The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 09, 1894, Image 1

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"A 'J-ititlSiJ vw wh(i Vllvjil; "Vr5f WflJiiUfcSWAVWitoWHfRWfl'ftfli
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ir.4 jr
All Home Print.
PuMUhcd Weekly,
ascription, 91 Per Annum,
InYarlablr In Advance
If not paid In advance, after this ditto March
18, IMtt, 111 price will lie $1.2.".
Entered Ht the l'ost Ulllco In Ited i'lnud, Nob.,
an mall iwitterof trip second class
Vrof. cards, I Inch or Its per year if, oo
Hue months 1 (0
Three months 2 M
Per Inch onojear SI to
I'erlnch hIz mouths a on
I'erlnch threu months 2 on
fiioclal notices per line or lino spare, llrst
ptiliilcatton 6 1'otttn.
Transient specials, p.ijahlo Invariably In ad
vance, per line 1 cchIh.
All re.iitiiiK mitlct't In the nituruof ndtcrtho
menta or puffs, 0 cents per line.
Legal notices at leant tates, viz: for a stpiaro
iten lines of Nonpareil or lets,) llrst publication
1.00; for each subsequent publication, per
square, 60 cents.
Ho "preferred position" contract! mado.
All matter to uuuio publication must ho re
ceived at this ofilco not later than Wednesday.
Advertisements cannot bo ordoied out tor
the current week later than ihtrsday,
D. A, m. It. It. Time Table.
Taking eUcct Dec, 3
Tralnscairjlni! past'tigcr leave lted Cloud ns
No, 142 Passenger to Hasting 2:30 p. m.
No. lit Passenger f rom Hastlags 11:33 a. m.
Ko, 18, rassetmer to St. Joseph bt.
Louis and Chlcaeo dally 10:!i a. m,
(101N(J WEST.
No. 19 Passengers tor Denver, dally, 0;53 p. in
rn. j. s. em iuu,
Red Cloud, - - Nebraska.
Over Tylr' Furniture Store.
, Extracts teeth without pain.
t Crown and bridge work a specialty.
l'orcelaln Inlay, ana all kl- ds of gold (IIIIuks.
Make golc;ubber platea and combination
'miT y dtUoOrstlass.
r j wii'- '
Homoeopathic Fbyatclan,
Red Cloud, NebritsKn.
OlOco opposite Vlrst National Bunk,
U. H.Kxainlnlng sturgeon.
Chronic diseases treated by mall.
r l. winfrey,
Red Cloud, - Nebbaska.
i Will attend sales at reasonable flguies. Satis
faction guaranteed,
Insurance Agent,
I da a strlotly fnrm insurance and invite
and invite all to boo me.
Moon Block, - RED CLOUD, NEB.
Collodions promptly nttended to, uud
correspondence solicited.
1m Attorn ai iiatv.
Red Cloud, Ncbrusku.
Office Up stairs, in Moon Block,
Tnnsorlnl 'ArtlHl,
4th Avenue, Red Cloud, Nemiaska.
Firat-olBRB barbers and tlret-olnsa work
guaranteed Give men call
FuMilonablu ISurbcr,
Red Cloud, Mebrusliti.
I give uiy personal attention to my
patrons. Firat-olaeH shaving and hair
catting a specialty.
lnsuruncv Agency,
(lermau Insurance I'o , Kreepnrt, 111.
Itoyal lusinaiici-Co., l.lverHii)l, uuclund,
Horn Fire liisiiranro Co., of Unuha. Nebr,',
l'licrnlx As.iunini'e Co, of London. Knir.
'ihe liermuu I'lio AskuraneoCo, of ehuIaihI.
(lHaidlan AsauraiieuC(i.,uf Loudon, ICiik'.
l!urlliwn Intuianee Cii, of llurlliiKton, Iowa,
Jinmn America Assuraiii'o to. jormun, i;an.
Mutual IteM'ivu I'liinl l.ltu rtssu.ut X. Y. ,
Tho Workin in Ituilolng una Loan Atboclatlon
of l.lnciiln, Nebraska
Otllue ovor Mizor'a Storo.
Rkd Cihd. NanttASKA
I D. B. Spanogc,'
v Real Estate
and Loan Agkm
tlrci- "
Ts.J r 1
wvi XiivC4d
Fternw Vigilnnce is the Price of Liberty," and One Dollar a year is
Red Cloud, Webster County, Neb., Friday, February
What is
Castorla is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants
and Clilldren. It contains noithcr Opium, Morphino nor
other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute
for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil.
It is Pleasant. Its guarantco is thirty years uso by
Millions of Mothers. Castorla destroys Worms and allays
fevcrishncss. Castorla prevents vomiting Sour Curd,
cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. Castorla relieves
teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency.
Castorla assimilates the food, regulates the stomach
and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cas
torla is the Children's Panacea tho Mother's Friend.
" Castorla is an excellent medicine for chil
dren. Mothers have, repeatedly told me of Its
good effect upon their children."
Da. Q. C. Osoood,
Lowell, HohS.
" Co3tor!a ts the best remedy for children of
which I am acquainted. I bono tho day Is not
for distant when mothers will consider tho real
interest of their children, and uso Castorla In
stead of thesarlousquacknostrumawhtcharo
destroying their loved ones, by forcing opium,
morphine, soothing Eynip and other hurtful
agents donn their throats, thereby seeding
them to premature graven."
Da. J. F. KiKcnELor,
Conway, Ark.
The Con(m .;, IT7
A nice line of
CuflTn mid collar ImiIIoum, neck
clialnt, luc piiiN, Htlck pins,
ciRrn, etc.
Flated and solid Mlverunre, souvenir Jpoo'is,
peal handled kulvos and forks, carving sets,
cainnif cam cases, uou uou uuxrs hihi oiuei
novelties. A lino line of spectacles and ro
glnsses with lnterchangablniiisfs, steel, nickel
Sliver uiiii vuiu mimes, nitei.n nun eareiui in
tention paid to titling tho eo. My lino of 2nd
hand watches Is quite large. I will run them on
at less than their actual worth.
dT'Uring your watch, clock ana jewelry io
pair work, our euctraving aud your old gold
and silver to me,
Henry Cook's DruK Store.
Has a fine line of Sowing Ma
chinea and Organs from $25
Alio keeps all klndi or Machine
iuppllei. Doc repulrlnn;
pronptly. Cull and tec me.
" Castorla is so well adapted to children thaJ
I recommend it as superior toany prescription
known to me."
IT. A. Aacnsa, M. D.,
Ill So. Oxford St , Brooklyn, N. Y.
"Our physicians in tho children's depart
ment have spoken highly of their experi
ence In their outcide practice with Castorla,
and although wo only hare among our
medical supplies what is known as regular
product.!, yet wo ore freo to confess that the
merits of Castoria has won us to look with
favor upon It."
United Hosfitai. and DisranuaT,
Boston, Mass.
Aixrw C. Sumi, Frts.,
Mo? Street, New York City.
Partly Loarjs
Pqv cent
E, A Sinipsoil,
Blae Hill Neb.
Ciraiid Ifluitlcal.
At tho opera house, February 13, 1801,
under tho uuBpicos of tho S.of V. cornot
Ovorturo NtiRgot Nell... S.of V. band
Mule qunrtot Selection
Tulloys, Custer, Clark and Albright:
Violin Duet Air and Variations
Hendricks and McMitt.
Tuba Solo.... Rooked in cradle of deep
O. Vutruor.
Piano and cornot Drootn of glory
Smith and Clark.
Quintet "brass" Hunter's Murch
Miller, Hendricks, West and Dickorson.
Cornot solo Cyclone Polkn. . .11. Miller.
Violin ntul piuno.,.. Medley "Splinters"
Margaret and Mury Minor.
Quartot "brass" Four vagabonds
West, Millor, Warron, Patmour.
Ovorturo Diamntio. S.of V. Orchestra.
Lttdles Qunrtot Last Night
Martin, West, Smith, West.
Trombone, cornet .... Christmas chimes
Miller and Bell.
Violin solo Luiln Hondrick
Cornot, violin and piano Selection
Millor, Hondrick, Boll.
Double quartet Nutuiul spell
Ladlen and innlu tuatiet.
Vocal unci piano Evening shades at
Mandolin club Selection
Vanco and McBrido Brop.
Final Tho night boll S. of V. band.
I'li'iit CIiinn ESottrdliiK
Mr S BajlcHwibhes to announcoto
tho public that io ist propared to take per week, (docping
includod. Apply at 4th Aveuuo
wuA'riir.u rour.cArVi's
I'lit'iiMicd i:xprcNnly for The
Chief for Webster Cotinly
ICopyrlghtcd by W. T. foster.)
St, Joseph, Mo, Fob. 'J . Mj
lust bulletin e;avo forecasts of the
storm wavitt to nross the continent
from Feb. 11th to lfith mid thu next
will reach the Pacific coast about Feb
ruary JLM, cioss tlio western luottti
taina by close ol" the U.'IJ, tin' great
central vallejs frotn'Jl tit tol!Gtli, and
the eastern states nbout tho -7tli,
This disturbance will pubs through
Hie central pvrlions of the UuiteJ
Statrn and an average rainfall orHimv
tuny bo txptclcd over a largo part of
the country.
Tho warm wuvo will crops llic west
ern mount litiH about thu L'.'Jd, the
gnat central vr.llcjH about the 21th,
and tho c.vitcni stutis about the -lltli.
The cool wave will ciovs llio western about the LTilh, the great
central valleys about tho "7th, and
the eastern ctates about March 1st.
March will have gioat extremes of
weather, immense rain." and snowd,
and altogether tho greatest variety of
wcittbor, tho greatest extremes that
have occurcd in Match for j earn.
This condition will cotitinuo till about
tho 7th of April, uftcr which dry cold
weather will continue to the end of
the uiuntli.
Tho weather looks bad for spring
farming and whilo nine times out of
ton early planting is btst, this year ap
pears to bo thuexocption and in the
northern corn belt planting in May
will be tttoro successful than earlier
These diilicultic?, however will
probably be remedied, to soiuo rxtcilt
by fuvorablo weather later in the sea
son and late frosts in tho fall.
Killing April frosts aro threatened
n southern latitudes where April
frosts sometimes occur. Fair crops
nro expected for 1891. Rainy years
seldom causo ctop failures. Those
who desire inoro particulars may cn
clotc stampid and addressed envelope.
Thcro aro really no distinct divis
ions of clouds and class them as
one class so gradually merges into tho
two nearest in appcaranco that it is
quite difficult to distinguish wliero one
stops and another begins.
Mottrulugists havo divided clouds
into five general olnssct: Stratus,
cirrus, cumulus, cirro cumulus and
Bttnbus. Tho stratus is tho bed or
covering cloud, which at all seasons,
but mora cspjoully in auttttnu, ap
pears near suisct and rests all night,
till sunrise in the morning, along the
edgo of tho horizon. These olouds
seem to b formed of a kind of wist
or fog thrown up by the earth, or that
hai settled down fiom tho dissolved
cumulus is positively electrified and
but little dow falls when they prevail.
They aro whitish gray, and must be
distinguished Iroui what aro sometimes
culled cirro-stratus. Sttatus clouds
indiiiuU rain and no dow whilo the
cirro-stratus, belonging Jto tho same
claes, indicate heavy devt and no
The cirrus is a ouilcd cloud with
recurved tufts or nispp. It is tho
highest of all clouds aud is either the
outflow over tho upheaving column of
a low barometer, or remnant or skele
ton of ati exhausted storm ccnlar,
They generally pn'cedo rains aid
when thoy bcoomo large and condense
they indicate heavy thunderstorms.
The cumulus clouds nro readily dih
tinguishrd by their heaped or piled
nppi araneu which is tho meaning of
tho woid cumulus hen detached
uuiulm clouds gather togothcr tIioyLnd innufotnro of Dr. Bnwyer'd Pastilles
fotm what are oallcd stackta cloude,
the Price of The Chief.
9, 1894.
which is tho transition state bctwocn
tho cumulus and the nimbus. When
slaokcn clouds becomo capped with a
hood-cloud, liko mountains of ton ap
pear, or when tho cirrus abovo them
enlarges and increases in density,
then heavy storms aro near at hand.
Tho cirro-cumulua cloud is inter
mediate betwecu tho cirrus and cumu
lus. The sky, when flecked with cir-io-cuuiuluH
clouds has roccived tho
aommoti appellation maokerel-backcd,
They alvrnjs indioato that an electrio
change is going on and tho near ap
proach cf a low barometer and a rino
in temperature. In winter they indi
cate tho breaking tip of frosts and tho
coming on of rainy wcalhor. Tko
nimbui is tho storm or rain cloud and
the Inst s'ngo of cloud formation. It
passes away by disolving into rain. It
is intensely electrio in consequents of
which it has nn oiigin hue in day
timo and at night time is mnro lumi
nous. No rain over falls and nono need be
apprehended when a gray iky prevails
but tho deeper tho Bircnity and the
more intcuscly bluo tho sky is, tho
more certain it is that copious rains
will soon full.
When the margin of the cloud is
sharply defined upon the sky tho in
volutions and convolutions of cloud
upon cloud equally well defined and
tho clouds appear smooth as though
composed of ice, they furnish unmis
takable warnings of storms of great
Dark clouds aro sometimes called
wiud.clfluds. They aro dark because
charged heavily with electricity and
being thus heavily charged is the
causo of strong winds being connect
ed with them, for electricity is tho
causo of all regular wind currents.
Heat will cvaporato water and cold
will condemo tho transparent vspors
into cloud?, but these arc not the
principal causes. The principal causo
of evaporation aad cloud formation is
electrical. The clolrio euirent coming
down through tho ten groat permanent
high barometers, ono of which covers
each of tho fivo great oceans south
and north of tho equator, evaporato
the ocean water and carry tho moist
ure into tho low barometers 'of tho
continents. Here tho electric currents
riso to auoh great heights that tho va
pors are dropped and continue to fall
back till tho atmosphero will no long
er hold thi'iu and then rain results.
Ladioi: If you have suffered a long
timo witti Uisoasee peculiar to your sex,
try Dr. Sawyer'a Pastilles. They will cure,
In tho RtiGsiuti glass works tho labor
orn ourn from 850 to 880 por year, with
food und lodging in tho works.
.. .. .1. i -
Mrs, N. Meyettc, tho Ooneseo county
treasurer of tho W. C. T. U. nud a very
iniluontinl workor in thu muse of woruon
says; "I havo ued l'arkes' Ton and find it
la tlio best remedy 1 navo ovor tried ior
constipation. It requires sninller doses
and is inoro thorough. I shall uso noth
ing else in future"
English contractors for army clothing
pay 11 ponco for making trousors and 30
peuco n dozon for army caps.
Ladles: Irregularities nnd oil those
pains nnd distressing diseases pocalinr
to womou nre positively aud effectually
cured by using Dr. tjawyoi's Pastilles.
Doyoi Urice.
A Swi6B silk-ribbon weaver regards
himself ns fortunato it ho uvorages 48
cents u day tho year round.
.. . m m '
Money, exporlonce and skill cuuuot irr-
provo Dr. Bnwyer's PiHtillen, forj dlscaHen
ptoullnr to women, LndUs tetul to your
druggist for a free sample package. Deyo
& Qrico.
In tho A iori'H waiters iu hotels "who
huvo thoir owu clothes" cun cotnmaud
wuges of c'2 per woek.
It .1... .......... ..ww.Hf....r. ...1 .1.111
I All limb luuiir, L'.ii'iirubu uiiu diii
can do lias been dnuuiii the preporntion
for ladles. Deyo & Qrioe,
Vol. 21. No. 29
A cream of tartar baking powder.
Iliglufltof ull in leavening strength
Latest United Status Government
Food Report.
Hoynl linking Powder Co.
100 Wall t., N. Y.
MTTI.i: fitiCALLS.
nv M. II ah it.
Chailia Mitchell hid his friends nood by and
ciossedtho ocean wide
To do .liitnes Corbett tip In stjlo and proo
ti I in up amide;
Uosald. I'll inako him think ho never saw a
And Just you wait and watch htm when tie
runs amtlnst my list.
Then down ho will i?o; jus, down he will go;
I'll cover him oer wllliRore,
And his "rep" I will spoil, on American sell,
When mi) meet on that beautiful shore.
Tho day ni rived, tho fight occurred, and Corbett
was the winner,
l'ot Mitchell slajed about ns long as would a
new beginner;
Ho fanned tho nlr In vain attempt Jlin Corbel t'l
face to crack,
Until be cot an upper cut, which laid htm ou
his back.
And he never got up; no, he nover Rot up
Time was called, still 'ho llay on the lloor;
Out again lie may try, lu tho anoet by and by,
It thty meet on that beautiful shore.
Johnny had h little ram,
Its "lleas" were full of mutton,
v .. .Andjivorj wliero that aohnny went,
r flit ram wasdjutt'n';
It batted him at school one day,
Clear up against the wall,
And mndo the teachor climb the fence
A ml all the scholars bawl;
nut when he mado his last debut,
Willi a can of d)uamlte,
That butter melted like the snow
And went clear out of tight.
l'rocrasllinlloii Is the thief of time and so Is
the pick-pocket. a
Just now ono of our carpontors
Is looking rather uluni;
Ho trlod to drive his finger nail
Clear tip Into his thumb.
Who Wtu Hi
Who was in power from 1844 to
1801? Tho democrats. When did
wo havo tho noarcst fro trade that
we ever had? From 44 to Gl. When
did wo havo the hardest times this
county ever saw? From 44 to 01. Who
parsed thoso froo trade law? The
democrats. Who passed thoordinanco
of secession? Tho democrats. Who
gave tho ordor to fire on Fort Samptrr?
A democrat, Col. John Branch, Who
fought against this government in tho
Into wai? Tlio democratc. Wbo
gave. tho order to staivo tho union
prisoners to death? Tho democratic
president, Who was it that left this
government without a cent in the
treasury? Tho demoarats. Who
wanted to return tho rebel rags? Tho.
democrats. Who wanted to pais a
freo trade law again? The democrats.
Who is working into the hands of
England? The democrats. Who
wants to rc-ostabiish Lillio
Calamity on tho throne? Tho demo
ci at. Who is arguinsto tonko wheat
U per bushel?. Tho duuiooruM.
Nov Mr. democrats make jour prom
ises good. A HtiNimr Man.
- ' '
Curt Evans haaevorythingou want in
tlio second-hand furnituro lino. See him
Uluo Front, south Webster street.
Misn Annette Nowcomor, state organi
zer of tho Christians Women's boaul of
Missions, will speak in tho Christian
church Suuduy February 11th, at U;30.
Every body is invited to como out and
hour her.
The importance of keplng the Iher
nud Lidaeys in good conilltlon cannot be
ovurtbtiraateil. Hood's Sarsaparilla is a
guut remedy foe regulating and invig
Hood'a Pillotuas!ly,yut promptly and
orating intso orannr.
tffaotlvely, on tbt IWir and bowels', 2Bo.
k .Ax
"V iia