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1 - II L ., , gB
By A. C. Hosmer.
Pnklisked Weekly.
Subscription, - 1 Per Annum,
HTarlakly in AOaiice
If not paid In advance, after thin date March
I, 18W, the prlco will be tX.'ii.
Entered at the f ost Office In Itetl Cloud, Neb.,
as niall matterof the second class
Hoanaeepafhle Pbyalelaa),
Heal Clonal, - Ncferasaa.
Office opposite First National Dank.
U. H.BxaminlnK Muriteon.
tlhrnnlo discs treated hv mall . .
Red Cloud,
Wlll attend sale at reasonnblo .figures.
taction Ruarwiiccu.
Moon Block, RED CLOUD, NEB.
Collections promptly attended to.
r C, CASE,
Moon Block, - RED CIDUD, NEB.
Collections promptly attended to, and
correspondence solicited.
.has. sciiAifPxrr,
l.'lrn nnil l.lfc lllRlirilHCC.
co.v .
J RkoOujud, - - Nmiiiahka.
tf VM-
Attorney nt Lnw,
Attends suits In nnvj-art of the county.
1'ructlues In all conns . .
rorrcsponoence In regard to si;JIIni it of
any estai-- In which tou may le Interested will
receive prompt attention.
Altornrjr Ml Law.
Red Cloud, Nebraska.
Office Up stairs, In Moon Block,
over Fair Store
Nalerr PnbMe aw Collection Agent.
Red Cloud, Nebr.
lias a number of houses on her list for rent.
Miles penslona and Notary l'ubllo work a
stieclaltjr, and writes deeds, mc-wcaKes "d all
Iwal Instruments In the best of st le.
! taxes for non-residents. Re.
OaeetlOeer tne PoatOMee.
Mortgage Loans
lat. Limit of Amount Loaned:
$300.00 to 910,000.00.
Id. Security!
Farm loans worth at least double
the amount loaned.
3d. Title:
Complete abstract fiom the Unit
j ed States down to the borrower.
41k Terms of Loam
Five (5) to ten (10) years. Exten
sion at maturity without cost to
satisfactory borrowers.
. Atk Rate or Interest:
Eight (8) per ceut, annually, on
April, July, October or Decem
ber 1st.
tk Place or Payment:
Interest and principal mado paya
ble at your home bank, allowing
borrower to take op his note at
the time of payment
Ttk Sneclal Privilege:
Partial payment in any amount at
any time with rebate of interest,
evfdenoedby written agreement,
providing that snch payments
shall sot exceed in any one year
one-nrth of the principal.
Call on or Address,
D. J. Myers,
Red Cloud, Neb.
Over Deyo's Drug Store.
a. E. POND,
Conveyancer, Real Estate,
Loan, Insurance, and Pen
sion Agent.
Red Cloud, Nebraska.
I specially Invito you to call on me for
anything in ny line. Loans made on
,farsa property at 8 per sent. Ituarano
1st the best companies .
II. E. POND.'tA. .; "- :.':
7ffi': . mvnv":
iJWlVli .&afflSKft!
aa1amaaamnaail irrii i inr ,.,-.-
r ,-. ' -j . . t . v. '
Mw!iBrfj Jtm-AiJAr tkziUu
MntnjpmE, wmmsrimm.'
' f -f-iti hiiiniiiitiTii-it-ia. iw Maa n .AjflbflimnirTf
v --wra
'Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty," and One Dollar a year is
A Terse Historical Sketch of
Med Claud's Volunteer Fire
The editor of The Chief being
somewhat familiar with the
workings of firo departments
and knowing that tho Red
Cloud Fire Dopartmcnt ranks se
cond to no department in the state in
thovolunlecr service took it upon him
self to corner two or three of tho old
charter members and in conversation
gleaned a few of tho following facts
and figures:
The department was organized as a
Volunteer Firo Department for tho
protection of lifo and proporty on tho
second day of December 1887 on the
evening of that date, 50 of tho men
who had signed tho rolls as charter
members met over tho Postoflleo
which waa then located in tho build
ing now occupied by Dacker & Co's
Dry Goods House, and then and there
adopted tho constitution and by-laws
under which they havo been governed
for the past five yours. To sluw that n
Fireman's life is not a milk and honey
life, out of tin HO lu-iiili.Tx on activi'
list who ctiUTi'd livo with nio only
ho ven wric left to miivo th'ir ex
emption mi the evening of Dcrciiiln-r
2d, 1802. Since thu orjjinir.utioii of
the drpirtmont Dec. 2d, JHS7 thcio
has been nr.c-liundicd and citjhty-ono
meiubi rs enrolled, and out of tho 181
who joined tho department during t lie
past tivu )cara only 34 names am t till
on tho Department books and of
those only 2ft arc in good standing,
and si veil of thoso are charter litem
berk. Ah to thu lohs und datuago by
Gro the estimates accoiding hi ad
justment bhiiwu for the past
five tears is $11)835 00. Insurance on
same 1(18(35.00. Lcuving a loss over
and above insurance of $2070 which
no busiucFs man who is fninilinr with
or has a rcmeiubcruicc a to tho locu
tion of the tiros in thu putt ftvo ycurs
will deny tho fact, that woto it, not
for tho efficient s-rvico rendered at
the fiics tho loss would litve been up
ward of $40,000. Our soribu in look
ing ov-r the fiuaucixl workings of the
Department found u remarkable show
ing for a volunteer organ zitiou. Tho
receipts anddisburi-nicnts by the lifth
annual rcttlometit were shown ti bo
as fol'ows: Tola'. $5337 17 , total ex
penscs $4574.47, leaving a balanco
held by tho Department of 1703 of
which $360 is in stock certificates of
tho Rud Cloud Volunteor Fircuians
Associati n $307.35 in uniforms, sup
ply and extra apparatus and balance,
tn cash $5.66. Which should tho de
partment disband then would bo a
orcdit to each of the 25 members by
the inventory that shows the assets at
$703, of $30.52 lor each.
Now aside from this there U sumo
thing of as much importance to out
readers. On tho regular meeting of
the department on tho first Monday in
last Muy it was deoided that an aux
iliary association bo organized to fur
ther the interests of tho Rod Cloud
Fire Department Chief A. J. Tomlin-
son was authorized by tho Department
to tako nocessary steps and put the
samo into execution. He thoroupon
selected from among the livo and sat-
ivo members L. M, Vuuoe, J. O. But
lor, Harry Sowtor, E. J. Pulsipher, W
W Gilbert, and J. B. Can-, Henry
Dicderiob, T. W. HutrloM, C. L.
Winfrey, tho ten which in
cludes Chief Tomlioson, at once
drew up artloloi of incorporation
which were filed according to law
with the County Clerk and Secretary
of state and thereby perfected what
is known as tho Red Cloud Volunteer
Fireman's Ass'n. As soon as overy
:diV r .( . i j-iitfiawr
iA3eOTiiittii'f"-' !''-
Cloud, Webster County, Neb., Friday, Dec.
thing was in running order, stock in
the nssooiution was ottered to tho act
ive member of the Dopartmont whore
upon thoso who had tho interest ol
the department at heart subscribed for
stock. Through tho purchaso of tho
samo tho Association was at onoo per
mitted to mako investments, it was
decided to purchuio the W. 1) Forres-'
tor property of four lots and two
houses situated at tho north-west cor
ner of 4th Avcnuo and Cednr street,
which was dono by tho Association
paying one third down, one-third in
ona year and one-third in two years
which would mako including interest
and taxes close to $1700, how well tho
boys succeeded it is only nnccsfjary
to say that since the organization last
May thoy have paii about $1150 of tho
purchaso money and without any assis
tance except what was received from
tho city, by its purchasing tho firo
alarm system from tho Department at
less than tho cost of construction
with the understanding that tho do
partmcnt keep tho samo Sn continuous
running ordor.
jjfRjRjjRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRBWhNLi jammmWH'R mmmmmSscammmmmmmmmmVSaTsBaaaaaaaaaVP amammmmWIHBmmmmmmBaaiTeBmmmwflmnma
Birai&aBBBBmmmmmmmHamBilBmmV 'JbbbbbbbbbbbbH
tASgHmmmmmmiamHjKHanw-Emi mmc4:'BaBaKfE')Lllvv fnammmma
amwaammmmmmmmWTmH :iJBf!jBBVKVBiiLHBllv
aHaaaaaaaaaammmPIILB 3PlliyBBWBMf
ammmmmmmHsSaW'.BmmmmmUwBmmvBBmmmmmmV 'TammmTaKaaEVVaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam
FLmmmmmmmmmnmmmmmmmm(SP"ammmmVk " aBmmmmw BaaaaaaaaaaKBBaaaaaaaaaaaam
TMammmmm '
Tho boys aro thankful to tho
sens and business mon who in
past hayo contributed to tho
pert Of the department although they
havo received no assistance from but-
sido of tncmbcjr's of tho department
for oyer ono year. No person unlcs he
has served five yearn in a volfintcor
Firo Dopartmcnt can (ell tlio nmnunt
of gratuitous work done, clothe t de
stroyed and money out, If you doubt
this nssertion then join tho depart
ment and respond to every 'pall, do
whatever work is unsigned yoi at, any
time'or plaoo regardless of fall clsu
and without any kiokintr and lor five
ycais, then you will bo conv mod of
tho trouble, trial, and viciss tildes in
cident to a fireman's life, A majority
of our business men and qui . a num
ber of Indies havo always l ponded
liberally in assisting tlio ro boyB
. ,-,A-;L.,',L. :.';.-i. . , .,-Sv ' Ay?-.4 :AM
w . ,., :,.. . u.aV ,,zwm-$$&& k . . : . mtmmtis&'&sp: kwmzi .1 m. -assajsi uwrnmammm mxsmwa m
wmMU-zmJtmxmak0mtMHrinwiimi,wivm&mirvt i xwwvi. r ii n iiiiiirihbW i in n i i iiiiwi i i ,., r tb n istanr t i i n i i nir irr 7 t TTrTTi-i rr t ii rr iiKnsn r-,--n- n rn ir ru ri
fmmmmmmmmmmm Wfmmmmmmmmsmmmi . mmffmimmmmmmMmmmmm
Jfai. julikiki .. a .iilk&WVlyiBlffito.':i. .iksCklil 'Vi ,'i.' 1TT , ,1 " !fflPJ?
when failed upon, to which tho 1m)s
havo always appreciated their kind
ncrs and extend thoir thanks for thu
same, ceiuinly there i.rj some among
tho residents although thoy aro few,
(who havo always stood ready to kick
at every i ITort inado by tho depart
ment toward bettering their cond.tion
and efficiency. At to kicks the de
partment has passed tlioin juU tho
same as if thoy had not been nude.
The 18 incmbori in good stinding
should they remain so, will receive
their exemption and will bo allowed to
retire or be re-enrolled at tho rate of
one ca'ih month comtuoucing on the
first regular Kicotiug in March 1803.
us tlio oldest member in tho
department outsido of exempt or re
enrolled members, expires on that
It is the intention of tho depart
ment to send u full delegation to tho
next Nebraska Stato Volunteer Fire
men's Association to bo held nt Kear
ney on January 17-18-10 1803 provid
ed the department can raiso tho necos
siry amount required to defray tho ex-
p:nfics, This should bo dono as all live.
'and well organized departments make
it n point to bo represented at the
stuto meetings as they only meet once
a year and as a school towards the
advancement und thu making moro
cflioicnt of all departments. Thcso
meetings must bo uttonded to bo
appreciated. Extoud your hand to our
Firo LiddlcH and you will not regret it.
J, O. Lind'y his on hand for tho
holiday; fine .older, splendid mincu
meat, lots of apples, $1.50 per bushel:
caud os and piles of oranges, bananas
fish, oysters, &o, Sco him.
To cook a Christmas turkey, reinovo
tlio exoskeleton and tho contents cf tho
hnomoal cavity, which Inttor stuff with
dry sngo brush stuck together with
Htalo bread, eonheil in mustard wnlor,
nnd bnko with tho feathers in n wash
I -A . ' i ' '
the Price of The Chief.
23, 1892.
Gido Rok tho 13ly ISOtos.
mister tidulcr:
i thawt ido rito a fuo lines
2 let u no that wo wur. awl well an
hoap u air tho same
mister cars fokes hadcomp ny tho
4 pari of this weak, a mister j. dark
that med 2 livo in illiuoy wuz tlmre.
ho dont livo tharo now. thocpwoith
lceg went out 2 mister clingarmons in
a lumber wagon an so 4th last fryday
nite. i dont no wlut wo airgoin 2 do
fur trismus down hear, ilo lot u no
later, tho kewles tecchors went up 2
blew lull satcrday 2 tl.o asoshcashun.
thoy had lots of fun an oisters an pep
corn an a good timo gonorly. i diilent
go. tho krisohun church had a fare
last weak, it wuz quito gratafion
considcrin tho object had in vile, viz:
2 mako money which is a good skeme.
mister jaycups an his wifo wont
down 2 amboy last saTcrday an lu au
james which is their marrado dawtcr
an soninlaw camo homo with urn. lu
an her man is goin to oal. j, k. san
burn is visitin with his wifo out in
canzts. They went some timo ego an
aint got baok yet.
missis king is homo now, she his
ben a visiting back cast.
ar'onts is nowmcruB round hear, ivc
hecrd that dory tnatthuses skulo is
out an she 1b 2 Jiomc. plczo ixcuse
haste an a bad pen..
yurcs icspcoktably,
x. y, .. and so 4 lit.
Clericul permits, 1803. Wo will is
sua for tho yoar 1803 half fare per
mits, good on all Burlington lines to
regularly ordained or licensed minis.
ters or missionaries who are ongagid
sololy in religious works, Requests
thereof year 1803 should be made '
soon as possible. It is our desire ihat
permits be in tho hands of clergysaea
by Jan. 1st. ' A. ConovKR,
T, II, Rjmsburg has renewed h4
CuiEFto'Oa. Thanks.
Vol. 20. No. 22
For Old Backelora.
Tho other day whllo our devil was
perambulating throjghout the city,
ho saw forty old bachelors who, look
ing forlorn, concluded to have them
solves sold cheap before leap year ex
pired, and while thus engaged he
soribblcd tho following poora and dedi
cated t to tho boys:
I droampt it dream In lliemldnt of my slumber.
And as fast as I dreamed U was coined Into
numbers; aw
My tliouitliU ran alone Itis'icli beautiful metre,
I am sure I never saw any poetry sweeter.
I thouulit thst h law lisd btti racentlvwiade.
That a tax on old bachelors nates should be
And in order to mako them all willing to mar-
Tlio tax'was as lame as n man could well carry.
The bachelors crumMe I. said 'twas of House,
'Twas cruet Injustice and horrid abuse,
Ami that to savo their heart's blood from split-
Of such a Vila tax they would never pay a shllt-
nut the rulers determined their Mirmes to pur
sue, Holhuy set nil the bachelors upnt vendue.
A crier was sent thrniiKh tho towu to and fro.
To rattle his hell and Ins trumpet to blow)
Tn cry out aloud to all he mijilit Meet In tho
1 way
"lio t forty old bachelors to be sold her today.'.
And presently all the old maHs In the town,
Kach one In her very best bonnet and gown.
Home vouiir. fair, red and palo,
Of every description, all marched to the sale.
Tho auctioneer tben In his labor besan. ,
Ana cnea out aiouo as ne neiu up a man.
How much for a man ? h wauta to buy ?
And lu i
atwlukloevery malueu responded i.i-i.
in n rhort anil extravaKant.bejsarlv price,
The naviiciora were an soiu on in a ince
And forty old
uiuhleiis, wine youuxer, some
et i
Independence. ,
WiltHti for lita oiiii
"I hunk veil t but I only want 'p.iymeiit for
work." otiu Halifax. i
Tho hid was parentleas, had just reoov-
orec froif n long spell of sioknesa and
had, but n few hours before, left hla bed.
of straw.
He was suffering the paaga oi hunger,
snob iia none of uh perhaps have ever
fttlt, excepting our, soldiers who marched
on nlondor rations nnd especially those
who were penned up in southern prisons.
Alroi ily lind this boy been called n beg
Kur that inorninu by a haughty servant
womuii who passed him upon tho atreet
iw ho nought sholter from the cold, piti
less ruin. Abel Fletcher soon afterward
eugnged tho boy to wheel his Invalid son
to the family reeidenoe, for whloh he
nsrecd to tiny him a groat After a lit
tle while, Able Fletcher came in ooBtaot
with young Halifax: near the reeldeaee
nnd offered him a shilling extra 'for the
service he had rendered, whloh was than
and there rejected in the manly yet ra
apectful terms aa given above,
John Halifax was at the time ia av
starving condition. But few of my read
ers can appreciate the real eonditioa of
one who feels the pangs of hanger; that
Indescribable gnawing, all consuming de
sire for food.
What pen can portray the feelings of,
one whosedissolution is as sarely taking
place, tor the want of food, aa though he
had been wounded and his life Wood ware
slowly ebbing away. The boy tauat have
had a wonderful spirit of manly Inde
pendence to reject that with which he
could hnve satisfied bis hanger. Red
the history entitled "Joha Hakfax, Gash
tlemnn," und you wilt forts higher con
ceptions of true manliness, aadbteas the
day such a history was written. True,
the book is classed with works of riot loo;
but who dare assert that the aathor
founded her Motion not upon thasstUl
facta! Our greatest authors havs em
ployed both the phantotaatio and roaaaa-
tlo style inthe work of saoaldlBg public
sontiment, and yet were dealing in truths
of the moat sabsUntial kind; But any
object being io prepare for publloatiooa
few papers on the subject of Independ
ence, I shall nuke, as few digressions aa
possible, ajtd treat the subject ia a plain,
straight-forward manner, hoping thereby
to enlist the aympetby a nd InHeenoe of
good men and pure women ia the work of
building up a strong, mealy, self-reliant
class in the eommaniiy. Ituiefearfal
thing 'to contemplate that, when the
present generation of noble men and
women shall have passed away,, their,
places may. be rilled by a generation, of
nondescript,, ow, the writer hopes not
to be Considered as a mere alarmist, and
yt there are Indications of society losing
in the transition from the old to the new
Farm loans at lowest interest. l!i
Strlotljr Irst-elass loans at lower rates ' ij
than bits ever been given in thU eeaa-. ftl
ajrAkffere. Optiea to pay(iut eah Pi
a e na ei any year,-
mmsim-il-&4 4
. ?,