The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 20, 1893, Image 1

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All Home Print.
Publliticd Weekly.
Subscription, 91 Per Annum,
Invariably In Advance
K not paid In niUancc, nftor this date March
18, UtW, tlio price will bo St.!i5.
Entered at tho l'ost Ofllce In Itod Cloud, Nob.,
as mall tnatterof the second class
Pro!, cards, 1 Inch or lesi per year fo 00
Hlx months :
Threo months 2 oo
I'cr Inch ono car ft no
l'cr luth fix months i no
i'erinch tlirco months '' U
Kpcclal ni'tlcrs per lino or line itpacc, hrst
piiMlrutloii 5 ccntfl.
Transient specials, payablo Invariably In ad
vance, per line in cents.
All icimIIiii: notice. In the nature of advertise
ments or pulls, 5 rents pur line.
Legal nutlets ntlcL-nl intos, l: fornsiuaro
iten lines ol Nonpareil or less,) llrst publication
l.oo; (or each subsequent publication, ixsr
square, 10 cents.
o "preferred position" contracts mndo.
All mntter to insuio publication must be re
ccled at this olllro not lator tliuii Wednesday.
Advertisements cannot bo onlcred out (or
the current week later tlian Thursday.
II. c M. R, K. Time Tabic.
Taking cITcct Auc. 13.
Tralnscarrjlm; p.mseiiKers date lted Cloud as
No. 112 rasscnger to Hasting 3.00 p.m.
No. 141 Passenger from Hastings 11.03 a. m.
No. 1C, rassencertoSt. Joseph St.
Lo uls and Chlcaus dally lt:0 a. ,
No. IB PassenRrs for Denver, dally. l;lp. m
niu.s. EMiau,
Kid Cloud, - - Nemiaska.
Cr Taylor' Furolinre Store.
Kxtracts teeth wlthsut pain.
'ran t and bridge work a specialty.
I'd i-ci.'Ja lain, and all kinds of Bold n)lliif;s.
Maters JCid and rubbar plates aud combination
All werk ruarantefd to be first-class.
UomoBitpattilc I'liyatclan,
Red Cloud, - XcbriiMtH.
Ofllce opposite First National Dank.
U. ((.Examining hurucon.
Obionle diseases treated Iit mall.
Red Cloud, Nebraska.
Will lttend sales at reasonable figures. Satis
faction guan.'-itiod.
Insurance Agent,
I do a strictly furm insurance and invito
asd invita all to boo me.
Moon Block, RED CLOUD, NEB.
Collections promptly attended to.
f 0, CASE,
Moon Block, w RED CLOUD, NEB.
Collections promptly attended to, and
correspondence solicited.
Altarnev at Law.
Red Cloud, Ncbraakn.
Office Up stairs, in Moon Block,
over Fair Store.
Real Entitle, luturiuice
and Collecting Agent,
Moon Block, - Red Cloud, Ned
Kotury Public.
Tonsorlal Artist,
4th Aykhue, - Rkd Cloud, Nbbbabxa.
First-class barbers and tlrat-oluss work
guaranteed Olyomeitcnll
runnlonuble Ilurbcr,
Red Cloud, - Nebraska.
I give my personal ottontion to my
patrons. First-class shaving and hair
cutting a Bpsclalty.
Red Cloud. Nebraska.
Conveyancer, Real Estate, Loan
Iiuuruiiceuiid Pension Agent.
I especially Invite you to call on me for
anything in my line, Loans made on
farm property nt lowest ratos.
Insurance Agency,
Herman lnsuranco Co , Freeport, 111.
Itoyal insuiatioii Co., I.lvi rprnd, itnuland.
Home Fire IiiMiranra Co., of Omaha, Nebr.
l'liojnlx Assunuicu Co. (f London. Liik.
tlerman Insurance Co. ol Uiiluoy, lit.
lnardlan Assiirenrn:o.,ot Ifliidnn, htiR.
llurllnuton Insurance ( o. of llurllnvtou, Iowa.
Iltltlih Atnerlct Assiirnuoe Co. 'loronto, Can.
Ofllco over 1'outolllce.
RroDLbOD, - Nebrabka
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PM' '" ''""jf
. 'I-
Neb., Friday, October
wi:atiii:ii rORUCAOTS
riirnialicd Kxnressly Tor Tlic
Chief for Webatcr County
Copjrluhted bj T. T. Foster. 1
St. JasKiui, Mo., Ootobor 20. My
last bulletin, avo . forecast! of the
storm wavo to cross tho continent
from October 19th t 22 J, and tho
next will reach tho Pacific coast about
tho 211 J, cross tho western mountains
about the 24th, tho great central val
lojs from 25th to 27th, and tbo cast
crn states about tho 28lh.
Tho Grst storm wave of Norcmbcr
will reach the pacific coast about Octo
ber 20th, across tho western mountains
bj close of the iJOtb, the great central
valley from Oetobor Ulst to November
2nd, and tho eastern slates about
November ilrd.
Warm waves will cross tho western
mountains nbout October 23rd aud
20lb. thc?'grentcciitral valley about
20th and Illst, nnd eastern states about
the 27th and November 2d.
Cool waves will cross tho western
mountains about October 26th and
Novtmbcr 1st, the 'great central val
leys Ootobcr 28th and November 3rd,
and the eastern, statas Ootobor 30th
and November ftth.
Temperature will probably avcingc
abovo tho usual fur tho season, rain
fall a. little abovo the avcraga, and
forco of storms a little below the aver
At tho World's Fair Astronomical
congrcs, Piof. E. R. Von Oppolzer
read a paper, afterwards published in
Astronomy and Astro Physics, from
which the following paragraphs are
"Withjcfcnnco'to tho constitution
of sun spots our notions aro all clear.
After tho experiments of Young and
Duncr, there can be no doubt that sun
spots are gaseous and of tho same
chemical structuic as tho atmosphere
in which they float, From Kirchefl's
law, also, it follows that these spots are
simply cooled regions in the solar at
Tho existence of storms in the
neighborhood of spots his boed shown
by the spectroscopo, and wo havo, in
deed, no ground left for considering
spots tny thing bit metcrological phe
nomena. Tho explanation of tkcio phenom
ena must be clearly grasped in terms
'of metcrology before wo pass to other
explanations. To look in tho direc
tion of electrical effects, as Schuster
has lately done, appears especially
It is simply a question of solar mot
erology, but here one is treading on
dangerous ground, for as regards the
motcrology of our own atmosphero we
are not agreed as to tho fundamental
prinoiplrs, as witness tho dlioussion
belwcon the adherents on the ono hand
of tho conveotion theory, and on the
othor of tho dynamical theory. This
in spite of tho tremendous accumu
lation of observations,
These statements coming from an
orthodox scientist who is a littlo in
advauoo of his elatm' aro of gnat im
portance to the weather question.
Therein Prof, Von Oppolzer shows
that tho way of progress is blockaded
by a division among motcrologistn as
to tho cause of weather changes, Ono
class holds to tho thoory of a mechani
cal univcrso whieh ho calls tho con
vection theory. It belongs to tho
nebular idea whioh supposos the uni
verse to bo like a clock, wound up by
tho omnipotent hand, axd when it
runs down all things will go into chaos
and death, Following up this idea
these pooplo hold that tho sun is hot
body, radiating its heat into spaco,
"jJiSw"""1""1 -"r.k. JJ - . ii 1 1
the Price of The Chief.
20, 1893.
aud when itgots eold it will ba dead,
and that our earth, being without
light, will die.
These mctorologists, including our
national weather buroau, hold that
this radiated hoat from our sun warms
our earth, and is the cause of all
weather changes ia our atmssphere.
That is the mechanical or convection
Opposed to that thoory is the dy
namical, which takes oleotrieitj and
magnetism ns tho motivs powers of
the universe, and tho forecs that bring
all our weather changes, make light,
and warm the earth. Of course I ad
vocate the latter, dynamical, theory
and believo that tho weather buroau
of tho United States must experience
a rovolution before it can Buccced.
The difference botweon these theories
ii fully as great as aro the differences
bctweon tho fundamental principles
of political parties.
Tho important point nude by Prof.
Von Oppolzer is, that sun spots are
sun storms, aud aro governed by the
name laws that govern earth storms.
He sees tho grost advantaite ,that
would coma to ub in understanding
sun spots and earth weather changes,
if soiontiflts could agroo ss to the fun
damental laws of nature
At the bottom of jail these difficulties,
lies tho ono Bmpa issue: Wero
the earth and sun ovolved from a com
mon burning mass, or did thoy grow
separately by tho accumulations of
Tho former idea came to us from
tho dark ages, and orthodox scientists
aro throwing nil their energies
athwart tho path of progress by adher
ing to that pagan idea.
Prof. Von Oppolzer refers to Prof.
Schuster, another who is in advanco of
hin'class, and says that tlio latter'
investigations in the direction of
electrical effects is very promising.
Tho people who aro expending $800
OOOJin support of tho woalhor bureau
will bo glad to know that there is some
thing in reach that might promise
them a return for their monoy, but
when they understand that tho inves
tigations of the only member of weath
er bureau who is making this elotri
osl theory a specialty Prof. Frank 11.
Bigelow is to bo discontinued, per
haps Secretary Morton and Cbitf ef
tho Weather IJurcati Harrington may
hear of a few gentle protests.
The people wtll not continuo to lib
erally support the naiienal weather
barcau unless it abandons its doath
and decay ideas of a mechanical
universe, aud tak up the later and
ltfo 'porpctuating electrical theory,
therefore Prof. Bigelow, the only ad-
vocato of the latter theory to bo found
about tho Woshingtun weather bureau
headquarters should be retained, and
his txpensc allowances increased.
Our peoplo want live men and live
theories, that premise something to
agriculture, and the extract from Prof.
Von Oppolzer's paper indicates that
tho fifteen and more years doyoted to
tho electrical thoory by Prof. Ticc.
Blako, Mansill, Hioks and the author
of theso bulletins, has not been with
out good results."
There is in soils an average of 50
por cent of empty Bpaco. The clny
soils havo the smallest grains, and
thorcforo holds tho greatest amount of
water. Water passes very slowly
through clay roilp, and in them tlio
moisturo ofttn evaporates miro rapid
ly than capillary attraction will briug
moisture ftom below.
Tho number of grains in a given
mcasuro determines, to, a great extent,
the qualities ot the soils, and in this
tho giam is 'urcd as a measure, A
box two 'flfihs of mi inch square and
deep will hold a gram. In a gram of
Vol.21. No. 13 -1
'v mwvmsM m ra
A cream of tartar baking powder.
Highest of all in leavening strength
Latest United States Government
Food Report.
Royal Raking Powder C.
100 Wall St., If. Y.
sand there aro of very Ine sand ta
many 'as 50,000 grains, while in '
gram of clay there are about 22,000
000,000 grains. Tho sixe of these
has muoh to do with the produotisre
qualities of tho soils, bccauio thepew
or of soil to retain moisture isjregulat
cd by the sizo of the grains in the
Light soils, containing ant mere
than 7 por ecnt of olay, are used for
early crops. Wheat lands contain
from 1G to 35 per cent of olay, eern
lends moro lime than olay. Not be
causo the substance of nny of Iheee
soils go into theso vegetables, but ba
cause they best rcgulato the molstnre
about tho roots thai furnish a oonduit
for tho electrical foroos whioh ninst
pass from tho atmosphere, and there
fore the oleotrical currents mast be of
the proper force.
Some) Information Aboat the
Rcudlng Rooki.
The board of directors, consisting
or L, P. Albright, Supt, Castor, L, H.
Fort, Ed. Ovoring and H. C. Probaice
met last Saturday night. On motion
it was agreed to rent tho two soutn
ground-floor rooms in the marble
works building for ono month. 118
por month had already been pledged,
and as this will more than meet the
running expenses, all that was needed
was the equipment, L, H. Fort was
appointed committee on 4 furniture.;
Supt, Castor, on literature; Ed. Over
ing, on phyaieal culture We need
two stoves; e'ght or ten tables, desks,
or stands; a book case; about twt
doion psper files and two or three
file racks; five or six lamps; three er
four hat and coat racks; twelve or
fifteen chairs; some carpet, matting,
and rugs; and somo pictures and mot
tos. Wo want all tho good daily,
weekly, and monthly papers that we
can have regularly; some standard
magazines liko "Tho Forum," "The
lleviow of Reviews," '-Atlantic blenlh-
ly," Wido Awake," "St. Nieholas,"
etc.; and all the good books that can
possibly be loaned, including history,
travels, biography, pootry, philosophy
and standard fielion, Wo call upon
tho citizens of Red Cloud who have
ono or more of the foregoing artiolos,
to help on this work by donating it,
or them, to the Reading Room if yew
do not need them in your homes. A
strict account tf everything thus do
nated will be kept and the articles
will bo returned when no longer need
cd. Donors aro requested to mark in
somo way everything they give so that
no mistako need be made. Please
speak to some member of the board if
you can do anything to help us.
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a, V
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