The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 15, 1893, Image 2

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Cannot Choke a Horse
Adjust? Itself '.'any
Korso'o iicck,
Has two llowa of
Wl'l hold dairies
In place, hotter t'.ian
any cthor Caller.
IIuvo u Tew fllorc of Thoae
Also a large lino of harness, Ac.
,'all nnil ace mo ir you wont
j. i,. MiM-m,
The Veteran IlarneMlNnu.
Farm Loaijs
Per ceiit.
Blue L-lill Neb.
Not lee to Teacher.
Notico is hereby given that I will
examine all persons who may desire
to offer themselves us candidates for
teachers ofllio publio Kchools of this
couuty, at Red Cloud on the third
Saturday of each month.
Special examinations will ho held
on the Friday proceeding the 3d Sat
urday of each month.
The standing required for 2d and
3d grade certificates i'h tliu Home no
grade below 70 per cont., avcroge 80
per cent; for lirst grade certificate
no grade below 80 por cent., average
00 per cent, in all branches required
by law.
1. M. IIuntkh, County Supt.
A nice lino of
Scarf pins
Ciilftnnd collar ImltoiiN, neeK
elialiu, lave nlna, Mick plus,
vliarniN, cte.
I'lated and solid silverware, sonvenlr Fpoons,
licii'l handled knives mid forks. carilm? m.i.s.
ctlllnu card rases, uoti lion boxes mid other
iiutriiio, a unit unu in iipmacies anil eve
Klntwn with lntcrrhani,Mhlo lenses, steel, nickel
silver and cold frame, Kpcelal and careful lit.
tenilon imld lolltlhiKllin i-jo- My lino of '.'in!
hand watches I unite law. I wllfiun tliviaolt
at less limn ilielrai liml worth.
Cr7"MruiK our watch, rlock and Jewelry in
pair work, juiiromtiaviia; ai:d your old uold
itud silver to w,
Henry Cok'N IniK Store.
It la a safe and unfailing remedy for all
Kidney Troubles, Liver Disorders
and Female Irrcgiiittiilles, .
rrlee Ono Dollar Per Bottle.
Iho Or. J. II. McLean Medicine Co.,
ST. LUU13, MO.,
fflifl r Tv. ,ijL
! it
m.x-ii J Jr ITM
c1tv just over the
Wltcro UurIiicm Men do l!u.
iiCMt on Business Principles.
As wo occupy the editorial satieluru
and soliloquizo on tho apparent bin
guino condition of one cotninuiiity,
aud tho absoluto mendicity of others,
especially duiiug tho present finan
cial rftringonoy, which has materially
affected the wholo nation, our chain
of thoughts are led to a consideration
of the various towns in tho west, re
specting their founding, progress and
their condition at tho present lime.
Some have been charactized by a pho
nominal prowth for some time, then a
atand still, a gradual decline, and (in-
all j unstayed by proper support tank
hopUrsly into .'oblivion.
Some have flourished like a big sun
flower from the beginning, and with
no apparent effort, gained a front rank
in population and prosperity, while
others attain a certain prominence,
and remain at that stago a life time,
enjoying a moderate patronage, and
its citizens living a lifo of social en
joyment and goppcl nrivilegs.
Wo may assert with impunity that
to tho latter class belongs tho peace
ful town of llivcilon, Nob., from ilio
faot that it has remained for several
years at a certain size, is a clean
healthy town in any sense and is de
void to a great extent of tho licen
tiousness which characterizes many
places of that size. A compendious
description of this beautiful city, a
compatible portrayal ol its varied aud
valuable resource?, would involve more
time and ability than tho writer
assumes adequate to the occasion.
Wo will endeavor howovcr to d
cribo with brevity a few important
features of this city, and trust tho
reader will consider it a fair, impar
tial, and perspicuous writcup. lliv
crton was founded in (ho year 1870,
the three first sutthrs being, B. Ash
burn, W. (3. Thompson and Wm. Mc
Brldo. It is located in tho southern
part of Franklin Co., Neb., in the lux
uriant valloy of tho liopubliean river,
120 miles from Bloomington, its couuty
scat, 3G3 miles from Denver, Col., and
155 niilaa from Lincoln, tho capitol of
the stato, Like other towns in this
section it is surrounded by as prolific
an agricultural district as was ever
created and as a consequence, enjoys a
gradual trade that threatens not dis
aster to its busiucES men or citizens.
Tho residents of this oity are a refined,
well cultured class of people, haying
several churches, good schools, and
other features which tend to moral
and t-pirilunl cloration. Thrae
churohes largely predominate, the
Methodist, Congregational, and Cath
olic J. II. Blackburn holds the pas
torate of tho Methodist church, and
Mr. F. Lawson, tho Congregational.
Tho publio Bcheol building is a beau
tiful brick edifice nicely located on a
protuberant clcyafon, and its inter
ior is elaborately furnished with the
modern appliances used in our public
schools. Mr. L. B. Carnaban, prin
cipal of the sohool at present, u a man
of much erudition and nbilitj as a
teacher and has tho confidence of the
pooplc. His assistants aro Miss John
son, who has charge of tho intermed
iate department, and Miss Lawson
toaohes tho primary, both ladles have
much ability as teachers and com
mand tho profound rcspcot of tho en
tiro community. Au important fca
turo which must not be ommitted is
tho swift clear creek that runs
through town, though shallow this
lovely stream flows tho year around,
and furnishes sufficient water power
to propel any kind oi machinery, and
although not utilized much for that
purpose there, it could be so applied,
and Ilivcrton is as proud of this re
freshing rivulet as Washington of
her r-tatc jjrouuds, or Brooklyn of its
Wo havo seldom met a more genial
class of business men than thoso of
Ilivcrton, all conducting business on
sound business principles, and ad
verso to tho somniculous, easy-go
methods of eastern merchants. Tho
late financiul depression has drowned
an immenso nuinbor of country banks,
but llio Stato bank of Ilivcrton mill
flourishes and wc are informed by tho
cashier that its prospects never wero
better and thero is absolutely no
dinger of a failure The biuk is now
enjoying an excellent biis'ncsp, and
the pcoplo havo tho most implicit
confidence in its tuninlninoncc, K.
11. lilakc is its cashier, he is n gcntle
nnn of pleasant demeanor, and pos
sesses excellent business qualities and
is thoroughly conversant with the
banking business generally. Mr. Ku
gono Hunter is proprietor of one of
tho largest and most complete iitocks
of agriculturo in tho county, and also
buys tho most live stock especially
hogs, that is marketed at that place.
Mr. Hunter has been engaged in busi
ness in Ilivcrton for i good many
years and commands tho respect of all
who know him.
Fulton & Carnahan is tho natno of
one of the most prosperous firms in the
city. They havo recently moved to a
spacious corner building where an im
menso stock of goods can bo found.
Both the gcntlctncu hare had a long
and, varied experience in business, and
now enjoy a very munificent patron
ogo. Their stock consists oT general
There are two harness iheps in Iliv
crton and both enjoy a very liberal
patronage. Ono is owned and opera
ted by J. II. Gaskill, who handles a
nice lino ot harness, Gxturcs, &c, and
docs neat repairing.
The other goes under tho name of
V). Burner & Son. They havo ono of
the most complete stocks of harness,
saddles, whips, robes, &c, to befouod
in tho county and do repairing neatly
and promptly. They aro pleasant
business men and aro fast establishing
a heavy trade.
J. I). Full in, real estate and insur
ance agent is an old resident of tho
placo aud enjoys a good business in
his line. He also insures collections
promptly and the parties who place a
collection in his hands may rest as
sured John will "go after 'em" about
A. Holderidgn, proprietor of the
city livery and feed stablo seems to
get his share of that business and is
doing as much livery 'work as any
stable in that part of the country.
S, J. Wilson is tunning tho city
dray lino in that place and is making
it pay well. Ho is tho only ono m
town engaged exclusively in that busi
ness, and as a cooicquoncc, with faith
fulness to his patrons, he bos estab
lished a good solid trade.
Ilivcrton is not without good hotel
accommodations, having tho "Frank
lin House," n rcspectahlo 2-a-day
Iiouec, and tho "Banks House" of
half that rato. They aro located side
by side, tho former being controlled
by (Jcorgo Knos, and Ilobirt Hanks
being proprietor of tho latter. At
present, the Banks House, is filled In
ccssantly with regular and transient
patronage, and tho accommodations
are as good as any in tho country.
Both Mr. and Mrs. Bunko aro pleasant
and courteous and tho stranger who
dines tiicro is suro to call agaiu,
A. J. Benjamin handles tho only
lumber yard in Ilivcrton and carries
a heavy stock of choice lumber, lath,
Miingles, limo, coal, cement, etc Mr.
Benjamin is a conservative business
man and sells a largo amount of his
stock every year. Ho informs us that
his business remains about tho same
dining the drtnocratic depression, and
that the proi-pects for a fall trade are
very flattering indeed.
The largest and .nost flourishing
hardwaro storo in tho city is that of
Cummings & Hobart, on tho north
sido of Main street. 'Ihese gentle
men carry a stupendous stock of
hardware, furniture, windmills, pump,
farm implements, &c. TlioyjJ.iro lo
cated in a capaoious building and wo
aro informed that thoy sell enormous
amounts of goods each year. The
gentlemen comprising this firm arc
pleasant and sociable and havo estab
lished an excellent business
Bert G. Lindloy is proprietor of tho
City Drug Storo and enjoys an excel
lent patronage at all times. His
stock consists of a full lino of drugs,
paints, oils, school books, stationery,
fanny toilet articles, cigars, &o,
llufus M. Stark is one of Hivcrton's
most substantial business men, own
ing and operating a largo stock of
queensware, glassware, groceries and
provisions. Ho has been in business
somo time in Ilivcrton and his fair
business dealings has merited tho
good will of tho poople whioh he do.
Charlio Smclscr io proprietor of tho
City Meat Market and a ohoioo lino
of fresh moats arc always to bo found
at his place. Charlio is a rustler aud
will no doubt Bonio day make himself
arioh man.
Hubert Banks runs in connection
with his hotel a first clan's livery barn.
Bob is a jovial fellow and the emolu
ments ho reaps fiom both cut ci prises
arc highly satisfactory.
J. L. Wilson, tho city barber, is lo
cated between the Franklin house and
tho Banks house. Ho is an excellent
tonporial artist and is remunerated by
a good patronage.
There aro two blacksmith shops in
Ilivcrton, ono belonging to Arthur
Knox, and tho other to J. P. Oulson.
Both seem to bo buy all the time
Ono of tho largest dry goods stores
in tho county is owned and controlled
by A. L. Gray. It is known as the
"Now York Cash Store." Mr. Gray
carries a monstrous stock of every
thing in tho line of dry goods, boots,
shoes, &o. It is said ho has a heavy
trade and his prices aro so low, one can
do no better anywhere.
There is ono lunch counter and gen
eral confectionery Btoro In town, where
the hungry may feed at any time. Its
owner and manager ia James Wood,
who says business is as good as cv:r
and slightly on tho incroasc.
Kd. Fuller is citymarsballc and finds
a place for any disorderly character
who may como to town, Ho has
proved to bo a very efficient officer.
The abovo list of firms concludes a
description of tho most important
business enterprises in the city with
possibly the omission of some features
of minor importance. Ilivcrton has
many pcoplo who are rich and ofllucnt,
and most all have established palatial
homes where they will probably reside
as long as thoy live. Wo noticed the
residenco of Mr, Heck in tho south
part ot town aud unhesitatingly pro
nounce it one of the nicest in the
luvcrton has a weekly newspaper
called the Franklin County Guard,
edited and published by Mr. Daggett.
While there we called on Bio. Daggett
and his assistant and found them to be
very affable and courteous gentlemen.
Some of tho most opulent citizens in
the state live in and around Ilivcrton
among them arc Gus l'omcry, K.ija
Katun, Hugh Criller, A. T. Walker, S.
J.Taylor, Andrew Leonard, Joseph
Elliott, Andrew Haokctt, C. C. Good
in-, 1). M. Waint, Gus Klli', 1)
Beams, Ilob't. Cummings, Isaac Ship
ardson, II. Hinkins, James Blown and
D. Fuller. Ilivcrton has every indica
tion of a continuenco of tho success
that has characterized it for the few
years past, and The Ciiikv shakes a
friendly hand with her sister city wish
ing her health, wealth, and prosperity.
i i I.
A Leader.
Sinco its fitnt introduction, Eloctrio
Bitters has j-nincd rapidly in popular
favor, until now it is clearly in tho lend
among pure medicinal tonics und alter-
utivefl containing nothing which per
mits ita uso oo n boverago or intoxicant.
It Is recognized nn tho best nud purest
medicino for all ailments of stomach,
livor, or kidney. It will cure eiok heud
aoho, iudigoation, constipation, and tlrivo
mularin from the systom. Satisfaction
guaranteed with ouch bottlo or tho money
will lie refunded. 1'rico only GOo per
bottle. Hold by C. L. Cotting.
Lumber cheap Tor Cimli.
liOOK at int'so prices una compare
thniii with prices other denlers noil for.
No. 1 '2x1 'JMi 2.3 810 1"0 per 1000 ft.
No. 1 Ship lap 17.50 " " "
No. 1 Grooved UoolInglS.OO " '
No. 1 Fencing 18.00 " ' "
Hi'st Bod Cedar Shingles i!.7.r)
Sash iloora at about ono halt tho prico
charged by boiiio dealers.
A liberal discount uuulo on largo bills.
Wo will Bavo you money if you will got
our prices before buying. Our stool: is
all No. 1. Thadkus' LujuiKit Co.
ii i
If the. hnir Ihib fallen out, louving tho
head bald, if tho Bcalp is not shiny, thero
is n chnnco of regaining tho huir by us
ing Hullo Hair llenewer.
Hay! Hay! liny!
Bids will bo rocoived nt thu Hod Cloud
Murblo Works for fio tons of flrot cIush
prairie huy, to bo delivered at Itod Cloud
nil properly stacked and weighted. Hay
to stand in the stack Ito doH before it io
uninsured. 8 cubiu feot to conotitulo a
City Cab Line.
B. B. Hurt proprietor, Bun to all trains
and to all parts of city. Terms very
I !! I . .
For Kale.
A Woboter couuty farm, of 100 acres,
with well llnlelieil frame house, stablo.
100 acres fenced in to pasture, over .'10
lionil or-cattle, over W hogs, over :i(JO
IiusIibIh of corn; olfer nil for a short tune
for tho small hii iu of 6'J,10O. A good
pruiriu farm of ICO acroa with no im
provements, prico 81,050. 80 acres in
Jewel county. Kansas, 81,100. 80 acres
In Jewel county Kansas, i?l..'!()0. lm.
proved Webster county farm of lOOucrcH,
prico srU.OOO. Ukohui; O. Vi:isi.ii. nut.
Bed Cloud, Neb.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castorla,,
In Memory ot Ilaby Leon.
Died September 8th, 189.'!. nged eight
months, nnil nlno iIiijb; Loon, adopted
fhllil of Patrick nnil Lizzlo Ollroy. IIo
wan u sweet, lovablo baby, unil leaver un
itching void in tho hctirtn of his foster
parents which tinionlouo can flit. Little
Leon wnn deserted by those who had tho
nearest and best right to lovo nnil cher
ish him. God pity tho hiird heart of tho
mother that can desert her own child.
But thero wns ono woman whoso urmii
wore empty but whose heart was filled
with tho sacred motherly lovo, willing to
luko tho helpless baby to her homo anil
givo him nil thu euro and motheiB love
that babies need and well bnu she ful
filled her trust. Little Leon is gono but
bIio will havo tho blessed memory of tho
Bwrct baby fueo und tho clinging baby
urniB und her lifo will bo broader and
better for it. Her icward will bo gieat
for did not Christ say "In im much as jo
did it unto the least of these yo havo
dono it unto me." Mr. and Mrs, Gilroy
have thoBympathyof their many friende.
So much to lose, (ii niv.cli to nils,
So much to (.'Hoc runlay hv il.iv.
'ili(cllKlriK'iuiii, thoKoodtiiftht Kits,
'I he tojs to imtauay.
Tim gladioinu IIkIH from baby e)es.
Ihu lionyliead with silken hair.
jiio eauer nsienim; ror ills erics,
The 1Mb) uriels to share.
The dainty cpiineiits wrought with
ThroiiRli li;iipy hours, fi.r lovo's a
Are lalil nsliln for nun mure f.ilr
Thau mother's li.uuls can iiiako.
How could we bear this heavy cross,
Thu loneliness, the cruel pain,
Did no not know our earthly loss
Is his eternal Rain.
Kurc're the touch of sin could Unlit
Or sorrou'.s shadow ilnud his way
In! kindly took lilmfioni earth's night
To Heaven's eternal day,
-A KltlBND.
i i
Suffers from dyspepsia have only them
selves to blnmo if thoy fail to lest tho
wonderful eurntivo iiunlitlcs of Ayor'a
Sarsaparilla. In purifying tho blood,
tbig medicino strengthens every organ of
tho body, nnd oven tho most nbusod
atomnch is soon restored to healthy no
tion. Persons troubled with chronio iliar
rhiea should try Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera nud Dinrrhto Keracily. Many
cases hnvo been cured bv it aftir nil oleo
had failed nnd akillul physician wtro
powerless, por Baio uy ueyo & Urico.
When in Ilivcrton bo suro nnd Btop nt
tuo nanus iiotieo. fi.uu per nay. .Liv
ery in connection, By far tho most picas
unt place in Ilivcrton.
The Army Hill
Is not tho one that worries u9 but tho
doctor b bill. Keep a supply of Beggs'
Fnmily MedicineB on hnid und
your doctor b lulls Vo per cent. Bold by
Duyo & Grico.
Don't forgot it, that Morhart wants
all of tho old rags ho can buy, from
this on. Don't forget it and sell tlum
to him.
Uueklen's Arnien Salve.
iho best snlvo in tlin world for cuts,
bruises, eorcs, Ulcers, Salt rhotim, fovor
Bores, tetter, chapped hnndfl, chilblains,
corns, nnu an BKin eruptions, nnil posi
tivjly cores pileB, or no pay required. It
is guarnntoed to givo perfoct satisfaction
or monev roiumiou. Prico zo centa per
oox. j;orsnio uyuoiung ti
-. ... ...
Those Wonderful GIuiiIm In
If yon wish to Bee thorn call on Doyo &
unoounuasK ror Jiegs Iiittlo Giant
Pills, iuvory bottlo guninntoiu.
First ChiHN Itoardlii
Mr. S. Baylcs wishes to announce to
the public that he is prepared to tako
boarders at IJ.50 per week, sleeping
inciuucu. Apply at 4tli Avenue
Coal, Flour and Teed.
Don't you forget that L. P. Al
Ja ght sells more coal, flour or feed for
$1 than any one. Sco him.
Aitciiey ! Ire, Llhtiiliie and Tor
nado IiiNiiranee.
Written in tho bcHt and oldest com
panics, nt lowest rates. Cullundscomo
Olllco over post olllce, Red Cloud, Neb
A Xcw .folic
On the livor. Whon it iB out of order
nnd you fool blue, try a few doses of
Beggn'Littlo Glnut Pills. Your livor will
appreciate tho joleo. So will vou. For
snlo by Doyo & Grico.
A. II. .
Asthma, Bronchitis and Consumption
result from a neglected co igli or cold.
Don't neglect but euro promptly with n
fow doses of BegBB' Cherry Cough Byruri
Sold by Ueyo & Grico. ' V
orCourneltM a Itargam.
I paid 81,700.00 cash foi tho Shircy
property and now ofTer tho fiuuo for 61,
800.00. 1,700.00 cnh , and $01.00 (mar
gin) on or bororoll! months, nt 7 per cent
This pjoporty would bo cheap nt Si'.fiOO.
iu good times. John M. Cuaitin.
To many Indies !h how to keop their
hnir in curl on rainy ilaj b. Tho solution
nj eiiHj. Ask Doyo & (irico for Nonpar
eil Hair curler and the xnuzlo will bo
When Ilaby was slclr, wo earo her CostorlR.
When aho was a CTilld, alio cried for Castorla.
When the became Miss, alio clung to Castorla.
When alie bad Children, aho favo them Castorla.
Children Cry for
P.toh(?r, Castorla.
Children Cry fof
Pitcher's Cattorla.
Keeps the scalp
clean, cool, healthy.
The Best
Restores hair
which has become
thin, faded, or gray.
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.
Lowell, Mass.
JMIIIISTt AN Church- Sen Ires SuiuliivntlOMO
V . a ni and 7:ao p in : miii.I.iv iclioot Ht 1 1 noon
1' 8 0 i: at 0:M i in and Y 1' 8 0 V. Juniors at
Ip in.
(ONllli:IATIONAt. Church-Hen lees at ID:
an kiii, and liWipintNimdiiyiclinoliitilt'Sf)
a in, I' H 0 i: nt 0:'M p in and V V b 0 K Jim-
Mirs .u 4 p in.
MirrilODlsr Cliurcli !i-ilrt at 10:30 a. m,
ittiil7:.i0p, in., lipwnrth LeaKueat 0:30 u.
in. Sunday School at 1 1:30 p.m.
LM'ISCOl'AI. Cluirch-Scnlccs every two
1J weeks, by appointment.
I UIHKItAN C'hiircli-Ku'ry thlid Sunday
1J moriilin; at in h cluck.
i A 1 HOI.lOCliuicli nerv tees by appointment.
IVaI ' r 1 STTiiti riTi Non Kii la r "Se rTees, Sun;
' day school (HKUlar) at noon. 11 Y P U at
0:30 p "i.
y- any.
-auiid.iy school m 3 p ui every sun-
A O U W l!:icli alternate. Tuesday evening.
Bi:N Adhem IxhIko .No ISO; 10 O PuvcryMon
davnluht. '
I lAI.ANTIIi: LoiIkc Novo, Kliluhls of P)thlas
Thursilay evenliu;.
I'll Cloud Lodge No Wit, Modern Woodmen
x ot America, alternato Wednesilay cvonl n K
VAI.I.i: Uiilco Nor., Kralernal Order of Pro-
tuctorsi, Mist and third Monday ot each
fWAltlTY IiIko Nod A K and A M each
lfrlilny evening on or befoio tho full moon.
RI'.ll Cloud Chapter No IU.
'I Inn slay evenlni;.
It A M alternato
C'YIllINr. Commniulery No H alternuto Thurs
; iliy evcnlui;.
1I1A1HTY Clnpter Kastera Star No 47 alter
n.ilo Tucsditv evening.
GAItlTi:i.l) Tost No 80(1 A It Monday even
tin; on or Lefore the full moon.
f' W 't 0 No 14 meets alternato Sat
v iiiilayatlernoon.
AfAltY Si:i:itS McHKNItYTentNollDaUBht-"-
er of Velerans Moiulavevenhiu.
HS KA1.KY Camp No'Jo, S of V Tuesday eve-iiini-.
Clli:il.MAN Circle No n, ladles of the U A It
- llrstnnd third Saturday evening.
RT.I) CI.OUII Council No IS LoynlMjstlc Un
ion ot Atactica and third Friday eve-
Sewing - Maciiin3
Has u fine line of Sowing Ma
chines and Organs from $25
AUo Keeps all KIiuIh of Itluehlne
EiiIipiliM. Uoea repairing
promptly. Call and ace mo.
Vnr lnfnm.(l --J .. " ..""" " "
ii 1 1 5f 1; , .', i" I5.".".'.rco ianniiooir wr to to
ftlUrtN c LO.. IKjI llltOAlu.AV Npw Vnnir
OWcut Imrcnu for icciirimr patent. mAiScrTca.
UepuOUo l)yuuoticojlvcu troool cUwxoUjUiS
Larepst clrrulntlnn of any sclcntiflo nanor In tha
worJO. , Bnlpqdldlr lllu.tratea. No In? Jiiib Jn?
inan nnuiu LO witliout It. Weekly, ,'l.0 t
JP": V.MHX ranntlin. AildreM MfiNN Wii?
i-umjauius. uui uroauirar, New York i
' A CO-
i viir.
ClinrleiH. Iloppe, Hnnpe, I.. W. Till-
n.i. i mi. . iiiki niiriiiiiim iuiicvsri;o., ( e
Uudants, (sill ink iioti e that onllio Ifith Var
llevs&Co., ile-
J iA."i?."iM' 8i. .rtiiiia N. liinvrn. Trustee,
plalatlll In-rriii. tlltd lilt prtltlou In tile UlBtrlct
i-nmt of Webster roiuily. Nrbmskn. iitalnst
tha nliov immril ill ri'ml.-uiN, Hie object and
piajtl of vvhlill Is to iiileiluson .ert.ln nv.rt.
c;mo xectited by Lewis : Hummel nnd llcllu
Hiiininel, his vvlfo. io the Mild L. W.Tulleys,
.1..,!.l.,".l,; "'""J .Vi'! "atli-east ijiuirtor of aecllon
twenij-roiir C.'l) Iu inwimhlp ono (I) north, Iu
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for n (Ih.-u ii nr i,n fl.isiirn and ilmt snldiiretn
Im'j may to .sul.l to sutlsfv the iimniiat due.
Viii niiii-qiilrii to answer said petition on
oi befuru Moiiitav iho 8.1'u.iy of Otlobcr, IP93.
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Dy A, I), ilLC.VMit.tss hit altoiiiey.
Probate Notice.
Wt'hsiertiniiiiv f
ibi'iM '.V1'1'1'0' "io estate of I). C. Bmeliej,
TSiiHls,rSd"a1HedC','?a '" ll' C6,n, ' lh a'
nf,i,.,,ir.V'l',,wAr,b 110,lll,p'l Oiat on tlm 2-,th day
M,f '," ',Ai,"M, '" ""Mcr Hiltnlnlstra
!l.'? . ,J ,a,'illicdlit'rvcrmed petition in
thiieouiilv colli t of our s.i kl count v of Wobster
jit Sclcntiflo American
& Agenoy for
ji ng tin a I imlK' lb iiient, fur tho allowance C
f lie iicioiint llleil Iu h U, Coty rmirt on Iho
t.,Mil,,.,i,Hf!ll,liVir5l0,l.",!'.,lll"t ,,ie hearing pi A
sa i pitltlnn will bij bad in tho county courcLr I
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bfr, i'jj, nta o'chfit, p. m. ' ' '
JAMKN bUFl'Y, Quality Judgo.
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