The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 26, 1894, Image 1

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an ihhII tmttii-rr M'ppt ootid dais
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rer Inch ono $1 no
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pnlillc.itlmi r cents.
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vance, ht line Id cents,
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rU. J. S. EMM II,
5 Dcntlil,
1 'CLoun, - Nebraska
w Itbtaa Tntlfiw'a Viitniltuwa Mfa .
''fa teofli without pain.
)'; 'nlay, ami all kl ds of gold fillings.
' 'ii
'I nriugo viorx n spi
.' 'nl.w. linn h1 I kl d
Jfa. wold and rubber plates aud combination
All work guaranteed to be first-class.
If BiMopatktc Physician,
Bed Cluud, KcbruiKB.
Otnco opposite VI rst National Dunk.
U. S.Kxnnilulug surgeon.
Chronic diseases tieated by mall. .
r L. WINFltEY,
Red Cloud, Nebraska.
Will attend sales at reasonable figures. Satis
faction guaranteed,
Insurance Agent,
I do a strictly farm insurance- and invito
aud invite all to see me.
Moon Block, - RED CLOUD, NEB.
Collections promptly attended to, und
correspondence solicited.
Atlnrnava at LllV.
Red Cloud, Nebraska.
Office Up stairs, in Moon Block,
'sTAtianrlnl ArlUt.
4th Avbnuk, - Red Cloud, Neubahka.
First-clans barbers and tlrst-olnsa work
gunrnnteod Give-inon call
FiiRiiloiiuble Iltirbcr,
Red Cloud, - - Ncbruiku.
I give my poroonnl attention to my
patronn. First-class shaving and hair
cutting a specialty.
Inmirunce Agcucr,
licrin.i" iii".'"'" -.!"- "i 1 v.T.'.f.... 'u.w.
.,.....if..n Att.iimneH i;o.. ui Minium, w!
lluriliiRton Insurance Co. of UiiiUnpton, Iowa,
"mish America Assurouco Co Toronto, Can.
' Otllco over Postolllce.
Ritrt Cloud. - Nbbuaska
D. B. Spanogle,
Real Estate .
Red Cloud.
(Krnmu Insurance Co, l'reeport, 111.
. limnl iuuihicCo., Liverpool. uglnnd.
w "me FI?o I siuimcA Co., of timalin, Nubr.
1-lm'iilx Awnraiice Co. ;t .ondon. Jng.
1 ler m .. Iniura.u-oCo, of ( u ncy, I. iiip
1 ,7
to- a
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Henry Cook's Drug Store.
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Blae Hill Neb.
Rrompt answer and an honest opinion, wrlto to
I tl r) N fc CO., who hvo bad newly nhr lout'
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tions utrlctlr conDdcntlal. A Handbook of In.
formation concernlnit I'atrnl and bow to ob.
tnln tbrm sont Irco. Alra a catalogue of moduli,
leal and nclcntltla books sent f roe. .
l'atonts taken tbrousb Mann k Co. recolvo
pecul nutlaolutbo Hclenllllo Atnerlrnn. and
thus ara brouqbt widely bclnratbe public with,
out cost to tho Inventor. This splondld paper,
liwucil weekly, elcffantlylllmtrated.bu by far thn
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of nlo nt a rate of ono fair for the
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Piimo routa to bo iniulo lubothdireutinnH.
No one should miss this groat opportu
nity to boo tho "Lono. star Btuto." Fur
ther information may bo obtained nt tho
Burlington ticket uQko. A. Cohoveh,
the Price of Liberty," and One Dollar a year is
Red Cloud, Webster County,
nv m n A H 1 1 .
Oft In Ihostll'y night
When nu are Inuiloe,
Y 1 bear the nolo of a felluo fight
Willi nil Itstnortnl woes.
For when their backs with passion tlsc
And their tails with anger quit ci ,
Of all tlu) sounds hchruth tho skits,
Tliclrcr will m:tloou shUcr.
O. Iliun ou hear the mrslc
Which ibdli your patience tax,
Kntil ou getholrantlc
You go and pet the ax.
Then out jou ko wllhout jour hat,
Your shoes nre left behind;
You have ) our coat on w rong side out,
Your socks jou eotiM'ut find.
You get outlde and then you stop, J
'Ihere comes tin unearthly cieeth,
And then ou see on the house-top
Two cats, clear nut of reach;
You film tho ax and four tin cans,
A hammer aud u suw;
Then follows a few mild epithets
Until you lire 011r Jw.
Tho cats stop lighting, and only smile
At such ridiculous throws;
Hut ou think jou'll give them nnothcr
Po jou go nn 1 cet the hose.
Tho cats mako oil on tlm other side,
While nu with anger burn,
When you know they carry a whole hide
And imjbo will return.
Then sadly in tho house you go
To ponder o'er jour sorrow,
And In your mind von then do vow
You'll get a dog to morrow.
Tell mo not in mournful numbers,
I.lfo Is but an empty drenm;
With liovvlniz cntstobrenkyoiir'iiimbers,
I.lfo's riot ns empty as It may seem,
I've a tender iccollcctloti
Of a tack that's blood bedecked;
When )ou get to such a point,
You'ro sure to change the subject.
Shades of old Nero 1
It's way below zro,
(), It's colder,
bllghtly colder
Than It was a week ago.
It was Just the other day
Two thirsty domineers
Tackled n western bar touder
And got ft couple blcrs.
A pair of prints Is singular,
Ocoupints Is plural,
Dog pants are Jugular,
Overalls ars rural.
FurnlHlicd Expressly for The
Ciller for Webster County
ICopj righted by W. T. Fostcr.l
St. Joseph, bio, Jan. 20. My
last bulletin gave forecasts of the
storm wavrK to nross tho continent
from Jan. 25th to 29th and 31st, to
February 4th. Tho next will rcnoh
tho Pacific coast about February 5th,
cross tho western mountains by close
of tho (itli, tho great central valleys
from 7th toOth, and the eastern statcn
about tho 10th.
This will be an ujtly storm, at its
greatest force in the central valleys
and for the timo of year, will bo fol
lowed by an unusually sovcro cold
wavo which will devolop into a bli
zanl in 6omo purls ol' tho country.
The first ten days of February will
avenge unusually cold,
Tho warm wave will cioss the west
cm mountains about tho full, tho
great control valleys ubout the 7th,
und tho eastern btatcs about tho ikh.
Tho cool wavo will cross tho west
ern mountains about the 8th, tho
great central valleys about the 10th,
and the eastern slates about tho l-'h,
TURKH When no storms ure on tho conti
nent the wind blow gently irom tho
west. This is not the only timo the
wind comes Irotn tho west, and tho
weather student must learn to know
tho dilFcrotico betweon a wost wind
on the south side of a low barometer,
and a normal west wind.
Tho first indications of an approach
ing low barometer with its vutiieroua
storm centers and tho storm wavo is
usually a south wind. .Very lit, I
at first but finnke, after rising high,
sw.4t1 M0 U',s).)a ill nhltli
llCHUWy lucttwia vu vuttp iuv uuim
dSSBfsasssBitmr- i ,
Ned., Friday, January
or north-west. About tho timo or n
littlo before, tho weather moderates.
Sometimes tho wind blows two or throo
days in that direction, tho wcathor
growing warmer.
When tlm low barometer is out on
tho Pacific it begins to nlTdot tho at
mosphere a thousand mi I oh catt und
south; when it reaches Montana or
Utah it niToctB the atmniphero in the
great central valleys and when the low
is in tho latter the eastern states be
gin to sec its effects.
These high and low barometers cov
er a circular area and this area, for
practical purposes, is divided into
four equal parts Two lines are drawn
through tho center of this circular
area, ono from tho north to tho south,
and the other from tho cast to tho west
Kuoli of thcho divisions is called n
quadrant. Tornados usuaP.y ocour in
the south-cast quadrant of tho low or
between that quadrant and tho north-
est quadrant of tho high. Tho south
east quadrant of the low is tho warm
est, and tho north-cast quidrant of
tho high is tho coldest parts of theso
two storm wavo seotions.
When your barometer, thcrmomster
and tho wind indioato a low in tho
north west and the wind begins to
ohango from south to cast, that is tho
first indication that cold weather will
follow the storm. Tho reason of this
is: When tho low passes south of a
locality cold weather will follow, and
when low passes north of a locality
warm weather will follow.
As tho wind always blows toward
tho low before it arrives and in nearly
it circlo around tho low center, a
ohango of wind from south by way of
oast to north, when tho low is west,
tells plainly that tho storm confer is
f)00 to 1000 miles west of you and
moving southward.
Tho high Daromctcr cool or cold
wavo, will reach about as far south as
its mate, tho low, and therefore you
may be as wise as the hog, and while
it is yet warm and probably a very
clear deep blue sky is misleading less
observant beings jou and some of tho
lower animals will prepare for a cold
The above supposes tha. tho low
does not touch your locality. But if
it it dogs, as will bo shown by your
barometer, and tho wind remains
sometime steady from the south-west
you are then on the south-east quad
rant of tho low, the summer rainbelt
tho tornado field, tho storm wae.
If the center of tho low is moving over
you the wind will presently ccaso to
blow, tho ky become murky, clouds
scattering and temperature hot aud
debilitating. Theso aro tho indica
tions when you aro in tha center of
the low, and ai it passes on cast or
south eastward, the wind will sudden
ly spring up from the south-west,
cooler nnd invigorating, Just thou
30U will probably get ruin or snow us
tho hiuh comes iu.
These high and low barometers
follow each other closely, aro tied
together like u long train of cars, and
so far as is known there is no end to
the train, It either extends all
around tho cart h or what is ncurly
tho ttnu thiuir, thoro aro two endless
chains of these higl s and lows, ono
cuciruling the magnctio nortn polo
north-west of Hudson's bay nnd the
other oiiouoling tho Aintio magnetic
north polo near the Lena Hiver in
Keep in mind that on this continent
this chain uinvotf eastward. Place a
watch bee up nnd ihc wind iu the
high moves with, and in the low
auiust, the watch hands.
Tho iiir
comes down in tho h'gli. fines
in the
low, blows out of tho bottom of tho!
t.t.l .! ImI'a itlH Im-iMWm n Vi 1W 1
ui'i uuu u.v uu iutiuiu v uv ivni
mu,,, ' tiWrfffltEWi
the Price of The Chief.
26, 1894.
Tho principal cloud bolt, storm wave
and precipitation Ho betweon the
high nnd tho low, tho lattor is warm,
and tho former cold.
Ill California.
In tho land where thcro is continual
sunshino nnd flowers, whoro tho grapo
and pumpkin vino twincth, where tho
orange blossom and tho rose scuds
forth their fragrant perfume, whero
fly und the ilea play hido-and-scck and
leap frog. A certain Nobrankan who
had tho California fovcr went out thcro
lo make a stake. Ho lauded t Santa
Ana, ono of tho great cities of Califor
nia with its ono horse utrcot car line
and ono row of clcolrio lights.
Tho rcalcstatc men would tako turns
in following him liko hounds after a
fox. Thoy would drivo to his door
and ask him to yo with them to soo a
Ono ranch, which thoy would sell very
cheap, and ho would certainly realize
a furtuno by buying it. On tho way
to these ranches they would como to
land that would make a chicken soratoh
to pick a living, then tho agont would
odor him a cigar, if ho smoked, and
touch tho horses with tho whip and
try to kcop his attention until they
como to a (ino ranch, then tho agent
would talk and try to mako him be
lieve that thcro was not another ranch
liko it.
This Ncbroskan informed them that
his fret were lender, but ho always
kept his boots on. Thoy soon found
that he was not the man they were
looking for and let him roft while
they wuited for another one.
This mau from Nc'traska noticed
that on streets running north and
'Bouth nearly nil tho best residences
aro built on tho west side of the stcct,
and tho east eido is fruit trees, barloy
of pumpkins. On inquiry of tho
cause ho was informed that in tho dry
season during tho summer teams go
ing through the strcots caused .noro
or less dust to raise, and tho ocean
brcezo carries it to tho cast side.
Kvery fow weeks or so a hard wind,
called Santa Ana wind will blow from
the northeast , and causes the dirt to
fly as thick as it does iu Nebraska.
Tho pcoplo of California dislike. tB
have those storms. I believe that
thoy are a benefit to the country for
thoy blow away tho gonna of different
diseases brought there by poople who
come thcro for their health, Also the
impurities caused by the decaying of
vegetation and leaves of fruit trees,
etc, which fall on tho damp ground
eaussd by irrigating and causes the
moss to grow on the buildings, fruit
trees, fences and on tho top of tele
graph poles, A great in my people go
lo California thinking they will add
inoro to their wealth, aud a great many
invest their moncv, then become dis
satisfied and sell at a great discount,
A person may invest as heavily as ho
wishes, but if wanting to sell, ho can
sell by sacrificing or wait until ho
could sell to some eastern person, and
that is not very often. Tho California
papers report that there aro thousand!
of men out of emplojmtnt.
While living nt Santa Ana ablo
bodied men would oomo to tho door
and beg mo t Civo thorn work so that
., , k; 1. . m, ..
thoy could got food to eat. The writ-
er behoves and would advise any eat
cm poison who is making a comfort-
living not to go to California, unless
ho goes thero for a visit, or has friends
to belt, h at to secure work, or has vis-
, . ' - . . . . .
tble means 1 for support to stay where
he is and lot good enough alone.
People oun livo In Culiforuia as
cheap and perhaps cheaper than in
Nebraska. Somo eastern pcoplo think
, n ... , ,
thr-y oat. get to California und mako a
oomfortablo living by keop-ng oows
and making butt-r to soil and raislog
m!i flr tf atoll atatlttMd) sMsMBJ Aft BBtaVs
viwju vttwp ' "
1 I gaMMMMMiMlagtfi
Vol.21. No. 27
A orcam of tartar baking powdsr.
Hinlk'Htof all in leavoning strength,
Latest United States Government
Food Report.
Royal Unking Powder Co.
109 Wall St., N. Y.
Ana the reason why butter is so high
priced, is that land is so high priced
that only a fow people can afford to
keep oows. Ono of my nearest neigh
bors pastured his cow on two lots val
ucd at $500 each, while others kcop
their cows stantlcd and food then
barley straw and pumpkins
I was told that in southern Califor
nia chickens had to bo hatched dur
ing tho winter months, bcoauso in the
summer timo there is a minute insect,
something like a chiokon louse, whioh
attacks tho chicken as soon as it
hatches and kills it.
Further north in the San Joaquin
valley a friond of mino told mo that
pcoplo had built their chioken houses
ho as to prevent a ourrcnt of air pass
ing through them, for it eauscB tho
chiokens' heads to swell and they dio.
Pcoplo can mako money by raislog
and selling chickens in California.
Why is it that they are shipped thore
iu carload lots from Kansas, Nebraska
and other states ?
Hetirkd Oamfornian.
Echo AiiNivcrs.
Ci.C Tho presidont can do no wrong,
Kchti. Wrong.
(1. C When I tiriso tho sun arises
0. 0. -And tho stars Bcattor bofore
mo liko ratH.
O. C 1 inn tho lightning anil tho
K. Thundor!
O. O. And when I utrlke, tho ourth
nnd tho politics thereof uro contused be
yond question.
G. 0. I am u raging torront that can
not woll budumnod.
K. Bo dam nod!
O. C Tho nations of tho earth turn
fearful eyes on mo and wait my fatoful
E. Words!
O. C I mako a platform, lit a tariff
bill or wink wbon others do, and Und it
good with nil its faults.
O C I bco tho stars and etripos go
down to bo n, royal door mat. but then I
don't npprovo it.
H.-Prove it!
CI. C. I'm hero to do tho right by
woiilc or strong, and, by tho gods, I'll
liavo my way or bust.
E. Buat!
Ci. C I fix a time to crown a queon
nnd ut tho hour it mustevontuato.
E. Yon waitl-Now York Bun.
Tr tho young man who goos into
rhnpsoiliea over ins awcotheart, an ox
chungo given a dampenor when it fiffureB
"ut that Jt htt9 beon oho"n bw,B,Jr",i
that a you ig person we ghing 1W pounds
,fl J M J t 3
poundfl ot whl.e of egg B ,UUo ,ei9 than
ono pound of puro gluo, 31K pounds of
fit, 8 pounds ot phosphate of time,
ono pound of corbonato of lime, 3 ounceB
BUfar nnd it'!rch,1L?UnCe?I f "fS
ot calcium, nnd n littlo ordlniry table
. rf y0U)g mBD
bonuttful young lady whom yon worship
a9U piHar of unadulterated sweetnesM
dosen't contain threo ounce of BUgar.
I And not only that, but the ayeraga girl
will notwolKhaBnaa-lGlM 100 pounds, '
' b,, Bu0 may bo del ended upon (o have
little over two oinoe ot aufir inner
il Isjtf J stfcMrl Ssf
jivww i
sW RuvforM
7 I
5 "
L, .SJiL,!!f
l j i wj m n)i , i