The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 06, 1894, Page 3, Image 3

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Am t BMHWiWMfcfW
I . J J miC A
jm styjwv
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w v
thc naoc-rcn a gamble co , ciht.
Willow C'rvt'k.
Oraco Godwin va married
Mrs. Suulon'i children ara liavint; ' .nti N'eim .iioMViiiro,riHg,-o Kcpn
tlnno -Oth sit her brother in law'nl 'tho uiratlep.
hutur near MnitiniM, to a Mr Heel ell Mr, I), II
S tliuy, 1 am. Those ho attrnici
Dillion and hr diuuh-
(it Ilmiic wont (D Guitlu Hock one
l'urnUlicit li) Our Alilo Coip !
Country Correspondent, ln
Inlly lor.lho IN intern olTlic Chlol
t' " utjiltti'j: from tit s vicinity were,
N Godwin Mill wife, (.'.ilcj, Hsie
ar.d lMna Kdson.
Hutiry lirubaktr killed a hi ink
ult r it killed 1!) chicken-, .l.ik
Jjhjv killid one after it liad killed 'J 7
'li ckfiu. A U JJon killed anotWr
iftcr it killed l!i chicken.
lion llruncr has friends viiitinu;
Lightnini! struck A J lion's hog pas
ture fence the lU of July and bumed
3evcr.1l pnU.
Morn June Oth a irl to Mr and. Mr"
Mr? Carpenter ha reluriied home
from l'aru where hc has been attend
ing school, alio has been a ttachcr
every line sho was 1 1 years old.
iJunna Moushaiif: Las returned home
from l'cru .
Joe lirubakcr returned from Law
tencc county ths othcy day.
The wcedrf arc growing as well c
thc corn.
Mr. Cutter was in town Wulniflda)
puting up a header,
The Itfd Cloud nine did us up the
last time scoro '2'2 to 2'J.
0, W. Ilagcr in raiMfg his house
and putting a utono wall under it; it
would be a wise iuvebtment for otlieis
to do likewise.
Jude Sapp was in town to thc ball
game and was feeling fine as well as
Tlio farmers arc commencing to
John Hutchinson iu the lnppicst
man in town; it is a boy this time.
We were pleased to shako hands
with our old friond Mr. Button; he
gays he don't care to livo in thc des
strts of Nebraska.
Dr. Hall says his patient with thc
broken leg is almost well.
Tbo omiutttces on exercises for thc
celcbia'ion met evrj evening to tran
sact business,
Sally was quito talkative thu other
day, I think bho is tiying to make a
mash on soma one; how is it Silly?
Can you tell when the road ii clear?
. ....-
An Epworth League was organized
at Mt. Hope last Sunday with Miss A
J Wilson as president and Miss Mary
Mountford vice-president. Thc lmgue
starts out with about 1-0 members.
Tno first meeting will be held next
Sunday at early lamp light, wo wish
them gucces and hop their Bumbtrs
will increase. All aro invited to at
tend. It Oillis says it is hard work to kill
sunflowers but harder still to gtt a
girl; look out girls there is a chance.
S Mountford was vibiting at Clark
Steven's last week.
Miss Scrivncr was visiting at Mr.
Spp's last week.
S Mountford will bo able to take the
girls out riding now, as he has got a
oarl and harness.
The Sherwood baso ball team play
every Saturday afternoon.
Jlatvesting is on in full blast. The
wheat crop is very light. Coin is
growing fine sinco the rains. Whcie
tbo furineis luted up their oats thoj
say tbo ehinch bugs are killing the
young corn,
W still sto Boino tanners planting
oom, and wo woudcr if thoy nil! plant
torn all summer.
Mountford had his wheat cut Inst
Trio following was accidcnlly omit
d lait week:
Thoro'ii n pair of little lunula
Laid to rest for our moro
U'hero'H (o jioiuly dimpled olieoUd
Tlmt rich blchHinc Ih o'er
Death him sealed two little ojoa
That will no moro Piniloor weep,
Tiny window h of tlio soul
Littlo lloulairoKouo to (deep.
There's another bud reinoed
J'.ioit fell tho blilo of bin.
Tli much tbo dooi tlio unrein nindo
D.nlinK llculah has piuscd In,
Km liD) nml the iiine nUion,
Whoto tlio tim ntar cien neon
From nil enith'fl md doubtnnud fears
Littlo liuuhih's Kono to i.leop,
Tbo dainty Kiiruiouts wrought with
Through happy hours foi love's riiko
nro laid nwiiy foi ono moio fair,
Tliuu niotlior'n hands can in,il;e;
How could wo liear this heavy croHa
The lonolinesg, tbo cruel li.dn.
Did wo not know our curl hi) lot.9
Islier oteinnl pilii. '
Sho will waho in fairer hinds
Whoro tlio uniU'lV MiieeH piny,
'1'boro the lloweilets eludl ipund
Thoio uliall lou's perfeetion lirhiff,
film bus lenehed tbo (olden t-lmro
ThroiiKli thu ilver euld and iU ji
mjol8 lmro her pufely I hero,
Littlo Uoulidi's gone to bleep,
Whe.i Ilby was diet, wo cto lier Ciwlo'Ja.
li Klionnt a ClilM.slia crlul for CiutnrlA.
Wlun Ut became Mls, tia clunB to CnRtorlft
V.'Uea slio liaj UkiMrco, sho gao Uicm Costorla
The dlh has como and gone
Kvcrett Ilean has a new buggy.
Andrew Anderson has a new wind
mill. Win Brotthauor has bought a new
Charley Lino was in our locality
lhiiory llcan of Cowlei was in our
locality Monday. '
Albert Wilson and family were vis
iting at J C Wilson's Sunday.
A Hudrcau was heading wheat in
our vicinity last week.
Arthur Wilson and wife and Mr
Cooper and family were visiting at C
II Wilson's Sunday.
Kvcrett Bean and Henry Humbaugli
and their families were visiting at1 J
Bran's Sunday.
day lat weik.
iKe KiuJit 1 on the nick liM.
(.Mr. linnet's unit to (luide Buck
i In1 lib.
Wim who has been on th
sick lint, i-i sonio bettor.
Mot eei)bod) had gieon apple
pin fur the lmrlli.
Suudy, July 1st, tho Weslejnn
MethodiHlH had baptizing at the Re
publican lit or. Mr. Valontincr and
Mis Maud Line were bnptiod.
Rev. BjII lil'cd his nppoiulmctit at
Maple Urovolnit Sunday.
Rev. Adaiiii did not ouiuo to North
Branch Ust Sunday.
Have you noticed how n man in a
sultry day will tako off his hat, look
into it for an instant as if he expected
to find fU'inetliing refreshing then don
it again with a disappointed air only to
doll it BL'iin, But a disannointod air
is better than non at all in a dead
It I lUt I'll.
Did jou got Boino ox?
Whero did jou upnd jour-lth.
Harry Kck's bicycle is laid up for
T.vo brothers of Miss Mjra Horman
called on her one day last week.
Tho "slaughter house" should b'c
removed from tho pionio grouabs.
A new doctor from Plymouth, Neb,,
has huug out his shingle in this town.
Runaway No. 2, C D Apley, no
damag dono only to shafts and harness.
W J Whittcn and family of Bluo,
Hill wro visiting at V S Hall's la's!
Mr and Mrs Jno West of Blue Mill
wcro tho guests of Mrs 1 'ash by
Thursday. ' '
Rev Snow who has been visiting his
old homo in Illinois returned home
last Thursday.
The attendance at the county alli
ance meeting on tho 3d was not near
ao l.ii no as expected.
Mr and Mis LewiH Ivith of Wilcox
wcro spending a tow days among
friends of this vicinity last week.
Quito a number of ladies of the
Baptist society met last Thursday at
grandma Monroe's ato ice cream and
sewed carpet rags and cpnt a ery
sociablo afternoon.
L. 1'. Spenco went to Ong Tuesday
morning to upend tho Fourth, The
Laud to which he belongs furnished
tho musio for that city and could not
possibly get along without him.
Frank Croner and Henry Kirby re
ceived iilw w'leols this week calUd tho
Crypto, und differing from a safely, in
having a large wheel in front and a
small ouo bohind, and the gearing iV
cngs instead of chain,
Tho ico ciciim and cake sociible
(riven by Uio ladies of tho Congrega
tional bocicts at Mr Rudd'slastThur
diy roning was well attended and a
vory nooiablo tunc passed, those pres
ent seemed to enjoy theiiibolvis very
A lady hv the namo of Birker liv
ing mar Cunipbtll walked into town
Sundiy 'i ning and com plumed (hit
Iit hiisban I bad been cruelly boating
and whippini: her, and shn was going
to luavu and she had no nione; a
I purso was nindo up of rnouah to buy
'her a tkkot to Dewitt.
Itlvcrloii Slomii !) Woulit.
Frniih I!. Pock Kivcrton, Nebraultn.
clonus und d)cs clothes, und guiirimtcefi
satisfaction in till cubcs. Sliipping
cluires pain one, way. Quick time and
moderate prices. Ladies' dresses, clonks.
capes, jackets and wraps of all kinds
cleaned und d)cd to look liko nuw.
I'nink K. l'cck. 4w
NKUItALOIA enrra nv Dr. MlleV Pain
1'ills. "Ono cent u Uino." At all druKlstx.
nrU or Tlniiik.
Tho undorsifneil hereby express their
sincwo thnuks(to the lire company nnd
all others for tbo heroic work dono on
tho 27th ult., to snvothoir property from
lire. Thoyjipprccinto tbo olTorts of all,
undo anil feinnlo. And heartily thunk
them for interest manifested and kind
ness showed. Oio. O. Yi.isnt
i.i ''
Itcalrifc C'liaulaiiqiiii Amciii
lily. Juno -') to July 1, BurliiiKton Route
ayunls ut stations within 150 miles of
Bentrico will sell ticket to tlmt city at
ouo faro for tbo round trip. Juno 21
und -'.', tbo sumo low rate to Bentrico
will apply froni-nll stations in Nebraska.
Tickets und full information upon ap
plication to ltciil B. & M. ugont.
I'nrin l.oaii.
If you want u loan on first class hind I
can gie)ou a 6puciul rate. Lowest in
ttri'yflt opUon to pay part or ull ut
any year.. ..Cull or writo to mo.
, - C..l', Red Cloud, Neb.
Taken tip.
Six miles northwest of Red Cloud,
ono durk brown Toxns colt. Owner can
liavo siiuia by proving snmo nnd Bottling
costs, etc. Frank Jiskra.
' '
Not ice.
Tho Webster County Mutual Protec
tion nnd Anti Jlorso Thief Association
mouts in Cowles, tlio Inst Saturday of
tieoh month, nt'2 p. in, '
tf , I'lios.Hoonso.v, See.
I'rmu mi litnlm Moti
VA!.i.f Ma., July 0. Seventy-live
innk(Hl men from lltirko entereil tho
town of (lem nnd seized nml bound Bit
periiiteiident Nell nnd Porcnum Sutn
liters of the ?oni inini', and Frank Big
gins nml Writ, nonunion miners. Tho
mob ptiirted for tbo blacksmith shop
wheio John Nebo win working. Nek)
saw them coming und sprung through
tho back window. The mob 11 ml, kill
ing him Instantly, and his body tolled
down the hill.
Tlio lenders of tho mob held n short
consultation und gave it signal to close
In mound tho prisoners, who were then
mnrched over tbo rnngo toward Mon
tana. When woid reached Wiillaco
many deputies were sworn in und citi
zens joined their orgnnlrntlon. Thsy
are now In pursuit of tbo mob. The
trouble Is n revival of tho fight of lbtU.
Union men have made frequent threats
to drive out nil nonunion miners, nml n
few weeks ago fixed Juno 17 as tho date
nonunion men must louve tho Coeur 6V
Alcne region.
fiolillcr nml Hiiltor Monument.
Clavemm), July 0. Tho Cuynhoga
soldiers nnd pallors monument, was
dedicated amidst tho plaudits of thous.
nnds of enthusiastic people The presence
of Govonior McKinloy na president ol
tho day nnd of ox-Uovcrnor Joseph II.
Fornkcr nnd Hon. V. I. Klein as ornton
mndo tbo occasion memornble. Ths
monument in located in Monumental
square ntnl cost about fJOO.OOO.
Denver Hunk Ulrocton Sued.
DnsvKtt, July 0. Thomas 13. Stuart,
assignee of tbo Colorado Savinirs bank,
lias begun suit against the directum foi
I lno.uOU, which will be required to liiiul
date tho claims of depositors. Tho bill
alleges that tlio dlrcctois willfully vlo
luted tho banking law, loaned money to
Irresponsible parties und on lusuftlcient
security and received deposits after the
bank bocamo insolvent.
HERE is Health
in the Wheel.
Finn muscles, good complexion, and
cheerful spirits are the result of
nlentv of out-door exercise and sun
shine. Cycling is the popular sport of the day. .m,
The 1894 Columbias aro a
realization of the ideal in bicycle
construction a triumph of Amer
ican skill and enterprise. Con
stantly advancing in the line of
Ride a
progress, Columbias still maintain their proud position as
the standard bicycles of the world unequalled, un
approached. .,,,, ' , .
1 l l'OIT. Mt 0. CO , lluiton, New Yuik, Ctilcafo, lUrUord.
A ttiutilul llltutntot ciulogiie (ree at our Jgciules,
or by mill tor l 0 j-cenl tumi.
.iv.. :
r 4 -t ' f
inonoy 10 Loan.
, I bnvo monoy to loan. Monoy on lnnd
oady for use. 1). 13. Spanogle.
Tbo City Uifth Uoortis is tbo pluco to
visit llieso windy dusty dii)s. ltoinom-
lipr they nro open from 0 u. in , 11 p. 111,,
every day ocopt Sunday.
..!. Ill
, Children Cry for
Pitcher' Castorla.
Notice to 'A'cuclicra.
Notice is hereby eiven that I will
examine 'all persons who maj desire
to oiler tliomticlvcs as candidates for
teachers oftho publio sohools of this
county, at Hod Cloud on tho third
Saturday of caeli mouth.
Special examinations will bo held
on tho Friday proceeding tho 3d Sat
urday of each month.
Tho standing required for 2d and
3d ftrado certificates ia the name no
grado below 70 per eont., average 80
per rent; for first grade certificate
no grade below 80 per cent., average
DO per cent, in all branches rcquirod
by law.
D. M. IIuNTEn, County Supt.
.............. ..P... .................
J. H. Davis & Son,
i uleo make Farm Loans.
Olllco in Moon lilock, Rod Cloud, Nob
They have sonic vory line bar
gains in hind.
Parties wishing to buy .should
cull on or undress the above hllssin insane!
Itecolvor McNeil Take CliBrg.
Foiitlanu, Or., July 0. Edwin Mc-
riell, receiver of tho Oregon Kallwoy nnd
Navlgntion company nssumed control of
tho road Wodnesday. Ho issued u goii'
end order retaining all of tho presoct
ofllcers and employes. W. II. Kennedy
WU3 appointed chief engineer.
Death of Clilcngu Editor.
CiliCAdo, July tl. James Bullivan, po
litlcal editor of tho Chicago Tribune,
died suddenly Wednesday afternoon In
tbo rooms of tho newspaper club, of
which ho was the president. Donth re
sulted from heart disease or npoplexy.
Lalil tlio Curneratono.
SitiNUFiuui, Ills., July . The comer.
stono of the $100,000 cxKltiou building
at tho Illinois stato fair grounds was kid
with imposing ceremonies, L. A. God
dard, grand master of tho HUroli
Masons, couductixl tbo ceremonies.
Cut 1114 Clill.tnii. Throat., H. D July C.-K. D. Quum,
u Norweglun farmer, liecniuo bo worrletl
over ciop prospects thut ho cut the
throats of his two children, nged 0 and
8, throw them In n well, cut his ova
throat and jumped in after them.
Klcnriigun Out For the Cnnnl.
Nnw Youk, July . President Bnrt
lctt received 11 cablegrom irom Nicnrn
gun saying tlio government has with
drawn nil opposition to tbo canal and
that tho woik will bo begun soon.
lliulnrM Men Drownpil.
East Rockawav, N. Y., July fl.
Tbreo New York business men were
drowned nt Hayes island inlet. Thoy
wero on tbo sloop Onzclle, which cap
sized in a sudden squall.
Aiiiilvurnitry of l'oiiioroy' Cyclone.
Foiit Down:, In., July (J. Poineroy
will huvo niemoilal services Friday, tho
anniversary of tho cyclone disaster.
K. M. Wright of Fort Dodgo will bo
Ilonry (Irovu Nrarly Drutrnjrtd,
D.i.i.rt, July 0. Fire, originating in
nn explosion of fireworks, destroyed tho
greater part of tho town of Honoy Grove.
Loss nbout fJOO.OOO.
Will Uo a ToUl Lou.
Pout Tow.nsbmi, Wnsh., July .
Tho bark IS. K. Hull, which went ashore
011 Duugciict-s Spit, will Ik a total Iosh.
ltlihnril Crukcr Ilaik Again.
Nkw Youk, July 0. Hichtird Croker
nnd two sons an I ved aboard tho Majes
tic, in the best of health and spirits.
John Duiilap, n farmer, shot and killed
himself at YouiiKstnwii, O. Ilushwss re
verses uusettlcd his niiml.
Tho expert insanity testimony In the
French murder caso was IIiiIhIiwI nt Aih
land, Wis. It has reached the jury.
Tho state encampment, Sons of Veter
ans, opened at Kokomo, Ind. Thero Is a
lively rivalry for tho conininudernblp.
A. J. IloNser has been appointed re
ceiver for Hedrick Uros., contractors ol
Chicago. They w ere bulldlug H Iiouilh
nt Porter, Iud.
Clark Prichctt was shot mid fatally
wounded by his son Van nt Nashville,
Tho llriishart Lumber company of
Portsmouth, O., nssluned to J, H. Dodgo
Lliilillltles, Wn.lKKI, iiKsi-ls, MiKX).
Henator Lode ilcnleil thu Htateinent
hent out that he n Hat Islled that four
memheiH of the heiiate had shared (n the
ii-suIIh of KUKiir spe iilatlnn.
tieorgii Mtd'ee, 11 l.oillxvllle convict,
Htnhhcd ami iiibtautly killed Charley
Thomas, auothei-convict, ut the Frank
fort Penitentiary.
On account of the iiillrond strike the
tneetliiK of the Xoith Amcrlcnn Turner
bund, to ho held nt Denver July8tol3,
was IniU'llniti ly postponed.
While 011 the stand in the I'leiich mur
der ensi4 at AhIiIiiiiiI, Wis., Dr. Kmnpster
said the Koveiiiuieut nave m-eret Instruc
tions to the e.pfitn to lliul uailleld'sas-
Webster county Fair
At their Fair Grounds West of the City,
Sept. 5, 0, and 7, 1893.
Positively to be the Best Exhibi
tion ever held in the county.
Large Premiums, Fine Racing, Grand Display
Make your arrangements to come.
Consult your township auxiliary president,
for further information. Do your best to help
make the fair a success.
R.L.ALYE A, President.
D. J. MYERS, Secretary, Red Cloud.
Served Exclusively to the
21477,212 People admitted to
the World's Fair Grounds.
I IlCSt C'uuiib Kjrup. Tblus tibod. C
in iirun. pom nyurDinii.l.
1 Ah ii ii-siilt of the inirease in the tax on
, whlfkv Cincinnati distillers have ail-
vnuced tho ii leu of splrltH :iLentHKaIlon.
lioNtruor Pick, Colonel I). A. DlMnu
nntl othutH nddressud the Wisconsin Cav
1 nlrv nsgticiutlon, which met iu annual re
union at Madlion.
Universally accepted as the
Leading Fine coffee of the World.
For sale only by Sherwood & Albright.
Pnoi'iUKTortH op
wv wiAir w.wmm
ib iMU iWJP M-Mf tAT-Ws tiMk iJfiij WSiitia tI Mym, W
Orders promptly flllod. 'Sour patrounae BOlloItod
i w
.X0 T''f""WWWMKf"
i- milt-... wp.iili.ii,imflmMiw.iw irw