The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 25, 1894, Page 5, Image 5

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Physician and Hurtfcon,
City and country calls promptly ans
wered. Moon Block, Red Cloud.
Pago 1 General Washington's Lifo.
Weather Bulletin.
Pago 2 Memorial Pago.
Asloop at Ilia Post.
May :J0.
Pago 3 County Correspondence.
Pago i-Clty, County nnd Editorial.
Pago 0 General City News of all kinds.
Local Markots.
Pago C Thousands in Peril, Ship
Wrocks. Freo Coinago or Revo
lution, Telegraph Markots, Cor
respondents and Locals.
Pago 7 Into a Death Trap, His Awful
"" Pugo 8 Nebraska Nows of all Kinds.
Wanted City warrants O. Calmes
Mrs. J. C. Warnor is homo from Lin
coln. M. R. Bentloy has boon on the sick
list this week.
Wm. Lindsoy was in Hastings this
week on business.
Tho old freight rate on tho Burlington
will bo restored on tho 2Gth.
Miner Bros, shipped elovon car loads
of stock to Kansas City this wool:.
Sam Lindsoy, whilo fixing some ma
chinory this week, cut his hand very
rc Do not forget tho Elba Wright enter
tainment at the Christian church Satur
day night.
Andy Wnrnor, ono of our former shoo
merchants, was in tho city the first of
tho week.
G. E. Haskell has roturnod to Boatrico
after spending a fow days with N. W.
F. M. Osborno of Danvillo, 111., is vis
itingwith his sister, Mrs. A. Conover
thiB week.
"J. A. Eylcr, live stock ugont for tho
B. & M. railway, was in Red Cloud this
weok looking after tho interests of tho
Mrs. Ed Young, formerly of this placo
but moro recently of Lobanon, died
thoro last Thursday and was buried in
Red Cloud Saturday.
On Monday, Gus Roats shipped 17
enrs of stock to Kansas City. This
stock is (mid to bo tho finest shipped out
of Red Cloud for n great many years.
When you got ready to buy children
clothing como and seo us look at our
combination suits extra pair of pants
nnd cap given with every suit. Chicago
Clothing Co.
For tho best meals and lunoh go to
tho City Bakery and restaurant also
frosh broad, buns, pics, cakos and fine
candies, tobacco cigars, etc., at.-"-Jos.
To all who aro interested in the orga
nization of tho Degroo of Honor of tho
A. O. U. W., will ploaso loavo their
names with Mrs. M. E. Huflraun or with
M. B. MoNitt.
Cheapest suits ovor shown now ready
for you every suit at lowost pricos, work
manship best in the country and best
fitting goods ovor brought to tho city
Chicugo Clothing Storo.
, Just received, from Now York, at Mrs
F, Newhouse, a nico assortment of par
asols, Bun umbrellas, .black and otfior
laces, ladieB neckwear, Ilamburgs, wh Ho
und black summor dress goods, etc. tf
Mrs. Rich, tho Red Cloud milliner,
wus horo tho first of tho weok trying to
got ii room to start n branch establish
ment horo. There is not at present n
vacant houso of business room in town.
-Rivorton Guard
Thero aro thousands of tons of buck
wheat hulls ground annually by Eomo
spluo mills in tho United States which
being mixed with a cheap Singapore
pepper is sold as Uio puro arltclo, una It
is u well known faot that nino tonths of
the etulT finds a markot west of tho Mis
sissippi river. Wo haudlo only tho puro
article and will forfeit 8100 it not found
as ropresonted. Shea & Turnure.
Tho Board of Directors of tho City
Reading Room would to call tho public's
attontion to tho faot that the library is
not u private institution but belongs to
tho city of Rod Cloud and is supported
by tho business men. Lately they have
recolved us a loan nearly halt u hundred
of tho best books of tho und from tho
T. C. K society for which they aro very
thank(u(. They would bo pleased if tho
citizens would talto a deopor interest in
the enterprise in the future than they
lmvo iu tho past.
Snm.iir.Hl)oni!o1aOx(i)ri1,.it, tip si at
,,. , , ,". ." cloth toil, lull tlti I OS
WoiiictiiiliiliiDoiiKolaOxfordi. .......... l is
JNoiiu'iliiiiOxtohMviinirooroporatoe. t M
JUnmn i Prince AllptfA liaml turn 2 hi
Womnii's I'niieo Alberts M.S. turn I as
V.'VP." in" I'xfof'ls Mt iiunllty, ij-3 t m
Child b 1 mi Oxfonls tat iinlliy 0-12 1 is
Opera Slippers, 81.00, 1.25, $.C0.
We have nlso a large lino of
Men's Hoys',
and Youths'
Low Cut
ami a clieapor lino of Women's and Misses
Oxfords rnnuliiicln prleo from
Wo aro pleased to ihow our Koods.
Jilakeslee & ICaloy.
For knlsomining boo F. P. Hadloy.
" Commencement exorcises next Friday.
Prico our woll papor. Doyo & Orico.
Go and seo tho bargain shoo countor
nt Wionor'e.
ShorifT Runchoy was in Bluo Hill this
week on business.
Seo Mrs. Rich for flno millinery, prices
woydown low.
Anyono wishing a Rood cornet chenn
call at this otllco.
Call nt tho Wograann gallery and seo
tnmplos of his work.
Sanford Noblo was visiting old frionds
in Red Cloud this wook.
Jns. M. MofTord of Guide Rock was in
Rod Cloud this week.
Wlori6r has put in a bargain sho
counter. Call and soo It.
Mrs. Wilbur Hull, who was auito sick
Inst wook, has recovorod.
A. MorharUfc Son havo just rocoivod
another car of Bakor wiro.
Go and got ono of thoso fino Paris
trimmod hats at Mrs. Rich's.
. -Any one in need of carriage painting
should call on F. P. Hadloy.
Go to J. B. Wrijrht'a for fine new and
second hnnd goods, Moon block.
tSTFarm for salo. I will toko city
property for part pay. V. Williams.
Hon. Peter Bcachy is homo from an
oxtendod visit in the oast Dart of tho
Miss Roccrs. tho oxnort trimmer, nf
Now York is at Mrs Rich's millinery
Two pair of pants with ooch suit and
cap to match, thoy nro barglnB. Chicogo
You can buy shoes at two-thirds tho
original prico at Wioner's bargain shoo
Everybody usos J3aker wiro bocauso it
is tho best. Buy it. A. Morhart & Son
havo it.
A. II. Gray ropresonts tho St. Paul
Firo Marino and hail insuranco compuny.
3l-U UIU1.
Bakr wiro is tho lightost wiro on tho
market. Call on A. Morhart & Son for
all you need.
Mr. Bnrtling of Atlantic, Iowa, father
of Mrs. Samuel Tomplo, is visiting in
this county.
Fred Cox amputated his mustacho
this weok and now ho looks like a follow
from "Iujinnn."
Isaac Thomas, Goo. Guilford, Jno. M.
Chapin, Jas. Mofford, F. Birknor have
ronowod sinco our lest issuo.
Moro goods nro being sold for a dol
lar at tho Chicago Clothing Storo than
any whoro else in this country.
Go to McNitt for .your Mammoth
Clovor, Gorman Millot and White Rus
sian oats it you want good seed.
Curt Evans hus every thingyou want in
tho second-hand furniture lino. Soo him
Bluo Front, south Webetor stroet.
Cotting tho druggist ta selling lots of
wall paper, low prices, protty patterns
nnd fair treatment are what counts.
You hnvo put it off too long but call
at tho Wegmunn gnllory at onco and ho
will muko you tho flnost photos you ovor
Mr. K. Sanford of Omaha and Supt.
A. Campbell of McCook woro looking
after B. & M. affairs in the city this
Remember that when cleaning houso
81.00 will buy' enough wall papor to pa
por an ordinary bed room. Deyo &
Wanted. Ladies to uso somo vory
nico perfume. Some new and very ox
nuisit odors just received. Deyo fc
Evervthinn In hats lust received nil
tho now styles and colors; elegant lino of
childrons caps; all the now novolties at
mo uuicugu aiore.
Puro sugar syrup, puro opon kottlo
Now Orleans molasses, puro country
nnrrrhtim nnd mirn frnlf nnrl wlnn vlnnrrnt-
can be had at Shoa &, Turnuro's.
During tho summor months every
family in Red Cloud and vicinity should
bo providod with n jar of preserved Can
ton ginger for salo by Shea &. Turnure
Whnt aro tho people of Webster coun
ty doing about making preparation for
tho fai- ? Every man. woman and child
should not forgot to muko up something
tor display nt tho fair this eoason. Co
operation is what make a successful
J. C. Warner was in Omaha this weok.
Decoration day will occur on next
House plants of all varieties nt Mrs'
J. II. Smith's. tt
Shea A Turnuro havo put in n flno lino
of queonswuro.
Every body buys their fnshionnblo
lints of Mrs, Rich.
A. G. Willis and Fireman Tubba aro
homo from McCook.
Go nnd seo Calmes for all kinds of
bread, cakes, candies. Ac.
Mifn Louit BallnwH is in tho city this
weok visiting old friends.
Mrs. Wcidomnn of Innvalo will move
to Red Cloud next Monday.
Mrs. Bradford of Mindon a visiting
with hor mother, Mrs. Talbot.
Remember thnt McNitt keeps both
tho top nnd bottom onion pots.
Now !h tho time to cull on Wegmnnn
nnd hnvo your picturo tnkon.
Messrs. I'roudllt nnd Snwyor of Guido
Rock woro in Rod Cloud this weok.
A smnll loan can bo secured on good
farm security. Inquire of II. E.Pond.
A. II. Grny represents tho St. Paul
Firo nnd Mnrino Insuranco company.
Seo him.
Wo gunrnntco tho Lincoln paint to bo
equal ti anything on tho mnrkot. C. L,
C. G. Dorsoy, receiver of tho Rod
Cloud National Bank, was in tho city
this weok.
Shon Sc Turnuro hnvo jimt received n
enr lond of ohoico Northern, Beauty's
and Hebron potatoes. Thoy nro lino for
tnblo or seed.
Shoa & Turnuro enrry tho largost and
choicest lino of dried nnd evaporated
fruits west of tho Missouri rivor. Drop
in nnd bo convinced.
R. B. Fulton tiro nnd lightning insur
ance, Westom Whlto Bronze, monu
monts nnd cemotory goods. Ofllco with
Trndors Lumber Co.
Mrs. Lindloy, mothor of Mrs. Chnrloy
Piatt, who has been visiting in the city
u few duye, roturnod to her home in
Kansas lust Wednesday.
D. B. Spnnoglo is ono of our vory en
terprising real estato men. Ho contem
plates going to tho eastern states to look
after Western lnnd Bookers.
Joo Foglo tho harness man, located in
tho Chnnoy building North Webstor St,
for first-class work, substantial har
nesses, saddles, collars and hardware.
Jack Frost enmo to this vicinity the
Inst part of Inst weok and did quite con
siderable damngo to onrly fruit and ten-
dor vines. Tho freeze wna gonornl all
over tho United States and territories.
Mrs. A. G. Willis is in Kearney this
weok, whoro sho goes to superintend the
putting up of it fino mnrblo shaft over
her mother's grnvo. Tho stono was fur
nishod by Boyd & Overing of this city.
Tho drouth of tho past wook has par
tially dried up tho pasture and injured
tho fall wheat and oats, but tho corn
crop is looking nico and bids fair for a
good crop should scasonablo rains come'
J. A. HoHinor, brothor of tho "Big
Injun," was in Red Cloud this weok. Ho
represents E. Bemont & Sons of Lan
sing, Mich., ono of tho largest manufac
turing institutions in tho United States.
Tho oxecutivo committco mot this
week and called u mooting of tho Repub
lican Lcnguo Club for June 4 nt 8 p. m.
in tho Bontloy hull. Good sponkors will
bo thero. All mombors aro expected to
bo presont.
Seo Mrs. Rich for your millinery. Sho
has n fino lino of French pattern hats
that cannot bo oxcollod nnd sho is soil
ing them vory cheap. Sho has also a
lino of 81.00 hats that she is selling for
lfi cents. Seo her before you buy.
Wm. Harris was arrested this weok on
a charge of holding n fellow up for his
watch ovor a your ago. Robt. T. Pottor
appeared for tho prosecution nnd J. M.
Chaflin for tho defonso. Harris was
bound over nnd was remanded to jail.
Somotimo our people will wako from
tlioir oscitnnoy und tind out that their
olfactory organs havo boon sniffing en
terprises afar, and that they might havo
hud u good sized city but for tlioir lack
of being moro cnergotlc in securing man
ufacturing institutions.
Messrs. Haskell fc Bosworth, tho en
terprising butter nnd egg mon, repre
sented in Red Cloud by N. W. Kings
lnnd, hnvo shipped 21 cars of eggs since
tocating horo. Thoro aro 12,000 dozen
in n car, which would mako 250,000 or
3,021,000 eggs. Who says tho Amoricnn
hen ought not to bo protected against
hor foreign competitor on account of tho
wenr and tonr to produco tho native
egg- Eggsuctly.
It will bo seen by advertisement in
this paper that C. L. Cotting has takon
tho agency to sell that incomparablo
work "Tho book of the Fuir" in this
county. Every person who saw tho
great fuir bhould huvothiosplendid wurk
bo thut its wondrous sights and beauties
shall not fudo from tlioir mental vision
and thoso who did not boo it. should also
havo it so thut thoy may view tho fair
just as it wus, and study it nearly as
well us though thoy had boon thero nnd
seen it in nil its lovliness. Cull on Mr.
Cotting, exuinlnu it and leavo your or
dor. Public Male.
On Snturday Juno tho 0th at tho
hour of two o'clock I will ofror my res
idonco property at public auction said
property is locatod in Fairview addition.
Terms mndo known on day of sale. J
Geo. B. Holland was in tho city this
John Fulton of Rivcrtou was in tho
city this weok.
Mrs. R. M. Martin is homo from her
trip to Missouri.
Hi Bedient was in tho city tho foro
part of tho weok.
J. A. Tulleyn mado n business trip to
Superior Wednesday.
Jas. MoNony nnd Goo. B. Holland
woro in Omaha this week.
Clins. Kimsey nnd S. II. Tutllo nro
now subscribers this week.
Misses Gortio Knloy and Blanch Shor
er woro in Innvnlo this week.
Mrs. (1. K. McKeoby is visiting In
Jninostown, Kansas, thin wook.
Mrs. Finnlganof Orlenns wns visiting
with Mrs. J. II. Smith this weok.
Goo. .1. Warren and family hnvo re
turned homo from Lincoln and Omaha.
Mrs. Hillyard of Long Tslnnd in visit
ing with II. Coztul and family this weok.
T. J. Ward has roturnod from Mis
souri. Ho will not move to thnt coun
try. Tho Mises Dora and Edna llendorson
returned from Womor, Kunsns, Monday
Dr. McKeoby wont to Chicngo this
weok. Ho was accompanied by M. W.
Mrs. W. Josslyn hna roturnod to Or
leans nftor n visit in this city with Miss
P. D. Yolsor.
Jnko Nyo has n fino new carry-all
which is n decidod improvement ovor
his old go-cart.
Mrs. D. M. Hunter roturnod homo on
Wednesday evoning from an oxtonded
visit in Arkansas.
Mrs. A, L. Funk left this week for hor
homo in Alcova, Wyoming, nftor u two
months' visit in this city.
Jnko Nyo has arranged with Sherwood
k Alhricht to loavo orders with them
for his hack lino. Don't forget it.
Tho Congregational church entertnin
tnont nnd eunnor in tho Moon block Inst
Saturday night whb a grand success.
Alt McCnll, a resident of tho "Stoto"
of Walnut, is going to build a now
nouso on lua rami. Alt la progressive.
Miss Bessie Sollara has nccoptod tho
position of book keeper in tho Haskell
& Bosworth Produco company's otllco in
this city.
Rev. Geo. O. Yoisor unitod in mnrriugo
on tho 21st, W. C. Browno of Holdrogo
and Miss Stolla Bayles of this city. Tho
young couple has our best wishes.
Morris M. Storn, of tho "beautiful"
city of Rod Cloud, was visltinir in Plntto-
mouth Saturduy and Sunday. Plutts
tnouth Horald.
By un order mude by Judge Dundy in
tho fodornl court this morning Bottling
tho Rod Cloud bnnk case, Congressman
McKoighan saves if 218 of his hard curned
coin. State Journal.
Oscar Teel is somowhat of n kicker
himsolf, but he has a horso tliut can beat
him as was demonstrated tho othor af
ternoon whilo his horso was hitched in
front of Wright's hardware store.
On to-morrow evening, (Saturday) tho
ladies aid society of tho M. E. church
will give n strawborryund ice cream so
cial in tho Moon block, In tho room for
merly occupied by Myors fe Usher.
G. A. Harris, tiro enterprising mer
chant of Covvles, was upon our stroetn
this week doing business. Mr. Ilarriu
docs business solely on tho cash basin
and finds thnt that system is vory satis
factory. Thoro lives a man in Rod Cloud who
periodically tills up on "turantular" juice,
and thon proceeds to make lifo u burden
to his wifo by whipping hor, as allogod,
and otherwise maltreating her. We hear
that tho mutter is to bo investigated. It
ought to bo.
Noxt Sunday is Memorial day. Tho
various societies, embracing Garfield
Post, tho Relief Corps, Daughters nt
Veterans and tho Sons of Votoranu will
hold Borviccs in tho opera houso in tho
morning. Rev. Hull, pastor of the M. E.
church, will dolivor tho oration. All aro
Tho Catholic pooplo havo decided to
build their church out of brick. A wise
decision it will bo an ornament to tho
city, and this papor is pleased to nolo
tho chungo. Fathor Quinn nover does
things by halves, and believes in build
ing u substantial structure when ho
sturts out to build.
Tho jury in tho attachment enso
Against tho Hotel Pullman for debts in
curred by tho formor manager," W. C.
Kops, returned n vordict yeatoidny
aguinst tho attaching creditors. It up
poars that Kops had no intorost in tho
furniture or other property of tho hotel
Hot Springs Daily News.
Tin: Ciiiki' man, accompanied by his
bettor halt and youngest brothor, was
in the enterprising littlo villago of Inu
valo Inst Saturday, and found tho nior
ohnnts of that hustling littlo villago
right in the swim. Tyro or tbreo houses
nro being erected in that place, besides
othor improvements. Thoy nro enter
prising people und deservo success.
A Chancib Ahkkd. A polillon is now
being circulated nsldnc tho supervisors
to submit the question of going back to
tho commissioner syBtom, It seems, by
a law pussod in 1801, that tho county
can. nt its ontion. voto for flvn nnmmlu.
sloners or threo. Tho petition calls for
five, und until tho presont law is changed
or modiflod, it would soem expedient to
go buck to tho commissioner systom as
tho least oxponslve, und fivo would bo
ubout ns good as tho presont system as
far us an equal distribution of tho var
ious interests oftho county is concerned
Tho proposition ought to bo submitted,
Twoorthroo thousand dollars nor year
s too much to run the county ufxairs.
M. Iiovcth o( Clulilo Rock wan In tho
Tuesday. , t
Chris KiibhIo wiih down from Bluo
Hill yesterday.
C. R. Patch of Rivorton wus on our
Btreots Inst Friday,
l.B, Hampton of Guido Hock wns in
Red Cloud title weok.
R. M. Shirk and wife of Rivorton
were In tho city Saturday.
Henry Clark has been elected business
manager of tho M. K. Choir.
A. M. and L. E. Simerson woro down
form Bluo Hill tho llrst of tho week.
It. S. I'roudllt and son or Guido Rock
woro on our streets Inst Saturday.
Tho II. .fc M. shipped 77 empty box
earn east Thursday evening in ono trniu.
h. E. Rogern nnd Fred Dorgo of Lob-
unon wero in Red Cloud the llrst of tho
Clydo Johnson, George Briggs nnd
Clnronco Stlno wero up from Superior
Mrs. (). C. TVnl departed for Indinnoiu
Thursday ovoning to visit with relatives
now dnyB.
S. I.Cozud nnd family lenvo toduvfor
Long Island, Kansaw, to talto up tholr
future homo.
John McCullum nndwlfoof Glonwood
woro in tho city this week. Mini is ono
of our best farmers.
On tho second page of todnv'n paper
wo publish n very interesting Momorial
pcico. Look It ovor.
D. K. Foot of Downers Grnvo, Illinois,
nnd J. II. Foot of G ay lord, Knnsns, aro
iitlng nt Tlios. Kmigh's.
Miss Pearl Skeon, formerly of this
city, griidunten this week from tho pub
lic schools of Ulysses, Nebraska.
Lot tin remind yon that now Is tho time
to tnlto DoWltt's Samnpnrllla, it will do
you good. It recommends itsolf. C. L.
Lot nil tho boys who expect to tnlto
pnrt in tho firing squad meet nt tho Odd
Follows hall Saturduy night nt eight
o'clock sharp. By order of committco.
Romembor our childrons clothing In
cheaper nnd bottor mndo than ovor. Re
inforced seats nnd knees.olegantpattorns
und low pricos. Chicago Clothing Com
puny. A fow friends of Mrs. A. L. Funk sur
prisod hor on last Monday evening, with
ico cream nnd oto., nt tho resldonco of T.
W. Thornburg, before leaving for her
Wyoming homo.
Wanted. A briuht, nnd intollicont
lndy in Red Cloud to help introduce tho
fastest Belling toilet article ovor put on
tho markot. Agents muko from 810 to
KM) a week. First como first sorved.
AddroBs at onco to W. T. Kelley, Frank
lin, Nobraska. Box 57.
S. E. PrentiBS mot with miito n Bor-
ious nccidont. A bovino tried to goro
him. and hud it not been for his alert
ness, ho would not havo cscapod tho
rurluus uenst. as u wns, ins mum was
badly lucorntod. Dr. Fred McKeoby
wns called und dressed tho wound.
Tho firo dopurtmont was out Thurs
day night testiiiK their now Iioeo. Tho
Red Cloud firo department is ono of the
very best volunteer companies in tho
stato of Nebraska, nnd nro doBorving
grout pruiso for tlioir ofllcioncy nt all
times und undor all circumstances.
Mr. A. Woidemnn wns born at Center
villo, III., January (I, 1815 nnd diod tit
his homo nour Riverton, Nebraska Muy
17, 1801, nt 10 p. in. Ho married Miss
Dora Bartling Docombor 12, 18(!j, who
still survives him. Their union wns
crowned with tiivo children, two sons
nnd throo daughters, four of whom are
Bro. Woidomun sorved his country
faithfully during tho war, after which ho
bent his energies to tho building up of a
homo and tho bottering of his follow
mon, bolng rnspcclod by nil who know
him, uml wielded nn influence for good.
Ho witli his family camo to Nobraska
nino vears ugo, und six yours ugo Bottled
near Riverton, Nebraska, where the dark
shudow of death has visited him, first
taking ti eon, u young man of great prom
iso and o.iriieet Christian character, thon
Ids flgod mothor wus culled honco, und
onco moro Ho culled "tocomouphighor"
which found our brothor ready ovon
wuiting for ho early embraced tho relig
ion of tho Lord Jesus Christ, uniting
himself with tho church, and hits lived
nn earnest christian lifo. A fow wcoks
before his death ho cumo into tho ox
porionco of perfect iovo, His ond wus
ponce, swnnt pouco, puEsing from tho
church militnnt to tho church triumph
ant to bo with Jesus nnd tho loved oiuh
who havo pusscd on before, 'lhofunoral
wus hold ut tho xosidonce, tho body fol
lowed by n lurgo concoureo of pooplo wus
interred in tho Red Cloud cometery.
"Btwcd uro tho dend who dio in tho
Lord." W. E. Uwoai'iikn
Card or TluuiU.
Wo deBiro to express our sincere grut
ittuJo to our many frionds who bo kindly
assisted us in our lato boreavemont.
Nono but sorrowing hearts know how to
approciir-to such sympathy.
Mit . A. Wkidi:jian and Family.
Hlf bcit Honors World' Fair:
A pure Crane Cieam of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia. Alum or any other adulterant
Ti is i
Hut wo can prove what wo
fay, nnd wo say that we can
foil you button goods for leas
money Hum anybody in our
line. Wo havo tho
and tho
They can't bo beat for this
hot weather. Wo also hayc
another carload of
which is tho best wiro on
earth find tho price is as
low as tho lowest. Buy
While it is chenn. All sizes
Window Screens
Screen Doors,
Always in stock.
Thnt bargain countor of bIioob a
Wionor'e htm mado n crent many go
awny hnppy from it, with a good pair
of Bhoeo at two thirds prico,
i m m i
Itlarhct fteporti
(Corrected Weekly.)
Wheat 9 45
Com , 2530
OatB 2530
Jyo 35
?Jnx 1 101 15
Hogs 4 15
Fatcowo 2 DO
Buttor 7
Eggs 7
I'otatoes Do
Ciilckons doz. 2 00
Turkeys b. 5
Retail prico of the Red Cloud Milling
Co., flours;
Monogram sack '..$ 00
Royal patent W sack 80
B. of U. S. ty sack G5
Woiner's prices are within roach of all
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