The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 15, 1893, Image 1

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1 v ryjLjM JnsKTT rrK JPI BKBB H9K?W9I t k Ju WBtTlS- a Htli "mjJP1 'jPPA'' - - vistPP' V H B Pfl I PPkMDv P PPJPA 'tis PPJ WPJ PflPPPfl CcT n
All Home Print.
Stilticrlptlon, $1 Ier Annum,
Invariably In Advance
II not paid In advance, after this date March
18, 18W, tlio price w 111 bo $1 .vs.
Entered, at the l'ost Olflco In Itcd Cloud, Nob.,
as mall iimtlcrof the peeond class
it.rm op AiiVRitTmivu
Vrof. cards, 1 Inch or less per year W on
Nix month 3 oo
Three motiilii i no
1'er Inch Si no
lVr Inch tdx motitlis a oo
I'cnnch tliroo month a (
Jlecliil iii-IIcih per Uuu or line space, llrat
publication fl cents,
Transient specials, pajable Invariably In ad
ance, per line in cents.
All readlni; notices In the nature of admtlso
ineiitH or pwis, 6 cents tier lino.
l.ccal notices nt hraliates, viz; fornsqiiaro
(ten lines of Nonpareil or less,) nrst putillc.itlon
91.00; fur each subsequent publication, per
square, mi cents.
Ha "prelerred nosltlon" contracts mndn.
I aii matter to iiisuio public
a reived at this ofllco not later t
n.-' Advertisements cannot bo
, ' Iho current ucek later than Tl
All matter to instuo publication must bote-
tnan Wednesday.
onlorod out for
U. A. 91. II, K. Time Tabic.
, Taking effect IUC..1.
Tralnscnrrjlm; p.iBseiiKeM lwie Hcd Cloud as
No. 112 l'asseniier to Hastlui; aj;30 p. m.
No. HI rassenscrfrom HasthiKs - 11:35 a. m.
No. 10, rasseiiRi-r to St. Joseph St.
J.ouls and Chlcauo dally lo:c.r,
No. 15 r.isseiiKcrs tor Denver, dally, 8;15 p. in
' f Dentist,
(, fi'wtpl) Nebraska
1 V Tlor'ii Furniture Store.
j '. '.eeth without pain.
v v.V(f 1(rulKu work it specialty.
roroC '. anil all kinds o koiiI iillincs
Makes f A I ubber plates and cumblimt
iiiaies. t
All work
rautecd to bo first-class.
W. '.tjLLEYS, M. D.
Ilomosoputtilc 1'liyklclan,
Red lund, IV'ebrasHn.
Ofllco opposlto Vlrst National Bank.
U. S.KxaiidnliiK MUKeou.
) Chronic diseases treated by mall.
r L. WINFllEY,
Red Ci.oui),
Will attend bales at reasonable figures,
faction Kiinruutecd.
liiMiruiit'c Aeiit,
I do a strictly farm inHurnnoe and invite
nud invite nil to Bee mo,
Moon Block, RED CLOUD, NEB.
Collections promptly nttended to.
Moon Block, - RED CLOUD, NEB.
ColloctionB promptly nttended to, nnu
correspondence solicited.
SPfZ Allnrney n Latv,
lied Cloud, Nebraska.
Office Up stairs, in Moon Block,
over Fair Storo.
Heal Estate, liitairiiuce
and Collcetlne A;eiit,
Moon Rlock, - Red Cloud, Neb
Xotary l'ubllc.
Toiiitorlnl Arllnl,
4th Avenue, - Ri:d Cloud, Nbokaska.
l'Mrst-clHHH barbers and llrot-olasa work
gunruutoed Giye men call
1 uiniuunuiv unruvi'i
lied Cloud, Nebraska.
I give my personal attention to my
putrous. First-class shaving and hair
cutting a specialty.
lmurance Agency
Wriiuiii Insurance Co , rrecport, ill.
Itoial nisuiancw Co., Liverpool, tfUKland.
Iloino Fire Insurancn Co.. l Omalia, Nebr.
l'liifnlx Assurance Co. nl liidon. hiiR.
leunan Insurance Co, of (Jiilnoy. HI,
J iiardlan Atu mice (!o of London, Knc
m...n....i.,n iiKiiriini'HCo. of Uuillmtton. Iowa
-''".- ,..
I'reeport, 111.
1 WUritish America Assiirnuco Co. Toronto, Can.
y Olllco over Poatofflce.
' T7.nDT.nrJD. NlBHAlK,
M '" ' 9
Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty," and One Dollar a year is
Clothing House !
Our Array ol Him Pnts
for your inspection, you will find surprisingly
large, It is Customary novv to make
useful presents on these occasions.
We offer
Silk Handkerchiefs of all shades, and prices
Linnen Handkerchiefs, hemstitched and
Fancy Slippers for Men and Boys.
Neckwear in great variety. , . .
Gloves and Mittens.
Overcoats and Suits,
For Men, Boys and Children.
Originator of Low Prices.
Established 1883,
Red Cloud, Webster County, Neb., Friday, December
- us
- ."i
of all descriptions,
dot cij:ii:i,amt ih:i:sm:ss
Dor vorUinymoim dcy vode IukcI fall
For Clcfelnnd, 'cuueo ho tmwore
He'd amnah dot tlariiro, lumt dot drusds,
Undt priiiK goot tinicH toticc more:
But htirdt dimes id vuh vorceor Blulill,
l-'or Clofolnnd vim von lie,
Undt nil itrouiidt dot Yankee lmult,
Kyr prond dor vorkmeiiB cry.
A monkey dells it tomcat vonce,
"Voubo lot mo dulse your paw,
I Hhwcob dor HlieHnnda from dor hIuIovo,
Or cIho yon wit dom raw";
Undt so dot fool cuts lcndt his paw,
Vicli inndo him ((tiiukly learn
How dot slinrp monkoy Rod dor nude,
Undt how hoKods dor burn!
ClofflHay: "Dot dnrilT Iuw'b von shdoul,"
But he led dot law be,
Ohf I ho) hip iicommon.ticf,
I'm youst so pud us ho.
Ho youst fihpit on dot Geury Inw,
Ho blay in Chon 1'uII'h pund,
Undt in von hundort RlK-akiiif,' wiijh
Insuldt dot Vunltco Inndt.
Dor war Bhips doy vas linir hurdt (times;
Dor nin'd no pluto so tick,
But vhon you shood dem nut von fjun,
Dor balls ro through dot quick.
Voll, I moko now von stimuli BURgosd
Vouat hour mo vhilo I Bhpuak
Vhy don'd doy cover all dor ships
Mit Mister Clefoland's chook?
He novor vaved dot pluddy shiid,
Dot shird ho nofer wore;
He send a Bubsdidood to dip
His own.Bhird in dor f,'ore;
Vhile'pw'u pojB ngtiud on pluddy Holds
Ho Bhnoak in BufT'Io town,
Undt doy vat eufo "Old Glory Flnjj,"
Ho guts deir bensions down.
O, beebloa of a glorious landt!
Your chocks musd purn mid ahumo,
Dot you oleedt a mans like dot
To plackcn your grent namo.
O, landt ohf Lincoln, audi ohf Grant;
O, landt ohf VashiiiRton;
O, landt voro Bhloops dot mighdy Blaine,
Vuro vosyourniunhoodgono?
Tlio old year soon must puss away,
And the now one will begin.
Wo cun't get drunk on New Years doy,
Because wo huvo no tin;
Our friends and neighbors owe us Home,
Which wo would like to got,
To buy ourBolves n iunrt of rum,
And get us out of debt;
So please bear in mind when your in town
To call nnd sottlo up.
Twill help us to our sorrow drown
By monkeying with the cup.
Fiimlftlicd ExprcHMly fur The
Clilvf fur Webster County
Copj rlfchtcu uy W. T. Foster.
St. JobkI'II, Wo, Deo. 1.V My
last bulletin gave forecast!) of tlio
storm wave to cross tlio continent
from December 15th. to l!Uh, and tlio
next will reach the Paoiuc coast about
the 20th, cross tlio western mountains
by cIobo of 21st, the great central val
leys from 22d, to 24tli, and tlio east
ern states about the 25th.
Tlio disturbing influences at dato of
this storm wave will bo favorable to
earthquake countries. About Deem
bcr 221 the earth will rcccivo a lari;c
amount of clotrical force and this uiav
result in sovcro earthquakes or tlio
force may pass to the earth through
tlio high barometers, in which caso
wo will have a severo cold wavo.
Th!s ovorchurgo of electricity will
pass from tlio earth again about Iho
2 IHb and January 5th and we will ex
perience 'severo storms about those
Tlio lost storm wave of Dcccmbor
will roach tho I'acilio coast about the
. . r
20tu, cross tho wostom mountains
by closo of tho 27ih, tbo great control
valleys from tho 28th IJOth and, the
oas'crn states about tho 31st. This
will bo a very sevcro winter storm in
the Mississippi valley about tho 29th.
Warm waves will cross tho western
mountaf about 20lh and 2Gtli. tho
great ceutval valleys about 22d 28th
the Price of The Chief.
15, 1893.
and the eastern states about tho 2llli,
tii'd :iuth.
Cool waves will cross tho western
mountains about 2!5rd and 2l)th, the
great control valleys about 25th nud
31st, and the eastern states about 27ih
and January 2d.
In our solar system Jupiter is next
in impoitancc to the sun, and among
tho causes of weather changes is third
tho moon being second. When at
perihelion in tho sumo direction
from the sun that tho earth is about
October Urd it is about 21,000,000
miles nearer tho sun than when in the
opposite part of its orbit.
For tho above reason when Jupiter
is near perihelion its intluoucc on tho
earth is largely innrcascd and to that
fact is due many of our serious drouths
from July to December.
The sun and planets nro unquestion
ably great natunl magnets, electrified
bodies, and their changing distances
from each other certainly keep up a
constant changing to thoir electrical
conditions. Volntilc matter water,
etc. readily evaporates when the
amount of the electricity is increased
and readily condenses and procipitatcs
when clo:tncity is withdrawn and as
Jupiter comes 21,000,000 miles nearer
to tho sun and earth in a littlo less
than six jears and recedes the same
distance from tho earth and sun dur
ing the same length of time next fol
lowing it is a powerful factor in bring
ing excessive rains and excessive
1 invite a study of Jupiter, not so
much becausu of its astronomical- in.
tcrcst as because of its great iniluenco
upon the weather of our earth; from it
wo can learn much about the nature
of our own ntmosphcro and climatic
changes, Tho average distance of
Jupiter from the hun ih about '181,000
000 miles, or about three times the
distance of tho caitli from the sun. It
makes a revolution nrouud tho sun in
11 80 years and tho earth passes be
tween it and tho sun cvory 'A)d days.
Jupiter's diameter is about eleven
times, its surfaco about 110 timos and
its volumo 1,300 times that of the
earth. Its weight, or what its wciidit
would bo at tho surfaco of our earth,
is reckoned 31 U times that of the earth
Tho urat distance of Jupiter from
tho earth largely decreases its in-
tluoncc, its pull, as astronomers call it,
on tho earth, and I only mention this
hero in order to caution roadors
against tho idea that the planets aiTcot
our weather through their attraction
of gravitation, or their pull on our at-
mosphoto. It is tho magnetic or elec
tric stream lines that go out from all
theso bodies and therefore distance,
or distances as wc havo in tlio solar
system, have but littlo effect as com
parod wilh"gravitational distances. 1
will discuss tho nnturo of planetary
influences upon our weather further
Iho astronomer.! all try to prove
that Jupiter is a boiling, red-hot bodv.
Nonsense Thoy sec unaccountable
activity in tho clouds of that planet
nothing of tho planet can hn noon
but its clouds and thsy concludo that
as sufficient boat cannot rcaoh the
planet from the sun to uauso suuh ac
tivity, therefore tho Leat must come
tram within tho planet. If tliuj
would explain how hct could rcaoh
the earth from tho sun when all space
botween tho two is ton thousand times
colder than ice, common mortals
wight think of aucoptiag their theo
ries about Jupiter.
Liver and Kidney Cure.
Park's Bare Cure istheouly iuaranteeJ
remedy, Its notion is quick nnd positive
Willatop that backaoho and uloli-hiudnuho
A poetive speoiUo for nil dlsearts of wo
mon. Who suffer when it will care yon?
ror.aio uy j, u. uouing.
Vol.21. No. 2
A cream of tartar baking powder.
Highest of all in leavening strength
Latest United States Government
Food Report.
Itoynl HaliliiK 1'owdcr Co.
IOU Wall St., N. V.
1'ho following is n letter from Mr. and
Mrs. A. Ciilmoo ronnoily of this placo
hut r.ow of West Plains. Mo.
Kiiiioi: Cnti-.i , Dour sir.Wo repocl
fully invito joti iukI jour wifo to eonio to
tint Hlllinv tiinitli mill tn In, 'I'liniil.,. .:.:..,.
dinnor with im im wo nro Koinif to linvii
wiiu uiriwy, vuuisoii limn, halted and
roust piihHiim with oystordn-Hsini;, mincB
tiio. walnut cnlte. rrnnhorrv hiiiiph.
Conm and enjoy nviHitnudtihlijjo. Your
iriOIHIH iUlt. AMI fllltS. A. C'AI.MKH.
Tliunliovo arrUod too Into for publica
tion at tho proper timo, noverthulrsH,
Tn i:Cmi:r nmircciatcH the invitation
and would gladly havo been present it
C'aii'l le H;uteii.
Our lino of useful holiday presents
Golden Kuglo Clothing llousu.
i ' i
When on a visit to Iowa, Mr. K. Dalton
of Luriiy, RusBoll County, Knuias, called
nt tho laboratory of ChaiMjotluin & c-,)
Dot) MoinoH, to show them his six year old
boy, whoso lifo had been saved by Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy, it having cured
him of a very severe attack of croup. Mr.
Dalton in certain that it saved his boys
lifo nnd ia enthusiastic in hls.priino of tho
Ilemedy. For sale by Doyo & Orico.
A. It. II.
Amhoy, Itcd Cloud nnd Rivorton,
make us good Hour an io mndo in tho
Btate. Why tiuy foreign mndo Hour
when you can got jitBt as good a innko at
home, and thoroby innko a hotter mnrkot
for tho farniore wheat. You will lindiill
lirauds inuilo at tho above mills at Mo
Nitt's Produco oxchnnge.
I One It
To HufToring Iminnnity to tell tho great
benefit my wife has reoiovod from PnrkH
Sure Cure, the truly groat Liver and Kid
ney Cnro. Hlio has been coustitntionally
wrecked for suvernl years. Tried ovory
tiling fruitlcPFly. After innoli pcrBnasion
from my druggost baoked by his gnnran
teo I bought a bottle of Parks' Hore Cnro
and tlio rosnlts nro moro than woiulorfnl.
W P. Hayes, 'J lot Joins St., Omaha, Neb
Sold by (J L;CotUilF
The Winner
of thut Now Home Sowing Machine- will
havo cuuse to rejoice. Uuesa mi tho
miintior of sowls in our miunsh. Yon
m tjlit bs tli Dfi. Olios. Wiener, Gold
en UJ1 Ulothlntf Uoubo,
. i rs j
;. -ifi.oi.1