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Lake Shore Express Held
at Kcndallvilic, Ind.
Dynamite and Winchesters Used by
the DesiMM-adoes.
Engineer Jump Knnpp Shot nnd Seriously
Wounded by the Itobbcrs Detail of
Ono of the Most During Job
on Itccortl.
Chicaoo, Sept. 12. Tho Lako Shoro
nml Michigan Southern cxpross trniti for
Now York, which loft this city nt 7:45
p. in,, consisting of 10 coaches, two ex
press enrs nnd n baggago cur, xvns
slopped nml robbed by n gang of 20 rob
bers near Kcndalivillp, Ind. Tlio town
is nbont 40 miles from Klkhart, Ind.,
nnd MO miles from Chicago. A switch
light was turned nt n siding near Kcn
dallvillo, but not tho switch for tho
track, nnd thb drovo tho engineer into
stopping tho train. When tho train
stopped a gang of men, about 20 in
nmnbor, poured Into tho baggago car
nnd on tho engine, whilo almost at tho
same instant tho forward express car
was lifted from tho track nnd shattered
by nn explosion of dynamite. Tho mes
sengers in tho car escaped injury and de
serted their posts, whilo tho outlaws
took iossession. It was tho work of n
few minutes to break open tho
safes and tho booty was Eocured
boforo tho train crow nnd
passengers could como to tho rcscuo of
tho express messengers. The engineer
of tho train was slrot nnd fatally
wounded. So rapidly was tho work
dono that tho robbers seized their booty
nnd escaped in tho darkness. Tho mat
ter was reported to tho sheriff of tho
county at Kendallville who immediately
notified tho polioo nt Chicago, believing
that they could assist in tho captnro of
tho robbers. It is not known how much
the robbers got for their pains, but n
man who scorned to know what ho wns
talking about said tho safo contained
$230,000 in gold bullion, shipped cast by a
Chicago bank. Superintendent Wygant of
tho United States Express company ad
mits that theio was at least $10,000 in
tho car. Tho Chicago police department
wns asked to send n posso to tho scene,
but declined, nnd Sheriff (Jilbort was
called upon and at the request of Super
intendent Wygant ngieod to send as
many of bis deputies as could bo got to
gether. Superintendent wygant left on
a special train at 4:30 a. in. for thu
nceno of tho robbery with a dozon Cen
tral fetation detectives and some deputy
Kxprei Mcatcngcr Wel' Mory,
ClJ;vr.i,ANi, Sept. 12. Concerning tho
Luko Shore hold up Milton M. Weiss,
tho express messenger who was in chargo
of tho car at tho liino of tho attack,
said: "Tho first I know of tho nttnek
was after tho train had stopped when I
heard two shots on tho outsido tired in
rnpld succession. My helper, B. B.
Ilainlin, then yelled to mo that ono of
the shots camo through tho door. It
camo near hitting him. A moment
later tho car was almost lifted from the
track by n terrific explosion and at tho
samo timo both Hamlin and myself
wero knocked violently to tho floor on
our bncks. I was stunned for tho mo
ment and could scarcely renlizo what
had happened. When I had regained
my senses I found myself under a largo
lienp of baggago nnd shattered wood
work, and two men wearing masks
stood closo by, one having a Winchester
riflo aimed at my heud, and the other
follow covering my helper in a simi
lar manner. Ono of tho men spoko,
telling ns not to movo or they would
blow the" brains out of us, This is about
nil I can remember of what was said,
Thero was not much talking dono. Ono
of tho robbors nt onco proceeded to drill
the safo. It took him over half nn hour
to do tho job. During tho time that tho
fellow was working nt tho safe, thero
wero several other pals outsido nt tho
door of tho car also armed with Win
chesters. Somo of thorn kopt their guns
pointed at us whilo 'others kopt shooting
occasionally. Whon tho safo was finally
burstcd open ono of tho robbers at onco
began rilling it of its contonts, nnd
carrying tho packages of monoy to tho
iloor whero ho handed it out to bis pals,
JHo help arrived on tho sceno until tho
robber had mado their escape Tho
robbers used dynamite in forcing tho
door. They fastened it in 601110 way on
a board unci nailing tho board to tho
door, exploded it."
WcibS declined to givo any informa
tion us to tho amount taken by the
A Fomo In Hot l'urstilt.
AlJUOK, Ind., Sept. 12. Tho bandits
who dynamited nnd robbed tho Lake
Shoro express succeeded in gotting about
$30,000 of a consignment that was being
shipped from Chicago, At 4 o'clock u
telegram was tent to Sheriff Syauck nt
tll& place requesting him to roport iiu
inWJately with an armed posso and cap
luro tho roblors. Ho is in hot pursuit
at tho llilovo. Tho men who did Hio
work aro members of n well organized
.gang and lmvo confederates throughout
this soction.
a Tilt) Wounded Unghiecr.
', O,, Sept. 12 Engineer Jumoi
Knapp, wlio wns shot by tho Lake Shoro
robbers, was tnkon to his losldonco on
Collingwood uvoiuio in this city upon
tho orrivul of the train and physicians
wero called. It was found that tho Jml
let penetrated his right tide noartho
boulder. Tho physicians any that
Knnpp is in no danger.
CliiUtlmi, Jew, llrnliuitn, lliidtlhWI, With
Other Simile of ThcntoKy (liilhir In it
Mot Notable tmifrriwn Kopri'MMiln"
the Mum from All (Hit the Wovlil.
Chicago, Sept. 12. A processional In
which the u-llglons of tho world were rep
resented signalized tho opening of tliu
World's Parliament of Bellglons at the
Art institute. It wns a processional that
line! n world of mennlni! in it: one that
would lmvo been impossible not many I
years ago, Jew marched with Gentile
and Roman Catholic wjth Protestant.
The religious beliefs of India, of China,
and of Japan were represented, ns well ns
those of tho English-speaking nations.
All attired in their priestly robes and
wearing tho insignia of their ofllco
marched in peace nnd fellowship to tho
platform, whilo the nudlcnco roso nnd j
cheered nt tho sight. First camo Cardinal
Gibbons escorted by President Bonnoy.
Then camo Mrs. Potter Palmer and Mrs.
Charles Hcnrotin, representing tho board
of lady manngcrs.
Homo lMciuoiit of the l'niccailnn.
Thero wero following In tho procession
an archbishop of Zaute, Greece; a Metho
dist minister from Chlcnco; a Roman
Catholic archbishop of Chicago; several
Lutherans from Germanv and Sweden;
two or threo East Indian lirahmlus and
Buddhists; a Chicago Presbyterian clergy
man; a Chinese Buddhist; s Chicago Israel
ite; a couple of Bombay theologians, and,
In fact, the most heterodox line of religion
ists ever seen slnco the world begun. As
this remarkable parado reached tho hall
the nudlcnco rose and joined In singing
"Praise God from Whom All Blessings
Flow," a hymn that, as it acknowledges
tho Chrlstnln doctrines of the Trinity, was
hardly appropriate In such n gathering.
The I'rayerof All Who Uollcve In Clol.
The next thing on tho programme was
more universal than tho hymn. Cardinal
Gibbous led tho heterodox gathering In
prayer and tho petition he put up wns tho
"lord's Prayer," and theru was not one
of those pieseut who could not, whether
ho did or no, join in tho prayer. For the
Mohammedan, tho Buddhist, tho Brah
min, all of whom wero present, bcllovo In
a supreme being. Tho scene was a novel
one, for many of tho visitors from tho Ori
ent were clad in their native costumes,
the prelates in some instances in their
robes of ofllce. There was not a vacant
scat in tho hall nnd many were standing
ngaiust tho walls nnd in other plnces
whero a view of the platform could be
The Vcrintllo I'resldent llonney.
Thero is one man connected with these
World's fair congresses who has hardly
had the credit that ho deserves, and thnt
It President Bouncy. Being tho head of
these gatherings to this gentleman has
fallen the duty of welcoming tho various
bodies which have met under the auspices
of tho World's Auxiliary. Ho has had
to speak to woman suffragists, spirit
ualists, civil engineers, social reformers
of all kinds, nnd in fact to thu believers In
or ngitntors of everything that Is current
in tho world of progress. And lio has
shown a versatility of speech tuat has
enabled him to gpctiK to them nil in such
a manner as to tell them "what they wero
thero for" without mnklng n singlo mis
take. Every one, of his brief addresses has
been felicitous and just what tho occasion
called for.
How Ho Tnlkcil to Heterodoxy.
And In addressing this congress prob
ably tho ono in addressing which it was
tho easiest to say something thnt would
rankle ho was especially happy. He said
in brief that they should all give thanks
for being nolo to take part in so grand a
congress, ono that so lully exemplified
peace and progress, and which would have
so great nn intlucnce on the world. After
reviewing the programme of tho congress,
ho welcomed all In tho name of tho
brotherhood of religion.
Rev. John Henry Burrows, chairman of
tho committee on organization, then ad
dressed tho congress. He said that never
before had such a congress been under
taken, nnd not long ago it would lmvo
been deemed impossible to carry It to suc
cessful completion.
Fcchan and Gibbons Greet the lU'llgion
1st of All tho World.
Archbishop Fcehan folloxvcd, welcoming
tho delegates on behalf of tho Romnn
Catholic church. Ho said that tho as
sembly xvas cno unliiuo in the history of
tho xvorld. Learned men had como from
all countries to speak and to tell us of
those things that xvero of the greatest in
terest to nil of God, of his truth and
justice, of his worship, of peace, nnd of
mercy. No matter how wo might differ
in religion there xvas one thing that xvas
common to us all, and that xvas our com
mon humanity. The archbishop wel
comed the delegntes in his oxvn name and
iu all that ho represented.
Cardinal Gibbous had to lenx'o early, so
his response to tho addresses of xvelconie
was called for out of its order. He suld
that though all did not Hgree on matters
of faith, thero xvas ono platform on which
nil were united, that xvas charity, human
ity and benevolence. He spoke of tho
Good Samaritan who bound up thuxvounds
of n man xvho xvas his enemy in religion
and in social life, and said that that xvas
the example we ought to follow. Hesald
that ho could not Impress too strongly ou
cx-ory one that each xvas his brother's keep
er. That xvas the xvliolo theory ot human
ity. It Christ had cried xvith Cain, "Am
1 my brother's keeper!" we xvould still bu
xvalkiug in darkness.
Rex. Augusta J. Chapin welcomed the
congress on behalf of xvonian. Tho par
liament of religious, she said, xvas the
grandest and most significant Gathering
that had ever been assembled on this
earth. President Hlgiubotliaiii, ot tho
Columbian exposition, next xvelcomed the
delegates ou behalf ot the World's fair.
Ho said it was a source of great satisfac
tion that a now city in n far part of tho
xvorld should be accorded tho honor of
these congresses. They were the greatest
honor of tho World's fair year.
Rex', Alexander McKenzle, tho next
speaker, said that he supposed that every
one xvho spoko stood for sumething and
he. stood for tho old settlers, tho Puritans.
Thero xvas one. thing that xve could show
the foreigners that could bo seen nowhreo
else In the world, ami that xvas a repub
lic that xvas in the proccss-of making by
Christian forces. Thero xvas a religious
motive in thu founding or it, ana it xvas
that, to thought, that made it proper to
upeuk of It at this time. The parliament
of nliglous, ho said, xvas really begun on
Plymouth rock and had been growing in
Importance ever since until now every re
ligion on earth was rcpicsctited in tho
oo tin try.
The speaker on tho programmn was
greeted with such npplniiso as was Pung
Qtiaug Yu, secretary of thu Chinese lega
tion at Washington. In Introducing him
Mr. Bouncy spoko of the treatment
that some of his countrymen hud r eel veil
In this country, but in spite of whtrh the
emperor of China had sent nilelegato In
a Christian spirit to this congress. Near
ly half of the proplo In the hall roe and
cheered and waxed their handkeichlefs
as the delegnto advanced to tho front of
the platform.
Prince Wollioitsky. of llussla. folloxvcd
xvith n trlhulu to the congresses. Ho
HIinlfM llf It 11 iIiimii ntlifi1t. tirulnl.t nil. '
dressing tho Jews and said that it xvas n
tuugulltccut scene thin could be seen only
In tills age.
Other addresses were made during the
day by Ht. Hev. Keucho Shlbata, of Japan;
Hcx Pr. Buriows, of this city; Archbishop
Redwood, of New Zealand: 11. Dharinu
pala, of India; V. A. Shamll, of Bombay,
a "Jatilst;" Minus Scherc.. an Amenlan
editor; Professor Cli.ikrnv.utl.Tlicosophlst,
of India; Miss Jc.tuuoSnrnlbl, ot Bombay,
nnd Bishop Arnctt. All tho addresses
xvero of tho samo tenor ns those tho point
or xvnicii lias been given.
Action of tho Veteran on tho Tension
iJiiom Ion Oilier Mntters.
IKMAN'.W'OMS, Sept. 8. With a threo
times three and a tiger for tho old ling and
tho restoration of tho suspended veterans
to tho pension roll, tho txvouty-soven'fc
national encampment of the Grand Army
has adjourned sluu die. Tho incoming
commander-in-chief announced tho ap
pointment of James M, Mecch, of Boston,
as adjutant general, and Iouls Wagner, of
Philadelphia, as fjunrtcrninstor general.
Some of thu members of tho council of ad
ministration for tho ensuing year aro ns
follows: Wisconsin, Geo. 1.. Thomns;
Michigan, Geo. II. Hopkins; Iowa, John
Limit: Illinois, II. S. Dietrich; Indiana, C.
J. Murphy.
Tho pension committee's report arraluus
tho present administration for "pernicious
activity" inthollnuof cuttingotl pension;
tho action of .Secretary of the Interior
Smith on the net of IblKJ Is condemned ns
unjust, and Commissioner Katun's ruling
on that law declared to bo fair and proper,
and Secretary Smith Is asked to ri Instate,
that ruling. Thero xx'as considerable dis
cussion of technical and vetbal points, but
on tho Una I vote tho encampment xvas
unanimous in adopting tho report.
Whilo the discussion xvas going on a
telegram from Washington xas read
which stated that the pension bureau had
refused to renew thu suspended pensions,
but promised to settle all suspended
claims in txvoxveeks. Tho telegram made
no impression on thu meeting. A resolu
tion asking that tho discount on green
backs during tho war bo made up to tho
soldiers xvas laid on thu table, and ono de
manding preference to veterans lit ap
pointments toollleo was adopted. A lot
of miscellaneous busiuess xvas attended to
mid then the new oillcers xvero installed,
the new commander-in-chief being re
ceived with tremendous enthusiasm.
Tho Woman's Relief Corpselecled Sarah
C, Mink, of Now York, president, and Ar
nilllii A. Chancy, of Detroit, treasurer.
Tho Indies of tho Graud Army elected
Mrs. Amanda J. Withern, of Minnesota,
president, nnd Mrs. Gordon, of Kansas,
Tim First Ono Horn to a I'resldent In
Kxecutlvo Mansion,
WasiiinotoS, Sept. 11. Tho birth of a
child to tho president of tho United States
is a matter ot no more moment to the peo
ple of this republic, except to "the friends
of tho family," than the birth of any other
baby. But there is ono difference to bo
noted in such n matter, nnd that is that
the president has moro friends than any
other man in tho country. So In that way
moro people aro interested in his joys and
sorrows. Consequently xvhen ou Satur
day morning n littlu girl came to put Miss
Ruth's nose out of joint about till tho men
at least, iu the country wero just a little
sorry in sympathy xvith thu probable feel
ings of tho president, that it xvasn't a boy.
But It xvasn't and Mr. Cleveland is
happy enough anyhoxv.for mothernud child
are both d mg well nnd the little xvoman
Is healthy and sound. But this samo little
worn in has been honored xvith a distinc
tion that up to her appearance no child
ever possessed. She is tho first child of n
president born iu tho White House,.
Others lmvo drawn their first breath in
that historic mansion, but they xvero not
children of the president. Since the event
letters and telegrams of congratulation
have been pouring in upon the prrsldcut,
while residents of tho capital have left their
cards by hundreds, and the White House
Is full of lloral token ot regain ami felici
tation. Heath of Ilunillton l'lih.
N'uxv Yuiik, Sept. 8. Hon. Hamilton
Fish, President Grant's secretary of state,
died nt 5 o'clock yesterday morning nt his
country houso ou tho Hudson river nt
Garrison, His death xvas very sudden, and
xvas a great shock t.i every ono xvho knexv
him, ns the night before ho xvas in good
health and the best of spirits. Ho xvas,
however, 85 years old, ami the physicians
givo tho causa ot tho dlscaso as "heart fail
ure," Ho leaves six children Hamilton
Fish, laxvyer; Nicholas Fish, of tho linn of
Harrlman & company, bankers; Mr. Stuy
vesaut Fish, president ot tho Illinois Cen
tral railroad; Mrs. A. J. Benjamin, Mrs. I,
L. Rogers aud Mrs. Sydney Webster.
Confessed to Murder.
BliAlNEUD, Minn., Sept. 11. Henry Jack
son a xvealthy farmer lying iu thu jail
here awaiting trial on Sept. 18, has
confessed over his oxvn signature that ho
murdered I'M win Peck, ono of his faun
hands. Ho said: Peck told me I owned
him t-W and I got mad. Ho also let my
calves out. and they frluhtcncd my team
so it rati away. At supper timo I put
-4-I..1. I.... I.. l ...- I II. .-I. ... '
niriviiinuu in iiiu mijjcir iiiiu iixn mu siiiuu
ou his mush. Ills dog also atu somo of tho
much aud both died.
Confederate liny nt Chlcngo.
Ni:w Oiilkans, Sept. U. Tho general
commanding the United Confederate vet
erans has issued a general order xvhlch
fixes tho date of uiixelliug thu Confederate
monument at Chicago for Saturday, Oct.
7. This Is final. Hon. W. C. P. Breckin
ridge, ot Kentucky, will bu the orator of
tho day.
MarkTwnluonllli Katlve llunth,
Nkw Yoiik, Sept. 8. Mr. Samuel Clem-
meus (Mar): Twain) has arrived ou tho
Vnrtli llAMTiin t.lnvil filAntiiktilti Rtip.A I
from Bremen, .
It Mill Orrnpb the Timo or the Culled
I Milton Neimte.
Washington, Sept. o Workers offered
a resolution in the senate that beginning
Thursday the senate shall inert nt 11a.
m. He will spiak ou It today. Morgan
offered a resolution for tho appointment
of a commission of seven senators and
seven representatixes to tako Into consid
eration the xvholo subject of national
tluauecs and suggest legislation, lie, will
speak thereon later. PclTcr concluded his
free sliver speech and Stewart took tho
I Iloor to talk, ngaiust time, lie reiterated
' thu chargo that the silver dollar xvas do
, inunetlicd by stealth aud charged thnt
Sherman xoted against it to conceal the
fact thnt tho dollar xvas demonetized.
Ho refused to bu interrupted, and spoko to
a slim house. At U:I5 p, m. he wanted nn
adjournment, hut no ono helped him out
and ho proceeded until Morgan moved an
executive session, which xvas carried, and
xvhen the doors reopened the senate ad
journed. WA,lllXuroN, Sept. 7. Cullom Intro
duced iu tho senate n bill to repeat all
sinking fund acts. Voorhees had his res
olution for early sessions laid over for the
present. Morgan made a long speech on
his bill for a financial commission, aud at
Its conclusion Voorhees moved to tako up
tho regular ordor tho repeal bill. It
xvould have been taken up ntiyhoxv in
sex-en minutes, but tho vote xvas a pointer
nnd resulted in favor of tho motion !I7 to
21 tho free silver men voting no, Stewart
thru continued his speech to a small
houso until 5 o'clock, xvhen a motion for
an oxecutivo session by Voorhees xvas car
ried and fifteen minutes later tho senate
adjourned, Tho silver men aro growling
a good deal bcrauso they lmvo to speak to
empty benches.
In the houso the rules committee aban
doned the proposition thnt 100 shall be a
quorum In the couimlttco of thu xv hole
not becauso tho rulo was wrong, but bo
ciivso so many Democrats opposed It. The
rule xvas stricken out and thu rules adopt
ted. Tho houso then adjourned to Satur
day. Tho vote on Morgan's resolution in tho
senate sends it to thu calendar aud It will
require a majority vote to tako It up.
Washington, Sept. 8. In tho senato
Wolcott offered a resolution for the Imme
diate tepeiil of thu McKlnley bill signed
by all tho citi.ensof a town iu Colorado.
Ho also offered a resolution calling for tho
amount paid as bounties ou maple sugars.
When Galllnger proposed to Include all
sugar Wolcott said ho could write bis oxvn
resolutions. Walthall spoko ou the repeal
bill. Ho xv. uted a declaration of policy In
tho bill, aud spoko for bimetallism. Stew
art then took the lloornud spoko until 4:15,
xvhen Daniel of Virginia whispered to him,
and to everybody's surprlsu ho declared his
speech ended. Au executive session xvas
Washington, Sept. It. Faulkner mid
Turpio spoko iu tho senato ngalnst tho re
peal bill unless it were coupled xvith a free
sliver provision. Jones took tho samo
Kround. A paiiso ensued, during which
Voorhees proposed a vote on tho bill,
nnd Hale suggesting that Voorhees hurry
matters a little, that Senator got angry
and intimated that ho did not xvnut any
advice from Hale, Teller announced that
ho xvould occupy nil of today for free sil
ver aud au executive session xvas held.
Washington, Sept. ll. Thy senate Sat
urday spent the morning hour without
action on Poller's resolution to inquire
why eastern imnks do not cash their de
positors' checks ami then went on xvith the
ropeal bill debate, Teller speaking nil
afternoon nnd still having the Iloor at ad
journment. Tho feature of h's speech was
au attuck on thu press, which ho declared
xvas run for tho money thero xvas in it nnd
wns mendacious aud Impudent.
Tho houso did nothing but grant leave
lo Belknap to fllo notice of contest of the
seat for the Fifth Michigan district, now
occupied by Richardson.
Washington, Sept. 12. Stewart offered
a resolution In the senate ns a set-off to
tho intimation that the silver men are
actuated by personal interest in silver
mines inquiring xvhitt senators xvere in
terested iu national Uiiuks. Hill objected,
saying that It xvas unnecessary, unprece
dented and a reflection ou the senant. It
xvcut over. Tho repeal bill then came up
aud Pugh spoke 150 minutes ngaiust It,
aud declared that its opponents xvould
light it as long ns they xvero able to stand.
This shows thnt thu bill cannot get
through xvlthout cloture Teller occupied
thu balance, of tho session nud quit, but
aid he xvould begin again somo other day.
Iu tho house a joint resolution in
troduced by Murray ot South Csrollna ap
propriating ?200,C0O for the dcstltuto ou
the coast ot that state as tho result of the
great storm. Kilgoro objected, and it xvas
referred. There was no other business of
lloo-IIoos ICIect New OnTeeri.
Chicago, Sopt. 11. Tho Hoo-Hoos are
pcoplo xvho havo a black cat for an em
blem, xvho meet annually to elect officers
on tho 0th day ot the 0th month at 0 min
utes after 0 o'clock. They are nlso exclu
sively lumbermen or connected with the
lumber trade In some close capacity. They
met hero Saturday aim elected the follow
ing oillcers: Grand snark, B. A. Johnson,
Chlcngoseiilor hlghhoo-hoo.W. E. Brown;
St. Iouis; junior htth hoo-hoo, J. E.
Defebaugli, Chicago; scrivenator, George
K. Smith, St. Louis; b.-iudersnatchur, G,
F. Drake, Austin, Tex.; holy bojiiu, G.
W. Schwartz, St. Louis; custocatlHii, D,
D. Dickinson, Beaver Dam, Wis.; gurdou,
A. A. White, Kansas City; nrcauoper, W.
R. McKce, New Orleaus, After xvhlch
they proceeded to havo somo fun and
had it.
Mlehlcun llond Insolxeiit,
DCTltOlT, Sept. II. Ill tho United States
court here Monday a receiver xvas ap
plied for for Iho Detroit, Bay City and Al
pena railroad, on tho chargo thnt thu road
is insolvent. Tho court took tho case un
der advisement.
Colonel Jr.itoiiB Napolkon Bonaparte,
nt Beverly, Mass.
ALi'iiui'SDi: Havi:n, oldest Odd Fellow
iu tho United States, at Monroe, Wis.
Mid. LAVINA FlLl.iioitK, relative of
President Fillmore, nt Buffalo, N. Y.
Captain IlviiON Wilson, United States
army, retired, at Philadelphia.
Prince WlI.UAM, brother ot tho King
of Denmark, nt Copenhagen,
John T. It. MlKav, xvell known railway
man, at Cleveland,
Dr. Juki. H. Coopkii, father of Congress
man Cooper, at Burlington, Wis(
RlUIAllU M, HooLKV, tho veteran the
ntrical manager, at Chicago.
Dr. Josm'il KlNU, one ot tho cniliust
physicians of central Illinois, nt Decatur.
TiioMAH tliLKS, a pioneer resident 61
Peoria, BU-
'HiSfoR.'OI? A WEEK.'
Weilneailny, flepl. .
C. M. C. Anderson, of Chicago, xvcut to
his stable at night and took out his horso
and buggy for a drive. Ills xvlfo found tho ,
rig missing later and Informed a police
man. The latter procured a rig ami start
ed ou tho trail of the supposed thief. Upou
being overtaken Anderson refused to stop
ud xvhipped up his horse, when tho
policeman shot him, fatally wounding him.
Tho son of tho Karl of DufTcrln will
early Iu October marry Miss Flora Davis,
of New York. Tho groom's tltlo Is Lord
Torrouco Blackwood.
George Grosmlth, xvho recently loft tho
English comic opera stage to become a so
ciety entertainer, Is earning (4,000 a month
iu that capacity.
St. John Mix-art's essay, "Happiness In
Hell," which appeared recently in the
Nineteenth Century, has been placed by
tho Vatican In thu Index uxpiirgntorlus.
Mlvart is a member of thu Roman Catho
lic communion.
Salt spray xx-as carried ten miles inland
from Wrlglitsvllle, N. C, by thu great
storm last week, giving tho trees tho ap
pearance ot having been out in a heavy
snow storm.
Thumdny, nit. 7.
The Oriental Ten company at Clncin-
natl has assigned. Asxets, $10,000; liabill
ties, ?l!t,(HK). j
Nobraska Iuilepemlents have nonilnatoa ;
Judge Silas R. llolcomli, of Broken How,
for associate justice of tho supiemu court.
Rnbbl Solomon Schludlcr, of Boston, it
Is reported, Is to retiro from his profession
to outer upon a business enreer.
Tho fund which Henry Labouehoro has
set aside for many years from tho profits
il amount to mm" " ',lU", ,M " on " flro- Tll ro has bnrned
Hartholdl, the French sculptor, proposes I wlt,,, throe ,n"e" of, thl clty- A Tw4
tho establishment of an American Pan- Bears mino nnd Garden pcoplo nro fight
theou on Bcdloo's Island, Nexv York liar-ling tho flames. !
bor, xvheru his statuo of "Liberty En
lightening the World" rears itselt aloft.
Iutcrvloxrs xvith a number of Chicago
bankers show that generally they do not
endorse thu proposed revival of statu
Tho conspiracy caso of tho Westliighouso
I "-'-'""" " .. .........-.
v. w.u ueiiuriii ixmo cuiiip.iuj.iii mucii
It Is charged that the bitter has stolen a
largo number of thu Westliighouso "blue
prints," delineating new things iu elec
tricity, is nuxv m progress at Pittsburg,
l'rlduy, Kept. 8.
The prohibition statu convention at
Worcester, Mass., nominated u full statu
ticket, headed by Rox Louis Albert Banks,
of Boston.
Mrs. Mary Virginia Proctor is editor,
proprietor nnd business manager of the
Democratic organ of Warren county, O.
The Alabama state board of health bo
lug satlsllud that there is no further fear
ot yellow fever, restrictions havn been re
moved aud 100 quarantine officials dis
The national convention of brewers' em-
ploycs nt Milwaukee has passed a resolu-
tlon barring members of national guards
from membership Iu brewers' unions.
Whltccnps Iu Franklin county, Miss., I
burned thu gin of u farmer xvho sold his
cottou at less prico than tho combluo ot
farmers had fixed upon. I
Levi N. Hall, a banker xvho recently
failed at Osxvego, UN,, attempted to com
mit suicide. Hlsaffairs aru badly tangled,
nud so far his creditors have been unable
to llud any assets
H-turday, Sept. U.
Joslah (julucy, of Massachusetts, has
resigned tho otlicu ot assistant secretary
of state.
Prlncu Nicholas, of Montenegro, Is a
money-lender m xvell us a royal sovereign.
If.. I. l,n n., n.nltflll.1 nf nnu Mn.n'.
qucuco lii his country, and hu charges J which it says thnt tho question of mond
from 18 to 'M per cent, for tho money he ' ing or ending the houso of lords may dis
tends, place for n xvhllo in tho houso of com
J. M. Fisher, cashier of tho First Na- mons nil othor subjocts of reform.
tlonal bank of Geneva, Neb., and 114,400 of
the bank's money aro missing.
Ex-King Milan of Sernln has been s trick'
en xvith apoplexy.
The Campania, xvhllo nho seems unablo
to beat tho record on runs from cast to Lcsseps, xvho xvns sontonced toflveyearB'
west across tho Atlantic, has twice beaten ' imprisonment for complicity in tho Pan
the west to east record, from xvhlch sho ania cani 8Cnndal, xvas roloasod from
has knocked off over eight hours and ' pHn
brought It doxvn to 6 days, 14 hours, 15 '
minutes. Kidnaped by Ilandlts.
Tho Bra-Ulan army Is still loyal to Pelx- Havana, Hapt. lU.-Tho son of Sonor
otto, nnd It is stated thnt tho rebellion of Mneoiras, n plantor, has been kidnapod
tho navy will be short-lived. Thu reported by bandits near tho Angostura pluuta-
declaration ot himself as dictator by l'elx-
otto is not couuniicu.
Monday, Sept. 11.
Train robbers xvero foiled near Llllle,
Ark., by the engineer, who put on steam
instead of brakes xvhen signaled to stop.
Hu had received a pointer.
Lewis Going, a clerk Inn Portsmouth).,
commission house, xvas murdered by foot
pads ixhilu on his xuy homo and robbed of
his week's wages.
Admiral I.'ot, tho dwarf, who is at Chi
cago aud only 48 inches lilgh, has a xvifu
who is only ouo Inch taller, aud xvho has
just presented him xvith a daughter.
Weight six pounds.
Tho president has appointed N. W, Mc
Ivor, of Iowa, consul gvuural at Kauaga
xx n, Japan, and Arthur M, Clark, of Mich
igan, consul nt Port Manila, Out.
Colonel Hughes, the Kansas militia ofll
ce r who refused nt Governor Lewolliug's
bidding to nttnek thu Republican house
during the legislative dendlock, demanded
a court-martial for some time before ho
got one. Tho court, purposed of Populist
oillcers ot tho state, has been held and
Hughes condemned, nud sentenced to dls
houorablu discharge.
Tuemluy, Sept. IU.
TIia Wllliiim I Srnuatitfili rmnlinnv wlinln.
snlo grocers at Milwaukee, xxcro burned I
out, causing n loss of 110,000. j
Theatrical Manager George, P.ilgo has
paid f!5 and made a public apology as tho
price of a "gag" perpetrated by his come-1
man at mu expuiihu ui u i-uri uouu, in.,
society man,
Samuel Clayton, son ot Judge Clayton,
of Media, Pa,, xvho xvas recoutly divorced
from Miss Pardrldge, of Chicago, aud
moro recently xvas sued for breach of
promise of marriago by Miss Allco Good
ley, has eloped with aud married a Ches
ter, Pa,, girl.
Thu toothpick factory nt Dsorlug, Me.,
has closed Its doors xvith several carloads
awaiting orders.
Tho Milwaukee National b mk, which
suspended July '), will reopen Sept. 'io,
xvitii increased capital,
Governor has written to Sec
retary Gresham that if thu Geary laxv is
not enforced an outbreak against Chinese
may bo expected in California,
Prince Ulsmar.'k's condition Is again re
ported to be scrh ns. He is suffering from
sciatica, Induced by exposure while receiv
ing deputations,
tmiiiiMlhlfl to IMInmto the Lou They
Cover n l.nrgo Territory.
Cimi'IT.xva Fai.i.m, Sept. 1!). Forest
fires mo running at nn nlnriuing rnto in
this county. Tho xvholo country around
Long lako has boon burned over nnd
grave fears aro felt for tho cottagos
thoio. Tho flro Marlod on O'Ncil creek,
near Chippewa City, nnd burned south,
destroying much pluo nnd hard wood.
Fires aro nlso reported as raging around
Estolln, At Ashland forest fires aro still
raging nnd reports nro received qulto
often from northorn Wisconsin villages
Whero 11 res press them closely. s
At Grand Rapids fires in that vicinity
aro destroying a groat amount of tim
ber nnd cord wood and hay marshes nro
nearly nil burned. Fires nro still run
ning in tho cranberry marshes. Smoko
is so denso ono can scarcely soo n block..
Several small farm buildings nro ro
ported burned. All nvailablo mon nro
out fighting flro. -.
Fire Raging In the lllaek mil. '
Dkadxvood, H. D., Sept. 111. Innnonso
timber fires, covering many miles in ox-
tont, aro raging in various portions of
tho Black Hills, Tho damngo to grow-
Jng timber is very groat, whilo tho lass
j Cordxvood nlono will amount to 50,-
Ooo. Several ndiacent minlnir towns nro
threatened nnd tho inhabitants nro using
evory effort to check tho flames.
Threatened With Destruction.
Cr.NTKAi, City, S. D., Sept. 18. Lead
, City, Central City and other toxvns
k.nMt1 n ItJtew (ton tlitXMf iXdml ttfftl tin.
That Is What William Lyman Hays Abonl
Cannon of the Irlh League.
NkwYohk, Sept. in. William Ly
man, treasurer of tho Irish National
uuhhuii ol iiuuriuii, iniiiiu mo iuuuiiif
8tatoment in regard to Prosldont Gnn
, , " , M. ,,m ,. ..mi,
non's repudiation of tho homo rulo bill:
I am absolutely astonlshod at tho state
ment nttributod to Mr. Gannon. Ho
must be in a badly muddled condition
to lmvo so far forgotten himself. Sir.
Gannon, whon a former address was
Issued by tho executive officers on tho
samo homo rulo question, repudiated it.
When brought to task nbout his repudi
ation ho admitted ho had made tho nd-
I dross nnd promised to lie moro careful
i In l,A fi.ti.m ITa Minn trilil tun llA
would nlxvnys bo with ino in whatever
action I might take.
This letter I roceived from Mr. Gan
nnn. nml whlnh in Knlf.nxiilnnatnrv. maxr
,,,, recnU to Wm Bothing of
,,' ,.,.. .
Astoii Housk, March 18.
Dkau Mu. Lyman Having heard your
outline nud recognizing tho greatdlstance
which prevents immediate communica
tion, and above all, convinced of your sin
cerity, honesty and sterling patriotism, I
herewith authorl.e you to use my name
iu all future public communications on
Irish National Leaguo n (la Irs xvhlch re
quire speedy and determinate action.
Your friend aud brother,
M .
A Question of Mending or Ending.
London, Sopt. 13. Tho Natlonil
Liberal Federation has issuod a circular
in connection with tho rejection of tho
llOlHO HllO bill llV til llOUSO Of lOTllS, in
, Tho nnostion. tho circular adds, need
unflinching treatment.
Charles Do Leiiep Released.
Pawb, Sopt. 13. Mr. Charles do
tlon, in the district of Yegus.
.Supposed to He a Kaoisa.
Chicago, Sept. 18. A man, who,
from papers found on his person, is sup
posed to be Thomas Aloxandor of Mel
von, Kan,, was found dead in bod at the
Alvion houso.
Tuesday' National League dame.
At Clovoland Clovoland, 4; Now
York. 1, Clarkson and O'Connor; Husie
and Milligau.
At St. Louis St. Louis, 1; Brooklyn,
n. Haxvloy, McCnuley and Twlnchauii
Kennedy and Dailoy.
At Baltimoro Baltimore, 2; Pitts
burg, ID. Mullano, Broxvn and Robin
son; Killon nnd Earlo.
Chicago Grain and Provision.
Chicaoo, Sept. 12,-WhcKt was weak.
Cables woro hl.her but did not seom to hax-a
any effect on prices. Corn was easlor and
closed at a Kid a of 4o to o for the day.
Outs closed at a net ealn of a to He Pro
visions were dull nnd Inactive.
CI.O.SI.NO I'llll.'KS.
WilBAT--iitiiiber. WMO09to: Decem
ber, WJtaWMc; May. aiMc. t
COKN-Buptember, 44o bid; October, 42?i
V'Hc: My. DXL4iUc.
OATH-Oetobcr. May. MWVBHc
I'OllK-Bepteinber, flU.:w bid; October,
fl.tbM; January, SH.UOMd.
LAUM-Soptember. W-ii bldj October,
R.4ri; January, $.sl$. '
ltm.S-3e)ioiuber, 110.OJ; January, 110.89
Chicago Llvo Stock.
Union Stock Yahds. t.
Ciiicauo, Sept. IS. I
CATTIjB-kVccIihs,, 8.0U1. Common to ex.
Ira steers, I.SX&VIJ. blockers nud feeder.
$.Wit:i.iX: i oh?, heifers uud bulls, II.WAlii;
calves. 8S W.
ll()US-ltt'celits, lfl.OX). Common to choice
mixed, fJMan.15: choice assorted, 4.1JQt).'JJ;
littht, SUOaiMO; heavy, S-X.IJUWI.I.
BIlKKl'-Kco'lpts, 10.010. Inferior to choice.
I1.IMWI.W; westerns, .Wa:.'3; lambs, $-.74
South Omaha Live Stock. ''
South Omni, Kopt, L'.-UAITLK-Ite-rellitu,
?," head; i:l to Ibi., Ji MKiM.SJ;
UiMtolUlllu.. t.UWll.M; lk)J to IllM lin., JJ.'O
IM.(i); choice coH-, SJ.txa,').'1"; common cows,
U.ia.'.If: good fenders, SiiSiWJ; common
feeders $ '.OiO-'.K), Market strong.
110(1S -Receipts, iflxi huutlj llht, l.Uu
It).'.; mixed. jr..7,tM.i; heavy, 5.euAM. aUr
let Hi6 sue lilcher... . u
MIIKKlVMuttonl.z3w3.fti la-bs, flO
M. Market iiuotably sUouk ' . .