
A Desk Calendar is a necessity
most convenient kind of storehouse
for memoranda, The Columbia Desk
Calendar is brightest and handsomest
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thoughts on outdoor exercise and
snort. Occasionally reminds you of
tns superb quality of Columbia Bi
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You won't object to that, of course.
The Calendar will be mailed for five
2-ccnt stamps.
Address Calendar Department,
T Mutton thu piper. Hartford, Ceaa. '
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Baniri or Zlther.
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Mlttr l)atra
Btf.d.0&,.TlS'' "-iff.?--!"? "JM'j. A-??
hoiirn, ihon, atora nd otBc. OrealMt coaTtn
lonce nnd bnt Mllnr on etirth.
1 nkkLn a 'S'idunca moam a uli to all toe
unrwhern, Bnj rtl.tunco. Oampint. rMdr for
uwhnthlip.l. Can ba put np br nr on.
ne?r out of onljr, no repalrlna, lutu a IU
lW.P.HirrlsonaiCo.,Cltrk IQ.Columluia. 0.
tnUwitaay iatarull
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i UaiMa,
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'unarfc Ar,ZtAZm2:
m aael tM.n an - ,
Coa.Up.tliu. OaiilJ'uitebVi
olU by Doyo CJrlce Ite.l Cloild
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'Need Wggggggt
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