The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 13, 1894, Page 4, Image 4

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wii iwfci'umiwxmfwtMi mifcriflfl i1Tfllll'Tl'l'"T "''" iii,iiiHi ww i
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j'jMhiM'.ffa'iUifti (ar,.
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ft h
A. C. IIohmhi, Killtor.
I.AiiorTAiT. AsU l-ocnt Kdltor.
Ilcptiollcan Convcnllon.
The Republican county convention for
tUo nomlnnllon of candidates for tho of
fices of county' attorney mid rep
resentative, for tho choice of dole
Rates to Honntorinl, float loprrRon
tatlvo, congressional and Htnto conven
tions of tho party, and for otlior regular
business, Ir called to incut nt the court
hbUso in Red Cloud on tho 1th dny of
August 181)1 nt 11 a. in. The townBhlps
will bo entitled to representation ns fol
lows, allowing ono delogato nt largo from
oaoh township and ono for onch ton
votes nnd major fraction thereof cast
for Hon. G.W. Knloy for regent of the
Stnto Univorelty ot tho oloction in 1803:
Itoavor Crcok fl
Dntln H
Cntborton .1
Klin Crook 5
Oarllold , R
Glonwond '. 8
(lulde Rock..... 12
Hnrmony fi
Inavato : . 0
Lino f
Ouk Crook 1
Ploasont Hill 7
PotRdnm r 7
Itod Cloud townshii '.' 11
Red Cloud 1st ward 1U
Red Cloud 2d wurd - 17
Walnut Crook 1
Total 12.1
It in recominondod that towneliip
cnucusca bo hold not Inter than July 28,
18111. lly order or county central coin-
S. K. Cozai), Chairman.
R. MoNitt, Secretary.
Lincoln foola ub proud over hor now
viaduct bb a littlo boy docs ovor hie now
red wagon with tho wlicols nil greased
with mud.
Tin: Bemtlo has piiBHud the bill for the
admission ot the' territory of Utah, an a
Btate, tluiB adding tho 45th Btar to tho
"Flag of tho 'Freo.'
Tiik city council should wnsto no timo
in pabsing an ordinance oBtnblishing a
u iiro limit. They owe it to tho people
whoBo proporty is in jeopardy, by all
kindfl of combustiblo materials that aro
allowed to accumulato around tho busi
ness portion of the city. Gov. Altgeld ot Illinois inter
feres, 1'rendorgnst will hang today. The
culprit should linvo boon dispatched to
tho Lhappy hunting grounds Bomotimo
ago. lie wiifl aituply ono ot tho most
cold bloodod murdorors that has ovor
boon pormittod to live in modorn times.
Tins week our sanctum tablo was
graced with a handsome periodical with
tho "Nebraska Editor" emblazoned on
tho first pngo in "caps and email caps,''
by Walt Mnsonniid R N. Morwin. Tho
magazino is dovotcd to tho interests ot
newspaper men in general and especial
ly to tho press of Nebraska. It ia neat
ly printed and teeming full witli bright
Btiyings. Such a mngnzino should tind
its way into every well regulated print
ehop in tho state.
Tub great etriko is still on, although
President Cloveland has admonished all
good peoplo to refrain from disturb,
aucos ot any kind. A great deal of
proporty has boon destroyed by the law
lessness ot tho mob. Ono thing is cer
tain, that thoro must bo n national law
that will compel arbitration on tho pnrt
of corporation nnd workmen nliko nnd
thus euve tho country all ot tho critical
nioinonts that they havo been forming
through the Inst few days.
TitKitK seems to bo no reason why Hon.
Jas, MoNony ot this city, should not re
ceive tho nomination next month at
Holdrogo for congress on tho republican
ticket. He is far more ubio, politically
and otherwise, than any man that has
been mentioned yet for that distin
guished position. Ho is a man of ro
mnrknblo attainments and a ninn who
could not be induced to swerve from
, what ho thought was right undor any
circumstances. TIiobo are tho men who
should bo placed in responsible positions.
There has been too much shortsighted
ness displaced herotofoio in tho soleo-
L L-tiu of candidates for congiesa. Men
ought to bo solected, not only for their
political ability but for tholr statesman
ship, of in other words men who aro ablo
to copo intelligently with all of tho great
questions oi moony, ntm ir, MeiSony is
one ot those men.
The imbecility of tho domocrutlc mn-
' jority in congress in its raid on reciproc
ity, which its mongrel tariff bill repeals,
1b gradually percolating through the
brains ot tho roople, and tho crime
ugaiust tho country committed with eo
much hilarity will givo ri&o to tho ugliest
indictment ot tho imbecile democracy
I that will bo presented in tho coming
1 miniiintmi. To ilin font lii.rlinml i.lnirmi
so porslstontly miulo by the democratic
steororo, which they have oven taken
pains to embody In elate loports. The
following extract from a late report of
J tho British consul general at Havana is
a pretty conclusive answer:
British trado with Cuba hna almost
become n itung or. mo past; nuu u ne'er
tho recont reciprocity treaty tho United
States practically supplies all the wnula
.of tho island nnd receives all Its produce.
A ... ...
Machinery, which formerly
i'Jwuh Inronlv Riinnlled 1)V Hnifliinu. f!ur.
lunuoy, Franco and Belgium, now noarjy
ill comes from the United States; and
e machinery required for tho vast
mount of sugar manufactured in Cuba
immense and of great value.
Xh reciprocity treaty between Spain
and United States would appear to bo
mainly bcnollcitil' to the hitter nation.
Articles such iib machinery, iron, steel,
coal, etc., which formerly came princi
pally from Kuropo, and continue to pny
duty when imported from Uiobo coun
tries, aro admitted free if duty when
coming from America, bo that tlid former
trade is fait disappearing, although
soino articles of Knglish manufacture
and of superior (junlity are stlll.ablo to
compoto, notwitliBtanding tho duty.
Tho free admission of Cuban Hiigar
into tho largo markels of tho United
Status is of eo lira', the great inducement
for Spain to enter into mi arrangement
by which sho sucrillced a considerable
portion of hor customs rovenuo. The ef
fect of tho recent reciprocity treaty bo
twoon thn United States and Spain in
regard to hor Went Indian colonies hits
boon to throw nenrly tho cntiro Cuban
trado into tho hands of tho United
States traders, with uhom importors
of goods from less favored nations can
not compete, having to pay by the terms
ot such trentyrhighor import duties. Of
courso it is no news that tho solid south
nnd British interests aro indlssolunbly
wedded in tho war against nationalism,
but tho great Higuillcanco of the unholy
alliance is perhaps bettor set forth in thn
above report than in any previous olllcial
document that has been issuud in oithor
country, Tho southern brigadiers have
dono their pnrt now to give back the
trade to Great Britain that tho .genius
ot liluino and Harrison wrested from her
and tho British government and manu
factures will Boon do tho rest. Stato
President Cleveland has at last seen
lit to make olllcial communication to tho
public on tho subject of tho railway
etriko. Ho Iuib issued his proclamation
admonishing all good citl.ons of Chica
go and Illinois against aiding, counte
nancing, encouraging or taking any part
in unlawful obstructions, combinations
am) assemblages, and warning those al
ready thus engaged to disperse and rotlro
to tholr rcspeetivo abodes. This warn
ing is prefacod by a recital that such
unlawful obstructions, combinations
nnd assemblages exist, and that tltoy
have, in tho president's judgment, mailo
it impracticable to enforco for tho ordi
nary courso of judicial proceedings tho
laws ot tho United Stales within the
territory described.
Had tho president issued tills procla
mation as soon as his judgment was
formed that judicial process could not
bo carried out by tho civil authorities in
the Btate of Illinois, or at least. beforo ho
ordered thn troops of tho United States
regular army to intorfero to prevent tho
interruption of interstate commerce, ho
would havo desorved general commenda
tion for ills nation and might thereby
havo bon spared tho ncccssity-of call
ing out tho federal troops at all. Hut
the proclamation of this Into day, savors
a great doal of shutting tho barn door
attor the horse has been ntolen. If such
warning ia necessary now to protect and
save tho innocent, it was ciiually, if not
more necessary a week ago when tho
United States soldiers wore first, sent to
tho scene of disturbance. It looks like
a belated elTort to rectify what tho pres
ident now recognizes to havo been a mis'
As to tho exact itatus in which Hub
proclamation places the state of Illinois,
and moro particularly the city of Chica
go, tho language ot tho document is sin
gularly obscure and inexact. Whothor
this is designedly bo or not in order to
Uavo an avenue of relieat for tho orcsi-
dent, no matter what h may do, can
only bo inferred. In reality, Chicago is
under martini law and Iuib been tor a
week, Tho piesident does not declare
martini law to exist, but simply says
that ho belioves it to bo "impracticable"
to enforeo tho laws by the ordinnry
course of judicial proceedings. This is
substantially an assertion of tho exist
ence of iiiBunection or rebellion, for
only in such cases is tho president auth
orized by the constitution to employ tho
military forces to supplement tho unsuc
cessful etrortB of tho civil authorities.
Tho writ of habeas coinus certainly re
mains available bo long as tho courts
are open and undisturbed. Tho Wal
status of Illinois, then, 'is somowhnt of
an anomaly, it lias been so from tho
moment tho federal troops wore ordorod
to assume control, and tho president's
proclamation does not alter it ono iotn.
The following olllcora wore iuslnlled
at a regular meeting of Bon Adheui
Lodge No. M l. O, O. R;
P.O. -Win. Million.
N.O. W. B. Uobv.
V.O.-W.W. Wright.
Perm. Sec. O. C. Bell,
R. S. N.O.-L.Crabil.
U.S. V. (i.-Oeo. Hendiick.
Con.-J. A.TuIImh.
The lodge in proi-pciiug lluely and
receiving ninny now members.
I ho following lawyers registered nt
tho Holland hoiibo this week: A. D.
llannoy, A. M. Walters and R A.
Sweezy of Blue Hill; P. A. Wells and V
S. Morlan of Mct'ook; M. A. ilartigan,
John Stoeim and Oon. Bowon of Hast
ings; Attorney Wood and J. Fassett of
Omaha; II. R ThomiiH, .Joseph Slmlmtn
of Crutn; Thus MuCusker or Lawrence:
K. I). Fletcher of Franklin. "Uen." Lo
gan, tho court reporter was also occupy,
ing a place in tho inner circle at the
light hand of Judge Beall keeping tab
on tho bo)s.
tiilhltiK Mruiiiic
Intelligent people, who roall.t tho im
portant put Hie lilooil holds in kapplng
th body in a mrmal nmlitlon, 11 ml
nothing alrnngrt in tho number of ills
tasoi that Hood's H.tmnparllls Ii nlilo to
eon. So many treublcn rtsult from im
pnre tiloml thit thn brut way to treat
thtm ia through tho blood, anil it in titr
bettor to um only liannlenH vogstablo
omiBUlula t lint) to iloao to exceau with
quinine, cnlcnifl nnd otln r Uiugn, lly
treating thn bluud, with Knod'it Barsa
pnrilla, BurofnU, xnlt rhuniu ami what at
commonly colled "huiuorp;" ityBpupsIn,
catarrh, rhnmntlini, neiirnliH,coiiiiinp
linn nnd other trenbleN that orlgiimlb in
impnriliei of the bloou or impaired cir
culation, can nil be cartd,
furiiUliert by County Miporlnlf intent
0. Iff. Ilunlrr.
The Webster county teachers' in
stitute opened Inst Monday afternoon
witli an enrollment of soventy-thrcc,
a largo attendnnco for the first day,
On Tuesday the enrollment was
ninty-Ovo. Tlicro nro moro to bo in
attendance, rfuino young peoplo aro
attending, not for tho purpose of pre
paring to teach this year, but to get
ns much benefit from tho instruction
given and from tho association with
teachers as possible, others will teach
their first terms of school next fall,
and ato attcntivg. and industrious, gen
erally. On Monday evening a teacher's so
cial wna held at the school building.
All seemed to chj y thetusolvcs; some
games were played on tho school
grounds in tho cool of tho evening;
rofrcJhtnonts consisting of banuanas
and oranges wore served, and after
singing sonic patriotic songs all went
to their homes and boarding places to
r?it and preparo for tho duties of the
next day.
Tho- Song "Patriot is used by the
institute in tho opening exercises both
morning and afternoon, Tt seems that
there has been no time in our country's;
histery in which patriotism has bttn
moro greatly needed than at tho pre
sent. The glco olub consisting of members
of tho inslituto lead the singing.
Supt. Geo M, Caster is onnducting
tho recitations in arithmetic, algebra,
grammar, composition, physics and
civil government.
It is needless to say that thoic
olacscs are safo in his hands.
Mrs. 0. C. Cast tcaolus tho classes
in orthography. U. S. history, botany,
physiology and theory and art of
teaching. 11 ir work is woll done as
Teachers who were at tho institute
two years ago are pleased to havo Mrs.
Manvillccf Crete with them this year
and all who undtr her instruction arc
glad that sho is ono of our teachers.
She teaches geometry, geography, pri
mary methods, book keeping and draw
ing. She does excellent work.
Wo hope to have many sohool oflicrs
and patrons of our schools visit the
institute next week. Some of the
visitors this were Messrs. L B Thornc,
matt, and Mrs. W. K. Thome of Bla
dta; Mr. J. S. Buster of Guido Rock;
Mr. 11 B. Pnyno of Otto.
Rev. Hull of the M. K. church con
ducted the opening exercises on
Thursday morning.
Dean McBrian of Orleans college
will lcoturc this Friday evening at tho
Congregational church.
Dr. lsaao Crock, ohanoellor cf Wes
leyan university, will lecture next
Monday evening at the Methodist
Prof. J. A. Bealtio of Cotnr Uni
yersity will lecturo at tho Christian
ohurch next Wednesday evening.
These lectures aro given in oonncctiou
with tho institute and aro frto to all
who attend.
On Thursday evening tho enroll
ment was 01).
Tho Webster County Mutual Protec
tion ami Ann iiorso Tiller association
moots in Cowlea, tho Inst Saturday of
noon month, at 2 p. m,
tf Tiios.Houoso.v, Sec.
4.'lllllll I'l'OVlMlllldM.
Council met, minutes last meeting
rend nnd approved.
Moved and ennied thotBtreot commie-
sionor bo instructed to inform ull per
sons who hnvo dofectivo Bidowalks to llx
snmo at oneo, or tho city would tlx walks
and chnrgo same to taxes.
On motion by Murtin, seconded by
Pulsipher, tho following bills wore id
lowed and warrants ordorod drawn on
tho genoral fund:
Minor Bros 6 71) DO
LP Albright 30 Do
LA Aullz 1 20
Win Million 2.10
P Bnrkley fi 00
(itittn IVrchti Rubber Co f08 H5
C K KvniiH
A C llosmer
Plait A Frees Co
Sherwood ,: Albright
J II Wegmann
Red Cloud Firo Dept
(5 K MnKeeby
LA Aullz
2 00
10 Oi)
:i ii;
8 on
12 20
10 Oil
70 (X)
18 01)
Robt Dumoroll (1 00
A 'lompson 1 00
i l Wegmann 14 25
.1 a l'arkcs 8 00
I) J My ora 4 IX)
J S Pnrkes 13 72
R M Martin 27 50
Mrs Hnney 14 tK)
AUlIoamer 23 00
V A Wlllt..,o l m
i ' ....M..w. , i (ni
1 L? Parke it r0
wj-'wemt. 8 n:i
A Morhnrt..... n 70
Koley & Blakeeleo i so
OW Ilow.'; 1100
.T W Warren 15 00
A 11 Kaloy 10 00
CW Kaloy ,. 2 00
Election Board 20 00
I) . Myers 8 00
CDOatfB 10 00
CM Smith , 0 75
SBayles 7 80
BFMizer....- 2 25
Lll Beck 2 50
Myers iUohor 1.1 05
Grand Lodge I O O F 00 00
John Bnikloy 7 00
.......... 4 40
On motion by Pulsipher, seconded by
Martin, tho following bills wero allowed
and warrants ordered drawn on wntor
Uvy fund:
John Jesflon g 5 00
Jerry O'Connor 13 50
' 13 50
". " .10 00
.7 N Bent 1 50
Wm Brown , 0 00
J M Sellars 40 00
J Barkloy 7 00
J Bnrkley 2t 00
RH Wilson l 00
A Morhnrt 30 00
H KPoml 3fl 00
KA Douglas 0 75
W Vincent 27 00
T.I Wind : s 00
J h Millor 2 00
J M Sellars 40 00
WBRoa ; 4 r,0
Henry Failor 7 50
On motion of Schntlnit, seconded by
Mm tin, tho following bills wero allowed
and warrants ordorcd drawn on occupa
tion fund:
.James Abel ,. r0
TWIIatlield I.. 200
CBKelley & Co 59 63
tico Sinelsor g 75
S W Foo o 00
W l-'WBt ,'Jl 50
V WilliiiniB 2 00
OA .Miller If, 00
Jos CuiiiniingB 75
Council adjourned to meot July 14th.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Wor'd's Pair Highest Award.
StijcrUrrn' Iruccodlti;a.
July 10, 1891, board met, A HHotrman
chairman, 12 mombors present.
Minutes last mooting read and ap
proved. Motion to adjourn to 1 p. m.
I o'clock p m, board mot, Hoffman
chaiiman, 13 mombors ptesont.
Comniittoo on ofllcinl bonds mndo tho
following report:.
C J Olson, O II R D No 0.
Felix Killough, O II R D No 21.
A P Hilton, Constablo.
M B McNitt, Soldiors Roliof CommiB
biou. John H McCallum, Soldiers Relief
W II Patterson, Town Tronsuror.
Michael Carl, O II R D No 43.
II W Hubbard, Justice of tho Peace.
II S Sandors, O II R D No 20.
V Detour, " " 1.
Stephen Cozad, Deputy ShorifT.
S K Conrad, " "
W F Kenklo, O II R D No 31.
By motion, bonds wore approved.
Moved and carriod that chairman ap
point a committoo ot three in conjunc
tion with tho county attorney or some
otlior attorney to look up nil complaints
beforo tho board as on assessment, non
pay ment of taxes of any year. Chair
man appointed Crnbill, Sprnehor and
Moved and carried thnt board appoint
L H Fort, county clerk, as 11 delecrato to
roprcsent Webster county at tho next
siaio uoarii 01 equalization.
Application of Bonj. Garner asking
for appointment of nppraisora on school
laud leaso on nel se4 and so 4 bo4 1G-2-10.
Chair appointed as committoo to appraise
emu ninn, 11111, opracnor ana iNorriB.
Moved and carried tlmt board allow J
Kindflchor and L II Fort their oxponso
for ntteiuting meeting of tho supervisors
and clerks under township organization
thnt was held in Lincoln.
In tnattar of application of Geo. Cur
ran to bo admitted to Soldiers and Sail
ors Homo at Grand Island.
Motion mndo and seconded that appli
cation bo granted.
Motion to adjourn till 0 o'clock tomor
row. Wednesday, July 11, 9 am, board mot,
Kindsohor acting chairman, 14 members
Committoo on appraisal ot 11 o4 eel and
set eel 10-3-lu report as follows:
Nel bo 1 sec 10, town 3, rango 10, 87 00.
No4 se 1 sec 10, town 3, range 10, 0 50.
Report wiib approved.
Report of L 11 Fort, county clerk, for
1st and 2d quarter was read and ap
proved. In the matter of annexation of Ethor
tou'H addition nnd Outhwalto'e nddition
to lied Cloud, papers wero referred to
county attorney.
Now coined S A Iteddennnd roproeentfl
to tho board that his personul taxes for
tho year 1887 aro not paid and ia willing
to pay said tax, provided tho county will
strike oil' the interest.
Moved nnd seconded thnt it Roddon
pay tnxon intercut bo struck off.
Moved and ennied that original mo
tion be laid on tho tablo.
Now comes J S Oilham on behalf of
C (5 Dnrsey, recoivor of tho Red Cloud
National bank, and represent that tsx
lots 11 and 12, block 5, Red Cloud, was
not paid but cold by county treasurer nt
private tax sale for yours 18S4 and 188.1,
and links county to accept principal on
kiild taxes mid strike off interest.
Committee on delimiuont taxes on IoIb
11 nnd 12, block 5, Red Cloud, roport as
We, your committee, with nBslstonco
of county nttornoy, havo examined
court lecords of district court ot Web
ster county, Nebraska, and commission
cm' proceedings for years 1881 and 1885,
and tho bcheduleii ot at-sessmonts on
theuo yeniH and lind that no change or
deduction Iuib been mndo in euidnBScss
ment, and that all proceedings thereon
appear ingular; that, further, there is no
record of any proceedings in court to in
terfero with same, and that tho amount
as put in treasurer's book ot tuxes
against said property appears as voted
lien ugaiust the samo.
Roport wns approved nnd plnced on lllo.
Now at this timo the original motion
regarding personal taxes of S. A. Redden
camo up for discussion. Vote being
called, motion was lost.
C, F. Cuthor comes with iietltlon to
havo taxes etiicken from district 33.
Referred to committoo on school bonds
nnd miindamuBCB,
Board adjourned to 1 p. m,
The Magic Touch
Hood's Sarsaparilla
You smile at the idea. But
if you are a sufferer'fr'om
And Indigestion, trvn bottle, and be
foro you have taken half adoicndoiei,
you will' involuntarily think, and no
doubt cxelulm,
" That Just Hits It!'
"That soothing effect Is a rnaglc
touch I" Hood's Sarsaparilla gently
tone, ami strengthens'luo Stomach
and dlgestlvo organs, invigorates th
liver, creates a natural, healthy desire
for food, gives refreshing sleep, and
In short, raises tho health tone of the
entire system. Remember
Hood's Pills curs lhcrllU, constipation,
bilious nt si, Jaundice, sick licaduclie, Indigestion
"I do not wish to vote," sho said;
I hato this suffrngo rant,
Out I don't want n horrid man
To tell me that I shunt.
Cord of Tliunk
The undorsigncd wish to express their
Bincere thanks nnd grntitudo to thoso
who lent their aid during tho tire ot the
27th ult and who havo kindly enrod for
them eince.
MusM. A. Tait.
MissJosik Ioou.
lor Ladle. Mtuei
mid Children.
For ealo by G. A. Ducker & Co.
Taken Ui Kight head of cattle four
etcors nnd four heifers. Some branded
S on right hip. Ownor can ilnd samo
by calling at John S Wagonor's placo
bo von miles 6outh of Red Cloud.
J. M. Harris, of Falrvlow, S. I)., under
data of Jan. L'.'i, 181)1, writes: "Your Hel
ler's IJarl Wire I.inimont U the best rem
edy I htTB svsr used for barb wire oats,
collar gnlle, nores and wounds of every
deseriptien en hordes. I consider it nn
equaled nnd will nso uo other. Oeyo &
Oriee sell nnd gnsrnutee this linlsnent.
Panamu is enjoying a fnir-slzod build
ing boom.
A prsflistont pain in the bnok indicates
trouble in tho Kldnoy. To stay the pro
gress of disease, uho Dr. J. II. MoLsan's
Liver & Kidney Dnlm.
Unltimoro has moro postponed games
than any other club.
Thoro nro Bixty applications for tho
BUporintendcncy of the city Bchools of
Tho list of letters remaining at tho
postollico uncalled for up to July 12th:
Campbell Mary D. Hiinscom T. K.
Pnnusso Oliver Willinms Alico 2
The ubovo lcltors will bo sont to the
dead letter ofllco on July 2(5, 1804, if not
called for. Fkank W. Cowden, post
mastor, Red Cloud, Nebraska.
When Baby was sick, wo her Costorls,
When she was a Child, sho cried for Costorls.
When sho became Miss, sho clung to Cnatorla.
When she had Children, sho gave them Castorta.
rami Loan.
It you want a loan on llrst class land 1
can give you a upecial rato. Lowest in
terest witli option to pay part or nil nt
any yoar. Call or writo to mo.
C. F. Catiieu, Rod Cloud, NoD.
ei 1
Taken U.
Six miles northwest ot Red Cloud,
ono dark brown Texas colt. Ownor can
havo samo by proving samo und Bottling
coBts, oto. Frank Jiskra.
market Itcnorl.
(Corrected Weekly.)
Wheat ...
Flax 1
1001 15
1 ;jt
Fatcowa 1 r,0,1 00
Butter 7
Eggs H
Potntoes 1 00&1 0
Chickens Uoz. 2 00
Turkoy-H , lb. 5
Retail price of tho Red Cloud Milling
Co., Hours:
Monogram 1 rack 1 00
Itoyal patent W nick SK)
U.ofH.S.W Back 75
I'arm Loans.
For farm loans soo. A. H. Gray.
- - '
Ladies wishing a boautifuland roflnod
comploxion aro reiiuostcd to call on Mrs,
D. A. Frnmo. Free- triuls givon away
ovory day. 47 2vv p
IS fl Two t,)ivT, 'linitg tiluit liaalsl
ftVIHOIUll AQ DIOrf lttllll Ul HiB
jninn oinUJ
SSS ""t ?ail I'T
Half Itntt's Is) Hot Spring, s. D.,
vlitltio lltirllnglon Itotilc.
Every Friday during July und August
tho Rurlingion Routo will s;ej round
trip tickotB to Hot Springe, S. IX, at tho
ono-way rate. Tickets good for 15 day b
This substantial reduction from tnrisj
rates brings a trip to this greatest 'of
western health resorts within overy one's
reach. Consumptives, llicumatics, suf
fer from ovory ill that lleeh is heir to,
will mnko no mistake if they tako ud
vnntogo of this opportunity. Full infor
mation upon application to local 1). it
M. R. R , agent, or to J. Francis, G. P. &
T. A., Burlington route, Omaha, Neb.
-- . us"
Rlvorton Steam Iyc Works.
Frank R. Peck Rivcrton, Nobraska,
cleans and dyes clothes, and guarantees
satisfaction in ull cases. Shipping
chnrgce pain ono way. Quick timo nnd
moderato prices, Ladies' dresses, cloaks,
capes, jnckots and wraps ot all kinds
cleaned and dyed to look liko now.
Frank R. Peck. 4w
- - -
Now comes tho sudden thurder ehowori
Their thirst for blood mosquitoes sate,
The collnr wilts in bull an iiour,
Tho pesky Hies exasperate;
Wo slip on the banannn Bkin,
Tho beauteous moidon's fnco gets
Green cucumbers their work got in,
Jamaica ginger's in domund,
The thirsty foaming Ingcr drink,
His littlo pilo tho iceman makes,
Tho email boy from tho river's brink
Kuch day a nudo departure takes.
Now York Press.
My offor mndo in last week's issuo of
The Ciiikf will be continued until July
18th. During thnt period I will give
my patrons tho ndvautugo of low prices
on photos. I will continuo to mnko
fifteen for 2 50. E. Tknnant.
I. M. Helmy, leading druggist of Cnn
on, S. D., writes nndor dnto of Jan. L'5,
1894, as fellows: "Haller Proprietary
Co., GentB: Allow rao to sny thnt your
resaedies have given excellent satisfaction
with our peeple, and in particular vour
Haller's Sort Cure Cough Syrup, Barb
Wire Liniment and Sarnnparilla nnd Bar
dook. They sell well because they fill
the bill nnd my rnstoracrs could net be
insueed to take any other." These rem
idles can be had at Deyo & Oriee's drag-
. .
Children Cry for
Pitcher' Castoria.
J. H. Davis & Son,
I also make Furm Loans.
Office in Moon block, Re'd Cloud, Nob
They have some very lino bar
gains in land.
Parties wishing to buy should
call on or address the above
Barklky & Co.
Do all kinds of
With Promptness.
lvo tlicm your orders. Prices
Notice to TcaclicrN.
Notico is hereby rnvnn thnt T trill
examine all persons who may desire
10 oucr inomsoives us cunuidates for
teaohors oftho public schools of this
oouuty, at Red Cloud on tho third
Saturday of oaoh month.
Spooial examinations will bo held
on the Friday proceeding tho 3J Sat
urday of each month,
The atnndinir rcnuired for 9, ,A
3d grade certiGoatcB is tho same no
grade below 70 por cent., average 80
jioi cant, tur urui. grauo cortmonto
uu gmuo oeiow ou per cent., Hvcraf;e
90 per ocnt. in all branches required
by law.
D. M. HoNTBn, County Supt.
Arnold's Brio-Cgm
i&:,i1'L,.'LcV.",.'"'.Wnl fr Ni-rTou.orHIrk
fcuirriSSSJ, l rlr"1 ,"' a "ni1 xM-
..1"rul1' CHEMIUAU CO.
1 01 S. Western Avonuo, CHICAGO.
I.eKiil Notice.
llertlui K,
IlelTllt 1
lit r I
ier. I
Henry (' llellnci
In tliw ItlNiilct cnnitof Wil.stir Coiinty
. ,.Y""r.X. "'''"'I. lufciiil.inl: Von will tiikn
.1 ,1"",,.,,",",,l, nt-in. i'ii ier nci linn in
"., ..-.. 1, ,.,,!.,,, inn oiiji-i'i 11 in iiimutoI Ullll-ll
11 1. to iiriicimt n (llvou-n riniu ni : hi I for ii,
einioilyi.r llieilui'o mlunr cii.tiVii .Ilin f.Vii.i
ot Her liiHrrlNtrn In jon. Yn I in . rj. ul fill i,
IHt)d July I Ull, mi.
Dy JobnM. Clianin, Atty. VU fc' ""TO"'
ir i.