The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 06, 1894, Image 7

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TK OP Onio, ClTV OK Tolkuo, )
1'taj.k J. Ciikhkv makes oath that lie
Is tli Bculor partner of tlio firm ot F. J.
Cheney & O., tlolujr buines )n the Clly
of Toledo, County nml Utile aforesaid
and (lint ald iWm vl I pay tin enm ONII
I1UKUK12D DOLIjAIia far noli and
every oeoo of Catarrh Hint cannot be
curd uVthe rise of Fall's Cafnrtli Cure.
Bworuo (o beforo me mid subscribed
in my presence, this Gth day of Doeem
her, A. I). 1880.
Notary 1'ubllc,
Hrlt'a Catarrh Cure In take internally nnd
nets directly on the blood nnd mneon
fiarfiwes of the system. Bend for testi
monial?, freo.
V, J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0.
CjSoU by Druggists, 7Co.
- - . - -
Wlicrc Ucullng Witter Flow.
Hot Springs, South Dakota, is a place
that every one should visit.
It'a ft health resort; the best in the
It's u charming spot where pure air
nml healing wntoru put sickness to flight
nnd mako everything but perfect health
well nigh nn impossibility.
Invalids, no mnttor whnt their all
ments, ehould glvo Hot Springs a trial.
It's euro to benefit them, inoro than
likely to cure.
How to got there T Why. by tho Hur
lington mute of course It'a the line.
Ahk tho locnl ngent for full information
or writo to tho undersigned for n beau
tifully illustrated pamphlet.
J. Fiianoip,
Gen. Puss. & Tkt. Agt.. Omaha, Neb.
Hope is the dream of thoso who are
i ii
Mr?. W. J Fnlicy of LoRoy, N. Y. says;
"Havo tried llfly congh Cures, Parks
Couuh Syrup is the only ono that helped
me. 1 know it if tho best Cough Itemed)'
Bold byC. L. Coltlng.
Congressman Moiklejohn donated $100
to owcll tho Norfolk thoatro fund.
A mother out in Idaho says: "When
my bey fvll down stairs I followed him
with a bottle of your Haller'a l'ulu Par
alyser." 'Ihe emergency wan at hand
and she was prepared to effectually meet
it. 1 hie peerless remedy rthutild have a
plnee in every family to eonibut nil the
aehes, pnlne, bruises and for the dead
ertain cart ef eratnp eolio in the stemnoh
and bowels. A large bottlo caste only
60, and it is sold by Deyo Jt Oris drug,
Tho farmers of Deuel county bleed
their cuttlo to prevent tho blackleg.
W. P. Dnyos of 2405 Jones St., Oma
ha, Neb. Rays of Parka' Sure Core "My
M?Ifo has been constitntionalty wreoked
for yenrs. Tried everything fruitlessly.
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Park's Bare Onre. The results are truly
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Liver and Kidneys is n positive specific
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L. Cotting.
Chadron is working to eocuro a boot
sugur mill and starch faotory.
Itucklon'a Ai'nlcu finlvc.
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is gunrauteed to givo perfect satisfaction
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box. For sale by Cotting, tf
Several etoue buildings aro being
erected at Lodgo Polo.
Don't Tobacco Spit or Smoke
Your Life Away."
Tho truthful, startling title of a book
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anteed tobacco-habit cure. If you wunt
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strength, weight and vigor. Positivo
cure or monoy rotunded. Sold by O. Lt.
Book at druggists, or nmilod free.
Addross Tho Storling Romody Co.,
Chicago ofllco, 45 Randolph St., New
York, 10 Spruce St.
Ponder sold her wator bonds at a
small promium.
Wliy Do You Cough?
Do you not know that Parks' Cough
Syrup will enre Ur Wo guaranteed every
bottle. There are many Cough Syrups
bnt we believe Parks' Is tho best and most
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A born musician has n great advan
tage ovor one who is not yot born.
i i
Cable from tuccu fill.
Dear Gresham: Ons moro boon I crave
I trust in your nffoction
'TIs not to murder Dole, tho Kuave
Or pnt dowu insurrection;
'TIs not my crown, bnt mo to save,
I write in deep dejection,
And bo a paokago I must have
Of Park's Tea for my complexion.
Orcslinm's Answer to luccn 1,11,
When I received your Cablegram
I thought I sure would faint
For though 1 often use Parks' Tea
'Tis not for your complaint.
I fonrcd that Mrs, O, would think
Wrong about our connection
'Till on her dresser there I saw
Parks' Tea for her complexion.
Bold by 0. L. Coltlng.
Undertaking is a muBisipul monopoly
in Paris.
Diseases nnfrloudly to women arc posi
ttvoly cured by Dr. Sawyer's Patllles.
Afkyonrdrtiggglst for a f reo samplo pack
age, it heals mid sures. fcioldA Urice.
Cnlob Godloy, a mulatto, was hanged
by a inob ut Bowling Urcon, Ky.
Ladle -Dr. Sawyer's Pft6lilles are ef
ifetunl for female weakncHH, ian en top
of the hoitd und lower part of tho biok. It
strengthens nud cures, Deyo & Qrioe.
Children Cry foi
Pitcher's Castorla.
Mo Soys There le No Reversal of Judgment
In tho Next World Tho VorJJct Is Uu0
Upon Onr Earthly Llros Tho 1'lual
Bkooklyn, Juno . Rov. Dr. Tab
mage, who is now on his round the
world Journey, 1ms seloctod as tho sub
ject for his 6ennon through tho press to
day "Another Chanco," tho text being
taken from Eoclesiastcs xl, 8, "If the
trco fall toward tho eouth or toward th
north, in tho placo whoro tho troo fall
eth thcro it shall bo."
Thcro is a hovering hopo in tho minds
of a vast multitudo that thcro will la
an opportunity in tho next world to cor
rect tho mistakes of this; that if w(
do make complete shipwreck of out
earthly lifo it will bo on a ahoro, up
which wo may walk to a palaco; thot,
as n defendant may loso his caso in tho
circuit court and carry it np to tho su
premo court or court of chancery nnd
get a rovcrsal of Judgment in his bo
half, all tho costs being thrown ovot
on tho other party, so, if wo fall in th
earthly trial, wo may in tho highor Ju
risdiction of eternity havo tho judgmont
of tho lower court sot aside, all tho costs
remitted, and wo may bo victorious do
fcudauts forever. My object iu thii
Fcrmon is to show that common sense
oh well ns my text declares that such au
expectation is chimerical. You say that
tho impenitent man, having got into the
next world and seeing tho disaster, will,
as n result of that disaster, turn, thepait,
tho causa of his reformation. But 5 du
cun find 10,000 instances in this world
of men who havo dono wrong, and dis
tress overtook thorn suddenly. Did the
distress heal them? No; they went
right on.
That man was flung of dissipations.
"Yon must stop drinking," gaid tho
doctor, "nud quit tho fast lifo yon arc
leading, or it will destroy you." The
patient suffers paroxysm after paroxysm,
but under skillful medical trcntmont ho
begins to sit np, begius to walk nbont
tho room, begins to go to business.
And, lo, ho goes back to tho same
grogshop for his morning dram, and
his oveniug dram, and tho drams bo
twecn. Flat down again I Samo doc
tor I Sniuo physical anguish I Samo
medical warning I Now tho illness it
moro protracted, tho liver is moro stub
born, tho stomach moro irritable, and
tho digestivo organs aro moro robollions.
But after awhile ho is out again, goes
back to tho samo dramshops and goes
tho samo round ef sacrilego against kit
physioal health.
Suffering Does Mot Always Reform.
Ho sees that his downward course ii
ruining hia household; that his life is a
perpotual perjury against his marriage
vow; that that brokou hearted woman is
so unliko tho rosoato young wlfo whom
ho married that her old schoolmatos do
not rccognizo her; that his sous aro to
bo taunted for a lifotimo by tho father's
drunkonnoss; that tho daughters 'aro to
pass into lifo tuidor tho scarification of
a disrepntablo ancestor. Ho is drinking
up thoir happiness, their prospects for
this lifo, and perhaps for tho lifo to
coino. Sometimes an appreciation of
what ho is doiug comes upon him. His
nervous systom is nil a-tanglo. From
crown of head to solo of foot ho is 0110
aching, raspiug, crucifying, damning
torture Whoro is ho? In holl on earth.
Does it roform him?
After nwhilo ho lias delirium tro
uions, with a wholo junglo of hissiug
reptiles let ont on his pillow, nud his
screams horrify tho noighbors an ho
dashes out of his bod, crying, "Tako
theso things off mo I" As ho sits palo
nnd , convalcsoent tho doctor says:
"Now, I want to havo a plain talk with
you, my doar follow. Tho noxt attack
of this kind yoa havo yon will bo be
yond all medical skill, nnd yon will
die." Ho gots bettor and goes forth into
tho samo round again. This timo modi
ciuo takes no effect. Cousnltation of
physicians ngroo iu saying thoro is no
hope. Death ends tho scono.
That process of inebriation, wanting
and dissolution is going on within a
fitono's throw of you, going on in all tho
neighborhoods of Christendom. Pain
docs not correct. Suffering does not ro
form. What is truo iu ono sonso is truo
in all senses nud will forever bo so, and
yot mon are expecting in tho next world
purgatorial rejuvenation. Tako up tho
printed reports of tho prisons of tho
United States, and you will find that
tho vast majority of tho incarcerated
havo been tJiero before, somo of them
four, flvo, six tiinos. With 1,000,000 il
lustrations all working tho other way in
this world, peoplo aro expecting that
distress in tho noxt stato will bo salvn
tory. You cannot imagino any worso tor
turo in any other world than that which
somo men havo suffered horo, and with
out auy salutary consequence.
rrojpccU of ltcform.
Furthermore, tho prospect of a refor
mation in tho noxt world is moro iin
probablo than a reformation hero. In
this world tho lifo started with iuuo
conco of infancy. In tho caso supposed
tho other lifo will open with all tho
accumulated bad habits of many years
upon him. Suroly it is easier to bnild
n strong ship out of now timber thau j
out 01 an out nunc time nas been ground
up in tho breakers. If with iunocenco
to start with iu this lifo a man doos
not becomo codly, what prospect is
thoro that in tho noxt world, starting '
with siu, thoro would bo a seraph evo
luted? Suroly tho sculptor has moro ,
prospect of making n fine statuo out of ,
11 block of pnro whito Puriiui marblo
thnu out of an old black rook scamod
and cracked with tho storms of a half
century. Suroly upon n clean whito
fihect of paper it is easier to writo a
deed orn will than upon a shoot of pa
per nil 'scribbled und blotted and torn
from top to bottom. Yot men scemjo
think that, thouuh tho lifo that boson
horo comparatively perfect tamed oat '
badly, tho next lifo will snecced, though
it Rtnrls with n dead fnilum
"nut," pots porno one, "I think. wo
ought to hnvo n clmnco in tho noxt life,
bccatnq tills lifo is so short it allows
only small importunity. Wo hnrdly havo
timo to tnrn nnmnd between crndlnnnd
tomb, M10 wood of tho ono almost touch
ing tho inavblo ef tho other." But do
you know what mndo tho ancient dolugo
n necessity? lt was tho longovity of tho
nutodlluvlnus. They woro worso in tho
second century of their llfctlmo than
iu tho first hundred years, and still
worso in tho third century, and still
worso all tho way on to 700, 800 and
000 year?, and tho earth had to bo
washed aud scrublwd nnd soaked and
anchored clear out of sight for moro
than a mouth beforo it could bo mado
fit for decent peoplo to llvo iu.
Longovity never cures impenitonoy.
AU tho pictures of Timo roprcsont him
with n oytho to cut, but I novcr saw
nnypicturo of Timo with a caso of mod
iciuo9 to hoal. Seneca says that Nero fox
tho first flvo years of his publio lifo was
sot up for an cxamplo of clemency and
kindness, but his path nil tho way do
sconded until at 08 A. D. ho becamo a
suicldo. If 800 years did not mako auto
diluvians any hotter, but only mado thorn
worso, tho ages of eternity could havo no
effect oxcopt prolongation of depravity.
Many Wrong Do Not MaVo n Might.
"But," says somo ono, "in tho future
state evil surroundings will bo with
drawn, and elovatcd influences substi
tuted, and heneo expurgation aud subli
mation, aud glorification." But tho
righteous, all their sins forgiven, havo
passod on into a bcatillo stato, nud con
sequently tho Unsaved will bo left nlono.
It cannot bo oxpoctcd that Dr. Duff,
who exhausted himself in teaching Hin
doos tho way to heaven, and Dr. Abcel,
who gavo his lifo in tho ovaugolization
of China, and Adoniram Judson, who
toiled for tho redemption of Borneo,
should bo sent dowu by somo celestial
mispionary society to cducato thoso who
wasted all thoir earthly existence,
Evaugclistio and missionary efforts aro
ended. Tho cntiro kingdom of tho moral
ly bankrupt by themselves, whoro aro
tho salvatory influences to como from?
Can ono speckled and bad applo in a
barrel of diseased apples turn tho other
apples good? Can thoso who nro them
solves down holp others np? Can thoso
who havo thomsolvcs failed in tho busi
ness of tho soul pay tho dobta of thoir
spiritual insolvents? Can n million
wrongs mako 0110 right?
Ponoropolis was a city whero King
Philip of Thracia put all tho bad peoplo
of his kingdom. . If any man had opened
a primary school at Ponoropolis, I do not
think tho , parents from other cities
would havo scut their children there.
Instead of amendment in tho other
world,' all tho associotlons, now thnt tho
good nro evolved, will bo degenerating
and down. Yon would not want to scud
a man to a cholera or yollow fever hos
pital for his health, and tho great laz
aretto of tho next world, containing the
diseased., and plaguo struck, will bo a
poor placo for moral recovery. If tho
surroundings' in, this world woro crowd
ed of temptation, tho surroundings of
tho next world, nf ter tho righteous havo
passotl up ami on, will bo a thousand
por cent moro crowded of temptation.
From Frohinaii to Senior.
Tho Count of Chateaubriand mado
his littlo sou sleep at night at tho top
of a castlo turret, whoro tho winds
howled, and whero specters woro suid
to haunt tho placo, and whilo tho moth
er and sisters almost died with fright
tho sou tolls us that tho process gavo
him norvos that could not tromblo nnd
a courage that novor faltered But 1
don't think that towers of darkness nnd
tho spectral world swopt by sirocco and
ouroolydon will overflt ono for tho laud
of otemal sunshine I wonder what is
tho curriculum of that collego of in
ferno whore, after proper preparation
by tho Rins of this life, tho candidato
enters, passing on from freshman class
of dopravity to sophomoro of abandon
ment, and from sophomoro to junior,
and from junior to senior, and day of
graduation comos, nud with diploma
signed by satan, tho prosidont, aud oth
er professorial demoniacs, attesting that
tho candidato has been long enough un
dor thoir drill, ho passes np to enter
heaven 1 Pandemonium a prcparativo
courso for heavenly admission I Ah, my
frionds, satan and his cohorts havo flttod
nucountod millions for ruin, bnt never
flttod ono soul for happiness I
Furthermore, it would uot bo safo for
this world if mon had another clmnco
in tho next If it had becu announced
that, however wickedly a man might
act in this world, ho could fix it up all
right iu tho next, society would bo ter
ribly demoralized, nud tho human race
demolished in a fow years. Tho fear
that if wo aro bad nnd uuforgiveu horo
lt will not bo woll for us in tho noxt
cxistenco is tho chief influence that
keeps civilization from rushing back to
6oniibarbarism, nud somibarbarism from
rushing into midnight savagery, nnd
midnight savagery from extinction, for
it is tho astringent impression of nil na
tions, Christian and heathen, that thcro
is no futuro clmnco for thoso who havo
wasted this.
Multitudes of men who aro kept with
in bounds would say: "Co to, now I Let
mo got all out of this lifo thoro is in it,
Como, gluttouy aud inebriation and
nnoloannoRS and rovengo aud all sensu
alities, and wait upon mo! My lifo may
bo eomowhat shortened in this world by
dissoluteness, but that will only mnko
hoavenly indulgouco on a larger scalo
tho sooner possible I will ovortnko tho
saints at last aud will enter tho heaven
ly tomplo ouly n littlo later than thoso
who behaved themselves hero. I will on
my way to heaven tako a littlo wider
excursion than thoso who wero 011 earth
pious, and I shall go to heaven via 'go
henna und via shcol. " Another chance
in tho next world means freo Jiconso nud
Wild abandonment iu this.
Tho Tout Mortoni.
Supposo you wero a party in nu im
portant caso nt law, and you know from
consultation with judges and attorneys
that it would bo tried twice, and tho
first trial would bo of littlo Importance,
but that tho second would docido every
thing, for which trial would you mako
tho most preparation, for which retain
tho ablest attorneys, for which lw most
anxious about tho attendance of wit
nesses? You would put nil tho stress
upon tho second trial, nil tho anxiety,
nil tho expenditure, saying, "Tho first
is nothing; tho Inst Is ovory thing."
Glvo tho raco nssnranco of a pecond and
moro important trlnl in tho subsequent
life, and nil tho preparation for eternity
would bo "post mortem," post funeral,
post sepulchral, and tho world with
ono jork bo pitched off into impiety and
Furthermore, let mo nskwhyachanco
should bo given in tho noxt world if wo
havo refused iuunmornblo chances in
thlsr Supposo yon glvo a banquet, and
yon invito a vast number of friends, but
ono man declines to como or treats
your invitation with iudifforouco. You
in tho courso of SO years glvo 20 ban
quets, and tho samo man is iuvitod to
them all and treats them all in tho samo
obnoxious way. After awhllo yon ro
movo to another house, larger nnd bet
ter, nnd yon again invito your frlouds,
but sond no invitation to tho man who
declined or negloctod tho other invita
tions. Aro you to blamo? 11m ho a
right to expect to bo invited after all
tho indignities ho has dono you? God
in this world has invited ns nil to tho
banquet of his graco. Ho Invited us by
his providouco nnd his spirit 800 days
of ovcry year slnco wo know onr right
hand from our loft. If wo declined it
every timo or troatod tho invitation
with indifference nnd gavo 20 or 40 or GO
years of indignity on our part toward
tho banquotor, and nt last ho spreads
tho banquot in a moro luxurious and
kingly place, amid tho heavenly gar
dens, havo wo a right to oxpect him to
invito us again, and havo wo a right to
blamo him if ho does not invito us?
Only Ono Offer.
If 13 gates of salvation stood opon 30
years or CO years for our admission, aud
at tho end of that timo thoy aro olosod,
can wo complain of it and say: "Theso
gates ought to bo open again. Glvo ns
another chance?' ' If tho steamer is to sail
for Hamburg, and wo want to got to
Germany by that Hue, and wo road iu
every ovening nnd ovory morning uows
paper that it will snll on n certain day,
for two weeks wo havo that advertise
ment beforo our eyes, and then wo go
down to tho docks 15 minutes nftor it
has shoved off into tho stream and say:
"Como backl Givo mo another chnncol
It is not fair to treat mo in this way I
Swing np to tho dock again nud throw
out plankB nud let mo como 011 board I"
Such behavior would invito arrest as a
And if, nftor tho gospel ship has lain
at anchor beforo our eyes for years aud
years, aud all the benign voices of earth
and heaven havo nrged us to get ou
board, as bIio might sail away at any
moment, and after awhllo sho sails
without us, ii it common sonso to ox
peot her to como back? Yon might as
well go out on tho highlands at Navo
sink and call to tho Mnjcstio after sho
has boon thrco days out and oxpoct her
to return as to call back an opportunity
lor Heaven when it ouco has spod away.
All heaven offered us as a gratuity, and
for a llfetinio wo rcfuso to tako it, and
then rush on tho bosses of Jehovah's
buckler demanding another chanco.
Thoro ought to bo, thero can bo, thcro
will be, no such thing as posthumous
opportunity. Thus our common sonso
ngroca with my text, "If tho troo fall
toward tho south or toward tho north,
iu tho placo whero tho treo falloth thoro
it shall bo."
You seo that this idea HftB this world
np from an unimportant way station to
a platform of stupendous issues nud
makes all eternity whirl around this
hour. But ono trial for which all tho
preparation must bo mado in this world
or novor mado at nil. That piles up all
tho emphases and all tho climaxes nud
nil tho destiuios iuto lifo hero. No oth
er chanco! Oh, how that augments tho
valnonnd tho importnnco of this chanco I
Alexander with his army used to sur
round a city and thon would lift a
groat light in token to tho peoplo that
if thoy snrrreudcrcd beforo thnt light
wont ont all would bo woll, but if onco
tho light wont ont then tho battering
rams would swing against tho wall, and
demolition and disaster would follow.
Woll, nil wo nocd do for our presont
and everlasting safety is to mako sur
render to Christ, tho king nud con
queror surrender of onr hearts, surren
der of our lives, surrender of everything.
And ho keops a groat light burning, light
of gospel invitation, light kindled with
tho wood of tho cross and flaming np
against tho dark night of our sin nud
sorrow. Surrender whilo that great light
continues to burn, for nftor it goes out
thoro will bo no other 6pportnnity of
mnkin.'f penco with God through our
Lord Jesus Christ. Talk of another
chancel Why, this is amipcrnal chanco I
No Chance In tho Nuxt World.
In tho timo of Edward VI, nt tho
bnttlo of MuBsolburg, a privnto sol
dier, seeing that tho Earl of Huntley
had lost his helmet, took off his own
helmet aud put it opon tho head of tho
carl, and tho head of tho private soldier
uncovered ho was soon slain, whilo his
commander rodo safely ont of tho bnt
tlo. But in our case, instead of a pri
vnto soldier offering helmet lo nn carl,
it is n king putting his crown upon nn
unworthy subject, tho king dying that
wo might llvo. Tell it to all points of
tho compass. Toll It to night and day.
Toll it to all earth and heaven. Tell it
to all centuries, all ages, all millen
niums, that wo havo such a magnificent
chanco iu this world thnt wo need no
other clmnco iu tho next.
I am iu tho burnished judgment hall
of tho lust day. A great whito throuo
is lifted, but tho judge linn not yot tak
en it. Whilo wo nro waiting for his ar
rival I hear immortal spirits iu convor-.
sntiou. "What aro you waiting hero
for?" says a soul that went up from
Madagascar to n soul that ascended
from America. Tho latter says, "I
camn from Ainorlca, whero 40 years I
heard tho gospel preached and Biblo
read, aud from the prayer that I learned
In infanoy nt my mother's knoo until
my last hour I lind gospel advantage,
bn for somo ronton 1 did not mako tho
Clu-istlnu choice, nud I urn hero watting
for tho Judgo to givo mo a now trial
and another chanco." "Strnngot" nays
tho other. "I lind but ono gospol call
in Madagascar, nnd I ncceptcd it, nud I
do not need another chnuco."
Tho Judgment,
"Why aro yon hero?" 6nyfl ono who
on earth had feeblest intellect to ono
who had great brain nnd silvery tongue
and scepters of Influence. Tho Inttcr re
sponds: "Oh, I know moro than my fol
lows. X mastered libraries and had
learned titles from colleges, and my
nauio was n nynonym for oloquonco and
power. And yet I neglected my soul,
and I am horo wnltiug for a now trial. "
'Strange, " qays tho ono of tho fcoblo
earthly capaolty. "I know but littlo of
worldly knowledge, bnt I know ChriBt
and mado him my partner, and I havo
no nocd of another chance. "
Now tho ground troubles with tho
approaching chariot. Tho great folding
doors of tho hall swing open. ''Stand
backl" cry tho colestial ushors. "Stand
baok, and lot tho judgo of quick nud
dead pass through I" Ho takes tho
throne, aud looking ovor tho throng of
nations ho Bays, "Como to judgmont,
tho last judgment, tho holy Judgment I"
By ono flash from tho throuo nil tho his.
tory of each ono flames forth to tho
vision of himself nud nil others.
"Dividol" says tho judgo to tho assem
bly. '"'Dlvidol" echo tho walls.
"Dividol" cry tho guards angolla
And now tho immortals Boparnte,
rushing this way and thnt, and after
awhllo thero is a great alslo botweon
them, and a great vacuum widening and
widening, nnd tho judgo, turning to tho
throng on ono side, snys, "Ho that Is
righteous, let him bo righteous still; and
ho that is holy, lot him bo holy still,"
and then, turning toward tho throng on
tho opposite side, ho says, "Ho that is
unjust, lot htm bo unjust still; nnd ho
that is filthy, lot him bo filthy mill,
and thou, lifting ono hand toward
oach group, ho declares, "If tho tieo
fall toward tho eouth or toward tho
north, iu tho placo whoro tho tree
fallcth thoro it shall be." Aud then
I hear somothtng jar with n great
sound. It is tho closing of tho book of
judgmont, Tho judgo ascends tho stairs
behind tho throuo. Tho hnll of tho last
assizo is cleared and shut. Tho high
court of eternity is adjourned forovor.
Tnrtane, Uarelrgn, Highbinder.
Tho first rofcronco to highland cos
tumo occurs in tho Saga of Magnus Baro
foot, king of Norway, 1003-1103, writ
ten by Snorro Sturleson, who was reared
with tho children of thnt monarch's
daughter. Hero it is stated that Mag
nus and his men ou thoir return from n
marauding expedition to tho west of
Scotland "brought with thorn a great
deal of tho habits aud fashions of cloth
ing of theso western part. Thoy went
about tho stroots with baro legs aud had
short kirtles aud ovcrcloaks, and there
foro his men called him Magnus Bare
foot or Baroleg. "
In tho thirteenth century wo soem to
havo something Hko a first referenco to
actual tartans iu tho statutes of tho
church of Aberdeen, which provido that
"all ecclesiastics nro to bo suitably ap
pareled, nvoidlng red, irrccn and striped
clothing, nud thoir garments shall not
bo shortor thau tho middlo of tho leg. "
But'it should bo noticed thnt tho word
"tartar," which occurs in tho fifteenth
century, in tho accounts of tho lord high
treasurer of Scotland, and which was re
garded by both Borthwick nnd Pinker
ton ns moaning tartan, really indi
cates, as pointed out by Dr. Dickson, n
fabrlo of eastern origin, frequently
"variant" or shot, tho warp and woof
boiugof contrasting colors. Wo And,
howover, a truo referenco to tartan in
tho sumo accounts in tho following cen
tury, for in August, 1C38, thero appears
an entry for "iij. olnis of Hcland tar
tano to bo hoiss to tho Kingis grace,"
theso "hoiss" or trows being evidently
intended to bo worn with "nno schort
Holaud colt," accounted for under tho
aamo date. jScottinh Bovlow.
Tho Coating of Ironclad.
Noboby Is foolish enough to protend
thnt wo can coat our ironclads oxtornal
ly with sealskin or with porpoiso hido,
and undoubtedly wo aro ut a groat dis
advantage ns compuredwith nature and
hor living forms. Very possibly tho
ultimata solution of this quostion may
be found iu tho application of somo now
material altogether to tho external coat
ing of our vessels. Compressed paper,
and compressed rameo fiber, which aro
now increasingly employed in Ameiica
for railway wheels and Btoam pipes,
would Hocm promising materials for
tho purpose. Thoy admit of being mold
ed externally into any mimtto grooves
or tiny overlapping plates, like tho
scales of n fish.
Littlo or no extra oxpenso will there
by bo incurred, as nn enormous hy
draulic pressure, capable of forming
any required surface, is already em
ployed in tho regular course of manu
facture. Or thoy can just -as easily bo
molded into a rough shagreen, which
in form cau bo mado a facsimilo pro
duction of tho skiu of tho shark. Aud
by their tough and strong retentlvo
Btruotnro thoy would effectually pro
tect tho steel, or real skin of tho vessol,
from corrosion by tho Halt water. But
all 'this is mere conjecture. Any such
suggestions which any man can pro
pound will bo nothing more than con
jecture, so long as wo nro content to re
main in our present doplorablo dark
ness and ignoranco of tho real govern
ing conditions of tho problem. What wo
most require is therefore light. Con
touiporury Review.
Fulr Vlny,
Mrs. Mary Grant Cramer, General
Grant's sister, is disgusted with , thu
protests nguinst equal rights for women
iu New York, in a privnto letter in
closing somo subscriptions sho saysi "It
is a pity that tho 'autls,' having had
thoir way so long, cauuot allow oursido
to try something decidedly better, Turn
about is fair play."
Regular graduate
authorized by h
nteto, and oonced
od to bo ilia lead
Inn nnd moat auo
coeoful Specialist
Nervous Debility
With Iu Many Gloomy Symptom! Cured.
Lost Vitality
Ptrttctly nd I'crmaacatly Rtorrt.
vunwf nr mm without mutary.
Urinary Diseases
Quickly Relltvetl and Thoroughly Cunt.
is Dr. II. J. Whlttlcr Invar
Inlriy successful) llocauto ho
nialccs nn promleee thnt ho
ciinnot fiilllll. Avoid cheap
curo-alU and unbilled iihyilotnm, and consult
Ur. Whlttlor In person or by lottor (giving
symptoms) and reecho tho candid opinion ot a
physician of long xprlnrt, unquestioned
skill nml Mrrllni; lulcfrrltjr.
MKt)iCINi:s from our own laboratory fur-
nUhcd at small cnit nud shipped nnywhoro
fccruro from olisor niton.
TltKATMKNT noicr sent O.O.D.
Ofllco lioun 0 to I and 7 to 8. Sunday 10 to 12.
Ossils-k I To llrnlth nnd Kmcrjrvnclcd
VAlllUt? I fori) ft. Atuuipe to prepay.
Call or ntldrcsa In btrlrt conndenco
IP Woat Ninth Btroot, Kanana City, MO
(ItcKtilnr (Irniluntee.)
Aro IliokfullruniiJ moat succcMful specialist! and
ulllrho Juulirli..
Young and mid
dlo aged men.
Itcnmrkal.ln re
mits tiawi follow
ed our tiiMmuit,
Mniiy yi.ur of
Initio uiiiof oura
tlu inithixli mat
control lor nil !!
iinlonufmciiulm ham ncjk, undo
iVKlopcd or Uls
rmcil oritnun. or
wlio arc mrtiTlnir
ifmm errors of
youth ami hccm
anil Impotent,
tho ftrnin of tlinlr
itdlovra nml the
cnnicinpi nt mctr
frlrntU end com-
omilnni. ivmAm na
inciinrnuicoinaii pmicni. ir limy run pntiimy
dp mliirril, our own exclusive treatment
ulll nflbi-U 11 cure.
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VXVATVRAfj ItinnilAHORSi promptly
cured In nfrwr iUih. ijtiick, euro cud safe. Title
Includes Ulcet end uonorlnro.
Wo Mvn cured cnica of Chronic i")lcsips that
navo falU'il tn pet currd nt tho hands ot other special
ists sud medical Inmllutps.
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rcatim-ut. t'UKK consultation at thooulcpor
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noM. A homo treatment can hoRlvrn In amsJorlty
frnies. (tend for Hymptom lllnnk No. lfmJleni
No. .'for Women. Ko. .irorHkln Dlioaics. All corro-ip-iiidrncunniwuri-d
promptly. Uuilncts strictly con
fldrntlsl. hntlro treatment sent freo from ohnen
Hon. ICcfcr to our patlculs, banks and business luca
Address or call on
J,ii. Corner Math mid Frits: Hit,, Dooms I aud a
(Up Blslrs) UT. .lOMFPIl. MO.
.... .. .,. -. v
tn. s. c west'o vim ixm ssaij? tseawemt
le n..ld undor poftlllyo vrrittt-n irunrm toe, by
iintliorlzfd iiKontH only, to unro Wcnlt Memory;
.W' Ilrnln nnd Hcrvo JWrt Lott tlnnhood:
Unlrktieeei Nfelit Lowims Kyil Urrams; Uckor!
(.onliilnncoj Wi-ryonsnoss; Lnwiltiidot nil Drains;
lyiss otl'uwcr of tuoUonorntivuOwius in cither
sex, rnu-wl hyoTor.r.xortion, Youthful Errors, nr
KxcpmIto ohb nr Tobacco. Opium or Liiiuor,
which londs to Misnrr. ronstitupUnn, Insanity
und Death. Jly mull, Sin box; nix fur $3!wltFi
written Bunrntitco to euro or rotund money. We:Vl
Ltw rills ruro Hick Hendnrhn. liiliouMirse.
Urer Complaint, Hour Klonmrli. Dyspepsia una
L'oiibtlpatlt.n. OUAllANTEEa Utucdotdy by
For buIo by Doyo & Qriup, Heil Cloud.
To Wntcr Coiuuiiici'm.
Notieo i horeby givon to the patrons
of th city wator eorvico, nf tho city of
Red Cloud, that section 21 of ordinnnuo
No. 'l.'l liorounto iinncxotl nt fcitidulty will
bo Hlriutly enforced hereafter:
It Bhull bo unlawful for any porson
within paid city to Bpriultlo, eject or
throw wutor from prlvato or publin
Bprinltlor, wiiRhtr or liydrunt upon any
public strcot, luno or alloy, or any yard
(,'iirtlon or onclomirt', or permit or cause
tho Baino to bo dono, nor upon or against
any building upon such street,
lane or til ley, oxcopt for the ex
tiiij;niHhrnont of ilrcn nnd ordi
nary htnibo cleaning except between the
bonis of 0 and 7 o'clock u, in., und G and
8 o'clock, p. in., of eiieh duyj und any
other pcrwin violutlni; uny of the provi
nioiiH of thiHPOftionoliall upon conviction
thereof bo lined in any sum not oxcavd
iui; ton dollars. und Btuiul committed un
til Bucii costs nnd fine nro paid.
W. 13, Roiiv, Mayor.
II E Pond,
Wntor Comieeionor.
Dated Mny 1. 1801.
we will send you
a Brilliant Gem
of unusual color, ""
and a copy of "V1
"The tirtat Divide, n so you can see
what a wonderful journal it is, pro
vided you name the paper you saw this
in. It's a real Jewel we'll send you. j
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1 - -t 1 1 TiiWir yiwn
1. .
- -.,.,.-,i, ttAtmut, fxJ&u,
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