The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 15, 1893, Image 8

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' IN 'bonanza days.
Whta 1'aelflo Unpn Mlna nuptrlntendentl
ot nij ry.
Times liave clianircd on Iho western
ftlnpo of tho Itncky mountains nlnco
the tlay when 1'hlllp Dlileslielmcr, thon
superintendent nit tho Ophlr initio,
bought n scalftUIn overcoat ami paid
81,000 for it. Financial ilarltncns Jian
nettled oo tho region whoro at ond
tlmo men holding positions Minllnr to
thoononnmed drcwull tho wiry from
81,000 to 83,000 salary per month. Thou
nobody was mora prosperous than tho
men who dug gold and tdlvcr from the
ground In Nevada, but now tho sum
mit of Mount Davldum In occupied by
tho lean spirit of economy. Salaries
must bo slashed and all other expenses
reduced, says tho San Francisco Call.
When Mr. IMdcshclmcr was bossing
operations at Virginia City ho was paid
from fl,600 to 43,000 a month for his
services, and ho, like, tho other super
intendents, could afford to upend lav
ishly. One of the first superintendents,
Mr. Palmer, who had chargo of Ophlr,
had an annual salary of 825,000
for several years, and nono of
them received less than 81,000 a
month. The other day the salary
of Superintendent Keating, of tho
Kavage mine, who Is one of the oldest
and most experienced raining men on
the coast, was out down from 8400 to
800 a mouth, and the other superin
tendents will naturally havo to coma
to the same terms. William If. Pat ton,
who was superintendent of Consoli
dated Virginia and a few other mines,
received altogether from 81,980 to 81,
600 a nronth for years. Charles Strong,
of the Mould & Curry; Hank Smith, of
the Belcher; Mr. Osblston, who was
employed by tho Gould A; Curry, and
other men long enjoocd a salary of
813,000 a rear. When the big Gould A
Curry mill was built the company gave
Mr. Strong a present of 810,000 as an
extra mark of appreciation for his
services as superintendent.
That mill was another example of
the free manner In whloh cash was dis
bursed when the glory of the mines
was at its height. Over eighty mills
were running around Virginia City at
that time the year 1803 and when
they first began the charge they made
.was 880 a ton. There was a sudden
drop to 81S a ton before long, and then
gradually the price came down 81 a ton
at a time until the present rate of SO a
ton (87 a ton in some mills) was reached.
jEven this rate is deemed too high now
on account of tho depressed condition
of the mines, and the mlno managers
say mai it must be reduced.
.BsrrlM. reaches and Grapes Injured by
the naTages of Uni.
' Nectar In flowors is not honey, 6ays
writer in Median's Monthly. This
nectar is gathered by the tongue of the
jbee and enters what la called tho
iboneyborr, from which it is rogurgl
Stated by tho beo on its return to tho
hive and deposited In tho houey cell.
Even then It Is thin and watery, aud
j docs not become really houey until tho
watery parts havo evaporated. In col
lecting tho MvcctB tho bees do not con
(flnc themselves wholly to tho flowers.
The writer of this paragraph has for
a next neighbor a professional bee
keeper, whoso bees depend ulmost
wholly on tho llowcrs from tho writer's
garden that Is to say, there aro few
other flowers, except wild ones, on
which tho bees cuu collect their ma
terial. Unfortunately for him tlloy
are not satisfied with tho flower, but
also carry away tho fruit. It la ul
most impossible In raspberry tlmo to
get enough from his garden to tualco a
respectable dish for tho tea table; near
ly every berry la bucked to pieces bo
fore it lo absolutely ripe. It is tho
tamo with tho grapes. In order to tsc
iouro them from tho ravages of the bees
they havo to bo protected by paper
, JJjaP- I-aat, season, and for the llrst
It'lmj; they havUd to "
uway pcauiics also
s also. -
llrst penetrate thfe" ?
L it may possibly havo be
How they llrst
not clear, but
from tho puncture of thccurculio. Tho
curcuuo irequcnuy cuts the skin with
out depositing the esc, and this single
break may be borne along without in
jury to tho peach, permitting it to
ripen. It is possible that they get a
first entrance here. At uny rate, cer
tain it is that boforo tho peach is fairly
ripollttlo is left of tho peach but tho
stone. Other fruit growers likowiso
H complain of tho ravage.-! of the bees,
lleo keepers contend that this cannot
bo; that tho bco is Incapable of per
forating tho fruit. This umyonnuy
not bo; certainly what perforations
might exist before tho bees discovered
them would not injure the fruit. Tho
following up of this by tho bees Is jiiht
aabad as if thoy mado tho original
perforations for themselves.
Inteltlcaace of Bird.
It is certain that all creatures on tho
desert show remarkable intelligence,
and bow they acquire their informa
tion is decidedly u puzzle. Suppon?,
for example, alfalfa seed is sown. Tho
placa may not havo a bird about tho
jday before the seed is-put in, but next
,day a cloud of them will descend upon
'the spot and faithfully cat every seed.
They do their work thoroughly and
with praiseworthy industry. Poisoned
i wheat will chock tho entire removal of
the seed, but the sparrow is never dc
itcrred by death, though there are soma
(who affirm a few dead sparrows will
havo a chastening influence upon tho
Itcllcloa Impostors.
Not fewer than four false Christs aro
mentioned asltavlng uppearcd between
itho years 1014 und 10S3, alnong them
Sabbathla Zobi, the greatest of all the
imany Jewish pretenders. Zebl mndo
a great nolso in the religious world,
imposing himself upon tho Jews as
"king of tho kings of the earth." Ho
, finally tried his hand at cpnvertln&tko
orient and was only baved from being
pierced by poisonous arrows by em
bracing Islamlsin and agreeing to la
bor for that faith. Of tho other three
ono was Mordccal, a German Jew; tho
names of tho others uro not given in
The Hook Agent round ThU Out at tli
Cost of n j'lartrr.
Tho man was n book ngent, says the
Ilostou .Inurjinl. There was no uro in
denying that. Any person In his right
mind would lmvo known that lie was a
book tigejit. Ills trousers wero frayed
out at the bottom, his hat was knocked
in ut tho (op, nnd his general appear
nncc Mivorrd of many miles walked and
fow slickelH gathered.
I In ambled along tho deserted street
n few rods and then stopped undecided
ly before tho gato of a yard which sur
rounded a small cottage house. Ho
was weighing in his mind tho pro
bability of a salo. llcforo ho conclued
to enter tho yard n savngc-looklng
hound put in an appearance on the
insldo of the feuco and mado efforts to
reach tho book agent's trousers
through tho palings. Not succeeding
in this diversion, tho dog sat down to
await tho time when tho man should
open the gate to enter the yard.
Tho book agent had mado up his
mind that ho could hell an "Autobio
graphy" If ho could but reach tho front
stops of the house. Hut the dog wns
determined that the agent should not
reach tho front steps under any condi
tion. "Good doggy" and "nice fellow"
failed to make tho least impression on
tho canlno. Ifo only howled defiantly
on IiIh side of the fence. His howls
brought a man from around the corner
of tho next house. He was an exceed
ingly lean and hungry appearing man.
Ho took In the hltuatlon at a glanco
nnd catno over to where tho book
agent was vainly endeavoring to con
ciliate tho dog. Ho thrust both his
hands deep Into his empty pockets and
drawled out:
"For a quarter I'll call oft the dorg."
Tho book man must havo thought
that the chances of a salo at that par
ticular houso were extra good, for ho
drew out tho fourth part of.a dollar
and handed It to tho stranger. That
Individual carefully bounded it n his
tooth, and, being convinced of its
genuineness, ho dropped It Into his
capacious pocket.
Then, drawing his slouch hat down
over his eyes and turning up his coat
collar, he assumed a highly dramatic
attitude and In stentorian tones lilsied
forth: "TJge, Tlge, I soyl Thou cow
ard and thou brute, know'st thou that
thy master lies captive In yonder wood
nnd dost thou linger here? Begone!
Uegon-n-u-c, I sayt"
The dog glanced up with a half
curious look, and then turned shame
facedly away, and putting his noso to
the ground ho slunk quickly from
"Ycr 6cc, pardncr," exclaimed tho
hungry-looking man, "that dog an' I
use tcr play In high tragedy, an' ho
an't forgot his cuo yet. An', by the
way, I don't believe ycr'll bell a book
in that house, cuz the folks has gone
off to-day on a family picnic. They
left the dog to look out for the house.
Hot weather, an't it? So long."
A Daadly Tree.
The cannibal tree of Australia grows
in tho form of a gigantic pineapple,
seldom reaching a height exceeding
ten or twelve feet Its height, how
ever, Is not a criterion to its diameter,
us the reader will imagine when told
that ouo eight feet in height may bo
ilvo feet through at tho base. Tho
"leaves" rcbcaiblo broad planks and
are frequently fifteen feet long, twen
ty inches broad und ono and a half feet
thick at tho base. These board-llko
leaves all put out at the top and hang
down bo as to form a bort of umbrella
around the stem. I'pou tho apex of
tho cono arouml which these leaves
concentrate aro two concavo figures,
rcbembling dinner plates, ono above
tho other. These aro constantly filled
with an intoxicating honey. A bird
may light upon tho edge of theso or a
man or an animal may walk up tho
leaves to Indulge In stolen sweets; but
death is tho penalty for such rashness.
Tho Instant tho honey receptacles uro
touched the leaves close like a trap and
squeeze the life out of the meddler.
'Jftejr awhllo tho leaves will relax their
vfso.Hko?1 lho horr'11 tcnacleswlll
slowly uiifoldVj"'luro htts set her
trap for another vlctuk- j, -
Troultlrsome Xclcliuors. "
Tho wild Cossacks, livlngawaydown
in the southernmost part of tho Kussinn
empire spend most of their tlmo har
assing tho Turks. They are peculiarly
savage in appearance Their uniform
Is the Cossack coat, full trousers, scar
let undercoat hooked up to the neck,
big boots, and as nn overcoat thoy
wear u bourka, a circular cloak mado
of coarse felt with long, shaggy hair
on ono bldo of it. This cloak Is big
enough to cover the rider nnd much of
the horse. Tho most distinctive point
in their dress, however, Is the eylin
drical hat of black astrakan which
they wear at all seasons. Tho top Is
of cloth or velvet They form part of
the Russian cavalry and live principal
ly on plunder, stealing during their
raids into Turkey anything they cmi
find, from a chicken to a child.
People Who Ought to He Hmliumrrs.
Tho seemingly btrango suggestion is
mado and strongly pressed in Kngland
that tho men who man the navy bhould
be tuught how to hwlra. Ordinary
sailors are instructed and expected to
qualify In hwlmming, but the marines,
firemen and engineers ure not, and' It
Is a fact that a lurgo portion of tho lat
ter largo body of men who servo on
warships cannot swim. It Is bald that
many more men would havo been saved
from tlio Victoria but for this fact; also
that many bailors who were good bwlm
mors were undoubtedly dragged down
by tlio men who wero not. The mat
ter has been taken up in parliament,
aud It is probable timt swimming will
bo Insisted on as a part of the training
of every man serving aboard ship.
Hornet, as Taper Maker.
Tho hornet was tho first paper maker
and holds the origlual patent Tho
paper It makes Is about liko that of
tho newspaper, nearly as firm, and
mode of essentially the same material
woody libera scraped from old rulla
and boards.
An Interesting: Account of the YFy It Is
Done In Southern Frit nee.
While tho author of "Wanderings by
fioiithcrn Waters" was In tho south of
Franco ho engaged an old man to show
him how traffics wero gathered. At
tho appointed hour the man appeared
with n pig walking by his sldo an
ugly-looking beast, with nn nrohed
back nnd a long, turned up noso. It
was four years old, and In the languago
of tho place, was qulto "serious." As
a mark of distinction It wore a leather
collar. Tho threo hnnters tho two
man nnd the pig climbed tho rocky
sldo of n btecp gorge, and came out
upon a plateau. Here, under tho oak
trees, thoy were to find tho truffles,
which grow only near oaks or hazels.
At n sign from tho old man, tho pig
began sniffing about tho roots of a lit
tlo tree, and then proceeded to dig
with her nose, tossing up tho larger
stones as if tncy were feathers. She,
had btnelt a truflle, and the man seized
her by tho ear, for her manner was sus
picious. This was tho first tlmo they
had bojMi out together since tho last
scasonnnd tho pig had forgotten part
of hcrjeducation.
Sho manages to got n truffle Into her
mouth. Ho tugs nt her ear with ono
hand, and uses his stick upon her nose
with the other. The pig screams with
ungcr, but will not open her Jaws wide
enough to let him slip tho stick Inside
and hook out the truffle.
The prlzo Is swallowed, nnd tho old
man, forgetful of all decorum, calls his
assistant a pig, which In Franco Is al
ways an Insult. The game has opened
badly, although ono of tho parties con
cerned Is of a different opinion.
In a few minutes, however, a second
truffle is found, nnd this time tho old
man delivers a whack on the pig's nose
nt the right moment, and seizing tho
mushroom, hnnds It to me. Then ho
takes from his pocket an car of corn,
nnd picking off n few grains, gives
thorn to the pig by wnyof soothing her
injured leellngn nnil encouraging her
to go on with the hunt.
Wo move nbout In tho dry, open
wood, keeping always near lio trues,
nnd truffle after tnifflo Is turned up
from tho reddish light soil. Her for
gotten training soon comes back to tho
pig. At a more twitch of tho car she
retires at the right moment, and waits
for the corn which Is invnriably given
her In exchange for tho truffle.
llcforo we leave tho ground, Indeed,
she has got so well into tho work that
on finding a truffle sho does not at
tempt to seize It, but points to It, nnd
grunt3 for its equivalent in maize.
Hunters nntl Pallors Up to the Neck In
Illood aud Illubuer.
It was with tho produce of 6cals
that wo were destined to fill our ship,
nnd till February 17 wo were literally
up to tho neck In blood, saya a writer
lu the Popular Sclcnco Monthly. All
the sails aro stowed; the captain sits
lu the crow's nest from early morning
till latu ill the cvenlncr: thr Itvn .n.
glnccrs, relieving one another, take
chargo of the engines; tho cook or the
steward is on the lookout on the deck
or on the bridge; and tho dootor takes
me neim, unless no can manago to gc
away in tno noats, m which caso som
oilier noncombatant has to tnkn hi
place all tho rcbt are away after plun
Now a full boat Is making its way to
the ship. We btcam townrd her. As
we near tho engines are stopped and
he glides alongside. Tho cook or tho
ktewanl rushes from the lookout, the
doctor from tho wheel, ono working
tho btcam winch aud the other un
(.witching tho bktns, whllo tho boat's
crew swallow a hasty meal. Tho boat
being unloaded, thoy aro off again for
another fill. The greatest rivalry ex
ists between tho boats' crews, each en
deavoring to get the greatest load for
tho day.
Another boat is been approach
the 1" i't'u",J' uoring nwaywnero
.. uliea closolv Hacked: rnmuHi...
'"! berg and on to tho next untill we
reach the boat, which is down to the
gunwale In tlio water, with its crew
cautious, plying their oars us they Ho
crouched upon their bloody load.
Ho It goos on from day to day. Hay
ir. made while tho i.un bhlnes, nnd the
pile of skins and blubber rises high
upon the ship's deck. Then comes a
galo of wind, accompanied bv fair.
sleet and snow, and we lay to undor
tlio lee of a btrcam of lco or a berg,
Tho deck becomes busy with life, the
blubber Is "mado off" und put into the
tanks and the skins are salted. When
tho gale is over, at tho end of two or
threo days, tho next few days of calm
weather are again taken advantage of
in tho boatb. Thus the period of gales
and calms which altemato In this part
of tho world come In quite convenient
ly for sealing, the produce obtained In
tho calm weather belug "made off"
during tho gales. Wo never expe
rienced much swell, being (.bettered
by the land, our work lying only a lit
tle east of Erebus and Terror Gulf.
An Exaggerated Illrd.
The Impcrlul woodpecker Is an ex
aggeration of tho ordluurv red-headed
woodpecker. It Is nearly two feet
long, its plumago black nnd white,
with a gorgeous hcarlet crest, lta bill
white. It lives In Mexico and in tho
blerra Madro mountains. Theso birds
aro always found in pairs and aro do
stroyers of trees, as thoy devote their
entire anergics to ono tree for as long
as a fortnight, Injuring it so greatly
that tho tree dies. In Huropo and Asia
there Is a gray-headed woodpecker.
Iho largest European woodpecker Is
seventeen Inches long, black, with
scarlet crest. It Is called tho great
black woodpecker. Tho llttlo brown
woodpeekerof CVylon Is not llvo Inches
long. Tho white-headed woodpecker
is a wiso-looklng llttlo creature that
lives In tho plno woods of tho Pacific
coast. There aro soino two hundred
und fifty species of woodpeckers, and
thoy inhabit almost every tflTrt of tlio
Clolfc. . .
New Ileal 'Estate I'.riii,
Real Estate,
Loan and Insurance AgonlH.
Red Cloud, Nebraska.
Ofllco with D. P. Ti unkey, Moon Block
Wo havo located in Ked
Cloud and will be plea fed to
have people who desire to Hell
their farms to call and list
their lands with ub as we
have eastern buyers.
Call and see us.
D. B. Spanogle,
Real Estate
and Loan Agent
Red Cloud.
Notice ol Sale.
deo"sgedmaMcr l ,,UJ C,,iUe 0f Xt',s r"l80n
Noilco is liereliy ulven Hint In pursiiancooran
ordtTof 1'. II. Ileal, jutlKOof tliedlslrlctcoiirtof
.VifslScJ.ul,lNt'?,ilm,loon"1" ,5,h iyf
Jiily. 180-1. ror Hie talu of tnu real estate herein
arierowcrllicd, there will bo mild at the oast
tloor of tlio court house, at licit Cloud, Wrbstor
county. Ni;b., on tho .ltd day of, ism,
at I it Vloi-k ii. in . at pnlilic vendue to the lilcli'
est bidder, for e.wli: tho follow liiK described
real estate, to-wlt: 'flio w M. jskAi w I
-iter county. Neli. Hald wile will remain oi.on
ono hour, from I to a p. in, '
Administrator do bonus nou'of the estate ot
NpU I j III lent I ttartfmaiifl
lVUel,AlU:uUltUIl, 1803.
Unil I onico nt Illoninliigtnn. Nob., July 2.'.. ina3.
Notice is heroliy Klu-ii that tho imIIohIiii:.
? "?ir. 'cr.,m,5 """' lls liitenibf?,
. ....r.V ..." J '":!!.'" ""'i' rt in ins claim, an j
thf.f A.llfl liriin
I bn iiiiulii ti-foro the clcik ot
Hie district court.
Ne brnoldi.oii .Saturday. KniitriMiu.r .i
lWW;JrWWW .'... no Kititf;
III) ll.llmx ' 'nllOttlmg. wUiinAcw " JAiL
- -......,,,,-, . ( 1,1. ........ .....i .... ..... m.
oi uvXl ollvcr a':M M
Kl '!. UAiLRV.ltculstcr.
IVollt-i- i1.... III. I. II... ....
N ilwu' '""'"'""HI"". Nflir.. Aiu. Ii. 1S01
iiiiii ii-di. in. iT'1,Y,.,?l,w'" .,,mt fll"wln
iko nn 'l1';"! I1,,',, ,-"l "f ''' U'tomloii to
i at ;. ii,.1 mi !i ! ,sl,l'l'"rt ol his claim, nnd
t o llsir !, "lv."'. "w,l ,,l'fo'u "" ' 'f
Neb. ,'H 1Wi-list;ri-ouiity.atlteilcioiia wu1' I'Ji'inber lit, I80J. !.:
the "cm J;.JW.v.v;'r " -MM'- No. I2IS7. for
Ills eoiil Ii mm.' 1".llllttK ltlll's-UH to piOVO
I u!''.?:1'''!1," "i"'!1 '"' "'iiivliti'in
v.,:o,r.VlN&,N.uuoN,l, ctaren "
O. 0. IUilkv, llCRlster.
Notice Tor I'ubllcution.
I.niid onice ut lllwinlliijlou, N'cb.,Aiii. '.'I, 1R0J.
Nolleo Is hiTi-IJ Klyen that iho followllnj
iianii'd settler Im-Jlled notice of bis Intention
to iiiitkn Mnat .hh4 i In support ot his claim, and
I lint wild proof wllbe mmlo beforo tho clerk i.r
thoUlstrlc;tcnurt.WebstorCo..tit Itert Cloud,
No".. oh .Monday, il'tober ti, ItftUvIzi Itlchanl
I. I'mne, lid, ApnllW). liiu.for the ',i uvH
ainle'J se.'i. sec34)i.lii, K ISwCth p. m.
, lie names tho IoiwIiik wltuenses to prove
discontinuous re.slfruco upon and cultivation
or, said land. vU: .Mm O. Wilson, Albert N
Ufinn. CIhiv ni'n II. wlUmi .l!iiuiu A Liia.n
all of Otto, Neb. I '
,i. ti.liAll.KY, IteBister,
In Ilia lislrlct Cuutt ! Webstor County, state
ot Ndiraska.
Tannic WeliicrK, l'latttllt.
Solomon Mamllel nun J Adeline Mandlcbauni,
and HcKUia Wclil.erK, dofendants.
Heglna Weinberg, ilulidant, w III tako notlui .
Timt on tb 8th day il .Miuiist, A. I)., mil,
K.ilinlo Weluheri.', plallllll herein, llleil lnio
pellllin In tho it.Mtrlet out ot Webster county,
Nflil.lka, iic'iitiBt said dlo.iilauts. mid the ob
ject and prajtr of whir (am to forocloso two
certain luorli-'iiKi'sexecum by tho defendauts
.Solo'lion Mnmlluliaiilil lit 1 1 Adellun .Miinillo
liiuiiiilooiiu l.'. Martin inl tlioMiithwvleiu
liiitmeiit Compiny. niu'cilvi'lv. iiih.ii Mm
lolowlm; descillied pritilMf, to-wltt Tim
ojv.t hall of i liu soiilheAst t.virtcr and lho nnitli
lull of tho unrtho.isl MU;i'''". "in! tlio snutli.
west qu titer of tho noiilitist ipiarier of sec
linn iilin-ti-eii (IP), tpuuAlp lour.O). raimo
nine (0), west of Iho Cth 1'. 1. in WehMer conn.
ty. NrbnisUa. to neeuio tliMp.iyiii of Ihieo
pronilswiiyiialM dated lnrli I. WA fur ilia
mini ol aLVO, (b:.M aud tl'-l iCHi-cltvely, dun
nnd piiabli In ilu jears (Ann dat ilur.'nl:
that tliero Is how duo n,iut said iintni mnt
ii oi leases tbo miiii ot jifiii 8J and ntaintlif pwvs
that .aid premises in.u be decreed lo lo told to
Ktllstr I''0 niiiouiit duo lUrcon: that said
iuoilciiK','iini'.,""l""() as afiires:.ld ex-cuiid
weio duly Hs-lKiiei lo ibis plilnllll which In
now the owner end holder thereol.
YoiiaroiciUlred liiMiiswer t; I1 l.Ptlllou on
or buloie tbo itilb day of Keiilnnber, 18ai.
By Smith & McCiwj-, her altis.
Dated August t), 18W. " w "'"
i r
pam? - Implements,
Grain Drills,
The Best Wheel Plows on Earth.
All kinds of Windmills and Pumps.
Repairs of all kinds.
I'norniETORs of
uruora promptly flllod.
E. B. G013LE,
Fresh and salt Meats
lied Cloud, Nebtanlca,
Your trade is solicited. I kill nothing but
the best of beeves, &c.
RlnrkclOnc Door North of llo:ry Cook.
Chicago Lumber Yard
Lumber, Lime,
W. W.
Hardware of All Kinds !
Barbwire, Gasoline Stoves,
Cooking Stoves, &c., &c.
In fact he has one of the most complete, lines
of hardware west of Omaha.
Never leave tlio city until you mcc liiin.
Dj Henderson
lUiS IU4 W.
Tkt OURtliailt Vector.
uiq;,iu5jtj, I'luiiueaunuiiioiciieaoniniiiaco.rusocsoioloou to tho head mini It tV..iinMr
cgnfu8edldcasandfori? "ir.ifSS PU'.Bi.1'??..'
01 manhood, &c., cured for life. I can Mop all
Gleet, and all forms of Trtvato Diseases
positively cured or money refunded.
Bonk i0T botb- f exes, 80 pares, 27 rito
crlptlonof abovo diseases, tho effects nnd
Bead this llttlo book and nnswor questions
Bioro nervo nnu Dram nower.cnlai
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iiiVn'" RAni uiT""'"fah""'" t''acuj FieoorBound. No pain, no
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