The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 15, 1893, Image 5

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Shoes, Cheap !
Wc luuc it Tew
S ' S)
gj Boots and Shoes Ourselves ! 3
(8,0OO worth) tind positively 2
g; wn.ii xot m: uxm:itsoM ZZ2
?- We will sacrlflco our ontlro stock for ensh nt lowor prices than over bo- r??
(ore mado In lied Cloud, nnd will meet nny nml till competition. ZZm
- Romember wo Ktinrnntoo BEST GOODS, LOWEST "m
g; pmclb, greatest variety. 3
Blakesleo & Kaley. 52
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Abstracts of Title
Farm Loans
Call on
J. H, Bailey,
Red Cloud, Neb.
Trainmaster Kunyou was in tho city
this week.
C. W. Chambers, of Kansas is visiting
in the city.
Jumps Peterson in tnkimr in tho etate1
till hud nii-n.
Jos. Biuir left last Sunday for u visit
at tho world'B fair.
Win. Richardson left for tho world's
fair Monday night.
Miss Mnggio Daniels returned to Su
perior last Monday.
Mrs. II. A. Buird roturncd from tho
world's fair last Friday.
II. W. Gulliford started overland for
Indian Territory last week.
Sam'l Heaton left for Colorado
Saturday to seo tho country.
C. E. Hicks and A. P. Johnson were
down from Bladen Saturday.
Mies Mabel James, of Hastings, is tho
guest of Miss Graco Fort this week.
The air car, which has been in the
yards a week or two, left Saturday.
Thero will bo an ico cream social at
tho Christian church on Friday night.
Mrs.F. G. Blackesloo, accompanied by
sister, Miss Furor, is back from Wood-
nt 4ltn ntiinl. f
Btock, Illinois.
M. S. Mursh went to Chicago SuturV
day, leaving Al Galueha manager of th6
base ball nine. fr
E. McBride, thoontorprising creamery
man of Bluo Hill, was in tho city on
business last Saturday.
Mr. Converse, a former lumber clerk
of this place, but now of Gouova, Ne
braska, is visiting iu tho city.
Mrs. Jus. Cozad, accompanied by hor
father, E. Cozad of this place, roturncd
to her homo in Lincoln Friday.
Tho mother of N. B. Wagonor, living
six miles south of town, died Saturday
night. Tho intcrmont took place ou
Rov. Putmnn will bo unablo to (ill his
appointment at Cowlos noxt Sunday,
but will meet his regular appointment
in two wooks.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Huffman returned
to their homo in Wilmington, Clinton
county, Ohio, on Friday, aftor u short
visit in this city.
Mrs. A. Morhart and sons, Bert and
Stacey, left for Hot Springs Friday in
rosponso to u telegram from Mr. Mor
hart, stating thatho was dangerously il'.
Frank Cowdon and Hugh Minor rodo
from CowIob to Red Cloud a distanco oM
ten miles in thirtv-threo minutes. last
Sunday, no team in tho county co$kf
muKU u iu mui iiiuu.
This week's issue of The Ciiikf con-
taina a wlo-up 01 ItfvertCh iihu VW$K-
ty, which, whilo placing overything on
tho bright side, io virtually no exuggoru
tion of its varied resources.
Mr. II. Hinkins a prosperous farmer
near Riverton called this weok and ro
nowed his subscription. Ho and his
wifo havo just roturncd from tho world's
fuir and report u splendid timo.
L. D. Oatman proprietor of tho Gard
ner .houso and Sammy Spry left last
Thursday for Oklahoma to tea tho strip
opened and tnko in the country general
ly. Thoy went by wagon and will go
through. Texan beforo they return.
G. II, Chuney and wifo havo. just ro
turned from an extonded trip in tho east
visiting in Indiana, Illinois, nnd spend
ing much timo in southern Missouri, of
which coimtiy Mr. Chancy speaks very
highly. Mr. Chanoy has on exhibition
at Mizor's storo a fine selection of
pcacheB about tho nicest wo have over
Tho joung men nro endeavoring to es
tablish a gymnasium in tho city. If
Bomo good rustler would take hold and
assist, there i no doubt but what it
would bo a success. Wo think it would
bo n good thiug, as it would keep a good
many young men on" thostreotsut night
besides boing u good pjueo to spend tho
long winter ovoniugB, Boys, come along
and help.
For froph fruit see McNItt.
Now window curtains nt CottingB.
Attorney McXony was in McCook this
L. P. Albright was in Lincoln thiB
Mrs. A. II. Howard was in Lincoln
this week.
Cliff Popo returned from a trip west
on Friday. S
Go to CidmeB for broad, piss, cakes, ire
Wright Thornburg wont to seo tho'
Cherokee- strln Tuesday. f
M.W.Dickerionloft for Omaha and the
Bit this week on business.
Her. J. A. Chapin, pastor of the M. E.
Church lifts crone to oonf ernna.
WJienyon want n good cooking
bleating Btoro Bee W. W. Wriaht.
Willis Fulton of Rivorton, mado ally
ing visit to Red Cloud this weok,
Editor Tuit, of Tub Ciitkf forco, was
taking in thoStuto fair this week.
Dr. Hoyl, Jay Best and Jim Ward of
Cowlea wero in tho city Wednesday.
A. Morhart, who has been quito sick
at Hot Springs is reported us getting
Misa Martha Miller of Long Island,
Kansas, is visiting at Mrs. Cozuds this
Del Abol has roturncd from an extend
ed trip to tho big fair and in Illinois and
Frank Smith and wifo went to Lin
coln Wednesday morning to attend tho
Btato fuir.
Mr. Atherton of Gego county, hie bar
gained for the Dan Lindiey farm end ex
pects to move hie family here.
In order to close ont organs and sew
ing machines, I will give you a bargain.
Come and seo mc James Peterson.
MfR. Howard, who hn Wen v!itlinr
fa brother in Red Cloud, has gono to
Line county, Kansas, to visit rolutivoe.
J. I. Coehrano ioft this weok for Chad
ron where he goes to tnko uhurgo of tho
business department of tho collego locat
ed there.
Deputy Shoriff Tomlinson took Mr
Uoltz of Guido Rock to the asylum last
wook. Ho was accompainod by Henry
Mr. M.IL'DaviB has gono to Nolaon to
work in-nuank in tho ubsenco of one of
Khsv-tfook-keopers. Ho will bo eono
out a month.
W. T. Mayes of Illinois, and J. II.
JJion of Iowa, nro looking over Wobstor
county this weok.
Tho following nro now subscribers this
week: J. L. Wi'son, S. J. Wilson, S. II.
Shullz, A. L. Gray, D. Helllebowor and
Einma Moushaug.
Dr. Cullimoro, eye and ear surgeon of
Omaha, will meot putionte in hisBpecial
tics, in Red Cloud at Dr. McKcoby's of
(ico Tuesday, Septomber 20th.
Tho ctock of dry goods, groceries' boots
and shoos formerly owned by S. F.
Spokesfleld will be closed out during the
noxt'ttO days. Read their advertisement.
" On Monday last occured tho marrlago
of Mr. Auguntus Wado of Croto, nnd
Miss Mnud Cory of Amboy, nt tho resi-
denco of Mr. I. Frisbio.
Rov. J. A.
Mr.nndMirjiTmeTggQiJ10 lmvo
boon visiting in the city, rotund 4,
thoir homo in Kirwin, Kansas, Monday.'
Mr. nnd Mrs. T. L. Wilson uccompnnied
them for a short visit,
C. II. Hopkins, brother of II. L. Hop.
kins, Iiub been sojourning in Webster
county for a fow wouka. Mr. Hopkins
oxprcsseB himself ob well pleased with
this section of Nebraska, and returned
Wodnmlsy morning.
Vaid muster Frank Mnrtin'n brother-in-law,
Mr. Goo. Pulmor, agent on tho
Rock Island at Ilouderson, Nebraska,
nurprifiod that gcntlomun by stopping otr
tho train tho other day. Mr. Martin and
Mr. Palmer go to Grand Ialnnd to spend
a fow duj'H and Harvey Sturkoy has
chargo of tho yards in Franks absonco.
The Republican central committeo
met at Red Cloud lust Saturday, House
wafl called to order by chairman Henry
Gilliam, moved by J. S. Whito of Pots
dam that tho republican county conven
tion bo called on September 27th at 11
n. in. nmmondod byJudgoTrunkoy that
wo recommend thut tho primaries bn
hold on Septomber 24th, and t) o con
vention on the 2d of October; t.iuond
ment lost: tho originul motion earried.
Tho several township caucuses wsro io
commended to bo held on Tuesday Sept,
2(Sth; recoththended no proxies.
uitiEF mi:Tio.
Father Quinn went west this week.
Dick Ferrisis nursing a felon on his
Tho best bread iu tho city at Calmo's
Sam Templo was out west this week on
Mrs. R.G. Lewis of Otto, was in Lin
coln thiswaok,
Miss Cora Kuloy was isiting iu River-
ton this week.
Mrs. Earner was attending
the Htate
fair this week, t
Wm. C.Jiickftm and family will booh
movo to KnusiiH.
Supt. Calvert of the B. &M. was in the
city on Tuesday.
Buy you a lino pojkot knifo nt Cot
tings drug store.
A. Gnlusha and uifenud sou havo gone
to tho world's fair.
Mon'u fine clothing mado to order at
Wiener's Tailoring Houso.
Keep an eyo on priccB. I lead nnd
others follow. Jnmes Peterson.
Mr. 1!
Itowed fi
Hinkins and Mrs. M. A. Fuller re-
or The Cinr.r this week.
The Cream of tho Earth Hour, equal to
the best. Rod Cloud Produco Co.
Rov. J. M. Steelr and wife of Kansas.
,wsfelsiting in Hod Cloud this weok.
Go to Calmo's bakery for tobacco, ci
gars, randies, fruitB, bread, lunch, A.c.
Mrs. Grace Bodinoof Auburn, Indiana
is visiting with Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Kaley.
Michigan flno Bnlt tho standard brand
at $l3r per barrel. Red Cloud Produco
Road master McFarland wears his foot
in a-tiling.on account of having run n nail
C. H. Potter has gone to Rngan, IJe
braska, whore he expects to be gono for
three months.
Mr. Atherton, of Barnston, Neb., am
old friond of C. U. Crono's was in Red
Cloud this week.
Mrs. Aaron Conover went to Kearney
this weok. Sho will visit her brother's
family who nro sick.
Well made and sorvieeablo clothing for
men, bojs and childron at reasonable
prices, at Wioner'e.
A gang of littlo boys, chari varied Tom
my Penman and his now brido on
Wednesday evening.
Take your proscriptions to Catling's
drug store. Puro medicine and accutnto
compounding guaranteed.
Soveral now eleotrio lights havo besn
put ap under tho recent contract made
by the company and the city.
Mr.J.M.Chnflin wenttoSuporior thiB
weok on business and will go to Maukii
to, Kansas, beforo returning.
For windmills, otcel and wood, pumps,
pipes, tanks, nnd fitting of all kinds, go
to Jns. Peterson the pump man.
J.O. Lindiey nnd wifo woro attending
tho funeral of Mrs. Lindloy's mother
near Burr Oak, Kansas during last week.
All tho late novelties in hats and caps
for men, boys and childron nro now on
sale at tho Golden Eaglo Clothing Storo.
Tho editor of The Cmr.i' nnd family
accampunicd by MissLillio Chirk, spent
nfew days in Denver this week sight
ecoing. Mrs. Sylvo3ter Ackcrman of Lano
county, Kansas, diod on Monday nt tho
ago of .'17. Sho wafl tho sister of Mrs. J.
L Miller.
C, W. Kaley nnd wifo roturncd from a
three month's plcnsuro trip in Ohio nnd
othor eastern points. Churloy reports a
flno timo.
Mrs.M. R. Bentloy has roturned homo
from her trip to Decorah, Iowa, whoro
sho went to bo pressntnt tho funeral of
hor father.
Especial attention is given to tho
scientific fitting of spectacles, by Dr.
Cullimoro who is to he in Rod Cloud
Septembor 2(lth, with Dr. McKooby.
A gnmo.of base bull between a Guido
Rock club and tho 3d nino of Red Cloud
took placo on Wednesday and resulted
in a scoro of 25 to 15 in fuvor of Red
ft1w8 reached hero that tho wife of Iu
w'te-! ,, to l'na ..
U. Wallaco or ugui.iuiah. died after a
short illness. Mr. Wnllaco has tho sym
pathy of his many friends in Red Cloud
in his nflliction.
Doll Abel wont to tho world's fair for
tho purposo of soeing tho nights. Ho saw
them, but ho didn't seo tho fellow thut
took his satchel whilo ho wub buying his
ticket. Ho wants to seo him though,
Dr. Grant Cullimore, consultant ocu
list to Mo. Pacific Ry. ut Omaha, has nr
ranged to moot ojo und ear pationts in
Rod Cloud, with Dr. McKeoby, Septem
ber 20th.
Will closo out what flour Mr. Spokos
field had on hand ut $1 per sack for the
bent and for Whlto Bread. Oilier
things in proportion. Cheap for cash
ut Spokestlcliiii old etand.
A Tree OH'er.
Tub Cuiar tuUes pleasure iu nnnouno
iuii that it will tend Tin: Ciiicf ono year
to ovory couple Unit gets married in Wub
etor county from tho first or September
181)3, to tho first or Septembor 181)1, fieo
of chargo, provided that thoy will send
in their names to this odloe. It mukos
no tiiiierenco wiietuer thoy urn rich or
poor, whilo or bl. ck, or what, all thut is
required is to send the names In to thin
bfflce with poet fifties address and bo
married in Websts'r county.
A Nkw EsTKiirntsK. The new
hank, which will bo opened fof busi
ness October 2d, will be run under tho
name of tho "People's Il.tnk" and is
officered by tho following well known
President. J. L. Miner.
Cashier, Walter Sherwood,
Assistant Cashier, Hugh Miner.
t Tho, new hank will he run in tho of-
ncs'oi Miner uros store, ana is in-
luijiuiutvu wiiui'i iiiu lunn ui iiuuissMi
uniKin conformity with tho stato
banking lawn, with a capital of $lfy
000, fully paid up. The board of di
rectors will bo ss follows: J, J.
Squier, Kansas City, Kansas; Walter
Sherwood, Hugh Miner, and J. L.
Miner, of lied Cloud, The institution
will slnrt out under the most favor
able circumstances, having provided
itself with all of tho most approved
banking fixtures aid material, and
its officers fully vorscd in banking.
This will bo an assuranco of a good
and sound banking business for the
pcoplo of this city and vioinity. Mr.
Miner, the president, is well and
favorably known as a oarefui business
man, having resided in Rod Cloud
about twenty years, whilo Walter
Sherwood and Hugh Miner have ex
cellent ability in that line. Tiik
Chief takes plcasuro ia wishing the
new enterprise suesoss and prosperity,
fully appreciating tho fact that a city
the eizo ef lied Cloud ought to have
more than otic bank, and that tho
timo is now maturo for a new institu
tion to start. Tiik Ciiikk has no
doubt of tho result and bespeaks for
1 i lie Peoples Bank a good business
in nuvanco of its opening.
N ...
The very sad news rcashed here this
week, of tho death of Mrs. Wiener,
wife of Mr. Clias. Wiener of this oily
while in Chicago, whoro she was taken
a few weeks ago for the purpose of im
proving her health. She had been a
ifroat sufferer having been confined to
hor bed in Red Cloud for several
montliB, and underwent two scvero
Burgical operations, that finally and
surely ebbed away her life. She was a
very estimable lady and had many
friends in this city who wero greatly
shocked over the annoutiocmsnt of
hoi death. It was thought for a timo
that she would recover, but it acems
that it was not to be, although the
best of medical aid was at her side
from the beginning of her illness, and
tho best possible care shown her in
every respect. Mrs. Wicnor came to
Red Cloud with her husband in De
cember, 1883, and remained here un
til a fow weeks ago when sbo was tak
en to Chicago with tho hopo that sho
might find relief and ultimate recov
ery in a chango of olimato. Her
I death will bo a great blow to her de
voted husband, who in his sad be
reavement, has tho sympathy of the
people of lied Cloud. Tho funeral
services took plaoe in Chioago on
Wednesday of this week,
I. .1.11 .. SM.I.
A Social Event. Last Wednes
day night, Charlio Dickcrson gavo u
party at his home, which was well at
tended and thoroughly enjoyed by all
present. Tho orcning was spent in
games, music, and social enjoyment
nod at an opportune timo refresh
ments wero served in abundance The
guests were shown truo hospitality
and at a roasonablo hour departed for
their respective homes highly pleased
with the cnjoyablo cxerolscs and the
courtesies shown them. Those pres
ent wero tho Miyges Laura Smith,
Flossio llannoy, Blanehio Cummings,
Lillio Waldron, Qcrtio Waldron, Dora
Ward, Blanch Sollars, and Messrs.
Dr. Fred MnKo-W. ". '
,lne iosepirr.r rAv,-cvJ7- Jr. Freu
ChamCerlain, Willio Mcntgon, John
and Charley Diokerson, and Bert
The Chief wishes to call the atten
tion of its readers to that enterprising
firm of dry goods merchants, iD lied
Cloud, who bear tho firm name of CS.
A. Duoker & Co. This houso has
been in cxihtoiiue in Red Cloud some
ten yoars and havo dono an honest
and equaro business, and havo day by
day built up a luorativo trado such as
any man would feel proud of. Mr.
Alfred Iladsll, tho rosidont manager
and tho "Co" part of the firm, is a
thorough dry goods man and attends
strictly to business. Ho understands
tho needs of 1ih customers and always
buys tho best goodi in the niarkot and
selli them at tho very lowest notch.
The Chief can ncotnuicnd this firm
to its subsoribors as ono of tho moit
reliable iu tho state. Thero is not a
better dry goods houso west of Lin
coin, If jou are in need go and see
the firm and be anttred of cettins
gdbd goods at vory low prices.
gm m w wmmmmmmmmm m m g
flT his
5E: We receive
1 Fine- 1
That will catch you. 3
S. ' !
Rldr7Jni"i- fnnlT-
S - r -
gs AH iie
: We want to show you our stock. 3
Chicago Clothing Store.
je: Opposite Postoffice. 5
Onco more a nobloyonng man has
broken tho monotony of porrenial col
ibsoy by leading to tho hymeneal altar
ono of Nebraska's fairest daughters.
This time it is T. E. Penman, the at
fablo and enterprising jowelcr of Red
Cloud, familiarly known to a majority
of our people as gonial "Tom" Penman
whoso sterling qualities and high so
cial aspirations havo endoarod him to
tho many friends in his extensive ac
quaintance. The bride, Miss Jennie
Blaine of Cowlcs, is of excellent par
ontago being the daughter of Capt.
Blaine, a prominont citizen of Cowles,
and oashicr of the Cowlcs bank and
is equally as well and favorably known
as the gentleman who so prudontly
ohoso her as a partner for lifo. Tho
marriago ceremonies occurred at tho
home of the bride's parents on last
Wednesday and was attonued by a
number of relatives and friends,
Elder II. D. Piatt performed tho nup
tial ritfB in a pleasing nnd impressive
manner after whioh tho worthy couple
were tho recipients of many valuable
presents and after receiving tho hearty
congratulations of those prcBont, they
came to lied Cloud, where they will
mako thoir futuro homo. The Chief
wishes them a happy voyage in the
new matrimonial craft.
The people of Red Cloud, and not
only thoy but others, should patroni
l,ono industiies, Lor insl
- com,' ' Jinco we
havo a good milling k .iiany in this
city, and ono that is making flour that
is surpassed by none, When you
want a sack of first-class flour osll for
Rod Cloud's "Monogram" and you
will never regret it, besides it keeps
tho money at home. Spend your
menoy in Red Cloud and for Red
Cloud products.
For hale.
A good boat, IU foet in length.
Cheap for cash. Knquiro at this office.
We only Pnre Cresu of Tartar Powdcr.-No Aamcmls; No Ainu.
uiea in Millions of Homes40 Years the SttnrJitU
W & e
the stock of
iiew Styles.
On hist Tuesday night, the mombors
of tho M, 13. Churoh. assembled with
their chior for tho purpose of a church
Boclublo, and to bIiow their esteem for
their pastor Rov, J. A. Chapin, whoso
pastoruto with that churoh had conclud
ed, and ho about to assumo anothor
- chargo at anothor place Thoro wan a
Mfifv i;uiiKroKiuu jkubuiii, nun tun vuiui
rondorcd some acceptable anthemB,
whon A. J. Willis, ontorod the church
closoly follwed by tho pastor wifo and
daughter; thoy thon faced tho audience
and in n fow words Mr, Willis Indicated
his regrct'or Rov. Chapin' departuro,
and expressed u desiro that all present
should extend a cordial haad shake and
good-bye; to which Rov. Chapin replied
in a fow sententious remarks asserting
his good feeling toward all, and his
roluotnnco to leave tho people with
whom ho hud been so long and pleas
antly connected. Whilo tho chior sang,
tho hand shaking wont on in earnest
and to those who know the pastor best,
it was most pathotic and impressive.
Rev. Chupin is a devout christian man,
a fearless exponent of the gospel,and with
liia most estimable family has endeared
himself to tho church and community.
Remember that L. P. Albright Mils
more flour than any other store in Web
stor county. It you want flour see him,
for he keeps the best.
Wanted: The people of Red C'i, '
and vicinity to rotnomber that thi. , .
vartl Painless Dental PflT,op;2"J,
to stay, at tho opo MQn
Sher"VUYyHbUB0 block.
""" Ynitk. Albright have been in bnsi
"Vtluat one year nnd tho lKihv Ann
jk?7a fine business. Thoy have oar boat
Havo you seen
thoBo nobby suits at
Do you want tho best shoo on oarthf
Wiener bus them.
ITIurkct Report.
(Corrected Weekly.)
Wlient a .inin
C"i 20 35
Oats 20 22 80 33
Max 7o
KB O5 00
iMitcowo i 6002 00
Buttor n
Fgga io
l'otatoeu 75
Chickens doz. 2 00
Turkeys lb. 0