The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 11, 1894, Page 4, Image 4

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A., lMltor.
I.ahoyTait, Asst. tocnt Editor.
r. A. imams of Uivcrlon nns pur-
M chased tho iltvcrton Guard and has
J changed tho nnmo of tho paper to The
. t Wr. notice by tho
' 1 that .Tacit McCnll
Lexington Pioneer
.Tacit McCnll ia a thoroughbred
1 candliluto for governor. Jack ia all
rail 'teht, hut wo oplno that Gov. Crounse,
belt although said to Imvo declined, will be
roA the 'noxt notnlnoo of tho republican
fd party for that important ofllco.
Coi i
anil A Itod Cloud oxchango ia quite certain
out that JnmcB MoNony of that city will sue-
had C(ed Congressman McKeighnn. Dut
that well tnenninir contomnornry la mis
taken. McKclghnn's probablo Rucccasor
llvoa in Hastings. McCook Tribune.
Now, our Rood brother, is ns liablo, wo
take it, to bo in orror as The Chief, and
wo Ba)nhcnA9kcd what county ho hails
from, our nolo reply shall be ho halls
from Webster Count. Scol nowspopor man thinks ho has
a pretty tough tiiuo of it occasionally,
but tho followingcomplnlntcllppcdfrom
a Tonnecsoo paper downs them all: "Wo
aro mad. D-n tho people! How can
they expect un out here twolvo miles
from a railroad, twcntydlvo miles from
a river, millions of miles from heaven,
about two miles from the devil, and
about two hundred yards from n
whiskey shop, to get out a live news
paper?'' Wahiiinoton. D. C April 21,1891.
EniToit Makeim;
I have been informed that somo of
your correspondents have mentioned me
ns their clioico for tho olllco as Unitod
States senator, f dofliro space in your
pnper to say to my friouds that under
no clrcumstnnco will I permit tho ubo of
tny name ns a candidate for sonator. My
decision wao mado known tosotuo of my
friends mnro than one year ago, nnd it
will not bo changed. This is no hasty
conclusion; it was reached ufler n cart
ful considorntion of my duty to the pop
ulist narty of our stnto. which hua with
in its ranks many earnest and able men,
nny of whom would do honor to tho
ntato if elected senator.
I am, pir, yourB for victory and right,
W. A. MoKf.ioiian.
From tho nbovo wo should judge that
our congressman wno laying tho wires
for congress ngain, inasmuch us Senator
ial honors are isomowhat remote besides
uncertain. By the tlmo snow tiles again
new legislators will bo elected, and they
will be republicans too, nnd Sonator
Mnndoreon wdl succeed himself again
Tin: Old Woman. Of ull ungallant
epithets that some men use In spooking
of 'tho wife of thoir bosom," none por
haps is more often used than "tho old
woman." Young married mon soon
form tho habit of this woman oulturo
and think it smart. "Dear Angelina"
and "Molly Darling" only hear thoir pot
niuncs for a short time when "hubby"
win iiuurcsH mo porinnio or tho com
munity as "Old Woman." Tho wifo
Boon beginB to think that sho is growing
oiu nnu one ny ono or nor youthful
ohnrms disappear, and ore long that
brightest vivacity that "would raise mor
tals to tho nkies'f is gono, and in its placo
tho effervescent spirit of discontent
tnkos its place. Once ho whb wont to
address her sb "my angol of tho golden
trepscs." but'now ho calls Per "oldeorrel
ton." Wonders "why she has changed
po!" while ho in all lovo and affability,
kicks tho cat into tho cream jur, and is
off to town till midnight, jimt to moko
tho "old woman hot." As a gonoral
thing this class of men who hnvo "old
woman" on tho brain aro chronic grum
blors and fault llndors. If tho recent
froozo froze his potatoes, why! tho "old
woman" is to blame, he didn't want to
plant for n month yet. If tho rate hnvo
eaten up his pood corn, ho will saddle
mo oiniuo on tho "old woman." Ho will
persist in buying tho cheapest grudo of
Hour in order to Imvo an oxcusotoblumo
mo "oiu woman" for not having bread
Un to tllO lltlinilliril nf n "Vintlnnr "
If he is a republican, ho blames tho "old
woman" for hard times and tho dofeat
of his party in 'tvj. if ,0 jH democrat,
tho "old woman" is responsible for the
McKmloy bill, tho low prices of corn nnd
tho hog cholera. And "when life's iltful
fever is over" and Satin invitcB him in
to his engiuo room, ho will say, "Well if
it hndn't been for tho 'old woman,' I'd
boon on tho cupola of parodiso. Will
some of our scientists invent an "old
woman" currwind bring the millennium!
Tho pessimist no doubt would dread the
cure, but "If right mokes might tho
world would bo better for it."
Hand Annivkuhakv At tho regular
mooting ot tho Bed Cloud S. of V. Cor
not Baud tho following olllcers wcro
olected for tho year of 181)5: President,
Oscur 1'utmor; Vico 1'iesldent, Walter
Warren; Secretary, II. J. Clark; Treas
urer, O. C. Dell; Huslness managor, O.
O. Hell; Asst. business manager, II. J.
Clark. Uv an invitation from O. C.
Bell, tho band and their ladies mot nt
mo nomo or u. u
colohrnto their 'M
evening was siient
liiontH. Tho band
Jiell and fnuul to
anniversary. Tho
in various uintiso.
lemlcicd sumo of
their excellent music. A most delicious
Nipper was i-.oi ved, nfter which tho band
rendered National Fnnciblos, and bid
ding host and hootcss good uight, do
parted for thoir sovcral homes. Tho
following -wcro present: Messrs. 06car
Patrnor, Ilnry Miller, Walter Wnrrou,
Itobt. McJlride, Sum Mi'ler, Thnd Mc
Nitt. A. 11. Sollars. 1 J. Grice, Amos
Cowrien, II. J. Clark, Geo. Heudricks;
Mrs, II. II. Hurley of Denver, Misses
Bello Bpunoglc, Mary Detour, Jessie
Warren, .fessio MoKeighan, Lois Tope,
Blunch Sellars, liertha Talbot, Kotta
Aver, Jonuio Dell, l.illio Smith, J. C.
Dickorson and wifo, Win. West and wifo.
G. J. Wurreu and wife, O. C. Boll and
Med. Boviow; Who makes tho kit
tonoJackior Why, God makes thorn
Ethel. Ho doesn't uiako them as ho
does babies, ono by ono, but ho Buys,
"Lot there bo kittons," and thoro aro
Sco Mrs, Kich for your millinery. Sho
has n lino lino of French pattern lints
that cannot bo excelled and she ia soli
ng them very cheap. Sho has also a
lino of 91.00 hats that she is Belling for
15 cento. Sco her boforo you buy.
Has a Wor4r War over the Mart
AiipolBlmeataat a Ilrccnt Npcclal
Wo have read about wars of various
kinds, local wars, tho war of tho rebel
lion and the rebellious war, and Red
Cloud baa had qui to a sufficiency of tho
latter during the last to days, During
tho first of April, tho City elected now
officers ntnong them a mayor, Hon. W.
B. Roby. A month later ho took his
seat in tho council chnmber. Things
went swimmingly on until tho nnnolnt-
menta wero mado, and then tho rebellious
war commenced. Ono of tho learned
council objected to thoproccoduro. Tho
mayor did not nnmo tho candidates,
but allowed an nldormnn to do so, when
up jumped an aldorman, nnd in flowing
languago denounced ilia Honor In no
uncertain terms. Tho mayor thought
ho know his business, but tho war wont
on, two aldermen voting for tho nomi
nation and two against, and the mayor
caBt the dociding voto in favor of tho
nomlneo and tho war wont merrily on.
Thon another appointment was mado.
This did not suit tho pooplo although
tho council confirmed It, nnd n gront
doal of incendiary talk was indultrcd.
and tho war went on. Tho council final
ly adjourned to mcot again on Monday
ninht. It convened nnd nbout ono hun
dred and fifty citizona gathered them
rclves togothor at tho council chambor
to see tho fun, and tho wnr went on.
Finally His Honor, convened tho coun
cil. Tho clork road tho minutes. Tho
first thing that camo up was tho approv
ing tho bond of Harvey Vincent ns water
commissioner. Aid. Potter jumped up
nnd began n Senator Allon speech on tho
subject. Ho gave a great deal of ox-
parto testimony on tho subject of ap
pointments, and several times drew forth
great applause His Honor cnllcd him to
ordor, but llko the boy on tho burning
dock "Ho would not loavo his post," but
kopt on in the oven tonor and sometimes
doop boss way. Finally a voto wne
called on the bond, and tho wnr wont on,
and so did Aid. Pottor.
Ho said. "That n bond thnt timl bnon
changed without tho consont of tho sur
eties was invalidated," nnd he was right.
Tho bond wub not approved. Hero Col.
Winfrey, sent in bis resignation as mar
shal, nnd it wna accepted. Tho mayor
meroupon presoniou tno namo or v.
Willinma for tho position ut n snlnry of
t0. Tho counoil by n voto of 1 to 3
tailod to confirm. Thon IHb Honor np
polntodWill West ns Btreet commissioner.
J...... uiiuiiitiiiciu win, uuuiirincu uy mo
council. During tho evoning romonn
trances woro road against tho appoint
mont of Vincent ob wator commissioner
and engineer, and tho fire dopnrtmont
presented a act ot resolutions, which wo
givo bolow in favor ot Mr. Vincent's ap
pointment, nnd tho wnr wont on.
Reo Cixiun, Nob., Muy 7, 1891.
Whereas; It has beon callod to tho
attention of tho officers nnd members of
the Rod Cloud Volunteer Fire Depart
ment, that remonstrance haa beon filed
with tho city clork, and
Wiir.KEAs, said remonstrance is seem
ingly aimed at the said Firo Department
for tho reason that tho Honorable Mayor
and City Council saw lit to appoint a
member of said llro department to the
ofllco ot wator commissioner and sngi
neer at the water works, theraforo be it
Rosolvod; That this flro dopnrtment
now in special meeting, oxtond our
thanks and appreciation ot tho favor
and courtesy extended by said Honor
ablo Mayor and city council for tho np
pointment mado of said commissioner
and onginoor.
Resolved; Thnt it is tho ballot of this
department that tho oppointmont will
prove benoflcial, nnd that a moro effi
cient service will bo had, and bo it fur
ther Resolvod; That, at tho expiration ot CO
daya from dnte of appointment, if tho
said system of water worko docs not
show an improvement and that tho cost
nf maintaining the same is not Itps, nnd
that tho Honorublo Mayor nnd city
council have any just reasons to boliovo
that auch ia not the fact, thon this de
partment will concur in the removal of
the present incumbent.
A. J. Tomlinson, Chiaf,
G. B. McCall, Secretary,
J. O. Butlor, Troasurer,
L. A. Aultz,
Joe. Herburgor,
H. Diodcrich, Foroman No 2
11. Holtzman,
E. Cook,
L. M. Vanco,?
G. W. Smelser,
R. P. Hutchinson,
R. V. Forris,
II. Sowtor,
C. L. Winfroy,
A. M. Aultz,
T. W. Hatfield,
Robt, McBrido,
F. P. Hndley,
J. G. Sopp,
K. Groat.
On Wednesday morning whilo tho cit
izona woro broakfiiBtinr Engineer Sol
lurs was taking chargo of tho pumping
station having replevied tho koys from
Mr. Vincent tho night boforo. TIiIb cro
ated nuito u tulk on tho streots during
tho day. Wo hero nnnox tho bill of
procceduro in tho case.
Stato of Nebraska,
Webster county. HB
J. M. Scllara
Hnrvoy Vincont.
J. M. Sellers, plaintiff, being first duly
aworn, doposoe and pays that ho hus a
special property in, towit: us wator en
glneer of tho city of Rod Cloud, county
and stnto aforesaid, the following des
cribed property towit: The koy to the
oast door ot tho engine house of the
,EEP down in
you know
That we ead in sweet and lasting PERFUMES,
Our specialties are Pyrus, May Bloom, Frangapani and Carnation Pink.
water works of tho city of Rod Cloud,
and is entitled to tho immodiuto posses
sion of the same, nnd that said property
Is wrongfully detained by ono Harvey
Vincont; that said property wno not
taken in execution on any order of judg
ment against tho plaintiff, or for tho
payment of any tax, fine or amercement
assessoa ngnlnsl him, or hy vfrtuocu any
orders of delivery issued in replevin, or
nnyothcr mensuro or final process issued
against iuib pininuir.
(Signed) J. M. Sf.ij.aiih.
Subscribed and sworn to beforo mo
this 8th day of Muy 18Ui.-KoiiEirr T.
Potter, Notary Public.
About 1 o'clock Wednesday afternoon
the mayor called another enccinl meet
ing of tho council and appointed Harry
Pond as wator commissioner, which wns
Now ns far as this paper is concorncd
wo think tho wholo proceedings aro out
of ordor and much of it a disgrace to tho
city. It does not look woll for business
mon to resort to such measures in order
to mnko n littlo notoriety or political
capital. Tho peoplo elect thoir repro
sontatives to do business for thorn and
thoy expect them to do it or resign nnd
lot tho vacancies bo filled by men who
That Citv Water. For tho Inst fow
yoara wo havo hoard a gront deul nbout
tho city water. Wo havo beon lead to
beliovo thnt good water could bo secured
by spending money upon tho bottoms
at tho presont location of tho pumping
station, nnd nsfnr ns it goes, tho water
is all right, but it does notgofuronough.
Up to tho present date tho wells havo
cost tho city in tho neighborhood of
$7,000, and what hnvo wo to show for it?
If tho money during theso years
had been properly expended in nrtesian
wcIIb thero would bo plenty of wntor
Bat horo comes spring nnd before it is
fuirly begun the foul creek wntor hns to
bo lot in, impregnated with all tho
tilth that naturally finds its way to tho
creek, Wo prcsumo tho nldormon woro
honest in thoir purpose, but it does look
liko a wnsto of money to search attor
wator whoro thero is none, and keep
sinking monoy in tho ground without
Bomo good result. If thoro can bo no
bettor water produced, tho city ought to
at once, tako off all rates nnd allow tho
peoplo to havo the wator without cost
as it is an absolute robbery to ask ono to
pay lor uuen corruption as comes irom
tho creek. If tho water wnsproperly
filtered it. could bo used, but in its pres
ont condition it is nn outrage to ask tho
citizens to pay for it. During tho win
tor tho wator was oxcellent hut things
hnvo chunged now, and tho other is tho
Tiik BEAUTirur. When
Btops to think, ho comes nnturally to tho
conclusion that thero is no othor statu
liko Nebraska, and not nnothor city as
hnndsomoly located ns Red Cloud. Sit
uated on almost a 1000 hllls,shocan sur
vey thousandsof beautiful farms in ovory
direction. On tho south are tho beauti
ful greon hills dotted with farm houses
nnd industrious farmers. On tho west,
north and cast with handsomo IiUIb and
dells, thousands of groves und other
beauties of nature. With her grand
Republican river and clear creeks sho
stniids proominently abend of any other
Nobrnskacityforapluco to build a homo
nnd livo in happiness. Red Cloud ro
coivod hor nnmo from tho famous old
Sioux Chiof, Red Cloud, und if tho early
Bottlers had hunted tho dictionary over
fora numo thoro could not havo been
found ono that so admirably fitted thesur
roundingsof our city. Then tho salu
brious climate, tho delightful evenings,
tho gentle summer breozos all go toward
makinga man satisfied that helms at lust
found a local puradloo.
A Fkauii On last Saturday, Sunday
nnd Monday, numorouB tramps visited
this neck o' tho woods, soliciting monoy
but not work. Ono follow struck Hon
Potor Shea for 2Ti conts. Poto told him
thut his exchoquor was minus that
amount, but thut ho would got him a
breakfast. So thoy meandered towards
J. O. Lindloy's cafe (not calf.) Horo
Poter told tho '-boss man" to give tho
"Nomad" a lunch, nnd thon it was dis
covered that tho chap had just had
breakfast. Such aro tho trinls and vic
issitudes of life. Wlion you want to do
charity, you frequently find you aro im
posed upon by ungrateful humanity,
llowovor, thero nre many who aro de
serving and should bo cored for, accord
ingto thedivino injunction, "Inasmuch
as yo havo dono it unto the least of theso
yo Imvo dono it unto Mo."
A (loon Wkli, Tho city dads ought
to hiro Donnls Lindsoy to put down nn
artesian well. Ho has machinory to put
a well down 1000 foot, hih! Tiik Ciiiei"
boliovoB thut it would bo a paying in
vestment, and wo also beliovo that ho
would put it down at almost coat. Ho
has just complutod a IWr. foot well for
Mr. (irillltliB on tho Jno. Barber west
80, and has a fine well of 2."0 foot of wa
ter. Ho struck n fine gravel bed at that
depth and thinks that tho well cannot
bo pumped dry undor any circumstances.
In going down ho bored through !100
feet of bolid rock. If ho could gut so
good a well of water thoro, ho certainly
could got ono us good or bottor in Red
Cloud. The council should investignto
if. If tho 87,000 that has boon spent
for wolls and othor ofTortB to pot wntor
had been used in getting artesian wells,
wo would not now havo to depend 011
mixed water for a diet.
Pension Attorney Porter has piocufcd
additional pousiouH siuco our last issue
for Do Joy Judson ot this city, iiIbo orig
inal pension for tloorge W. Pnttorson.
both having boon proviously rejected
cases and only restored by skillful man
agement and experience in pension mat
ters. Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
A Pure (trapc Cream of Tartar Powder.
the depths of your heart
Who ih Judoe Benson. The ono man
who, noxt to Prof. Andrews, is tnlkcd of
most, ns tho Moses to lend tho republi
cans out of tho ploughs of despond in
tho fifth conpro tonal district lives at
Haiglcr. Hniglcr is in Dundy county,
and is only a short distance from no
where. This man is Judge H. II. Ben
son. Ho is not n judgo by courtesy,
clthor. Tho Democrat lias only a slight
ncquamtanco with tho gentleman, but
ho is no stranger in tho nrocecdings of
Iowa republican conventions. Ills nnmo
iB not n "housohold word" in tho Fifth
district, it is true, but thon Androwa
wns a strunger two years ago. Jndgo
Benson is a Inwyer and hns sorvodon tho
bench in Iown, and gots titlo and linn
dio to his name direct from tho pooplo.
Ho is comparatively n young man, active
and well-to-do. Tho Democrat has no
knowledgo that Judgo Benson will boa
candidate, but tho papers aro talking
about 1dm. Tnlk is chenp, but danger
ous. Supposo this talk should dovclopa
a congressional boo. If so, wo want to
noto a warning. Keep nn oyo on Judgo
Benson. -AdaniB County Democrat.
A Cvclonk. On last Wednesday May
2d, tho fonrful looking cloud that ap
peared in tho western horizon, nnd indi
cated rain for Red Cloud, proved to havo
beon a veritablo cyclone ot Esbon.
1 milcfl south of Red Cloud, in our
sister stnto of Kansas. At G:50 p. m
tho wind with torrlblo force struck that
village nnd with hissing and croaking
uprooted trees nnd demolished houses.
John Butcher aged GO years, woll known
in tins city, nnd father of Mrs. Colomnn,
Miss Ida Butchor nnd Win. Butchor of
Red Cloud, whilo busy in hiKhliinltmnltli
Bhop, heard tho roaring of tho olomonte
iiiiu uiiiiKing oi nnomor uuiuung 12X14
whoso doors woro opon, rushed into it
for tho purpoFo of closing tho caino,
when tho building was picked up bv tho
eloments and enrried a distanco o'f 80
foot, demolishing it as if it wero the
merest tissue Tho old gontloman waB
toltcn with it in nn unconscious utato.
When ho enmo to, ho found hitiiBclfjin the
midst of a shapoloss dobris, and being
polted with hailstones. With great pres
ence of mind ho drngged himself, ns woll
ns ho could, under tho circumstances, to
a covorimr. and when ihontnrm luul und.
uided. ho wns discovered with ti fivo inch
gash in hie hoad, a shouldor dislocated
ami otiiorwiso injured, but nt this writ
ing ho is doing nicely. Othore woro in
jured but not of n sorious nature. Dur
ing tho storm, the United Brethren
church, a now building wns blown to
atoms as well as several other buildings,
segregating a loss of something liko
.",000 in thut immedinto neighborhood.
What a Pictcm-: or Bkautt. Rod
Cloud is now n picture of beauty, and if
tho old town could tako a peop at hor-
seir in a looking glass and comparo hor
presoni good looks witli tho slipshod
stylo in tho onrly dnvB sho would rrivn
her bancs nnotlier twist nnd turn nn Imp
delicately curved nostrils nt her envious
neighbors. A drivo through tho streote
ot tho town just now, whon tho trees
uro bursting into dolicnto greon buds
and tho lawns nro rich in tho frosh vor
diiro of soring, is n picture of boauty
that would soften tho heart of n man
who is 11 pessimist by nature. The
world is full of wonderful things, but
thoro is nothing moro wonderful or moro
beautiful thou tho ro-awnkening of
naturo when tho frost gots out ot tho
ground, when tho sunshine warms its
hnmls, and tho birdB till tho nir with
thoir merry songs. This is u grnnd
world after all, rail at it as wo may whon
tho storms of adversity seoin to sweep
ovor us. And Nebraska is a grand stnto,
when wo hnvo tho seasons como in duo
timo to brighten and chocr us up.
After n long nnd dreary winter tho first
warm breath of spring breaths now lifo
into ub and gives us promiso that at
least till the cold winds of January como
again thoro will bo ono succession of
pleasant changes, and ovoiy ono in its
duo season, tho rain and tho sunshino
bringing tho rich harvest of grain nnd
fruit, nnd of ovory comfort und luxury
that makes happy tho heart of tho in
dustnous toiler. Red Cloud nestles in
ono of tho best agricultural countieB in
tho state, and no wondor sho should bo
proud of what has boeu accomplished
within a fow years. Tako a drivo through
tho streets of Red Cloud and then ox
tond your pleasuro trip for mileB in
every direction nnd you will sco one of
thognmdost picture of prosperity tho
sun over shono upon.
Somo beautiful combinations in wall
paper, coiling, Bido wall und bordor to
match. Prices very low. Doyo & Grico
Thnt bargnin counter of shoes nt
Wiener's hue mnde a great many go
away hnppy from it, with a good puir
of bIioob nt two thirds prico.
Notice to Contractors.
Notico is horoby civen thnt sonled
bids will borecoivodntthostoroof Minor
llros., up to noon Muy 20, 1801, for tho
erection of tho Buporstructuro of tho
Catholic church, to bo erected in Red
Cloud. PlaiiB and specifications can bo
seen at tho storo after May 10, 185)1.
Bids must bo accompnnled by good and
sulllcient bond for faithful performance
or sorvico. xuo committco rcservo tho
right to roject nny nnd all bids. By or
der committee.
J. h., Committee
Jos, Dandukam), )
Dnted this Dili day of May 1801.
All Grades guaranteed by the Mills.
City Livery Stable !
Feed, Sale and Exchange Stable,
Finest Turnouts in the City.
Your patronage solicited. Barn east of Holland House
The BtrrrEii Half op a Sinpul Man.
It is ofton remarked thnt n largo ma
jority of those who regularly attond tho
churches in Red Cloud nro women. It ia
snfo to count that four out ot fivo who
go up to tho tomplo to worship on tho
anbbath nro tho moth ore, wives and
dnughtors of tho men who ought to bo
thoro to show thoir children a good ox
nmplo ovon though thoy may not bo ot a
religious turn ot mind. If men took the
snmo unselfish interost in church work
that women do it would bo bottor for
them and hotter for the world in conoral.
Religion is n refining nnd civilizing
ngency, nnd if people could only bo in
duced to live up to ita teachings tney
would bocomo gentler, kindlier and moro
lovnblo. Bud and all as tho world is
with Religion, what would it bo without
it? It is the anchor ot safety to millions
who would drift aimlessly and viciously
about tho soa of lifo if they did not havo
it to cling to. uro wttuout religion is
lifo without hope ond without consola
tion, nnd loaves us nothing loft to livo
for. Tuko our own county aa an illus
tration of what religion does for a poo
plo. Those of us who have observed
things for tho post f toen or twenty
years can soo markod changes for the
bottor. It is not necessary to specify
localities. Whon tho millonium comes
womon will be in tho fiont rank, and
following up will como poor sinful man
hanging on tho skirts of his wifo's gown
trying to dodgo into heaven on hor
merits' Chop Bulletin. Ot tho
Nebraska weather sorvico co-operating
with tho U. S. weather bureau of Oma
ha, Nebraska for tho week ending May
7, 1804, oxcopt in the southwestern por
tion ot tho stato, where vegetation ia be
ginning to suffer tor moisture, Nobraska
has experienced nnothor woek of excel
lent farming weather. Wheat, oats and
puaturo show improvomont; fruit pros
pects wero never better, and all vegota
tion is growing vigorously. Corn plant
ing is woll undor way in all parts of the
stato: the ground is with fow exceptions
in excollent condition for germinating
tho grain, and somo correspondents re
port tho plant already up and a good
stand. Tho toraporaturo for tho week
haa beon considerably above the normal
while tho rainfall has been light and
scattered. Much ot tho corn planting is
finished in Wobstor County, and somo
of it is up. Early planted potatoes well
up. Weather generally too dry for
small grainB. Winter wheat about at a
standstill and some of it is boing plowed
up- '.
Go and seo Calmos for all kinds of
bread, cakes, candios, Ac.
Reul Estate Transfers.
Real ostato trrnsfera for the weok ond
ing May 12th, furnished by tho Fort Ab
stract company, bonded abstractors:
II C Cochran ot nl to T P De
mout sw H 33-3-12 f)lC0O
Elbort Kine to Clara Wilson nw
no H nnd noc nwqr 20-1-10
John Slabenon to O Kmhler sw
or 19-1-0 und bw or 13-3-10
Mury E. Loo to Wm Spencer no
qr 8-4-11
FranciB Hulson to D D Myor n
so qr 22-2-11 and bJ bo qr and lot
7x8 12-1-11
Lewis Potorson to John Peterson
hHbw qr5-312 IO00
John Slabonon to C Ka'hlor lot
IB and 20 blk 0 Bluo Hill 2500
A L Funk to Georgo O Yolsorlot blk 1 Lnducs add. 5
..f 10515
market Report.
,. . (CorrecteU Weekly,)
Wheat 9
101 15
4 40
2 50
Fat cows
ChlckonB doz.
i uriteys lb.
Retail nrico of thn Itnil nimwl Mini
Co., Hours:
Monogram If) Back .$ 00
Royal patent U sack 80
I), of U. S. 3f) sack C5
J. H. Davis & Son,
Ofllco in Moon Block, Rod Cloud, Nob
Imve some very (1 ne bar
gains in land.
Parties wishing to buy should
call on or address tho above
MONOGRAM, 90c Per Sack.
PATENT, 80c Per Sack
B. S,'65c Per Sack.
Wionor's prices aro within roach of all
Call thoro nnd convinco yoursolvea.
"The" Watch.
For timekcoping and durability nothing
beats the Bovontcen jeweled
Deuber Hampden Watch.
and examine them. Also his lino ot
Jewelry, Diamonds,
Spectacles, Clocks,
Plated and solid silverware, sonvenlr tpoMS.
pemil handled knives ami forks, carvlnjc MU,
calllDrcard cases, bon ben boxes and ether
novelties. A (In Una ol suoctucles aad ays)
glasses with Intercliangnble louses, steel, nlcM
stiver and cald frames, BpecUl and caratut at
tentlon paid t flttlnic the ec. Mr line ot taf
band watebes Is quite lasfie. 1 nllfrua tbuasi
at less than their actual worth.
WBnni your watch, clock and Jtwelrr r
pair wnrlf, your engraving and your old gM
and silver to me,
is coming on nnd you
will need u gasoline
stove and refrietor
You want the
Buy tho
tho latest and most
successful stove out,
nnd refrigerators, we
havo the GUltNEY,
the only
in tho market and a
beauty too. Colno in
and see it.. A full
lino of
and all seasonable
goods in our line just
j received. Come in
aud seo for yourself.
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