The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 16, 1894, Page 5, Image 5

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gmmw mm mrnmm m mrnrn wg
M Given awav tn our Cnstnmp.rc
Given away to
every cash purchase
and Shoes at our store, we will give the pur
chaser Our Profit.
It will be ti splendid time to get new shoes.
"We need the money, you need the shoes.
Part of our goods at cost.
Some of them ot half price.
A few odds and ends at whatever we can get.
The best and newest of them at a big reduction.
Buy all you need. Buy more than you need. Buy
all you can get. You will not bo the loser.
73.U Hi .UU..i..U.U..Ui..U Hi UiUiiiiUiK
Wait for tho Japanoso tea February
Mr. Row of Rivorton waa visiting Mr.
P. Rudd last weok.
AnBil Scrolls, of Walnut Crook, was
visiting boro this weok.
Mies Myrtle Jones ot Guide Rock was
visiting friends boro this weok.
M. E. Llgbtfoot and family of Iowa,
aro visiting with their brothor-in-law II.
Tho inUrior of Ducker's storo has
been nicely papered which greatly boau
tiflos its apperanco.
Mrs, Cummings, eon Cloyd and little
daughter returned Saturday from a
long visit to tho strip.
It is very seldom that tho sloigh bells
jinglo in this city, but this weolc they
can bo hoard on ovory cornor.
Tho office cat of tho Kirshbraun-Has-kell
company returned Thursday after a
protracted visit to Borne foreign conven
tion. O. C. Roll and daughter Jonnio loft
Thursday for Lincoln. Miss Jonnio is
the guest of Mies Lau during her stay
in Lincoln.
The armature of tho arc dynamo burned
out last Friday and tho city has been in
darkness since. The repairs aro oxpected
in a few days.
Billio Eagleburger returned to this
city Wednesday to visit the boys a few
days. Ho has been rolling 'em high in
Northern, Kansas.
The Argus appeared last week in a
new dress. The appoaxanoe of that pa-
ijer is decidedly changed for the bettor
j tho valuablo addition.
'A vory ploasant party wbb hold at J.
II. Smith's Saturday night. About 1G
young pooplo wore presont and all on
joyed themselves vory much.
O. B. Harris and Mies R. Lincoln of
McCook aro in the city this week in tho
interests ot a fraternal beneficiary order
for ladies and gontlemon called the "Star
of Jupiter."
We enw rccontly a foe similo of the
gold modals awarded tho Singer Sewing
Muchino Company at the world's fair.
They aro in possession of Mr. W. F. Hull
of this place who is an agont for that
company. The company was awardod
54 medals for the host uud most durable
machines in tho world.
Now that Webster county promises a
candidate for congress in tho porson of
Hon. James McNeny, republican states
man troubled with the buzzing bees,
will have to look to their laurels. Wo
meroly offer this as a gentlo warning,
and caution candidates not to mislako
Jim McNony for John McPheeloy. Ad
ams county Democrat.
Frank Cowdon departod last Tuesday
for Sheridau, Wyoming, whither ho goes
to tako charge of a largo clothing storo
ownod by S. Bloom of that pluco. Frank
is woll known hero and equally well likod
and while his many friends regrot his
loaving, tho goutloman who employs
him is to bo congratulated upon having
Bocurod tho sorvicos of ono so ofllciont
and compotont as Frunk.
Quite an intorest is takon in tho qunr-tor-centonnial
exorcises ut Lincoln this
weok. Tho roads reduced tho faro, and
tho following porsons fiom tbia pluco
availed themsolves of tho opportunity of
vinitins the capital city. Prof. Caster.
Mr. Albright, Ed. Overing Edgar Cot
tin. O. C. Boll. Randolph McNitt, Mr,
Bontloy, J. C, Warnor and wifo, Miss
Carrie Johnson, AlicoRomsburg, Bortha
Brown, Susie Kennedy, llottu Able, Mrs.
Glass and Mrs. Martin.
Wo huvo in our possession a paper
published nearly 100 yeurs ago ut Kings
ton, Ulster county, Now York iu 1709.
It is needloss to say that tho genorol
stylo of tho paper is ontlroly ditlorcnt
than tho newspapers of tho presont day.
It contains a completo account of tho
death and interment of Gon. Goorgo
, Washington, who died n week boforb its
publication. It contains mu'ny poouliar
advertisements one of which reads llko
this: "For sale Tho ono half of n raw
mill with a convenient placo for building
in the town of Rochester; also n stout,
houlthy, activo Negro Wench, Any per
son inclined to purchase may know tho
by opplyiug to John Sohoonmukerut Rochester.
our Customers,
for January of Boots
A fine biscuit flour at MoNitt's, 70
cents a sack.
M. Delahoydo of Bluo Hill was in Rod
Cloud this weak.
John Haas of Rosomont had a $1,000
firo tho other night.
C. B. Crone has boon tussoling with a
Boro throat this week.
U. G. Martin of Hebron is visiting his
brother, J. Frank Martin.
Get your photos at Wegman's gallory
and they will please you,
F. P. Hadloy is now better prepared
than over to do any thing in his line.
Miss Mary and Margaret Minor are
attending the doings in Lincoln this
E. P. Bolton accompanied by his
daughtor Delia are visiting ia Omaha
this week. .
Mr. M. R. Bontloy loft this weok for
Hot Springs, Arkansas, whera he was
called on business.
Mrs.F. N. Richardson who has beon
visiting in Indiana for some time, re
turned homo last night.
Save your Chief this week and find
out "What an Incomo Tax Is , by Mr.
Hoar ot the New York Tribune
u you want cnoap furniture, mat is
bran new, call on J. B. Wright, tho now
and second hand furniture man. '
Go and see J. B. Wright for all kinds
of bargains in new and second band
goods. Just north of Moon block.
Wo will pay you 27 cents for corn and
sell you goods' choapor than any mer
chant duro sell you' Chicago Clothing
Lanney Smith has purchased tho
Storner proporty and is fixing it up
nicely. Mr. Smith never does things by
Tho beautiful snow, about ten inches
of it, came in this week and made a
long stay to the satisfaction of the chil
dren. Win. Atherton, E. Lolner, J. Frank
Martin havo como in and relieved us
financially. Thanks and may others
Don't forgot that Japanoso social to
given by tho ladies of the Chri6tiun
church on tho 22d. You can depend on
a nlco time.
Joseph Akors, an old resident of this
county dropped dead at Bluo Hill ou
Monday. Hoart .disease is said to havo
boon tho cause.
Photos did you say? Well then go to
Wegmnn's gallery Rod Cloud, Nobr.
whero ho can supply you with any
thing in that line,
Carpentor Beckwith is building a fine
houso for Noah Waggoner, across tho
rivor. It will bo twenty-six feet squaro
with fine porches, etc.
A. II. Gray and family desiro to extend
their hearty thanks to all firo boyo for
their promptness at tho fire, which took
place ut thoir residence on Suturduy
Hon. C. W. Kuley und wifo aro in Lin
coln this week attending tho ilrst quur
tor contonnial entertainment of the stuto
university, of which ho is ono ot tho
Foster's storm billed from tho 0th to
lGth cume jimt ns advertised. Remem
ber that no othor puper can publish
Foster's predictions as wo havo tho ox
olusivo right in this connty.
Last week was our bannor weok for
correspondence, and Tub Chikf fcolo
proud ot it. Wo aro pleased to noto thut
wo iiavo the most ublo corps ot corres
pondents ot any paper west ot Omaha.
Rev. A. P. Hull bus started a series of
rovivals at tho M. E. church. Mr. Hull
is a vory lluont speaker, and commands
tho vory closest attention. Tho people
should turn out und hear him. MeotingB
will continue noxt weok.
Recently a man living a few miles
from this city wiis discussing bow badly
ho folt over tho death ot hie son in fact
ho folt so bad, 'said ho, that ho had not
visited his gruvo since. Tho man pre
suming that it had just been of rocont
occurence, usked: "J low long has that
been, air?" "Sure und it huu boon six
teen yeurs, Bur,'' ami then wot bis lips
with somo ot tho "good ould Bourbon"
and relapsed into innocuous dessuetudo.
A sad caao.
E. J. Overing loft
Alma to day.
James McNeny waa in
Omaha this
E. II. Waters, M. D. of McCook is in
tho city today.
N. W. Muhnffy has boon granted an
incroaso of pension.
J. A. Boyd is in Holdrogo this week
in tho Interest of tho marblo works.
Doyo fc (Irico'e cigar counter is gracod
with n novel and elegant cigar lighter.
Tho ladieB of the G. A. It, will givo a
social to-morrow night at Mr. J. A.
Mean. Parker und Fulton havo con
cluded .to opornto their croamory this
Goo. Nowhouso.who has beon in
Columbus for some timo returned homo
this weok.
Chus. Arnold of Roeotuont was in town
Thursday. Ho reports n lawsuit in that
burg ovory day this week.
Tho Rod Cloud marblo works havo
boon improvod with some now water
pipcB and othor slight chungos.
Miss Lora McBridc did not teach her
school this week in Dist. 15 on account
of tho snow nnd'sovorocold woathor.
Thoqdvontofa bright llttlo darling
baby girl is reported at tho homo of
Anthony Clark. All aro doing woll.
J. D. Itouso, ox-county treasurer of
Nuckolls county is in the city having
somo dontal work dono at Dr. Chamber
lains office
Jonnio Fox liqmidutod tho "filthy
lucro" this week for somo time back and
renewed. John appreciates n good
county' papor.
Report ot tho Iloading room for month
of Fobruary: On bund January 1, 82.75;
received during January, $20.25; paid
during January, $13 85; on hand Fobru
ary 1, $9.15.
J. L. Miller loft last Tuesday for
Mammoth Springs Ark. Ho intends to
look up a location near there, and will
probably mako that his f uturo homo if
that country suits him.
For somo days wo havo failed to ob
serve tho pleasant smile and hoar tho
cheering voico of W.J.Mowbray tho elec
trician. Upon investigation wo, find ho
is seriously ill with pneumonia. Wo
hope ho will recover soon.
Tho republican contral committoo
ot tho first and socond wards ot tho city
of Red Cloud aro called to meet at tho
Argus office at 7 p. m. Tuesday Feb.
20th 1891, to transact such bueinoss as
may properly come beforo thorn. R. B.
Fulton, Chairman.
Two fastidious and fun-loving printers
ot this city took the girls out sleigh rid
ing tho other day. Ot courso it cost $1
an hour for the luxury, and when two
hours had elupsed thoy unloaded tho
precious girls Eomodistanco from homo,
and drovo rapidly to tho livery barn.
Tho girls walked back.
A Conovor tho B. fe M.' agont at this
placo is now prepared to soil tickets to
all foreign countries. If you havo any
frionds nnd relatives across tho ocean,
you can mako arrangments with Mr.
Conovor in n tow minutes to convoy
them safely to thoir destination. It you
contemplate a visit to Europo or other
foreigh lands consult Mr. Conovor at tho
depot and ho will sell you a ticket cloar
Our old nnd much respocted friend,
Conductor Boynton, ot Rock Falls, III.,
is in Red Cloud on business. Sinco ho
was in Red Cloud tho last timo he in
forms us that ho has been bo unfortun
ato ns to loeo his son Charley, who was
woll known in this city, by death, ho
having been killed while in tho servico
of tho Burliugton railway loBt October
while going undor u bridge. Ono ot tho
ilanges 09 tho ' tender trucks broko and
Charloy noticnig something wrong step-
ped to tho sidoof tho cab just in timo to
Btrifco liiBheaduguinst the bridge, and
motjiis doath. It was a groat shock to
his mother and father and wifo and
children. Charloy hud hundrods of
frionds in Red Cloud who' will bo sorry
to heur ot his death.
A CoNKinr.NOK'MANOno evening last
weok ii sleek looking individual appeared
in the city, throw out somo dodgers in
viting "men only" to utUnd his enter
tninment nt tho opora Iioubo. Ho repre
sented hiniBolf as Boiling u patent ca
tarrh remedy, and implied that he would
givo tho individual buying, a certain sum
ot money, consequently, without malico
aforethought, or n great donl ot wisdom,
a lot ot our townsmen wore invoigled
into his parlor, as did tho verdant youth
of olden times, in tho Bpidor web story
that wo all know no woll und full to com
prehend, Ho would toll his "suckers"
that thoy woro actually suckers, in fuct,
to buy tho goods, yet thoy put up thoir
monoy with n parting liopo to recolve
something for nothing, but thoy didn't
do it. lor a Tool nnd nis monoy soon
parto," und this timo it parted company
with its rightful owners und went into
tho coffers of 11 follow who is sharp
enough to livo olf of othor peoplo until
ho will run up ugainBt a snag or a big
noliceman. This naner haB no sympathy
for a man who loses his monoy in that
manner, und especially men who ought
to sot u better oxumplo to tho rising gen
erations. ttocttf., dull
on and after January 1, 1891, OOcts., will
buy flvo tickots entitling holder to ono
rrnllnn nf linnil llnrht oil for each tioket
; or Bome number of tickets for gasoline
at M. B. MONltt'a.
S. or V. Muiilealc.
Thoro is probably not that porson liv
ing who does not appreciate, to somo ox
tont, tho aweot strains ot music. Some,
while totally ignornnt of tho distinction
betwoen music of a higher and lowor
grade, Iovo music rogardloss of how it is
produced. Tho illltorato and tho reftnod
of all races, tribes and kindrod lovo tho
melodious strains of n woll manipulated
instrument. It mnken tho oheerlMS
choerful, and tho sad glad; it enthuses
tho glowing mind with a roal fooling of
hnppinr-RS, which probably nothing but
music could do; it furnishos tho rcetlosB
feet of many unsocial gathering with suf
ficient exorcises, and makos tho irropres-
siblo negro give vent to bis lovo ot music
with a familiar jig danco.
Tho good pooplo of Rod Cloud always
manifest their appreciation ot a musical
ovont by their proaonco nnd cooporntion.
Iho Sons of Votoraus band havo for
many montlm past been growing rapidly
in public favor, and when thoy declared
thoir intention somo weeks hIiico to givo
n grand musicalo, every music lover pre
dicted an interesting and successful on
tortniuniont, and it goes without saying
that tho doings nt tho opera houso Tues
day night fully confirmed, thoir surmises.
Every follow and his brother wero thero
with their wives, and oven thoir mothers-in-law,
In othor words, tho hoilse was
chock full. Altogether, tho progrummo
was oxcollont, and almost faultlessly ren
dered. O. C. Boll, tho goninl "papa" ot tho
band, presided admirably as stago man
ager nnd prompter, besides doing his
share in tho musical program. From
tho timo tho evont was suggested, ho
took an active part for which ho deserves
crodit, and was rowarded by saluting a
crowded houso.
Theovorturo "Nuggot Noll," beginning
tho exorcises, was u difficult ono indcod.
It was rendored by tho entiro band and
elicited vociferous appluuso.
In tho quintet entitled "Hunter's
March" by Millor, Hendrick, West, Dick
orson nnd Putmor, tho nudionco con
ceived a marked improvomont, and tho
selection was well rocoivod.
Oscar Patraor covorod himtolt all over
with glory in his tuba solo, ontitlod
"Rocked in tho Cradlo of tho Deep," and
was loudly oncorod.
Tho "Dream of Glory" with piano and
cornet by Honry Clarko and Miss Lillio
Smith was strictly first-class. Both woro
perfectly composed nnd proved thorn
selves porfoctly familiar with the eoloo
tion and to possess much musical talent.
Thad McNitt nnd Prof. Geo. Hondrick
with thoir violins, accompanied by Miss
Grace Fort at the piano rendered an ox
collont selection in a highly croditablo
Harry Millor achioved many laurels in
tho rendition of his "Cyclone." Harry
is fast becoming an oxcollont musician.
Ho is an indofatigablo worker and will
somo day occupy a prominent placo in
his profession.
"Splintors" is tho sparkling cognoman
of a modley played by tho Misses Mary
and Murgurot Minor Mies Murgarot
with tho violin and Miss Mary the piuno.
This seloction was unusually woll ro
coivod nnd encored, and was responded
to with a most beautiful classical selec
tion which won tho praiso ot tho entiro
The "Four VngB" was indood a pecu
liar solcction, nnd tho novel apparal
which attired tho pactieipants' attracted
morq attention than tho music. Tho
vngs presented a most ludicrous appear
ance, in faot, they would maks tho tun
ny valontmes aehnmod of themselves.
Of course, they wore oncorod, and tho
way they responded was as graceful as a
hirod man starting out for a day's work,
or an educated pig attempting a speech
Willio'Wost's mouth bore a resemblance
to a largo crack in a cako of limburger
cheese, whilo Oscar Patraor's pants woro
as ridiculous as Chub Warren's shoos,
which were not at varianco with Harry
Miller's tune no ho walked on the stage.
Of course, it was all burlesque, and, as
such, served satisfactorily.
Special praise was lauded tho ladies'
quartet consisting of Mrs. Martin, Mrs.
West, Miss West and Miss Blanche Sel
la rfl. Thoir voicos seemed to blend har
moniously in "O Lovoly Stur." Thoy
wero loudly encored and rocoivod many
complimentary remarks. Tho selection,
"Nuturul Spell," by tho nbovo quartet
with Albright, Cot ting, Castor und Clark
was indeed a "etunnor'' und convulsed
tho n'u'diejico.
One ot the most beautiful selections
was tho finale which concluded tho ex
orcises of tho evoning ontitlod "The
Night Bell," supported by tho strength
of tho ontiro band.
Tho "Vuas Wultz" by Prof. Hondrick.
O. C. Bell and Hurry Miller, accompa
nied by Miss Jennie Boll with tho piano,
was suporb, and spoken ot in tho high
est terms, whilo tho vocal and piano
duot, entitled "Evening Shades" was
ono of tho go ins ot tho evening's enter
tulnmont. This selection wus rondorod
by Mrs. Gertie Dickerson und MIbs
Lillio Smith, while Iho Misses Mury
Minor und Nellie West presiding ate tho
piano. Thoir voices woro rich, soft, aweot
untl well cultivated, and any lover of u
thrilling feinulo voice could listen for
hours to u repetition of "Evoning Shudes"
especially with such beautiful ncconi
puniinonts. This is a sJimsy description, touching
on tho most noticeable feutures ot tho
evening's exorcises; suffice to say, every
one waa satisfied, and thoro wero no re-
All Grades guaranteed by the Mills.
, ; ....
; j
grota expressed by the patrons. In tho
futuro the only noctBsary inducomont
to a successful ontertainmont under tho
nuBpicos of tho S. of V. band will be for
thorn to meroly stato, "We'ro goln' to
haven do! ne."
--- 1 een
A. II. GnAv'fl Finn. Last Saturday
night about 11:30, during tho severo
snow storm, firo was discovorod in tho
houso occupiod by Diok Gray. The
alarm was immediately sounded and,
notwithstanding tho violence ot tho
storm, was responded to by a largo body
of firemen and willing neighbors. Every
thing was dono to save tho building, and
in thoir stronuouB efforts, Diok Gray
und Beach Robinson came near losing
thoir lives. They woro Inside tho burn
ing building, in total darkness, and tho
door becamo locked. Tho smoko ovor
camo thorn, and in tho doneity of smoke
and'darkness they wore unable for somo
timo to locate tho lock. This thoy finally
succeeded in doing however, and wero
prostrated for somo timo after roaohing
oport'nir. Tho houso was nicely fur
nished, und ovory effort was put forth to
save, at least, a small portion ot tho
property. Nothing but afew bedclothes
woro saved, and, while tho building wus
not entirely dostroyod, tho contents
woro entirely consumed, Ouly about 40
per cent ot tho contents were insured,
and as a conscquonco, the loss falls heav
ily on Mr. Gray. Tho main loss which
Dick doplores, is tho loss ot his books
containing valuablo records for yeuie
back. At the timoof tho first alarm,
Mr. Gray and wifo woro absent and just
on tho point ot returning home.
New Wall Paper.
Tho most beautiful patterns, tho low
ost prices, und tho largest stock wo over
had, and more goods to como. Dont
fail to bco what wo havo to olTor you
in quulity and price. Deyo & Grlco.
market Report.
(Corrected Weekly.)
ee mm eeete mm mii?
Corn ..
Oats 20 25
IVVU eeee mm Iim mm eeee e e e uU
Flax 70
Hoira..-. 4 im
FatcowB-v 1 G02 00
Uuttor 11
Eggs 10
I'otatoes CO
Chickens... doz. 2 00
Turkeys lb. 0
Itotull prico ot the Rod Cloud Milling
Co., flours:
Monogram y sack 9 10
lioynl patent "0 Back E0
Ii.otll.S. sock GC
$10.00 Itowurd
For the roau who atoie a bottle of Heller's
li.irb Wire Liniment from my barn lait
Friday, I cau't gat along without It
For tale by Deyo St dries.
MONOGRAM, 90c Per Sack.
PATENT, 80c Per Sick
B. S., 65c Per Sack.
if 4r,
Are la eedf
If you
Want cash,
Wants partner
Want a situation,
Want a Borvant girl,
Want to sell fruit or grain,
Want to find buyora for anything,
Want to aell or buy cattle or horeee,
Want to sell or trade anything,
Want to aell household good,
Want to aell anything,
Want to rent rooms,
Want boarders,
Want cook,
Use The Chirp's Warn) Column.
W? rJI).-3y middle euPd Udy endson.'l
Cloud, Nebraska, box M. '
IF. You want fruit Irres. traptvloet or an
miriirrv aliwlc rail rnl M !...
. . ...-.. ww.a ss( MIMI.
WANTED.-To cry jour
ales. Hot Urn
and splendid seUshcllou. O.
U VrlBire)
INBUUANCK.-I would like to latura yoi
1proiicity.-J.H.Srolib. ?
VyANTKO.-Tg trade a Rood eulky plow tor
WANTKD.-I00 new
subscrltera to Tij
J liard thun avai
Tirr C'iiikv u tM-Ui )
pary d than ever to do all kinds of plain eiS
fancy job work.
WANTrDj-To buys, nood matched teat)
" -John Kariicr, tied Cloud.
KRl.U I hnro Ihrwi good cows to selH-3
'. (I'okt) Sutton, Ited t'loudV 1
WaNTKD-To grind jruur cU-on.-Hut
Inwm's barber shop.
poll HAI.IS-A Rood lior, applr at IbUoffl
WANTI'.l)-'iomone to buy tome ot Br
stove.t.-Dad ' --"
stove.1". Dad Uurkley.
WAKTUII-To buy Columbian
will piiy one-lialf cent each foi
aura us.
fnr All v1
iiTfMwTfntn. Krin tn i rorriNi
VANT.KU-:?!",, ou? X "we.,
onablo a. 1), llrown, .
VANTEp.-9etentynvf luyt will virtu
" liavetlielrpirluies taken Nt my rallen
3-uurdity. .1. a. Wi-Kmaim. rhntnicrapher.
llo Sure and Itcad Tltla.
Our correspondents are doing soma
cellont work and we hope that they
continuo to givo ua all of the newa at
ten as possible. We are by your ' eft
able to give tho nows of the entire oou
During tho coming year, we propotv
give premiums to our correspondeatl
faithful sorvlce, aa follows:
To the one who writea the most
often wo will give a prize of,
To tho 2d besW
Tothe.'W beat ,..,...
Any 0110 in tne county can cots
provided thoro la not u eorreepoada'
vour neighborhood already workkai.
tho same. ill
ki A
i' I
" ii
m MM' '