The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 02, 1894, Page 3, Image 3

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The Alk-K,.,! I'.rllMi rb-t.t.r Dim Up in
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i.nrn or wiiKh Hie .Mim fnuu
Seek the
.lACKsosviur:, Tin., .Ian. SO.-Threo
rounds, nliminlnulcw, and out' This tells
tho story of the- great Corbctt-Mltchell
"Klit, except tlmt
for thosn tiltiu
tn In it to s' enter
tainment 1,000 per
nous paid fc'O. Of
all tho oer
iii u tcli od tnen
Mitchell seems to
luivu about
the worst cna that
ever appeared in
Mm rhi". lie was
CilAKLKr mitciibli. literally "not in
it" from the moment he met his adversary.
Wclilng 1U1 pounds to his opponent
1W; with wild opponent having a couple of
Inches longer reach and towering nbovu
hltn, nt thcMimo time ft perfect specimen
of physical manhood, It woulil lmvo liecn n
good man who could lmvo won out in
Mitchell's place.
Charley Make a roor Minwlnc.
But tho odds referred to nK.-ilnst Mitch
ell wcro hardly greater than those against
Tom Saycrw when Ins fought Hccnan. Hut
what u difference in thu flht tho two men
put upl Saycrs was reiHiitcdly knocked
down by his antagonist mid ns often enmo
to tho scratch smilinc;. For round nftcr
round Tom was punished on thu body ter
ribly, yet to the lost bo could reach lice
nan's face.
And fo well did ho play his tactics that
a moment after tho fight was over Hccnan
could not see. When uocomoto tho fact
that Mitchell was only kuocked down
throo times in all nnd tho third was a
knockout, tho absurdity of calling Charley
A great tighter Is apparent.
Ilnntly To Itn Called n right.
It could hardly bo culled n fight. Mitch
ell did not land ono good blow. Ho was
neither clevor with his hands nor quick on
his feet, nor did ho exhibit any of tho gen
eralship bo has been credited with. Ho was
n chopping block for Jim, who landed ufter
tho first round just when und whero ho
Corbett's actual weight at tho ringside
was my; pounds, and just before the light
began Ed. Smith, of Denver, challcngtd
tho winner to fight for $10,000 a side. This
match was for a purao of 20,000 offered by
( 1
I i'Z 1
r A I
I j V s
connr.TT, champion of the wom.n.
the Duval club. Besides this tho two men
had $5,000 npleco on the result. Tho only
conwlntlon Mitchell has Is a win of $1,000
from Hiady, who bet him he would not
Appear in tho ring, This was mudo In
" Stw York some tlmongo.
John Kelly, of New York, was the referee
At 2;50 p. m. limu was called and tho men
Mopped to tho center of tho ring und faced
each other.
Full Account of Hip Three ItoumU Tlmt
Won 20,O0O.
Following aro tho detalLs of tho three
Round 1. Corbctt, ut tho call of time,
sprang to tho center of thu ring, with his
man just emerging from his corner. Cor
liett fought with tho samo stylo guard he
employed so bitccessfully in tho combat
with Sullivan. Mitchell's guard was low,
with hit left hand tending downward and
bis right bent iu over his heart. Tito Kng
ltsiimiunviis loiced to the south ropes by
feint, nnd for a full mimitu thu men htood
or pranced, fciutlng or fiddling about.
Mitchell finally Hhot out his left for tho
body, foiling bhort in tho effort, Corbctt
endeavoring to couutcr utiMiccesstully,
They enmo together in a clinch, Corltett ut
f ouce anticipating his opponent's move by
putting tho hi el of his opened glovo up
against Mitchell's homj.
Mitchell then, after a couple of cflorts,
cot In with his left on tho stomach of thu
American, Corbet t countering with his
right to tho ear and bringing tho color to
tuo Urlton'H face, Mitchell twice led for
v Corbett's ribs, landing both times, but
llizhtly In cncli Instance. Corbctt landed
lightly with his left, Mitchell making good
with two body blows, ono to tho hhort tins
Audtho other tho chest, both ll;h.
Without lwwiiiK any traces. Mitchell
Again sent out his left, falling bhort and
doing no harm. On another lead from
Mitchell, who wan being pinned against
Mm ropes and thurf forced to lead, Coibett
lilatttvil a Hsht left over tho heart of tho
v Mitchell once more tried to fight his man
oK by hading with Id 1
countering will" ' "" ;
MtcLell avoiding It by lila clever and
almoin duck. Just before time was called
KuTl for Corbett's face, landing lightly as
K was going av,ay from it. and then
Mmnit U U' I n-wated tho blow.
WJwVi CiirU-tt Vwit to is corner, a amllii
it "elf-confidence lit up his featuivs.
Hoi ml '.' -Uorliett, an i o first round,
J X Z It ugo corner and kept Mitchell p
SSlust li? ropes thiougl.out tlie round,
M diell oncu reachlng.the center by ak
J . iL f.t anil getting out of a tight
St which' Coruttt hill henimed him.
"Xtt I'd with his left, teaching l.u fact,
rtj-in . . , n iit vh eh shook
CIS M "Hi. hV light, Corbett
' M Aim. . ',iit uf reach nnd Mien retallutlng
F L'S ir (Vrlwtt forced Mitchell
j" .f .,1 Tv hi. UN tight, and on Mitch
HV '- "k J uSwut Iho latter with a
jell drMI.K IJ iV.-i.ii van In ou Corbtitt
in icii. i'' ""
nfter this, the American driving him off
with a left hand blow In tho region of tho
kidneys, rorhelt shot rnt a loft "hunk"
to Mitchell's faro and J wwing Uick quick
for a repeater found thu filrmlnghnin man
with his left arm about his own neck In a
Corbet t brushed Mitchell off nnd getting
him in elo-o itiiirtvn n M-enuil lntir sent
in a right h.itul uppercut to Mm heart.
Mitchell rluverly got away from a left
hand swing. followed In, nnd nt
floHu quarters brought his right iuovir
Mitchell'H heart. The blow was a jiowerful
one nnd had much to do with tho speedy
succus tlmt enmo to tho champion. It
wan at this juncture that Mitchell first
got to thu center of the ting. Tim iti.wil
baw him wheel about after tho heart blow
and hissed nt hltn as ho ran away Ironi
Corbett, some of of tho spectators crying
outnluudnhatutliQ din of the cheers and
hisses, "Chantllly." Corbett kept, up thu
pace, llo was bent ou finishing tho battle
as miuii as possible.
He sent in his left nnd right by turns,
smothering Mitchell and shaking hint up
tu tho point whom most men will 1dm a
fight. Coibett led again with thu left
coming up full ngalnst Mitchell'; wind
and doubling lo tho neck back of Mm ear.
Another instant and iu trying toexndua
left feint Mitchell rati up iigaiuot un ml
inlrably aimed right which crashed Into
tho heart just abovo whero thu former nuo
had found lodgment. Corbett once mom
uppercut his ninn with the right nnd was
handling him now ius ho might a novice.
Mitchell swung his loft short and then tho
native began to mow down hid antagonist.
Ho led with bis left and again timing him
self for tho recoil caught Mitchell ou u
cross countcrto tho hldo of tho jaw. Itilid
not reach tho vital part aimed nt, but the
force of tho blow as sufficient to send
Mitchell lo tho ground und under tho
lower rope.
Corbctt crouched over his prostrato
though conscious fooiunii, who was looking
at him through a half-open left eye. Hvc
ondsfrom both eidea bounced Inside the
enclosure and Uio confusion was of the
most exciting kind, lleferco Kelly tried
to forco Corbctt away from his man, but
he was bent on maintaining his position.
From Mitchell's, corner, shouting "Foul"
as he ran, camo bis father-in-law, "1'ony"
Moore, Jim Hall, nnd Tom Allen. The
housowas in an uproar. Dempsey, Do
lauey, and Donaldson rushed to thu sido of
their principal and begged him not to
ha.ard tho chances of a suro victory by
losing on a foul. Kelly stood over Mitch
ell, bis tlmo occupied In nlwut equal parts
In counting tho seconds nud pawing oil
Corbett. Full eight seconds had elapsed
from tho time when Mitchell went to grass
until ho regained bLs feet iu a stooping
pasture, and Corbett still struggling with
bLs seconds to get at him fell over on his
side and bat ou tho boards.
And Mien Corbett camo near losing the
fight ou a foul; woulil havo lost it with a
retereo a "leetlo" inclined to his foo. He
jumped at Mitchell, and swinging his
right struck Mitchell while tho latter was
still in a sitting posture. Tho Mitchell
corner sent up a cry of foul, but thu referee
disallowed it, claiming that it bad done
no harm. Mitchell fell In on Corbett as he
got to his feet to cscupu anotherswiug and
theu "tinopiier" Garrison pounded tho big
gong for time. Corbett heard it and
turned nnd went to his corner. Instead of
going to bis tho Englishman bounded for
Corbett nnd struck him on the head, doing
no barm. "Foul," cried Urady, but Cor
bett shook bis head und Mitchell was car
ried to his corner.
Hound a. Tho beginning of tho end,
inaugurated iu thu previous round, wus
heru brought, to a successful finish. Cor
bett was unscarrtd. Mitchell was slow in
coming up, Corbett going straight for
him. Mitchell led his left In an attempt
to keep Corbett ut' arm's length. It was
tho lust lead Mitchell made, llu then
cliuched, Corbctt brushing thu alleged
strong man oil' as If hu were a boy.
Ho pushed him nway ami swilt asa flash
crossed in thu deadly right clear to thu
jaw. Alltchell went down under thu forco
of tho blow. Corbett tinned ubout atter
delivering thu blow nud nonchalantly
walked to his corner, llu sat do,wn nud
watched thu form of his adversary as Kelly
called oil thu futeful seconds. Mitchell
finally labored to an upright position.
Kelly stepped nsidu so as not to ob
struct thu champion's view, calling his at
tention to thu lact that tho Englishman
was in u lighting attitude. Corbett went
in to finish tho light.
It was a right hand swing which next
wiih brought Into play. Tho added weight
of Corbett's own running weight was lent
totho blow, nnd when it landed It fell
squarely on tho point f -hu jaw. His
body reached tho lloor, faco downward,
and hu laid there as liteless as one death
Kelly bud counted tho ten seconds slowly
enough. When the timo bad finally run
Its limit Kelly shouted, "Corbett wins."
Mitchell's seconds picked hltn up and
carried him to his corner. Niueteeusecouds
atter tho last blow hud been sent iu thu
eyes of thu man from England opened
dreamily. ' You'ro out," said Pony
UotliMen Anestcil After tho I'lglit The
lllnuily Clinton Ilrlilgcil.
After the fight thu governor's plan de
veloped. Corbctt left tho ring first nnd
nfter dressing weutto his carriage, whero
ho found tho sheriff with n warrant for
his arrest for fighting. Mitchell followed
later and was also arrested. Hu bad only
ono llttlo mark on his facu and said hu felt
na well us hu ever did, but had been fairly
beaten and would light no more. Corbett,
us hns been said, did not havo a scratch.
Crowds cheered both men as they were
driven away to Judgu Call's court, where
bonds weio arranged not only for thu prin
cipals but for the rest of lhoo who took
part. Corbett nud Mitchell were placed
under $o,0U0 bonds and remainder of tho
party under W.500 to appear todayin criminal
court before Judgu Phillips. The cuso
brought iu behalf uf the county was dis
missed. Colonel Cockroll, attorney for the Duval
Athletic club, who camo to thorouit houso
with Mitchell, ussuted all concerned Mint
tho Englishman woulil soon bo at liberty, '
While in thu courthouse a reconciliation
between thu ptiiiclpals took place, and tin!
hatchet was burled between thu two men,
Though they had not exchanged Miu usual
huutUhnkcb in tho ring, either before or
ufter thu litittle, they cordially shook lunula '
in thu lututmum, Mitchell made u little
speech, in which ho acknowledged having
uttered niauy bllteu sayings against Cor
bett, but said ho regretted them nnd was
glad hu hud been whipped by a nmii worthy
in every way to wear a champion's honor.-.,
There was general applause Iu tho room
over inu rccuucuniiou.
I'alliiri' til' a Mont real Hunker,
Mii.sTliK., Jan. -7. Andrew Homer
xllle, a pilwitu banker, has failed with
liabilities amounting to 1iXi,imi and
nominal assets iif tlM),iinO. A sad feature
uf tliu fuiliire is the lact thut 403,000 of tU
Uepvaiu buloug to uuuiurrUd women.
At ttir Cr.uU of Dm Itlllo A Wild tiny In
Pi ntifjh.inlii Coal 1trj;lin Almllt '
S'JdO.nuo Worth of Property llratio)eil
by Itlotous Huns mid Ilnlluiii.
I'irrsiil i:u, Jan. '.ft Tho quiet of Sun
day prevailed throughout tho Mansfield
coal region, thu seenu of tho reeunt rioting.
Hutfuw strikers wero seen out of their
bouses, nnd tho deputy sheriffs on guard
at tho various mines in tho district bad 11
Mu to occupy their attention. Hy many,
how over, the calm was regarded as preced
ing the stoim. There are well grounded
fears of another outbreak today, and tho
law-abiding citizens lire preparing to meet
It. Trusted foreigners who were supposed
to be in sympathy with thu i inters were
sent oiitxby thu coal operators. They cir
culated freely with tho strikers and re
turned with tho information that prepara
tions were being made to attack tho works
ut Dridguvllle, ltosevale, and Hendling.
Thu feeling nmougtlio rioters is very bit
ter against thu lleaitling brothers for the
killing of Frank Stehlt., and they assert
that they will have revenge.
I.ouklnt; for Another Attack.
If another uttack Is inadu on tho Head
ling works the foreigners will meet with n
still wanner reception than that accorded
Micin at thu first. Thero are twelve men
In thu lkailllng futility, nnd every ono Ls
as determined and bravuns tho three who
put to (light a mob of several hundred.
Thomus Hendling snys ho und his two
brothers fired at least 100 shots, and he Is
satisfied that If a search of tho strikers'
houses was iniuln nt least a score of
wounded men would bo found. Frank
Stehltz, who was shot through the body,
Is dead. He was a memlier uf the Sous of
Bt. Meorge, ami his family will receive n
death benefit of $I,M.
Charged Upon the AnarehUts.
Thero aro strong reasons for liellcvlng
that thu anarchists licrealsiut am respon
sible for tho disonler. It is known that
tho bulk of tho insurgents enmu from
Howcr Hill, and upon tho authority of
Hev. Father Jacob Wertz, pastor of St.
Joseph's German Hoinan Catholic, church
nt Mansfield, Micro are nt least 10) families
on Howcr Hill who openly avow anarch
ism. Their liiblo Is a radically anaicliist
sheet printed in Wisconsin nud appro
priately named "Lucifer," and tho confes
sion of faith is set forth In Mm specious
sophistry of its publication. This sheet is
wiitten tiy an unfrocked priest nunied
Michael lliron, a man of good education
who fell away from the church when in
Maycncc, Ucrmnny. Ho Is now-publishing
this sheet in Madison, Wis., and it has a
considerable number of subscribers in this
section mid iu thu coku regions.
Wiped Out S'.'OO.OOO In Property.
Whatever may havo been, In thu matter
of iKilitico-ecountninnl propaganda, the
leading idea uf thu men who beaded the
mobs it is ceitnln that anarchy was the
result iu tho Mansfield coal region. The
movement of tho mob began at dawn ami
nt dusk it was estimated that 200,000
worth of properly had been destroyed.
Mndo mad by fancied grievances nnd
liquor a mob of several hundred foreign
ers Hungarians, Slavs and Italians
swept oer tho country surrounding
Mansfield and through tho valleys of
Tom's and Painter's Huns. They nttacked
mino owner-.), miners, and tho few scat
tered deputy sheriffs, wrecked cars and
destroyed properly. Until noon
Miu mob met hardly uuy resistance. At
that timo it reached thu mines of thu Head
ling Hios., near Federal, tin thu Pittsburg,
Chartiers and Youghiogucny rellway.
Tho HeailliiiR Ilrothers Show tho Couuril
Ico of it Muli.
Hero thciioters met determined resist
ance and wero checked. With repeating
Winchester ritlcs in their hands Thomas
V., William and Harry Hendling stood
their grouud nnd opened fire upon tho
mob us it advanced. They fired four
voile h in quick succession, fatally wound
ing ono and injuring a half dozen others.
After tho fourth olley tho rioters turned
nnd fled precipitately down tho hill. At
this moment a train bearing Sheriff Rich
ards and forty deputies pulled into Head
ling and thu olllcers quickly alighting
stnrted iu pursuit of tho rioters, firing as
they ran. Tho chasu was a long and hot
one, but finally sixteen were overtaken
nud captured.
Previous to this tho mob bad started out
to stop all work iu thu Mauslleld district
and to burn, if necessary in thu uceompllsh
munt of their abject, nil thu coal propeity.
They first went to tho Armstrong mine,
just outside nf Woodvllle. They threw a
volley of stones through tho windows of
tho tipple-house. Attracted by tho shouts
of thu attacking men thu miners Issued
forth from tho pits, when they wero Mt
upon, beaten, ami compelled to lieu for
their lives. Xono of them was seriously
hurt. Theu with Increased numbers they
marched to thu Steen company's mines,
but found thu working forcu there too
largo to bo attacked with certalntyof vic
tory. So they went by, contenting themselves
with volleys of curses on tho men at work.
They next nttacked tho Pittsburg Fuel
company's works nnd drove tho miners
away, many being hurt. Then they threw
cars from Mm tipplu and committed other
similar acts of vandalism, lteachlug tho
HlockCoal company's works at Federal
they drovu tho men from work nud then
weutto the Wicks und Hcachtnont mines,
destroying property all along thu route.
Eu route to tho mines of A. J. Bhutto &
Co tho mob wrecked tho store building of
C. P. Mayer and cupped tho climax of van
dalism a short time later.
When they reached Shutlo's works they
forced their way into tho ofllcu and over
turning thu stovo set. fire to thu building.
Then procuring oil they poured it over tho
tipplu and with brands from thu burning
olllcu soon had tho tipple blazing from a
dcoio of different places. The Pan Hatidlu
company's works suffered next. Here thu
mob aNo fired thu tipplu nfter compelling
the miners to lieu for their lives. Leaving
destruction iu its wake thu mob theu took
up thu march to tho Hendling mines and
hero they met thu surprise of tho day,
given them by thu Hendling brothers as
narrated in tho foregoing. Deputies were
immediately put ou guard nt all the min
ing properties in the district and every
preparation was made to gtvo thu mob a
Very warm reception it they uiaku any
luotu demonstrations,
Well-Kiionu lllliiuUnn Dead.
(J.M.i.biiui:u, Jan. . fJouhum Martin,
idltur of Thu Press und People, and ouu of
tliu best known newspaper men of the
tale, died V bin Uvum Uuiv ftfterslvutf
Tim tVrck' Proerrillns In the Senate anil
1 1 mi cvf Itrpri'MMilatltr.
Washington, Jan, W. Tho senate do-
luted thu rcMilutlon regarding Hawaii re
ported from tho foreign relations commit
tee and half a dozen amendments wero of
fered, but thero was no action. IamIko
spoke against the eleit Ion law repeal bill.
A bill was passed authorizing railway
bridges across tho Nechrs and Sabine rhors
In biulsiaii'i nml Texas, as were bills ex-'
tending tho tlmo for tho construction of
tho bildgu nriiiss the Calumet rUer In Illi
nois and authorizing Mm Issiih of a (latent
for certain lands in thu Omalia Indian '
reei vat Ion to Mm Presbyterian board of
homo missions. An executUo session was
Thu houso voted down all attempts to
put Iron ore on tho dutlablo list nnd tho
Internal revenue bill, containing the In
coinu tax, was reported after a fight
against Its report by Democrats opposed to
tho Income tax.
Wamiim.Iov, Jan. t.11. The session of
tho sennlu was unexentful, The Hawaiian
resolution went over, and Allen of No
braska intulu an extended argument In
favor of his resolution declaring tho con
templated Issue of bonds by Secretary
Cnrlislo to Nt unlawful, A desultory ills
cussion of Mm federal election bill followed
nnd addresses of eulogy wero ikllcrcd
upon tho f.ito J. Logan Chapman, formerly
a representatlw! from Michigan.
Only ono amendment to thu tariff bill of
importance was adopted by the house, that
repealing inu reciprocity elaiisoor MioMc
Kiiiluy bill. Thu entire day was consumed
by thu New York Democrats who were 111
Ibusterltig against thu income tax proposl
tlon, which they fea led would Is'iiffured
along with other features of thu Internal
rcvenuu bill nsan amendment to thu Wil
sou bill.
Wahiiinijios, Jan. S7.Tho session of
the scuute wus devoted to a discussion of
Call's public hind resolutisn nud tho fed
eral election bill. CUM spoko in favor of
thu homesteaders of Florida, who he al
leged were being deprived of their rights
by laud grant railroads without authority
of law. His resolution wus referred.
Chandler moved thu postponement of the
election tun to December, but was defeat
ed, and a resolution was adopted to accept
from tho widow of (,'eorgo William Curtis
a marble bust of Charles Sumner. Dolph
Introduced nn nmciidment to thollnwalian
resolution providing fur tliu Immediate re
call of Mlni-ter Willis. An executive
session was held. Adjourned to Monday.
Thu only amendment to tho tariff hill
adopted by thu hoiibo was ono Increasing
thu duty ou cut stones unsut to .'Viper
cent, ad valorem and taking rough, un-out
stones from tho freo list ami placing them
on tho dutiable list at 15 per lent, nil va
valorem. Thu ways and means committee,
which desired to reduco tho duty ou cut
stones from 15 to 10 per cent., was over
ruled iu this matter. An attempt to place
Mu pluto ou tho freo list was unsuccessful.
Washington, Jan. ZK Thu tariff debate
has been concluded so far as It relates lo
thu customs schedules. Tho timo for of
fering amendments censed at fitfl) p. in.
Saturday, when tho huusu took a recess.
At least 100 amendments wero shut out.
Tho committco revised its action of n
week ago and fixed the tlmo for free wool
to go Into effect nt Aug. a and thu woolen
goods to go Into effect ou Dec. 2. This was
iiccompllshed by a chango of front on the
part of tho Republicans who voted ou the
former occasion to havo free wool go lute
etiect immeiiiately upon tliu passage ol
inu diii. ino uiity ou pig iron was re
duced to 1!0 per cent, ad valorem nnd that
on steel rails to thu samo per cent., being
cut trout tlin original bill of '.); and .'
percent, respectively. Au attempt of the
cominltteo to Inerennsu thu duty on barley
and barley malt r per cent, wus defeated
by 5)0 p. m. arriving. A rulu was adopt
ed authorizing tliu offering of tho income
tax measure as an amendment to the
tariff bill and for a final vote on the
wbolo question Thursday, Feb. I. Tim
antl-lncomo taxers filibustered u little, but
wero snowed under.
The lllll AKiilimt Curllalc.
WASlllAGlo.v, Jnn. Si. Sovereign's bill
agninst Cnrlislo asks that tho secretary
and "his confederates" may bo required to
maki) answer on oath under what basis of
statute or of necessity thuy claim thu right
to Issiiu tliu bonds specified In tho recent
treasury circular, nud to specifically
answer whether such bonds uru to bumadu
pajabluln United States gold coin or oth
erwise nud wiiy tho necessities, If uuy, ex
isting, should not bo met by thu toinago
of sliver nowintlin possession of tho de
partment, nud especially why It is pro
posed tosellbondsto agreater amount than
Is required to make up thu deficit iu tliu
hundred million gold reserve. The ques
tion of admission of tho bill incouit will
bo argued today.
Ilorliiis HHTor Very Widely.
Chicaco, Jan. '.'!!. As iu Mm cases where
Insanity has been pleaded on behalf of
homicide's thu experts differ ns to whether
that prisoner Is insane, so iu Miu Cronin
casutho professional gentlemen called by
prosecution und defense lack concord on I
thu question of what killed 'Dr. Cronin. '
Tliu prosecution prou-il very fully Mint the
blows on tho doctor's head did it, while
now Miu defunsu is proving equully fully
that they did not necessarily niusu death,
audsomu of them hold that tho doctoi
may have died of kidney disease.
I.lfn Coiivlrts To Ho lluii;ed.
Jackmin, Miss., Jan. 0. Judgu Christ
man has sentenced Horace Smith and
Henry Singleton to hang on Match U7.
They utu already llfu convicts. Whllo in
prison thoy killed two other convicts.
Bernard Fischer, retired capitalist ol
Ladak Cjiakdler, pioneer of Central Il
linois, at Montlccllo, Ills. i
LAURA ScillitMEit Mapleso.v, tho oper-,
otlo singer, at New York. '
Ijuis Haauen-, prominent citizen of Al-'
ton, Ills.
Captain Pattkiibon b'll.uti'i:, well,
know ii resident of Elgin, at Blnomliigtou,
Dr. JosEl'U Iloiiui.Vd, ono of the fore
most surgeons of the country, ut Madlsou,
CoysTANCT Fenimore Cooper Woolson,
tliq authoress, at Veultfo. i
Colonel Lyman J. IIib&iko, wealthy citl-
mu of Fustorlu, O, I
A. F. BROWN, ono of tho oldest lawyers
In Iowa, at Waurly, la.
Jacoii Strawn, wealthy citizen of Jack
sonville, Ills.
K. I. Baldwin, well known merchant of
Cleveland, ().
Alexander Nelson, D. D., oxprcsldent
of Washington Female college, nt Dohv
Wute, O,
ltev. J. w. t'tiNTON, well knowtt NUM
un luaifMr, nriimi u.
2, 1894.
t'lllon Pnrllle Mux! Itlvoiitliiiir Itiiiiiilui;
Train 0 rr Tlmt Hriinrh.
Dk.wkii, Jnn. HI. Frank Trumbull,
receiver of tlu (lulf ro.ul, lias received It
letter from Mm recelvm of the Union
Pacific Informing him tlusr liml obtained
nn order from Mm Unlliil Slates circuit
court at Omaha diieetlng them not to
oonllnno the performance ot the trackage
agreement to run trains over tho Jttles
Imrg brunch, but allowing them to keep
tho ngris'iiu'til to have Mm Gulf road
trains urn over the Cheyenne hrnncli.
Mr. Trumbull, in n supplemental pe
tition lllcd here, asks that In the United
.Slates eonrt tho action of tho Union l'n
cilic receivers In deciding to break the
traffic contracts lio passed upon and such
orders made ns tho court may think
pii'INT. Mr. Trumbull says the entire
property covered in tho traflle contractu
is within the jurisdiction of the Denver
courts ami the Union Pacific receiver!
nro subject to the order of this court.
Kxpcct CoiiRri'Mluiinl Action.
Ti'.imi: Hauti!, Iml., Jan. ill. -General
Muster Sargent of the Urotherhood of
Firemen returned from Washington
where he has Ix-en hi consultation with
Senator Voorheea nnd Representative
McUiinu of Illinois concerning mutters
of vital Interest to tho brotherhood. A
bill has lneii prepared and will lie intro
duced soon in Ixith branches of congress
to prevent federal judges from rest min
ing railroad employes from striking. Mr.
Sargent will meel tho grand officers of
tho brotherhood at. St. Paul Thursday
when the final action will lw taken ou
tho order served on them In tho courts
in thu Northern Pacific, case.
To Until On the llrohers.
K.inh Citv, Jan. 31. I The Kansas
City local passenger association has or
dens.1 all Denver lines to stop for 110 days
the sab of ticketH from Kansas City to
Pueblo via Denver for $10.7.1. Deuvor
passengers havo lieen buying these tic
kets, riding to Denver on them and then
Helling tho Denver-Pueblo coupon forJ
to brokers. Tho result Is that the Den
ver railways have been tumble to sell
Pueblo tickets at regular prices.
Ilt'crrAM- In lliirlliiRtou KuiiiIiirs.
' Cilic.vao, Jan. ill. Gross earnings of
Burlington from Jnn. I to Dec. ill, 180J,
wero W,ilfitM8iJ, n decrease of tLn,V,.
HIS from 1802; tho total freight earnings
werufc.M.'..,:i.7o7, a decrease of flVJoi,
185; thu total passenger earnings were
$IO,l8"i,irai, mi Inmwo of: $.V.i;.l.Y!; the
operating expenses wero $'J 4, ",()., HI), it
decrease of $l,0,"ii(,S07; tho total net earn
ings Tor the year wero f:l,tiU4,201, u de
crease from 1802 of fi76,'JI0.
Hlirllngtou Met tlio Itrductloii.
Kansas Citv, Jan. .'11. Tho Burling
ton railway has met tho reduced rates on
com and wheat from tho Missouri river
points to Chicago and common points,
'lite Santa Fo originally tuiidu the ruto,
which Is 0 cents a hundred on wheat nnd
8 cents ou com.
Declnloii Puxoralttr to tlm ltcnduin.
Miiavuakki:, Jan. 81. Judge Jenkins
filed in tho United States circuit court
his decision in tho inntter of the petition
of Mm Drayton-Ives faction of the North
em Pacific stockholders to compel the
receivers to turn over thu control of the
roud to tho oflicem. The judge denies
the petition.
Judge tlenklns Drilled the Prlllloii.
Mii.waukki:, Jan. 81. Judgu Jenkins
denied tho jietition of thu Northern Pa
cific receivers for tho return of liooks
and payment of money.
Call For u Wool (.rowers Com eat Ion.
Dknvuii, Jan. ill. At tho request of
many wool growers of tho western
states Governor Wnito hns reissued his
call for a wool growers' convention in
Denver Feb. 5. Ho has received notice
Mint tho governors of Pennsylvania and
Montana have appointed delegates to thu
.u Iomii Ilclrt-M.
Iowa Citv, In., Jan. ill. Miss Clara
Ashley has fallen heir to fjKl.",()00. Tho
inheritance eoines to her through tho
will of tho Into Frederick W. Ashley of
Bangor, Mo.
riiiiiicH In .Milium City.
Mason Citv, Jan. ill. The New York
dry giKsls storo burned. Loss $10,000,
Insurance 5,000.
CIiIiuko (1 nil ii niul Prmltlon.
Ciik Aim. .Inn. :. Almost nil of )cstenlay's
udxaui'u In wlieat was Inst Imlay and May
iliwed J's! Inner. Cables were weak, Ilia
w father was mile, und heay shipment
added to tho neakiiCHS. Cora closed wltb a
loss or (f; May tints Htitrcreil In a like extent
und irovlIuim were considerably lower all
u rou ad.
WIIKAT-Slcady., Kiijc; May.fil'ft.'-.
July, Wic.
Cnsli, J.):; May, SSJe; July,
(AT.S- Kusy.
July. ::
Ciihli, i'to; 5fny, SOlU&Jte;
Jummry, !a.80; JUy,
January, t7.ftiK-; May,
January, V'lSii; Muy, il.KJ.jj.
C'lilfHKO I.h Morh.
riuc'AOO, Jnn .'H.-CATri.K-Xons nl tho
nirerinits liiul thorniillty lolirlnicns much ns
JVOInii'l rxiccillnrfly lew (,-nt above 81,'ii.
Prom Jl.M to t O) bought fair to pretty Kood
lout tu I'iV) lb steers, nnd there Is whero tho
hulk Hold,
HOtiS ContldcraMy lower prices for hnss
lmil to bn ntec'titcd. Within nn hour nfter tlm
orvnhii; faiyers hail fori cd tho nmrket Imek to
the cMi'iit of Id,', and they held It thero to thu
end. The l'Ht heavy and medium welulit 1ioks
sold oir In S-1 .'Hand f I.KMviih an ouIhMi. quo
liitlna for Unlit welchtH. The luruifl imrl of
tliu trailln Ik'Iiik at fVai'j'i .',.:) for the foruir
ami J."i.lVI'i.-, fur tho latter. The cIumj was
ailKKl'-Thcy wero tnlrnblu at SI.ta.1.T3
fur poor to extra, and there w us a ileinaad for
jarnN at M.(Oi'l.i fur Inferior to choice
trn lumtm were auntcd ns hliili a U 73.
ltccclpls-CatUe, U,ii head! calves,
hotfJ. W.UJ; bhcojnlR
South Oinabu I.lto Sloclt.
Hni'Tii Omaha, Jan '.-CATTI.lUei-elrts,
l',.voichiI: l.nito l.vni lbs.. $.i iHHtt.V); ncm to
lJtnlb3.,9.,j..Vift:ilM;MiMoUm lbs., 8O.lO13a.t1ij
choice cow s, SJ.!i.V$M0; rnuunnn rows, Sl.S
i.',10; Rood fi'iders, 52 WiOAUK eoiumon fecilvn,
fl'.&ViU'.Ni. Market actUu and Hleiuly.
llOtiS-ltceelitN, ,',H) heiul; lltlit, V.HXii
6.Wi mixed, JVIUOS.lii heavy, SJ.lOitam
Wsrkot Hk; lower.
r JBlIKKlMtec4iU. 1,'tMI h.aiit mottolt,1WUy A foW WoeW old.
mkif.mlm,umiQi Maibt wkr. J thoNtihjy qpurfafttiiitd.
to Prohibit Publication ef
Prii Fight Accounts.
nilt In Appropriate W5.000 to Py In
itrtiteiliii'M orHlatf, A(rlcultunit "nelcty.
Poinmltlre Report ou MoMIUen'a DU
mlual hy (iovernor llotei Colorado Hen
ator Jlinllengel to fight i Dual.
Dm Moinkh, .Tun. 31. Tho first real
excitement of tho session Iu the settntn
wiw brought out by tho dlsotLsston In re
lation to thu Htwponslon of Warden Mc
Millan of tho Fort Mndlaon penitentiary
by Governor Bolea. Tho governor re
ported IiIh action to the general aaaembly
through h Hpecial tnnwiige nnd ccom
paulwl It with coplw of tho report of thn
invwtlgatlng eiMnmlttcsi and report of
tho attorney general.
The ntwcinl wrosngu wiw referred to
Joint commltto mmpoHod of Senator
Beynohbi and Matkm and Itopnenta
tlvw Mllliinuii. Fhioh and Stuutz. Th
iUhcuuhIou wna brought out try an effort
ou tho part of 8enntor Finn to paw a
rvitoliition expressing tho opinion that
McMIUcn Hhoiild lio Itwaa
laid over. Tho report of tho cotumittoe
thnt the govornor wan wholly jnMfied in
iiwpeuiling tho wnnlou waa aekipted.
Senator Howon luw Un'ii reading too
much priw fighting uowh. Ho propose
to compel newHpapera tn dlncontinu
audi pnWIcntimw. A bill introduced by
him provide for a fino of not low than
t-V) nor more than ft00 to lie imposed
upon any ncAVHixipor that publlhii ds
tallH of rounds fought in any prize fight.
A bill providing for an appropriation
of f,000 to meet the deficit in tlw State
Agricultural nocivty's fumla wo intro
dmxsl by Senator Yeoinann. Tho deficit
in duo to it light attendance at the fair.
Tho assembly is Mug Hooiled witli peti
tiotifl rciiucnting the paiwnge of tks bill.
Senntor Palmer Introduced bill pro
viding for thu njipointmont by (he gover
nor of a counutaton to ascertain and
ninrk tho lweltion urenpied by the Iowa
troops at tho battlo of Chattunooga and
appropriato fc'W.OOO for the erection of
inonuiuents, and '2,000 for thoex)nM
of the commltisloii.
ToloriMln IConsc 1'ttMeil Heverul H.
I)i:svkk, Jan. l. Tliu time of the
houso TucmI ay wrut mainly occupied in
pahMBig scveriil bills providing for the
coiiAtntctiou of ronda and bridges. The
Heiuite met nt 'i o'clock for tho first time
Hinco Friday. Governor Walto's mernage
in reply to the aenute'H resolution asklnf
him to prorogue thu legislature, was
read. Senntor McKlnley introduced
concurrent resolution providing for an
adjournment nine dio on Feb. 8, which
went over under tho ruled.
Challenged tu Fight 11 liuel.
DKSvnt, Jan. LM. Colonel A. C. Fisk
of whom Senator Boyd Raid in the 'donate
ho had never earned an honest dollar,
challenged tho Senator to fight a duel.
Tho Colonel Hiiyri if thu Senator does not
publicly retract and ujiologizu for hia
offensive remark or accept the challenge
ho will Ix'at his brniiui out with a club.
Colonel Fisk is pmddentof the Pan
American Bimetullic AwK'ltttlon,
Tlm ltcpiiullcyin Huccreil In Klcctlng
liulua-ln u Itoinovratlo Ulitrlct.
Kkw York. Jan. Ul. Tlio special
elect ioiw Tuesday for two congressmen
iu tho Fourteenth and Fifteenth districts
resulted in an even distribution as far as
tho political parties aro concerned, but
the Republican are rejoicing over their
fllgunl victory in tho Fourteenth district.
Thero tho Republican candidate, Lemuel
Ely Quire, led his -rival, William L'.
Brown, by 0011 votes, and thus succeeds
to tho seat left vacant by Colonel John
Fellows, Democrat, now district attor
ney. In tho Fifteenth district Isidor
Strauss wus elected over Frederick Si
grist, Republican. Mr. Strauss succeeds
A. P. Fitch, Democrat, now comptroller
of this city.
North Nebriiitka t.'onvnnllon Holding; m
.Mi-ellna at Holt' Capital.
O'Nkii.i., Neb., Jnn. HI. The North
Nebraska irrigation convention was
culled to order in the courthouse. Judge
M. P. Kiukuid won elected chairman and
T. V. Golden secretary. Brown, Keys,
Puha, Il-xik, Cherry nnd Holt counties
wero represented. Sioux City, la., was
represented by three delegates.
B. S. Gillespie of Holt county gave an
outline, of tho proposed ditch, having
jnst returned from 11 trip of inspection.
I. A. Forio of Grand Island, president of
thu State Irrigation association, made an
extended speech illustrating the costs
and liencfits to lie derived from irriga
tion. Mnka Short Work of ltlotpm,
FiTTMiit'lKi, Jan. HI.- It is tho intention
of tho Allegheny county authorities to
make short work of tho Mnnsfield coal
region rioters. Tho 89 men are now in
jail hero and wero given hearings on the
churgo of unlawful assembly. The cases
woro taken to tho grand jury and 10
minute later truo bills wcro found
against tho entiro party. It is possible,
tho ciuea will lio called in court this
week and railroaded through.
Tried to i:c-apu ami Was Killed.
OsKAtos, la., Jan. 31. George W.
Elder and Tom Edwards wero arrested for
fctenliiig by Oilicer Wiudahl. Edwards
broke nway from Windaul and started to
run. Wiudahl fired three times after
hlui and fatally wounded him, Edwards
dying two hours afterward. Ho waa ono
iif 11 gang hero In December. Tho officer
is under arrest, but publio Beotiuient
itaucLi up for him.
Smallpox nt New Hampton.
Nt'.v Hampton, Ia Jan. 81. Ono
nov case of smallpox was roiwrted to tho
i.uthuritiw. This throo cases in
, r.U, ono proving fatu), tlut o u child
Tftw are
i m
I !v
'..V,T,s m-s- w . ' -w. 57
"- wTuniM a "ijaaa
. , , , ,...,. jf ."S-..aaaW