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CUlef by XV. 1. Foater.
Copyrighted In 1891 by W. T. Foster.
St. Joseph, bio, April 21st. My
last bulletin gave forecasts of the
etorm naves lo cross the continent
from April 22d to 26th and tho
next will reaoh the Paoifio coast about
tho 27th, cross the wostern mountains
by tho nloso of tho 28th, tho great cen
tral valloys from 29th to May 1st,
and thejeastern states about May 2d.
This disturbance will bo at its
greatest force in tho eaatorn states
about May 2d or 3d, and mora than
tho usual amount of rainfall may be
expected. This storm will endanger
shipping on great lakes and the At
lantic coast.
The first storm wavo of May will
reach tho Paoifio coast about May 2d,
cross the western mountains by olose
of 3d, tho great central valloys from
4th to Gib, and the eastern states
about the 7(h.
This disturbance will develop ex
treme temperatures, dangerous storm,
possibly tcrnadocr, and will have un
usual force in its entire journey of
four or five days across tho continent.
Rainfall will not be general, but
heavy downpours will occur in places.
Over the greater portion of the coun
try strong symptoms of drouth will ac
company this storm wave andmoisluro
will rapidly evaporate from tho soil.
Warm waves will cross tho westorn
mountains about April 27h and May
2d and 7ih. and tho eastern state
about May 4th to 9th.
May will averago warmer than usual,
Tho first half will avorago moro abovo
the normal temperaturo than tho lost
half. Rainfall of tho month will bo
about tbo general. avorago in tho great
contral valloys and tho eastern slates,
except within 200 miles cast of tho
Hooky mountains, where rainfall will
be below tho general averago, Moit
,y Gr. A. DUCKER 3c CO. 1
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Red Cloud, Webster County, Neb., Friday, April
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rain will fall during tho last half of
tho month. Tho hottest weather will
occur in front of tho storm wave that
will orois tho continent from 9th to
13th moving eastward.
Tho effects of elootrioity havo been
divided into two great parts, ono called
positive and-tho other negative. Un
derlying these expressions are two
theories as to the naturo of electricity,
ono school taking Newton and Frank
lin as tho early expounders, hold that
thero i'b but ono kind of electricity.
They use the term positive to mean
plus, tho greater quantity, tho sourco
from whence comes tho oleotrio. cur
rent. With them the term ncgativo
denotes tho smaller quantity, that
which is reeieving the current. This
theory, advocated by Newton and
Franklia, is suroly the correct one,
and should bo adopted by all who de
siro to study planetary metcrology.
Tho other theory holds that thero
are two kinds of cleotrioity. one posi
tive, tho other negative, caoh entirely
of a different character to tho other,
caoh developing tho other, and each
neutralizing or destroying tho other
whon thoy como together. This theo
ry is in general use in connection
with cicatrical machinery and with
most orthodox scientists. Most text
book writers, however, stato tho facts
in relation to cloetrioal experiments
without taking sides as to whether
thore aro two kinds of elcctrioity.
As an example, lako tho electrical
street railways. The electricity is
goncrated by dynamoes at tho power
house and sent out on tho cables
which tapped by connections with tho
strrct car, and after tho current is run
through tho electro-motor it is con
ducted into tho earth through tho
Btcel rail. Una sot of theorists say
that tho current is conduoted into tho
earth which is always ncgativo and
ready to roooivo cleotrical charges,
while tho other school claims that neg
ative electricity from tho earth meets
tho positive eleotricily that comes
from tho cable, and where they meet
n- Mill
at tho earth's surface, they neutralize
or destroy caoh other.
So far as street cars are concerned
it makes no difforonoe which theory is
oorreot, but whon we como to caloulate
olootro-magnclio influences that the
moon or planets exert on tho rainfall,
temporaturo of foros of storms tho
mathematical calculations aro practi
cal only when we adopt tho truo theo
ry which includes only ono kind of
Wo take a storago battery, attach it
to a street car cable charged with a
strong current of eleotricity. The
elcctrioity will condense within tho
storago battery till tho tention in tho
latter is equal to the tention of tho
cable. Then tako tho storage battery
away from tho cablo and attach it to
a small sewing machino motor, and
tho condensed eleotricity in that stor
ago battery will run tho sewing ma
chino constantly for a wock. Nothing
but what is called positsvo electricity
was rcocived from tho cable, and as it
is in a crowded condition in the stor
age battery a condition similar to
comprcr aed air or steam, it endeavors
to escape, and in bo doing it has powor
to operato tho motor through wbioh it
But tho two fluid advocates say
that as the positive electricity enters
tho storago battery negative eleotricity
escapes, and whon tho positive is es
caping through tho motor negative
enters and takes it place in tho stor
ago battery. Very accomodating on
tho part of negative elcctrioity.
Wo just as well say that whon wo
pour positive wator into a pitoher,
negative water cccapes, or when pos
itive water is pourd out of the pitoher,
ncgativo wator enters and takes tbo
plaoe of tho former. When water is
poured into a vessel, something goes
out with the same force that tho water
goes in, but is that something water?
Fill a vessel with bottle corks, then
pour water in the vessol and the coiks
will go out with a forco nearly equal
to tho weight of tho water. It would
be just as philosophical to call tho
corks negative wator fs it is to call
that wbioh electricity displace ncga
tivo eleotricity.
If a strong wind sweeps up tho
street or road and pushes a cart out of
its way, we would oall tho cart nega
tive wind with as mush propriety as
the two fluid advocates say negative
These illustrations will explain tho
one fluid theory of electricity. Tho
terms positive and negativo aro usod
in eonneotion with both theories, but
in the theory hero adopted plus and
minus are better terms, because they'
convoy correct ideas as to the real na
ture of eleotricity.
In the ordinary magneto eleotricity
usually enters at a certain point' con
stantly, and as constantly it leaves
tho magnet at another point called
tho plus or positive end of tho magnet'
These points can be changed, however,
by a reverse artificial ourrcit through
the magnet.
When a drouth prevails over a soa-
tion of country, tho currents aro com
ing fram space and entering the earth.
Plus cloctricity comes from space and
enters the earth thore, and tho portion
of tho earth wonld bo called minus or
negative, and is covorcd by a high
barometer. Perhaps 500 or 1000
miles from that place tho conditions
are reversed, the earth is plus, space
ia minus, tho elcctrioal currents go up
a low barometet prevails and exooss
of rainfall. Later theso conditions
aro rcvprsod, tho currents run the
other way, and tho wot ana drouth
districts exchange conditions
The Oxnard Deet Sugar Company of
Grand Island announces that thoy have
alredy conractcd for 3,000 neros of
sugar boots for tho coming season' and
thoy will continno to take contracts up
to Mny first, nt which tlmo thoy will
closo thoir books. Thoy oxprOBsly do
siro only tho best of far mora to cqntrnot,
vlio nrcontioroly cnpablo of taking the
vory best euro of thoir crop. Tho fixed
prico is 95.00 per ton, delivered at Grand
Island, for nil boots showing twolvo per
cent of uacoharin mattor mid n purity
CQ-ofllciontof eighty. Ulunk eontrnotfl
cun bo hud, or any further information,
by corresponding withtke Oxnuril Beet
Sugar Company at Grand Island, Cw
a v
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20, 1894.
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(Kansas City Journal IMItorlal.)
ThoBO who havo been sufficiently
intorcstcd in tho long rango weather
forecasts furnished tho Sundry Jour
nal weokly by Mr W. T. Foster to
keep a weather oyo on results, will bo I
compelled lo acknowledge that tho
predictions havo been very generally
fulfilled. Every storm period of tho
spring, dims for, has been forotold in
tho columns of tho Journal from one
to twe weeks beforo its ocourroncc,
Mr. Foster docs not olaim that his fore
casts arc invariably correct, but if ho
continues td furnish information as
reliable as that which tho Journal has
printed during tho past winter, his
olaim to tho pptscsMon of tho truo
theory of atmospherio ohanges will
havo to bo recognized as well found
ed. ''"I
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J. W. llolloy of Datavin, N. Y , Conduc
tor on N. Y. C. Railway, and one of tho
bout kaown men en the road Hays of Parka
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Tho strawborry box mulcesn very pleas
ant impression ovon though wo know
how ery shallow it is,
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Tho flrftt d(ue greatly benetlts, 7fiota,
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Cloud. tf
Vol.21. No. 39
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Our BnoTiiKtt in-Law Gets a Job,
Another DoWitt county boy has get
to the front. Dick Hickman came
baro footed into this world via Clin
ton about forty yoars ago and during
his child-hood and boy-hood dajB
tramped down tho dog-fennel in going
to and fro to tho old brick school
houso that now stands along sido of
tho railroad traok as a monument of
tho Clinton of other days, whore ho
learned tho mysteries of tho tlirco il's
under McCorklc, Mujor Powell, and
those illustrious touchers who wielded
tho birch for fifty dollars per month.
Diok grow to manhood in Clintotuand
married ono of Alderman Morse's
daughters, and then ho moved to
Springfield to become a missionary of
tho gospel of Republicanism. That
was many years ago, but tho seeds cf
truth that he helped to ecattor have
at last born rich fruit: for the other
day Springfield clcoted tho entire re
publican ticket by majorities ranging
from fivo hundred to two thousand.
Dick was in the band wagon and got
clcoted township collector of taxes, an
oflico thatpiys from $1500 to $2000.
Whon a Clinton boy (0 b his n 8)
pointed in tho proper direction 'ho is
sure to.follow it till ho leches the
ir'ze. (Clinton, 111) Publio
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