The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 15, 1893, Page 4, Image 4

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A. C. IMItor.
I.aiiotTait. A"t l-ocnl ftlllnr.
J D Crunn wiib In McCook Wetlnemluy .
.John l'olnicky wiih in Oiunhii Wctlnen
lay. J A Hnum is n now Hubmiriber thlH
The procceda of tlio jiancnko hocIiiI
A Bpoclal iinnilonoxiiiiilnor wiih in the
iity thin wook.
G Subnninlt Iiqb inovcil bia olllco over
Minor h ntoro.
KtlGrconlnonnil wifo woro vialtin(? in
thin city wodiioflilay.
Mrs Lonotln returnoil from u vlult to
lioatrico wotlncflday .
MrnndMrnMontano wont to I milium
Wodneetlay for a two wvukH vinit.
Dllllo WockIh wiih In town ImUinj,'
bands with tbo Imjh Wedniwliiy.
John Wintnra formerly of this jilaco,
but now or MiniioHota ih in tlw city.
MWMluknrpRii and brotliur 0 I) aro
vlHltinK rolativi'Hin Khiihhh iIiIh week.
MrH JamcH BwuuriiiKcn and ubildrcn
loft Wudnomlay nl'lit font vihit in Mc
Cook. Goo WatthinKton catno in town Friday
and doinrtdbotwt'oii day and mixht.
Lookout (lcoru.
WM Van, living nnrtli of Iniivulc, Iiiib
moved to our city and will refiido with IiIh
mother UiIh winter.
J WHilIorof HastitiL'H wan in town
Thiinuhiy, looking aftor tbo iiitorcntH of
tlio l-orKiiHon iirnin wo.
Mro Hluko, wifo of tbo nlTnblo cmhIi
ler or tho KivtirtonStiito Hunk, wiih hIioji
pinif Id tblH city Woilm-mliiy.
Remember and attend tbo (! A Hen
tortnlnmunt Ducemlier 'JO, and bear tbo
lecture on tbo Audrowa raid.
Smnll boy (nMdo) "(Jen will.,,' but Uioku
Little Cllnnt l'illn tnku tlio cnku. Hold
nud warranttd by Orlco.
Frank Jinkra, WmKniwr.C1 K Amuck,
John Million)! ''' M Hoid,,I L Minorand
Sam I'otia aro now HiibHcrlborHlbiu wook.
Sufford a tru tiling BiilcBinnti for a (.'III
curo llrm , bus boon hypnotizing hoiiio
of tho baj-B during IiIh Htny in tbocity.
Tbo gooJ din oiiur lint titty nruaniiig
Hallor'H little Gormnu l'illn now iitul hi n
Mt men will noon linn drug Ihu miirkit
Bold by Dujo nud (Ircie.
Tbo mooting of tbo Nobriibka cbeenn
ninnufacturoH will occur at Lincoln next
wook . Tbo oxbibitu will bo neon tho ID,
JO, ill. Mrlliirtwoll or Inavalo will at
tondlnnd no doubt carry awny at least
Homo of the lauorlH.
Cbarloy DickorHun, win of (' 1) Dick
creoti of Lino tnwiwhip, wiih recently pro
Houtod with a lino bird doc and last
week bo loaned tbo dog, and tbo boy ho
lot bavo bim, accidoutly shot him.
Chrjoy in fooling bad.
MiBs Cora Ch'f, a nioco of Mih CS V
Tiindnoy, and who Bpont a number of
months in Kod uiotiu at varioim tiiiieH,
wuh murricd WodncHday, to a prominent
young gentleman in Minnchota. liu;
Ciiiki' oxtonds congratiilatioiiH.
UnllV llalr Heuuwer in prouounoed the
bent preparation mndu for tbicketilng tlif
growth of thu hnir, nud restoring that
which in gray to iu original celor.
Last wook Tub C'iui.k bad a mnnll ar
tlclo in itB column iu lolatiun ton little
fracas Unit occurred a fow nigbtH ago,
which ono of tbo partioHintoioHted took
umbrago. Tbo article wiih intended
moro iih a burlcHiiuo than a reality, and
tho writor did not intend doing any ono
an injustice. Tiik Ciiiki cIooh not wil
lingly or intentionally lend Hh columns
to any Hiibjoct that oroatoH dinHontion or
bard fooliugH, but iiIwiijh aiuiH to cater
to tbo public interest,
Experience and money cannot improve
Jfr. Snwyer'a Family Cure, bconnao it Ih a
porfeot oure fur DynpopHia, Mver com
plaint, Kidney dilllciilly and constipation.
Deyo & Orlco.
Our public schools hnvo for hoiiio
tiiuo inaguratcd the most stringent
measures to prevent tardiness, and
tbo following will explain bow sue
oissful tlio I'rincipnl and teachers
bavo been. Miss Delia SohaHiniu
teacher in room three of the south
school has had remarkable success in
that direction, having tauu'ht fourteen
Huoooseivo weeks without ono single
cato of tardiness. Helow wo give tho
names or tho pupils in that room:
ltulph Too, Walter llatlield, Hoy
I'liolpH Gcorgo Staploton, Hoy Oat
man, Nellie Clark, Nellie Duddlcy,
Nellio Fort, Dor.i Fincher, Carrie
Guilford, Nettie Mittix, Nellio Slier
man, Kthol Suotlgrnss. arl Birkner,
Willie Kuruos, Wiliio Finchor, Man
rioo Groat, Frank Leake, Car'. Martin,
John lludd. Victor Seott, Guy Tooth
aorc, Harry Hajlcs, Walter ilohnson,
Maud Clinm', Hlanelio Conovor, Mary
Maker. Hollo tinmen. Mary Hunt,
itlnud MoVuy, Winnio Shot man, Jen-
nio Kuopp.
Dr. Sawyer's l'axtilles until in timo will
nn.n niiV cane of (finale wetikueM. A fn
sample pnoknge cau be luul from the rot
lowiug nnmed dmmfUt Deyo A. (Jrice.
Tbo ladlefl of tbo Webster county
auxiliary to tlio Columbian exposition
will meet at tho reBidonco of Mth U A
ii.,rUnr. cm Snturday December HI. 18!;i
o two o'clock p in , to consider tbo
ltnuldiBlx'sition of tbo exhibits iecentl
returned from Chici.go.
Mas H. A IlMtKi.ii
n ruriilalivd ly Our ounty
lilno Touiulilp.
Woatber miito cbanireabU'.
Hert HiekorHon tipont Saturdny and
Sunday with IiIh nistor, iMrH. T. Morton.
C'lins Turner and brother captured a
raccoon last week that weighed iKlbn.
MrH. Iasw Hummel will Imvo next
Friday to visit her mother in Iowa.
Klmer Fogg is tbo happy papa of a
bouncing baby girl; mother and girl
nrobotb doing well.
Mr. John Turner is papa of n big liuby
boy; mother and son aro doing well.
The danco at Mr. Koiglo'a In honor
of their son, while paying thorn n visit,
wns a success as reported by all tbnt nt
tended. Charllo Turner and Frank
Street furnish excellent music.
L. A. Mask iih who has beenvcry siclt
for Homo timo with rbouinatism is elow
ly recovering.
Wright Williamson is able to bo out
again. Ai.piiauktta.
NowHBcarro anil Christinas near.
Mr Lotnor has purchased tho old homo
stead of grandma Cathcr. consideration
Mr F K 1'aynoand D 11 Larrick woro
iu Hiverton ono day Inst week.
Ottorbein Harney Is quite sick at this
HMFGrubb and D H Lnrr'ck each
lost a calf Inst wook by tbo stock route.
Miss Hlancli Catber was doing bus!
nesB in Hcd Cloud u couple of das hist
Mending and repairing wind-mills, is
tho order of tbo day in this vicinity
Mr Frank lleun of Hatin and best girl
of Otto attended church at Cathorton
Inst Sunday Other young folks attend
ed nlso.
Mr John I'otorfion, one of Catborton's
most enterprising fanners, is feeding
about 100 bond of young cnttlo for -tbo
market Ho hasalso built an addition to
bis house Oi.o Doors.
DOfl I.()Sr-U?tit,urlnlle taouud, rmnll slit
In ilclitrnr. 1'nrty hatinit Mm will return
nuil nave Irotilil. Karnest Ilronn, Kod Uloutl.
SKA'l KS Hliarnened and rrptlrrd utthehop
of TVin. Il.diwiti, dliectly west and near
l.lnchcv'i ikntlni; pond.
WANTKD-tlie tnrmhen of (larneld 1'nsl
' No. mill. a. IE.iIiik'xkI ilandlOK to inert
ill 7:io at tlielr IihII, fur the purpoienf o'ectlim
ulllceri fur I lie ensnlna year. S. fl. Kler, 1' C,
rANTl'.l) To crlnd yuur sclsiori. Hutch-
iiimiii s u.iruer Biiup.
IOK HAI.IC-A Keod hore, apply ut tliliplllce.
WrANTKIl-AMieclalmeetlne of Hie Itrilcf
" Conimlttceof the Cliurcliej of Ken (loud
next Mnndjr Dec. lstli at 4 n'rlork n. in. lit the
orTlcr of thu Muiierlntenileiit of 1'uMlo InMruc-
tlon, nt the court-hoine I).
i in. iitttin
o InMruc-
M. Hunter l'rei.
Mr. Dimmickof HluuJIill wiih on our
streets Tuesday.
Mr. Jerry Howard of Wichita, Kan.,
!h viHitiug friends hero.
Hov. Snow and Mr. Sholtenkirk have
bei'ii numbered with thu Hick.
Mr. A. Willinum Iiiih Hold his farm
and will probably i cumin lieio.
Mr. O. Andrim who went toTouis last
spring Iiiih returned to God'H country.
Wch Hyle, after an alisenco of sovoral
weeks, returned to llluden Monday.
Quito a number of folks from llluden
attend church at Harmony bcIiooI house
Sunday evening.
Mr. Hicbniond of tbo Ciiikk force was
shaking bands with friends and looking
after tho interest of thnCniKK this week.
Hanker McLaughlin has purchased a
St. Hernard pup, which ho will train to
guard tho interests of tho bank nights.
Tho Fditorof tbo Campbell Press was
iu town Wednesday; ho has hoiiio
thought!) of starting a paper iu this
place, and wo hope ho will.
W II I (oilman sold bis stock of gene
ral merchandise and ntoro to Hartmnn
and Hurton, but ubon it camotopigning
tho pup.TB Mr. 11 wasn't there, lie did
as tho craw lislt backed out.
Sec Myers
up tho
Win. Ilrotbauer will rido in a now
11. Wilson Iiiih Rbelled IiIh corn;
Iteynolds did tbo Hholling.
The school board Iiiih lived
school house in district ll'l.
Mr. Marker and l'liillips woro hauling
onts to Hod Cloud for A. X. Wilsn last
Mrs, Wisecnrvor is visiting iu Otto
Some of tho young folkn attended
preaching at Cathorton on Sunday.
Hov. Fendrics was visiting with bis
brother on Sunday.
Mr. Cooper and family and C, Ware
woro the guests of II. Wilson Sunday.
Mr. 11. Wilson of Otto Iiiih been visit
ing at Mr. Crabib's lately.
Finery and Fvorott lienn wont over to
lOwicH on inislncHH iMoiKluy.
Mr. Crabill and tho Sorgensen boys
houi several rat catllo to .Mr. Jtunter or
Inavalo lately.
Marly last Saturday morning, Mrn.
Sidilek paswd away to her etornai homo
Her death wan a shock to her friends
and neighbors. Sho leuen tlvo childien
to mourn her loss. Her husband had
passed on beforo her. Sho was laid to
rest on Sunday. Tbo family bavo the
HMiipathy of tho entire community in
their sad bereavement.
There was a party at Mr. Clnience
Wilson'H hiHt Friday night; the oveniug
was spent in games of different kinds,
when at a late hour tbo guests were
called into thu dining room and seated
at tho table, which was laden with man)
good things to out, and after supper the
guestH departed for their many homos.
All repoit a nice timo Dan Tuckkis.
IIvikIiicIiv and liullKcMion
Can bo cured. If you don't beliovo it try
iiegg's Little (Haul l'illn. Sold nud war
ranted by Do)o A Orice.
Thanksgiving day wiih observed in
tbo school house in District (!(i.
Furmoi h l.avo enough corn to food and
u little to sell.
Stock is doing unusually well this win
ter. Largo barns bavo been built by A Oisen
and J HringelHon.
1 Hud people living peacefully and good
will prevails among all. Vikinii.
Ladles: Tlio druggist named below will
give yon a freo sample packaguof Dr. Saw
yer's I'astillf. They are tho effectual ro
mediosfor thoctiroof all diseases peculiar
to woman. Deyo & Oricc.
Wo aro having nice weatbor
Mr and Mrs Crispin, of Salem South
Dakota, aro visiting at Mr(i W linker's.
Some of tho young folks of Ainboy at
tended church in Hcd Cloud Sunday.
Miss Trachworth and cousin of Guido
Hock were visiting MrnC FriHbie Sunday
Hert Newberry and Oscar Patmoro
were in Amboy Sunday.
Mr FriiHo'H little girl was quite hick
Inst week. Sdkds.
Ladies: For discuses of women you will
And Dr. Sawyer's 1'astilleH will rench the
dllllculty directly and constitutionally bet
tor tlinuutiy other remedy. Deyo fc drier.
Ladles: If you Imvo headache, pain in
the back, nervousness or any of those dis
enstn peculinr to your sex, do not fnll to
try Dr. Snwyer'a Pastilles. Deyo k Orlco'
We have a beautiful line of
... .
1 : "i.M T tiy S "V I
We invite everybody to come and see them as
we think we can please you,
Sow Try Thin.
It will coat you uothing and will surely
, vou good, If you hnvB n Cough, Cold.
d0 you good
ot nny
anteed to give
trouble wltli iliront, unesi or
Dr. Kings fiuw uiscovery for
roBsumptlon, Coughs and Colds is Ri
Co?J " "Ttn aivo relief, or money will
haek. SulfererB from Mi urlppe
Fnd it Jont tho thing ord under its uho
J,0. JJ .needy and perfeot recovery. Try
.niB bottle R our eitJiino iiuu ivurii
? Yourself just how good n thing it i.
J?r!.yi bottles free ntC. I,. Cotting'd drug
a.r,Bl borne nnd
store, ij"'",, .
MoMP,e, llulr Curler
VB.D the Hir n 0,"1 'he dnmpest
V?mkep n )oU)e ,tjTe, p
South Side.
Tlioro will boa union Christmas tree
at tlm Pleasant Dale school bouse Sat
in day evening December -I, to which
oerlKdy is invited. Como and bring
your presents.
Miss IJIuucho Sherman nud Mr. I lee
ry Hichmond worocallorHat Mr. Haskins
last Sucday; thoy also visited Pleasant
Dale Sunday school.
Mr. and Mrs. (V ;thrio attended quar
terly meeting Sur. iv.
.mi-, ami irs. ,, "iington nave re
i agin.
. Wo aro sorry tov th t, , Wli"kiiis
is no bettor. '
Mr. John li" . ,.,. wn with
thoscarle' .tPmarked-,..'
A duuVll" way in tho ,o Keagles
Friday articular comer of t',r WJI,
HiehaidVioco bud peeled otT, 3 iloasant
timo was ciaro of course phi) 'd.
pace there ' 'i.diui.
iiicin it mii
Sarah Mclntyro was
tins WOOK.
TbomiiH Finnoy is visiting in
turn weelt.
J I-. (I raves will farm tbo Joo Oroen
place near Hoseniont next year.
Win llrittou was visiting in Nelson
this week.
There will bo u Christmas tree at tho
Kokloy church. Church horvicoH at tlio
church at 10 a. in.
A If Harris has moved into bis new
John Clark gave n danco in his now
house which netted hiui$lK.
A spelling and arithmetic school was
given at tho Wagner school housuFri lay
mgm; every tniug wont on smooiiuy
Tbo young peoiilo amused theuiholves
idu night in district -111 by spelling etc.
riot Ui niner was around list week
nnd presented Mr Stanser with "
John Dougherty has a dish washer,
usual avoirdupois f
Silas Viera will movo to Kansas next
John Kurner willgivo a lent lire Fiiday
December l-r, ut tbo school bonsn in dis
trict HI Subject: "Outline- of the men
tul faculties. I'at.
Dr. Snwycr's Family Cute euros Stomnoli
Dr. Sawyer's Family Cure cores LIvor
coin plaint.
Dr. Sawyer's Family Caro cmes Kidney
Dr. Sawyer's Fiiniily (Jure ciires Dowel
Slulc IJne.
Tho lino weather is very good for tho
stock and tbo small grain.
JC Foutz and family aro getting bet
ter now.
Cecil Foot is on tho flick list.
Tho United Hrotbron will bold quar
terly meeting at Mtipel CJrovo church
Win Stanton is still very low.
Miss May Henderson tbo oldest
daughter ot Clinton Henderson died
Sunday morning and was buried
Dec llth. Sho was nn accomplished
young lady, and was well liked by all
who knew her Six young ladies acted
as pall bearers, and the sermon was
preached in the FrientlH church. Her
father wiih to sick to attend tho funeral
Tho family bavo the Byinpath of all
tho community
Coin Hinard daughter of L A Hinurd
Died Dec llth anil was burled Dec. 12th
at North Hrancli. Her death was very
unevpeted as she attended school last
Friday. Sho wiih a veryattractivochlld
and will bo greatly missed by all her
Dr. Snwyer's lMimily Cure is the result
of long oxpurieuce, skill ind honesty.
Try it and you will lie convinced that it is
a positive euro for nil Stomach, Liver, Kid
ney and bowel dillleiilty Doyo . Orice.
Onu l.iuly Sujh
I hnvo bo:n troubled for yonrn with n
hacking cough. Hnvo hnd many doctors
and tried fifty cough euros. I grow worse
nil tho time. I tried Parks' Cough Syrup
aud found immediate relief. It begins nt
tho bottom of thu dlseaoo and I know it
is tho best cough remedy on tho market,
Itefer nny sufferer to Mrs. W. J. Fnhoy.
Le Hoy, N V. Sold by C. L. Cottiug
They aro bend and should ubovo any.
thing wo bavo yot offered. Golden Kngle
Clothing House.
Lndies: You will find Dr. Snwyer's
Pastilles tho most effectual remedy for fe
male weakness, pain on top of the head nnd
lower pnrt of the back, til ono tired feeling.
Deyo t Once.
W. WJ Wright is tho man that in
augurated low prices in Hod Cloud and
is still maintaining them. Sou him for
all kinds of bnrdwaro stoves, etc.
Don't forget!
That's what Urowu's wife called out to
him dou't forgot to gut n bottle of Hal-
ler'i Harsaparilln, its so uico. For sale by
Dey Si Orice.
Mrs. Francis bought n sowing mauhino
this week of S. K.
Ladles: Do not sitter with pain en ton
of tbo head nnd in tho back or with any of
tlio-o distressing diseases, when Dr. Saw
yer's Pastilles will absolutely nnd positive
ly cure you. Dopo it Orice.
Mrs. McCartney bought nn Fstoy
organ of S. K. Cozad thin week.
Plush sets
Silk throws
rVool Mufflers
Do you know that
the Weguian gallery
Xiuas presents:
Photos taken at
uiako tho nicest
For Farm Loans
IMward Shepherd, Harrisburg, III., hnd
a running sore on his leg of eight j oars'
standing. Usid three bottles of Klectrio
lilt erH nnd seven boxes of Ihiekleu's Arni
ca Halve, and his lug is soand nnd well.
John Hpoiiker, Cutawaba, O , had tlvo
largo Fever cores on his leg, doctors said
ho was incurable. Ono bottle Lleotriu
Hitters and one box llucklen's Arnica
Salve riiicd him entirely. Sold by C. L.
Cottiug Druggist.
Wo aro now prepared to send tho X.
V. Tribune and 'I'm: Cim.rouo year to
any address for 81.'J."). Hotb papers aro
classed among tho greatest, and those
who invest their money this way will bo
sure to got value reciovod.
Do not delay. When diseases peculinr
to women are allowed to run they become
ditlleult to euro. Dr. Sawyer's Pastilles
will positively euro long standing aud dif
ficult o.ises, Doyo , Orice.
.laro'A Iljuk'iic ITiulcrucar
proventH sudden chills, rbeumntism, nnd
is n safe guard against la grippe. For
sale only by Golden Fiiiglo Clotbiig
Spi'cliui'ii 4'nMVN.
B. II. Clifford, New Cassel, Wis. wns
troubled wiih Neuralgia nnd Illieumotism,
his Stomach war disordered, his Liver was
affected to an alnrmiug degree, nppotite
foil awny, nud ho was terribly minced in
lleshniid strength, TlireobottlesflL'leo
trio Hitlers eared him, "
C'oiikIi! CoiikIi! :oii;li!
If you wnut to, bnt if you desiro to stop,
get n bottle of Iiegg's Cherry Cough Syrup.
It will stop your eongh iu tlvo minutes.
Sold and warranted by Deyo &. Oriao.
Fresh oysters every day ut Cahnes'
Hallor's Barb Wiro Liniment for nil cuts
on cnttlo and horses; it in the best on
earth. For sale by Doyo fc Orlto.
Plush toilet cases,
Work baskets,
Silk Mufflers,
Silk, Linen and cotton Hank'rc'fs
Woqlenand Cotton Hosiery,
Wool Mittens an d GIoacs,
Blankets and comforts,
Wool Dress Goods,
Cotton Dress Goods,
Ladies Jackets, children's Cloaks,
Dolls and lots and lots of toys for
the little ones.
We can save you money on your Holiday
lied Cloud Produce Co' Price
Monogram Hour 81 10
WhitoLoaf 1 10
High Flight fit)
HakerB TK)
Huckwheat 10
Uyo 25
Graham 'Si
Corn nieul '2."i
Hran Cm
Shorts "")
Chopped feed 7."
Onto .TO
Corn tTi
Freo delivery.
IICKR"' Cherry Cough Syrup.
Ihu greatest and best Cough Syrup.
It will relieve a cough tiuioker, surer and
moro effectually than nny thing on the
market. Sold and warranted by Doyo &
No matter what ho claims to be,
man wno does nothing is nothing.
All HlN Tllllt PlIlH
Aro good for are treated moro success
fully by Parks' Tea. Is not n cathortio:
no griping or pain, yet moves the bowols
overyday. Sold by C. Tj. Cotting.
Tbo truth n bad man hates is tho truth
that bits bim hi the fnco.
IIU ftecoiid Wire
Told him tho secret of her good health,
Sho used "Parks' Tea" every night. Sold
by C. L-. Cottiug.
Finding fault with others is only n
round about way of bragging on your
A Dead Open mid Slant
And no foolishness. Begg's Cherry
Cough Syrup wi'.l euro whore nil others
fail. Sold nnd warranted by Doyo &
The mistake of a moment may bo tho
sorrow of a life timo.
It Cure
Park's Cough Syrup euros Colds,
Coughs, Croup and Whoopiug Cough
Thu standard homo remedy in thousands
of families for nil liiug diseases, Gunrnn
teed by C. L. Cotting.
Over Post Office
Dr Sawyer's Family Cure cures dyspepsia
Dr Sawyer's Family Cure cures bilieusnes
Dr Sawyer's Family Cure cures kidney dlf
Dr Sawyer's Family Care cures Constipa
Wheat .
Corn . . .
market lleport.
(Corrected Weekly.)
itye . .
Wax .
20 i!5
Hogs 1 ft)ft4 (0
Fat cows l wit 0(1
Mutter 10
Potatoes 7i
Chickens dor. 2 00
Turkeys lb. 0
Polrio Henry once Bnid, "flivo mo lib
erty or give me death" folks nowdnys
don't talk so foolish, they sny "Give mo
Ealler's Huro Cure Cough Syrup or I will
Hi..'1 It nmeuntr to the same thimr.
Pnr snlo bv DeTO it GtlCO, 1
Merry Christmas
JS Will Surely come to all who buy 3
their Christmas goods of 2
jS C. L. Cotting. 5
s Our line of Toys, Games, j
gg ' Cups and Saucers, Toilet Sets, 52
t Manicures, Books, Ablums 52
Anil Fancy CJoods is Larger, Hotter and Cheaper 35
than ever before. S
Our Sales on Dolls j
S; Arc lieller Hum wo Imvo ever luul, for wo Imvo Hie J
5l l.tirKiNt Vnrlcly uiul Hie I,owet I'rleen Hi the ZZZ
g; oily. Wittcli our mIiow wiihIowh Tor luirguiiiN.
Timm m m m m HiniHininininiHiU
An estttblisheti fact with mo is that thu CiihIi Sy.stem
work, ami I am still selling goods, Jielow are a
few of my bargains:
18 pounds Granulated Sugar.
20 " Good Itaisins,
L'O " Currants, .
7 " Oatmeal. ....
25 bars Soap, ....
8 pounds lino reaches, . ...
8 " Evaporated Apples, . .
Gloss and Cornstarch, . packages, ....
New Fairfield Sorghum, per gallon,
20 yards Calico, . . .
25 spools Thread, best. . ....
1 pound Ground Peppor,
124 yards liest Uiuglinm, ...
Mixed Candies, . . ....
Anil until)- other reduced rlcn, anil Kcicrul ill toil,
nil's uru cioNU.
Call at G. A. Hanip' Cash Store, whom you can got tho moat
goodB for your hard earned money, and wlioro you
do not have to puy for somebody else's goods
1. 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
I 00
I 00
I 00
1 00
!Kliyag,agTC yrq