The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 06, 1894, Page 5, Image 5

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I'p lo mid incliiilmg .ti:ly llli, ut'uiM
ituiUu fipeclnll)' Inn prlt't1 on iiiij anil
nil uooilx In our Mo it.
All of our $1. no O.vtWtU
All (f our 1 5)5
All of our 2.00 "
All of our 2.00 diocs
All of our 2.50 "
3.fi0 ,
All of our
HnrgnliiN In Children' kIiocm. Ten per rcnl reduction
In prices or goodN not entiiuernfeil nlioe.
TVSJl iii iUtUUUUiUUUiUU iii UiiiiiUiiiK
,pilH!) K. McKEKBY, M. 1).
IMijslelitii itml Snrueon,
Citjmul country call- promptly mis
, vwrcd.
Moon Block, ISr ! Ciom.
tauix or co.vrr.vrs.
' PllgO.
1 Washington's Life.
Weather Hullotin.
Ileal Rstato Transfors.
' 2 .Tacquitn, etc.
:i Country Coricspondonce,
Killoil by nMob.
' Tho Lntoat News.
15 Editorial.
City anil Country News.
5 City News, etc.
(i Strikers Arming.
Buried tho Goddess.
Nebraska and KatiBas Nows.
Otl or Lato News.
. 7 -Tahnngo'o Sermon.
. b Miscellaneous.
local, x i:vs.
Geo. Hall wns in tho citv this week,
i J. C. Warner went to Lincoln Mon
day. ' Herman Nuu was in tho city last Fri
day. Charley Mitchell iB in tho city this
Miss Koso Green spent tho Fourth in
Red Cloud.
Mrn. Geo. Winton still remains quito
ecriouoly ill.
A. W. Anderson was down from Blue
Hill Monday.
R. St. Clair of Holdreuo was in tho
city Monday.
Mrs. Ella Olmuteud and eon is in tho
oity this wook.
Henry Clark returned from Oxford
hint Saturday.
Cham Rvnns of Nuponeo wot in the
city this weok.
C. II. Headborg was down from Blue
Hill this week.
J. II. Kocknfellow of Weston was in
' Red Cloud this weok.
J no. C. Smith of MarjBville, Kan,,
v.uh on our treets TueBdey.
Uenij Fox Jr. of Nelson was in Red
. Cloud tho first of tho weok.
N. W. Kingslnnd wns in Beatrice this
weok attending chnutauqua.
Several of our joung folks wero out
serenading liibt Friday night.
N. W. Kingelnnd is homo from Beat
rico whoro ho was on IniBinebs.
Mrs. A. C. Hosnier and childron Iuio
rotumed from their trip to Missouri.
F. Biudbrook nnd family started for
thoir future horns in Missouri last Sun
day. Win. .Tuckson and family of Wymoro
will make Rod Cloud their future resi
dence Sovoial of tho prominent mugnnloB of
tho B. k M. railway wero in Red Cloud
last Friday.
Mrs. Wm. JoBfllyn and childron of
Orleans woro guests at Rev. Yeiscr's the
lattoi part of last weok.
Mr. A. W. Richardson, formerly n
Wcbstor county school teachoris located
ut piceonl at Albia, Iowa.
M. W. Dickerson uud wife returned
from Iowa Tuesday. M. W. is looking
much utrongor than usual.
Tho an mi ul mooting of tho board of
oducation occurred Monday. Thoy tran
sacted tho usual amount of business.
Dtp. Dniuoroll and Rinigh wore callr.d
to llluo Hill hiBt week to attend an in
jured person who was struck by tho
train. riw ,
Tho rosidenco of Mrs. A. CuuuningH
caught tiro on Monday, and had it not
been for timely aid sho would huvo lost
her propel ty.
Mis. J. W. Phillips, mid son Roy, or
Ciule, Neb, aro lsitiiig with Mr. I). F.
Scammoii. Mrs. Phillips is Mr. Scam
nion's daughter.
Mis. Alo Bontloy and childron, who
Iiaobeen visiting fi lends in tho t ity a
fow weoks, roturnod last Satimluy to
their homo in Lincoln.
Mrs. J. A.Tuit and Miss Josin Igou
deplro to extend their thanks to tliosu
wlio kindly UBfllsted in removing their
household furniture, etc, nt tho lii'c.
Glorious Foiktii!
I'Hcis on
o I
warrants- C. dilutes
.). A.
w eek.
in Lincoln this
John Fulton of Rivcrton was in the
tits this week.
Glass jars, rubbers and tops at A.
Morhart .V Son's.
Mr. Shepherdson of Riorton was in
tho city this week.
Charley Hunter of Inavalo was on
our Btreets this week.
A. J. Huwlej came in this week and
helped ua out llimncnill
Buj jour fruit jarH of A. Morhart A
Son. They hao all sizeB.
Go and foo Caluies for all kinds of
bread, cukes, candies. Ac.
F. p. Hadley painter and paper hanger
and sign workacpeuinlty.
Will TullojH expects logo to Minne
apolis on a isit in a few dajs.
Mibs Bertha Talbot is homo from her
isit to tho north part of the state.
If jou put up any cherries jou want
gliiBsjnre. Buy them of A. Morhnrt A
Any one in need of blgn work should
call on F. P. Hadley. Ho guarantees a
first clahs job or no pay.
Curt Hums has ovcrjthingjou want in
thosecond hand furniture line. Seo him
Bluo Front, south Webster streot.
Wanted to trade merchandise for a
good and gentle horso. Inquire of Jno
B. Wright tho second hand furnituro
Mepsrs. Dedrich A Cook hno sold
their store to Mr. IliiiBley of Lawrence,
who will boon take possession of tho
Tho Misses Jcnnio and Mnggio Vis
schor, of Hoi joke, Colorado, aro hi tho
city visiting with their grandfathor, Mr.
Don't forgot that I uni prepared to
cany passongors to all parts of tho city.
Loao ordeis at tho Holland House.
R. B. Fulton tiro and lightning insur
ance, Western Whito Brone, uioiiti
niontB and cemotery goods. Olllco with
Tradors Lumbor Co.
Hon. C. W. Kaloy is putting down a
tine Mono walk around his premises. It
is red sandstono Hugging and will niako
a handBomo addition.
Mrs. Win. Parlies whilo walkiug in
tho ard tho other day, t lipped hurself
on a wire which laid hoi up for several
dii.Mi with n badly injured foot.
Joo Foglo tho harness man, located in
tho Chanoy building North Webster St.
for llrst-cliiBH work, substantial liar
neEPPB, saddles, collars and hurdwnro.
For the best meals and lunch go to
tho City Bakery and restaurant also
fresh bread, buns, pies, cakes and lino
candies, tobacco cigars, etc., at. -Jos
Mrs, H. MuFarland bujb advertihing
pays. Sho lost an earring tho other day
and mhortiBcd for it in tho Cireat Fam
ily Weekly and nad it returned to her
tho not day.
Burlington Route agontfl at Btations
within 1.10 miles of Croto will sell tick
ots to to tho Croto Chnutauqua Akfoiii
bly nt ono faro for tho nnind trip from
July 0th to 11th.
Major Roby recohed word from
Dundj county Hub week, that tho crop
on his farm in that county had all bcon
destrojed by hail. His lino orchard was
dainagod c.'(K) or more.
Mr. Cabh Grigson, tho popular tiael
ing man, who in well known in Red
Cloud Iiiib opened a lino giocery store in
tho Moon block. Cash is a rustler and
his now storo is ory neat and tasty. Ho
fully understands his liiiniium and will
no doubt niako a grand micccFS of tho
businen1. Wo wibh him outceni.
On hiht Fiuliiy eeiiing Major Robj
and wifo had been man led 211 j ears, and
in order to celoluato tho occasion, Mrs
Roby engineered n surpribo parly on His
Honor, which wan a complete suipiinc.
Tho owning was very pleiiBantly oIipoiv
ed until a lute hour, when all went homo
feeling that it wnB good for them to haw
an imitation to Mich a pleasant homo.
The major and wifohavo our congiatu
ionPiil on their 201 h aunlveisaij.
Die. ci'M.nioat;
i ni:i
couii July " "'"I lotii.
ColtlngV I'olnU'i'x.
Do j hi know it is hot?
dunk of our ico cold sodn wider
Wo haw the finest lino of to .thbrtisl
r in the eit,
I'rj out new drinks, malt phosphates,
uutiitiw and I'utislioa the timet.
Our perfumes are fiesh and fragiant.
M tin ton iiiimuil wateis on draught.
Bring us jour porscriptions wo ue
onlj the puroit drugM, and emploj a
graduate in ph'irinnoj.
niv inwh.
Corn foi sale, enquire of C. L, Cutting.
Tho boaul of supenisois moot on the
Tho district court coinenes mt Mon
dnj. Vou can get tho cry latest uowh bj
rending page (i.
l'ercj Fleck and wifo hao gone to
Michigan to liw.
Sam A. Toniplo and wifo wero in
Omaha this week.
Superior Watt of Guide Rock was
in tho city this week.
If thin ippuo is a littlo Into tho fault
can bo laid to tho Ith.
R. W. and Oliwr Goro wero up from
Lebanon Wedncsdii)'.
W . J. Fuiso and C. L. Brown of Alma
weio in Red Cloud tho Fourth.
J. I). MeKim and Geo Gibson of Ma
lonio wero in the city Wednesday.
Cotting'rtcold soda is tho healthiest
drink jou can I! ml this hot weather.
Chas. KuiiFoy and his best girl of
Lebanon, Kan., wero in tho citj on tho
Capt. Blnino and Mr. Gilford of CowIcb
wmo doing biiBincBS in tho county seat
thii week.
Tho "Lnko" will supply jou withfresh
ii huh; cion i tan lo boo inu "J.aito ' bcoiio
on Satutdaj".
I ho city council should repair tho
sidewalks at once and thun saw some
heavy lawsuits.
MeBsrs.I. F. Grimes, A. W. Anderson
and C. II. Headborg of Bluo Hill wero in
Rod Cloud this week.
Pug Dog Lost. Answers to tho nniiio
of Jumbo. Big reward and no questions
asked. Fiumc Smith.
Nearly four inches of rain foil in tho
month of Juno according to Judge
Trnnkej'B record. Good.
Tho Fpworth League social held at
tho residence of Mr. R. M. Martin, Jr.,
was a very pleasant aHair.
W. O. Burnett nnd family of McCook,
who haw been Siting with E. B. Smith
and wife, have returned home.
Don't forgot Hint on not Tuesday tho
city water works will bo cut olT, iib Com
missinnor Pond will clean tho wells.
Tho corn crop in Nebraska bids fair to
bo tho largest owr raised if proEont con
ditions continue through tho bouBon.
Geo. Guilford who has bion in Mis
souri, sajfl ho has all of that stato ho
wants. Nebraska is good enough for
Two weeks fiom Friday, July 20th, is
tho limit for charter uionibeis to go into
the Degree of Honor of tho A. O. U. W.
Don't foigot it.
Tho final limit on Ashbury Park, N,
.1 , tickots has been extended to Sept,
1st, and on Clovolnnd, Ohio, tickots to
Sept. A. Conovor, agent.
John Clark who wiib sent to stato
piibon, has been rotumed (o Rod Cloud
for a now trial, his caso having been ro
wrecd bj tho supremo court on enor.
Ladies aro respectfully imitod to call
nt tho city bathing parlors on TuoBilaj
anil Thutsday afternoons. Tho looms
will bo exclusively in chargo of ladiop.
Geo, Simon, Stato Adjuster of tho
Homo Insurance Co. of Now York, was
in tho city nnd sottled with G. W. Holm
grain foi the loss of his barn by wind
tho other day.
C. B. Crono and children, Mastor El
mer and Rdiin, haw roturnod from a
if it in Iowa. Thoy report a pleasant
time, and Mr. Crono Iiiib becomo veiy
Meshy from feeding on Iowa diot.
A. R. Tiniinormaii, F. II, Paddon, G.
M. ReoveP, J. G. Meek, F. B. Felt. W. S.
Meek, C. E. Stein, II. C. Johnston nnd
G. A. Briggs represented Suporioi's Bi
ejelo Club in this city on tho Fourth.
Throe-women woro uriestod this weok
for misdemeanor in tho Houth end of tho
city, and taken before Judge West
whoro thoy wero fined $10 and 62o each
rcBpeetiwlj', and to stnnd committed
until tho lines nro paid.
Tho V. P. S. C. K. of tho Congrega
tional chui ch will give an old time social
consisting of ico croam and cake, also a
new dish culled buttermilk ice, Friday
evening, July lllth, in tho court hoiibo
j, ml. Bo tun 0 to come.
Prof. .1 L. Mcllneii of Orleans college
will leetuio to tho toncliein of the insti
tuto and otlieis on Fildity evening, July
Kith, Admlbbioufioo. Rvoij body is in
vited to atttnd this lecturo, Place of
delivery will bo announced later.
Fred Cox, tho alTablo and courteous
clerk In Wiener's Clothing Store, ro
signed his position on tho Unit and loft
for Hasting , where he will ueeopt a
similar job, Frod in a whole smiled fol
low and will mako hosts of friends
whorowr ho goes. Suceesstohim is our
best wish.
Tin: roiitrii.
Ked i'loiid Olchriilc In lAcel.
Ictil M)le.
Limt Wediie'diij wasJulj I, and the
people fiom H'irioundiiig cotiutrj in
large numbers came to Red Cloud to
celebrate the natal daj. At sunrise the
people wero awakened lv the gun pqiiail
who sent forth report aftei icport fiom
tho at tiller part of tho piograin. Tins
was the signal foi a general fiiHilado of
Hi o erncki'is and other explosives, and
the day was ushered in in the usual
niautiei. Rverjoue shot Hie crackers
At ten o'clock, Maishal Gra engineered
his parade through the streets, foi
lowed b Jus. Peterson's steam engine
and little "J iniiiij clones," composed of
three wagons. The parade was headed
by His Honor, the major, audthocity
council, tollowiug tho major, came
tho S. of V. band, tho lire department,
and a wagon containing H little gnK
representing thoBtntcs. This wagon was
averj haudtoti'.c feature and attracted
much attention. The cnlithumpitina
catiio not, and then Jaw. Peterbou's
steam engine and iniiiij citizens in car
Hugos. The parade went north on Web
ster, west on 7th avenue, south on Sow
mil street, east on , 'Id avenue, thence to
fith avenue and concluded at the court
house park, vvheio tho speaking was to
take place. Here, Major Roby Intro
dticed tho Hon. T. J. Mahony of Omaha,
who addressed tho people on the occa
sion. His speech was thoroughly pat
riotic and full of bound sense and was
highly appicciated bj all present. At
tho close of tho address dinner was
called, and after taking care of tho in
tier man, tho crowd ro assembled to hear
the toasts of our home people, i o lions.
Jiib. Gilliam, C. W. Katcj, J. M.Challln,
R. McNitt and R. T. Potter. Rach of
thebo gentlemen responded to tho sub
jects assigned them in excellent shape,
and had wo the room, wo should bo
pleased to give each speech, but our
spueo forbids, sulllco it to say, how over,
that Red Cloud has talent in tho lino of
oratory that cannot besuipnsBed. After
tho tonstti woro completed it was tho nig
mil for a general good time, and tho peo
ple danced, laughed and had a general
good time. Tho races wero of the prin
cipal afternoon umusemeuts and people
mndo a grand iubIi to seo thorn.
Thu bicjelo races attracted tho largest
ciowd, and the handsome racetrack was
linid with interested spectators. Tho
wheelmen who wero hero from a dis
tanco wuro profuBo with thoir compll
ments in regard to tho splendid track
that luul boon arranged for them, There
weio four entries in tho haif mile race,
vi.: A. R. Timmermaii, of Superior,
Henry Kirby of Bladon and Frank Cow
den and Hugh Miner of thiB city. Tim
merman carried away tho gold medal
and Kill)' the silvor medal. Hugh
Minor's wheel was disabled ut tho open
ing of tho second heat and ho was
foi cod to withdraw from tho race. Time
Ben McParland of Red Cloud nnd
Willie Thome of Bladen woro tho con
tcutftiits for thu bojB quarter mile raco.
Thuro won in 40 seconds, Bon coming in
ono second later.
Bat two entries wero made in tho milo
race, A. R. Timmormun of Superior, and
llnriy Kck of Bladun. Timmermaii was
winner and was awarded the gold modal
and Rck tho silvor inedid. Time for tho
two heats w.ti .'1.08 and 2:.rM.
In the relay raco Frank Cowden made
tho first quarter in l.'lboconds, C. Croner
the second in 17' , Frank McLaughlin
the thud in 4IJi and F. Cronor the
fourth in 1)1). tatovo Wcokor who was
riding a fifth met with an accident and
withdraw from tho race. Tho timo was
Il.Oi for tho milu.
A vory interesting gamo of bnso ball
botwpon Fai mem Crook team and Red
Uloiul, i emitted in a score or ii to a in
favor of Red Cloud. This wns disputed
howovorand Red Cloud claimed tho vic
tory by tw o scores.
Oliver Hedge won tho fat innn'B raco.
Tho entries weio Oliver Hodgo, Mr. Hil
ler, Mcllalo and Mr. Campbell.
In tho.)0aid raco tho ontrioe were
Messrs Stone, SchalTnit , Spurrier, Rjan
and Cronor. Stono was winner.
Tho Red Cloud Iiobo teams made a lino
showing. No. 2 won first money in 23
Seconds. Distanco 50 jards.
In tho potato race thoro wore four con
testuntu but wo did not learn tho win
noi 'a naino.
Upon tho whole Red Cloud had n
splendid celebration and tho poople had
n good time.
Sovoral months ago M, R. Bontley
purchased what was known ns thu Stato
Inmk ut that time, on the statement
that it was clear from all liens, and now
comes a claim of $700 for which thu
bank has bouu told, and the receiver
should bo prompt to settle it, wo should
think, as wo believe Mr. B, paid a vory
high pi ico foi tho building, and much
higher than it could havu been bold for
to othus. Mi. llenllej will probably
commence suit to compol tho govern
mont to pel feet tho title.
Wo omitted to mention on account of
our absence last week, tho appointment
of J. A. Tullos to tho iPHponsiblo po
sition of custodian of tho Masonic Grand
lodge of Nebrrskn. Wo undoistand
that tho position la a very trustworth
one besides being quite lucrative. Tie
has our best uishos,
R vimdTii vnsii . On tho morning of the
Kith Tin Ciiiii editor boarded the 10 I'.O
II. A M. train for the cast, and at tip. in.
niiived in Craig, Missouri, where ho
staod over Stinilii. A gieut deal has
been said about Mifourl Intel, and
that it was tho garden of the world, Ac ,
while a great deal of the stor is worth
of credence, et oven Missouri hat her
adversities Dining tho month of Mil
she had vet littlo rainfall, and as a con
seqiienco her cropii are not what the
would have bt'Pti had copious rainfalls
been tho case, Oats, wheat and part of
tho fruit crop'i aro short, still corn is
splendid and there is quite a largo aero
ago of small grain. Missouri has her
drawbacks however, and when Nebras
ka is short on crops, that state, as well
as others, aro similarly nireotod. From
Missouri we went north to Omaha, and
thence to Chicago via the llurlingtou
route returning the following Friday.
Passing tlnoiigh Iowa ami Illinois,
where wo could obseivo the growing
crops. All along tho Burlington line,
crops laikcd very nicely, jet thoro lias
been u dearth of rain, uud the com crop
and othei crops aro backward. Coin as
a usual thing is not up with tho Ne
braska article, oven if our spring wns a
little drouth. Times are very dull in
the states named and people there have
that tineas, restless fever as badly as
they have it in other places, and the
only wa that we can see to obviate it,
is to settle down and bo sntislled to let
well enough alone, for thuro will iiIvwijh
bo dissatisfied people, mid if Nebrns
kans take tho fever it will only bo tho
worse for them as theio is no iuiinediato
reined'. The only thing to do Is to
abide by tho consequences at hand and
bo prepared to lloat on tho top wav e w hen
prosperity again I louts over our land.
There is no better state than Nebraska,
and no hotter crops, noil or people than
hero abide.
Rvini'.vli. rou mi. Wi.i k.TIio week
has been hot and dry but the general
rains immediately preceding had left
the ground in excellunt condition nnd
all crops have niadu very satisfactorj
growth. Light rains of a half inch or
less provailed over the stato generally,
except in thu central and outhrastorn
section whore none fell until Monday
night nnd Tuesday morning, but as wo
go to press, light rains prevail over the
state generally. In tho extreme north
western and northeastern comities near
ly an inch fell during tho week. Thoro
has been more Unit) thu normal amount
of sunshine, mid in some localities, hot
south winds have causid thu corn leaves
tocutl somewhat. Small grain contin
ues to nhow general improvement.
Wheat harvest is well advanced in tho
southeast section. Tho straw is short,
in pome cases oven too short to bind and
tho ield is light, but the grain general
ly is of good quality. Ovor most of the
western part of thu stato tho small grain
will bo nearly a total failure. Chich
bugs aro becoming vory numerous nnd
aro beginning to attack corn. The corn
ovorywhoro is in excellent condition. It
has mndo a remarkable growth during
the wook and is now farther advanced
than usual at this b;ubou. Much of it
has been cultivated for the last time.
Tame hay is a light crop but wild hay is
improving and pastures uru everywhere
in good condition. There has been a
largo acreage of millet bown which is
coming up nicely. In Webster county,
corn hati mndo a wonderful growth dur
ing tho week.
Di.nno Lewis Denno
was lined $100 and coats uud sentenced
to hard labor in the county jail until
October 20, Ho has been in jail since
March 20, and the maximum buntoncu in
only twelve mouths at hard labor. Den
no is a ouug man who wont to Red
Cloud fiom Buchanan, Mich., to work
for an uncle. Whilo thero ho stole let
tois addressed to John Martin nnd at
tempted to unlawfully learn the socrots
of Mai tin's coirespondonco with parties
living in Buchanan. Patrick 11 awes,
who was Dunno's attorney, told tho
judge that he wished an order from the
court for a good suit of clothes for his
client whon ho was rolcasod from min
ted, as tho clothing ho wore whon ar
rested had been stolon since his conllno
mont. Thu judge demanded proofs of
the attornov'b asbertlnns nnd said that if
they woro truo ho would mako suiious
trouble for somo ono. Ilaweu said that
ho understood that when tho other prin
oners were released thoy selected tho
best clothing thoy could tlnd, nnd in this
way somo of thu ragged prisonois woro
onnbled to got good suitfl whon thoy got
out of jail, The judgo told Havvcs to
prcEont proofs and ho would take a hand
in tho matter. Omaha Bee.
My oiler mndo In last week's Issue of
Tin. Cim r will bo continued until Jul
lUlli. Dining that period I will give
my patrons tho ndvantago of low prices
on photos, I wi'l continue to mako
!ifteonfor$2.-.0 -E Tk.xnv.m-.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Srrmvisoii QorwrioN. Mr. Editor,
(ile ipo allow mo to mako n reply in your
paper to the gentleman who has not tho
courage to sign his naino to tho artlclo
repljing to my Btatoiuontn mado in tho
Nation, In thu first place, he naid hid
table was taken direct from tho tax list
and no guss work. If there is nny mis
takiv in mj table of Webster county you
must hold the editor of the Argus re
sponsible for that as, Mr. Warren pub-
IHhcd that identical table last spring as
utriiocopj of tho tax list iib It wiib thop,
and I suppose it's the sumo to-day, for
tho very purpose jou aro publishing it
now. I simplj cut it out nnd saved it
and jou can seo it in the Nation olllco
jtt. Next, I ask jou why did jou not
publish tho statement of Nuckolls coun
ty iilno? That wan in tho Nation. It
looks as though it must have bcon
against jou. Nsxt, you tell us thntour
valuation increaseii svery jear and na
turally brings our per cent down. Tho
faots are, that the Inst four jvura the
valuation has been from $,'100,000 to
$400,000 less than it wan in 1800. I
would like to call jour attention, too, to
tho fact that we huvo built two steel
bihlgen across tho Republican river that
overjbody speaks well of, and paid cash,
each in each j ear's levy, besides tho low
er valuation, and no bond afterclapp.
Please boar in mind, too, tlint jourtouu
ty levy from 1880 to 188." is far heavior
on jour own statement than any jear
since, and jou bring in township tax in
order to fool the people, but I would liko
to know what tho town tax Iiiib to do
hero; that is, a tax that isat tliepooplo's
own option. It is their own municipal
business. If they aro humanowltli their
poor brutes and wish to spend a fuvv dol
lars each car to save horse llesh and
hard pulling for their horses, they can.
While we paid as high us $8 on tho 9100
valuation ami never received u cent's
woith in tho rural districts for roudsor
culverts. Your can't oven tlnd a high
way road overseer that got fifty conta on
the dollar for his fees under tho old bjb
torn, so where wero wo at? You might
just us well say wo should eat only mush
uud milk and wear $,'1 suits of clothing
in order to save money; that's what
many had to do when taxed wore from
( to fS per $100 valuation. Look up
thu report of Line township; it only
levied linills tax for lBO.'l for town ex
penses, and who dares to put tuoro onto
them? Here is no coward, it's Jack
Kindscher from Heaver crook.
Tun Cm i r duct- not seo any reason
tor personal abuse of tho major and city
council because tho standplpo wna not
tilled last week. Whatever may bo tho
personal feeling between tho monibon
of tho council on any subject in not of
impoi tanco in the enso ut bar, us tho
lawj era would say, an thoy had no part
in thu matter, more than to appoint tho
water commissioner somo weoks ugo.
Our estimable contemporary, Tho Bolt,
siijb on tho matter: "That tho question
hinges on who shrill run tho council,"
etc. and "whnt the council ought to do
is to resign mid call an election to select
now olllcials," or worda to Hint olToct.'
Wo enn not possibly beo tho bearing or
tho relation that tho llro cf last week
has to do with Xho council's resigning.
New olllcera could do no bettor than the
pieaent ones, and a new water commis
sioner could also mako mistakes, henco
we come to the conclusion that our con
temporary is talking through its cylinder
Wo surmiBo that tho criticism comos
from n dosiro to lilt the members of city
legislature n "Bolt" rather than to criti
cise them justly. Tin; Ciiit.r doos not
uphold the "llioticulllng" that hit been
going on in tho council but it believes
in giving tho devil ids duo. 'Iho coun
cil in no more to blumo for thestandpipo
not being full than is theC.arof Russia.
It is one of those peculiar casos whore
it is "be d -- d if jou do nnd bod dif
jou don't" alTairs. TiikCiiiki' behovoa
tlict evory mombor of tho present coun
cil is as intelligent and as honest, and
come ns near doing their duty as any
council that Rod Cloud bus ovor hud
during our our residence hero notwith
standing somo unwarranted criticisms
that huvo boon heaped upon them by
Bomo of Red Cloud's critics. Lot ua
have peace" and with it prosperity and
less hades.
Tho following mimes aro nioinbors of
tho ISIaden BicjcloClub who spent tho
Font th in Rod Cloud: II. W. Kirby, W.
L. Thorno, Harry Kck, Frank Cronor,
Charley Cronor, David Byrne, Btevo
Wickel, Georgo ClawBon, C. S. Bonnott
and F. W. McLaughlin.
Highest Honors Worlds Fair.'
A put e G rape Cream of Tartar Powder. Fret
5rom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
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wei (MtevapH
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