The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 24, 1893, Image 3

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Written for Tub CiitEr.
What'a lit n Xmncf
Next morning I received a lcttci
from homo, saying that all tho indict
moot against the duellers and tlicit
accessories had been by ordor of the
court, nollo prosscd, and that the late
victim of the Hon. Mr. Stewart had
recovered of his injury.
Tho letter further stated that, all
this was brought about on account of
tho high standing of all tho parties,
but more especially through sjmpatby
for tho mothers and wives and daugh
ters of those engaged in theso viola
tions of tho law; and that asido from
this stato of general sympathy, there
was such a strong spmpathy for Miss
Stewart as to have brought about this
happy termination or these unpleasant
I left tho office of tho Old Dominion
and hunted up Dick, and laid tho mat
tcr before him, after which wo called
on Mr. Stewart and apprised him of
tho contents of the letter.
Ho and Mary had just breakfasted,
and Mary, dressed in a neat morning
gown of gray, trimmed with whito fur,
was standing near the window talking
in a low musical voico to Dick's mock
ing bird, and feeding him out of her
hand, whon we entered their cheerful
Sho camo forward, not without a
coyness 1 had never beforo observed,
yet with a smilo of welcome, and re
lioved us of our furs.
After wo wcro all seated, I mado
known our errand, and was not slow
in detcoting a look of disappointment
rather than that of pleasure como over
the countcnanco of tho girl, as she
stood by her father's chair with one
hand resting upon its back, whilo the
other was placed tenderly upon Lib
Wo soon learned that tho girl's
seeming disappointment was owing to
her father's poor health, and the
daughter's fear that in his hasto to
roturn home, he should suffer a re
lapse. Bnt it was soon arranged among us
that no hasto should accompany our
preparations for our return, but that
wo should pass tho timo as pleasantly
as possible until 6uch timo as tho sick
man might bo able for the journey.
Mr. Stewart, opparontly, gavo tho
ir -bought of our cagerncsn to return to
Vur homes but little weight. But
Mary urged us to go in order to re
lieve our parents from tho anxiety
that had so long been oppressing
And still I could sco that tho dear
girl was making a great saorifico of
her personal feelings in thus urging
us to go.
But Dick, the ever gallant Dick,
put matters at rest by declaring that
our mothers would bo heartily ashamed
of us wcro wo to return beforo Mr.
Stewart was ablo to return to nis home
Now, if.thcrc is one thing above
another for which I praiso tho name
and fellowship of dear Dick, it is that
ono kind aot of his life
For, to carry out tho plan to return
to tho soutb together, tho dear boy
was sacrificing his own personal hopes
and plant-, and delayimg the long
hoped for hew when he would be free
to visit the idol of his heart Naomi.
So the days and weeks went slipping
by until the cold winds and frosts and
sleet and snow, incident to a long win
ter in the Oanadas, began to subside.
Ono bright morning while wo wero
on a cull at the Stewart there appeared
a robin rod-broat sitting on tho window-sill
just outsido tho window noar
which hung the cago in which perohed
Dick's mocking b'rd, who, catching
tho sound of tho robin, broko forth
into an extacy of imitative song and
s we kucw that spring had como.
The sick man, although much im
' ;ovcd. was tho mere shadow of his
iormcr self, and did not look as though
ho would Boon bo able for tho journey.
In about a week after tho advent of
tho robin, wo wrapped Mr. Stewart
up in furs and robes and carried him
down and gavo him a drivo about the
From that day his improvement
went steadily on, until by tho end of
April at which timo wo had hoped
to leave for home ho had mado such
rapid improvements as to bo ablo to
go, in company with his daughter,
about tho city, visiting Parliament,
tho theater:), churohes, schools and
other places of interest.
During ull tho montliB I had been
busy looking 'iter the interests of my
employes: had visited difforent of tho
province, and picked up quite a stock
of information as to tho customs, poli
tics ami resources of the Oanadas.
1 hid, too, become greatly attached
to tho proprietors, and employes in
and about tho great house, of tho Old
Dominion and folt sad to think that
tho day was near at hand when our
pleasant rotations must cease,
Then, too, there were the Gibsous
for whom I had a strong sooial attach
ment, And, too, there woro tho judge and
a host of acquaintances for whom 1
had a spcoial warm feeling, among
whom was Untie Pete's brother, all of
whom I must say "good bye" to, per
hap?, forever.
But as timo waits for no ono, and
the day being very near for our de
parture, wo began to arrange our af
fairs generally for that very important
Dick and I talked matters over and
determined that we would go by way
of Sidney, and stop thcro for a timo
in order to enjoy tho friondly greet
ing that wo felt euro awaited our
Then, too, I io muoh desired that
Naomi and Mary should meet, that 1
was the more resolute in my intentions.
Mr. and Miss Stewart wero pleased
with our program, andjso on the morn
ing of May 5, 18 , we left tho city
of Ottawa for our old Kentucky home
via tho litllo Ohio town among tho
bluffs, wherd lived the Bloomers, our
best of friends, whero wo arrived in
duo course of time, and wcro escorted
to the hotel by tho same old gentle
men ef color, who, months beforo had
so lavishly prepared a breakfast for
Dick on tho morning of his arrival
from Sandusky.
The faithful old fellow was now in
his feather owing, as I afterwards
learned, to Dick's having telegraphed
him whilo enroute, that we would be
there on tho 6:30 p. m. train.
If I had been astonished at the
breakfast proparcd for Dick, what was
my ajiazoment on entering tho Bamc
dining room to find a spread so elabor
ate as simply to defy description.
There, too, was tho same black girl
with tho tho samo whito apron or
enc exactly liko unto tho ono she
woro that morning and thero wcro
tho samo pictures adorning the walls;
tho samo bright carpet, and tho samo
dish teeming with smoking quails
"don to do queen's taste" as Undo
Zaek expressed it.
And indeed tho appropriateness of
Undo Zaok's remark bcoama themoro
apparent to me, when I beheld tho rel
ish with whioh our littlo band of
travelers were soon partaking; and
more especially so when I rested
my eyes upon tho queenly form of the
young lady, who sat opposito mo, and
who was full of vivacious wit and hu
mor such ai I had not thought it pos
sible for her to indulge
Mr. Stewart, too, seemed to enjoy
the meal, and the conversation as well.
Diok was in a happy vein, and,
with an occasional order given Unole
Zaok in an undor tone, kept that
worthy gentleman on tho fly for more
of this and that and the other for our
little party, all to the supreme delight
ot Unole Zuck, who was showing off to
an advantage, but seldom equaled and
never surpassed.
Unole Zick, of courso had not heard
tho story of our nom de plumes under
which we tailed when at Sidney before
and to our amusement called us as.tie
had then doue Mars. Archie and Mars,
Joseph. This wo explained to Mr.
Stewart and Mary after we had left
tho dining teom and retired to the
parlor, where we spent tho evening
moat enjuyably.
During tho evening, and whilo we
were listening to Mary's swoet voico as
she sang a popular Bong with an ao
ceinpanimcnton tho piano, and while
I was deeply absorbed, tho door
oponed all of a sudden, and who
should my ojes behold, but tho llev.
Doctor Somorvillo, as ho camo partly
into the room, hesitated, and aotod as
though alternating between doubt and
fear? And was it very remarkable
that the dear, good man should bo in
a state of doubt and fear, remembering
as ho did the choking I gavo him at
tho depot in Cincinnati, and the way
I had turned him ovor to tho polieo pi
a dangerous lunatic?
I sprang to my feet and rushod into
the Doctor s armp, ana with all my
heart asked his forgiveness. I told
him Jiow I had to tin ploy the de
ceptive exploit in order to kcop out of
state's prison,
The good loul forgave me without
nlmJt .'V.. ..lil.
tho least lcscrvr, and went fo far as to
rcliito his own experience and the
trouble ho had in proving his sanity
bifoto the board tho fallowing day.
Tho dear, forgiyiug old Dootor went
so far as trf chuckle to himself as he
narrated his experience in that behalf.
After this bit ot pleasantry, and on
his becoming conscious of tho prcsenco
of Mr, Stewart nnd Mary, and after I
had introduced them to the Doctor, ho
turned to mo and laid: ''Where is
that boy with whom I found jou play
ing marbles tho morning of my call
at your father's houso, William?
I do believe the good man would
havo gono to the full extent of my
string of Christian names had I not
startled him by exclaiming: "Whero
has Diok gono to? When. did he
leave tho room? But, remembering
all at once that Dick had other ties
than those of our little party, and that
he had no doubt gone to call on Naomi,
I felt no alarm at his absence.
So the Doctor and Mr. Stewart wcro
soon conversing pleasantlj, while
Mary and 1, talking in a rather con
fidential tone, passed away tho hours
until the great old elookon the mantle
tolled out the hour of midnight.
Tho landlady now showed Mary to
her room for tho night, and Uncle
Zaek performed a like service for Mr.
The Doctor and I sat for more than
an heur still talking over the every
day happenings of life. I gave him
a history of tho trials which I had had
all on account of the duel, He lis
tened intently gazing at tho burning
faggots in the great fire place during
my recital, and when 1 was done,
turned to mo and said: "Now William
I must give you a leaf out of tho
book of my life. Once I was as young
and light hearted as you were the
morning I turned away from your
lather's gato feeling keenly the effects
of your playfelfow's rudo speech, and
might Lavo gone through life light
hearted and free had it not been that
I, when about eighteen years of age,
adopted tho doctorincs of tho calvinists
and soon became an advocate of tint
faith, I, of course, was honest in my
convictions, and, feeling young and
zealous, soon became rather famous
as an expounder of that doctrine.
I tried hard to believe that what
God had ordained, musttako phco no
matter how hard poor mortals fought
against tho calamity whatever that
might bo. I believed that some were
predestined to co to Heaven, whilo
others were just as suro of perdition.
I used tcr look at littlo
children and w under whs among
their number were intonded
for the kingdom of gbry and who
of their number sealed with the Bcal
of God's great condemnation.
And, will you believe me? I held
on to this doctrine up to the moment
when you praoticed thodoception up
on mo at Cincinnati. But as I was
being tried next day as to my sanity,
I began to doubt whother or not I was
really sane. I said to myself: "Can a
man bo sano who holds to such a dog
ma as tho ono I hayo been teaching?
I sat quietly as though a mere specta
tor whilo tho examination proceed
ed little eating as to tho result. But,
after a short .consultation by tho board
I was set at liberty ai bho being sane.
But from that day until now I havo
had no faith in suoh a blasphemous
dootrino, and do bless, the day when
you, to save yourself from going be
hind prison bare, shut off my respira
tion and thereby set mo to thinking.
I am now no lougor in tho servioo of
the church, but traveling as an
independent preacher and evangelist
And what ii moro I havo learned to
love littlo children, all of them alike,
and to enjoy their innoeent sports. At
Christmas times I distribute among
tho poor children in whatever town or
oity I may chanco to bo suoh toys and
other things as so muoh delight the
hourti of boys aud girls. Why, Dill,
only yesterday I joined some little fel
lows in a gatno of marbles. But it is
growing late, and ou need rest; so
good night, Dill, and may God's free
graco and love ever abide with you,"
Tho good man then arose, shojk mo
warmly by tho hand, and passed out
of tha room.
X sat for an another hour gaging at
tho djing ombcrs on the hearth, filled
with feelings such as I cannot des
cribe, Just then Diok camo in all
aglow with lovo's sweetest impulse
throbbing in his every pulse. Wo
soon retired, and as 1 fell asleep I was
whispering words of prayer and praiso
to Hi in who wills that all men every
where may be saved,
(To be continued,)
jiL ,1
Mrs. 8. A. Morrow
Doud's, Iowa.
Like All Other Hood Diseases, Are
Cured by Hood's Sarsaparllla.
" I havo been a sufferer (or several years w 1th
hives, and havo tried rrrrrihlnfj cauld
hear f , trom f rlendi, or onlerod by physicians,
but nothing cured. In fact, I
Seemed to bo Getting Worse
Finally I read about hlvci being cured b)
Hood') BariAtiarlUa, nnd decided to try thin
medicine, llcioro halt nboitlowas uono I wM
almost cured, bud now, bolug on tho second bof
tie, a tatlrclr cured and Uiko groat pleas
ure In recommendlnc Hood' Sarraparllln to nil
who miter Irom till ilHtrojiliiK uflllelloiL
Hood's Karsaparllla liai nho helped mo In
many other wayi. It U n good medicine."
Mrs. S. a. Moiikow, Doud'n, Iowa.
Hood's Pills euro nil I.lvcr Ills, ltlllous
nou, Jaundice, IndlgciUou, Kick Headache.
On Tuesday evening of last week
an educational meeting was held at
tho school houso in Dist. No. 8.1
Thcro was a fair attendance A few
questions wcro found in the query-box
and discussed.
There arc now eighty school d'st
ricts in this county. A new ono wan
formed a short timo ago cast of Hose
moot. Tho number of tho new dist.
net is &i. mo omcers ot the new
district aro Director, l A. Fnwcctt;
Modorator, Win, J. Wright; Treasure!
Jos. Wcnzingcr.
On Saturday December 2, 1893 at
11 o'clock a. m., a teachers' mcclini;
will bo held at Inavalc,
gram is as follows:
Opening excrsises.
1. Lifo of Frederick tho Great,
H.Maudo Orchard.
Discussion Emily L. Robinson
and Genio Kershncr.
2. Glass Drill in Primary Read
ing Lulu C. Harbor. Discussion
Maggie Granoy and M. Katie Noble.
3. How To Teach Spelling Jas.
M. Scoles. Discussion J, 13. Burns'
and Edith Davis,
4, What Should tho Publio School
de for the Children? N. L. D.
Smith. Discussion Sarah L. Fisher
and Mamio Noblo.
5, Goncral'Discussion of Questions
from tho Query Box. Adjournment.
Let us havo a good meeting by bo
ing present and taking part in tho
discussion of every subject.
Wednesday preceding Thanksgiving
Day, if no school is held on Novotn
ber 30th, every school should hare
some epcoial exoroiscs suitable for tho
Dr. Riao "tho expert", tho profess
ional weaknois of tho Amorioan
tcaoher ia the greatest soro spot in
tho American schools.
Pros. David Starr Jordon, Stanford
University: Tho wholo of a man's lilc
is spent in his own company, and no
one but an educated man can bo good
company to himsolf.
New England Journal of Education:
Think of yourself in your pupils
placo, and say to yourself honestly
how you would liko to bo there,
A good janitor is next to a good
teacher, from November to April.
Tho haid times havo not kept as.
piring students out of college. There
aro not only as many as last year, but
tho increase is beyond tho national
ratio, Education is in tho air.
I.ii jric.
During tho provnlonoo ot tho Grippe
tho past doanon it wnn a notloonblo fact
that those who depended npen Dr. Kln'n
Now Dleoovery, not only had n spoedy re.
covery, but CBoapod all of tho troublaome
after effects of tho iralady, This remedy
6661118 to havo a peculiar power in effect
ing rapid oures not only in caiea of La
Grippe, but in ell DIaeaiei ot Throat,
C nnd I.uuge, und has curod caaci of
Aithma nnd Eny Fovor of long standing.
Try it mid bo convinced. It won't dis
appoint. Frto Trial Uuttlea at 0. h, (Jot
ting's fJrtrgitora,
" Because
it is
AiiMvcr to
Will be immense this year for we have a
lot of them and we bought them right and
can sell them Cheaper than ever before.
A 26 inch doll with hair and glass eyes,
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A 17 inch doll, hair stuffed, stockings
and shoes, bisc head, hair, and glass
eyes for 50c
A fine dressed doll 18 inch long for 60c
Fine kid body dolls with bisc head, lass
eyes and human hair for 25c
Beautiful china dolls, dressed, for 5cts.
These are only a few of the Doll Bargains.
Next week wc will tell you something
about our books and other goods.
This may look tunny to you, but then Xmas is
coming, Taylor has the goods, and what
would be nicer for a present than a
J. L. Minimi,
Huun MlNKlt,
Aast. Ciushiur.
People's BariK of red CloUd,
Red Cloud, Nebraska,
Transact a General Banking Business,
Special attention given to Collections.
Banking Oflioo in
Ah Furnlilicd by Our County
Now is tho timo that stewed rabbits
aro ripo.
Tho farmers aro about winding up
picking corn, with fair crops for a dry
Mr. and Mrs. Elliot dined with Mr.
D. II, Larrick's last Sunday.
Nebraska can grow a crop of corn
with less rain than any state in tho
Mr. D. II, Larriok is putting down a
Tho protracted mooting at Gather
ton is still in progress with consider
ablo interest.
Mr. Wm. Mathcny has completed
his new dwelling.
The now schooMioueo in District 38
is nearly complctod, and will bo tho
most substantial houso in the country.
Old Boors.
Ntrcnulliaiitl Health.
If you are not feeling strong and healthy,
try Eleotrio Uitters, If, "La Grippe" has
loft you weak aud weary, uro Eleotrio lilt
tora. This remedy acts dlreotlyouLlver,
Stomach and Kidntyp, gently aiding thoao
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Ootting'd Drugstore.
II Mill.
Too Frcezo is on tho sik list.
C. Kelly was on the erock Sunday.
J. B. Wisooarver and W. A. Akers,
are hauling hay to Blue Hill,
Ilobort Rounds and family wcro
among us Monday,
Miss L'ly Holmes was visiting-with
friends hero Sunday,
Born To Mr, and Mil. Otto Gen-
Constantly Growing."
- Furniture
W. A. Sherwood,
Miner Bros Store.
en on Friday last, a boy of the ami
U. F. Cather baa ereotad otw
pair of scales on his farm.
T. Anderson was shelling corn for
Ely Sorgcnson Tueseay.
Henry Lambrieoht has built t acw
S. S. Lindsey and family wero tall-,
ing in Itiverton Sunday.
Soveral of tho young people attend
cd tho revival mooting at CathertM
last Sunday night.
Little Lord FaiMtlorof
Was a beau'.ifal child but he bad on draw
back, h's fact was aovered with pimptti.
Mis grandfather booght a bottle of Hal
lur'a Sarsaparllla and waa ao pleased at
its results that he took 4 bottles himself
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Doyo & Grice.
Our Shoo Stock
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bIiocb ot ub and got your money's worth
Chun. Wienor.
iver been
tr; Mwj4t'.niiidi1