The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 02, 1894, Page 2, Image 2

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In Scarlet
'"(fn entering tho house thin last Im
feretfeo watt oon firmed. My wcllbootcd
man lay Vcforo inc. Tho tall ouc, then,
had atom the murder, if murder there
waa. There was no wound upon the
dead man's person, but the agitated
expansion upon his faco assured mo
that he had foreseen his fate beforo it
camo upon him. Men who die from
heart disease or any sudden natural
cause sever by any chance exhibit agi
tation upon their features. Having
sniffed the dead man's lips, I detected
slightly sour smell, and I camo lo the
conclusion that ho had had poison
forced upon him. Again I argued
that it had been forced upon hint,
from tho hatred and faar ex
pressed upon Ills face. By the
method Of- exclusion I had arrived at
this result, for no other hypothesis
would meet tho facts. Do not imagine
that it was a very unheard-of idea.
The forcible administration of poison
is by no means anew thing in criminal
annals. Tho cases of Dolsky, in Odes
sa, and of Leturlcr, in Montpelier,
will occur at once to any toxlcologlst.
"And now camo tho great question
as to tho reason why. Robbery had
not been tho object of the murder, for
nothing was taken. Was it politics,
then, or was it a woman? That was
the question which confronted me. I
Iwas inclined from tho first to tho lat
iter supposition. Political assassins
are only too glad to do their work and
'to fly. This murder had, on the con
trary, been dono most deliberately,
and the perpetrator had left his tracks
ail over tho room, showing that he
had been there all the time. It must
have been a private wrong, and not a
political one, which called for such a
methodical rovenge. When the in
scription was discovered upon the wall
I was more inclined than ever to my
.opinion. The thing was too evidently
a blind. When tho ring was found,
however, it settled tho question.
Clearly tho murderer had used it to
remind his victim of some dead or ab
sent woman. It was at this point that
I asked Oregson whether he had in
quired in his telegram to Cleveland as
te any particular point in Mr. Drebber'a
former career. Ho answered, you re
member, in the negative.
"I then proceeded to make a careful
examination of tho room, which con
firmed me in my opinion as to the mur
derer's height, and furnished me with
the additional detail as to the Trichl
nopoly cigar and tho length of his
sails. I had already come to the con
elusion, since -there were no signs of a
struggle, that tho blood which covered
the floor had burst from the murderer's
nose" in his excitement. I could per
ceke that tho track of blood coincided
with the track of his feet. It is sel
dom that any man, unless he is very
full-blooded, breaks out in this jvay
through emotion, so I hazarded the
opinion that the criminal was probably
a robust and ruddy-faced man. Events
proved that I had judged correctly.
I "Having left the house, I proceeded
to do what Oregson had neglected. I
telegraphed to the head of tho police
at Cleveland, limiting my inquiry to
the ciroumtttances connected with tho
marriage of Enoch' Drebber. The an
swer was conclusive. It told mo that
Drebber had already applied, for the
v ir I
a - 1 1 Kfm aaWsjfc
- Jbt0mMmM
aoK none.
I - protection of tho law against an old
rival In love, named Jefferson nope,
and that this same Hope was at present
n ia Europe. I knew now that I held the
,' clew to tho
mvEtcrv in
my hand, and
to sccuro the
all that remained was
tf murderer.
i i ...... . . .
j "i nau already determined in mr
uwn iuiuii mat uio man wno had
,rt iwaikcd into tho house with Drebber
pwaa nono other thon tho man who had
ariven me coo, Tho marks in tho road
showed me that tho horse had wan-
I dered on in a way which would hivn
been impossible had there been any
one in chnnre of it. Whera. thn.
cpuld tho driver be, unless ho were In
i aide tho house? Again, it Is absurd to
!jPPo t,,at any bano mn would car-
Vy out a deliberate crime under the
'very eyes, as it were, of a third person,
fnvho was sure to betray him. Lastly,
! supposing one man wished to dog an
oilier through Tendon, what better
kAans could ho adopt than to turri'cab
lflver? All theso considerations led
Vnetotjio IrrcsiHtiblo conclusion that
I tafteraoa Hope was to be found among
;i, jo jsrreja ox wio metropolis.
;-ji no naa vocn ono there was no
eaaon to believe that ho had ceased to
fe. On tho contrary, from his point of
i ;Iow, any sudden changa would be
i Ikely to draw attention to himself.
f le would probably, for a ttmo at least,
ontlnuo to perform his duties. There
Ivas no reason to upposo that ho was
it olug under an assumed sumo. Why
spould ho change his name In aeoan
f ry whero no ono knew his original
no? I therefore organized my street-
itt J i a. a .
;rau detective corps, and Bent them
K itematJoaUtorevcrygirojrl9r
-. , r
"' t I i 1
r - Miiiiiin' saviasM'" ,- ,- Nl-. . -pjr MJrifT-wTw
In Iondon until they "ferreted out file
man that I .wanted. How well they
succeeded and how quickly I took ad
vantage of it are still fresh in your
recollection. The murder of Stangcr
son was an Incident which was entire
ly unexpected, but which could hardly
In any case have been prevented
Through It, aa you know, I came into
possession of the pills, the existence
of which I had already surmised. You
aee tho whole thing ia a chain of log
ical seouencea without a break or
"It is wonderfull" I cried. "Your
merits should be publicly recognized.
You should publish an account of tho
case. If you won't, I will for you."
"You may do what you like, doctor,"
bo answered. "See hcrcl" he con
tinued, handing a paper over to me;
"look at this! look at this!"
It was the Echo for the day, and the
paragraph to which he pointed was de
voted to the caso in question.
"Tho public," it said, "have lost a
sensational treat through the sudden
death of the man Hope, who was sus
pected of the murder of Mr. Enoch
Drebber and of Mr. Joseph Stangerson.
Tho details of the case will probably
never bo known now, though wo are
Informed upon good authority that the
crime waa the result of an old-standing
and romantic feud, in which love
and Mormonlsm bore a part. It seems
that both the victims belonged, in
their younger days, to tho Latter-Day
Saints, and Hope,' the deceased pris
oner, hails also from Salt Lake City.
If tho case has had no other effect, it at
least brings out in the most striking
manner tho efficiency of onr de
tective police force, and will servo
as a lesson to all foreigners that thoy
will do wisely to settle their feuds at
homo and not to carry them on to
Ilritlsh soil. It is an open secret that
tho credit of this smart capture be
longs entirely to the well-known Scot
land Yard officials, Messrs. Lcstrade
and Oregson. The man was appre
hended, It appears, in the rooms of a cer
tain Mr. Sherlock Holmes, who has him
self, as an amateur, shown some talent
in the detective line, and who, with
such instructors, may hope in time to
attain to some degree of their skill.
It is expected that a testimonial of
somo sort will be presented to tho two
officers as a fitting recognition of their
"Didn't I tell you so when we
started?" cried Sherlock Holmes, with
a'laugh. "That's the result of all our
study in scarlet; to get them a testi
monial!" "Never mind," I answered; "I have
all the facta in my journal and the
public shall know them.N In the mean
time yon must make yourself content
ed by the consciousness of success, like
the Roman miser
" 'Populus me etbtlat, at mini plaudo
ipse aomi sunul se numtaos coatesaplar lo
Tins KND.
Aalmlaa Padarewakl Conld rawer Twt
Tho hands, the fingers, and above all
the thumbs belonging to Chico at
tracted my particular attention. Now
you must know that it Is because man
has a thumb, and for the reason that his
thumb la so beautifully jointed, Bupple
and adjustable, that he has been able
to overcome all difficulties, says a
writer in Harper's. The other fingers
are all very well in their way, but it is
the thumb that controls the real move
seat of the hand. Without a thumb
you never could wield a heavy sledge
hammer or the most delicate of watch-'
ankers' tools. It is not out of the way
to,ay that man ia the master, holding
every other living thing "under his
nere ia a little bit of natural history
which must ac remembered about
monkeya. All the monkeys of the old
world have some kind of a thumb. Aa
St, George" Mlvart, a great zoologist,
.writes: "Any old-world monkey with
rudimentary thumb (that is, a thumb,
evfln If Imperfect) Is superior In that
respect to an American monkey." In
fact, the American monkey has no
tthumb at all. tfature compensates in
a measare in our mew-world monkey
,by giving him a wonderful tall. Thia
American monkey tall is prehensile.
It answers almost the purpose.ojf fifth
limb. A South American monkey glyes
Ma tail a hitch around tt liwb of a
tree, and there he hangs quite com
forNblr, Independent of hands or feet.
Chliro's tauroba are superb, being ful
ly four and oa4juarter inches long.
The ordinary length of thd human
thumb Is about two and one-hsU
laches. Chlco'a middle finger (a a trifle
over five ftseaca long. Man'a ia the
and one-half laches. The ourang
outang'a hand was narrow, apparently,
but It seemed abowb the sjrfdjh of that
of a human beaga, only pf
proportion waa lost, owing to tua
tremo length of tfca Angers. The
knuckles were small an4rfecWy in.
line. The stretch of mush a k0& as
Chlco'a would be enormous, fclljr
thirteen Inches. The octave on tt
piano measures aeven inches. If Cbice
were a pianist he could with little ef
fort cover two octaves and would leave
Paderewakl quite In the ahade. If
Chico had a Uate for the double baas,
onco that those tomj fingers of hla were
wound around the neric of a big fid
dle, what a wonderful perforater he
would be, providing tho Instrument
woald xtand the atralu.
Ooa Itaaa toy Jofca ttanaaMa t 0tar
by m Coltfgm HttHimt,
f m'"
Tfie man who writes a letter dt
Binding an apology must put .up" with
the kind of apology he gets. HartyFur
niss, tho caricaturist of Punch; J t will
bo remembered, wan attacked by a
member of parliament, and an cyo
witness was reported to liavo said:
1 saw Mr. MaeNelll take Mr. FurntM by tho
Ispel of tho coat and shake htm Ilk a dog, then
X saw him tftka him by tho ear and shako him
by that
Mr. Furniss, who declared that tho
assault was a merely technical and not
a serious one, wrote to the eyowitness,
asking if ho been correctly reported,
and ho got tho following answer,
which is quito as funnyi aa anything
that Mr. Furniss himself ever provided
for Punch:
Sir: I understand that the statement at
tributed to me and referred to by you waa due to
a misapprehension of some chiding remarks of
mine In the lobby Friday last, and I regret to
say that I did not see you shaken like a dog,
and am sorry to ssy that I did not witness tho
pulling of your ear. Yours truly,
This reminds us of tho apology made
to tho faculty of Amherst collcgo by a
student who ended his lifo as a foreign
missionary. An apology for an offense
having been required of all tho class
he wrote as follows:
I acknowledge that I attended tho class meet
ing and voted to go and meet the South Hart
ley girls at Mount Holroka, but owing to the
scarcity of teams I was unable to go, for which
1 as very sorry.
Bo Sure told Read Tills.
Our correspondents are doing some ex
cellent work and we hope that they will
cpntinuo to givo ue all of the nows as of
ten as possible We are by your efforts
able to give tho nows of the ontiro county.
During tho coming year, wo propose to
?;ive premiums to our correspondents for
aithful nervlce, as follows:
To tho one who writes tho most
often wo will give a prizo of $3.00
To tho 2d best 2.00
To tho 3d best 1.00
Any ono in the county can compete,
provided thoro is not a correspondent in
your neighborhood already working for
tho aamo.
A Dead Opea and Bliut
And no fooliehnats. Btgg's Caarry
Cough Syrup will oura whera all others
fail. Bold and warranted by Dsvo 4
When Baby was tick, we gave her Caetoria,
When she was a Child, she cried for Caatoria.
When the became Mlat, aha clung to Caatoria.
When sh'a had Children, she gave them Caatoria
b ByrapTTatMaOooSl VatH
in, Bold by drasiitti. gW
In llroq
top Thief!
Any one whose Watch has a
f t t V 4
dow inngj,wui never nave oc-
cry. It Is the only bow that
cannot be twisted off the case,
and is found only on Jas.
Boss Filled and other watch
cases stamped with
this trade mark.
Aak your Jeweler for a pamphlet, er
tend to the manufovturm,
Keystone Watch Case Co
(Beanlnr Graduate.)
Id oat irminuni
Jfr,rwra(r fu I xprrlenii
Initio mo of curt
tho mclliodi (hat
control for ill dlt
prderiufmeawlto hje weik, undo
irclopcd or dli
cued onrant. or
tio are iuflerlnir
eadorri'or ihc'l
ob.. ra::attll patlcnta. If
rratored. . CXCU1
psnlotn, d i
I her can iiiilii
cxclnalve treatment
WOMKyi nort't you want to rt cured Pf that
wraknea U1: b treatment that rou can H0 M
L'!,,!,':,.,,yi,""ul MntL" W"dfrful trial
sa; uui cured biWJFST ?touf Try It.
C.'.TAnBlT. and dlaeaica oithu Chirt. niMrt
lean, Liver ma KWncjra. tu cw pn
cmc4y. A,T'P'to Cure Onarianteed. y'"
MtfiJ1 " 5hero
vxwTvrtAt-, siar,
eurndlnnfcw duya. tinlcW
tftUtft AW PACTS.
i, n.du i n.i.i.,i.. tm u... :j
Obttfn our trctumvut M tm
..aaewarenrtrvo andrtirap trraiMfnfa. W sva
pricra-aalowni ran bo done fnr aafn ana akllltul
treatment. 'KKK conaultullou at the oiflrioJ
Tiiorouiiti rxatnlnatlaii and careful dlai
Ahomn treatment canlmftlvrnlnamilorlty
i. Send fur Symntom Illank Ko. IforJIeni
Hn''?- f'r8kltil)lfeaiea. All cor".
neaTJ(Hkeal.rtil nrnmnilv 11itatlnu ai.unu -
Hmnttml -rTfcVi-i.J::.":XlZZr2?l"F" u"
mv....;... umtivirvaiiaiLi i rrni iron irom onif
U. llerertoonrpatlcu
en rreo from olnena
i'h uiuiuca met
Address or call j
and Fells Bta.. Itcnm. I .nil I
ay. .loairrH, m.
rrSl iH aiWffaaaaaaM III I
SrXaasBBaS B" .BsbbbbbbbbbbbbbbZW
lBBBWBSBBBBl 111 BgtgtgtgK,
IxtvfkaVvf mIW asarBsBBTBsaaajBaB
vjjagBUcV iWwBm BBsSasaaVBi
Ho, There
Farmers !
Hitch Tp !
Bat before you tlocoatc around
Harncta aliop and buy a now act
of hand.mado harness. Have
reduced all goods In the bar
ncss line. Here are a few of
our prices:
932.00 harness for....
30.00 " '
28,00 " "
27.00 " "
20.00 " "
t e
And all ci
oods in proportion. All work
Repairing and trimming
lono on short notice J. O
fiHmsTIAN 9undav atloao
yam and 7:30 pm: Sunday school atl2 north
Y P 8 0 K nt 6:3U i) m and VPHO K Janlora at
rjONCinEOATIONAJ, nmrch-Serylces at to:
30 am, nnd7:3(pm:ritinda.vaohoolKtli:30
am, Yl'SO KatOiiopmand YP80 K Jun-
loraatlp m.
llfBTIIODIHT t'hurcli-5ervlce at 10:80 a. m
" ttinJ7a0n,ni.. Kmrorth league at a :30 p.
. iiiiuny naunii m n :ju i. III.
1?I'IHCU1'AL Church -Services every two
vcpkg. by appointment.
T UTnKUAN Church-Kvcry third Sunday
inornliig st to o'clock.
QATHOLIC Church-Hervlcca by appointment,
rcAPTISTl'hitrch-Xo rfiruiar servlcn. Htm
". day school (regular) at noon. B V P U at
CIIAPKL-undavschoolat3p m every Sdn
OU W Each alternate Tuesday evening.
BEN Adhcm IxKtge No 180; IO O Feverv Mon
CAI.ANTIIKI.odKP No 29, Knlahts of Pthtaa
Tlilirailiiv pvrnlnir.
Thursday evening
PI) Cloud LodKe No 90S. Modern V
xv ot America, alternate Wednesday
VALLEY LodRe No S, Fraternal Order ot Pro.
lectors, first and third Monday of. each
fillAMTY 1hIku No S3 A V and A M each
r nusy evening on or Dorore tne lull moon .
El) Cloud Chapter No 19. K A M alternate
" 1 liiimlay ovenlng.
CYHENK Comniandery No U alternaU Thurs'
d ly evening.
CIIAKITY Obspter Eastt
nate T'leaday evening.
Eastern Star No 47 alter
GAltl'IELDPoHNnSnaA 11 Monday even
lng on ur before the tull moon.
fJAltl'lEU) WHO No l meets
alternate Sat-
TtfAKY 8EKIW MolIENKYTentNollDaught
' crsof Veterans Monday evening.
J "jKAIlSV famp No 25, 8 of V Tuesday eve-
SIIKIlMANCIroleNoS, ladles of the a A II
llrst nnd third Sntiirilay evening.
"RED CLOUD founetl No IS LoyalMystlo Leg
A lou ot America first and third Friday eve
t'lng. SMerlfT Sale.
Notice Is hereby given, that under and by
virtue of an
of U. II. Crone, clerk of the dlatrlot court
oraeri aatfl nanau rrorn lb offlca
rentu jtiniciai circuit, within mid for Webster
countv, Nebraaka. upon a decree In au action
pondliitt therein, wherein Smith llfos. Loan and
. at tliP
den.. I
testaniont ot Peter Mm sden, deraaed, fleorge
Maraden, Precllla MarsdenV Walter Harris,
Addle Cummlngs. Mar Ann llersiord, and
John Maradcn, ttevlaeea of tho last will and tes
tament of Peter Mnraden, ilecefted.ilefendants,
I shall offer for sale at publlo vendue, to the
higher- bidder for cash In hand, at the ejist
,1 7" """""" " "'d.v iicu binuu. in sain
Webster county. Nebraska, that being the build
lug whero tlio last term ot said court was hoi-
On 1,(0 3 J f Dfry or March, A. D.
MM,' '
South oast quarter () loctlon twenty (20)
lit towns i mi M) mirth of range eleven in)
west of the sixth principal meridian, In Web'
str county. Nebraska.
(livcii unite my hand this 30th day of Janu
ary, A I). I6UI.
aniaas,n!.VAKE&rtuiM " '
PlHlntin's Attorney.
J. H.DAVIS fc80N,
Real Estate,
Loan and Insurance Agents.
RcJ Clpud, Nebraska.
flftloewlth P.)p,.y,BBkef, Moon Blook
W,e Lave IqpafbtfTn Red
frftve people jyho deafre fo eij
a,u,r;if llUfO ty fMif. flinfl nsjt
miv rnJ with WDjiva
Uavegngfoirn. byeif,
Call and Bee uu.
Tho Webster County Mutual Protec
tion and Antl Horse Thief aasooiution
hip'eto Jn Cowlos,tho last Saturday ot
eachmoaJh,at2p. in, -
at fl WHofip,.
r1 J -m k rvi
J. L. MlNKH,
" ,-4 Asst.
Peoples Bank of Red Chud,
Red Cloud, Nebraska,
Transact a General Banking Business,
Special attention given to Collections.
Banking Office in
Jos. C. Hlcon?b,
Holland House
Has tho best rigs io'tlio city
Your orders solicited and fair treatment guaranteed.
North of tho Holland House.
Wright is the Man.
He has the largest line of Stoves in Red
You can not afford to miss seeing his stock before buying
as you will lota money.
W. W. Wright, the Hardware Man.
Jno. B. Wright,
Dealer ii-j Secotid-tfatjd Goods
Moon JBIocJc, Itetl Cloud,
Chicago Lumber Yard
Lumher, Lime, Coal and Cement.
Pkoprietobb of
Orders promptly filled. Tour patronage solicited
I will haul anything from Trunk to a Thresh- j
ing Machine to any part of the city as
cheap as an) man on earth.
ADy order left at (Jonovor & Ablnght's feed Btore will
ceivo prompt attentioD. Yours for business,
. John Rarklky.
p. E.
City LiVery, Feed and Sale Stable
Red Cloud, Nebraska.
Farmers patropnge cordiajjy solicited. Good rigs at rea:
sonable rates night or day. Horses boarded by day or week,
Building Material, Etc.
mi mi
W. A. Sherwooil
Miner Bros Store.
Livery Stable,
and tho most roasonablo prides.
TvnriefViB Titio v ikjCa-al'
Sheriff's Kale.
lleauico HavloK Hank. I'lalntilT, ' ' '""
ritn if0.., '." rJ'lt
erased. The Hinlthlirti
imny. tlcu. Muiait.
HHrrli. Artrll. r.
SSttffi a
:..-... t i.w 'oiiiuui
ill . J "r"'liwllis.
I court t K n, t' u?"J,i SKSV. '."
in nun. i ....! - .'"" 'Hii.-L
cotiity. NBurasU. (tliat bolnu lliu bulldiUK
where Ilia lust term siilU com t m holeit)
un me oin w y or Murvii
'xnnty, tselimtku.
Ulvth no
WAiY fJ ""r"' '" H' ur ol Jnuu
kt llh...HH I..A..I ..... ....
ajyl1 a I). 1
' f W. llUNotiKr,
umaas.niHAKKii &iiin)H. lr :
i-iiiiimii-s Attf.rnpr.
HyouwanHchoup furnituro, thnt Is
bran now, cull on J. II. WrM.t n, ,
and eecood band furnituro ujun.
IS. I.CJUI llllll T.-.f -'.'..?.'
''.'. '.'IWHlii Marsd -it, WaiieV
a, .'i:irv Ann u....
A. D.
CSf l "o7.e ti !"i V'Xoir'li.
' rJ